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           Stop Paying Money
To Settle Phantom Wrongful Death Claims
          Neal M. Brown & Christina N. Billiet

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                             Judging Judges —
                             A New Opportunity for the Trial Bar
                             Judicial Selection:
                             The Nuts and Bolts of Making it to the Bench
                             The Law of Respondeat Superior is Alive and Well
                             in Maryland — A Review of Barclay v. Briscoe

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                   President’s Message
    50: The Stones, The Beach Boys, The Beltway and MDC

T      his is what 50 looks like. In 1962, not only did the
       Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys start record-
ing and touring, but 695 was completed, John Glenn
                                                              future judges in circuit and appellate courts throughout
                                                              our state. Our Appellate Committee and others help
                                                              inform the debate in significant cases on appeal via
piloted the first orbit around the globe,                                   amicus briefs and oral argument. Through
James Bond first came to the silver                                         our Legislative Committee and lobbying
screen, and MDC was born. (So was I.)                                       efforts, we help shape legislation of inter-
    Looking back, our members recall                                        est to our members and clients. MDC’s
the battles over various tort reform mea-                                   hard work has paid off: Our generous
sures, including the caps and the statu-                                    sponsors help us bring to fruition quality
tory requirements of experts in medical                                     educational programs to increasing num-
malpractice cases, and the case law they                                    bers of attendees; we continue to welcome
spawned. Contrib and assumption of                                          increasing participation in our events by
the risk once had a solid foothold in                                       state and federal judges; and members of
Maryland law, but attitudes about their                                     the local press seek input by our organiza-
roles and viability are changing. Think                                     tion on breaking opinions and developing
of how lawyers research, communicate,                                       legislation.
                                                Mary Malloy Dimaio,             We’ve come a long way. And there’s
gather and present evidence now com-
pared to 50 years ago. Think of who                                         more to do.
“we” are: Diverse by ethnicity, color              Maher & Associates           Looking forward, we would like to
and gender. It is fitting that the short-                                   continue to be the reasonable go-to peo-
hand for our side of the “v.” is ∆, Delta, a letter in the    ple the legislature, the judiciary and the media rely
Greek alphabet and a mathematical symbol for change.          upon for insight into developing legal issues. We’d like
Change is our constant.                                       to continue to present the “other side of the story” for
    I joined MDC as a new lawyer because the people           consideration in these matters in order to promote jus-
for whom I worked in a small firm in Baltimore were           tice and fairness. As we develop programs and publica-
members. Like pro bono, it’s what was done. I hope it is      tions to address how we evaluate and resolve problems
still that way. For several years, my concept of MDC          in a changing legal environment, we would like to hear
was a couple of brown bag seminar lunches a year and          from you. What are your ideas and concerns? What can
a fantastic crab feast each June. Only when I joined the      we do for you?
Board did I realize how much work goes on. Through                Please give me a call or shoot me an email. We need
our Judicial Selections Committee, we help choose             to get started on the next 50.

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                 Fall 2012
                                             Stop Paying Money to Settle Phantom Wrongful Death Claims  .  .  . 5
             Editorial Staff                 Neal M. Brown & Christina N. Billiet

               editor                        Judging Judges — A New Opportunity for the Trial Bar  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
     Matthew T. Wagman, Esquire              James L. Thompson
           Assistant editor
       Leianne McEvoy, Esquire               Judicial Selection:
                                             The Nuts and Bolts of Making it to the Bench  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
           Assistant editor
       Laurie Ann Garey, Esquire             Tony W. Torain, II

                                             The Law of Respondeat Superior is Alive and Well in Maryland —
    Executive Committee Officers             A Review of Barclay v. Briscoe  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
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Fall 2012

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                                                                                                                                                                              Fall 2012

                                          Stop Paying Money
                              To Settle Phantom Wrongful Death Claims
                                                                    Neal M. Brown & Christina N. Billiet

                                                                      Why Does This Matter?                                              A Little Background
                                                                      This issue arises frequently in serious acci-                      Some background is helpful. Prior to 1852,
                                                                      dent or malpractice claims. For example,                           the family of a person killed by the negli-
                                                                      suppose you represent a radiologist who                            gence of another had no recourse. In that
                                                                      allegedly failed to diagnose a mass con-                           year, the Maryland legislature created an
                                                                      sistent with metastatic melanoma in his                            act to “compensate the families of per-
                                                                      patient’s stomach. Several years later, when                       sons killed by the wrongful act, neglect, or
                                                                      the personal injury suit is being negoti-                          default of another person.”1 This act was
                                                                      ated, plaintiff sadly has confirmed stage IV                       the precursor to our current wrongful death
                                                                      melanoma and likely only months to a year                          statute. In 1888, Maryland’s first survival

