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Grounds maintenance by SheetalRawat


Are you looking for grounds maintenance services? Commercial ground maintenance service provide by the AJW Specialist Landscaping Maintenance Ltd with affordable cost. So hurry up & contact us @

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                                         Grounds Maintenance Services
                                         Grounds maintenance services are required by a range of businesses and organisations and if that’s what
                                         you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of landscaping and maintenance
                                         options designed to suit your needs. Whether you are a large commercial organisation or a small business
                                         needing upkeep of your business premises, we’re here to assist you.
        Weed Control & Gritting

                                         Commercial Ground Maintenance

                                                                               As a business you will already know that first impressions count.
                                                                               Untidy business premises can turn away customers and impact your business.
                                                                               Keeping your land in good condition and tidy order can make a huge difference
        Grounds Maintenance
                                                                               to your business. Whether you need basic grounds maintenance services or
                                                                               perhaps some landscaping services, we can help.

                                         Even if you are a new business, we can work with you from the very beginning developing your plans by
            Artificial Grass             providing advice on both landscaping and maintenance services. We can help you build your ideas followed
                                         by a long term maintenance program to keep your land tidy and welcoming for your customers.

                                         We offer our grounds maintenance services to a range of clients including local authorities and schools as
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                                     well as private estates and commercial premises. No matter what your specific needs, we will be able to help
            Pest Control             you.

                                     Local Authorities

                                     We regularly deal with areas which require large scale maintenance on all levels. Hedge cutting, mowing,
                                     pavement maintenance; parks, pavements and parking areas – whatever your needs call us to see how we
                                     can help you.

                                     Playgrounds and Schools

                                     We are here to keep your playgrounds attractive and safe. We offer a range of services including hedge
                                     trimming, bark maintenance and more.

                                     Private Estates

                                     If you own or rent a large estate and require help with the landscaping
                                     and maintenance of your land, we can help. We offer everything from
                                     landscaping to all levels of maintenance.

                                     Commercial Premises

                                     Ensuring your business premises is attractive and welcoming is important. We can help you maintain
                                     welcoming and well-kept business premises with our wide range of commercial ground maintenance

                                     Our landscaping and maintenance services are ideal for all sizes of projects. For more information about our
                                     grounds maintenance services, please feel free to contact us today for a free no obligation quote as well as
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                                     helpful advice.

                                     Gritting Services

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