Wisconsin State Public Defender's Annual Criminal Defense by yantingting


									Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Annual Criminal Defense Conference 2012
New Strategies, New Ideas: Criminal Defense for Modern Times
November 8 – November 9, 2012


Martina Allen is the current Financial Program Supervisor over the Finance Unit at SPD. She
has worked for the state for over two years. Prior to moving to Wisconsin, she worked in the
Czech Republic at various international companies in budget and audit positions.

Ramon Alvarado is in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia. His practice focuses on criminal
defense. Mr. Alvarado is on the faculty at the National Criminal Defense College in Macon and
he teaches on a variety of criminal law-related topics around the country. He received the
Outstanding Young Lawyer Award (presented by the Georgia Defense of Drinking Drivers
Group) in 2009.

Meighan Anger attended Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law. After
graduating from law school, she was hired by the Wisconsin State Public Defender-Milwaukee
Trial office. During her tenure with the SPD she has handled felony, misdemeanor, revocation
and 980 cases. Meighan is currently a member of the Milwaukee Trial Revocation and Drug
Treatment Court Teams.

Patrick J. Anderson is an Assistant District Attorney in Kenosha County. He graduated cum
laude from Marquette University Law School with a Juris Doctor in 1991 and has a B.A. in
Economics from Marquette University. As a prosecutor he has tried numerous jury trials, from
traffic matters to homicide. In addition to being a prosecutor, he is an adjunct instructor at
Cardinal Stritch University and has served on a variety of boards and committees.

Keith Belzer is a nationally recognized lecturer and teacher on criminal defense issues, trial
techniques and strategies. In addition to his position on the faculty at the National Criminal
Defense College in Macon, Georgia, and the Wisconsin Trial Skills Academy, Mr. Belzer has
lectured or taught for over 50 criminal defense groups or conferences. He has presented to the
Israeli National Public Defender, the Puerto Rican CJA Panel and The People’s Republic of
China, where Mr. Belzer was the keynote speaker at the first public defender regional training
ever held in China.

Mr. Belzer has been named a Super Lawyer by his peers every year since its inception in 2005.
Mr. Belzer has had the honor and privilege of representing three Wisconsin Innocence Project
clients who were ultimately exonerated. One of these clients, Evan Zimmerman, a man
previously falsely convicted and sentenced to life in prison for a homicide that he did not commit,
was the subject of a feature length documentary, Facing Life, the Retrial of Evan Zimmerman,
which can be seen in syndication on the Arts and Entertainment Network and the History

Samuel W. Benedict is the First Assistant State Public Defender in Waukesha, WI. He has been
employed as a staff attorney for the Wisconsin State Public Defender since 1979 after graduating
from The Ohio State University College of Law. In addition to defending juveniles and adults
charged with criminal offenses, he is a frequent lecturer on trial skills and juvenile law topics. He
is an adjunct professor of law at Marquette University Law School and teaches Juvenile Law. He

recently was lead counsel in State v. Andrew Wirth, a self-defense case that was broadcast in
September 2011 on “In Session”, formerly Court TV.

Cathy Bennett is the training director at the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel
Services. She is a faculty member of the National Criminal Defense College and teaches
advanced trial advocacy at Boston College Law School.

Daniel Blinka teaches evidence, trial advocacy, advanced evidence, criminal law and procedure,
legal ethics, and American legal history at Marquette Law School. He also holds a PhD in United
States history and has taught history courses at Marquette and UW-Madison. For his teaching
Professor Blinka has received the Law School's teaching award on six occasions in addition to
Marquette University's teaching excellence award. He strongly believes that the Law School's
primary mission is to prepare students for the practice of law; theory and policy must foster the
development of critical judgment and the analytic skills that lawyers need. Professor Blinka is the
author of books and articles on evidence law, criminal procedure, and other subjects. Before
joining the faculty, Professor Blinka served as an assistant district attorney in Milwaukee County
for seven years and has remained active as a trial lawyer and consultant.

John Breffeilh is a staff attorney in the State Public Defender’s Milwaukee Appellate Office. He
is a 2010 graduate of the University of Iowa Law School.

Jill Bretzman is a Corrections Field Supervisor with the Division of Community Corrections in
Milwaukee. After earning her BA in Criminology and Law Studies and Sociology from
Marquette University, she began working for the Department of Corrections in 1992 as a
Probation and Parole Agent at the Kenilworth office involved in Neighborhood Supervision. She
promoted to Corrections Field Supervisor in June 2001 and supervised the Milwaukee Absconder
Unit until 2007 when she transferred to supervising a Generic Caseload Unit at the Port
Washington Rd office. Jill is a member of the ATR Steering Committee and State Public
Defender Revocation Workgroup.

Jerry Buting received his law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law in
1981. He is part of Buting and Williams, S.C. in Brookfield. His areas of practice include
criminal law, drunk driving, domestic violence, drug charges, homicides and violent crimes,
internet crimes, white collar crimes, sex offenses and juvenile offenses. Mr. Buting is a member
of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, having served on the NACDL Board
of Directors from 1990 to 1992, and is current Chair of the State Bar’s Criminal Law Section.

Dr. Michael Caldwell is an expert on juvenile delinquency, psychopathic personality traits in
adolescents and the treatment of violent juvenile offenders. He authored, "An Examination of the
Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act as Applied to Juveniles: Evaluating the Ability to
Predict Sexual Recidivism.” Dr. Caldwell is a lecturer in the UW Psychology Department and
also serves as senior staff psychologist at the Mendota Juvenile Treatment Facility in Madison.

