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NEBOSH National Diploma courses

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•	   Our	approach	to	course	development	sets	us	apart,	in	that	           training	company	in	this	field	with	eighty	years	experience	of	
     our	team	comprises	not	only	tutors	who	are	experts	in	their	         developing courses which ensure the best pass rates for students.
     chosen	subjects	but	also	experienced	educationalists	who	
     ensure that the courses are written to allow you the best
                                                                          Study	and	revision	are	facilitated	by	our	extensive	and	easy-to-
     studying	experience	on	the	market,	which	in	turn	gives	you	
                                                                          use study materials, which have been written specifically for the
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                                                                          syllabus	by	our	excellent	tutors	who	also	act	as	consultant	sources	
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Whether it is an off-the-shelf course or a bespoke programme              We offer face-to-face revision workshops designed to help
designed to meet the specific needs of you or your business, RRc          with	last-minute	exam	preparation	and	ensure	that	candidates	
can develop and deliver it how, where and when it suits you.              know	exactly	what	they	will	face	on	the	day.	Our	revolutionary	
                                                                          ‘programmed–to-pass’ is an online revision tool that leads
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                                                                          •	   Technical	updates	providing	information	on	recent
                                                                               legislative changes
                                                                          •	   The	RRC	podcast	series	offering	a	light-hearted	approach
                                                                               to health and safety issues
                                                                          •	   Free	downloads	and	resources,	aimed	at	all	those	involved
                                                                               in HSE

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80	years	of	excellence                                                   Full	exam	arrangement	service
RRc have a long and successful track record. 80 years ago we             We	have	a	team	dedicated	to	making	sure	our	students’	exam	
were pioneers and innovators in distance learning and over 30            arrangements	go	smoothly.	If	you	book	your	exam	with	RRC,	we	
years ago we launched our first health and safety qualification          make all the necessary arrangements, whether you are sitting in
programme. Over the years, well over a million students have             London, mumbai or Sydney.
enjoyed success with RRc and continue to do so. So what makes            What is more, if we do not offer a centre near you we will
us different?                                                            do	our	best	to	find	you	a	suitable	exam	venue,	whether	in
                                                                         the UK or overseas.
choice of how you study
RRc offers more choice than any other NEBOSH provider so you             UK	Exam	Centres
can choose the method that best suits you.                               RRC	run	our	own	exam	centres	in	London,	Birmingham,	Chorley,	
•	   Face-to-face                                                        Newcastle, Glasgow, Bahrain & Dubai.
     – Block Release - London                                            We	also	have	long	term,	excellent	working	relationships
     – Day Release - Newcastle                                           with	many	UK	NEBOSH	exam	centres	so	if	our	centres
     – In-company                                                        are not convenient, let us know and we will offer a choice
•	   Flexible	Learning	                                                  nearer to home.
     – e-Learning
     – Distance Learning                                                 Worldwide	Exam	Centres
     – Blended Learning - London & Birmingham                            Last	year	RRC	arranged	and	ran	exams	in	80	countries	using	
                                                                         British	Councils	and	other	networks	of	exam	centres.
choice of where and when you study                                       Whilst	we	cannot	promise	that	we	can	arrange	your	exam	in	
With	our	flexible	learning	courses,	you	can	study	at	any	time,	
                                                                         every country in the world, we will go out of our way to meet
anywhere in the world.
                                                                         your needs.
Our face-to-face venues include London, Birmingham, chorley,
Newcastle, Bahrain & Dubai or wherever you want it to be if you          Value for money
book an in-company course. Our tutors are intrepid and travel all                          There are no hidden costs with RRc.
over the World to deliver their top quality training.                          RRC         We	will	tell	you	what	the	course	and	the	exams	
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Quality up-to-date study materials
RRc’s courses are developed by a dedicated in-house team
working	to	exacting	standards.	Only	the	very	best	subject	experts	
are commissioned as writers.
Unlike	most	static	texts,	RRC’s	materials	are	updated	constantly,	
with major revisions notified quarterly.
RRc’s learning materials are so well respected that they are
used by many colleges and institutes, both in the UK and

RRc’s NEBOSH Diploma
NEBOSH                                                                     The NEBOSH National Diploma programme is divided into four
The	National	Examination	Board	in	Occupational	Safety	and	                 units. you must complete all units within 5 years to achieve the
Health (NEBOSH) has a well-deserved reputation for providing               NEBOSH	National	Diploma	in	Occupational	Health	&	Safety:
academically rigorous awards, which is why it is still the preferred
awarding body for many sectors. NEBOSH offer a wide range
                                                                           UNIT	A:	MANAGING	HEALTH	AND	SAFETy
of professional qualifications, all of which provide the perfect
                                                                           1 principles of health and safety management
grounding for a career in health and safety.
                                                                           2 Loss causation and incident investigation
National Diploma in Occupational                                           3 measuring and reviewing health and safety performance
Health and Safety                                                          4 Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risks
The NEBOSH National Diploma is a prestigious and demanding                 5 Risk control
qualification aimed at professional Occupational Health & Safety           6 Organisational factors
practitioners. Firmly established as the UK’s leading qualification        7 Human factors
for health and safety professionals, the NEBOSH Diploma is now             8 principles of health and safety law
rapidly setting the standard internationally.                              9 criminal law
                                                                           10 civil law
The Diploma is assessed at Level 6 (UK National Qualifications             UNIT	B:	HAzARDOUS	AGENTS	IN	THE	WORKPLACE
Framework) which is equivalent to that of a University Degree              1	 Principles	of	toxicology	and	epidemiology
programme. There are no formal entry requirements for the                  2 Hazardous substances and other chemicals - assessment of
NEBOSH Diploma BUT the syllabus assumes entrants already                      risk
have	broad	basic	knowledge	and	experience	of	health	and	safety.	           3 Hazardous substances and other chemicals - engineering
It is therefore highly recommended that those seeking to start                controls and personal protective equipment
the Diploma should have achieved a NEBOSH certificate or                   4 monitoring and measuring
equivalent before starting on the Diploma programme.                       5 Bilogical agents
                                                                           6 physical agents 1 - noise and vibration
RRc accept holders of the following qualifications for automatic
                                                                           7 physical agents 2 – radiation
entry	to	their	programmes:
                                                                           8 psychosocial agents
•	   NEBOSH	National	General,	Construction,	Fire	and	                      9 musculoskeletal risks and controls
     International certificates                                            10 Work Environment risks and controls
•	   NEBOSH	National	Diploma	(Part	1)
                                                                           11 managing occupational health
•	   A	degree	or	postgraduate	diploma	in	a	relevant	subject
•	   NVQ	Level	3/4	in	Health	&	Safety	in	the	Workplace	or	                 UNIT	C:	WORKPLACE	AND	WORK	EQUIPMENT	SAFETy
     Occupational Health & Safety practice                                 1 General workplace issues
The suitability for entry of other applicants is evaluated on a            2	 Principles	of	fire	and	explosion
case-by-case basis, taking account of any evidence of broad basic          3 Workplace fire risk assessment
knowledge	and	experience	of	health	and	safety	assumed	in	the	              4 Storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances
Diploma Syllabus.                                                          5 Work equipment (general)
                                                                           6 Work equipment (workplace machinery)
WORK-BaSED aSSIGNmENT                                                      7 Work equipment (mobile, lifting and access)
Since the Diploma involves completing a work-based assignment,             8 Electrical safety and Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
applicants must be working in, or have access to, a suitable               9 construction hazards and controls
workplace. If you have any concerns about your ability to fulfil           10 Workplace transport and driving for work
this requirement, contact us at RRc and one of our Training
                                                                           11` pressure system hazards and controls
advisers will be able to help you.
                                                                           UNIT	D:	APPLICATION	OF	HEALTH	AND	SAFETy
                                                                           THEORy aND pRacTIcE
                                                                           This unit comprises an 8,000-word assignment for submission
                                                                           after completion of units a, B and c.

