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 Employment and Labor Minister holds meeting with ambassadors of
 countries sending workers to Korea under Employment Permit System
On June 26th (Tue.) Lee Chae-      for 4,000~5,000 workplaces                                                                                    were also request-
pil, the Minister of Employ-       employing foreign workers.                                                                                    ed to manage their
ment and Labor, held a meet-       With a view to supporting for-                                                                                workers well to pre-
ing with the ambassadors of        eign workers’ stay in Korea,                                                                                  vent foreign work-
the 15 countries*, including       MOEL runs a call center where                                                                                 ers from being de-
Thailand, the Philippines and      foreign workers can receive                                                                                   ceived by brokers
Indonesia, which send work-        counseling services in their                                                                                  and suffering the
ers to Korea under the Em-         own languages, and 34 sup-                                                                                    consequences in the
ployment    Permit    System.      port centers for foreign work-                                                                                process of chang-
                                   ers nationwide, which provide                                                                                 ing     workplaces.
  * Thailand, Philippines, Indone- Korean language education as
sia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, well as grievance counseling.                                                                        Third, MOEL has re-
Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Cambodia,
China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyr-                                                                                                          cently     developed
gyzstan, Myanmar and East Timor             In addition, for foreign work-                                                              a standard Kore-
                                            ers who go back to their                               Honorable Ambassador Luis Cruz       an     language text
The meeting was arranged in                 home countries after the end                                                                    book     and dis-
order to promote friendly re-               of their employment period,                                                       tributed its copies to sending
                                                                                             strongly called for the send-
lations between Korea and                   MOEL implements a program                                                         countries. So MOEL asked each
                                                                                             ing countries' active efforts to
the 15 sending countries, to                to support their return to their                                                  sending country to produce
                                                                                             reduce illegal foreign workers.
share   mutual    understand-               countries and a system allow-                                                     explanatory and supplemen-
ing of challenges ahead, and                ing them to re-enter Korea.                                                       tary materials in its own lan-
                                                                                             In relation to this, MOEL
to find ways of cooperation.                    * Returnee support program                                                    guage and thus to make better
                                                                                             made clear that for coun-
                                            : informing prospective return-                                                   use of the standard textbook.
                                            ees of their departure deadlines                 tries with a large share of il-
At the meeting, the Ministry of
                                            (sending SMS text messages                       legal foreigners, it could not
Employment and Labor (MOEL)                                                                                                             Lee Chae-pil, the Minister
                                            three times); holding an informa-                help cutting the number of
said, "When the Employment                  tion session for returnees; pro-                                                            of Employment and Labor,
                                                                                             newly arrived foreign workers.
Permit System was introduced                viding skills and business start-up                                                         stressed, "Close cooperation
in 2004, there were many dif-               training to help them settle down                                                           between the Korean govern-
                                            in their countries; helping them to              Second, MOEL requested re-
ficulties in terms of system                                                                                                            ment and the governments of
                                            find work in Korean firms in their               straint to avoid too frequent
designing, infrastructure build-            countries; and running a com-                                                               the sending countries is essen-
                                                                                             workplace changes, saying
ing and so on. However, it has              munity group among returnees.                                                               tial for the successful opera-
                                                                                             that workplace changes make
developed into a system that                                                                                                            tion of the Employment Permit
                                               ** Re-entry system : Foreign                  it difficult for workers to accu-
was recognized by the ILO as                                                                                                            System." He also said, "We
                                            workers who worked in the ag-                    mulate their skills and intensify
Asia's pioneering migration                                                                                                             strongly call on the sending
                                            riculture, livestock and fisheries               labor shortages in businesses.
management system and se-                   industries and small manufac-                                                               countries to take active meas-
                                                                                             In particular, MOEL asked the
lected as the first place win-              turing firms without changing                                                               ures to prevent foreign work-
                                                                                             sending countries to ensure
ner of the UN Public Service                workplaces and then returned to                                                             ers from remaining illegally in
                                            their countries can re-enter Ko-                 that workers should not move