Raeshann D. Canady began her Wisconsin State Public Defender (WSPD) career in 2005 in the
Ozaukee County office representing adults in misdemeanor, felony, revocation and mental health
commitment cases and juveniles in CHIPS, JIPS, mental health commitment and delinquency
cases. In 2008, Raeshann transferred to the Milwaukee Trial office where she was promoted to
Attorney Manager. She represented adults in misdemeanor, felony and revocation cases, was
head of the Domestic Violence Practice Group and “Raise The Bar,” and was a member of the
Homicide Practice Group and the Milwaukee County Drug Treatment Court Program. In 2012,
Raeshann was promoted to Regional Attorney Manager of the Milwaukee Juvenile and Mental

Health Region. She currently represents juveniles in CHIPS, JIPS, delinquency and mental health
commitment cases and adults in TPR and mental health commitment cases. Prior to receiving her
law degree and joining the WSPD, Raeshann earned her master’s degree in Social Work from the
University of Michigan and worked with children and families at the Bureau of Milwaukee Child
Welfare, Kids Matter and Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee. Raeshann is also a faculty member at
Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she teaches
undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Susan Carlson is the founder and CEO of Susan Carlson Investigations, Inc. a Chicago based
investigations consultancy. With over a decade of investigative experience, Carlson specializes in
providing strategic insight and investigative assistance to criminal defense attorneys and lawyers
who specialize in civil litigation. Her investigative work has been highlighted as key evidence in
many high profile cases and has lead to numerous acquittals as well substantial reduction of
charges and dismissals of matters prior to trial. Susan was awarded the Certified Legal
Investigator distinction (CLI) from the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) and is
also certified in the Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation. Susan joined the team at
Clinical Programs at De Paul University’s College of Law in the fall of 2011 and serves as
investigative consultant. She is also a member of W.A.D. NAPPS and INTELLENET and has
written numerous articles which have appeared in PI Magazine. Susan is a frequent lecturer and
recently presented at the three day annual conference on Indigent Defense sponsored by the Cook
County Public Defenders office in Illinois.

Jay Clark has effectively and aggressively represented people charged with Felonies and
Misdemeanors in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the recent increase in prosecutions for computer based
crime, he has defended numerous charges of a wide variety of computer oriented crime. These
include allegations of Pandering Obscenity, Illegal Use of a Minor, Unlawful Sexual Conduct
with a Minor, and Dissemination of Material Harmful to Juveniles.

Dr. Deborah Collins is President of Behavioral Consultants, Inc. (BCI), a private clinic which
provides consultation to attorneys and courts regarding a wide range of psycholegal issues. The
Outpatient Competency Restoration Program (OCRP), a division of BCI and in contract with
DHS, provides restoration services for adult defendants in the community. Dr. Collins’
professional activities include conducting a variety of forensic mental health evaluations and
teaching at Marquette University Law School, the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology
and the Medical College of Wisconsin. She is a current Member of the Board of Directors of
American Board of Forensic Psychology.

Shannon Corallo, J.D. Wisconsin 1998, is an attorney in private practice, her firm, the Law
Office of Shannon Corallo, LLC focuses exclusively on family law matters, including divorce,
paternity, and all matters related to child custody and placement. She has obtained extensive
training in child development and conflict resolution and is routinely appointed by Milwaukee
County Judges as Guardian Ad Litem in family court matters. In 2011, Shannon obtained her
mediation certification through UW Milwaukee. She currently serves as a roster mediator for the
Milwaukee County Family Court Services and the Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of
Wisconsin in the Mortgage Modification Mediation Program.

From 1998 to 2009, Ms. Corallo was a staff attorney at the State Public Defender’s Office (SPD),
in the Milwaukee Trial Division. Prior to obtaining a law degree she worked as an SPD
investigator in the Racine and Milwaukee offices. Currently Ms. Corallo serves on the Board of


the Wisconsin State Bar Dispute Resolution Section, Milwaukee Bar Association Professionalism
Committee, Inn’s of Court Family Law Section, Society of Family Lawyers, and volunteers at the
Milwaukee County Justice Center.

Larry Daniel is a Digital Forensic Examiner for Guardian Digital Forensics. Larry has thirty
years of experience in software development, server administration, desktop Computers, network
security, Windows, Linux, MAC OS, Novell and other operating systems. With over eleven
years of computer forensics experience, and over 500 cases, Larry brings a unique perspective
from his experience in complex cases in both criminal and civil actions. Larry is an associate
member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a member of the American
College of Forensic Examiners. Larry is co-author of the book, “Digital Forensics for Legal
Professionals” Larry holds the Digital Forensic Certified Practitioner (DFCP) and the Encase
Certified Examiner (EnCE) and the BlackThorn2 Certified Examiner certifications. Larry has
qualified and testified as an expert witness in the areas of Cell Phone forensics, computer
forensics and cell tower technology forensics, in courts in North Carolina, Alabama, Missouri,
and in the Middle District of North Carolina.

Lars E. Daniel is a certified digital forensics examiner and forensic artist. Lars performs
computer and cell phone forensics, video and photo forensics and audio forensics for Guardian
Digital Forensics. Lars earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina with a
concentration in Media Integration, and is a PhotoShop expert. Lars has qualified and testified as
an expert witness in cell phone forensics and computer forensics in both state and federal court.
Lars has provided photo forensics, video forensics, audio forensics and composite art services to
law enforcement, criminal defense attorneys and for the Vidocq Society.

Dr. Nancy A. Elliott holds a doctorate in Forensic Clinical Psychology and is Board Certified in
Forensic Psychology. She has studied and worked professionally in the field of mental health for
more than eighteen years. Over the course of Dr. Elliott’s career and advanced training, she has
provided therapeutic and assessment services in community mental health centers, medical
facilities, and private practice settings as well as federal, state, and juvenile correctional
institutions. More specifically, she has provided Competence to Stand Trial evaluations in a
variety of settings as well as competency restoration treatment services for the federal court
system. In addition to her own private practice, Dr. Elliott serves as the Clinical Director of the
OCRP, where she has the opportunity to utilize both specialized forensic knowledge and her
breadth of clinical experience.

Keith Findley After more than 20 years teaching in the clinical programs at the Law School's
Frank J. Remington Center, Keith Findley moved to the tenure track in the fall of 2012. He
currently teaches Evidence, Wrongful Convictions, and Criminal Procedure. Along with co-
director Professor Byron Lichstein, he also continues to serve as faculty director of the Wisconsin
Innocence Project (which he co-founded with Professor John Pray). He currently serves as the
president of the Innocence Network, an affiliation of 66 innocence projects in the United States,
Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands. Through
the Wisconsin Innocence Project, students investigate and litigate claims of actual innocence
based upon newly discovered evidence on behalf of wrongly convicted prisoners.

Prof. Findley's primary areas of expertise are in wrongful convictions, criminal law and
procedure, and appellate advocacy. He has previously worked as an Assistant State Public
Defender in Wisconsin, both in the Appellate and Trial Divisions. He has litigated hundreds of
postconviction and appellate cases, at all levels of state and federal courts, including the United

States Supreme Court. He also lectures and teaches nationally on wrongful convictions, forensic
science, and appellate advocacy. His scholarly agenda focuses on the causes of and remedies for
wrongful convictions.

