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									Page C6 | Daily News | Wednesday, October 28, 2009

                               SECTION 9, TOWN-            DISTANCE OF 660.00             Shuler,          Solomon,        Legal 7082                       Legal 7074                     o’clock, A.M., on No-           days after the sale.                later than five business
                               SHIP     3      NORTH,      FEET; THENCE PRO-              Spector,      Foyle       &                                                                      vember 16, 2009                                                     days prior to the pro-
                               RANGE      22    WEST,      CEED NORTH 89 DE-              Singer, PA, PO Box               IN THE CIRCUIT                        INVITATION FOR                                            Witness, my hand and                ceeding        at     the
                               OKALOOSA       COUNTY,      GREES 36’06” WEST, A           800,    Tampa,      Florida      COURT FOR                                  BIDS                 DATED THIS 21 DAY               seal of this court on the           Okaloosa          County
                               FLORIDA.       THENCE       DISTANCE OF 594.00             33601-0800            (813)      OKALOOSA COUNTY,                                                OF OCTOBER, 2009.               21 day of October,                  Courthouse. Telephone
                               SOUTH 81 DEGREES            FEET TO THE POINT              229-0900 and contact             FLORIDA.                         Bids will be accepted                                          2009.                               850-651-7200       (Shali-
                               03’29”   EAST,    80.88     OF   BEGINNING    OF           Ellen Vickery at (850)           CIVIL DIVISION                   by the Fort Walton             Any person claiming an                                              mar)        850-689-5820
                               FEET TO A POINTY,           THE PARCEL HEREIN              595-4400 within 2 work-                                           Beach Housing Author-          interest in the surplus                          CLERK OF           (Crestview) or 1-800-
                               FROM     THIS    POINT,     DESCRIBED.                     ing days of your receipt         CASE NO.                         ity (FWBHA) for the            from the sale, if any,                      CIRCUIT COURT           955-8770 via Florida
                               NORTH 00 DEGREES                                           of this notice; if you are       462007CA005422                   Electrical       Upgrades      other than the property                                             Relay Service.
                               23’ EAST ALONG THE          TOGETHER WITH AN               hearing or voice im-             XXXXXX                           (EU)     of     Robinwood      owner as of the date of               CIRCUIT COURT SEAL
                               EAST RIGHT OF WAY           INGRESS/EGRESS                 paired, call 1-800-955-                                           Apartments, Fort Wal-          the lis pendens, must                      By Vicki Jackson         DATED     at   Shalimar,
                               OF     MOUNT     OLIVE      EASEMENT     OVER              8771                             BANK OF NEW YORK                 ton Beach, FL 32548            file a claim within 60                         Deputy Clerk         Florida, on October 21,
                               ROAD, 132.00 FEET           AND   ACROSS   THE                                              AS TRUSTEE FOR THE               until Nov. 17, 2009 at         days after the sale.                                                2009.
                               TO      THE       P.O.B.    ABOVE    DESCRIBED             Legal 7073                       CERTIFICATE-                     2:00 pm. The EU bid                                            In accordance with
                               THENCE FROM THE             PROPERTY AS FOL-               Oct. 21, 28, 2009                HOLDERS CWABS,                   package will be availa-        Witness, my hand and            the    American      with                     DON W HOWARD
                               P.O.B. NORTH 00 DE-         LOWS:                                                           INC. ASSET-BACKED                ble from Kendrick Da-          seal of this court on the       Disabilities    Act    of                  As Clerk, Circuit Court
                               GREES      23’    EAST                                                                      CERTIFICATES,                    vid Dowling Architects,        21 day of October,              1990, persons need-                       CIRCUIT COURT SEAL
                               ALONG     THE     EAST      COMMENCE AT THE                Legal 7081                                                        Inc., 111 Ferry Road           2009.                           ing a special accom-                           By: Vicki Jackson
                                                                                                                           SERIES 2006-5
                               RIGHT OF WAY OF             NORTHWEST         COR-                                                  Plaintiff,               SE, Suite A, Fort Wal-                                         modation to partici-                             As Deputy Clerk
Legal 7072                                                                                IN THE CIRCUIT
                               MOUNT OLIVE ROAD,           NER OF THE NORTH-                                                                                ton Beach, FL 32548                           CLERK OF         pate in this proceed-
                               660.00 FEET; THENCE         WEST QUARTER OF                COURT FOR                                                         starting on October 21,                  CIRCUIT COURT         ing should contact the              Legal 7115
      IN THE CIRCUIT                                                                                                       vs.
                               SOUTH 89 DEGREES            THE       SOUTHWEST            OKALOOSA COUNTY,                                                  2009. A refundable fee                                         ASA Coordinator no                  Oct. 28, Nov. 4, 2009
        COURT FOR                                                                         FLORIDA.
                               35’ EAST, 594.00 FEET,      QUARTER OF SEC-                                                 CLIVE N. ANDERSON                of $150.00, in the form             CIRCUIT COURT SEAL         later than seven (7)
    OKALOOSA COUNTY,                                                                      CIVIL DIVISION
                               THENCE SOUTH 00             TION 9, TOWNSHIP 3                                              et al.,                          of a check, cashiers                     By Vicki Jackson      days prior to the pro-              Legal 7124
                               DEGREES 23’ WEST,           NORTH,    RANGE      22                                                 Defendants               check, or money order                        Deputy Clerk      ceedings. If hearing
       CIVIL ACTION                                                                       CASE NO.