NEBOSH Diploma – more information
                                 National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety
Face-to-Face       Dates         See course Dates and Fees section
                   Duration                          Block Release          Day Release      Private	Study	(approximate)
                   Excluding	    Full course         31 days (7 weeks)      35 days          225 hours
                                 Unit a              13 days (3 weeks)      15 days          75 hours
                                 Unit B              9 days (2 weeks)       10 days          50 hours
                                 Unit c              9 days (2 weeks)       10 days          50 hours
                                 Unit D              —                                       50 hours
                   Venues        London (Wimbledon), Newcastle, In-company

Blended Learning   Dates         See course Dates and Fees section
                   Duration                          classroom                               Private	Study	(approximate)
                   Excluding	    Full course         15 days (3 weeks)                       330 hours
                                 Unit a              5 days (1 week)                         130 hours
                                 Unit B              5 days (1 week)                         75hours
                                 Unit c              5 days (1 week)                         75 hours
                                 Unit D              –                                       50 hours
                   Venues        London (Wimbledon), Birmingham, In-company

Distance and       Dates         Start at any time
e Learning
                   Duration      Full course         468 hours       private study is included in the total study hours.
                   Excluding	                                        NEBOSH allow 5 years for completion of the course.
                   assessment    Unit a              166 hours       On enrolment with RRc you will nominate your Unit a
                                                                     exam	date,	nominating	the	Unit	B	&	C	exam	dates	and	
                                 Unit B              121 hours       Unit D submission date at any time during your studies.
                                                                     Once	you	have	nominated	an	exam	date	RRC	will	provide	
                                 Unit c              125 hours       support	up	to	that	date.	Nominated	exam	dates	must	be	
                                                                     within 18 months of the date you wish to start studying
                                 Unit D              56 hours        the specified unit.

Exam/              Requirement   Units	A,	B	and	C	are	each	assessed	by	a	3	hour	examination	and	Unit	D	by	an	assignment	
Assessment                       which takes around 50 hours to complete.
                   Dates         Exams	are	held	in	January	and	July	each	year.
                   UK Venues     RRc centres – London, Birmingham, chorley, Newcastle and Glasgow
                                 Other UK centres may be available on request. please call for details.
                   Worldwide     all arrangements made by RRc
                   Venues        Bahrain – RRc middle East
                                 Dubai – RRc middle East
                                 British	Council	offices	and	other	exam	centres	worldwide

Continuing                       On successful completion of the course, you will have met the academic requirements for
Professional                     membership	of:
Development                      •	 The	Institution	of	Occupational	Safety	and	Health	(Grad	IOSH)
                                 •	 The	International	Institute	of	Risk	and	Safety	Management	(MIIRSM)
                                 you will also be entitled to use the post-nominal DipNEBOSH.
                                 Several UK Universities will accept holders of the NEBOSH National Diploma onto the
                                 final year of their Health and Safety mSc programmes.

Studying with RRc – Face-to-Face
NEBOSH National Diploma                                                   UK – NEWcaSTLE
Led	by	RRC’s	expert	tutors,	our	courses	always	receive	excellent	         Cobalt	Business	Exchange	Conference	Centre,	set	in	parkland	on	
feedback, and we are justifiably proud of the consistently high           the outskirts of Newcastle. accommodation is within easy reach
results achieved by our students. We monitor every aspect of our          of the venue (Travelodge, premier Inn and Village hotel) with
service from the tutor to the catering and continuously work to           more available in Newcastle itself. Easily accessible via metro and
ensure the highest standards are maintained.                              bus routes and has ample on-site parking.
Our classroom environment provides an interactive and
                                                                          BaHRaIN – maNama
disciplined place for you to learn. The numbers on our courses
                                                                          RRc middle East’s training centre is situated in the Diplomatic
are limited so you will receive personal attention, and be
                                                                          area of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s capital city. The airport is just
encouraged	to	share	professional	experiences	with	fellow	
                                                                          half an hour away with a wide range of hotels and apartments just
classmates, enabling you to gain practical knowledge of a wide
                                                                          5 minutes away from the training centre.
range of industries.
Extensive	support	materials	make	revision	easy,	and	you	have	the	         IN-cOmpaNy
back-up	of	an	expert	tutorial	panel	on	hand	to	help	with	that	last-       If you have a group that needs training, why not let RRc come to
minute	revision	before	the	exam.	                                         you. RRc trainers travel the world, delivering high quality training
                                                                          when and wherever it suits our clients. you just provide the
Venues                                                                    training venue and we do the rest.
RRc’s main training centre is in Wimbledon, world famous
                                                                          RRc NEBOSH DIpLOma TUTOR TEam
                                                                          •	   Dr	David	Towlson,	BSc	(Hons),	PhD,	CMIOSH,	AIEMA,
for Tennis. Wimbledon is 15 minutes by train from central
                                                                               cert Ed (pcET), mIfL
London and less than an hour away from London’s Heathrow
                                                                          •	   Dr	Jim	Phelpstead,	BSc,	PhD,	CMIOSH
and Gatwick airports. There is a wide choice of self-catering
                                                                          •	   Dr	Terry	Robson,	PhD,	CSci,	CChem,	MRSC,	CFIOSH
apartments, hotels and guest houses within a short distance of
                                                                          •	   Dr	David	Wenham,	BSc,	MSc,	PhD,	PDipOSH,	AdvDipEM,
our RRc Training centre.
                                                                               DipLaw, mRSc, cchem, FHEa, cFIOSH
                                                                          •	   Mr	Allan	Ferguson,	BA(Hons),	DipNEBOSH	GradIOSH
aston Business School conference centre, part of aston                         mIIRSm mBIFm
University. Located in the centre of Birmingham a short                   •	   Mr	Lee	Stampton,CMIOSH,	CERT	ED	(FE)
walk from New Street Rail Station. There is on-site hotel                 •	   Dr	Dawn	Pope,	Bsc,	Msc
accommodation as well as a wide range of local hotels and guest           •	   Dr	Sara	Lumley,	PhD,	BSc	(Hons)	CMIOSH
houses. Limited on-site parking (book in advance) with further            •	   Mr	Bob	Bowman,	MSc	MEd	CMIOSH	MCIEH	SpDipEM
pay and display parking nearby.                                           •	   Dr	David	Wenham,	BSc,	MSc,	PhD,	DipSH,	DipLaw,
                                                                               advDipEd, mRSc, cchem, cFIOSH
                                                                          •	   Mr	Vince	Murphy,	CMIOSH	RSP
                                                                          •	   Mr	John	Binns,	BSc(Hons),	MSc,	AIEMA
                                                                          •	   Mrs	zoe	Neasham,	BSc	(Hons),	CMIOSH

Studying with RRc – Blended Learning
Blended Learning                                                         course Structure
This course is a structured programme combining set                      Each unit is based on a twelve-week study period (hence the
periods of private study with 3 intensive 5-day blocks of                enrolment	cut	off	dates	of	1	April	for	the	July	exam	and	1	
face-to-face teaching.                                                   October	for	the	January	exam)	but	you	can	enrol	earlier	than	this	
The programme incorporates a detailed plan that directs you              and spread the private study over a longer period if you wish.
on the private study you need to complete prior to attending             In order to derive the greatest benefit from the course, you
your intensive face-to-face sessions. you also, of course, get our       should ensure that you complete the required private study
comprehensive course materials, written specifically to cover all        before your face-to-face sessions.
aspects of the syllabus. During the intensive workshops, your            Throughout	your	private	study	and	right	up	to	the	exam	you	will	
expert	tutor	will	review	key	topics,	as	well	as	summarising	some	        have e-mail and telephone access to RRc’s NEBOSH Diploma
of the issues covered in your private study. you have unlimited          tutor team.
tutor support by phone and e-mail during your private study
                                                                         The programme timetable is outlined on the following page.
periods so help is always at hand and our programme has been
                                                                         (Note	study	hours	are	approximate,	exclude	breaks	and	are	
planned	to	leave	at	least	4	weeks	of	exam	revision	time.
                                                                         dependant	on	previous	knowledge	and	experience.	Though	not	
                                                                         identified in the study hours, you would normally also be given
                                                                         ‘homework’,	such	as	exam	practice	questions,	to	complete	each	
                                                                         evening during the face-to-face part of the course).