Mark Flower currently serves as a Peer Coordinator at DryHootch of America and is involved
with the day-to-day functioning of the organization at the executive level. A veteran from the
Cold War era, Mark joined the Army in 1976, and served on active duty with the 25th Infantry
Division through 1980. He joined the 84th Training Division and served as a Tank Commander,
instructor/evaluator, Then served with the 452nd Combat Support Hospital a medic, and later as a
field sanitation NCO thru 2006. Mark struggled with alcoholism and addiction became involved
with recovery in 1993. Since that date, he has been sober and has helped other in their journey of
recovery by managing halfway houses, including the Manitoba House, the Alano Foundation, and
Sal’s House Transitional Living Facility. Mark also serves on the Steering committee of the
Mental Health Task Force of Milwaukee County, Co-Chair of the Prevent Suicide Coalition of
Milwaukee, Serves on the Veterans Court Action Team Milwaukee County, and assist with the
Drug Court of Milwaukee County.

Christine Funk is a member of the Trial Team in the Office of the Public Defender, State of
Minnesota. She has been with the Public Defender’s Office since 1994, and has been handling
forensic science cases since 1995. Not being a scientist by training, she struggled to understand
the forensic science evidence in that and subsequent cases. Eventually, she managed to translate
the scientific language into something she could understand. Since then, she has worked towards
making scientific evidence understandable to other lawyers. Ms. Funk is an advisory member of
the Education, Ethics, and Terminology Interagency Working Group under the National Science
and Technology Council Subcommittee on Forensic Science and is a member of the MN Forensic
Laboratory Advisory Board. She also serves on the Board of the Minnesota Innocence Project.

Mike Gollinger earned a Bachelor’s Degree from UW Oshkosh in Criminal Justice and Political
Science. He was hired as a probation and parole agent in Milwaukee in 1993. As an agent,
Mike supervised specialty caseloads, including sex offenders and high risk offenders.

Mike promoted to Corrections Field Supervisor in 2004. He has supervised a High Risk Unit, a
Comprehensive Unit and currently supervises the OWI Unit in Milwaukee. Mike has served on a
number of committees within the Department of Corrections, and has worked closely with DOC
records office in dealing with issues related to revocation and custody credit.

Erik R. Guenther is serving the Defense Attorney Justice Advisor, in Afghanistan, with the
Justice Center Advisory Team. In this role, Erik assists Afghan defense lawyers in the defense of
national security (terrorism) cases at the Justice Center in Parwan. Erik has previously worked as
the Deputy Country Director, in Belize, with the American Bar Association Rule of Law
Initiative and as the Defense Attorney Mentor with the Justice Sector Support Program in
Afghanistan. Erik’s international work has been funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau
of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. Before leaving for his most recent
deployment to Afghanistan, Erik practiced criminal defense with Hurley, Burish & Stanton, S.C.,
in Madison, Wisconsin.

From 2007 - 2011, Erik served as the president of the American Civil Liberties Union of
Wisconsin (ACLU-WI) board (the youngest president in the history of the organization) and he is
a past chair of the State Bar of Wisconsin Civil Rights and Liberties Section. He serves, by
appointment, on the State Bar Legislative Oversight Committee and Communications Committee.

He is accepted to practice before the International Criminal Court (The Hague, Netherlands) as
part of the Assistants to Counsel Registry.

Donna Harris has a Bachelors degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead with majors in
Sociology and Criminal Justice. She was hired as a Probation Parole Agent in Milwaukee in
1993. In 1996 she joined the Milwaukee County Court Services Project, where she participated
in program development and wrote over 200 PSI's.

Donna promoted to Corrections Field Supervisor in 1998. She began her supervisory career
developing and supervising the Absconder Unit in Milwaukee. During her career she has
supervised a Comprehensive Unit, Intake, the Revocation Unit and Interstate Compact. In
August 2012 Donna was appointed to Assistant Regional Chief for Region 7; she works in the
Waukesha regional office.

Robert R. Henak, Henak Law Office, S.C., graduated from New York University School of Law
in 1982. Following a clerkship with the Hon. James E. Doyle, Sr. (W. D. Wis.), Attorney Henak
focused his practice on the defense of criminal cases. Since 1987, he has limited his practice
almost exclusively to post-conviction work and criminal appeals throughout Wisconsin, as well
as in a number of federal district courts and circuit courts of appeal. In March 2005, Attorney
Henak was named a Leader in the Law by the Wisconsin Law Journal. He was the subject of a
feature article in the Wisconsin Super Lawyers magazine in 2005, and has been included in
Wisconsin Super Lawyers every year since.

Joel Hirschhorn, AV-rated, is a partner in the Coral Gables, Florida based law firm, Hirschhorn
& Bieber, P.A., with a national practice specializing in Criminal and White Collar Defense,
Health Care, Business, Computer Fraud, Securities and Tax Fraud. Joel was responsible for the
Florida Supreme Court decision which totally reformed and revised (and eventually
computerized) the method of selecting trial juries in Florida, thus preventing racial, ethnic and
socio-economic discrimination in the jury selection process. He has authored several articles
opposing cameras in the courtroom and argued Chandler v. Florida, in the U.S. Supreme Court
objecting to televising criminal proceedings over a defendant’s objection. Among other
publications, he is listed in The Best Lawyers in America and Who’s Who in American Law.

Katie Holtz is the Practice Group Coordinator for Termination of Parental Rights cases. The
position is designed to be a statewide resource for Public Defender staff attorneys litigating
termination of parental rights cases. Katie joined the State Public Defender in 2010 with a mixed
caseload representing parents in termination of parental rights cases, children in delinquency
cases, and children who are alleged to be in need of protection or services in Milwaukee County.