            need another $50K for the                                 to live. At mediation, plaintiff’s counsel sug-                    statute was enacted. It prevented an injured
            wrongful death part of all this,”                         gests that the case can be settled only if the                     person’s lawsuit from abating at the time of
            claims the plaintiffs’ lawyer.                            dollar amount reflects some compensation                           their death and also permitted a personal
“After all, with these serious injuries, my                           for the husband and two minor children,                            representative to commence an action sub-
client likely will be dead in a year and                              soon to be without their mom/wife.                                 sequent to death.2
leave behind the claims of her husband                                     Or, you represent an insured driver who                           In the context of these original wrongful
and all 10 kids!”                                                     allegedly caused a near fatal car accident.                        death and survivor statutes, Maryland courts
     This is a situation many defense counsel                         The plaintiff, severely injured in the acci-                       began addressing the potential interrela-
face — your client wants to settle a personal                         dent, likely will never fully recover for her                      tionship between these claims. In Melitch
injury case, but plaintiff’s counsel presses                          injuries. According to her lawyer, the plain-                      v. United Railways & Electric Company, the
for more money arguing his client is on her                           tiff will “probably die before trial,” leaving                     widow of a man killed in a railroad accident
deathbed. A little extra settlement money                             the husband and two minor kids to fend on                          brought a wrongful death action against
now will “buy out” the future wrongful                                their own. Plaintiffs’ counsel wants to settle                     the railway.3 Prior to his death, however,
death claim. That makes sense. Or does it?                            the case, but insists that it requires more                        the plaintiff’s husband had settled his injury
     We all know that a wrongful death claim                          money than usual since it really should be                         claim and executed a release with the defen-
is a separate cause of action that belongs                            considered a “wrongful death case, not a                           dant “by deed, for valuable consideration.”4
to the family of the injured party; it can-                           simple personal injury case.”                                      The defendant railway pleaded this release
not arise until his or her death. Therefore,                               In each instance, you point out, cor-                         as a complete bar to the widow’s wrongful
plaintiffs suggest, unless the wrongful death                         rectly, that the injured party is not dead!                        death action. Judge Harlan of the Court of
action is specifically settled during the set-                        The plaintiffs chose to file a personal injury                     Appeals framed the question as follows:
tlement process, it remains lurking in the                            lawsuit — not a wrongful death lawsuit. But
                                                                                                                                              The sole question presented by the
background as a compensable action. Don’t                             the plaintiff’s lawyer keeps pushing, argu-
                                                                                                                                              record is this: Does the release con-
fall for it.                                                          ing that unless you pay her what she wants,
                                                                                                                                              stitute an effectual bar to a recovery
     Bottom line, once the personal injury                            she will reserve the right to file a wrongful
                                                                                                                                              in this case?5
lawsuit has been adjudicated or settled, a                            death claim after her clients passing. You
cause of action for wrongful death for the                            think, “do I have a choice;” “I need to pro-                       Judge Harlan’s answer was yes — the right
same wrong no longer exists. There is,                                tect my client from any future lawsuits.”                          of the relatives is contingent on the death of
therefore, no need to pay “extra” to plain-                                                                                              the injured person without having satisfied
tiffs for this phantom claim.                                                                                                            his claim for damages.6

                                                                                                                                         A Wrongful Act —
1 Benjamin v. Union Carbide Corp., 162 Md. App. 173, 187, 873 A.2d 463, 471 (2005) aff’d sub nom. Georgia-Pac. Corp.
                                                                                                                                         And When It Disappears
  v. Benjamin, 394 Md. 59, 904 A.2d 511 (2006).                                                                                          The venerable nature of the ruling by Judge
2 Id. at 187.
                                                                                                                                         Harlan notwithstanding, Maryland courts
3 Melitch v. United Rys. & Elec. Co. of Baltimore, 121 Md. 457, 88 A. 229 (1913).
                                                                                                                                         have repeatedly reaffirmed the position.7
4 Id. at 229.
5 Id.                                                                                                                                                                   Continued on page 7
6 Id. at 230. In coming to this conclusion, Judge Harlan took guidance from Lord Blackburn’s opinion in Read v. Great Eastern

  Railway Company, 3 Queen’s Bench. In that case, a widow sought to bring an action for wrongful death despite the fact that the
  husband had already “compromised his claim against the railway company” before dying of the same injuries. Lord Blackburn rea-
  soned that “since the settlement made by the husband would have precluded [the husband] from recovering ‘if death had not ensued,’
  the widow by the terms of the statute could have no better right.” Judge Harlan noted that the interpretation of Lord Campbell's Act
  “has been, without question, uniformly followed by the English courts; and, if we are to be guided by the construction placed
  upon the statute by those courts, the release set up in this case constitutes a complete bar to the action.” (emphasis added).

                                                                                                                                                            The Defense Line            5
Fall 2012

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                       Law, it’s...

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             Steve Lash covers the Maryland appellate
             courts as well as state legislation affecting
             the legal community. He is a lawyer and
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             two decades of experience, including
             coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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6   The Defense Line
                                                                                                                                                        Fall 2012

(WRONGFuL DeATh CLAIMS) Continued from page 5
The reasoning has, however, changed.                                Editor’s Corner
Courts get there through construction of

the requirement that an action for wrong-                               he Editors are proud to publish this latest edition of The Defense Line, which
ful death requires a showing of a “wrongful                             features several interesting articles and case spotlights from our members.
act.”8                                                              The lead article, submitted by Neal M. Brown and Christina N. Billiet of Waranch &
    A “wrongful act” encompasses “an act,
                                                                    Brown, LLC, provides insight into settlement and the decision to include wrongful
neglect, or default including a felonious
                                                                    death language into the settlement release. An article by James L. Thompson dis-
act.”9 In addition, however, the wrongful
act must have “entitled the party injured to                        cusses the features of a website that was developed to evaluate trial judges. Tony
maintain an action and recover damages if                           W. Torain, II of Semmes, Bowen & Semmes provides an overview of what it takes
death had not ensued.” 10                                           to become a judge. Finally, Donna E. McBride of Miller, Miller & Canby writes about
    Maryland courts have interpreted the                            the law of respondeat superior in Maryland.
second part of this definition to mean “that
                                                                    The Maryland Defense Counsel has had a number of successful events since the
the decedent must have been able to main-
tain a compensable action as of the time of
                                                                    last edition of The Defense Line, including the always popular Past Presidents
death.11 In other words, in order for an act                        Reception. Mark your calendars now for Maryland Defense Counsel’s Trial
to be wrongful, the decedent must have had                          Academy, which will take place on April 11, 2013! The Editors encourage our read-
a compensable action at the time of death.”                         ers to visit the Maryland Defense Counsel website (www.mddefensecounsel.org/
If a defense to the decedent’s action existed                       events) for full information on the organization’s upcoming events.
prior to death — such as prior settlement or
adjudication of the claim — then there can                          The Editors sincerely hope that the members of the Maryland Defense Counsel
be no “wrongful act” and by extension no                            enjoy this issue of The Defense Line. In that regard, if you have any comments or
wrongful death action.12                                            suggestions or would like to submit an article or case spotlight for a future edition
    In each of the examples discussed above,                        of The Defense Line, please feel free to contact the members of the Editorial Staff.
the plaintiff settled her personal injury law-
suit prior to her death. As a result, she no
longer has a “compensable cause of action”
                                                                    Editorial Staff
because, on her death, there is no viable
“wrongful act.” Thus, at the time of her
death, a “wrongful act” to support a claim
by her family for wrongful death would not