                               660.00 FEET. THENCE         WEST,       OKALOOSA                                                                             made        payable      to                                    impaired, please call               IN THE CIRCUIT
                               NORTH 89 DEGREES            COUNTY,       FLORIDA;         462007CA005921                                                    FWBHA, will be re-             In accordance with              (800) 955-8771 (TDD)
                  Case No.                                                                                                   RE-NOTICE OF SALE                                                                                                                 COURT FOR
                               35’ WEST, 594.00 FEET       THENCE       PROCEED           XXXXXX                                                            quired to obtain a bid         the    American      with       or    (800)     955-8770
          2009 CA 000501 S                                                                                                     PURSUANT TO                                                                                                                     OKALOOSA COUNTY,
                               TO THE POINT OF BE-         SOUTH 81 DEGREES                                                     CHAPTER 45                  package. A bid pack-           Disabilities    Act    of       (voice),    via   Florida           FLORIDA.
                               GINNING.                    01’23” EAST, A DIS-            BANK OF NEW YORK                                                  age shall consist of 2         1990, persons need-             Relay Service.
REGIONS BANK, etc.                                                                        AS TRUSTEE FOR THE                                                                                                                                                   CIVIL DIVISION
                                                           TANCE OF 80.36 FEET                                             NOTICE IS HEREBY                 sets of drawings and           ing a special accom-
      Plaintiff,                                                                          CERTIFICATE-
                               LESS AND EXCEPT:            TO A POINT OF THE                                               GIVEN pursuant to an             specifications.         Bid    modation to partici-            Legal 7112                                            CASE NO.
                                                           EASTERLY RIGHT OF              HOLDERS                                                           package will only be is-       pate in this proceed-           Oct. 28, Nov. 4, 2009
v                                                                                                                          Order or Summary Fi-                                                                                                                            462008CA005503
                               COMMENCE         AT     A   WAY OF MOUNT OL-               CWABS, INC.                                                       sued to licensed Gen-          ing should contact the
                                                                                                                           nal Judgment of fore-                                                                                                                                  XXXXXX
                               CONCRETE          MONU-     IVE    ROAD      (80.00        ASSET-BACKED                                                      eral Contractors.       Bid    ASA Coordinator no
ROBERT MCINTYRE,                                                                                                           closure dated July 3,                                                                           Legal 7115
                               MENT AT THE NORTH-          FOOT     RIGHT      OF         CERTIFICATES,                                                     and           Performance      later than seven (7)
et al.,                                                                                                                    2008 and an Order Re-                                                                                                               U.S. BANK NATIONAL
                               WEST     CORNER       OF    WAY); THENCE PRO-              SERIES 2005-17                                                    bonds are required. A          days prior to the pro-
        Defendants.                                                                                                        setting Sale dated Oc-                                                                          IN THE CIRCUIT                      ASSOCIATION, AS
                               THE NORTHWEST 1/4           CEED NORTH 00 DE-                     Plaintiff,                                                 pre-bid conference will        ceedings. If hearing
                                                                                                                           tober 9, 2009, and en-                                                                          COURT FOR                           TRUSTEE FOR THE
                               OF THE SOUTHWEST            GREES 23’00” EAST,                                              tered in Case No.                be held on Nov. 6,             impaired, please call                                               HOLDERS OF BEAR
      NOTICE OF SALE                                                                      vs.                                                                                                                              OKALOOSA COUNTY,
                               1/4 OF SECTION 9,           ALONG    SAID    EAST-                                          462007CA005422XXX                2009 at 10:00 am in the        (800) 955-8771 (TDD)                                                STEARNS ALT-A
                               TOWNSHIP 3 NORTH,           ERLY RIGHT OF WAY                                               XXX of the Circuit Court         FWBHA           conference     or    (800)     955-8770                                            TRUST 2006-3, MORT-
Notice is hereby given                                                                    FRITZ ALBERT                                                                                                                     CIVIL DIVISION
                               RANGE      22      WEST,    LINE, A DISTANCE OF                                             of the First Judicial Cir-       room, 27 Robinwood             (voice),    via   Florida                                           GAGE
that, pursuant to a                                                                       CALHOUN et al.,
                               OKALOOSA        COUNTY,     1297.11 FEET TO THE                                             cuit     in     and      for     Dr. SW, Fort Walton            Relay Service.                                                      PASS-THROUGH CER-
Summary           Judgment                                                                        Defendants                                                                                                                                CASE NO.
                               FLORIDA.        THENCE      POINT OF BEGINN-                                                Okaloosa County, Flor-           Beach, FL 32548. A site                                                                            TIFICATES, SERIES
entered in the above-                                                                                                                                                                                                                 462009CA001045
                               SOUTH 81 DEGREES            ING; THENCE CON-                                                ida, wherein BANK OF             visit will be conducted        Legal 7111                                                          2006-3
styled cause in the Cir-                                                                    RE-NOTICE OF SALE                                                                                                                                XXXXXX
                               03’29”    EAST,     80.88   TINUE NORTH 00 DE-                                              NEW YORK AS TRUS-                at the conclusion of the       Oct. 28, Nov. 4, 2009                                                       Plaintiff
cuit Court of Okaloosa                                                                        PURSUANT TO
                               FEET TO THE POINT           GREES 23’00” EAST,                                              TEE FOR THE CERTIF-              pre-bid        conference.