Anne Jaspers graduated cum laude from Marquette Law School in 2008 and began working in
the Oshkosh SPD Office handling a mixed caseload, but taking on as many civil commitment
cases as she could. She transferred to the Milwaukee Trial Office in March 2010, where she
specialized in revocation hearings for people on probation, parole, and extended supervision.
During her time with the SPD, Anne had the opportunity to work with many, amazing people and
had several, incredible mentors. Anne began working at Catholic Charities Legal Services for
Immigrants in July 2012, and she is fascinated by the overlap between criminal and immigration

Craig Johnson practices in the areas of labor and employment law and criminal defense. He
received his law degree with honors from the University of Wisconsin in 1993 and BA from


Pacific University in 1984. During law school Craig was Associate Editor of the Wisconsin Law

Craig spent 13 years as a trial attorney with the State Public Defender’s office. He litigated
dozens of jury trials in offenses ranging from misdemeanor disorderly conduct to homicide. For
his accomplishments in indigent criminal defense he received the Outstanding Achievement
Award from the State Public Defender Board of Directors in 1997, was recognized in the “Rising
Star” category of Milwaukee Magazine’s Best Lawyers issue (1999) and was named by the
Wisconsin Law Journal as a “Leader in the Law” in 2007.

Margaret Johnson is dedicated to justice for all. Margaret is the Racial Disparity Practice
Coordinator for the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office. Margaret assesses the presence of racial
disparity in criminal justice systems and puts together the plan for addressing the disparity.
Margaret has presented on issues surrounding Racial Disparity including the soon to be presented
Race Circles. Margaret has been published in the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Juvenile Law
Handbook. She has been honored as a Top Up-And-Coming WI Attorney in Super Lawyers
and Milwaukee Magazine and as a member of the Rubin Society of the Wisconsin State Public
Defender for her work with children. Margaret is currently in dissertator status working toward a
Ph.D in Urban Studies from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. At Marquette University,
Margaret completed her Jurist Doctor and Master of Arts in Public Service with an
Administration of Justice Specialization. Margaret completed the YWCA Racial Justice Initiative
Certificate Program. She is the Attorney Manager and practices in the Racine Trial Office, where
she is a member of the Second Judicial District’s Veterans Court. Margaret enjoys coaching the
Marquette University Undergraduate Mock Trial Team and is a Master Rated Figure Skating

Detective Dawn Jones has been with the Milwaukee Police Department for 19 years and is
currently assigned to the Sensitive Crimes, Human Trafficking Task Force. Detective Jones
worked at the Vice Control Division for 8 years prior to her assignment in the Sensitive Crimes
Division. Detective Jones has been investigating Human Trafficking cases for over 5 years. She
and other members of the Human Trafficking Task Force assisted in the multiple successful
Federal and State prosecutions of Domestic Sex Trafficking. She teaches how to identify possible
victims of human trafficking and promotes combined efforts between victim services and law
enforcement in an effort to assist the victims as well as prosecute the offenders.

Jane Klekamp has been the Justice Sanctions Program Manager since 1995. Since that time La
Crosse County has developed programs that decrease the jail population and reduce recidivism
using the principles of evidence based practice. Some of the more interesting projects Jane has
worked on have been closing the work release facility through increased electronic monitoring,
the development of a Drug Treatment Court, an OWI Treatment Court, and the Women’s
Community Based Program. La Crosse County has received a number of grants, and most
recently received a technical assistance award from the Urban Institute and the National Institute
of Corrections to develop a better process for people transitioning from the jail to community.

Cecelia Klingele received her J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2005, then
served as a law clerk to Chief Judge Barbara B. Crabb of the United States District Court for the
Western District of Wisconsin, Judge Susan H. Black of the United States Court of Appeals for
the Eleventh Circuit, and Associate Justice John Paul Stevens of the United States Supreme
Court. She currently serves as Associate Reporter to the American Law Institute's revision of the
Model Penal Code's sentencing provisions and as Chair of the Academics Committee of the
American Bar Association's Criminal Justice Section. Her research focuses on crime prevention

and community corrections. She teaches courses on criminal law, criminal procedure, and
sentencing and corrections.

Kellie Krake is an attorney based in Toronto, Canada. Kellie has been involved in the
international development field for more than a decade, working to create and strengthen legal aid
systems and train the professionals who support those systems. She has worked with many
lawyers and legal professionals located throughout the world to develop online and live training
materials. She has trained lawyers, judges, police officers, prison officials, academicians,
government officials, and military personnel in Africa, China, South East Asia, India, Europe,
and the United States.

Bridget Krause graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology
and History in 1997. Ms. Krause graduated from Marquette Law School in May 2000 and began
working at the Milwaukee Public Defender’s Office in June 2000. Although she left for two years
to work in private criminal defense, she made her way back to the Public Defender's Office in
2012. She currently she handles all types of criminal cases and enjoys litigating 4th Amendment
Motions. Ms. Krause is also an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University Law School teaching
Trial Advocacy 1. She has been an Adjunct Professor since 2009.

Shirley LaFontaine has been an HR professional for the past nineteen years and a certified
Mediator. Her background includes Training, Human Resources Management and Generalist
duties in Manufacturing, Nuclear Power, the province of Nova Scotia and the State of Wisconsin.

She currently is employed full time as the Training Officer at the Department of Agriculture,
Trade and Consumer Protection in Madison, Wisconsin. She is responsible for the development,
delivering, administration and execution of the agency wide training program. In addition to her
training responsibilities, as part of the DATCP HR team, she assists in the resolution of certain
employee relations issues. Shirley received her Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
Certification in 2004. She is Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin State Training Council, a
member of the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) and the Wisconsin Jefferson County
Chapter of SHRM.

Carmen Lassiter is a trial attorney in the Kenosha Trial Office of the Wisconsin State Public
Defender. She graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law in 2003. Attorney
Lassiter first came in contact with the agency as an intern in the Racine Trial Office. She began
working for the agency in the Kenosha Trial Office in April of 2006. She is a recent 2012
graduate of the Leadership Development Program.

Michele LaVigne practiced as a State Public Defender in Madison, Wisconsin, before joining the
Universit of Wisconsin Law School's clinical faculty. She now teaches criminal law, professional
responsibility, and trial advocacy. During most of her tenure at the Law School, LaVigne has also
been involved in research and litigation on the rights of deaf defendants. She co-authored "An
Interpreter Isn't Enough: Deafness, Language and Due Process," * 2003 Wis. L. Rev. 843 (with
McCay Vernon, Ph.D), which discusses deafness and language acquisition and their combined
effects on deaf and severely hard-of-hearing individuals in the criminal justice system. LaVigne
has lectured in a number of states to organizations of the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as to
interpreter groups. Based on her advocacy for the deaf community, LaVigne received the
Distinguished Member of the Year Award from the Wisconsin Association the Deaf in 2005 and
the Thomas G. Cannon Equal Justice Medal from the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee in 2009.