In Sum...
Happily for defense lawyers, Maryland law
already protects your client from having to
defend a wrongful death claim after a per-                             Matthew T. Wagman             Leianne S. McEvoy              Laurie Ann Garey
sonal injury has been settled or tried. We                             Miles & Stockbridge P.C.      Miles & Stockbridge P.C.   Progressive Casualty Ins. Co.
hope this analysis assists you in negotiations                              (410) 385-3859                (410) 385-3823               (410) 553-2786
with plaintiffs’ lawyers, and gives you (and
your clients!) some peace of mind when
refusing to pay more to settle that phantom
wrongful death claim or the right to insert                                      Please Welcome MDC’s New Members
wrongful death language into the release
without paying more!13                                                                                   Warren Hedges                  Merrilyn Ratliff
                                                                        Robert D. Anderson
Neal M. Brown is a founding partner at Waranch &                         Andrea Andrews               John W. Hershberger             William H. Schladt
Brown, LLC and Christina N. Billiet is an associate                      Damien R. Banks              Emily Duvall JoLicoeur            Mark Schofield
at Waranch & Brown, LLC
                                                                          Tara A. Barnes                Joshua H. Joseph               Jonathan Singer
                                                                         William J. Bower                 Talley Kovacs                Kimya B. Thomas
7  Md. Code Ann., Cts. & Jud. Proc. §§ 3-901, et seq.
                                                                          Caroline Cathell              Kathryn T. Kozero              Sheryl A. Tirocchi
8  Benjamin, supra, at 188.
9 Md. Code Ann., Cts. & Jud. Proc. § 3-901(e); see also,                Chantelle Custodio              Kimberly Longford             Ashlee S. Turmelle
Benjamin, supra, at 188.                                                  Candes Daniels                 Patrick McKevitt              James A. Turner
10 Id.
11 Id. at 188-89.
                                                                          Katrina Dennis                Alexandra Moylan               Danielle Vranian
12 Id. at 189.                                                            Derrick H. Dye                 Ashley E. Mullen               Lisa N. Walters
13 Notwithstanding the above, it is still our practice to include
                                                                        Matthew Fogelson               Jonathan D. Nelson             Danielle Williamson
   in Settlement Agreements form language releasing our client
   from any future liability relating to the death of the injured
                                                                         Brian T. Gallagher              Colleen O'Brien              Matthew J. Youssef
   plaintiff, including any wrongful death claims. We just don’t          Sheila R. Gibbs               Thomasina Poirot
   pay “extra” to do so!

                                                                                                                                   The Defense Line             7
Fall 2012

8   The Defense Line
                                                                                                                                             Fall 2012

          Judging Judges — A New Opportunity for the Trial Bar
                                                             James L. Thompson

