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					                                               ACTING TRACK

                                  CAROL ANDERSON (TRACK DIRECTOR)

               ACTING - HONEST, COMPELLING, SCENE WORK (2-45min sessions per class)

This hands-on effective workshop takes the basics of professional acting and applies it to scene work for
  film. Focus is on good acting that is honest and truly engaging. How to's of working with a script and
       another actor. This workshop is offered in 3 parts with each class building on the last. Class
accommodates a variety of skill and experience levels. Highly recommend coming to all three. Attendees
                                           have loved this class.

                                              KATRINA COOK

                                            OPEN CASTING CALL

This On Camera "Audition" will help you brush up on your "Slate" and "Improv" Skills! Plan to be there at
  the beginning of the Expo - 1:30 pm sharp for a short intro about how it's going to work, and then be
 assigned a time slot for your audition. At that point you can enjoy the other activities at the EXPO while
waiting for your specified time! At the end of the EXPO, we will post a list of talent that has been cast to
  participate in a "Saylors Brothers Production" piece which will be filming DURING the conference and
   will be used in a future TBD project. All footage will be kept on file for preliminary consideration for
            future projects with both Katrina Cook KatzKasting & Saylors Brothers Productions.

                                     BEHIND THE SCENES OF CASTING

What the director looks for, what the casting director is looking for, and why we want you to be the one.

                                 OPEN Q & A WITH A CASTING DIRECTOR

            Bring your questions as it relates to casting/acting in regards to film or television.

                                   BONNIE JOHNSON with JIM SHORES

                                                SCENE SHOP

                                             for Writers/Actors

    Writers who would like to hear a scene from their script read by actors can e-mail their scene (8
    pages/4-6 characters max) in .pdf standard screenplay or stageplay format to Bonnie Johnson -

         You may submit one long scene or two short ones, as long as the total is only 8 pages.

 The submission deadline is July 30, 2012. Please keep in mind that since this is a Christian conference,
                       there should be no profanity in the scenes you submit.
Actors, Bonnie will cast all scenes before the conference begins with those who have already registered
   and will send them the material 5-7 days before it begins. She will also give the writers a schedule
showing the contact information of the cast and what time slot they've been assigned. During the Scene
Shop, actors will do a seated reading of the scenes, after which one of our screenwriting faculty will give
                                     his/her feedback on the material.


                                                GARY MOORE

                                 SO YOU WANT TO GET INTO VOICE OVER?

  This highly informative session offers step by step instructions of how to get your VO career started.
 You'll learn about VO equipment needed, marketing and finding your voice to be able to move forward
                                              in this market.

                                                GARY MOORE


This workshop offers the how to's of self management by two working actors who work a lot. Workshop
covers the basics of: auditioning in digital or in person, tricks, big auditions. Also covers the basics for the
   business of acting: how to network properly, how to deal with agents, CDs, and commissions. Also
                instruction for 'on set' etiquette, important to know for a working actor.

                                            SANDRA VAN NATTA

                                WHO AM I? THE ACTOR & THE CHARACTER

 This personal and professional workshop explores the elements of knowing yourself as first, a child of
God, and how this practically plays out in understanding your type, niche and range for film. How do you
 bring your best to auditions and to working on the set? How do you develop a character and deal with
the script? Practical and encouraging, this workshop gives some great how to's for before and after you
                                              get the part.

                                               JACOB WALKER


                                        Available during conference!

    Needing a professional headshot for your blogs, Facebook, business cards, and other marketing
 channels? Jacob will provide you with a quality set of digital photos that bring out your personality and
 character. You will receive a 30 minute photo session and your choice of three images made ready for
                                           web and print use.

                                        Take a look at some samples:

  Compensation: $45. Additional photos above ten - $5 each. Photos provided by web download, full
                                         rights included.

                   Contact Jacob for appointments,

                                              FILM TRACK

                                          ARLEDGE ARMENAKI

                                        DOCUMENTARY SERIES

                         The Doc - Camera Dating! What camera should I buy?