County,      Florida,   the                                                                    CHAPTER 45                                                                                                                  WACHOVIA
                               OF          BEGINNING.      ALONG    SAID    EAST-                                          ICATEHOLDERS                     Questions may be di-                                                                               vs.
Clerk      of      Okaloosa                                                                                                                                                                Legal 7112                      MORTGAGE
                               THENCE FROM THE             ERLY RIGHT OF WAY                                               CWABS, INC. ASSET-               rected in writing to
County will sell the                                                                      NOTICE IS HEREBY                                                                                                                 CORPORATION
                               P.O.B., NORTH 00 DE-        LINE, A DISTANCE OF                                             BACKED            CERTIFI-       Humber-Garick         Con-                                                                         KAREN T. SMOAK;
property      situated    in                                                              GIVEN pursuant to an                                                                                IN THE CIRCUIT                     Plaintiff
                               GREES      23”      EAST    30.00 FEET; THENCE                                              CATES, SERIES 2006-5             sulting Engineers, Inc.                                                                            et al,
Okaloosa County, Flor-                                                                    Order or Summary Fi-                                                                                COURT OF THE
                               ALONG      THE      EAST    DEPARTING          THE                                          is Plaintiff and CLIVE N.                                                                                                                  Defendants.
ida, described as:                                                                        nal Judgment of fore-                                                                               FIRST JUDICIAL               vs.
                               RIGHT OF WAY OF             EASTERLY RIGHT OF                                               ANDERSON;         SAMAN-         The FWBHA reserves
                                                                                          closure dated October                                                                              CIRCUIT OF THE
                               MOUNT OLIVE ROAD,           WAY LINE OF SAID                                                THA M. ANDERSON;                 the right to accept any                                                                                  NOTICE OF SALE
        Description of                                                                    14, 2008 and an Order                                                                             STATE OF FLORIDA,              DAMIEN
                               132.00 FEET SOUTH           MOUNT OLIVE ROAD                                                US BANK NATIONAL                 proposal deemed to be                                                                                     PURSUANT TO
       Mortgaged and                                                                      Resetting Sale dated                                                                                  IN AND FOR                 ISOM-BRANDON;
                               89     DEGREES        35’   PROCEED SOUTH 89                                                ASSOCIATION              AS      in the best interest of                                                                                    CHAPTER 45
      Personal Property                                                                   October 9, 2009, and                                                                              OKALOOSA COUNTY                et al,
                               EAST,    372.00    FEET;    DEGREES          42’58”                                         TRUSTEE FOR THE                  the FWBHA, to waive
                                                                                          entered in Case No.                                                                                  CIVIL DIVISION                     Defendants.
                               THENCE SOUTH 00             EAST, A DISTANCE OF                                             CDASS          MORTGAGE          any informality in any                                                                             NOTICE IS HEREBY
Unit No. 304 of Sides                                                                     462007CA005921
                               DEGREES 23’ WEST,           966.33 FEET; THENCE                                             LOAN ASSET-BACKED                proposals.            FWBHA                                                                        GIVEN pursuant to an
Moreno Point West, a                                                                      XXXXXX of the Circuit                                                                                            CASE NO.              NOTICE OF SALE
                               132.00 FEET; THENCE         PROCEED SOUTH 11                                                CERTIFICATES,                    does not discriminate                                                                              Order or Summary Fi-
Condominium, accord-                                                                      Court of the First Judi-                                                                                  2009 CA 000239 S              PURSUANT TO
                               NORTH 89 DEGREES            DEGREES          06’16”                                         SERIES 2006-RP2; UN-             on the basis of race,                                                                              nal Judgment of fore-
ing to the Declaration                                                                    cial Circuit in and for                                                                                                                  CHAPTER 45
                               35’ WEST, 372.00 FEET       WEST, A DISTANCE                                                KNOWN TENANT NO.                 color,      religion,   sex,                                                                       closure dated October
of Condominium re-                                                                        Okaloosa County, Flor-                                                                           BANK OF NEW YORK
                               TO THE POINT OF BE-         OF     30.54      FEET;                                         1; UNKNOWN TENANT                age, national origin, or                                                                           16, 2009, and entered
corded in O.R. Book                                                                       ida, wherein BANK OF                                                                             MELLON AS                       NOTICE IS HEREBY
                               GINNING                     THENCE       PROCEED                                            NO. 2; and ALL UN-               disability.                                                                                        in Case No. 462008CA
2563 at Page 1035, all                                                                    NEW YORK AS TRUS-                                                                                SUCCESSOR BY                    GIVEN pursuant to an
                                                           NORTH 89 DEGREES                                                KNOWN             PARTIES                                                                                                           005503XXXXXX of the
exhibits and amend-                                                                       TEE FOR THE CERTIF-                                                                              MERGER TO BANK OF               Order or Summary Fi-
                               LESS AND EXCEPT:            42’58” WEST, A DIS-                                             CLAIMING INTERESTS               Legal 7074                                                                                         Circuit Court in and for
