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Some Great Firefox Plugins Adding to Functionality of Firefox and Web Development

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					                                                                           Author : Leon Victor

  Some Great Firefox Plugins Adding to Functionality of
             Firefox and Web Development
Mozilla Firefox has witnessed great success, and to add to its functionality, developers have
conceptualized some user oriented add-ons making the browser user-friendly, faster and
For Firefox users, plugins and extensions are of great importance. The Firefox offers a choice
to use the smallest of its features to its users. The growing demand of customization leads to
Firefox plugin development and new Firefox add-ons keep the customer acquisition intact.
Firefox has been offering innovative plugins and frequently has sported several make-overs in
various form of its versions. Due to its adaptability towards the increasing demand and
comprehensive Firefox plugin development, it is used by more than 40% of the Mozilla users.

                    Some Popular Firefox Browser Plugins

There are plethora of Firefox Browser Plugins that offer users great browsing experience. Some
of the most popular and user-friendly plugins include:

Firebug :-
It is a web development tool, ideal for web developers; using which
debugging, monitoring and editing of any website's HTML, CSS,
DOM and Javascript files can be done. It is also packed with other
web development tools. It is free and open source tool for web
security testing and helps in the analysis of web performance.

                         ServerSwitcher :-
                         It is a help tool for web developers to easily switch between different
                         websites, which are under development and live servers to preview
                         the difference instantly. It is one of the ideal tools to keep track of
                         the live productions of developing sites. It wards off the requirement
                         of using separate browser or reboot Firefox to switch between two or
                         more websites.

User Agent Switcher :-
It allows changing your user agent using Firefox. You can set your
user-agent to Googlebot, and view your page as Google mostly sees it.
This can unearth possible cloaking issues, if any. It is a great tool to
confirm that your website is up in Google. You can also view your page
using different browsers.

This tool is instrumental in generating seamless communication between web services and
several web resources enabling you to make HTTP requests. Using this plugin you can
streamline the content type, enter test data and can monitor and view results simultaneously.

Some Great Firefox Plugins Adding to Functionality of Firefox and Web Development
                                                                           Author : Leon Victor

Web Developer Toolbar
This tool bar allows you to delete, clear or disable the cookies. It saves your time and offers
you the choice to temporarily disable them, instead of deleting them permanently. It is often
useful too, as it allows you to skip re-entering various logins and passwords you might have
stored earlier. You can also disable features on a web page. Some other features available in
this toolbar include forms, images, information, CSS, Outline, view source, options etc. It is a
power-packed suite of tools for easing and accelerating the web development process.
All these Firefox plugins offer you a richer, faster and exceptional browsing experience. In
addition, there are plenty of other Firefox plugins available, you just need to browse through
and install those suiting your requirements.
Be it Firefox plugins, all are developed and conceptualized with an objective to provide with an
enhanced browsing experience to the users. If you want to develop your own custom plugin,
hire custom toolbar development company and get the most suitable one for your own use.

Some Great Firefox Plugins Adding to Functionality of Firefox and Web Development

Description: Firefox plugin development is gaining momentum in the global landscape of various browsing environments to improve browsing experience of the users and developers to create websites quickly and easily. In this piece of write up, some popular Firefox plugins have been discussed, which are widely used by users and web developers.