   Find the right camera for you and your budget. What are you planning on filming and what is your
             market. Defining whether it is documentary, narrative, or personal filmmaking.

       The Doc - Make me look Good, Bad or Ugly! Lighting Faces - How do I Light an interview?

Learn the basics of good lighting techniques for interviews. Create a dramatic, comedic or natural look.

                      The Doc - Pull Me in! Finding a Story and making it happen.

 What are the qualities of an interesting documentary film? How do you discover the story you want to
 tell? How much time will I spend making the film and what is my budget? I will teach you a process to
                find the meat of your story and define what the movie is really about.

                      The Doc - Getting the Essence! The Interview, what do I say?

    How do you conduct an interview and go about shooting it? How to get organized and capture a
                                   relevant interview on camera?

                                               ART AYRIS

                      FINANCING YOUR MEDIA DREAM (workshop offered twice)

     The hard reality is that a lot of media work does not happen without some level of financing.

   Art can walk you through the jungle of angel financing, venture capital, non-profit raises and much

                                            KATRINA COOK

                           HOW TO HAVE A WELL CAST INDEPENDENT FILM

Your casting choices can make or break your film. This class will give you directions on how you can have
                              a well cast film, regardless of your budget.
                                      DVD SHOOT with JENNY COTE

Each afternoon (Mon, Tues, Wed) - Jenny will present each of her creative writing workshops (CREATE,
  DREAM, WRITE) that will be filmed for DVD for worldwide distribution. Homeschool groups will be
                      invited to participate in the afternoon sessions/filming.

                                               JON ERWIN

                                    RAISING MONEY FOR YOUR FILM

        Learn from the director of October Baby on how to raise funds for your next film project.

                                    MAKING MONEY OFF YOUR FILM

        October Baby director, Jon Erwin, shows you how to make revenue off of your next film.

                                             BRIAN ROBERTS

                                      HOW TO FIX A BROKEN STORY

  What do you do when you've got a finished script and you're headed into production and you realize
that something is just not working? In this practical workshop, VeggieTales Director Brian K. Roberts will
 walk through real world examples of stories that weren't quite delivering the desired result. Once the
     problems have been diagnosed, participants will learn how a small toolkit of common dramatic
     elements can be applied to add conflict and congruency to many different types of stories. The
 workshop will include several examples of 'before and after' scenes showing the impact the toolkit has
                                         when properly applied.

                                    KYLE SAYLORS (TRACK DIRECTOR)

                         SURPRISE PRODUCTION. Grab Bag Production Surprise

 You will have a chance to work on a surprise production as a part of these continuing workshop. Based
on shooting elements for a current Saylors Brothers project, Kyle Saylors will let you be apart of putting
 together a piece from one of their productions. This will NOT be a mock up shoot, but something that
will actually be used in a real project. So not only will you learn by being hands on in each workshop Kyle
                          conducts, you can see the results right before your eyes.

             PRE-PRODUCTION: Using JIB motion to create that Magic Look (2 Hour course)

   Want those Epic sweeping moves that set your project apart. We are going to assemble a JIB from
scratch during the class with all hands on deck. Once we get the entire JIB assembled, then it is time to
 choose camera, lenses and motors that best fit the scene. This will be pre-production for the Lighting
   and Magic Touch of the Camera the next day. Each person will have a chance to operate and given
insider tips to make an ordinary jib move to be transformed into an epic shot! We will practice and be
 ready to shoot for the next workshop. Kyle will also divulge some 'poor man motion' tips and tricks so
                      that you can add that sweet motion even on a small budget.
                                   Creating that Magic Touch with Light

Great lighting is not a fluke that happens by chance or simply having the better kit with a big budget, it is
all about rethinking the way you view light and knowing how the camera sees it, simply put, having that
                                               magic touch.