ments thereof, in the                                                                     ICATEHOLDERS                                                                                     NEW YORK AS                     nal Judgment of fore-
                                                           TANCE     OF    960.65                                          BY,    THROUGH,         UN-      Oct. 18, 21, 25, 28,                                                                               Okaloosa County, Flor-
Public   Records     of                                                                   CWABS, INC. ASSET-                                                                               TRUSTEE FOR THE                 closure dated October
                               THE WEST 80 FEET            FEET TO THE POINT                                               DER OR AGAINST A                 2009                                                                                               ida, wherein U.S. BANK
Okaloosa County, Flor-                                                                    BACKED            CERTIFI-                                                                       CERTIFICATE-                    16, 2009, and entered
                               OF THE SOUTHWEST            OF    BEGINNING     OF                                          NAMED         DEFENDANT                                                                                                             NATIONAL           ASSOCIA-
ida.                                                                                      CATES,             SERIES                                                                        HOLDERS CWALT,                  in Case No. 462009CA
                               1/4 OF THE NORTH-           THE PARCEL HEREIN                                               TO THIS ACTION, OR                                                                                                                  TION, AS TRUSTEE
                                                                                          2005-17 is Plaintiff and                                                                         INC. ALTERNATIVE                001045XXXXXX of the
                               WEST 1/4 OF SEC-            DESCRIBED.                                                      HAVING OR CLAIMING               Legal 7111                                                                                         FOR THE HOLDERS
The street address of                                                                     FRITZ ALBERT CAL-                                                                                LOAN TRUST 2005-                Circuit Court in and for
                               TION 9, TOWNSHIP 3                                                                          TO HAVE ANY RIGHT,                                                                                                                  OF BEAR STEARNS
which is 5 Calhoun Av-                                                                    HOUN; DANA ALLEN                                                                                 57CB MORTGAGE                   Okaloosa County, Flor-
                               NORTH,    RANGE  22         PARCEL 2:                                                       TITLE OR INTEREST IN                 IN THE CIRCUIT                                                                                 ALT-A TRUST 2006-3,
enue, Unit 304, Destin,                                                                   N/K/A UNKNOWN TEN-                                                                               PASS-THROUGH                    ida,               wherein
                               WEST,      OKALOOSA                                                                         THE             PROPERTY             COURT OF THE                                                                                   M O R T G A G E
Florida 32541.                                                                            ANT NO. 1; UNKNOWN                                                                               CERTIFICATES,                   WACHOVIA             MORT-
                               COUNTY, FLORIDA.            BEGIN       AT     THE                                          HEREIN        DESCRIBED,             FIRST JUDICIAL                                                                                 PASS-THROUGH CER-
                                                                                          TENANT NO. 2; and                                                                                SERIES 2005-57CB                GAGE CORPORATION
                                                           NORTHWEST         COR-                                          are Defendants, I will              CIRCUIT OF THE                                                                                  TIFICATES,            SERIES
at a Public Sale, to the                                                                  ALL UNKNOWN PAR-                                                                                         Plaintiff,              is Plaintiff and DAMIEN
                               LESS AND EXCEPT:            NER OF THE SOUTH-                                               sell to the highest and            STATE OF FLORIDA,                                                                                2006-3 is Plaintiff and
highest     bidder,    for                                                                TIES CLAIMING INTER-                                                                                                             ISOM-BRANDON;
                                                           EAST QUARTER OF                                                 best bidder for cash at                IN AND FOR                                                                                   KAREN         T.     SMOAK;
cash, at the front door                                                                   ESTS BY, THROUGH,                                                                                vs                              WHITNEY          NATIONAL
                               COMMENCE AT THE             THE       NORTHWEST                                             the Front Door of the              OKALOOSA COUNTY                                                                                  MORTGAGE               ELEC-
of the Clerk’s office,                                                                    UNDER OR AGAINST A                                                                                                               BANK AS SUCCES-
                               NW CORNER OF THE            QUARTER (SE 1/4 OF                                              Clerk of the Court’s Of-              CIVIL DIVISION                                                                                TRONIC            REGISTRA-
Okaloosa           County                                                                 NAMED       DEFENDANT                                                                            CHARLENE JENNIFER               SOR        TO      DESTIN
                               NW 1/4 OF THE SW            NW 1/4) SECTION 9,                                              fice, Okaloosa County                                                                                                               TION               SYSTEMS,
Courthouse          Annex,                                                                TO THIS ACTION, OR                                                                               SCROGGINS; MORT-                BANK;           UNKNOWN
                               1/4 OF SECTION 9,           TOWNSHIP 3 NORTH,                                               Courthouse          Annex,                      CASE NO.                                                                            INC.AS NOMINEE FOR
1250 N. Eglin Parkway,                                                                    HAVING OR CLAIMING                                                                               GAGE ELECTRONIC                 TENANT NO. 1; UN-
                               TOWNSHIP 3 NORTH,           RANGE      22    WEST,                                          1250 Eglin Parkway,                        2008-CA-006446                                                                           GMAC             MORTGAGE
Shalimar, Florida 32579                                                                   TO HAVE ANY RIGHT,                                                                               REGISTRATION SYS-               KNOWN TENANT NO.