                               ecently, I became   flexibility in scheduling. With respect to          justice system.
                               aware      of   a   criminal judges, the rating criteria include             I am on a judicially appointed committee
                               website called      even-handedness in criminal litigation, gen-        entitled “The Public Trust and Confidence
                       “TheRobingRoom.             eral inclination regarding bail, involvement        Implementation Committee for the State
                       com.” I had been            in plea discussions, general inclination in         of Maryland.” It is comprised of four judges
                       retained as co-coun-        criminal cases pre-trial stage, general inclina-    including the Chief Judge of the Maryland
                       sel in a litigation case    tion in criminal cases trial stage, and general     Court of Appeals, four practicing lawyers
                       pending in the Circuit      inclination in criminal cases sentencing stage.     including three past presidents of the bar,
                       Court for Montgomery        Finally, in the civil rating area, it includes      The Executive Director of the Legal Aid
County, Maryland. My co-counsel, from              even-handedness in litigation and involve-          Bureau and the founder of the Maryland
out of state, asked me about the judge to          ment in settlement discussions. As to each of       Crime Victims Resource Center. We are
whom the case had been specially assigned.         these criteria, general and specific, the judges    evaluating this website (and any other cred-
Frequently out-of-state counsel who know           are rated on a scale of 1 (awful) to 10 (excel-     ible websites) to see what lessons we, and the
me will call me to give them “book” on a           lent). In addition, the trial lawyer is requested   judges who are reported on, can gain from
judge to whom their case is assigned. Those        to include comments which, in many cases,           this information. If any judge in Maryland is
of us in the trial bar realize that “book” is      are the most interesting of all. Thus, if a         consistently rated as having negative behav-
a trial lawyer’s assessment of a particular        judge receives a number of comments and all         ioral characteristics, can they be re-trained?
judge, in particular those qualities, habits,      of them have a common thread, then you —            Can our judicial institute utilize this informa-
peculiarities and other issues they bring to       as a prospective trial lawyer appearing before      tion to design education for new judges tak-
the trial of any case before them. Do they         that judge — can make certain decisions as          ing the bench in Maryland? These are mat-
read the memoranda? Do they have an even-          to how you should proceed. Once a judge on          ters which we are evaluating at the present
handed approach to the trial of the case? Do       the Circuit Court receives three or more rat-       time, but we also invite you to consider them.
they possess good judicial temperament?            ings, those ratings are posted on the website,           Check out the website: www .therobing
Are there issues or peculiarities that one         and the judge is then ranked alongside his          room .com. If you have a matter before any of
should know about before appearing before          or her peers on the bench. The ten highest-         the Circuit Court judges in Maryland, please
this particular judge? Hence, in the case in       ranked are categorized as the ten best in the       consider reporting your evaluation, favor-
which I was involved, I gave the out-of-state      state, and the ten lowest-ranking are catego-       able or unfavorable, to TheRobingRoom.
lawyer the book on the judge to whom our           rized as the ten worst.                             com so that a greater body of data is accu-
case was assigned. He laughed, and said                 When I first discussed the site with           mulated. The broader the base of data, the
that was exactly what TheRobingRoom.com            several colleagues, some of the judges and          better quality the data will be. As a part of
says about the judge. He then proceeded to         some lawyers were critical of the website           this process, Chief Judge Robert M. Bell,
explain what TheRobingRoom.com was — a             because the website does not require lawyers        without endorsing this web site, sent out a
site by lawyers for lawyers to develop accu-       making comments to publish their names.             memorandum to all appellate, circuit and
rate data to evaluate their trial judge before     However, the identification of the rating           district judges in the State of Maryland dated
litigation begins. It is an independent website    attorneys and other litigants, if provided,         May 25, 2012, in which he advised all of the
run by North Law Publishers, an attorney-          are kept confidential in order to encourage         judges in Maryland of the existence of this
owned company based in New York. The               frank expression and protect commenters             site and the rating criteria which it employs.
company publishes written materials for trial      from any possible retaliation should their          His purpose in sending the memorandum
lawyers and collects data and evaluations          comments be critical of a given judge. This is      was to make each judge aware of the site
from lawyers on all of the federal district        particularly important in a small-town com-         and to suggest that “a review of the site may
court judges, and most of the state trial court    munity like those that exist in various parts       be advisable and useful, especially as it per-
judges in 32 states in the United States. After    of this state. However, the concern about           tains to you.” I, in turn, have requested the
our conversation, I visited the website.           non-disclosure of the commenters’ identities        Maryland State Bar Association in a letter
     In addition to comments on the federal        is alleviated when one sees that, once a num-       of May 14, 2012 and other bar associations
district court judges, TheRobingRoom.com           ber of separate comments are made about a           and sources to invite lawyers and litigants
invites comments — both good and bad —             given judge, a pattern can often be discerned.      to comment through this website on their
from trial counsel on any trial judge at the       For example, multiple comments may note             litigation experiences (both good and bad)
Circuit Court level in Maryland and in 31          that the judge interferes with counsel in the       in the State Circuit Courts in an effort to
other states. Trial lawyers in criminal and        presentation of the case, pre-judges the case       improve the service to the public. It is clear
civil cases are asked to rate the judge from       before the evidence has been introduced,            that the broader the base of the comments
1 to 10 on a list of general rating criteria       or intimidates the witnesses. Clearly, such         by the trial bar, the more reliable will be the
which have been thoughtfully considered,           conduct and behavior by any trial judge             conclusions which can be derived from it.
such as temperament, scholarship, industri-        detracts from and interferes with the justice            It would be my hope that we can utilize
ousness, ability to handle complex litigation,     system. Behaviors such as that go a long way        the materials which are posted on the web-
punctuality, general ability to handle pre-trial   to explaining why the public, from time to          site to help improve our system of justice.
matters, general ability as a trial judge, and     time, loses its trust and confidence in the         However, several things are clear:
                                                                                                                                      Continued on page 13

                                                                                                                           The Defense Line            9
Fall 2012

10   The Defense Line
                                                                                                                                          Fall 2012

Judicial Selection: The Nuts and Bolts of Making it to the Bench
                                                             Tony W. Torain, II