Award," and expressed its                                                                                                               Korea after the end of their
                                            rea after a lapse of three months.               to another workplace just a
thanks to the sending coun-                                                                                                             employment period this year."
                                            Other foreign workers can re-                    few days after their arrival in
tries for their cooperation.                enter Korea after a lapse of six                                                                    source:
                                                                                             Korea or
                                            months if they have passed a
                                                                                             due      to
After the introduction of the               special Korean language test.
                                                                                             any fric-
Employment Permit System,
                                            Meanwhile, MOEL laid out                         tion with                                   PAALALA
the sending process became
                                            the challenges it should ad-                     t h e i r
transparent. As a result, the                                                                                           MAPAGPALANG ARAW, SA LAHAT PO NG TAGASU-
                                            dress together with the send-                    employ-
cost a foreign worker pays to                                                                                             BAYBAY AT TUMATANGKILIK SA SULYAPINOY
                                            ing countries, and asked                         e r s ,                  PUBLICATION,NAIS PO NAMING IPABATID SA INYO NA
get employment in Korea went
                                            for their active cooperation.                    such as                     MAY PAGBABAGO SA ATING WEBSITE. MAYROON
down by one-fourth to $927
                                                                                             inten-                       NA PO TAYONG BAGONG WEBSITE AT ITO AY
from the $3,509 recorded under                                                                                                     WWW.SULYAPINOY.INFO
                                            First, some foreign workers                      tional
the Industrial Trainee System.                                                                                         ANG LUMANG WEBSITE NA WWW.SULYAPINOY.ORG
                                            whose employment period has                      s l o w -                 AY HINDI NA PO MAGAGAMIT NGAYON PANSAMAN-
                                            ended are staying illegally in                   down.                                         TALA.
MOEL ensures that Korean and
                                            Korea. And the number of for-                    T h e                        KAMI PO AY HUMIHINGI NG PAUMANHIN SA
foreign workers are protected                                                                                          ABALA KUNG HINDI PO KAYO MAKAPAG ACCESS SA
                                            eign workers who should go                       sending
by labor laws without any dis-                                                                                          LUMANG WEBSITE. HANGAD NAMIN ANG INYONG
                                            back to their countries is ex-                   coun-
crimination, and prevents vio-                                                                                                         PANG-UNAWA
                                            pected to reach 67,000 this                      t r i e s
lations of such laws through
                                            year. Considering this, MOEL                     w e r e
annual guidance and inspection
Volume 2                  Issue 26                 June 2012                                                    NOT FOR SALE
                           ILLEGAL IN DETENTION
Increasing number of undoc-       tention treat same as like
umented foreign workers,          criminals. They had never
problems and issues about         given a chance to pack their
employment system and de-         things and even some of
portation of illegal workers      them though they were sick
are getting crucial particular-   and badly needed to see a
ly when the workers depart-       doctor hadn’t given a chance
ed from the country without       to hear their complaint.
receiving wages from the
employers. Most likely, when      Dennis Maximo, between 30
these illegal foreign work-       t0 40 year old worker from
ers caught by the immigra-        Philippine, over stayed in
tion officials and brought        Korea caught by the immi-
to the detention room and         gration officials in Gwangju
then being departed from          Kyeonggido while working.
the country are suffered          He called me when he was
from the un-justice treat-        sent to the detention center
ment of immigration officials     in Suwon and asked help
(officers and employers).         about     his   hospitalization     The interior view of an Immigration Detention Center in South
                                  and medication. According                                       Korea.
“Illegal Workers”, who suf-       to him he was supposed to
fered a lot, work with the        see the doctor the next day       of situation and treated             detainees experienced such
3D’s type of job, balk to visit   before he was caught for          like this. One of them also          as human rights abuses.
hospital when sick due to the     his kidney check up. He was       shared his experience to me.         The method of crackdown
high cost of medical care.        brought to Suwon deten-           He was caught by the im-             now a days is likely “collect-
Most of them work at night        tion area and stayed there        migration and was lock up 5          ing garbage everywhere and
time and suffer from sleeping     for over a week. He said he       days in the detention room           drag to one place”. This is
disorder. No insurances and       had his medicine prescribed       without being told him why it        how the illegal workers treat
benefits from the company.        by his doctor but taken only      took so long for him to stay         by the Immigration officials.
                                  for 2 days. After he finished     since he has money for his           This is how they looked and
In 2010 the number of illegal     taking his medicine he can’t      plane ticket and passport.           considered illegal workers,
workers raised to 168,515         deny the pain his suffering                                            like criminals who do not have
down to 166,518 in 2011.          since last few months ago.        Immigration officials some-          the right to ask, to complain
And this year 2012 crack-         He actually asked the of-         times they are over in us-           and to voice out what they
downs on illegal foreign          ficials inside the detention      ing their rights for undocu-         feel. Where is the “human
workers or they called “Al-       for help to bring him to the      mented or illegal workers.           rights” of every one? ALIEN,
iens” has intensified. Aliens     hospital because he cannot        Some of the officials used           UNDOCUMENTED OR ILLE-
had fear to the people of         take the pain anymore. Bad-       restraining devices such as          GAL…whatever they were
immigration and to their de-      ly to say that….these officials   handcuffs and some de-               called they are still human
tention. Workers who were         didn’t listen to him. Not only    tainees are injured due to           who should treat as human.
caught and brought to de          Dennis who has this kind          this practice. Most of the