Studying with RRc – Blended Learning
Unit A
Week                             Subject and mode                                                              Study Hours
Week 1                           private study of Element a1                                                   6
Week 2                           private study of Element a2                                                   9
Weeks 3 & 4                      private study of Element a3                                                   10 each week
Weeks 5 & 6                      private study of Element a4                                                   10 each week
Week 7                           private study of Element a10                                                  10
Weeks 8 & 9                      private study of Element a7                                                   12 each week
Weeks 10 & 11                    private study of Elements a8 & a9                                             15 each week
Week 12                          Day	1:	Element	A3	–	Measuring	&	Reviewing	Health
Face-to-Face Workshop (5 days)   & Safety performance
                                 Day	2:	Element	A6	–	Organisational	Factors                                    35 hours
                                 Days	3	&	4:	Element	A7	–	Human	Factors
                                 Day	5:	Revision	Day	(for	whole	of	Unit	A)
Week 13 to Exam                  Further	Private	Study,	Revision	and	Exam	Preparation                          as required

Unit B
Week                             Subject and mode                                                              Study Hours
Week 1                           private study of Element B1                                                   9
Weeks 2 & 3                      private study of Element B2                                                   7 each week
Weeks 4 & 5                      private study of Element B3                                                   5 each week
Weeks 6 & 7                      private study of Element B4                                                   6 each week
Weeks 8 & 9                      private study of Element B5                                                   6 each week
Weeks 10 & 11                    private study of Element B6                                                   7 each week
Week 12                          Day	1:	Element	B6:		Physical	Agents	1	–	Noise	and	Vibration
Face-to-Face Workshop (5 days)   Day	2:	Element	B6	–	(Continued);	Element	B7	-	Physical	Agents	2	–	Radiation
                                 Day	3:	Element	B7	(Continued)
                                 Day	4:	Element	B9	–	Musculoskeletal	Risks	and	Controls;                       35 hours
                                 Element B10 – Work Environment Risks and controls; Element B11 –
                                 managing Occupational Health
                                 Day	5:	Revision	Day	(for	whole	of	Unit	B)
Week 13 to Exam                  Further	Private	Study,	Revision	and	Exam	Preparation                          as required

Unit C
Week                             Subject and mode                                                              Study Hours
Weeks 1 & 2                      private study of Element c10                                                  6 each week
Weeks 3                          private study of Element c1                                                   9
Weeks 4 & 5                      private study of Element c2                                                   6 each week
Weeks 6 & 7                      private study of Element c3                                                   6 each week
Weeks 8 & 9                      private study of Element c4                                                   7 each week
Weeks 10 & 11                    private study of Element c5                                                   8 each week
Week 12                                 C
                                 Day	1:		 6	–	Machinery	Safety                                                 7
Face-to-Face Workshop (5 days)          C
                                 Day	2:		 7	–	Mechanical	Handling                                              7
                                 Day	3:		 8	–	Electrical	Safety                                                7
                                 Day	4:		 9	–	Construction	and	Demolition                                      7
                                 Day	5:	Revision	Day	(for	whole	of	Unit	C)                                     7
Week 13 to Exam                  Further	Private	Study,	Revision	and	Exam	Preparation                          as required
Studying	with	RRC	–Flexible	Learning
Flexible	Learning	Solutions                                               30-Day money-Back Guarantee
We take learning seriously at RRc and have thought long and                                 If within 30 days of receiving your course or
hard about how people learn best. This has been translated into                30 DAY       e-learning log in you decide it is not for you,
                                                                               MONEY BACK
the	flexible	learning	solutions	we	offer.	We	alsohave	dedicated	               GUARANTEE    simply return everything to us and receive a full
Training advisors based in London who will help you choose the                              refund of the course fees.
right style of learning for you and your needs.
All	of	our	home	study	courses	incorporate	the	same	key	features:
                                                                          RRC’s	unique	e-zone	makes	us	the	leading	expert	provider	
•	   Flexibility	–	enrol	at	any	time	and	work	at	your	own	pace            of NEBOSH e-learning. Our easy-to-use system provides an
     to	meet	your	chosen	exam	dates                                       effective learning environment that gives you everything you
•	   Unlimited	tutor	support	–	access	to	expert	tutors	who	will	          need to successfully pass your chosen course. all you need is your
     answer queries and provide personalised feedback                     pc and an internet connection and off you go.
•	   Bite-sized	approach	–	course	topics	presented	in
                                                                          In	addition	to	the	above,	studying	through	the	RRC	e-zone	offers:
     manageable units
•	   Clear,	easy	to	use	course	materials	–	designed	specifically          •	     Global	availability	–	24/7	access	from	anywhere	in	the	world	
     for self-managed study, closely following the structure                     via an internet connection, with no software to install.
     of the syllabus                                                      •	     A	complete	electronic	set	of	RRC’s	highly	respected	course	
•	   Mock	assessments	–	to	test	your	progress,	help	you	prepare	                 materials,	downloadable	direct	from	the	e-zone
     for the final assessment and allow your tutor to provide             •	     Full	access	to	the	e-zone	library	which	contains
     feedback on how you are doing                                               additional resources.
•	   Exam	venues	available	throughout	the	UK	and	worldwide                •	     Enhanced	assessment	practice,	including	automated	
                                                                                 multiple-choice questions to test your learning as you
RRC’s	Exam	Service                                                               go and a tracking system to monitor your progress and
RRCs	flexible	learning	courses	give	you	flexibility	as	to	when	and	              coursework results.
where	you	sit	your	exam.	                                                 •	     Learning	community	–	benefit	from	the	knowledge,	
RRC	take	all	of	the	hassle	out	of	arranging	the	exam,	we	manage	                 experiences	and	encouragement	of	fellow	students.
the whole process for you and have upfront fees including all the
                                                                          Distance Learning
costs, guranteeing no nasty surprises when you are ready to take
                                                                          RRc’s distance learning programme gives students total control
your	exam.	With	RRC’s	NEBOSH	Diploma	managed	exams,	you	
                                                                          of their studies. you can study anywhere, at a pace that suits you,
have	two	options:
                                                                          and	at	times	that	fit	in	with	your	work/home	life.	
•	   Sit	at	an	RRC	exam	centre	in	London,	Birmingham,	
                                                                          In	addition	to	the	above,	your	distance	learning	course	includes:
     Newcastle, Glasgow and Bahrain, for our standard fee.
•	   Let	RRC	arrange	for	you	to	sit	at	alternative	UK	centre	or	          •	     A	full	printed	set	of	RRC’s	highly-respected	course	materials	
     one of the many British council offices throughout the               •	     Access	to	the	core	elements	of	the	RRC	e-zone	containing	
     world, just call us for a quote or look on our web site.                    some additional resources

If you cannot find a suitable centre, let us know and we will work
hard to find you one - this is all part of our customer service.