                               RANGE      22    WEST,      OKALOOSA       COUNTY,                                          Shalimar, Florida 32579                                                                                                             CORPORATION            D/B/A
on November 10, 2009                                                                      TITLE OR INTEREST IN                                                                             TEMS, INC. ACTING               2; and ALL UNKNOWN
                               OKALOOSA       COUNTY,      FLORIDA; RUN EAST                                               in Okaloosa County,              LASALLE BANK                                                                                       DITECH.COM MIN NO.
at 11:00 a.m.                                                                             THE           PROPERTY                                                                           SOLELY AS A NOMI-               PARTIES          CLAIMING
                               FLORIDA;       THENCE       ALONG         QUARTER                                           Florida, at 11:00 a.m.           NATIONAL ASSOCIA-                                                                                  100037506561904070;
                                                                                          HEREIN      DESCRIBED,                                                                           NEE FOR COUNTRY-                INTERESTS              BY,
                               PROCEED SOUTH 81            (1/4)   LINE     150.00                                         on the November 11,              TION, AS TRUSTEE                                                                                   UNKNOWN              TENANT
Any person claiming an                                                                    are Defendants, I will                                                                           WIDE HOME LOANS,                THROUGH,           UNDER
                               DEGREES          01’23”     FEET;          THENCE                                           2009, the following de-          FOR THE C-BASS                                                                                     NO.       1;      UNKNOWN
interest in the surplus                                                                   sell to the highest and                                                                          INC;;                           OR         AGAINST       A
                               EAST, A DISTANCE OF         SOUTH 07 DEGREES                                                scribed property as set          TRUST 2006-CB9                                                                                     TENANT NO. 2; and
funds from the sale, if                                                                   best bidder for cash at                                                                                  Defendant(s).           NAMED         DEFENDANT
                               80.36 FEET TO A             33’ EAST 620.25 FEET;                                           forth in said Order or           C-BASS MORTGAGE                                                                                    ALL UNKNOWN PAR-
any, other than the                                                                       the Front Door of the                                                                                                            TO THIS ACTION, OR
                               POINT ON THE EAST-          THENCE SOUTH 30                                                 Final Judgment, to-wit:          LOAN ASSET-BACKED                                                                                  TIES CLAIMING INTER-
property owner, as of                                                                     Clerk of the Court’s Of-                                                                              NOTICE OF SALE             HAVING OR CLAIMING
                               ERLY RIGHT OF WAY           DEGREES 27’ WEST                                                                                 CERTIFICATES,                                                                                      ESTS BY, THROUGH,
the date of the Lis                                                                       fice, Okaloosa County                                                                                                            TO HAVE ANY RIGHT,
                               LINE OF MOUNT OL-           458.33     FEET     TO                                          LOT 15. BLOCK A,                 SERIES 2006-CB9                                                                                    UNDER OR AGAINST A
Pendens, must file a                                                                      Courthouse          Annex,                                                                       Notice is hereby given          TITLE, OR INTEREST
                               IVE ROAD, (80 FOOT          QUARTER (1/4) LINE                                              RE-SUBDIVISION OF A                      Plaintiff,                                                                                 NAMED          DEFENDANT
claim within 60 days af-                                                                  1250 Eglin Parkway,                                                                              that, pursuant to a Final       IN      THE     PROPERTY
                               RIGHT     OF      WAY);     RUNNING         NORTH;                                          PORTION    OF    ELLI-                                                                                                              TO THIS ACTION, OR
ter the sale.                                                                             Shalimar, Florida 32579                                                                          Summary Judgment of             HEREIN        DESCRIBED,
                               THENCE        PROCEED       THENCE          NORTH                                           OTTS     POINT,   AC-            vs                                                                                                 HAVING OR CLAIMING
                                                                                          in Okaloosa County,                                                                              Foreclosure entered in          are Defendants, I will
                               NORTH 00 DEGREES            ALONG         QUARTER                                           CORDING     TO    THE                                                                                                               TO HAVE ANY RIGHT,
Dated:       October      5,                                                              Florida, at 11:00 a.m.                                                                           the           above-styled      sell to the highest and
                               23’00” EAST, ALONG          (1/4)  LINE     1010.41                                         PLAT    THEREOF    AS            MICHAEL A. COOPER;                                                                                 TITLE, OR INTEREST
2009.                                                                                     on November 11, 2009,                                                                            cause, in the Circuit           best bidder for cash at
                               SAID          EASTERLY      FEET TO POINT OF                                                RECORDED IN PLAT                 KEELY L. BASSETT;                                                                                  IN      THE       PROPERTY
                                                                                          the following described                                                                          Court      of    Okaloosa       the South Front Door,
                               RIGHT OF WAY LINE,          BEGINNING.                                                      BOOK 1, PAGE 98C,                GULF WINDS                                                                                         HEREIN         DESCRIBED,
            Don W. Howard                                                                 property as set forth in                                                                         County, Florida, I will         Okaloosa            County
                               A     DISTANCE      OF                                                                      PUBLIC RECORDS OF                FEDERAL CREDIT UN-                                                                                 are Defendants, I will
                Clerk of the                                                              said Order or Final                                                                              sell the property situate       Courthouse, Crestview,
                               792.00 FEET OF THE          PARCEL 3:                                                       OKALOOSA      COUNTY,            ION F/K/A MONSANTO                                                                                 sell to the highest and