                                 ave you ever     Maddox was the first women to graduate                Next, Judge Judith Dowd explained the
                                 wondered         from Baltimore Law School. After graduat-         requirements for becoming a federal ALJ.
                                 what it takes    ing from law school, Maddox applied for           “The selection process is a merit based sys-
                        to become a judge?        admission to the bar with the Maryland            tem. You don’t have to worry about being
                        No doubt, the judi-       Court of Appeals. Unfortunately, Maryland’s       too political,” Judge Dowd explained. To
                        ciary plays an integral   highest court denied her application because      become a federal ALJ, you must be an active
                        role in the legal sys-    of her gender. Determined to practice law,        member of the bar, in good standing, and
                        tem. The Preamble to      Maddox appeared before Maryland’s General         have at least seven years experience in litiga-
                        the Maryland Code of      Assembly, along with other female attorneys       tion. According to Judge Dowd, you have to
Judicial Conduct states, “It is fundamen-         from across the country, to persuade the          keep a record of cases you handled and be
tal to our legal system that our law be           Legislature to pass a bill to allow women to      prepared to discuss the extent to which you
interpreted by a competent, fair, honor-          practice in Maryland. In 1902, the General        were involved. In addition to the applica-
able, and independent judiciary. Such             Assembly passed the law, and Maddox, who          tion to Office of Personnel Management, an
a judiciary is essential to the American          passed the bar exam with flying colors, was       applicant must take a written exam, which
concept of justice.” Judges serve as impar-       admitted to the Maryland Bar.                     simulates the composition of an opinion, and
tial, unbiased mediators and interpreters             Judge Hollander also recognized               attend an interview.
of the law in trials and other adversarial        Kathryn J. DuFour, the first female judge in          Attendees next had the privilege of hear-
venues. In some cases, judges operate as          Maryland. Women like Maddox and DuFour            ing the first African American Panamanian
fact-finders with the power to determine          have paved the way for gender diversity in        native and second female judge to ever serve
the rights and duties of litigants. They are      the legal profession. Judge Hollander noted       on the Circuit Court for Harford County,
guardians of the rights of all who come           the role of women jurists in combating            Judge Angela Eaves. Judge Eaves mentioned
before them.                                      domestic violence, in the development of          her anxiety in running for the Circuit Court
     So, how does one become a judge?             the “battered women’s syndrome” defense,          bench in Harford County, predominantly
District 4 of The National Association of         and in facilitating family law cases involving    conservative and less diverse area. She over-
Women Judges (“NAWJ”), which includes             children.                                         came her fears by embracing her differences
Maryland, the District of Columbia, and               After Judge Hollander’s inspiring             and being visible in the community. “Get
Virginia, held a forum on January 26, 2012        remarks, a lively panel discussion ensued.        involved in the community,” Judge Eaves
at Semmes, Bowen & Semmes’ Baltimore              Judge Marcella Holland, Administrative            remarked. Judge Eaves also left the audience
office where that important questioned was        Judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City,    with three important things to remember for
analyzed. Judge Claudia Barber, the direc-        was the forum’s moderator. The panelists          becoming a judge. First, Judge Eaves admon-
tor of District 4 and an Administrative Law       included: Judge Judith Dowd of the Federal        ished aspiring judges to enhance their prob-
Judge (ALJ) in the District of Columbia,          Energy Regulatory Commission, Associate           lem-solving skills. Second, it is important to
assembled a distinguished panel of sitting        Judge Angela Eaves of the Circuit Court for       have patience with litigants and attorneys.
judges and other lawyers involved in the          Harford County, Charles Fuller, Esquire of        Finally, candidates for the judiciary must
judicial nominations process, which sought        the Howard County Judicial Nomination             always be prepared to make a just and fair
to demystify the ascension to a judgeship for     Commission, Chief Special Master Patricia         decision. These traits make for exemplary
the audience. The attendees included attor-       Campbell-Smith of the U.S. Court of Federal       judicial temperament.
neys, both male and female, and all ages and      Claims, and Marisa A. Trasatti, Esquire,              Chief Special Master Pamela Campbell-
levels of practice. At the forum, the panelists   Principal at Semmes, Bowen & Semmes and           Smith, who sits on the Court of Federal
informed aspiring judges on the nuts and          Co-Chair of the Maryland Defense Counsel          Claims, emphasized ways in which her sci-
bolts of judicial selection.                      Judicial Selections Committee.                    ence and engineering background and exten-
     Judge Barber started the forum by                Marisa Trasatti, Esquire, began the           sive clerkship experience helped her on her
explaining the rich history of NAWJ.              panel discussion by explaining Maryland           quest to the bench. In 1991, she served as an
Founded in 1979, the NAWJ focuses on              Defense Counsel as an entity. She noted           extern to Judge John Minor Wisdom on the
increasing diversity in the judiciary. The        that Maryland Defense Counsel is a civil          United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth
association promotes an awareness of the          defense association seeking to improve the        Circuit. She had also clerked for three other
importance of having a diverse bench and          quality of justice. She discussed the qualities   federal judges. While in law school, Chief
bar. After Judge Barber’s comments, Judge         that Maryland Defense Counsel’s Judicial          Special Master Campbell-Smith worked in
Ellen Hollander, who sits on the United           Selection Committee seeks in a judicial can-      an environmental law clinic for half of a
States District Court for the District of         didate and stated,“ We want the best can-         summer and worked for Exxon Mobile in
Maryland, gave opening remarks.                   didates on the bench,” and “We want to            the second half. “Diversity of experience
     Judge Hollander began by emphasiz-           ensure the fair and efficient administration      will help you see both sides of the case.” In
ing the value of gender diversity in the          of justice.” Ms. Trasatti also provided the       the context of which court or administrative
judiciary and giving the history of gen-          attendees with a “cheat sheet” of questions       body candidates should select in their pursuit
der diversity in Maryland’s legal commu-          asked of candidates who apply for trial court     of a place in the judiciary, she stated, “Focus
nity. She noted that in 1901, Henrietta           and appellate bench positions.                    on where the trends are going.”
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     learn the new area of practice.                                                                         “Protecting your practice is our policy.™”
     * American Bar Association Standing Committee on Lawyers’ Professional Liability. (2008).
     Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims, 2004-2007. Chicago, IL: Haskins, Paul and Ewins, Kathleen Marie.


                                                                                                                  MLM has been a proud sponsor of the
                                                                                                                  Maryland Defense Counsel, Inc. since 2007.
                                                                                                                  Please contact Kay G. Kenny
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(JuDICIAL SeLeCTION) Continued from page 11