RRc Revision support
Revision                                                                 Face-to-Face Revision Workshops
We	all	know	that	‘revising’	is	the	key	to	passing	an	exam	but	           The interactive nature of the revision workshops provide you
knowing	exactly	what	you	need	to	do	is	not	always	easy.	RRC	             with the opportunity to discuss specific subjects with the tutor,
have developed a range of revision tools to let you in on the            practise questions and get feedback on your answers as well as
secrets of success.                                                      exchange	last	minute	tips	with	fellow	students.	It	also	gives	you	
•	   Online	–	RRC’s	Programmed-to-Pass	is	a	unique,	structured	          the chance to learn how to avoid the common mistakes made in
     revision package for those who need the ultimate step-by-           exams	so	you	don’t	fall	into	the	same	trap.	Our	workshops	are	an	
     step guidance on what they need to do to achieve success            essential	way	to	build	confidence	in	the	run-up	to	the	exams.
•	   Classroom	–	Revision	workshops	for	those	who	want                   •	   One-day	workshop	available	for	Units	A,	B,	C	and	D
     that	final	input	from	an	expert	tutor.	Available	in	London          •	   Gives	you	the	opportunity	to	review	key	topics	from	across	
     Birmingham and Newcastle                                                 the whole syllabus
•	   Publications	–	RRC’s	Revision	Notes	and	Exam	Success	are	           •	   Run	by	expert	tutors,	many	of	whom	are	also	NEBOSH	
     essential aids designed to ensure you are fully prepared for             examiners	and	know	exactly	what	will	be	expected	of
     the	exam                                                                 you	in	the	exam
                                                                         •	   Gives	you	the	chance	to	work	through	past	exam	questions	
programmed-to-pass                                                            with both a tutor and your fellow students
This unique online revision package takes the mystery out of             •	   Benefit	from	the	experiences	of	fellow	students	and
revision. It leads you through the entire process of revising for             swap ideas
your	NEBOSH	Diploma	from	start	to	finish,	telling	you	exactly	
what you need to do to achieve success.                                  Revision Notes
                                                                         Our	most	popular	range,	essential	for	exam	revision:
Each session starts with ‘at a Glance’ providing you with a
summary of your activities for the session to ensure you’ll be on        •	   Provide	a	concise	overview	of	all	the	key	topics	identified	in	
track	for	the	exam.                                                           the NEBOSH syllabus
                                                                         •	   Structured	to	closely	follow	the	relevant	NEBOSH	syllabus	so	
•	   Sessions	1-10	get	you	thinking	not	only	about	the	key	topics	
                                                                              that you can easily find the topics you’re looking for and map
     you need to know, but also about general revision and
                                                                              them against your course notes
     examination	technique
•	   Revision	topics	are	highlighted	to	ensure	you	don’t	miss	           •	   Supplied	as	either	printed	A5	booklets	or	as	electronic
     key sections, plus an indication of how long you should be               pDF files
     spending on each section                                            TITLES aVaILaBLE
•	   True	or	false	questions	provide	a	quick	check	of	knowledge.	        •	 NEBOSH	National	Diploma	–	Unit	A
     Submit your answers and get an instant result with further          •	 NEBOSH	National	Diploma	–	Unit	B
     tips and hints                                                      •	 NEBOSH	National	Diploma	–	Unit	C
•	   Mnemonic	of	the	day	helps	you	remember	key	phrases
     or terminology                                                      Exam	Success	(Tackling	the	NEBOSH	Exam)
•	   Pic	of	the	day	helps	you	visualise	key	pieces	of	information        These	guides	look	at	how	to	tackle	the	NEBOSH	exams,	
•	   Tutorials	on	key	revision	techniques,	such	as	motivation,	          providing	practical	guidance	and	examples.
     visualisation, effective reading and the use of mind maps           •	   Lets	you	in	on	the	mind	of	the	examiner	so	you	can	see	
     and flash cards                                                          exactly	what	he	is	looking	for	when	he	sets	exam	questions
•	   Sessions	11-20	focus	exclusively	on	revision	and	past               •	   Looks	at	a	variety	of	NEBOSH	questions	so	you	know	what	
     exam	questions,	ensuring	that	you	have	plenty	of	experience	             you will face
     of answering questions and will not be fazed on the day             •	   For	each	question,	we	look	at	the	general	approach	you	
     of	the	exam	                                                             should take, followed by a sample answer plan and a
                                                                              model	answer	so	you	can	see	the	level	of	detail	expected
                                                                              of	you	in	the	exam
                                                                         •	   Supplied	as	either	printed	A5	booklets	or	as	electronic
                                                                              pDF files.

                                                                         TITLES aVaILaBLE
                                                                         •	 NEBOSH	National	Diploma	–	Unit	A
                                                                         •	 NEBOSH	National	Diploma	–	Unit	B
                                                                         •	 NEBOSH	National	Diploma	–	Unit	C

RRc Reference materials
RRc’s Step Notes
These concise reference guides can be used as a tool by health              Supplied as either printed a5 booklets (convenient for you to
and safety officers or as a study-aid by students on NEBOSH and             carry around) or as electronic pdf files (which you can view on-
mSc courses. They are specifically written to focus on key points           screen and print, if desired).
and relevant statutes and case law.

 Titles Available
                                                           printed                                   Electronic
 Health & Safety Law                                       £15.00                                    £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)
 Occupational Health and Hygiene                           £15.00                                    £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)
 Environmental                                             £15.00                                    £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)
 Quality Management                                        £15.00                                    £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)
 Business Communications                                   £10.00                                    £8.00 + VaT (£9.60)

RRc Law Guides
These provide a detailed guide to legislation and case law                   Titles Available
relevant to those studying NEBOSH or similar courses.
They can also be used by practitioners as a reference tool in their
day-to-day roles.                                                            RRC Health & Safety Law & Case Law Guide              £35.00
Supplied as printed a4 booklets. (Note these are included free
of charge with relevant RRc courses).                                        RRC Environmental Law & Case Law Guide                £35.00

RRc ISO 14001 Reference Guides
These guides are designed to assist organisations in the                    Environmental Issues for Senior managers
achievement or development and maintenance of ISO 14001,                    This guide provides an overview of the environmental agenda
the international standard for environmental management.                    to date and briefly describes the key environmental legislation
They are available as printed booklets or electronic pDF files              that managers need to be aware of to achieve legislative
(multiple user licences are also available – please call                    compliance. In addition, it summarises the requirements of
+44 (0)208 944 3100 for details).                                           ISO 14001 and discusses trends that go beyond established
                                                                            environmental obligations.
                                                                            It would be useful for all senior managers who need a brief
Executive	Briefing	on	ISO	14001.	
                                                                            introduction or update on environmental issues as well as those
This guide provides an overview of current environmental
                                                                            who are looking to relate recent environmental trends to their
concerns and outlines the key issues that managers should be
                                                                            particular role at work.
aware of. It summarises the requirements of ISO 14001 and
                                                                            pRINTED – £15.00
discusses the certification process, including how to get started
                                                                            ELEcTRONIc – £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)
with an environmental management system.
pRINTED – £6.00
ELEcTRONIc – £4.80 + VaT (£5.76)                                            ISO 14001 Environmental awareness
                                                                            This guide covers the fundamentals of environmental awareness
                                                                            including some of the key environmental problems we are facing
Introduction to ISO 14001
                                                                            today. In addition, it looks at the sort of things we can do to
This provides a basic introduction to ISO 14001 including the
                                                                            make sure the environment is a cleaner and safer place to live in.
scope of the standard and the requirements it implements, as
                                                                            pRINTED – £15.00
well as information on environmental policy, legislation and
                                                                            ELEcTRONIc – £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)
relevant aspects and impacts. It is suitable for raising the general
awareness of all staff.
pRINTED – £6.00
ELEcTRONIc – £4.80 + VaT (£5.76)

NEBOSH Diploma course dates and fees
 Block Release – London
                      Week 1                         Week 2                               Week 3                               Exam