 We are going to take a simple lighting kit and what is available in the facility and transform the set by
 tweaking the light till it comes alive. You can see the change on the monitor live in action. Once you
  grasp this, you will realize great lighting can strike not only twice, but as many times as you wish.
Whatever it is we are lighting will be used in a real production. The whole hour will be active and anyone
                                   can ask questions any step of the way.

                      Creating that Magic Touch with the Camera (2 Part Workshop)

  This is a continuation of the lighting techniques, we will set up and shoot with the camera. There is a
             moment when an image transforms from a ordinary shot to an extraordinary shot.

 First, the class will have a chance to set up some shot ideas, after it is set, then we will rework, switch
 lenses, and manipulate the shot until you see it transform from a good shot to an amazing shot. Once
 you see it, you will understand achieving that magic shot is within your reach on all your productions.
            This will also be a shot or scene that will be used in a Saylors Brothers production.

         Creating that Magic Touch in Editing, Graphics and Color Correction (2 part workshop)

 Crash course of pro tricks including edit, color correction, design elements, and after effects graphics.

                  Why can't my shots look like the ones I see at the movies and on TV?

    In a 2 hour block, we will partially edited raw footage from a section of a national tv project and
transform it before your eyes into a slick polished piece. This is a total crash course into the best tips and
  post tricks that the pros use that will make your project stand out of the crowd. So your edit is almost
                                 done, but it doesn't have much style, why?

  In the first hour we will analyze the raw edit and make some editing tweaks of the pro's to reach the
  clips objective, then we will add some sound design/music elements that will make it come alive. We
                will then add post lens-flares, that will emulate that classic J.J. Abrams look.

     In the second hour, we will create an After Effects graphic and pull the entire piece into a color
 correction program. After building, adding, and tweaking we will watch the original version back again,
  then watch the final tweaked version. During the process, you will see and learn about different plug-
                     ins, software options and things you may have never heard of.

                        Bring a jaw brace, because the difference will astound you.

  You bring a MAX of 2-5 minute scene or clip from anything you have shot (Documentary, music video,
 you tube clip, feature, TV pilot, reality show, short film, church service, anything). Kyle Saylors will then
  walk you down the road that most people who pat you on the back won't, the road to honesty. This is
NOT a critique, but a chance for filmmakers to be honest open and willing to take advice that can lead to
increasing their production value 10 fold. Kyle will point out your strengths, your weaknesses, and more
        importantly tell you exactly what you need to do to change the weakness into a strength.

                                               CECIL STOKES

                                    INTRODUCTION TO COMMERCIALS

"Branded Entertainment" is the future of commercials. Networks are beginning to creat entire divisions
of their company to focus on the dance between featuring products and providing relevant information
     that will keep viewer from skipping advertisements. We'll highlight each step of a 10-12 week
                        commercial production cycle from concept to delivery.

                                   INTRODUCTION TO DOCUMENTARIES

      Think you've found a story that has to be told? I'll share my experiences making our last two
              documentary films and we'll go over the documentary filmmaking process.

                                       INTRODUCTION TO TV SERIES

How do you pitch a TV series? We'll share insider tips on successful pitching from research and creation
 of an idea to contract negotiations. Our focus will be what you need to get your foot in the door, but
            we'll also talk about production timelines and cost for different types of shows.

                                               GARY VOELKER

                                    SHORT FILM LAB (2 part workshop)

 Gain insight into the world of narrative short-form storytelling: from developing your idea, to making
                       your film, to getting it seen by audiences. Includes a Q&A.

                                              VISUAL EFFECTS

 Walk through the layers of a single visual effect shot to see how it is built from scratch. Learn specific
                             techniques for specific types of effects shots.

                                            JOHN DAVID WARE

                    The Crucible: 168 Film Project and Why You Need This Experience

 Hollywood already assumes that you are good at your craft, but that is not enough. Good and efficient
 gives you an edge that is hard to argue with and 168 forces you to learn efficiency and practice making
                            the decisions that will make or break your career.

