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									Art is a reflection of our life and the artist is its creator. Long time ago
there was no camera, and then artists used to play as the lens of the
camera. They captured the different incidents of life in such a way that you
will feel like transformed into that particular time. To respect and protect
the timeless beauties of these aesthetic creations gallery plays a key role.

An art gallery not simply reflect a collection of artistic creation, but at the
same time, it also records moments of a certain time along with the
essence of these creators. There are many reputed art galleries in the
world notable for their wide range of artistic creations of renowned artists.
Artists and art both are made for each other. So while discussing about
the art galleries, we cannot avoid discussion few lines about the noted art
galleries of Lancashire.

Lancashire is one of the noted places for quite a number of art galleries.
Sultan art gallery, Kirkby art gallery, The edge art gallery, town house art
gallery, Talbot art gallery, Liverpool art gallery, Liverpool Academy art
Mathew Street Art gallery, View two galleries are few names of few art
gallery Lancashire. Among these galleries, there are some art galleries
from where you can buy beautiful remarkable collection of arts by various
notable artists like John Thompson, Mattin Laurent Partarrieu
   John Thompson-This celebrated British artist was born in the year 1936. He is one
    of the notable painters to depict the life of the people and nature so well that
    anyone can feel his pictures. He was a head of the Goldsmiths Department of Fine
    Arts in the year 1980.His art speaks for itself. Apart from being an artist he is also
    remarkable as a curator and a sculpture. He has also tried his hands into the world
    of abstract paintings. Red spots, Stripes, Original group, the meeting are few work
    of arts that is inspiring may promising artists to think in a new way.

   Mattin Laurent Partarrieu-This well known French artist was born in the year
    1946, in the south west of French .He is noted for articulating the sceneries of the
    beautiful nature. The unique lifestyle of the local people and landscapes says many
    things without uttering a single word. He was one of the celebrated artists of his
    time who is an honour of BENEZIT. Many of his arts enriched the world of paintings.
    Some of his most popular work of art are, The Maid’s Room, My sister’s 2cv, Florists
    are the most demandable painting by this French art creator.

   Though time will move and our memory and life is a subject to fade but these great
    creations by these artists will lasts forever. With their unique piece of collection
    in fine art gallery will make us to remind them again and again. The paintings of
    these artists will always enlighten the spirit of promising artists in future days.

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