                    19-22 Sep 11                  18-21 Oct 11                       14-18 Nov 11                             24	Jan	12
  Unit A            12-15 mar 12                  10-13 apr 12                       14-18 may 12                             03	Jul	12
                    24-27 Sep 12                  23-26 Oct 12                       12-16 Nov 12                             Jan	2013
                    03-07 Oct 12                  08-11 Nov 11                              N/A                               25	Jan	12
  Unit B            19-23 mar 12                  08-11 may 12                              N/A                               04	Jul	12
                    08-12 Oct 12                30 Oct-02 Nov 12                            N/A                               Jan	2013
                    10-14 Oct 11                28 Nov-02 Dec 11                            N/A                               26	Jan	12
  Unit C            16-20 apr 12                  28-31 may 12                              N/A                               05	Jul	12
                    15-19 Oct 12                  20-23 Nov 12                              N/A                               Jan	2013

 Day Release – Newcastle

 Blended Learning – London & Birmingham
                      Enrol by                     London                  Birmingham                               Exam
                     01 Oct 11                   14-18 Nov 11              21-25 Nov 11                           24	Jan	12
  Unit A             01 apr 12                 30 apr-04 may 12            14-18 may 12                           03	Jul	12
                     01 Oct 12                   12-16 Nov 12              19-23 Nov 12                           Jan	2013
                     01 Oct 11                   21-25 Nov 11            28 Nov-02 Dec 11                         25	Jan	12
  Unit B             01 apr 12                   14-18 may 12              21-25 may 12                           04	Jul	12
                     01 Oct 12                   19-23 Nov 12              26-30 Nov 12                           Jan	2013
                     01 Oct 11                 28 Nov-02 Dec 11            05-09 Dec 11                           26	Jan	12
  Unit C             01 apr 12                  21-25 may 12             28	May-01	Jun	12                         05	Jul	12
                     01 Oct 12                  26-30 Nov 12               03-07 Dec 12                           Jan	2013

 Revision Workshops / Exams - London
                          Revison Workshop London                                           Exam/Unit D Submission date
                                   06 Dec 11                                                         24	Jan	12
  Unit A                           12	Jun	12                                                         03	Jul	12
                                   11 Dec 12                                                         Jan	2013
                                   07 Dec 11                                                         25	Jan	12
  Unit B                           13	Jun	12                                                         04	Jul	12
                                   12 Dec 12                                                         Jan	2013
                                   08 Dec 11                                                         26	Jan	12
  Unit C                           14	Jun	12                                                         05	Jul	12
                                   13 Dec 12                                                         Jan	2013
                                   09 Dec 11                                                         mar 2012
  Unit D                           15	Jun	12                                                         Sep 2012
                                   14 Dec 12                                                         mar 2013

•	 Fees	are	inclusive	of	exam	fees	for	a	single	exam	sitting	for	each	unit	at	an	RRC	UK	venue.
•	 Carriage	is	payable	for	shipping	of	materials	outside	the	UK	(applies	to	Distance	Learning,	Printed	materials	and	Revision	Aids).

NEBOSH Diploma course fees
Course Fees
                                  complete course              Unit a                   Unit	B/C               Unit D

Face to Face (Block Release)

                                                   SA 3 +
                                                      VE VA
cOURSE FEE                        £4,999.00 + VaT +            £2,255.00 + VaT +        £1,499.00 + VaT +      £299.00 + VaT +

INcLUDING Exam*                   £370.00 NEBOSH               £130.00 NEBOSH           £80.00 NEBOSH          £80.00 NEBOSH
                                  Fees (£6,368.80)             Fees (£2,836.00)         Fees (£1,878.80)       Fees (£438.80)

Face to Face (Day Release)

                                                   SA 9 +
                                                      VE VA
cOURSE FEE                        £3,995.00 + VaT +            £1,795.00 + VaT +        £1,195.00 + VaT +      £299.00 + VaT +

INcLUDING Exam*                   £370.00 NEBOSH               £130.00 NEBOSH           £80.00 NEBOSH          £80.00 NEBOSH
                                  Fees (£5,164.80)             Fees (£2,284.00)         Fees (£1,514.00)       Fees (£438.80)
                                                   SA 9 +
Blended Learning                                     2
cOURSE FEE INcLUDING              £3,560.00 + VaT +   VE VA    £1,490.00 + VaT +        £1,200.00 + VaT +      £299.00 + VaT +
ExamS aT RRc cENTRE* –            £370.00 NEBOSH               £130.00 NEBOSH           £80.00 NEBOSH          £80.00 NEBOSH
DISTaNcE OR E-LEaRNING            Fees (£4,642.00)             Fees (£1,918.00)         Fees (£1,520.00)       Fees (£438.80)
                                                   SA 9 +

Distance and E-Learning
                                                      VE VA

cOURSE FEE INcLUDING              £2,195.00 + VaT +            £975.00 + VaT +          £655.00 + VaT +        £299.00 + VaT +

ExamS aT RRc cENTRE*              £370.00 NEBOSH               £130.00 NEBOSH           £80.00 NEBOSH          £80.00 NEBOSH
                                  Fees (£3,004.00)             Fees (£1,300.00)         Fees (£866.00)         Fees (£438.80)
Exam FEE – INTERNaTIONaL          From	£205	–	RRC	can	arrange	for	you	to	take	the	exam	in	most	countries	in	the	world
aND NON-RRc cENTRES               (via the British council network). For more information and details of fees, please contact RRc.
Optional – e-Learning only
pRINTED cOURSE maTERIaLS          add £110                     add £45                  add £40                add £10
pRINTED LaW GUIDE                 add £35

NEBOSH Diploma Revision Support
NEBOSH Diploma Revision Support
                        complete course            Unit a                          Unit	B/C                  Unit D
Blended Learning
UpGRaDE FacE TO         £1,822.50 + VaT             £675.00 + VaT                   £675.00 + VaT            N/A
FacE ELEmENT ONLy       (£2,187.00)                (£810.00)                       (£810.00)
Revision Workshop
WITH cOURSE             £268.20+ VaT (£321.84)     £74.50 + VaT (£89.40)           £74.50 + VaT (£89.40)     £74.50 + VaT (£89.40)
NORmaL                  £536.40+ VaT (£643.58)     £149.00 + VaT (£178.80)         £149.00 + VaT (£178.80)   £149.00 + VaT (£178.80)
WITH cOURSE             £106.65 + VaT (£127.98)    £39.50 + VaT (£47.40)           £39.50 + VaT (£47.40)     N/A
NORmaL                  £213.30 + VaT (£255.96)    £79.00 + VaT (£94.80)           £79.00 + VaT (£94.80)     N/A
Revision Notes
pRINTED                 £54.00                     £20.00                          £20.00                    N/A
EmaIL                   £43.20 + VaT (£51.84)      £16.00 + VaT (£19.20)           £16.00 + VaT (£19.20)     N/A
Exam Success
pRINTED                 £40.50                     £15.00                          £15.00                    N/A
EmaIL                   £32.40 + VaT (£38.88)      £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)           £12.00 + VaT (£14.40)     N/A

