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									“Craigslist ad responder tool automatically responds to ads in job, dating, for sale, real
estate and other categories on craigslist by email”

Craigslist Emails Extractor
Craigslist Email Extractor is web based email extractor tool tool that extracts the email
addresses of the ad posters on Craigslist. People use this as lead generation software
which provides highly targeted traffic to their website. Unlike other Craigslist email extractor
software that blacklist your server or IP address and causes your computer to run slow,
Craigslist Responder collects email addresses effortlessly through the web. Our state of the
art crawling technology was developed in-house over 8 months that is super accurate in
extracting emails without getting banned.

Craigstlist Email extractor tool reduces the time and efforts that you put into search
Craigslist postings manually that match your criteria. It is a simple and cost-effective way to
search classified postings and responding them automatically.

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