John Lawler is currently employed with Onix Networking. John was the Project Manager on the
Google Apps deployment for the Wisconsin State Public Defenders. He has worked for Onix for
almost two years as a Certified Google Apps Deployment Specialist.

Kay Lawrence has a Certificate of Training from UW-Milwaukee, a Master’s Degree in Public
Administration from the University of Iowa, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political
Science and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has been the Training
Coordinator and Employee Assistance Program Director at the Department of Public Instruction
since July of 1999. Ms. Lawrence has previously worked as a policy analyst for the State of
Wisconsin and in various positions with Dane County Human Services. She develops and
facilitates professional development sessions on various topics, including effective meeting skills,
presentation skills, and respectful workplace conduct.

Devon Lee is the SPD's Juvenile Practice Coordinator. Devon graduated from McGeorge School
of Law in 1998 and worked for several years at the National Center for Prosecution of Child
Abuse. Devon joined the State Public Defender in 2001 and has represented juveniles as a staff
attorney in the Madison Trial office and the Madison Appellate office. Devon now serves as the
agency's Legal Counsel.

Amber Lucsay, a 2003 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, is a solo
practitioner in Madison.

Jonathan Lyon is the Creator and Owner of InternetSlueth.net, a portal site that provides legal
professionals with search resources. He is currently working as a guest lecturer for the Illinois
State Bar Association, DePaul School of Law, the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education
and the National Defense Investigators Association. Jonathan is also a Lead Investigator with
more than 15 years experience on federal, state and county criminal cases. He has particular
expertise as a trainer in CaseMap, TimeMap, NoteMap, TextMap and Concordance software and
a strong IT background with knowledge in internet research, MS Office, and Lexis products.

Calvin Malone graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1983. He began
working at the SPD in 1983 until 1994. He left the SPD to work at Rebholz, Auberry & Malone
until 2002 when he began working at Federal Defender Services of Milwaukee until 2012. He
currently works at the SPD Milwaukee Trial office.

Lisa Marmet is a staff attorney with the Milwaukee Trial office. Attorney Marmet has
been specializing in revocation practice since 2008. Prior to her time with Milwaukee Trial,
Attorney Marmet handled a general mixed caseload with the Merrill Public Defender's Office.
She also spent 2.5 years as an Assistant District Attorney focusing on juvenile, domestic violence
and sex assault prosecutions.

Craig Mastantuono is managing partner of a Milwaukee firm that specializes in defending
people accused of crime in State and Federal courts in Wisconsin. He started his career in 1992 at
the Waukesha County Trial Office of the Wisconsin State Public Defender, where he focused on
defending drug prosecutions. Attorney Mastantuono’s more recent trial work includes
representing the national leader of the American Outlaws Association Motorcycle Club in
consecutive jury trials against RICO charges brought in federal court in Richmond, Eastern
District of Virginia. Despite trying cases to juries regularly over the course of his career, he freely
admits that plea negotiation and sentencing hearings are a more frequent part of his practice, and
he has more recently focused training and publishing efforts on effective advocacy and skilled


communication during that process. Attorney Mastantuono earned his J.D. at DePaul University
College of Law, and his B.B.A. at Loyola University of Chicago.

Michael McChrystal teaches legal ethics, torts, and privacy law at Maquette Law School. His
background in law revision work includes service as Chairperson of the Wisconsin Supreme
Court Board of Attorneys Professional Competence, Reporter for the Wisconsin Supreme Court
Code of Professional Responsibility Review Committee, Reporter for the State Bar Task Force on
Tort Reform, and Chair of the Committee on Bar Admission and Lawyer Performance of the
Association of American Law Schools. Most recently, he was Reporter for the Wisconsin
Supreme Court committee whose recommendations provide the basis for the substantial changes
in the Wisconsin legal ethics rules that took effect on July 1, 2007. He has presented papers at
many academic conferences and at meetings of the American Bar Association, American
Corporate Counsel Association, Association of American Law Schools, Corporate Practice
Institute, Law School Admission Council, National Conference of Bar Examiners, and many
other organizations. Professor McChrystal's work has been published by the Marquette Law
Review, the William and Mary Law Review, the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, the Oregon
Law Review, the Bar Examiner, the Notre Dame Law Review, and numerous other scholarly
journals. He chairs strategic planning at the Law School.

Kevin W. McClain is the President of Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. and is a licensed
private investigator in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. Mr. McClain is also a Board Certified
Criminal Defense Investigator who specializes in complex civil and criminal investigations. Mr.
McClain has been conducting successful investigations in both the criminal and civil arenas since
1993, assisting some of the finest criminal defense and civil attorneys with major felonies,
personal injuries, wrongful deaths, white collar crime and high profile media cases. Kevin W.
McClain Investigations, Ltd. began in 1998 as a one man operation and has turned into one of the
largest full-service, multi-state investigative agencies in the Midwest.

J.C. Moore graduated from Marquette Law School in 1992. He began working for the State
Public Defender’s Office in the Milwaukee trial office in 1993 and became a supervisor in 2000.
Moore began his military service in 1983 and currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the
Army Reserves. Moore has mobilized twice since September 11, 2001, training reserve
component Soldiers for deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moore also served in Iraq in 2006.
He is a member of the Milwaukee Veterans Court Team and Planner of Veterans Treatment

Kimberley Motley is the first non Afghan Attorney to litigate cases in Afghanistan’s criminal,
civil, and commercial courts. Practicing in Afghanistan since 2008, her versatile and often
volatile international practice has lead to some groundbreaking legal decisions that have
significantly changed rule of law in Afghanistan. She has successfully litigated cases worldwide
and has been touted in the International Media as “Superwoman,” the “go-to Attorney in
Afghanistan” and “an all around formidable litigating force to be reckoned with.”

Based on her effective legal work and fierce reputation in early 2012, Attorney Motley was given
the title of “Honorary Legal Adviser” to the UK Ambassador in Afghanistan. In addition to this,
she was named the Legal Advisor to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in Afghanistan
and the Legal Advisor to the Italian Embassy. All positions were created specifically for her and
are a credit to her robust legal reputation. She has permission to practice in Afghanistan, the
United Arab Emirates DIFC Courts, and the United States of America.


