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					                                                                                                  VOA Pilot Testing User Guide

Welcome to your new desktop environment!
Congratulations! Your organization has made the decision to jump to the
Cloud and move to VC3’s Virtual Office Advantage product. With a Hosted
Desktop solution your organization will be able to access their business appli-
cations and email securely via the internet on their PC, laptop, iPad, or smart

With VC3’s Hosted Desktop solution, Virtual Office Advantage, you can focus
on the core competency of your organization… not your IT infrastructure.

Next Steps
You’ve been selected to participate in the Virtual Office Advantage (VOA)
Pilot Group for your organization. This Quick Reference Guide will answer
your questions about the Pilot Group and to get you started using your VOA hosted desktop!

What is the Pilot Group?
 The VOA Pilot Group is responsible for testing the NCLM VOA test environment.

Why do we have a Pilot Group?
 This “testing phase” is a critical and very important part of the VOA project. This phase allows the VC3 Team to make any ad-
   justments or modifications to your VOA environment prior to deploying VOA to the entire organization.

What will I be doing?
 You are asked to perform your everyday tasks from your Hosted Desktop. Depending on your job function, this may include
   creating spreadsheets, printing checks, creating new documents, etc….
 You will be asked to keep a log of everything you test. This will help you keep track of what has been completed and what
   needs to be completed. You will be provided a spreadsheet to log the various applications that you test.
 You will be asked to notify the VC3 Service Desk should you encounter any issues or problems during your testing.

How do I contact VC3 during my testing?
 You will be able to easily access the VC3 Technical Service Center portal from a link on your Hosted Desktop. Please provide
   descriptive information as well screenshots, if applicable, so that the VOA engineer will have as much information as possible.
 An engineer will be assigned to assess and correct the problem.
 Once the problem has been corrected, you will be notified via email and asked to validate that issue has been fully resolved.

When will the “testing phase” be complete?

   The “testing phase” will be complete when the Pilot Group has signed off on the testing that has been requested.
   This sign-off will signal the VC3 Team to move to the next phase of the VOA project.

                                                                                                  VOA Pilot Testing User Guide

                                   Logging into your Hosted Desktop
Step 1 (you will only need to perform this step once)             Step 2
                                                                     Open an Internet Explorer browser.

                                                                     Click here or go to
1.   Open an Internet Explorer browser.
2.   Click on Tools in the browser bar.
                                                                       and download the Citrix Web Plug-In.
3.   Click on Internet Options. The following window should

4.   Click on Trusted Sites.

                                                                  5.   A new window should appear. Click Run to install the Citrix

5.   Enter the following to the “Add this website to the zone:”


6.   Click Add.

7.   Enter the following to the “Add this website to the zone:”


8.   Click Add.

9.   Click Close.                                                 Note: If you receive and “ICA Client” error, you may not have
                                                                  install the Citrix Receiver properly. Please repeat Step 2.

                                                                                                  VOA Pilot Testing User Guide

                           Logging into your Hosted Desktop (con’t)
                                                                      4. Click “Full      Desktop”     to   access    your       new
Step 3                                                                environment. **
1. Open an Internet Explorer browser.                                 NOTE: Click the Full Desktop icon ONCE only. If the icon
2. Type the following in the address bar:                                is clicked multiple times, another desktop session will
                                                                         attempt to open and fail. Additional desktop sessions
             http://NCLM.vc3advantage.com
                                                                         must be closed in order to see the active session.
              (Pilot users testing from the main office)

             https://NCLM.vc3advantage.com
              (Pilot users testing from outside of the main office)

     The following screen will appear.

3.   Enter your username and password in the fields you see
     below.                                                           Step 4
                                                                      1. Once you have successfully logged in. Go to the Start bar
             Username: Your email address.
                                                                      and “Log off”
         example: Joe Smith = jsmith@NCLM.org

             Password: Your password will remain the same.           2. Then follow Steps 1 and 2 to login again.
                                                                      *** You will only need to perform Step 4 the very first
3.   4. When you log in for the first time, you may see the           time you login.
     following. Click Skip to Log On.

                                                                         Your Hosted Desktop will open. You’ll see various
                                                                           desktop shortcuts .

                                                                         Click on any shortcut to launch the application you
                                                                           wish to test.

                                                                                                     VOA Pilot Testing User Guide

                       Testing Applications from your Hosted Desktop
Step 3                                                              Step 5 (con’t)
   Your Hosted Desktop will open. You’ll see various desktop      4.    If you prefer to be contacted at a different email address or
     shortcuts .                                                          phone number, please list the alternative contact infor-
                                                                          mation in the box provided. (arrow #2)
   Click on any shortcut to launch the application you wish to

                                                                          #3                                                     #1

                                                                         #4                                                         #2

                                                                    5.    Enter detailed description of the problem/issue you en-
                                                                          countered while testing. (arrow #3)

                                                                    6.    Select VirtualOffice Pilot Testing. (arrow #4)

Step 4                                                              7.    Select No for Questions 4 & 5. (arrow #5)

   Log the various applications and specific items you test.
     For example, if you normally print to 2 different printers,
     then test printing to each.

Step 5
   Log any issues or problems as well as “how-to” questions
     discovered during testing at the VC3 Service Desk at
   Once you have logged into the Service Desk, click the “New
     Service Request” link.

   Confirm contact information on the right side of the screen.
     (arrow #1)

                                                                                                    VOA Pilot Testing User Guide

                  Testing Applications from your Hosted Desktop (con’t)
                                                                   2.   A new browser will open with the following window.
Step 5 (con’t)
                                                                   3.   You will be asked if the “Incident has been resolved to
                                                                        your satisfaction?”
8.   Attach any files or screenshots that will help the Service
     Desk Engineer fully understand the Incident/Request.          4.   To close your Incident/Request, click “Yes” and then click
     (arrow #6)                                                         “Save Incident Changes”.

                                                                   8.   To reactivate or reopen your Incident/Request, click “No”.
                                                                        (Selecting “No” will notify the assigned engineer and bring
             #7                                                         the Incident/Request back to an active state.)

                                                                            o    Please provide details in the space provided on
9.   Click Save to submit your ticket. You will receive an email                 what is still outstanding and to then click the
     confirmation listing your Incident number. (arrow #7)                       “Save Incident Changes” button.

Step 6
1.   You will receive an email notification when your VOA issue
     has been resolved. Please retest to confirm that the issue
     has been resolved. Click on the link provided in the email
     to close the incident. (arrow #8)


                                                                                       VOA Pilot Testing User Guide

                                            Need help?

One-Stop Portal
    Web: http://www.vc3.com/support/Pages/VOA-NCLM.aspx

    Download the Citrix client

    Log into your hosted desktop

    Access to Microsoft 2010 User Guides

Here are some good free resources to help you navigate Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

            Outlook 2010 Free QuickHelp Video

            Interactive guide to find commands - These interactive guides show you where your favorite menu
             and toolbar commands are located in Office 2010.

            Download Office 2010 training -
             Get free, downloadable versions of the following Office 2010 training courses.

VC3 Technical Assistance Center
You can contact the VC3 TAC for technical issues:

    Web: http://support.vc3.com

    Phone: 803-978-2707

    Toll-Free: 800-422-5941


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