Versatile Artists of United Kingdom by LukeHarry


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									If God is the creator of the world then an artist’s is its praiser. The art and nature
are two identical twins, which cannot live without one another. What we see can
express through our words, but an artist it is indeed a challenging job to frame
that beautiful creation of God in a standstill frame and that also in a lively way.

United Kingdom is known for the wide collections of various versatile artists.
Whose paintings have contributed so much to the world of paintings? There are
various forms of art but these artists are all unique in expressing their deep love
to this world by creating amazing piece of art. These evergreen compositions of
colour and art have inspired many aspiring artists. Here we will discuss about
some celebrated artists.

Helen Bradley;-This versatile female art creator was born in the year 1900.She
was known for depicting of real images of life. The nature and its people was the
core of attraction of Helen Bradley’s painting. The most striking factor about
this renowned art representative is that, she resumed painting in her sixties. This
Edwardian artist was honoured with MBE. The famous oil and ink paintings
of Helen Bradley are Blackpool Beach, Chimney, Nellie Bly, It was a Beautiful
Place. Apart from painting Mrs Bradley was also known for her autobiography
Mrs Carter Wore Pink.
 Kyflin Williams:-This May born Welsh artist is one of the bright name on the world of
  paintings. He was one of the celebrated and famous painters in the 20th century. The
  unique vision of this connoisseur of art fetched him the honour like RA, OBE, and
  KBE. Kyflin Williams held the president position in the reputed Royal Cambrian
  academy. Quite a number of artists got the lesson of artistic skills. His most famous
  works of oil paintings are included, Talsarn, winter at Fachwen, Farms, Anglesey, Porth
  dafarch No1 and more.

 Robert Lenkiewicz: - On of the enigmatic artist of England. He was born in the year
  1941.This artist of Western England is one of the well-liked and celebrated artist of recent
  era. Robert Lenkiewicz’s paintings were mostly based on various attractive themes
  which are mainly based on the subjects like Metaphysics, Sexuality, Death, Alchemey,
  and Psychology. He used to select to depict in a large scale. Some of his self paintings are,
  Painter with Lisa, Portrait of a bearded Mantra Riddle Muriel in the Round Room,
  Porttrait of Diogenes.

 Though none of these above mentioned artists are any more with us but their unmatched
  evergreen works are increasing the glamour of the reputed art galleries of UK. Most of
  the artworks of these painters are fetched thousands of dollars in auctions. Their
  creations are not only a work of paper and colour but also the spontaneous overflow of
  powerful emotions.

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