    Finally, the sole male on the panel,                              specialty bar associations, like NAWJ and
Charles Fuller, Esquire of the Howard                                 the Women’s Bar Association.
County Maryland District 9 Judicial                                       How does one become judge? In addi-                                 expert Information Inquiries
Nominating Commission addressed the audi-                             tion to years of experience in the courtroom,
ence. Mr. Fuller discussed the qualifications                         becoming a part of the community, following                             The next time you receive an e-mail
his Commission seeks when they present the                            the trends, pursuing diverse opportunities,                             from our Executive Director, Kathleen
“short” list of candidates to the Governor.                           and maintaining a reputation of collegiality
                                                                                                                                              Shemer, containing an inquiry from one
“We investigate every piece of information.                           certainly help. It is important that the mem-
                                                                                                                                              of our members about an expert, please
If you have a problem with another attorney,                          bers of the judiciary at large possess these
get it right if you can,” Mr. Fuller stated                           qualities to ensure that litigants and advocates                        respond both to the person sending the
frankly. Each candidate completes question-                           can present their disputes to a “fair and inde-                         inquiry and Mary Malloy Dimaio (mary.
naire, and the Commissioner begins the                                pendent judiciary.” It is also important to have                        dimaio@aig.com). She is compiling a list
investigation. Then, each Commissioner is                             diversity in the judiciary. Diversity on the                            of experts discussed by MDC members
assigned an applicant and performs a back-                            bench ensures the full consideration of the                             which will be indexed by name and area
ground check on that applicant based on                               interests of the entire community. Ultimately,                          of expertise and will be posted on our
his or her questionnaire. Copies of that                              aspiring judges must “honor and respect the                             website. Thanks for your cooperation.
questionnaire are also provided to state and                          judicial office as a public trust and strive to
local bar associations. Mr. Fuller also noted                         enhance and maintain public confidence in                               To check out the MDC expert List, visit
that the Commission’s proceedings are strict-                         our legal system,” as stated in the Preamble to                         www.mddefensecounsel.org and click
ly confidential. After the investigation, the                         Maryland’s Code of Judicial Conduct.                                    the red “Expert List” button in the left
Commission has a secret vote and submits                                                                                                      hand corner of the home page or access
a “short” list of candidates to the Governor.                         Tony W. Torain, II is an associate in Semmes, Bowen                     it from the directory menu.
Finally, Mr. Fuller stated the importance of                          Semmes’ Workers’ Compensation and Employers'
joining various bar associations, specifically                        Liability practice.

(JuDGING JuDGeS) Continued from page 9

      1. The judges are being judged every                                  Likewise, the judges that receive posi-                        about judges in each of the states. This data
      day and this process will continue and                                tive feedback should be recognized.                            needs to be broad-based and accurate as a
      expand.1                                                                                                                             professional and commercial matter for it
                                                                            3. If appropriate data exist 2 and the
                                                                                                                                           to be reliable. This same information will be
                                                                            judges with poor ratings and conduct
      2. The comments, both good and bad,                                                                                                  useful to the judiciary and to the several bar
                                                                            are unable or unwilling to modify
      about the judges should be evalu-                                                                                                    associations and disabilities commissions as
                                                                            their conduct and judicial demean-
      ated by all of the players in the judi-                                                                                              well. The purpose of this paper is to stimu-
                                                                            or to acceptable levels, then they
      cial system, including the litigants,                                                                                                late our thinking and, to the extent you try
                                                                            should be re-educated, reassigned, or
      their counsel, the Public Trust and                                                                                                  cases, to encourage you to participate and
                                                                            referred to the Judicial Disabilities
      Confidence Committee and the judg-                                                                                                   make comments about the way the Circuit
                                                                            Commission for appropriate action.
      es themselves. Credible comments                                                                                                     Court judges in Maryland operate. In the
                                                                            Individual judges should not be per-
      which reflect a pattern of conduct                                                                                                   end, this will help all of us — the trial law-
                                                                            mitted to use the courtroom to inflict
      which is detrimental to the public                                                                                                   yers, the litigants, and the judges — to the
                                                                            substandard justice on the litigants
      trust and confidence in the judicial                                                                                                 end that the public has improved trust and
                                                                            who appear before them.
      system should cause the conduct to                                                                                                   confidence in our judicial system.
      be changed by holding up a mir-                                  In conclusion, TheRobingRoom.com was set
      ror for the judges. They can change.                             up to provide “book” to lawyers by lawyers                          The Maryland Defense Counsel, Inc. (“MDC”)
                                                                                                                                           is not an advocate of this website but believes that
                                                                                                                                           the article is thought provoking and that the issues
1 Judicial evaluation, judicial polls and judging the judges have historical antecedents in Maryland. Surveys were conducted by the        raised deserve discussion within the legal commu-
  Maryland State Bar Association, the Section on Judicial Administration and the Baltimore Sun regarding the Supreme Bench of
                                                                                                                                           nity at large, as well as within MDC.
  Baltimore City, in February, 1975. Thereafter, the Section on Judicial Administration sought to continue the efforts to conduct
  surveys of trial courts in other areas of the State. The Committee on Judicial Polls was appointed and chaired by Marvin Steinberg.
  The Washington Star agreed with the committee and the council to jointly sponsor and conduct a statistically accurate survey of the
                                                                                                                                           Mr. Thompson has over forty years of experience as a
  trial courts in the sixth and seventh judicial circuits similar to that undertaken for the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City. The Star     trial lawyer, is a Fellow in the American College of Trial
  poll results were published in the December, 1980, with the headline: “Study Rates the Best and Worst Jurists.” These were anony-        Lawyers, was a past president of the Maryland State
  mous polls of practicing lawyers regarding judicial performance. The latter poll was taken under the direction of M. Peter Moser,        Bar Association and serves on the Judiciary’s Public
  President of the Maryland State Bar Association. These polls, although valuable at that date, were static, time consuming, expensive
                                                                                                                                           Trust and Confidence Implementation Committee. His
  and did not have any lasting impact on the conduct of the judges who were rated poorly. With the new technology available on the
  internet and the access to TheRobingRoom.com on a 24-hour per day basis, this opens a new opportunity for the trial bar to have          views expressed here are his own, and he has no personal
  a meaningful impact in the process which is fluid and timely. Judges are rated every day. Also “Court Smart,” a sound recording          or financial interest in North Law Publishing Company
  system, is now in place in all District Courts in Maryland, and most of the Circuit Courts have it as the system expands. This allows    or their website.
  a periodic sampling of the court proceedings and some verification of reports of verbal misbehavior.
2 Some of the comments and ratings on the website about a judge appear to be result oriented — I lost the case therefore the judge is
  bad. Those should be discounted. However, other factual comments made about the judge’s poor conduct at trial which is witnessed by
  other attorneys and litigants in other criminal and civil cases are very important. If credible/appropriate data of this sort develops
  in 5 to 10 cases or more, then it should be called to the judge’s attention and remedial action suggested.