                                  Common Mistakes of New Filmmakers
Learn from the mistakes of 100's of filmmakers and see how small adjustments in your routine will take
                             your project from amateur to pro overnight.

                              Pitching/Selling Yourself (for cast and crew)

This is your personal call to style and being memorable. What are you doing that may feel right but may
                                         be sabotaging your career?

                                         KITCHEN SINK TRACK

                                           DR. JAYCE O'NEAL

                              IDEA CONSULTANT-BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

The Idea Consultant is back by popular demand! Do you have an idea for a story? Are you an actor trying
to get your foot in the door? Are you on the production side of things, but have seemingly hit a rut? The
   Idea Consultant might just be what the doctor ordered. Dr. Jayce works with people of a variety of
backgrounds to help empower them to achieve their goals. Idea Consulting helps you explore ideas of all
     types -professional or personal; artistic or practical-to get you where you want to be. The Idea
   Consultant is only available by appointment and SPOTS ARE LIMITED. So act quickly to secure your
appointment. (Scripts must be submitted at least two weeks before the beginning of the conference. All
         appointments will be asked to take a personality survey prior to their appointments).


  As our culture becomes more and more arts & media driven it is absolutely vital to be able to critique
 art, movies, and other forms of media in an educated and relevant way. Messages are being planted in
movies and television every day and many do not even see the blatant propaganda in front of their eyes.
However, others know something is off, but don't know how to communicate their thoughts. Everyone
has an opinion, but in order to be relevant in today's culture one must have an "informed opinion." This
 workshop seeks to educate in order to really be able to properly interpret and critique current media.


  Talent isn't everything! Everybody has a dream, but many never get to see the fulfillment of those
   dreams. There are four key dream killers that usually derail people of all backgrounds, ages, and
 ethnicities, so this workshop is geared to help you be aware of your own personal pitfalls and how to
                                  take healthy steps that lead to success.

                                           "PICK A SIDE"
                                   Sunday morning worship service.

                                              KEN RANEY

                                 eBook Cover Design (adult workshop)
  Cover designs for eBooks require some key considerations vs. the typical print book cover. Whether
  you're hiring a designer or attempting to design your own cover, make sure yours get noticed for the
     right reasons! Join illustrator/designer Ken Raney as we look at the design considerations for a
 compelling eBook cover that gets noticed, communicates well, and looks as professional as the writing
 inside. We will look at typography, stock photography, illustration, and other considerations including
   some case histories for strong eBook covers. This class will prove helpful to all levels of writer-from
                                         beginner to seasoned pro.

                                             VONDA SKELTON

                                      FIVE FATAL FLAWS OF FICTION

                                 The competition is tough in publishing.

Don't let these five weaknesses mark you as a newbie and set you up for a knee-jerk rejection from the

                                             TODD STARNES

                                         THE ARTIST AS A GUEST

How to be the perfect guest on television and radio shows - and also how to give a great newspaper or
magazine interview. Todd Starnes has been on both sides of the process - as an interviewer as well as an
 interviewee. He will give you pointers on how to promote your film on the local, regional and national

                                             WRITING A BLOG

Todd will show you how to build an audience and a fan base by writing a blog. His daily blog at Fox News
 is read by nearly 2 million people a month - and he'll share some tried and true methods to creating a
                                 web presence that will attract a crowd.
                                          MARKETING TRACK

                                      JENNY COTE & MICHELLE COX


  Does promotion and marketing sound as exciting as a bowl of cold porridge? Are you clueless about
what to do as you walk through the dark forest of marketing your project? Resources for promotion are
often limited for books, films, and ministries and you'll soon discover that much of the responsibility will
fall on you. Join us for these two workshops and learn valuable tips and skills that will put you ahead of
  your peers, without emptying your wallets. Promotion and marketing can be fun - and that's no fairy
       tale! Join us and we'll help you design a plan that's not too big, not too small, but just right.