               Circuit Court                                                              Judgment, to-wit:                                                                                in Okaloosa County,             Florida       32536,    at
                               POINT OF BEGINN-                                                                            FLORIDA                          EMPLOYEES CREDIT                                                                                   best bidder for cash at
          Okaloosa County,                                                                                                                                                                 Florida, described as:          Okaloosa County, Flor-
                               ING; THENCE CON-            THE     NORTH     12.00                                                                          UNION;                                                                                             the South Front Door,
                     Florida                                                              LOT 12. BLOCK 12,                                                                                                                ida, at 11:00 a.m. on
                               TINUE NORTH 00 DE-          FEET OF THE NORTH-                                              ANY PERSON CLAIM-                        Defendant(s).                                                                              Okaloosa              County
      CIRCUIT COURT SEAL                                                                  OAKLAND     ADDITION                                                                             LOT 33, BLOCK B,                the 18 day of Novem-
                               GREES 23’00” EAST,          WEST 1/4 OF THE                                                 ING AN INTEREST IN                                                                                                                  Courthouse, Crestview,
                                                                                          TO    FORT   WALTON                                                                              OVERBROOK     SEC-              ber, 2009, the following
                               ALONG     SAID    EAST-     SOUTHWEST 1/4 OF                                                THE SURPLUS FROM                      NOTICE OF SALE                                                                                Florida        32536,      at
               By: K Brown                                                                BEACH,    ACCORDING                                                                              OND ADDITION, AC-               described property as
                               ERLY RIGHT OF WAY           SECTION 9, TOWN-                                                THE SALE, IF ANY,                                                                                                                   Okaloosa County, Flor-
               Deputy Clerk                                                               TO THE PLAT THERE-                                                                               CORDING   TO   THE              set forth in said Order
                               LINE, A DISTANCE OF         SHIP     3     NORTH,                                           OTHER      THAN   THE            Notice is hereby given                                                                             ida, at 11:00 a.m. on
                                                                                          OF AS RECORDED IN                                                                                PLAT THEREOF, AS                or      Final    Judgment,
                               535.11 FEET; THENCE         RANGE      22    WEST,                                          PROPERTY        OWNER            that, pursuant to a Final                                                                          the 18 day of Novem-
Legal 7072                                                                                PLAT BOOK 2, PAGE                                                                                RECORDED IN PLAT                to-wit:
                               DEPARTING          THE      OKALOOSA      COUNTY,                                           AS OF THE DATE OF                Summary Judgment of                                                                                ber, 2009, the following
Oct. 21, 28, 2009                                                                         114, OF THE PUBLIC                                                                               BOOK 9, PAGES 98,
                               EASTERLY RIGHT OF           FLORIDA.    TOGETHER                                            THE    LIS    PENDENS            Foreclosure entered in                                                                             described property as
                                                                                          RECORDS           OF                                                                             99 AND 100, OF THE              LOT 7, BLOCK B,
                               WAY LINE OF SAID            WITH A MOBILE HOME                                              MUST FILE A CLAIM                the           above-styled                                                                         set forth in said Order
                                                                                          OKALOOSA     COUNTY,                                                                             PUBLIC    RECORDS               PARK PLACE V, AC-
Legal 7073                     MOUNT OLIVE ROAD,           YEAR/MAKE:         2006                                         WITHIN 60 DAYS AF-               cause, in the Circuit                                                                              or      Final      Judgment,
                                                                                          FLORIDA.                                                                                         OF       OKALOOSA               CORDING   TO    PLAT
                               PROCEED SOUTH 89            FLEETWOOD      ENTER-                                           TER THE SALE.                    Court      of    Okaloosa                                                                          to-wit:
                                                                                                                                                                                           COUNTY,    FLORIDA.             THEREOF,   AS    RE-
       IN THE CIRCUIT          DEGREES          42’58”     PRISES,         VIN’S#                                                                           County, Florida, I will
                                                                                          ANY PERSON CLAIM-                                                                                A/K/A                           CORDED    IN    PLAT
    COURT OF THE FIRST         EAST, A DISTANCE OF         GAFL634A79625SH21                                               In accordance with the           sell the property situate                                                                          LOT 5, BLOCK 1, PARK
                                                                                          ING AN INTEREST IN                                                                                                               BOOK 14, PAGE 29,
    JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF        966.33 FEET; THENCE         AND                                                             Americans with Disabil-          in Okaloosa County,                                                                                FIRST ADDITION TO
                                                                                          THE SURPLUS FROM                                                                                 121 Gail La Rue                 PUBLIC RECORDS OF
    FLORIDA, IN AND FOR        PROCEED SOUTH 11            GAFL634B79625SH21;                                              ities Act of 1990, per-          Florida, described as:                                                                             EASTWOOD,         AC-
                                                                                          THE SALE, IF ANY,                                                                                Fort Walton Beach, FL           OKALOOSA     COUNTY,
    OKALOOSA COUNTY            DEGREES          06’16”     TITLE’S #’S 98065158                                            sons needing special                                                                                                                CORDING    TO     THE
                                                                                          OTHER      THAN   THE                                                                            32547                           FLORIDA.