Kristine Nelson has been a payroll and benefits professional for many years. Her background
includes a wide range of experience in accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, payroll,
employee benefits and human resources for various profit, non-profit and governmental agencies.
She is currently employed as a Payroll and Benefits Specialist Advanced with the State of
Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office.

Shari L. Nevel is an Executive Human Resources Specialist-Advanced at the Office of State
Employee Relations in the Division of Merit Recruitment and Selection. Shari started her career
in 1998 in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Employment Relations (DER), which
is now the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) as a Legal Support Staff-Confidential.
Since that time she has advanced into several different human resources roles within the different
divisions at OSER, and is currently an advanced level Executive Human Resources Specialist in
the Bureau of Agency Services at OSER. Some of the responsibilities Shari currently holds are:
project team lead for the Wisc.Jobs HRIS focusing on the enhancement and maintenance of the
administrative and public sides of the system; lead staffing delegation auditor; and one of the lead
trainers within the Bureau of Agency Services training current state employees and new
supervisors on the civil service process, and new agency HR and OSER staff on policy and

Anna Oehler is the current Budget Director at SPD. She has worked for the state for 12 years in
three other agencies in various budget, policy and research positions. She began with SPD in
January of 2012.

Cheryl Olson has worked at the Public Defender’s Office since 1985. She started her career as a
legal secretary in the Fond du Lac Trial office and then the Madison Appellate office before
transferring into payroll. She has been a payroll & benefits specialist for the past 19 years. Her
duties include a wide range of responsibilities encompassing all aspects of the agency’s payroll &
benefits. Cheryl is currently a member of the State of Wisconsin Payroll Council.

Tamra Oman has dedicated herself to assisting individuals and creating programming specific to
ex-offenders and recovering persons with multiple issues and concerns. She works with agencies,
providers, coordinators, and educators. Ms. Oman believes that in order to have a successful
formula for recovery, all parties must be involved and be on board. Participants at the 2012
Wisconsin Association of Treatment Court Professionals Conference this past spring found Ms.
Oman to be an incredibly inspirational speaker.

Sedoria Outlaw is a Program Manager for Incarcerated Veterans Transitional Program at the
Center for Veterans Issues. Mrs. Outlaw received her Master of Arts Degree from Cardinal
Stritch College and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Mrs. Outlaw is currently serving in
United States Army Reserve in the rank of Captain. She is a member of the Veteran Treatment
Court Planning and Design Team. Her role in Veterans Court is providing services to non-VA
eligible veterans.

Kathleen Pakes currently serves as the Assigned Counsel Division Director of the State Public
Defender and previously held the position of Legal Counsel for that Agency. She holds an
undergraduate degree in Soviet and Eastern European Studies from UW Madison and a law
degree from Brandeis (University of Louisville). Ms. Pakes previously worked as a staff attorney
in the adult trial and appellate divisions of the Louisville-Jefferson County Public Defender in
Kentucky, and served as the Rusk County (Wisconsin) District Attorney. She was the recipient
of the 2007 Meritorious Service Award by the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators
and was named the 2009 Prosecutor of the Year by the Wisconsin District Attorneys’

Association. Ms. Pakes has served as a district committee member for the Office of Lawyer of
Regulation and as a Governor’s appointment to the Wisconsin Judicial Council. She currently
edits the WI Criminal Defense Manual.

David H. Perlman attended the Indiana University Law School and received his JD in 1980. He
began working for the Wisconsin Department of Justice as an Assistant Attorney General in 1991
and is currently assigned to the Training and Standards Bureau. His primary responsibility has
been legal training for law enforcement and prosecutors.

Mr. Perlman teaches and coordinates training programs for the police, jail officials, school
administrators, and prosecutors. Topics upon which he instructs include: constitutional law,
criminal law, use of force, school safety, corrections, open records, management liability, and
general civil liability issues. He is also responsible for the drafting and updating of various
manuals and handbooks for the police as well as writing monthly articles for police and
correctional law journals. He also helps in the production and appears in quarterly videos for the
police on constitutional issues, entitled “Roll Call Law”, which is distributed to over 600 police
departments throughout Wisconsin. In addition to his training and teaching responsibilities, he
handles criminal appeals for the Department of Justice on 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment issues and
has argued cases to the appellate courts and to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Larry Peterson has worked as a trial attorney with the Wisconsin State Public Defender since he
finished school at IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law in 1992. During that time he has represented
thousands of clients in all different kinds of trouble, sometimes winning, and sometimes going
down with the ship. Currently, he represents Sexually Violent Persons in ch980 cases, and
coordinates the ch980 Practice Group. He serves on the Stoughton City Council, is an ALI
Model Penal Code Sex Offense Advisory Group member, participates on the District 9 OLR
Investigatory Committee, and is studying for his Master's degree in Counseling Psychology at the
UW Madison.

Timothy Pierce is Ethics Counsel for the State Bar of Wisconsin. He received his undergraduate
degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and his law degree from the University of
Wisconsin Law School. Mr. Pierce was previously a Deputy Director at the Office of Lawyer
Regulation. He has also been employed as the Ethics Administrator for Milbank, Hadley, Tweed
& McCloy, in New York, and as an Assistant State Public Defender in Racine. He is a member
of the State Bar of Wisconsin. He is a frequent speaker on matters of professional ethics.

Adam Plotkin has been the Legislative Liaison for the Office of the Public Defender since
January 2011. Prior to that he worked for Representative turned Senator Spencer Coggs for 9
years in various capacities. Adam served as policy advisor, committee clerk for the Senate
Committee on Labor, Elections, and Urban Affairs, and office manager for Senator Coggs.

Caitlin Plummer is a clinical instructor and staff attorney at the Wisconsin Innocence Project
(WIP) at the University of Wisconsin Law School. She works primarily on implementing the
Post-conviction DNA Testing Assistance Program – a joint venture between WIP and the State
Public Defender that aims to identify cases on direct appeal where DNA testing may be able to
identify wrongful convictions. Before joining WIP she was an associate at Baker& Hostetler
LLP. Ms. Plummer is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and is admitted to the
bar in Wisconsin and New York.