                                             TORRY MARTIN

                                      SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION
 Learn how to successfully market yourself or your project for maximum exposure at minimal cost. (16
                                            page handout)

                                 JOSIAH WILLIAMS (TRACK DIRECTOR)

                                       BRANDING MADE SIMPLE

                                           Workshop Series

 Each and everyone one of us is a personality and a brand. In this workshop series we will explore the
 process of marketing who we are to others. We'll cut through the clutter and make branding easier to
understand and implement. If you want to build a platform around yourself, ministry, or business these
                             workshops will help you ignite your brand.

                                     Branding Made Simple - Part 1

 In this first workshop we will explore the process of discovering and defining your brand. We will help
           you internally express your passion and have confidence with what you have to offer.

                                     Branding Made Simple - Part 2

The second part of this series will explore brand touch points of Name, Slogan, Visual Communication,
and Specialty. We will discuss how to communicate with your audience and each touch point and great
                                           a memorable brand.

                                     Branding Made Simple - Part 3

In this third workshop we'll explore the various outlets of brand communication. We will discuss how to
       leverage the web, social networks, and in person contact to build awareness for your name.

                                        Additional Workshops:

                                               Just Pin It!

 Social media platforms emerge every day. Some are seeing tremendous popularity and growth. This
  workshop will explore everything you wanted to know about Pinterest and how you can use it for
marketing. Discover how speakers, authors, and personalities can leverage this new media to connect,
                                        engage, and grow.

                                          Inbound Marketing

The rules of advertising and marketing have changed. We have now discovered new ways to block out
unwanted promotional interruptions and cut through the clutter. As a business you must learn how to
  gain the attention of your customers by getting found and converting leads. In this workshop will
  introduce you to Inbound Marketing, the process of drawing new customers and building loyalty
without disruption. We will explore how to leverage your website, social media networks, and search
  engines to grow your business. If you are not running a business but want to understand how to
                  leverage online marketing this workshop is perfect for you as well.
                                       Publishing from the Heart

 The New York Times reported that 80% of people feel like they have book inside them. If you feel like
you have something to share and are interested in becoming a published author this workshop will help
 you explore your options. Author marketing strategist Josiah Williams will present the various options
for publishing your book today and help you determine the best path for your journey. We will explore
        traditional and self-publishing as well as look at the role of e-books for today's readers.

                                            GARY ZELASKO

                       Alternatives to Theatrical Distribution, Parts One and Two

    Most filmmakers hope to break even at the box office. Arguably, the main goal of distribution in
 theaters is to grease the skids for other distribution channels downstream. To do theater distribution,
 you need to spend $10K - $20K per screen, and also spend it wisely. This workshop will focus on a low
  cost alternative to the traditional model of theatrical distribution that can actually make you money.

                           Guerilla Marketing your Film, Parts One and Two

Why are people fascinated when they see a parrot on your shoulder? Why does everyone look up in the
  sky to check out a kite that is being flown nearby? This workshop won't answer these psychological
 questions, but we will talk about how to promote your film using different media and unconventional
                         means through this no-to-low cost advertising strategy.

              How I Distributed my Christian Film on Next to Nothing, Parts One and Two

 Lost Boy: The Next Chapter (in the form of DVDs) was destined to gather dust in a warehouse (think of
the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark). Come learn how one person and his assistant distributed the film
 on almost zero money, turning a memory into a film that won eight international film festival awards,
    developed relationships that will be utilized for future films and through these things, leveraged
                                        distribution for the project.

                                             MUSIC TRACK

                                             JOHN DORYK

                                   MUSIC FOR FILM & VISUAL MEDIA

                                        Composer's Workshop -

  Using music to make the most out of the emotional dramatic impact of your film (2 part workshop)

 As a film director, we know that music is one of the most powerful ways to underscore the emotional
    content of our story. As a film composer, we also know that one of the most powerful forms of
 emotional, thematic music composition is to write for dramatic narrative story, whether feature film,
 documentary, or theater. But how do these two, very different worlds work together to complement
    each other, and make their sum greater than its parts? In this lecture series, award winning film
  composer John William Doryk, will teach how the relationship of the film director/producer and film
composer can work together to create a unified emotional tapestry that ultimately moves the audience
 through the story and on the journey that the director has intended for the film. He'll teach techniques
and steps for creating a truly powerful film score that both the director and composer can use to do this,
 even though the two may often speak very different languages. Using scenes and examples from actual
   projects, John will show how certain techniques, tricks, and processes help to create powerful and
                                            moving underscores.


