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									Attorneys can make a Relationship Easier

Relationships, especially romantic relationships such as marriages
and domestic partnerships are very complex. Not surprisingly
many people dislike the idea of bringing an attorney into his or her
relationship because they fear the lawyer will only complicate

The truth is that a good domestic partnership attorney can make
your life and your relationship much easier. The lawyer can do this
by drawing up legally binding agreements that outline your rights
and obligations and protect them. For example the attorney can
help you with medical power of attorney and child custody
agreements that can establish legal rights.

Many people don’t realize it but a domestic partner may have no
legal right or ability to make medical decisions for a partner. There
is a legal agreement called a medical power of attorney or a living
will that can give you this power. When this document is presented
no doctor can prevent you from making medical decisions for an
incapacitated partner.

Other agreements can establish your right to take control of your
partner’s property, investments, business and bank accounts if he
or she dies or becomes incapacitated. Without such protection
your partner’s relatives could try to exclude from such assets
including assets you may have earned. You might have to end up
fighting an expensive court battle in order to establish your legal
right to shared possessions.

What Attorneys can do for LGBT couples
A good family lawyer in Atlanta can help you draw up a legally
binding domestic partnership agreement that can protect your
rights and your money. It’s like a prenuptial agreement. Such an
attorney can do the same for a straight couple that is living
together but does not want to marry.

The LGBT attorney can help any couple establish a legal
contract that will be recognized by the courts regardless of their
marital status or sexual orientation. The contract will establish
their legal rights and protect their property and assets. Something
to remember is that prejudices often get worse when money and
property is involved.

Relatives have a very bad habit of appearing out of
the woodwork and demanding their “rights” when a person who
has money dies or becomes incapacitated. A few well written legal
documents can take care of such pests and an expert family
law attorney in Atlanta can create them for you.

Without such legal protection you may have to spend tens of
thousands of dollars to hire an attorney to go to court and protect
your rights. You could have saved yourself that money by
establishing legally binding agreements to protect your rights with
an attorney’s help.

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