Robert W. Pratt is the Chief Judge of the Southern District of Iowa. Judge Pratt was nominated
on August 2, 1996, and again on January 7, 1997, by President Clinton. He was confirmed by the
United States Senate on May 23, 1997 and entered on duty on July 1, 1997. He became the Chief
Judge of the Southern District of Iowa on May 1, 2006. He received a B.A. degree in Political
Science from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa and received a Juris Doctor degree from Creighton
University in Omaha, Nebraska.. Judge Pratt worked for the Polk County (Des Moines) Iowa
Legal Aid Society from 1972 to1975. He then practiced law privately with two law firms from
January 1, 1975 until September 1, 1985, when he began his own practice which terminated upon
his confirmation.

While in practice as a legal aid lawyer, he represented low income clients in consumer, housing
and civil rights areas. While he continued to represent low income clients in his private practice
he also represented labor unions, plaintiffs in personal injury claims, workers compensation
claims, and Social Security disability claims. While in private practice, for a four year period he
also tried cases as a criminal justice attorney (CJA) for persons accused of crimes. He has argued
25 cases in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit and 10 cases before the Iowa
appellate courts as well as trying approximately 40 cases to jury verdict. His interests as a judge
include information technology, access to justice problems as well as reintegrating ex-offenders
into mainstream society.

David D. Raasch is an enrolled member of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians
and is a Tribal Program Specialist at Fox Valley Technical College’s Criminal Justice Center for
Innovation (FVTC-CJCI) which provides technical assistance to Native American communities
throughout the United States. He also serves as an Associate Judge for his tribe’s tribal court.
Prior to joining FVTC-CJCI, David was a police officer in Shawano, WI and then the clerk of
municipal court for the City of Green Bay, WI for 20 years, retiring in 2004. From 1995-2005 he
was the Chief Judge of his tribe’s tribal court. Currently he is on the faculty of the National
Judicial College in Reno, NV, Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Tribal Law and
Policy Institute in West Hollywood, CA and is past president of the Wisconsin Tribal Judges’
Association. He assisted in the production of Tribal Nations: The Story of Federal Indian Law,
which is a 60 minute documentary and is a national speaker on topics of reparative justice,
peacemaking and developing cross jurisdictional relationships. Most recently, he was selected to
serve on the Tribal Law and Order Act Advisory Committee.

Greg Renden graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1999, and worked as
a Legislative Correspondent in Washington, DC, for U.S. Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) for two
years. Renden attended law school at UW-Madison, where he was a clinical student in the
Innocence Project for a year, and interned with the SPD Adult Trial Division office in
Milwaukee. After a clerkship with Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Michael Guolee,
Renden joined the Milwaukee Trial office in March 2006. Renden handles a wide variety of
felony and misdemeanor cases, and spends his free-time training for triathlons.

Anthony Rios is an Assistant State Public Defender and a Forensics Practice Coordinator. Since
August 2011, Anthony has worked in the Madison Trial Office as the Chapter 980 (Wisconsin’s
Sexually Violent Person Law) specialist, and has litigated a number of Daubert issues. As a
Forensics Practice Coordinator, Anthony provides advice and consultation to SPD staff members
and private bar attorneys taking SPD cases involving forensic issues, works with the SPD
Training Division in the development and delivery of forensics training, and helps to develop and
maintain a forensics practice website.


Diane Rondini-Harness has been a staff attorney in the State of Wisconsin Milwaukee Juvenile
Public Defender’s Office since 1987. Attorney Rondini-Harness represents children in
delinquency proceedings, child in need of protection and services proceedings, and juvenile in
need of protection and services proceedings. She also represents parents in termination of
parental rights proceedings. She currently serves as the Delinquency/TPR Private Bar Liaison.
Attorney Rondini-Harness is a 1984 graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a
Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a certificate in Women’s Studies. She is a 1987
graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School. Ms. Rondini-Harness has served as an
adjunct instructor at Bryant & Stratton College, teaching Criminal Courts and Juvenile Justice.
Attorney Rondini-Harness is currently an adjunct professor at Marquette University in the
College of Professional Studies teaching a variety of courses in the Criminal Justice Law Studies

Hannah Schieber is an Assistant State Public Defender in the Milwaukee Appellate Office. She
received her undergraduate degree from Kenyon College in Ohio in 2008 and her law degree
from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2011. Her Comment, “Utter Confusion: Why
‘Utter Disregard for Human Life” Should Be Replaced with an Objective Analysis of the
Defendant’s Activity,” was published in the University of Wisconsin Law Review. This year, she
helped develop the SPD’s inaugural Appellate Skills Workshop.

Bradley Schraven is the Immigration Practice Coordinator. He has been the Attorney Manager
of the Peshtigo Trial office since 2011. He has worked in that office since he started working at
the State Public Defender in 2007. His practice areas include adult and juvenile criminal law
cases, homicides, mental commitments and protective placements, termination of parental rights,
revocation of community supervision, and sexual violent person commitments. He has lectured
on various criminal law topics. He is a graduate of the Leadership Development Program and the
Leadership Academy; he also currently serves on the Steering Committee for the Leadership
Development Program. Additionally, he sits on various criminal justice committees in Oconto
and Marinette counties and he serves on the Board of Directors for Wisconsin Judicare, Inc.

Travis Schwantes is a 1997 graduate of UW Law School. He has proudly practiced public
defense his entire career, starting in Racine after graduation. He moved to Minnesota 2001 where
he was a managing attorney for six years before becoming the Chief Public Defender of
Minnesota’s 10th Judicial District, leading 80 defenders in 8 counties with 5 offices. He returned
to Wisconsin in 2010 as an attorney manager, first in Racine, and now in Elkhorn. He has
handled every type of criminal case in Minnesota and Wisconsin, trying dozens of cases to
verdict. While in Minnesota, he established the state’s largest public interest law student
internship program, collaborated with other justice partners to bring drug court and evidence-
based “smarter sentencing” to his jurisdictions, and helped bring his agency through constant
budget limitations, service reductions, and threats of layoffs, all while maintaining high-quality,
client-centered representation. He is one of two forensic practice coordinators with the SPD.