                                                                                                                                                                 The Defense Line               13
Fall 2012

14   The Defense Line
                                                                                                                                                 Fall 2012

     The Law of Respondeat Superior is Alive and Well in Maryland
                   — A Review of Barclay v. Briscoe
                                                             Donna E. McBride

                              mployers can        of his employer at the time of the accident.       Electric Power Co., 305 Md. 623, 628, 506 A.
                              breathe a sigh      As to the argument that Ports was primar-          3d. 224, 226 (1986)). The Court explained
                              of relief fol-      ily negligent, the trial court found that the      that in order to show a “special circum-
                     lowing the Court of          employer had no duty to protect third parties      stance,” one must prove that the employee is
                     Appeals June decision        from fatigued employees acting outside the         not simply commuting to or from work, but
                     in Barclay, et. ux. v.       scope of their employment in the absence           is also using his or her own personal vehicle
                     Briscoe, et. al., an opin-   of a “special relationship.” Such a “special       — authorized by the employer — to engage
                     ion that affirmed an         relationship,” the judge reasoned, only arises     in the execution of his duties on behalf of
                     earlier Court of Special     if an employee commits a tortious act on           the employer. Therefore, even if Ports had
Appeals decision issued last year. In Barclay,    the employer’s property or when using the          forced Richardson to work for an unreason-
the high court declined to extend liability to    employer’s chattel.                                able amount of time, that alone is not suf-
employers for negligent acts of its employees         The Plaintiff appealed the trial court’s       ficient to impose liability on the employer.
that occur outside the scope of the employ-       decision to the Court of Special Appeals                Barclay’s second argument — that Ports
er’s business.                                    which affirmed. The Court of Appeals grant-        was primarily liable — as opposed to vicari-
                                                  ed Barclay’s Petition for writ of certiorari and   ously liable — was also rejected by the
Factual and Procedural Background                 in doing so, addressed three questions:            Court. Barclay argued that Ports had a duty
On January 17, 2006, Christopher                      1. Did the Circuit Court err in grant-         “because the risk a fatigued employee poses
Richardson, a longshoreman working for                ing the motion for summary judgment            to the public is foreseeable and the fatigue
Ports America Baltimore, Inc. (“Ports”) was           when disputes of material fact existed?        arose within the scope of [Port’s] employ-
driving home from work in his personal                                                               ment relationship with Richardson.” The
                                                      2. Can an employer be vicariously lia-         Court refused to conflate “foreseeability”
automobile, after working a 22 hour shift.
                                                      ble, under the “special circumstances”         with “duty” stating that while foreseeability is
Richardson fell asleep at the wheel, crossed
                                                      exception to the coming and going              an important factor in determining whether
the center line and collided head-on with Sgt.
                                                      rule, for injuries suffered by a third         a duty exists, “[t]he fact that a result may be
Michael Barclay of the Anne Arundel County
                                                      party when an employee falls asleep at         foreseeable does not itself impose a duty in
Police Department. As a result of the colli-
                                                      the wheel while driving home from an           negligence terms.” In so ruling, the Court
sion, Richardson died and Barclay suffered
                                                      unreasonably long shift?                       followed the Restatement (Second) of Torts
severe injuries.
     Richardson had voluntarily worked a 22           3. Do employers owe a duty to the              § 315 which states that there is no duty to
hour shift in order to assist in the unload-          motoring public to ensure that an              control the conduct of a third person so as
ing and loading of a ship that was behind             employee not drive home when an                to prevent harm to another unless a “special
schedule. He was not required to work the             extended work schedule caused sleep            relationship” exists either between the actor
additional hours, but had elected to do so.           deprivation, increasing the likelihood         and the third person which imposes a duty on
     Following the accident, Barclay filed a          that the employee could fall asleep at         the actor to control the third person, or there
complaint in the Circuit Court for Carroll            the wheel and cause injury to a third          is a “special relationship” between the actor
County naming as defendants Richardson’s              party?                                         and the third person which gives the third
Personal Representative (Briscoe) as well                                                            person a right to protection. The employer
as Ports and two other trade associations.        Decision                                           must affirmatively exercise control over the
In addition to the negligence claim against       As to the first question, the high court found     employee for a duty to arise.
Briscoe for Richardson’s actions, Barclay         that the disputes of fact were not mate-                The Court of Appeals rejected Barclay’s
alleged that Ports, et. al. were vicariously      rial and therefore summary judgment was            urging to adopt the Restatement (Third)
liable for Richardson’s negligence under the      appropriate. Concerning the second ques-           which defines special relationships that give
doctrine of respondeat superior. Barclay also     tion, whether the employer could be held           rise to a duty as including an employer with
alleged that Ports was primarily negligent by     vicariously liable, the Court also agreed with     employees when the employment facilitates
failing to prohibit or by encouraging employ-     the intermediate appellate court finding no        the employee’s causing harm to third parties.
ees to work an excessive number of hours.         liability on the part of the employer under        In other words, the Court declined to expand
     In response to the lawsuit, Ports and the    the circumstances of this case. The Court          liability to instances that might be considered
trade defendants filed a motion for sum-          went on to state that “on the job fatigue          a “moral duty.”
mary judgment which was granted by the            is not a ‘special circumstance’ sufficient to           Although a very small minority of States
Circuit Court. The trial judge reasoned that      prevent application of the general rule that       have imposed such a duty on employers in
with regard to the claim of vicarious liability   an employer will not be vicariously liable         cases such as this, it clear that our current
under the theory of respondeat superior, an       for the negligent conduct of his employee          Court is not inclined to do so.
employer is only liable when the employee is      occurring while the employee is traveling to       Donna McBride is a partner in Miller, Miller &
using his vehicle while carrying out the duties   or from work. (quoting Dhanraj v. Potomac          Canby’s Litigation practice group. In her two decades of
                                                                                                                                          Continued on page 17