What our students say
“Whenever I saw a good job there was a requirement for a                                                  “I am finding it surprisingly convenient
NEBOSH health and safety qualification. I really wanted to                                                and user-friendly – it really strikes me
be in the health and safety profession, so when a close friend                                            that a lot of thought has gone into how
recommended RRc Training and their e-learning courses,                                                    individuals can study effectively at a
I didn’t hesitate.                                                                                        distance, bearing in mind work & family
RRc’s e-learning course was perfect for me because of its                                                 commitments always demand time
flexibility.	I	enrolled	in	October	but	knew	I	couldn’t	give	it	my	full	                                   and create distractions which can make
attention	until	I	had	finished	my	Masters.	The	flexibility	allowed	                                       it really difficult. The way the course
me to go online when I could with no time restrictions – and                   is put together allows bite sized learning, which I have found
once my degree was complete, I gave it 100%.                                   really valuable as I can dip into it at lunchtime and on the train
                                                                               commute and feel that I have learnt and achieved something.
One of the great things about RRc’s e-learning course is you can
test yourself as you go, which I found invaluable. It highlighted              I enrolled on RRc’s “Introduction to Environmental
my	weaknesses	so	I	knew	exactly	where	I	had	to	put	in	more	                    management Systems” to gain a detailed and practical
revision. plus RRc has online forums, where you can chat to                    understanding of EmSs, particularly ISO 14001. The fact that
other	students	and	ask	questions.	The	e-zone	really	helped                     the course is IEma accredited and provides professional
me and provided masses of information to help me successfully                  recognition was important for me. I was quite apprehensive
pass the course.                                                               about undertaking an e-learning course, however I have
                                                                               found it to be clearly written, well-structured and thoughtfully
RRc’s customer Services advisers were great – so supportive
                                                                               designed. The electronic learning environment is really
and helpful. RRc made everything straightforward, and with so
                                                                               convenient, easy to access and navigate around. It provides all
much accessibility, I really couldn’t fail. Now, thanks to RRc, I’m
                                                                               the course information, further points of reference and allows
perfectly placed to pursue my health & safety career.”
                                                                               easy communication with the tutors who are approachable
                                                Pearl Enuoyibo                 and helpful. I am thoroughly enjoying the course and have no
                  NEBOSH International certificate by e-learning               hesitation in recommending it or RRc as training providers. I
                                                                               hope to continue further vocational training and upskilling with
                                                                               RRc in the future”

                          “I have taken the online accident                                                             Dr Hazel Ann Nash
                          Investigation course and I successfully                   IEma Introduction to Environmental management Systems
                          scored 92%. your online portal is so                                                                by e-learning
                          brilliant and user friendly. your training
                          materials on my NEBOSH, cIEH and
                          the accident Investigation courses were              “Herewith I want to inform you that the new provided course
                          perfect and straight to the point”                   material	is	absolutely	superb!”
                                          Samuel Aikhuomogbe                                                                        Frits Oprel
                        RRc accident Investigation by e-learning                          NEBOSH International certificate by distance learning
cIEH Level 2 award in principles of Risk assessment by e-learning
        NEBOSH Environmental certificate by distance learning

                                                                                                        “Today	was	my	first	experience	with	
“I want to thank RRc for the...course material that is on the                                           RRC’s	short	course,	I	never	expected	
online library...I find the new course notes really easy to read and                                    that it will be that efficient and well
straight to the point. I think they will really boost our chances to                                    structured, in spite of the fact that I
pass	the	exams.	Thank	you!”                                                                             have studied this topic so deeply in
                                                                                                        Unit a of the NEBOSH International
                                               Lawrence Sama                                            Diploma. I can confirm that I have well
           NEBOSH International certificate by distance learning                                        refreshed my knowledge I gained in
                                                                               the Diploma, many thanks to everyone who contributed in the
                                                                               establishment of this course, well done”

                                                                                                                           Mohamed Ezzeldin
                                                                                                        RRc accident Investigation by e-learning

RRc’s clients
aLSTOm power                     cranleigh School                       mitie property Services
amEc                             croydon primary care Trust             mott macDonald Group
amnesty International            crystal palace Football club           mouchel
apcOa parking                    David Lloyd club                       National assembly for Wales
Apex	Lifts                       Department for Work and pensions       National	Express	Group	
arjowiggins                      DHL                                    National Grid
atkins                           Drivers	Jonas	Deloitte                 Network Rail
BaE Systems                      E D F Energy                           Nursing & midwifery council
Baa Business Support centre      East midlands airport                  peabody Trust
Babcock Rail
                                 East Somerset NHS Trust                pfizer
Balfour Beatty
                                 Eversheds LLp                          primark
Banham Security
                                 GlaxoSmithKline	                       QinetiQ
Bp Oil International
                                 Great Ormond Street Hospital for       Royal Botanic Gardens
Brighton & Hove city council
                                 children                               RSa
Britannia Building Society
                                 Higher Education Funding council for   Schneider Electric UK
British antarctic Survey
                                 England                                Scottish & Southern Energy
British Sky Broadcasting
                                 Hmp Spring Hill                        Serco Group
                                 Home Retail Group                      Siemens Wind power
                                 House of commons                       Sodexo
cambridgeshire county council
                                 ISS Waterers Landscape                 Spectrum Interiors
chevron                          Investec Bank                          Sunseeker International

chiltern Railways                J	D	Wetherspoons	                      Surrey county council

christie’s auctioneers           Jobcentre	Plus                         T N T post
citywest Homes                   Johnson	Controls                       The crown Estate
city maintenance                 London Underground                     The National Blood Service
coca-cola                        marie curie cancer care                Transport for London
communication Workers Union      marks & Spencer                        Travelodge Hotels
cornwall county Fire Brigade     metropolitan police Service            Walkers Snack Foods (Distribution)
covent Garden market authority   mitie Engineering Services             zurich	Financial	Services

RRc Qualifications and awards
Health and Safety                                                  INSTITUTE OF acOUSTIcS
                                                                   •	 IOA	Certificate	in	Workplace	Noise	Assessment
•	 IOSH	Directing	Safely                                           cONSTRUcTION SKILLS SITE SaFETy pLUS
•	 IOSH	Managing	Safely	                                           •	 Health	and	Safety	Awareness
•	 IOSH	Supervising	Safely	                                        •	 The	Site	Supervisors’	Safety	Training	Scheme
•	 IOSH	Working	Safely	                                            •	 The	Site	Management	Safety	Training	Scheme
NEBOSH – NaTIONaL aWaRDS                                           •	 The	Site	Management	Safety	Training	Scheme
•	 NEBOSH	National	General	Certificate	in                             Refresher course
   Occupational Health & Safety
•	 NEBOSH	National	Certificate	in
   Fire Safety & Risk management                                   IEma
•	 NEBOSH	National	Certificate	in	Construction                     •	 IEMA	Introduction	to	Environmental	Management	Systems
   Health & Safety                                                 •	 IEMA	Foundation	Certificate	in	Environmental	Management
•	 NEBOSH	National	Diploma	in	Occupational                         •	 IEMA	Associate	Certificate	in	Environmental	Management
   Health & Safety                                                 IOSH
•	   NEBOSH	National	Certificate	in	the	Management                 •	 IOSH	Managing	Environmental	Responsibilities	
     of Health and Well-being at Work (coming Soon)
NEBOSH – INTERNaTIONaL aWaRDS                                      •	 NEBOSH	Certificate	in	Environmental	Management
•	 NEBOSH	Award	in	Health	and	Safety	at	Work                       •	 NEBOSH	Diploma	in	Environmental	Management	
•	 NEBOSH	Award	in	Safety,	Health	&	Environment
   for the process Industries                                      Quality
•	 NEBOSH	International	Construction	Certificate                   •	   CQI	Certificate	in	Quality	
•	 NEBOSH	International	General	Certificate                        Training Skills
•	 NEBOSH	International	Technical	Certificate	in                   •	   CIEH	Level	3	Award	in	Training	Skills	and	Practice	(TSP)
   Oil and Gas Operational Safety
•	 NEBOSH	International	Diploma	in
   Occupational Health & Safety

•	 CIEH	Level	2	Award	in	Principles	of	Manual	Handling
•	 CIEH	Level	2	Award	in	Principles	of	COSHH
•	 CIEH	Level	2	Award	in	Principles	of	Risk	Assessment
•	 CIEH	Level	1	Award	in	Health	and	Safety	in	the	Workplace
•	 CIEH	Level	2	Award	in	Health	and	Safety	in	the	Workplace
•	 CIEH	Level	1	Award	in	Food	Safety	Awareness	in	Catering
•	 CIEH	Level	2	Award	in	Food	Safety	in	Catering