John L. Sesini is Partner and Head of the Family/Deportation Practice Group at Grzeca Law
Group. His practice is entirely devoted to representing individuals with issues in family
immigration, naturalization and citizenship, deportation defense, asylum, and the immigration
consequences of criminal convictions. Prior to focusing exclusively in immigration law, Mr.
Sesini practiced criminal law for many years. As a result of his criminal law background, he is
frequently sought to consult in criminal cases throughout Wisconsin and has successfully vacated
dozens and dozens of criminal convictions for his clients. In 2011, Mr. Sesini was selected as a


Wisconsin Immigration Super Lawyer. Mr. Sesini is a first-generation born U.S. citizen. He
received his law degree from IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1991.

Dean Strang is a criminal defense lawyer in Madison, Wisconsin, and a shareholder in Hurley,
Burish & Stanton, S.C. He has argued in the United States Supreme Court, and also has presented
oral argument in more than twenty appeals in four federal circuits and in the Wisconsin Supreme
Court. He served as co-counsel and co-author of respondent’s brief in the United States Supreme
Court on United States v. Booker, which declared mandatory federal sentencing guidelines

Mr. Strang is an adjunct professor at both the University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette
University Law School. He was Wisconsin’s first Federal Defender and is the author of several
law review articles and a forthcoming book, WORSE THAN THE DEVIL: ANARCHISTS,

Kathleen B. Stilling is a partner in the Milwaukee area law firm of BUTING & WILLIAMS,
S.C., practicing statewide primarily in the field of criminal defense, both trials and appeals. She is
a member of the Wisconsin State Bar, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and
is a charter member and past-president of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense
Lawyers. She is admitted to practice in federal and state courts in Wisconsin as well as the United
States 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. She is a frequent speaker at CLE seminars for lawyers
throughout Wisconsin, as well as national seminars sponsored by the National Association of
Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Cynthia Stoppel is a staff attorney in Janesville and for several years exclusively handled
revocation cases. Somewhere over 500 she stopped counting hearings. Atty Stoppel attended the
DOC training on the Compass program, is a member of the OWI diversion court team and an
Executive Board Member of Rock Valley Community Programs, a local non-profit halfway
house providing services to DOC, Federal Inmates, Veterans and county Chapter 51 clients. She
has found, in the world of revocations, it's important to know about your local resources.

Melinda Swartz is an attorney in the Milwaukee Appellate Office of the Wisconsin State Public
Defender. She graduated from Carleton College cum laude and the University of Minnesota Law
School cum laude. She worked in the Milwaukee Trial Office of the Wisconsin State Public
Defender from 1990 to 1996 when she transferred to Appellate Division.

Ron Tyler joined Stanford Law School in 2012 to direct the Criminal Defense Clinic after a 22
year long career as an Assistant Federal Public Defender with the Office of the Federal Public
Defender for the Northern District of California. A dedicated defense attorney and nationally
recognized expert, he has litigated at trial and appellate courts covering the full gamut of federal
criminal cases. A founding member of the faculty of the Federal Trial Skills Academy and a
faculty member of the Office of Defender Services Training Branch, he teaches regularly at
seminars for criminal defense attorneys, investigators, and paralegals. He also teaches at the
annual National Criminal Defense College in Georgia. He taught trial advocacy at UC Hastings
College of the Law as an adjunct professor for many years. He is also active with several
nonprofits including the American Civil Liberties Union, serving on its National Board of

Professor Tyler received his BS in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology in 1981 and had a brief career in high tech before changing his career
focus to public interest advocacy. He began law school as a Tony Patiño Fellow at Hastings

College of the Law and earned his JD from UC Berkeley School of Law in 1989, where he served
as Notes and Comments Editor on the Ecology Law Quarterly. After law school, he clerked for
U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel.

Yvonne Vegas has been an Attorney with the SPD for the past 23 years and a Manager in the
agency for the last 10 years. She began her career in the Waukesha Trial office where she
practiced from 1989-2000 and then transferred to the Milwaukee Trial office in 2000-2008.
Since 2008 she has been an Attorney Manager in the Milwaukee Juvenile/Mental Health office
focusing her practice on Juvenile law.

Deja Vishny heads the Homicide Practice Group in the Milwaukee Office of the Wisconsin State
Public Defender and is an agency Training Coordinator. She teaches Trial Advocacy at
Marquette Law School and is on the Board of the National Association of Criminal Defense
Lawyers and Wisconsin State Bar Criminal Law Board. She is also on the faculty of the National
Criminal Defense College, where she has taught for a dozen years.

Dougal Walker is a Recruitment Specialist at the Office of State Employment Relations in the
Division of Merit Recruitment and Selection. Today is Dougal’s 368th day in state service. Since
joining OSER last November, he’s been developing an enterprise-level recruitment strategy
including the opening of new recruiting avenues like internet search engine advertising and social
media engagement. You can now find the WiscJobs growing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
and Google Plus. Dougal also travels the state attending career fairs on behalf of the state
employment at all agencies and advises agencies on recruitment strategy.

Joseph R. Wall is an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and
specializes as a trial lawyer in the prosecution of complex white-collar crime and sex-trafficking
cases. Previously, he was a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, serving in Milwaukee
County Children’s Court from 2001 through 2005 and in felony drug court from 2005 through his
retirement in 2007. Wall graduated from Marquette University Law School magna cum laude in
1984, where he was editor in chief of the Marquette Law Review. He currently serves on the
Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Council of Children and Families, the Benedict Center, and
Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, and previously served on the Board of Directors of Legal
Action of Wisconsin. He also is a certified public accountant, and was the only judge in
Wisconsin to hold that distinction.

Dr. Lawrence T. White is a professor of psychology at Beloit College in Wisconsin. He received
his Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 1997-98, he was a Fulbright Scholar at
the University of Tartu in Estonia. White's current research examines the sociocultural nature of
punctuality and cultural variations in fatalistic thinking. He has published research reports in
numerous journals, including the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, and has directed study
abroad programs in Australia, Estonia, and Morocco. White is the author of Professor Tawney's
Chronoscope, a history of psychology and psychologists at a small Midwestern college.

Abigail A. Ziebell received her master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in
Social Work which lead to certification as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been
working at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center as the Veteran Justice Outreach
Coordinator assisting veterans in Milwaukee County that are justice involved for approximately
two years. Prior to working with the VA, she spent an additional 2 years working as a Psychiatric
Social Worker at the Milwaukee County Correctional Facility-South.




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