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Venable attorneys win in Maryland Court of Special                                           dioxide manufacturing facilities in Western Australia. Millennium
Appeals                                                                                      Inorganic Chems. Ltd, et al.. v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of
                                                                                                                Pittsburgh, PA., et al. No. ELH-09-1893, 2012
A Venable team consisting of Craig Thompson and                                                                   WL 4480708 (D. Md. Sept. 28, 2012). At issue
Michael De Vinne, representing Attransco, Inc.                                                                     in the case were “All-Risk” property insurance
recently won an important matter before the                                                                         policies issued by defendants National Union
Maryland Court of Special Appeals, further                                                                           Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA
erasing a damaging jury verdict that was report-                                                                     and ACE American Insurance Company. The
ed by a number of legal publications.                                                                               policies provided contingent business interrup-
                                                                                                                  tion coverage to Millennium in situations where
Appellant, Leroy Conway Jr., originally filed a
                                                                                                                 Millennium’s operations were shut down because
complaint for damages against Attransco, Inc.,
                                                                                                        of physical damage to a “direct contributing property.”
in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. The
                                                                                                          Judge Hollander held that the policies were ambiguous
complaint sought money damages arising out
                                                                                                           when applied to Millennium’s loss, which arose from
of Conway Jr.'s diagnosis with mesothelioma.
                                                                                                           a major explosion at a natural gas production facil-
Conway Jr. alleged that his mesothelioma was caused
                                                                                                            ity. She further held that no extrinsic evidence was
by exposure to asbestos dust brought home on his
                                                                                                            produced to explain the ambiguity either way, that no
father's clothing after work on the Baltimore Trader,
                                                                                                             dispute of material fact existed, and that Millennium
a merchant vessel owned by Attransco. On January
                                                                                                              was accordingly entitled to coverage under the doc-
26, 2010 the jury returned a verdict for Conway Jr.,
                                                                                                             trine of contra proferentem. A trial on damages—which
and awarded him close to $10 million for past and
                                                                                                           Millennium claims exceed $10 million—has been
future non-economic damages, and nearly one mil-
                                                                                                         scheduled for February, 2013. Millennium is represent-
lion dollars for past and future economic damages.
                                                                                                       ed by Miles & Stockbridge lawyers Joseph L . Beavers,
Attransco then filed a motion for judgment notwithstanding the
                                                                                             John C . Celeste, Gary C . Duvall, and Jeffrey P . Reilly.
verdict ("JNOV"), and the Circuit Court entered an order granting
the motion and entering judgment in favor of Attransco. Conway
Jr. appealed.
                                                                                             Peggy Fonshell Ward, of Ward & Herzog, won a summary judg-
Thompson and De Vinne represented Attransco during the appeal,
                                                                                             ment motion in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County in a
and persuaded the Court of Special Appeals to affirm the ruling of
                                                                                             near drowning case. The case arose from a three year old boy gain-
the Circuit Court.
                                                                                             ing access to a closed, fenced, chained and padlocked swimming
                                                                                             pool at the apartment complex where he lived. When removed from
                                                                                             the pool he was without pulse or respirations. He was revived, but
Miles & Stockbridge Secures Summary Judgment For                                             left with severe anoxic brain injury. Plaintiff originally filed the case
Manufacturers in Contingent Business Interruption                                            in Baltimore City, but Ms. Ward was successful in having venue
Insurance Coverage Case                                                                      transferred to Montgomery County where the event occurred.
                                                                                             Judge Louise Scrivener granted the defendants’ motion, which
In a 51-page Memorandum Opinion, the Honorable Ellen                                         asserted that regulations regarding allowable space in the pool fence
Hollander held that Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Ltd. and                                  did not apply to a pool and fence constructed twenty years before
Cristal Inorganic Chemicals Ltd. (collectively “Millennium”) were                            the regulations were enacted, and also asserted that the child was a
entitled to insurance coverage for a business interruption loss aris-                        trespasser to whom the apartment complex owners and managers
ing from an explosion that shut down operations at their titanium                            owed no duty.

(The LAW OF ReSPONDeAT SuPeRIOR) Continued from page 15

practice, she has tried hundreds of lawsuits throughout        tration have involved difficult and novel issues that her
the state of Maryland and in the District of Columbia.         extensive courtroom experience enables her to navigate             Get Involved
Her trial practice is diverse and extensive. She has           with success.
played leading roles in complex commercial disputes for
                                                                                                                              With MDC Committees
large corporate clients and in other areas such as employ-     In addition to her extensive background as a trial
ment disputes, insurance related litigation, zoning and        lawyer, Ms. McBride is a co-chair of the Maryland
land use matters and in trust litigation. Additionally,        State Bar Association’s Judicial Selections Committee,        To volunteer, contact the chairs at
she has expertise in acting as divorce trustee, assisting in   serves on the Character Committee for the Court of              www.mddefensecounsel.org/
presenting sound options for disposition or allocation of      Special Appeals, and is a member of the Montgomery                     leadership.html.
trust property when trustees involved are going through        Inn of Court and volunteers as a mediator for the
a separation or divorce. All her areas of practice concen-     District Court.

                                                                                                                                         The Defense Line          17
            the_defense_line_newsletter_maryland_11.01.pdf 10/20/2011 2:58:57 PM

Fall 2012

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