In addition to the "Music for Film & Visual Media" workshop, there will be an interactive, "hands on" lab
                demonstration and discussion in music editing and composition to picture

                                       SOUND DESIGN WORKSHOP

   How sound can raise (or lower) the overall production value of your film project (2 part workshop)

 Good location and post production sound can make a film "feel" much "bigger/classier/cinematic" than
   it's actual budget while poor production and post production sound can take even a moderate-big
budget film and drag it down. In this workshop, award winning composer & sound designer John William
Doryk, will teach how to get the most out of location and post production sound, as well as use the best
 sound editing and sound design techniques to create that "big budget" sound, even on a micro-budget
  feature. During this workshop, he will talk about and demonstrate process, tricks, and techniques to
                   heighten and maximize the quality of any budget's film sound track.


In addition to the "Sound Design" workshop, there will be an interactive, "hands on" lab demonstration
                     and discussion in audio recording, foley, and mixing techniques.

                                               ERICA LANE

                         VOCAL PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUES (3 part workshop)

 Tips on correct breathing, posture, and warmups to prepare for proper singing. Tips on pitch control,
   diction, and phrasing for proper singing. Tips on stage presence, image, and connecting with the

                                 THEMATIC SONGWRITING: CHRISTMAS

               Elements of writing lyrics and melodies stylistically for the holiday season.

                                 THEMATIC SONGWRITING: PATRIOTIC

                 Elements of writing lyrics and melodies stylistically for patriotic songs.

 Which social media, fan sources, and web traffic that you or your band should focus on, and what to

                                   DAVE MOODY (TRACK DIRECTOR)

      JUDGING for SONGWRITER COMPETITION FINALIST (Monday, August 13, 10:00 - 10:45 AM)

                                              Judges Only!!

                                        HIT SONGWRITING 101

           This workshop will cover topics such as song structure, lyrics, melody, and more.

                                   THE BUSINESS OF SONGWRITING

         A look at music publishing, how to copyright, publish, pitch and promote your songs.

                                       SONGWRITING CRITIQUE

  Play a CD of your song for our professionals and get their first impressions, advice and tips on your

                                     THE INDIE ARTIST EXCHANGE

    A guided discussion of all things related to building a music career in today's world...recording,
                   promoting, performing, crowd funding, sponsorships, and more.

                                        SCREENWRITING TRACK

                                 RAY BLACKSTON & RUSTY WHITENER

                                          COMIC SENSIBILITIES

God created us with comic sensibilities and these sensibilities are evidenced in screen scenes, dialogue,
images, and storylines. Class will include the value of the actor's perspective and how "playing around"
 with the human condition is funny...UNTIL we impose upon it our weak punch lines and lame-o-listic
                                              "punch plots."

                                HOW TO "GET IN LATE AND OUT EARLY"

Your audience wants conflict, not lingering departures and a Sunday morning meet and greet! Find out
               what is essential to your story and what can be cut. Scissors optional.

                                        LESS IS OFTEN FUNNIER:

  Did you know that a great one-liner usually trumps a good three-liner? Can fewer comic lines, fewer
characters, and fewer images birth more authentic comedy? Come discover why brevity truly is the soul
                                  of wit (especially in screenwriting!)

 Too often screenwriters (especially Christian screenwriters) operate from the opposite perspective --
Message births Comedy -- resulting in preachy movies, or sometimes in relegating to "average" a movie
that could have been great. This class will focus on the quest for comedy and joy in scenes that isolate
                                  and highlight the human condition.

