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                           Ventura College of Law, Ventura, CA
                           [By Mahsa Khalilifar]
                           Founded in 1969, accredited by the California State Bar in 1976, and built in 1987, Ventura College of Law is a good choice
                           for students who want to earn their law degrees without giving up other essentials of their lives. The Ventura campus holds
                           135 students who are studying toward fulfilling their law dreams. The sister school to the Ventura campus is the Santa
                           Barbara College of Law, and depending on students’ geographic destinations, they can chose which ones to attend. The
                           school is geared toward helping working adults who have full-time jobs and families obtain their law degrees.

The college only offers night classes              time program,” said Paavola. “We are an           the entire program (all four years), the cost
because it caters to working students. After       opportunity school. Men and women of all          is $3,500. The school sometimes offers
three and a half to four years and taking the      ages and experiences have the opportunity to      weekend classes as well.
right courses, an individual can obtain his        enter the legal profession.”
or her J.D. After taking 84 units of required                                                        ON THE NET
courses and electives, a student at Ventura        According to Paavola, all the instructors at
College of Law is eligible to take the             Ventura College of Law are local attorneys        Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law
California bar exam.                               and judges, and some have been teaching 
                                                   for more than 25 years. During any one
The average student takes nine units for           semester, the sister schools have about 26        Admission Requirements
three required semesters: fall, spring,            faculty members between them, and they  
and summer. Students must take all three           have an additional 0 or so during summer         html
semesters to qualify for the exam. According       sessions.
to Assistant Dean and Admissions Director                                                            City of Ventura
Linda Paavola, the school has had more than        Ventura College of Law strives to be a  
,600 graduates.                                   quality law school that is “convenient and
                                                   affordable.” The school is also an alternative
“Our mission is to provide a high-quality          to pricier private law schools. The average
legal education through an affordable part-        tuition is less than $8,000 per year, and for


Description: Ventura College Of Law Is Accredited By The California State Bar. Its Aim Is To Provide High-Quality Legal Education Through Part Time Programs For Adults Who Are Doing The Full Time Jobs. The School Only Offers Night Law Classes For Adults.
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