RRc Online and In-company courses
RRc’s Online courses                                                         In-company Short courses
A	new	exciting	range	of	short	online	courses	from	RRC	designed	              HEaLTH aND SaFETy maNaGEmENT
to help organisations and individuals develop essential health,              •	 Achieving	Behavioural	Change
safety and environmental skills as and when required, in a way               •	 Basics	of	Health	and	Safety	Management	
which fits in with you and your life.                                        •	 Business	Contingency	Planning	(Basic	Awareness)
These short courses combine the benefits of an interactive                   •	 Developing	a	Positive	Health	and	Safety	Culture	
classroom	situation	with	the	flexibility	and	accessibility	of	online	        •	 Emergency	Planning	
study. They are loaded with videos and interactive animations                •	 Essentials	of	HSE	for	Office	Managers
that make learning fun and relevant.                                         •	 General	Workplace	Health,	Safety	and	Welfare	Issues	
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Human	Behaviour	in	Industrial	Safety	
across the range, the key information is broken down into bite-              •	 Introduction	to	Measuring	Health	and	Safety	Performance	
sized chunks and interspersed with activities designed to reinforce          •	 Introduction	to	OHSAS	18001
understanding	for	maximum	results.	Throughout,	the	focus	is	on	              •	 Managing	External	Contractors
applying your knowledge to real-life situations so you can be sure           •	 Principles	of	Health	and	Safety	Law
to see the results reflected in your daily work.                             •	 Worker	Health	and	Safety	Consultation	
all courses include a free downloadable workbook containing all              RISK aSSESSmENT
the topics covered, which works well as a handy reference guide              •	 Basic	Workplace	Risk	Assessment	
and provides a refresher if you want to remind yourself of what              •	 Safe	Systems	of	Work	and	Permits	to	Work
you’ve learned. courses also include a final assessment with an              •	 Accident	and	Incident	Investigation	and	Reporting
RRc certificate for those who pass.                                          •	 Introduction	to	Failure	Tracing	Methods	
RRc Online courses                                                           •	 Basic	Principles	of	Fire	&	Explosion	(DSEAR)	
•	   Work	at	Heights                                                         •	 The	Essentials	of	Fire	Risk	Assessment
•	   Risk	Assessment                                                         •	 Fire	Safety	Awareness
•	   Electrical	Safety                                                       •	 Fire	Safety	for	Fire	Marshals/Fire	Wardens
•	   Health	and	Safety	Induction	(For	Workers)                               TOpIc-SpEcIFIc
•	   Health	and	Safety	Essential	(For	Supervisors)                           •	 Asbestos	Awareness	
•	   Transport	Safety                                                        •	 Duty	to	Manage	Asbestos	in	Non-Domestic	Premises
•	   Accident	Investigation                                                  •	 Basic	Control	of	Ergonomic	Factors	
                                                                             •	 Basics	of	Identification,	Assessment	&	Control
•	   Display	Screen	Equipment	(DSE)
                                                                                  of Ionising Radiation Health Risks
•	   Manual	Handling
                                                                             •	 Basics	of	Identification,	Assessment	&	Control
•	   Health	and	Safety	Roles	and	Responsibilities
                                                                                  of Noise Health Risks
•	   Work	Equipment	safety
                                                                             •	 Basics	of	Identification,	Assessment	&	Control
•	   Chemical	Safety
                                                                                  of Non-Ionising Radiation Health Risks
•	   Noise	Awareness                                                         •	 Basics	of	Identification,	Assessment	&	Control
•	   Radiation                                                                    of the Thermal Environment
•	   Construction	Safety                                                     •	 Basics	of	Identification,	Assessment	&	Control
•	   Risk	Management                                                              of Vibration Health Risks
•	   Stress,	Violence	and	Substance	Misuse	at	Work                           •	 Carriage	of	Dangerous	Goods
•	   Fire	safety                                                             •	 The	Construction	(Design	and	Management)	Regulations
                                                                             •	 Construction	Health	and	Safety	Basics	
                                                                             •	 DSE	Training	for	Assessors
                                                                             •	 Identification,	Assessment	and	Control
                                                                                  of Biological Health Risks
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Electrical	Safety	
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Environmental	Pollution	&	Waste	
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Machinery	Safety	
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Management	of	Confined	Spaces	
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Mechanical	Handling	Equipment	
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Safe	Storage,	Handling	&	Transport	of	
                                                                                  Dangerous Substances
                                                                             •	 Introduction	to	Working	at	Height	
                                                                             •	 Managing	Occupational	Road	Risk
                                                                             •	 Manual	Handling	Operations
                                                                             •	 Stress	Management	in	the	Workplace
                                                                             •	 Stress,	Substance	Misuse	&	Violence	in	the	Workplace	
                                                                             •	 Work	Equipment	–	Introduction	to	Selection,	Use,
                                                                                  maintenance & Testing

How to enrol                                                                   Terms and conditions
To apply for an RRc course, please complete the application                    Learning agreement
Form and pre-course Questionnaire that follow this page and                    The Learning agreement sets out your entitlements and obligations as a
                                                                               student of RRc and constitutes the terms and conditions of your enrolment.
return	them	to	RRC:                                                            If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, you can cancel your course
                                                                               within	the	timescales	detailed	below	and	receive	a	refund/credit	of	the	fees	less	
By pOST                                                                        any	expenses	incurred	by	RRC.
RRc Training
27-37 St George’s Road, London SW19 4DS, United Kingdom                        We are confident that you will be delighted with your studies but, should you
                                                                               feel less than satisfied, you can cancel under the following terms within your
ONLINE                                                                         Enrolment	Period	(defined	as	the	period	to	your	nominated	exam	date	or                                                                  18	months	from	enrolment	date	for	units/subjects	where	the	nominated	
                                                                               examination	date	is	not	determined).
TELEpHONE                                                                      Face-to-Face courses
+44 (0)20 8944 3108                                                            caNcELLaTION mORE THaN 30 DayS BEFORE THE cOURSE STaRT DaTE
                                                                               a refund of the full course fee is obtainable for cancellations received more than
By Fax                                                                         30 days before the scheduled course start date.
+44 (0)20 8944 7099                                                            caNcELLaTIONS BETWEEN 15 aND 30 DayS BEFORE THE cOURSE STaRT DaTE
                                                                               a refund of 70% of the course fee is obtainable for cancellations received between
Delivery                                                                       15 and 30 days before the scheduled course start date.

UK                                                                             Distance & e-Learning courses
                                                                               caNcELLaTION WITHIN 30 DayS
your course materials will be with you no later than 10 working                a refund of the full course fee is obtainable for cancellations received within
days from the receipt of your application. Delivery is by courier              30 days following the acceptance of your application. Subject to the return, in
and can be either to your home or work address. as a signature                 good condition, of any printed materials supplied and the receipt of a written
                                                                               confirmation that any electronic copies of the materials have been destroyed
will be required for all deliveries, please supply an address that will        within the 30-day period.
be occupied during office hours (monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm).                 caNcELLaTION aFTER 30 DayS BUT WITHIN 45 DayS
                                                                               a 60% refund of the course fees is obtainable for cancellations received at any time
OVERSEaS                                                                       within 45 days following the acceptance of your application. Subject to the return,
materials are sent by courier and delivery times are dependent on              in good condition, of any printed materials supplied and the receipt of a written
your location. please contact RRc for more information.                        confirmation that any electronic copies of the materials have been destroyed
                                                                               within the 45-day period.
carriage                                                                       caNcELLaTION OVER 45 DayS aND WITHIN THE ENROLmENT pERIOD
                                                                               A	90%	refund	is	available	for	any	Units/Subjects	for	which	study	has	not	
carriage is chargeable on the despatch of course materials                     commenced. Study is deemed to have commenced from the date the student
outside the United Kingdom – please call for a quote.                          requests the materials.
                                                                               Where a student has commenced a Unit and wishes to cancel, they may be entitled
methods of payment                                                             to	a	refund	of	any	exam	fees	paid	to	RRC	provided	the	cancellation	is	received	
all payments to be made in GBp (pounds sterling). you can use                  before	the	student	has	been	registered	with	the	examining	body.