                                             ROLAND MANN

                                         VISUAL STORYTELLING

  This session will introduce attendees to the basics of visual storytelling and deals with collaborative
   creative process: that which involve more than just the writer. Aimed at potential writers, graphic
novelists, filmmakers, animators, video game designers and comic book creators. Attendees will discuss
 script formats and the difference between text on the page and text off page/screen. The session will
  also introduce the concepts of story flow, point of view, camera, rising and falling action, directional
                               flow and other visual storytelling concepts.

                          HOW TO SUPE-UP YOUR PROTAGONIST (2 part class)

 Intriguing stories are what keep your audience glued to your work...intriguing heroes (or protagonists)
are what propel your story. This session will introduce a strategic set of hints/ideas/suggestions to make
      your protagonist/hero more interesting and memorable and is targeted at visual storytellers.

                                             TORRY MARTIN

                                COMEDY SHORTS FOR STAGE OR SCREEN

  Everything you need to know about writing comedy sketches for short films or staged productions.
                    Emphasis on format, story and structure. (12 page handout)

                               TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE/GOOD TO BE BAD

    Believable protagonists and antagonists. Conceiving original characters. Primary characters and
 secondary characters. Researching characters to avoid stereotypes. Character motivation and growth.
                                   Writing a bio of your characters.

                                 THE ART OF COLLABORATIVE WRITING

 Whether you plan on sharing the fame or sharing the blame, this class will help equip you to navigate
                        the sometimes choppy waters of writing as a team.

                                              JIM SHORES

  We'll start by looking at Blake Snyder's beat sheet. We'll walk through the beats, page numbers, and
minutes-in of a typical Hollywood movie. When does the inciting incident occur and why? What is the All
is Lost moment? What elements are needed in the Last Battle? We'll talk about how understanding the
    left-brain aspects of good structure can free up the right-brain to be creative. We'll discuss being
creative vs. formulaic. Finally, we'll ask the questions: As believers, why are we writing in the first place?
      What is creativity about? What is all this writing for, really? And what does it mean to be truly

                                         SARAH ANNE SUMPOLEC

                                            CAPTURING A STORY

  The first steps in making a movie or writing a novel is finding a story, figuring out if you have a story
   worth telling and then giving that story a strong foundation. This workshop will cover overall story
               concepts that will be helpful no matter what kind of platform you write for.

                                            JOHN DAVID WARE

                                       Pitching Stories to Hollywood

          What does it take to sell your idea? How can you stand out from the 100s of others?

                    From Bestseller to Blockbuster - Literary Adaptation for the Screen

 Books and films are two very different ways to tell a story. What does a successful conversion look like
                                  from the printed word to the screen?

                                             CARLA WILLIAMS


Screenwriters understand that film is a VISUAL medium and that you must write what the audience will
 see and hear. Novelists, while they may work hard to SHOW rather than TELL their story, rely more on
style and character and command of language. Relationships between the two can be sticky at times as
the screenwriter changes the scenes, characters, and voice of the original author. In this workshop we'll

                What types of stories-fiction and nonfiction-adapt well to the screen.
                     The many challenges of adapting a book into a screenplay.
                              Ways to keep the heart of the original story.
              How to communicate to an author the reasons for dissecting their "baby."
             WinePress will have several books they will pitch to screenwriters as this time.

                                               GARY VOELKER

                               CINEMATIC STORYTELLING (2 part workshop)
Learn specific cinematic techniques that will help you convey your ideas and shape your stories visually,
      while avoiding less-effective methods that are often the weaknesses of independent films.


Scene development - Story events and conflict - Fully developing characters that your audience will care
                   about. Also learn how to use conflict to engage the audience.