        CIVIL DIVISION         WEST, A DISTANCE            AND 98065395                                                    accommodation to par-            Lot 28, Block 7, 7th                                                                               PLAT THEREOF, AS
                               OF     204.48     FEET;                                    PROPERTY        OWNER
                                                                                                                           ticipate in this proceed-        Addition    to    Elliotts     at public sale, to the          ANY PERSON CLAIM-                   RECORDED IN PLAT
                               THENCE        PROCEED       commonly known as              AS OF THE DATE OF
                  Case No.                                                                                                 ing should contact the           Point, according to            highest and best bid-           ING AN INTEREST IN                  BOOK 4, PAGE 36, OF
                               SOUTH 10 DEGREES            4048            WOOLMAC        THE    LIS    PENDENS
         46-2009-CA-005347                                                                                                 Clerk of the Court not           the plat thereof, as re-       der, for cash, South            THE SURPLUS FROM                    THE    PUBLIC    REC-
                               19’35” WEST, A DIS-         DRIVE,        CRESTVIEW,       MUST FILE A CLAIM
                                                                                                                           later than five business         corded in Plat Book 2,         front door of Okaloosa          THE SALE, IF ANY,                   ORDS OF OKALOOSA
                               TANCE     OF     246.77     FL 32539 has been              WITHIN 60 DAYS AF-
MIDFIRST BANK                                                                                                              days prior to the pro-           Page 79, of the Public         County Courthouse An-           OTHER      THAN   THE               COUNTY, FLORIDA.
                               FEET; THENCE PRO-           filed against you and          TER THE SALE.
       Plaintiff,                                                                                                          ceeding        at      the       Records of Okaloosa            nex, 1250 North Eglin           PROPERTY        OWNER
                               CEED SOUTH 63 DE-           you are required to                                             Okaloosa County Court            County, Florida                                                                                    ANY PERSON CLAIM-
                                                                                          In accordance with the                                                                           Parkway, Suite B110,            AS OF THE DATE OF
vs.                            GREES 32’49” EAST, A        serve you a copy of                                             house. Telephone 850-            A/K/A                                                                                              ING AN INTEREST IN
                                                                                          Americans with Disabil-                                                                          Shalimar,   Florida   at        THE    LIS    PENDENS
                               DISTANCE OF 118.26          your written defenses, if                                       651-7200        (Shalimar)                                                                                                          THE SURPLUS FROM
                                                                                          ities Act of 1990, per-                                                                          11:00 o’clock, A.M., on         MUST FILE A CLAIM
HEIRS AND DEVISEES             FEET; THENCE PRO-           any, to it on Ashley L.                                         850-689-5820        (Crest-      357 Gardner Dr. NE                                                                                 THE SALE, IF ANY,
                                                                                          sons needing special                                                                             November 16, 2009               WITHIN 60 DAYS AF-
OF THE ESTATE OF               CEED SOUTH 29 DE-           Simon of Kass, Shuler,                                          view)     or    1-800-955-       Fort Walton Beach, FL                                                                              OTHER      THAN   THE
                                                                                          accommodation to par-                                                                                                            TER THE SALE.
RAYMOND E. BRINK-              GREES 12’29” EAST, A        Solomon,          Spector,                                      8770 via Florida Relay           32548                                                                                              PROPERTY        OWNER
                                                                                          ticipate in this proceed-                                                                        DATED THIS 21 DAY
LEY a/k/a RAYMOND              DISTANCE OF 107.40;         Foyle & Singer, P       .A.,                                    Service.                                                                                                                            AS OF THE DATE OF
                                                                                          ing should contact the                                                                           OF OCTOBER, 2009.               In accordance with the
E. BRINKLEY, JR.,              THENCE        PROCEED       plaintiff’s       attorney,                                                                      at public sale, to the                                                                             THE    LIS    PENDENS
                                                                                          Clerk of the Court not                                                                                                           Americans with Disabil-
DECEASED, ET AL.,              SOUTH 13 DEGREES            whose address is P       .O.                                    DATED     at   Shalimar,         highest and best bid-                                                                              MUST FILE A CLAIM
                                                                                          later than five business                                                                         Any person claiming an          ities Act of 1990, per-
        Defendants.            47’07” WEST, A DIS-         Box 800, Tampa, Flor-                                           Florida, on October 14,          der, for cash, South                                                                               WITHIN 60 DAYS AF-
                                                                                          days prior to the pro-                                                                           interest in the surplus         sons needing special
                               TANCE      OF     60.76     ida        33601,     (813)                                     2009.                            front door of Okaloosa                                                                             TER THE SALE.