any	of	the	following	methods	of	payment:                                       Examinations	Only
                                                                               A	refund	of	the	exam	fee	is	obtainable	for	cancellations	received	up	to	the	
1    payment in full by cheque or bankers’ draft made payable to               date	RRC	register	the	examination	with	the	examining	body.
     RRc Training.
                                                                               Revision and Reference Guides
2	   Payment	in	full	by	charging	your	MasterCard/Switch/Visa/                  pRINTED maTERIaLS – RETURNED WITHIN 14 DayS
     Solo/Connect	Card/American	Express.                                       A	refund	of	the	full	fee	(excluding	postage	and	packing)	is	obtainable	for	returns	
3	   Payment	by	instalments:	Available	to	customers	resident	in	               received in good condition within 14 days following the despatch of the goods.

     the	UK	(for	more	information	see                    E-maIL – RETURNS WITHIN 7 DayS
                                                                               a refund of the full fee is obtainable for returns received
     instalment.aspx	or	call	for	our	RRC	Instalment	Plan	Leaflet).             up to 7 days following RRc e-mailing the goods or access password, subject to a
4	   Invoice:	UK	registered	companies	only.	Please	attach	to	your	             written confirmation that all copies
     application	form	an	official	purchase	order/letter	confirming	            have been destroyed.

     your employer’s authorisation. Terms of payment are 30                    pROGRammED-TO-paSS – caNcELLaTION WITHIN 7 DayS OF accESS
                                                                               a refund of fees is obtainable for cancellations received within 7 days following
     days from invoice date.                                                   RRc e-mailing the access password, subject to a written confirmation that any
5    customers outside the UK must remit the full fee, including               downloaded or printed materials have been destroyed.
     postage and packing, in GBp (pounds sterling), payable in                 Outside of the above, full fees are payable on all cancellations or returns.
     London, before materials are despatched. all bank charges,                any refunds will be processed within 14 days of receiving your returned
     including any payable by the receiving bank, must be paid by              course materials.
     the customer.

Enrolment form
Important Information
please complete all sections of this application form in full. Failure to do so may result in delays in processing your enrolment
If you have studied with RRC before please enter your RRC Student Number here

 Step 1 – Personal details and delivery information
 Name & address of applicant                                               Delivery address
 Full Name                                                                 contact Name
 address                                                                   company Name

 post code                                                                 post code
 country                                                                   country
 Daytime Tel. No                                                           contact Tel. No
 Evening Tel. No                                                           Please	note:	your	package	will	need	to	be	signed	for	on	delivery.	
                                                                           RRC	are	unable	to	deliver	to	PO	Box	addresses.

 Step 2 – Sponsoring organisation and invoice address
 Sponsoring organisation                                                   Invoice address
 company Name                                                              company Name
 contact Name                                                              Department
 position                                                                  contact Name
 address                                                                   address

 post code                                                                 post code
 country                                                                   country
 Tel. No                                                                   Tel. No
 Email                                                                     Email

 Step 3 – Entry requirements
 course Required
 •	   NEBOSH	International,	National	General,	Construction	and	Fire	Certificates;	National	Diploma	(Part	1)
 •	   A	degree	or	postgraduate	diploma	in	a	relevant	subject	(e.g.	health	&	safety,	occupational	health	or	environmental	health)
 •	   NVQ	Level	3/4	in	Health	&	Safety	in	the	Workplace	or	Occupational	Health	&	Safety	Practice	
 •	   A	completed	RRC	NEBOSH	National/International	Diploma	Application	Pack	(if	not	already	submitted)

Enrolment form
 Step 4 – Course Selection
 method of Study                                                   please Tick    Block/Blended	venue                please Tick
 Distance Learning                                                                London – Block Release
 e-Learning                                                                       Newcastle – Day Release
 Blended	Learning/Distance	Learning                                               London – Blended
 Blended	Learning/e-Learning                                                      Birmingham – Blended
 Block Release

 NEBOSH Diploma required                                           please Tick    Face-toFace/Blended	Course	Date
 complete course                                                                  Unit A Start date DD / MM / YYYY
 Unit a                                                                           Unit B Start date DD / MM / YYYY
 Unit B                                                                           Unit C Start date DD / MM / YYYY
 Unit c
 Unit D

 Step 5 – Information required for exam entry
 Venue	where	you	wish	to	sit	your	exam:
 Intended	exam	date                        Information	required	for	exam	entry
 Unit            Month          Year       Date of birth DD / MM / YYYY
 Unit a          Jan/Jul*       20         Gender	Male/Female*
 Unit B          Jan/Jul*       20         Name to appear on certificate (BLOcK capITaLS)
 Unit c          Jan/Jul*       20
 Unit D#         Mar/Sep*       20         country of Residence
* Delete as applicable
  please indicate your submission date for Unit D

 Step 6 – Revision Support
                                                                  please Tick
                                                                  complete       Individual Units
                                                                                 Unit a        Unit B       Unit c   Unit D
 Revision Workshop                            ENTER VENUE

 Revision Notes                               Paper/email*
 Exam Success                                 Paper/email*
 Reference materials (please list)

* Delete as applicable

Enrolment form
 Step 7 – Additional information
 How did you hear about RRc?

 What are your reasons for enrolling on this course?

 Step 8 – Fees
 Course	and	Exam                                                              Fee including VaT
 course Fee (complete course)
 course Fees (Individual Unit(s))
 printed materials (e-Learning courses only)
 printed Law Guide (e-Learning courses only)
 Non	RRC	Exam	venue	(Call	for	a	quote)
 Revision aids
 Revision Workshop
 Revision Notes
 Exam	Success
 Reference materials

 Overseas courier (call for a quote if outside the UK)
 Total Fees Payable

all services are delivered in the UK and overseas customers are therefore required to pay VaT.
Overseas courier charges are payable on distance learning courses, printed materials and revision aids only.

Enrolment form
 Step 9 – Method of Payment
 	I	enclose	my	fees	in	full.	Please	make	cheque/banker’s	draft	payable	to	RRC Training
  Please	debit	my	MasterCard/Switch/Visa/Solo/Connect	Card/American	Express	(Delete	as	appropriate)
     (Note RRc cannot accept Visa Electron cards)
     Card	No.	      	         	        	         	         with	the	full	fee.		 Card	Expiry	Date
     3 Digit Security code                                 cardholder’s Name
     cardholder’s Signature
     (Switch and Solo only) Issue No                       Valid From Date
  I wish to pay by instalments and attach the completed instalment plan application form (see page 17)
  please invoice my employer (UK Registered companies Only). Please attach Official Purchase Order/Letter of Authorisation

 Step 10 – Acceptance of terms and conditions
 I wish to enrol as a participant for the above programme and I agree to pay the fees as stated and to be bound by
 the terms and conditions set out in the accompanying RRc literature.

 Signed                                                                                            Date

Thank you for choosing RRc Training
Please return your completed application form to:
RRc Training 27 – 37 St George’s Road London SW19 4DS United Kingdom
Tel:	+44	(0)20	8944	3108
Fax:	+44	(0)20	8944	7099

pre-course questionnaire
Please	write	in	capitals.	Attach	further	sheets	and/or	CV	if	necessary.

 Section A – Your personal details

 Daytime Tel. No
 Evening Tel. No

 Section B – Your current position
 Job	title
 Number of years in current position
 Name of company
 Nature of business
 Outline of responsibilities (with specific reference to health and safety responsibilities)

 Section C – Relevant previous positions and experience

 Section D – Previous courses/qualifications
 Please	give	brief	details	of	any	relevant	qualifications	held	or	courses	you	have	attended:

 Section E – Special concerns
 please indicate any special concerns you may have about the course and areas in which you might require special help. please indicate
 any	special	educational	needs	or	disabilities	that	may	impact	on	your	studies:


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