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					   “Solutions For A Cleaner World”


Innovative Solutions For The
In-House Mold Remediation,
    Decontamination &
     IAQ Professional
 Innovative Solutions For The In-House Mold Remediation,
           Decontamination & IAQ Professional
While mold, fungi, yeast and bacteria are crucial for many environmental functions, these
microbes can create havoc and damage to building surfaces and potentially create fatal health
problems. Simple signs of mold presence may include rotting lumber, moldy bathroom tiles,
shower curtains and offensive odors with some health reactions like sore throats, aggravated
allergies or respiratory problems. However, Theochem’s MOLDSTAT System delivers a cost
effective 3-Step Process to eliminate & protect any surface from mold, mildew & a broad spectrum
of bacteria’s. Plus, when used with the Pullman-Holt MAGNETspray, you can save additional
time and money on all your remediation projects.

                                                                  “Solutions For A Cleaner World”
Innovative Solutions For The In-House Mold Remediation,
          Decontamination & IAQ Professional
                  Moldstat™Peroxy Kling: Is A Concentrated Multi-Surface
                  Cleaner / Degreaser Specifically Formulated For The Mold
                  Remediation, Decontamination, Housekeeping & Facility
                  Maintenance Industry. With The Strength Of Our Highly
                  Fortified, Patent Pending Hydrogen Peroxide Formulation And
                  Color Safe Bleaching Action, This Product Oxidizes Any Soils,
                  Stains & Bacteria While Eliminating All Associated Odors And
                  Leaving A Fresh, Pleasant Fragrance. Peroxy ClingAlso Meets Or
                  Exceeds Green Seal & DFE Compliance Standards And Contains
                  A Unique Clinging Property Which Allows Active Ingredients To
                  Adhere To Treated Areas Resulting In Longer Saturation Periods
                  And Increased Effectiveness.

                  Moldstat™PLUS: Is a Concentrated, EPA Registered
                  Fungicide, Mildewstat, Disinfectant & Sanitizer Which Effectively
                  Eliminates A Broad Spectrum Of Bacteria Including Mold &
                  Mildew.It Is Specifically Formulated For The Mold Remediation
                  & Restoration Professional And Can Be Used On Both Porous
                  & Non-Porous Surfaces Including Finished & Unfinished Wood,
                  Drywall, Paneling, Concrete, Brick, Stucco, Plastic, Metals And
                  Carpets. It Is Also Highly Effective For Water Damage, Sewer
                  Backup & Flooding Mitigation Plus Extremely Cost Effective
                  As Our 32oz Product Yields Over 42-Gallons Of Usable Product.
                  See Chart:

                  Moldstat™Mold Resistant Coating & Encapsulator: This
                  IsAn Extremely Durable Coating Containing EPA Registered
                  Broad Spectrum Fungicides And Developed To Withstand Moist,
                  Humid Conditions That Provide The Ideal Environment For
                  Fungal Growth. Easy To Apply And Highly Recommended For
                  Any Non-Porous Surface Including Concrete, Bricks, Plaster,
                  Metal, Wood, Sheetrock Plus Numerous Other Locations. This
                  Ready-To-Use Product Is UV Resistant, VOC Compliant,
                  Contains No Zinc, Dries Fast And Is Available In Either A Clear
                  Coat Or Violet Tracer Dye Formulation. It Is Packaged In A One
                  Gallon Bottle, 5-Gal. Pail Or A Convenient Aerosol For Hard To
                  Reach Areas And Spot Treatments.
Innovative Solutions For The In-House Mold Remediation,
          Decontamination & IAQ Professional
                                      To ensure the total elimination of mold and
                                      protect your building from its return, apply
                                      Moldstat™ with
                                     MAGNETspray is an air-assisted, spray system that applies chemicals up to
                                     70 times more efficiently than conventional sprayers. A revolutionary patented
                                     nozzle design uses compressed air and advanced solid-state circuitry to produce
                                     a 12-foot plume consisting of very small, like size, electrically charged droplets.
                  100% Coverage      This perfect cloud of evenly spaced droplets is attracted to targeted areas like
                  70% Less Chemicals a magnet, wrapping around the tops, sides and bottoms of surfaces to provide
                  70% Less Labor     a superior, uniform coating. This remarkable phenomenon is called electrostatic
                                     “wraparound”. It has been used for years in the automotive industry as a superior
                                     method for painting cars, commonly referred to as electrostatic powder coating. It
                                     is this electrical force, 40 times greater than gravity, that pulls the spray towards
                                     the surface, evenly delivering the chemical to every corner, crevice and hidden
                                     areas usually unreachable with conventional sprayers.

                   Additional Moldstat Products

     Moldstat™HVAC Is A Highly Concentrated                            Moldstat™Liqua-Zyme A Stable Liquid
     Product Containing EPA Reg. Broad                                 Suspension Of Cultured Bacteria That
     Spectrum Fungicides. Excellent For                                Digests Solid And Organic Wastes While
     Removing Odors In Air Ducts, Crawl                                Destroying Offensive Malodors And Stains
     Spaces, Attics, Basements, Vacant Buildings                       At Their Source.
     And Numerous Other Locations.

     Moldstat™Aireze Fogger Contains EPA                               Moldstat™Mildew Stain Remover A
     Registered, Broad Spectrum Fungicides,                            Ready-To-Use, Chlorine Based Formulation
     That Neutralizes All Airborne Odors                               Designed For Instant Removal Of Mildew.
     Associated Microbes & Bacteria While                              Regular & No-Drip Formulations Makes It
     Inhibiting The Future Growth Of Mold &                            Perfect For Small Or Isolated Areas.

                 Available Only Through Authorized MOLDSTAT™ Distributors
                                                                           Cedar Park, TX 78630
                                                                           Ph: 800-858-1379

                                 “Solutions For A Cleaner World”

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