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									                  Black Domestic Grit Salt Bin Now Available at

Manchester, United Kingdom (7 January, 2012) –, a leading UK supplier of quality
DIY products, announce the arrival of the new black domestic grit salt bin.

The new 35 litre domestic grit salt bin is now available for order from, and comes
complete with 10kg of white rock salt and scoop. The black grit salt bin offers a variety of fantastic
features, as it is not affected by sunlight and has a high impact resistance in freezing temperatures.

The domestic grit bin also comes accompanied with a lockable lid and two keys, and its strong nylon
hinge ensures it is both durable and dependable. At 504mm long, 400mm wide and with a height of
459mm, the sleek black bin can blend inconspicuously in your outdoor area.

A spokesperson for commented: “We offer an extensive range of high quality domestic
grit bins in a variety of colours to suit our customers’ requirements. Therefore, we are delighted to
introduce the sleek and sophisticated black domestic grit salt bin that’s adaptable to a range of
weather conditions, as well as being available at an incredibly competitive price.”

For more information on and the new black grit salt bin, visit their website at

About is a leading supplier of high quality DIY products for trade and domestic requirements,
and offers exceptional ranges from some of the most respected brands in the industry. Based in
Manchester, the popular provider is committed to providing an unrivalled customer service, which is
why they offer the finest items for competitive prices.

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Hardy Street, Eccles
Manchester, UK
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