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					  MoBarCLE and The Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Proud to Present This Quality Seminar

         MoBar                                                                               7.3      MCLE

                                                                         Live                         including
                                                                         Seminar                      1.2
                  CLE                                                                                 Ethics
52 Years of excellence                                                                                hours

Kansas City
November 30, 2012
Harrah’s Hotel
North Kansas City
                                          What’s New in

Why You Should Attend
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                                          Using It to Our Advantage
    What’s New in               Moderators
    CRIMINAL                    Kevin C. Curran, Federal Public Defender’s Office, Eastern District of
                                Missouri, St. Louis
    Using It to Our Advantage
                                Michelle L. Monahan, Monahan Law Office, LLC, St. Louis

8:30 – 9:00         Registration

9:00 – 10:15        Successful Defense of Synthetic Marijuana and Bath Salt Cases: The New
                    Era in Creative Prosecution
	                   Which	substances	are	classified	as	illegal	synthetics,	preserving	the	record	and	
                    defeating the State’s case?
	                   Speaker:	 Michael J. Gunter, Attorney at Law, Kansas City

10:15 -10:25        Break

10:25 – 12:00       Getting the Most from Your Expert: Tips for a Successful DNA
                    Evidence Evaluation
	                   Interpreting	the	DNA	evaluation,	how	best	to	work	with	your	expert,	and	new	
	                   developments	in	DNA	evidence.
	                   Speaker:		 Prof. Dan Krane, PhD, Wright State University,	Dayton,	Ohio

12:00 – 1:00        Lunch (included with program)

1:00 – 2:00         The Ethics of Attorney’s Fees: What is Formal Ethics Opinion 128 and What
                    Does It Require Us to Do?
	                   How	to	properly	document	the	attorney-client	agreement	and	bill	within	the	ethical	
	                   Speaker:	 Travis L. Noble, Jr., Sindel, Sindel & Noble, PC, St. Louis

2:00 – 2:15         Break

2:15 – 3:30         Trial Technology: Persuasively Presenting Your Case on a Budget
	                   Techniques	to	persuade	any	audience,	from	the	beginner	to	the	experienced	user,	of	
                    IT in the Courtroom.
	                   Speakers:	Troy Schnack, Federal Public Defender’s Office, Western District of
                    Missouri, Kansas City and Troy K. Stabenow, Federal Public Defender’s Office,
                    Western District of Missouri, Jefferson City

3:30 – 4:30         Navigating the Changes in Missouri Probation and Expungement Laws: How
                    Powerful Really is the P.O.?
	                   How	restricting	probation	options	effect	case	negotiations,	and	how	are	probation	
	                   officers	and	prosecutors	using	the	changes	against	our	clients.
	                   Speaker:	 Matthew J. O’Connor, The O’Connor Law Firm, PC, Mid-America Trial
                    Lawyers, Kansas City

4:30                Adjourn                                                                   MoBar    CLE
                                                                                              52 Y ears of e xcellence
                         What’s New in Criminal Defense? Using It to Our Advantage                                                    B
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E-Mail	__________________________________________________               Program Date and Location:
                                                                                     November 30, 2012
Name	as	it	should	appear	on	badge		__________________________                            Kansas City
                                                                               Harrah’s Hotel North Kansas City
m Check	 m Am.Exp.	 m MasterCard	 m VISA	 m Discover	                                One Riverboat Drive
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                                                                    Course materials:
           Easy Ways to Register                                    Prepared	by	the	speakers.

                       Register Early!                              Credit:
 To	reserve	seating	and	written	materials,	please	register	seven	   This	program	qualifies	for	7.3	MCLE	credit	hours	including	1.2	
 days	in	advance	of	the	seminar	you	plan	to	attend.	Walk-in	        Ethics	hours.	Kansas	credit	has	been	applied	for.
 registrants	are	welcome.	Please	call	us	to	ensure	seating	
 availability. The Missouri Bar does NOT accept cash.               Comments, Suggestions & Inquiries:
                                                                    Contact	The	Missouri	Bar,	CLE	Department,	P.O.	Box	119,	
                                                                    Jefferson	City,	MO	65102-0119;	phone	toll-free	at	1-888-253-6013	
           Register online:
                                                                    or	573-635-4128;	fax	573-659-8931.
           Check	out	our	website	and	online
           catalog at www.mobarcle.org                              Special accommodations:
                                                                    If	you	need	special	accommodations	addressed	by	the	Americans	
           Register by phone:                                       with	Disabilities	Act,	please	contact	Becky	Brenneke	at	573-638-2237	
           Toll-free	at	1-888-253-6013                              at	least	two	weeks	prior	to	the	seminar	date.
           or	573-635-4128
                                                                    We	know	you	are	busy!	A	colleague	may	attend	in	your	place	if	he	
           Register by fax:                                         or	she	could	have	registered	at	the	same	price.	If	you	are	unable	
           Fax	your	registration	to	573-659-8931.	Please	           to	attend	a	program,	cancellation	of	registration	must	be	received	
           include	your	MasterCard,	VISA,	Discover,	or	             in	writing	by	MoBarCLE	no	later	than	2	business	days	(Monday-
           American	Express	information.                            Friday)	after	the	program	concludes.	Otherwise,	you	will	receive	
                                                                    the	course	materials	in	full	consideration	of	tuition	paid.
           Register by mail:
           Send	the	completed	registration	form	with	payment	
           to	The	Missouri	Bar,	CLE	Department,	P.O.	Box	
                                                                     A Word of Thanks
           119,	Jefferson	City,	MO	65102-0119.                      Those	who	plan	and	teach	MoBarCLE	seminars	are	volunteers.	
                                                                    Their	generous	contributions	of	time,	talent,	and	energy	make	this	
           On-Site registration:                                    and	every	MoBarCLE	seminar	a	success.	We	deeply	appreciate	
           Only	if	space	and	materials	are	available.	We	           their	work.
           strongly	recommend	you	fax	your	registration	by	
           the	Friday	before	the	program.	We	cannot	accept	
                                                                         The Missouri Bar continues to encourage all its
           cash	payments	at	the	door	—	checks	or	credit	
                                                                      members, including women and minorities, to participate
           cards only!
                                                                          in the presentation of MoBarCLE programs.
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The Missouri Bar
P.O. Box 119
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0119
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                                                                                  Jefferson City, MO
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           MoBar    CLE
           52 Years of excellence
                                        Seminar                 7.3
                                                                      including   e       1.2

   Kansas City
   November 30, 2012
   Harrah’s Hotel
   North Kansas City                   What’s New in

                                       Using It to Our Advantage


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