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2                                                                                                    June 2012
                         ASSOCIATION (F.E.W.A)
                                                          By: Liezel D. Manalo

The Filipino EPS Worker’s Association (FEWA) was found-                Also part of the assembly was the selection of nominees for
ed in the latter half of the year 2005, a people and God-cen-          the July election of new president and board members. It
tered association. FEWA’s advocacy is for the general good             is usually done every year that the FEWA Association must
and well-being of all Filipino migrant workers in South Ko-            select a new president who will continue the group’s activi-
rea through the spirit of volunteerism and generosity.                 ties and projects. It was decided by the leaders, board, staff
                                                                       and members to do the election on July 15 2012 at the 2nd
 The 6th Filipino EPS Worker’s Association’s General Assembly          floor of Woori Bank Building Hyewadong, Seoul from 11:00AM-
was held last June 17, 2012 at St. Benedict Chapel, Hyehwa-            3:00PM.
dong Seoul Korea. The said assembly program was led by the             Nominees for 2012-2013 are the following;
SULYAPINOY chairman Mr. Noel Joseph Alvarez and FEWA presi-
dent Mr. Benjie Del Mundo who gave the welcome address and
gave thanks to the members who participated in the assembly.           For President:

Vice president of FEWA, Mr. Mario Jessie Bernales offered an opening   Herwin Padillo
prayer. Part of the assembly was the presentation of FEWA’s finan-     Mario Jessie Bernales
cial report, presented by Mr. Renante Codilla. Also SULYAPINOY’s
financial report was presented by FEWA board Mr. Theo Camo.            Board Members:
                                                                       Mary Ann Velasco         Katherine Luna
The following accomplishment report was mentioned by                   Delfina Suliano          Bernie Cardona
Mr. Herwin Padillo (FEWA board member), like the follow-               Joey Rocamora            Medel Collado Jr.
ing: FEWA summer outing, sport festival, FEWA-SULYAP-                  Virginia Aranda          Rela Turalba
INOY Christmas party, CDO relief project, La Comedia Con-              Renante Codilla          Jimmy Albert Godoy
cert and other activities that the organization participated.
Lastly, they give an updates on FEWA’s BALIKTANAW Project
(10 won project), FEWA’s membership registration, SULYAP-              All FEWA members are required to vote!!!
INOY’s website forum, FEWA’s activities and upcoming projects.

Pleased be informed that all OWWA Units in the                         •Certificate of Good Moral Character by the school principal
Philippines is now accepting applications for the                      or guidance counselor
Education for Development Scholarship Program
(EDSP) School Year 2013-2014.                                          • Certification that applicant belongs to the upper 20% of
                                                                       the total graduating students issued by the school principal
Eligible to apply are:                                                 • Statement of applicant that he/she has not earned units
                                                                       in any post secondary/undergraduate course
•    incoming 4th year high school students who are de-
pendents of OFWs with active OWWA membership                           • Sworn statement signed by parents or legal guardians
                                                                       attesting that he/she has no pending application for resi-
• not over 21 years old, Filipino citizen, belonging to the top        dent immigrant status from any country and does not have
20% of the high school graduation class, in good health, and           dual citizenship
with no earned units in post-secondary/undergraduate course
                                                                       •   Certificate of No Marriage from NSO for unmarried OFW
Interested applicants must bring the following documen-
tary requirements to the OWWA office for processing.                   The qualifying exam or the Merit Scholarship Examina-
                                                                       tion is conducted annually by the Department of Sci-
• Two (2) sets of accomplished Application Form (down-                 ence    and   Technology-Science Education   Institute.
loadable from                                         Date of exam and testing centers will be announced
                                                                       later through and this website.
•    Two (2) copies of 2x2 ID pictures
                                                                       The EDSP is a competitive, educational assistance program
• Proof of relationship to OWWA member (birth certificate              that entitles the qualified OFW dependents to take any four- or
of applicant or birth certificate of both the single OFW and           five-year baccalaureate course in any Metro Manila college or
the applicant-dependent duly certified by the Local Civil Reg-         university at a maximum amount of P60,000 per school year.
istrar or NSO)                                                         For information and proper dessimination to all your members.

• Proof of OWWA Membership (Official Receipt of OWWA                   Thank you.
Contribution/Certification from OWWA Membership Registry
Division)                                                              OWWA Seoul