                                                                                          ceeding        at      the                                                                       from the sale, if any,          accommodation to par-
      NOTICE OF ACTION         FEET;THENCE       PRO-      229-0900, on or before                                                                           County      Courthouse,
                                                                                          Okaloosa County Court                                                                            other than the property         ticipate in this proceed-
                               CEED SOUTH 49 DE-           November 23, 2009,                                                        DON W HOWARD           101 E. James Lee                                                                                   In accordance with the
                                                                                          house. Telephone 850-                                                                            owner as of the date of         ing should contact the
TO:                            GREES 11’29” WEST, A        and file the original with                                             As Clerk, Circuit Court   Boulevard,    Crestview,                                                                           Americans with Disabil-
                                                                                          651-7200        (Shalimar)                                                                       the lis pendens, must           Clerk of the Court not
HEIRS AND DEVISEES             DISTANCE OF 202.29          the Clerk of this Court                                               CIRCUIT COURT SEAL         Florida    at     11:00                                                                            ities Act of 1990, per-
                                                                                          850-689-5820        (Crest-                                                                      file a claim within 60
OF THE ESTATE OF               FEET; THENCE PRO-           either before service on                                                 By: Beth McDonald
                               CEED SOUTH 82 DE-           Plaintiff’s attorney or        view)     or    1-800-955-
RAYMOND E. BRINK-                                                                                                                       As Deputy Clerk
                               GREES 31’23” WEST, A        immediately thereafter;        8770 via Florida Relay
                               DISTANCE OF 83.87           otherwise, a default will      Service.
E. BRINKLEY, JR.,                                                                                                          Legal 7082
DECEASED                       FEET;THENCE       PRO-      be entered against you                                          Oct. 21, 28, 2009
                               CEED SOUTH 50 DE-           for the relief demanded        DATED     at   Shalimar,
                               GREES 09’35” EAST, A        in the Complaint.              Florida, on October 14,
                               DISTANCE OR 155.45                                         2009.
You are notified that an       FEET; THENCE PRO-           Dated:      October     12,
                               CEED SOUTH 61 DE-           2009.                                    DON W HOWARD
action to foreclose a
                               GREES 16’54” EAST, A                                              As Clerk, Circuit Court
mortgage on the fol-
                               DISTANCE OF 393.12                    CLERK OF THE               CIRCUIT COURT SEAL
lowing   property      in
                               FEET; THENCE PRO-                             COURT                 By: Beth McDonald
Okaloosa County, Flor-
                               CEED SOUTH 00 DE-                  Honorable Don W.                     As Deputy Clerk
                               GREES 27’51” WEST, A                         Howard
                               DISTANCE OF 250.60             101 E. James Lee Blvd       Legal 7081
                               FEET; THENCE PRO-                   Crestview, Florida     Oct. 21, 28, 2009
SOUTHWEST 1/4 OF               CEED NORTH 89 DE-                               32536                                                                                                                               LABORATORY/RESPIRATORY MANAGER
NORTHWEST        1/4,          GREES 36’06” WEST, A           CIRCUIT COURT SEAL                                                                                                                                   Ensures efficient operation of clinical laboratory and respiratory
SECTION 9, TOWN-               DISTANCE OF 889.24                By: Beth McDonald                                                                                                                                 departments by planning, coordinating, and supervising a wide variety
SHIP    3     NORTH,           FEET; THENCE PRO-                       Deputy Clerk                                                                                                                                of activities of associates in these areas. Provides laboratory and
RANGE     22   WEST,           CEED NORTH 00 DE-                                                                                                                                                                   respiratory services to meet the needs of patients. Ensures validity and
OKALOOSA     COUNTY,           GREES 23’00” EAST, A        If you are a person with                                                                                                                                accuracy of test results. Provides for overall patient care management,
FLORIDA. LESS AND              DISTANCE OF 132.00          a disability who needs                                                                                                                                  including quality of care, patient satisfaction, and personnel
EXCEPT:   COMMENCE             FEET;THENCE       PRO-      any accommodation in                                                                                                                                    management. Requires a B.S. in Medical Technology equivalent to meet
AT    A    CONCRETE            CEED SOUTH 89 DE-           order to participate in
                               GREES 36’06” EAST, A        this proceeding, you                                                                                                                                    State of Florida requirements and at least 3 years laboratory experience,
NORTHWEST       COR-           DISTANCE OF 222.00          are entitled, at no cost                                                                                                                                with at least 1 year of supervisory experience. Must be licensed by the
NER OF THE NORTH-              FEET; THENCE PRO-           to you, to the provision                                                                                                                                State of Florida as a Laboratory Supervisor.
WEST 1/4 OF THE                CEED NORTH 00 DE-           of certain assistance.
                               GREES 23’00” EAST, A        Please contact Kass,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   LABORATORY COORDINATOR
SOUTHWEST 1/4 OF                                                                                                                                                                                                   Coordinates a wide variety of activities for the Laboratory including but
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   not limited to: quality management, alternate site testing, education
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and training, and general core lab/blood bank activities. The position
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   requires a B.S. Degree in Medical Technology or equivalent to meet state
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   requirements and a minimum of one (1) year experience in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   laboratory field. Applicants must be licensed in the State of Florida as a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Medical Technologist. Licensure in the State of Florida as a Laboratory
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Supervisor is preferred. Must be computer literate.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   RESPIRATORY THERAPIST RRT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   PRN position. Graduate of a two year American Medical Association
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   approved Respiratory Therapy education program required. Prior
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   clinical experience preferred. Current license in the State of Florida as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Registered Respiratory Therapist required. Registered by the National
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Board of Respiratory Care required. BCLS required. ACLS, PALS, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   NRP required within 6 months of hire.                                2061378

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