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									Hiring the Best Atlanta GA Child Custody Lawyer
anta/child-custody-attorneys/ If
you look for the best Atlanta GA
child custody lawyer, you must
pick one that knows the law like
the palm of his hand. Meaning
he should have a long experience
in handling custody cases, or at
least he must be working for a
law firm that has an impressive
track record on child custody.
You only want the best for you and your child and the most out of
the money you will spend on the legal tussle ahead. You can’t take
your chances with inexperienced lawyers.

But you cannot leave everything to your lawyer. You must also do
your part by researching about the child custody laws operating in
your state. Child custody laws vary from state to state, and
knowledge about the smallest legal detail will mean a big
difference in court. Knowledge of the law will also allow you to
discuss your case with your Atlanta GA child custody lawyer in a
more in-depth way.

Child custody is about giving the guardianship over the child to
whomever the court sees fit to do the job. Partners who are
breaking up or divorcing will bring the matter to the court for
resolution. A good Atlanta GA child custody lawyer must be able to
convince the court that his client is the one who can look after the
child’s needs better.
Child custody can be physical custody or legal custody. In physical
custody, the child physically stays with the parent. In legal custody,
the parent enjoys the right to decide for the child even if the child
is not physically living with the parent.

Child custody is not issue if both parents are still together. The
child stays with them and they share the same custodial rights
over the child, both physical and legal. They decide how to bring
up the child and make decisions together for the child’s welfare.
The problem starts when the parents decide to stop living together.

Who will have the custody over the child? This involves a legal
battle over child custody. This is where an experienced Atlanta GA
child custody lawyer is a big help.

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