•    Form 137/High School Report Card

3                                                                                        June2012
(Reflection)                                                                        KONTRATA
Kahapon lang....                                                                     By Ehd Villarta
By: Mario Jesie Bernales
                                                                        Bitbit ko mga pangarap sa loob ng aking maleta
Madilim dilim nung madaling araw na yun at medyo basa pa ang            Susuyurin ko ang daan na puno ng pag asa
mga dahon nang kugon dahil sa hamog nang nagdaang gabi,
                                                                        Panalangin sa Diyos sa puso ko'y dala dala
maputik din ang daan sa tabi ng pilapil ngunit sa kalagayang yun
alam ng tatay ko na hindi ko pa kakayanin ang maglakad sa ma-           Lakasan lang ang loob lahat ay aking makakaya
putik at medyo mayabong na kugon na mas mataas kesa sa akin,
kaya pinili nyang isilid ako sa isang malaking tiklis na sadyang        Lahat ng sakripisyo ay sa pamilya ko iaalay
pinaglalagyan ng mga niyog o anumang mga pagkaing nakukuha              Maabot mga pangarap at mithiin sa buhay
sa pinagsasakahan naming lupa sa aming probinsya. Alam kong             Mga pangangailangan nila ay nais kong ibigay
mahirap ang ginagawa ni tatay, sa edad na anim napu’t taon na-
gagawa parin nyang magbuhat ng tiklis na may mga laman pang
                                                                        Kahit katumbas nang ilang taong pagkakawalay
mga gamit sa kusina, mga gulay at prutas na nakalap sa bukid.
Medyo malayo ang pinag dadaungan ng aming bangka papunta                Mahirap maging manggagawa sa ibang bansa
sa sinasakahan naming panananim na palay humigit kumulang               Magkaiba ang aming kultura at pananalita
kalahating kilometro kaya’t pagdating namin sa kubo na nasa             Magtiis na lamang yan ang tanging magagawa
ilalim ng punong dapdap ramdam ko ang pagod ni tatay sa pag-            Alang alang sa dolyar na mataas ang halaga
buhat sa akin. Sa halip na ipahinga ang sarili iniahon nya ako sa
tiklis niyakap at pinagpag ang aking damit, kinanlong sa mga
bisig nya. Pag magsisimula na silang magtrabaho ni nanay sa             Sa bawat araw at gabi na dumadaan
aming palayan, ilalagay nya ako sa mataas na bahagi nang kubo           Pangungulila sa puso ko ay di maiiwasan
at hahabilinang huwag akong aalis sa lugar na iyun, at iaabot sa        Hinahanap kong paligid sa aking sariling bayan
akin ang gawa nyang laruan na kung tawagin namin ay matraka             Mga mahal sa buhay na nais kong masilayan
( gawa iyun sa kawayan na pinagtimpihang ukitin nasinutan pa
nang isa na may tikwas na isang bahagi nang kawayan na pa-
rang dila na nakakabit sa inukit na bahagi sa katawan na maliit         Mga ilang taon na rin ang lumipas
na kawayan at kung paiikutin ito ng isang kamay nakakagawa              Paghihirap ko sa korea ay magwawakas
ito ng ingay na sya namang kinagigiliwan ko) iaabot nya din sa          Sa aking bayang Pilipinas ako ay uuwi na
akin ang isang pisi na nakakabit sa kabuuan ng palayan at bawat         Dala ang pangako para sa aking pamilya
nakatusok na patpat ay may mga latang laman ay bato na kapag
hinila ay mag iingay na sya namang tataboy sa mga maya na
kumakain ng aming palay na malapit nang mahinog. Bawat san-
                                                                        Lulan ng eroplano pamilya ko'y nag aabang
dali ay pilit na inabot ni tatay ang tanaw sa akin. Walang araw         Dala dala'y maleta tsokolate ang laman
na lumipas kapag kasama nila ako sa aming sakahan na hindi              Hindi ko makakalimutan ang bansang korea
nya ako pinag ukulan nang pag aalala kahit sa maliit na bagay....       Salamat sa alaala at sa anim na taong kontrata
kahapon lang.....

Di pamilyar sa amin ang takbo at kalakaran ng siyudad maging si      daliri. Di na rin kayang tustusan pa ang mga pangangailangan ni
tatay lahat ay estranghero sa amin, mga taong nakakasalamuha,        tatay para sa kanyang pangangatawan, tanggal na ang ngipin sa
pananalita at uri ng pamumuhay. Pero bilang isag tagapagtaguy-       harapan at lumalabong na na ang buhok na sanay mapagupitan
od ng pamilya pinilit ni tatay na umayon sa takbo ng pamumu-         ngunit walang pambayad sa barbero. Tanging awa at pakuku-
hay sa siyudad. (Napilitan kaming lumikas ng maynila mula sa         muyos ng damdamin ang aking nadama, kinikimkim sa sarili na
probinsya namin sa Samar dahil laganap noon ang militarisasyun       balang araw… tay makakabawi din ako sa inyo. Kahit ano pang
kayat kahit labag man sa aming kalooban ipinagbili namin ang         sabihin nang mga tao sa kanya kahit hindi naging makinis ang
ari-arian na sanay paghahati hatian naming magkakapatid, pero        balat at di na kumpleto ang ngipin ng haligi ng tahanan namin.
dala ng pagkakataon at baka pwersahan pang makuha ng mga             ang importante ay ang katatagang ipinamamalas nya sa amin...
militante, ibinenta na lamang ito ng mapakibanangan pa nam-
ing.) Walang pinag aralan si tatay. ramdam ko ang hirap na pin-      kailan lang...
agdadaan nya sa bago nyang trabaho, napasok sya bilang isang
karpintero. Magaling si tatay at maabilidad sa paggawa lalo na       humarap ako sa altar hawak ko ang kamay ng babaeng iniharap
kapag may kinalaman sa pagpapanday o kaya paggawa ng ba-             ko sa dambana at pinangakuan nang habang buhay at wagas
hay, pagkumpuni nang kung anu-ano. Ang naging hadlang nga            na pagmamahal, lumipas ang ilang taon, nasa akin na ang titulo
lamang ay ang pag gamit ng metrong panukat dahil dun sya na-         nang aking ama..”tatay na ako”, nun ko naramdaman ang dam-
titigatig. Minsan umuuwi nang bahay galing trabaho bagsak ang        daming alam kong naging damdamin din ni tatay. Ang dami kong
balikat. Nag uusap sila ng nanay ko na tila tahimik at nakikita ko   kailangang isakripisyo, mga bagay na pilit kong gagawin hindi bi-
ang lalim na iniisip nang tatay ko. Ganun pa man alam kong gaga-     lang isang obligasyon sa pamilya kundi kasiyahang idudulot nito
win nya ang lahat, haharapin ang anumng pangdudusta ng mga           sa akin. Makita ko lang nakangiti at masaya an aking anak sa
taong nasa paligid nya mapunan lamang ang pangangailanagan           isang bagay na pinagkaloob ko sa kanya wala akong mapagsidlian
namin. Sa mga nasaksihan kung iyun ang nag udyok sa akin             nang aking tuwa. Ang isang katangiang namumuntawi sa akin
upang magsumikap sa pag aaral. Lihim kong ginagawang inspi-          ay alam kong ramdam din ito nang gaya kong tagapagtaguyod
rasyon ang karanasan nang tatay ko para sa amin, nung makuha         ng pmilya, at kahit sa kalagayang malayo ako sa aking mga anak
ko na ang diploma sa high school nakita ko ang di maitagong          at aking asawa itoy isang sakripisyong hindi kailanman matata-
tuwa ni tatay. Alam kong sa mga sandaling yun isang malaking         waran, sakripisyong alam kong matatatak sa isip ng aking mga
kasiyahan sa kanya na makita akong nakatapos sa isang yugto          anak. kahit malayo man sila sa pagkakataong ito di pa rin mag-
ng pag aaral, di ko rin mapigilang umiiyak, alam kong malaki         babago ang aking pag ganap bilang isang ama para sa kanila.
pang hamon ang haharapin nya pag tungtong ko sa kolehiyo.
Matanda na si tatay, pinatanda na nang panahon para igugul sa        Isang pagpupugay po sa lahat ng ulirang ama, mabuhay po tayon lahat
amin, medyo malabo na rin ang mata minsan hindi na sa pako           na tagapagtaguyod nang ating pamilya at nag aangat ng industriya
natutuun ang bagsak ng martilyo kundi minsan sa kanyang mga          ng ating bansa, naway pagpalain pa po tayo ng Poong Maykapal!

4                                                                                           June 2012
 By:Rodante A. Roldan, MD
 Otorhinolaryngologist - Head and Neck Surgeon
 Diplomate, Philippine Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Have you ever heard a ring-        examinations and even imag-                                        more than that you need to
                                                                      manufacturing plants, the
ing sound in your ear, but        ing tests such as an MRI with                                       wear hearing protective de-
                                                                      engine room in a ship, etc.
there was no phone in the         and without gadolinium con-                                         vices, such as earplugs or
vicinity?   Or a cricket-like     trast, and a high resolution                                        earmuffs.     Also, schedul-
                                                                      NIHL can be sudden or grad-
sound, even when you’re in-       CT scan of the temporal bone.                                       ing of shifts that give your
                                                                      ual.    Examples of sudden
side your home or office or                                                                           ear ample time to recover
                                                                      causes of NIHL are high-
a feeling of air rushing into     Tinnitus is a symptom of a                                          from noise exposure should
                                                                      intensity explosive sounds
your ear, making a whoosh-        condition, it is not a disease                                      be instituted, meaning you
                                                                      such as gunshots, firecrack-
ing sound? Hearing a sound        itself.    Hence, treatment                                         should    remove     yourself
                                                                      ers, or even being too close
no one can hear may cause         is aimed at the underlying                                          from noisy environments af-
                                                                      to a car when the driver
some people to joke about         cause of disease, so rooting                                        ter a certain period of time.
                                                                      honks the horn. These sit-
your sanity, but barring a        out the cause is very impor-        uations result in acoustic
psychiatric illness, you may      tant. There are many possi-                                         On a practical note, if you
                                                                      trauma where your ear may
be suffering from tinnitus.       ble causes, starting from the                                       work in an environment
                                                                      find a hard time to recover.
                                  unknown (negative results in                                        where your hearing is at risk,
Tinnitus is the perception of     all the tests), to the known                                        it is very important to do an-
                                                                      Gradual causes of NIHL are
a ringing, buzzing, or hissing    causes, the most common                                             nual hearing tests, and keep
                                                                      noisy environments where
sound in the ear. It can be       of which is Noise-Induced                                           a personal file of these, to
                                                                      the sound is of moderate in-
objective or subjective, de-      Hearing Loss (NIHL). Other                                          monitor your hearing levels.
                                                                      tensity, but where the worker
pending on whether another        possible causes are: im-                                            These might be useful for
                                                                      is exposed for a prolonged
person can hear it. Objec-        pacted     cerumen      (tutuli),                                   legal reasons, and for pos-
                                                                      period of time. Depending
tive tinnitus is very rare, and   ear infection (luga), hearing                                       sibly lobbying for a hearing
                                                                      on the noise level, the time
may be due to spasm of the        loss(pagkabingi),     idiopath-                                     conservation program to be
                                                                      limit of exposure may vary.
muscles in your ear (tensor       ic endolymphatic hydrops                                            implemented in your work-
                                                                      For example, using a lawn-
tympani myoclonus) and/or         or Meniere's disease, myo-                                          place if it is not yet done.
                                                                      mower (sound level of about
palate (palatal myoclonus),       clonus, certain medications,        85-90 decibel) for more than
resulting in a clicking sound     brain and/or nerve disease,                                         Lastly, it is important to re-
                                                                      8 hours may cause hearing
which is heard both by the        or rare tumors like glomus                                          alize that even your own be-
                                                                      loss. While driving a motor-
sufferer, and an ENT special-     jugulare, or, even more rare,                                       havior can be damaging your
                                                                      cycle (~95 dB) may cause
ist with a stethoscope on the     an acoustic neuroma. Unfor-                                         hearing. The next time you
                                                                      hearing loss after 4 hours.
patient’s ear. Subjective tin-    tunately, majority of cases                                         listen to music, think about
                                                                      Using a chainsaw (100 dB)
nitus is the more commonly        are idiopathic, meaning no                                          how loud it is and if it is pos-
                                                                      is harmful for hearing after
experienced symptom by            specific cause can be found,                                        sibly harmful. A useful guide
                                                                      2 hours. Listening to music
everyone, both males and          and all the diagnostic tests                                        is, if you’re listening to music
                                                                      using an Ipod at maximum
females, usually of people        are negative, or just mildly                                        and someone talks to you, if
                                                                      volume (~105-110 dB) will
older than 50 years of age,       abnormal. In these cases,                                           you don’t understand them,
                                                                      lead to hearing damage af-
but it can occur at any age.      alternative treatments do ex-                                       your music volume is too
                                                                      ter 1 hour. A rock concert
                                  ist which either serve to mask                                      loud and possibly harmful.
                                                                      (~125 dB) will cause hearing
Tinnitus can be intermittent      the tinnitus with another, less                                     This is because the average
                                                                      problems after 7.5 minutes.
or persistent.      Sometimes     annoying sound such as white                                        conversation is around 60-65
occurring just once or twice      noise or static, or behavioral-                                     dB, so if you can’t hear them
                                                                      The good news is, if you can
in a day or week, lasting for     cognitive therapy such as                                           over your music, you are way
                                                                      get away from the exces-
just a few seconds, or it may     tinnitus rehabilitation thera-                                      past the normal speaking
                                                                      sive sound fast enough, your
occur daily, for several hours,   py where you are trained to                                         volume. Better turn down
                                                                      ears can still recover. But,
causing significant distress to   live with the sound and de-                                         the music so that you can be
                                                                      if you consistently work in a
the sufferer. Patients usually    crease its impact on your life.                                     assured of being able to lis-
                                                                      noisy environment with no
complain more when they                                                                               ten to it in the years to come.
                                                                      provisions for hearing pro-
are in a quiet environment,       As mentioned previously, the        tection, then you might get
such as getting ready to          most common cause of tinni-         into trouble. NIHL can be
sleep, but it can also happen     tus is Noise-Induced Hearing        demonstrated in a hearing          Job 8:7
even in noisy environments.       Loss. NIHL causes hearing           test immediately (as in the
Some people may even have         loss depending on the inten-        cases of acoustic trauma),         And though your
very severe tinnitus causing      sity of the sound, and the          or may become apparent             beginnng    was
problems in daily life, leading   duration of the exposure to         after a delay of 10 years!         small,      you
to decreased productivity,        the sound. This is particu-                                            will   end  with
depression, and even suicide.     larly important to people who       Hence, it is very important        much (Your be-
                                  are frequently exposed to           that employers follow the Oc-
                                  places with excessively loud
                                                                                                         ginnings    will
Diagnostic work up entails at                                         cupational Health and Safety
least a hearing test, to check    sounds, i.e., concerts, par-                                           seem humble, so
                                                                      Guidelines for your work en-
hearing levels, and, depend-      ties, musicians in an orches-       vironment. The upper limit         prosperous  will
ing on the results, may entail    tra; or to places with noisy        of permissible noise expo-         your future be)
more sophisticated hearing        environments, i.e., factories,      sure is 85 dB, more than that

 5                                                                                       June 2012
                                                      By: Mario Jessie Bernales

Rizal, sino ka bang talaga?           larangan,     mediko,   paniti-     Sa lahat ng mga Pilipinong na-      ing komportable lang tayo. At
"Sino ka ba Jose Rizal, sino ka ba?   kan, imbensyun, pulitika at
Mayron bang taong sindunong mo?                                           kakaalam ng buhay ni Rizal,         nagiging mayaman tayo sa
Sino ka ba Jose Rizal, sino ka ba?    maging sa pag-ibig siya’y na-       itoy isang halimbawa nang           mga kaibigang nakakasala-
Mayron bang taong katulad mo?         tatangi. Kaya’t bilang isang        kanyang katangian, ang pa-          muha natin.       Nakapagbaba-
Sino ka ba Jose Rizal, sino ka ba?    Pilipino    na    nagtatamasa       giging makabayan, ang pag-          hagi tayo ng ating kultura,
Mayroon bang Pinoy na kasinggal-      nang mga pamanang iniwan
ing mo?                                                                   papahalaga ng kultura at            paniniwala sa iba’t ibang uri
Sino ka ba Jose Rizal, sino kaba,
                                      ng ating Pambansang bay-            kasarinlan ay isang katangiang      ng taong kasama natin sa at-
Bakit kay yaman yaman nang '          ani ay marapat lamang na            sanay maangkin natin. Ngunit        ing trabaho. Pagyamanin nga
yung mundo....                        bigyang pagpapahalaga sa            sa isang maliit na pamamaraan,      natin talaga ang ating buhay
                                      mga ipinamana nya sa atin.          panu tayo magiging kahalin-         para sa ating pamilya. Ang
Isa ito sa bahagi ng lirikong         bayan ng Calamba Laguna si
kantang isinulat ni Gary Gra-                                             tulad niya? Di ba natin batid       lahat nang ito’y kaparaanan
                                      Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y.      na sa ating pamilya at pagsa-       natin upang mapalaya natin
nada na isinadula sa entablado        Alonzo Realoda sa mapagkalin-
nung dekada nubenta (90's).                                               sakrapisyong ginagawa natin         ang ating pamilya sa kahira-
                                      gang mga magulang na si Fran-       ay isang pagpapakabayaning          pan at pilit nating sasabihin sa
Napakapayak ng salita at pag-         cisco Mercado at Teodora Alon-
kakatitik ngunit kung susuriing                                           ginagawa natin para sa kanila?      ating sarili na," sa gitna nang
                                      zo. Sa binhing pinagmulan ay        Marahil hindi natin batid at tila   madilim at marahas na lan-
mabuti ang bawat saknong at           isinilang din ang panimula ng
babaybayin nang mabuti, aan-                                              kaakibat na lagi natin ang hi-      das, Nay, Tay, Anak..itatawid
                                      ating mahalagang kasaysayan         rap na dumadatal sa atin dito       at itatawid kita. At nang ating
yayahan kang alamin muli ang          na magpahanggang ngayon sa
katauhan ng tinutukoy ng awit.                                            sa bansang kumakanlong sa           ngang marating ang minimi-
                                      pang araw araw nating pamu-         tin. Tayo din naman ay isang        thing kasaganaan at kapaya-
Sino ka ba Jose Rizal? May-           muhay ay dala at ating napa-
roon bang taong sindunong                                                 Jose Rizal sa ating mga anak,       paan itatawid at itatawid kita".
                                      pakinabangagn ang naibahagi         kabiyak at mga magulang. Tu-
mo?     Mayroong bang taong           nang ating pambansang bay-
katulad mo? Mayroon bang                                                  lad ni Rizal nagiging sindunong     At sa aking pagtatantu, sa aking
                                      ani. Sa mga naitala sa ating        tayo sa kanya, sa pag- alpas o      sarili… para sa aking Pamilya,
pinoy na kasinggaling mo? At          kasaysayan ay syang Itinakda
bakit kay yaman yaman nang                                                "survive" sa kalagayang tinitiis    ako si Jose Rizal para sa kanila..
                                      ng Poong maykapal nung ika-         nating hirap at nagiging tulad
'yung mundo?       Ito marahil        19 ng Hunyo taong 1861 na
ang napaakmang salita kung                                                din tayo ni Rizal, malikhain sa     ISANG        PAGPUPUGAY
                                      isilang sa pagpapatunay kung        mga bagay kahit patapon ay          SA   KAARAWAN   NG   AT-
bibigyang pagpupuri ang ating         paano naging makulay at kay-
pambansang bayani, lahat ng l                                             napapakinabangan natin mag-         ING   PAMBANSANG    BAY-
                                      aman ng mundo ni Jose Rizal.        ing komportable lang tayo.          ANI DR. JOSE P. RIZAL.

 Important Announcement For Filipino                                      OFW NO TO PHILHEALTH INCREASE!
 Spouses/Partners Of Foreign Nationals
                                                                          The Philippine Health Insur-        A Circular No. 032 signed by
Beginning 16 July 2012, the                                               ance Corp (Philhealth) has          Philhealth president and CEO
                                      will be issued to those who
Guidance and Counseling                                                   deferred the implementation         Dr Eduardo Banzon said the
                                      have satisfactorily completed
Program (GCP) for Filipino                                                of the increase in the premi-       deferment would give way
                                      the guidance and counseling
spouses / partners of for-                                                um contribution of "individu-       to further consultation with
                                      program. This certificate will be
eign nationals will be con-                                               ally paying members" (IPMs)         concerned sectors and al-
                                      presented to Philippine immi-
ducted by the Commission                                                  from July 1 to October 1.           low the agency to make ad-
                                      gration authorities at the air-
on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)                                                                                   justments in the program.
                                      port on the day of departure.
in its Manila and Cebu offices.                                           The proposed increase is from
                                      The schedule of sessions in Ma-
Under Department Orders                                                   the existing P1,200 annual          “Various sectors have continu-
                                      nila and Cebu is listed below.
No. 11-97, No. 15-89, and                                                 premium to P2,400. It was de-       ously and vigorously pushed
                                      Filipino spouses of Korean na-
No. 28-94 of the Depart-                                                  signed to improve the “financial    and demanded for a recon-
                                      tionals who have passed the
ment of Foreign Affairs,                                                  risk protection” of individually    sideration of the decision to
                                      GCP will be required to take the
                                      Two-Day South Korea Cultural        paying members by expand-           increase the annual premi-
Filipino spouses and other                                                ing benefit packages for them.      um contribution. In response
                                      Workshop (SKCW). This will
partners of foreign nation-                                                                                   thereto and so as to provide
                                      be conducted EXCLUSIVELY at
als are required to attend                                                The circular applies to IPMs or     more time for further consul-
                                      the CFO offices in Manila and
the guidance and counseling                                               self-employed and voluntary         tation and program enhance-
                                      Cebu starting July 25, 2012.
program as a pre-requisite                                                members, including those un-        ments, the PhilHealth Man-
                                      Meanwhile, GCP Counseling
to the issuance of passports.                                             der the “Kalusugang Sigurado        agement has resolved to defer
                                      sessions at the People's Re-
The objective is to enable                                                at Abot-Kaya sa Philhealth          the July 1, 2012 effectivity of
                                      form Initiative for Social Mo-
the spouses/partners make                                                 Insurance program” and the          premium increase until Oct.
                                      bilization Inc. (PRISM) will
informed decisions and pre-                                               group enrollment scheme.”           1, 2012,” the circular stated.
                                      continue until July 13, 2012,
pare them for the realities
                                      and at the St. Mary Euphrasia
of cross-cultural marriages.                                              Not covered are the self-           Banzon stressed that the pro-
                                      Foundation-Center for Over-
The number of attendees                                                   employed professionals and          posed    increase     “reinforces
                                      seas Workers (SMEF-COW)
per session is LIMITED, and                                               other IPMs earning an av-           the strategic directions de-
                                      until September 15, 2012.
participants will be accom-                                               erage   gross monthly   in-         signed to ensure greater ef-
modated strictly on a first-                                              come of more than P25,000.          ficiency in the delivery of
come, first-served basis. Only                                                                                higher quality health care ser-
                                      For further assistance, you may
for those with COMPLETE                                                   Various sectors have opposed        vices that is affordable, accept-
                                      email the CFO at imiravalles@
GCP     REQUIREMENTS       will                                           the proposed increase in IPM        able, accessible and adequate.”
be considered. A guidance                                                 premium.     Thus,  Philhealth
and counseling certificate                                                decided to conduct more
                                                                          consultations on the matter.        source:   Manila Philippines

 6                                                                                                  June 2012
    	                                     Basic Korean Info
                                      At the Office-Vocabulary

    	   	      Korean                    Romanization                  English

    	   	      사무실		          	   	      [samusil]	   	     	    office
    	   	      전화	 	          	   	      [jeonhwa]	 	       	    telephone
    	   	      휴대전화	          	   	      [hyudaejeonhwa]	 	      cell	phone
    	   	      전화번호	          	   	      [jeonhwabeonho]	 	      telephone	number
    	   	      전화를	걸다	        	   	      [jeonhwareul	kolda]	    call	up
    	   	      통화하다	          	   	      [tonghwahada]	     	    talking	on	the	phone
    	   	      부재중		          	   	      [bujaejung]	 	     	    out/absent
    	   	      팩스	 	          	   	      [paekseu]	 	       	    fax
    	   	      이메일		          	   	      [imeil]	     	     	    E-mail

    	   	      At the Office-Conversation

    	   	      여보세요	   	          	      [yeoboseyo]		     	     telephone	greeting
    	   	      바꿔	주다	  	          	      [pakkwojuda]	     	     to	transfer	a	phone	call
    	   	      자리에	있다/없다	         	      [jarie	itda/op다]	 	     not	on	her/his	table(chair)
    	   	      매모를	남기하다	          	      [memoreul	namgihada]	   to	leave	a	message	for
    	   	      방문하다	   	          	      [bangmunhada]	    	     to	visit
    	   	      근무하다	   	          	      [geunmuhada]	     	     to	work

7                                                             June 2012
8   June 2012

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