                                             SPIRITUAL TRACK

                                    CAROL ANDERSON & JIM SHORES

                                 (acting team known as Acts of Renewal)

                DEVOTION: Rediscovering the Heartbeat (Monday morning, August 13)

 We can get lost in the business, the contacts, the networking, the sheer energy of trying to make it all
  happen. In the midst of the how to's, it's good to come back to the "how comes," to remember the
  moment we fell into the arms of Jesus. Some theatre, some story, some refreshment, with Acts of
                                  Renewal - theatre to delight the soul.

                                                 ART AYRIS

                                 DEVELOPING YOUR MEDIA PRAYER LIFE

  The fuel to an eternally effective creastive engine is an effective prayer life. In the midst of grueling
           production and deadlines can you still stay tapped in to hear that still small voice.

                 Using the news to pray and tips on keeping the devotional life strong.

                                              TORRY MARTIN


Part in depth Bible study, part personal testimony and all fun. This humorous teaching is geared towards
                        encouraging others to step out and start using their gifts.

                   DEVOTION: The Shark Ate My Icthus (Tuesday morning, August 14)

Learning how to swim with sharks without becoming one yourself. Matthew 10:16 "Be as innocent as a
                                  dove and as wise as a serpent."

                                             DR. JAYCE O'NEAL


 As "creatives" try to be more and more relevant in current culture they are being confronted over and
over again with opportunities that cause them to go against their personal convictions. This workshop is
for those of all talents and backgrounds. Actors, editors, directors, musicians and everything in between
 are confronted with decisions that can make or break their faith, marriages, and future. This workshop
 takes a hard look at personal boundaries in an industry where there seems to be no room for spiritual
                                        conviction and morality.

                                        YOUTH MINISTRIES TRACK

                                               BEN AVERY


    Anything can be a puppet. This seminar will prove it. From ultra-low tech to professional looking
puppets to things you would never expect, this seminar is all about building characters. Part of the series
 "Puppetry Video: Concept to Screen." Each part of this series is stand alone, but they also build on each
                                other following a project start to finish.


   If Jesus had been born in a different time, would he have used comic books to tell his stories? Well,
 probably not, but Jesus' storytelling has some very vivid visual elements, and the reason we remember
so much of Jesus' teaching is the same reason comic books can be an effective tool for exploring spiritual
    concepts, crossing cultural and linguistic barriers. What makes comic books and graphic novels an
    effective medium for storytelling? How do comic books and graphic novels, as a medium, stack up
                    against other methods of storytelling for the current generations?

                               SUPERMAN VS. MARIO: THE UPHILL BATTLE

 Comic books and graphic novels have never been more popular with the general public than in the last
few years, and yet the comic book industry has never been in such a precarious position. Why are some
 publishers experiencing unprecedented success with graphic novels, while other publishers are barely
  breaking even, while still other publishers are losing money like their bank was built on top of a black
  hole? And what's the deal with "Christian comics"? Why has it never seemed to catch on? Is it just a
misunderstood genre? Or a ghetto for shoddy storytelling? Are comic books and graphic novels a viable
                                  medium, or is it all smoke and mirrors?

                                              JENNY L. COTE


Getting your book, DVD, or other media into schools in order to market directly to a young audience can
 be challenging. Jenny L. Cote established a marketing platform to schools for her fantasy fiction novel
    series The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz and Epic Order of the Seven and has appeared to 20,000
 students in the US and abroad. Learn exactly how to identify your perfect target audience (age, grade,
  school, homeschool, church), how to market yourself and your product/ministry, who to contact and
  how to make the process work smoothly for everyone so they will automatically invite you back each
                                      KEN RANEY (TRACK DIRECTOR)


                                             (2 part workshop)

To reach out to visually-attuned young people today, it is imperative for your project to have graphics or
      artwork of some sort. This session will look at the resources available to the non-artist to create
  illustrations. Join illustrator/designer Ken Raney as we look at: clip art, stock photography, free fonts,
    image manipulation, filters, textures, photography, drawing, PhotoShop and other software (some
 available free online), as well as design and illustration principles that can help you bring graphic life to
     your project and reach young people for the Lord. This 2-session class will be helpful to writers of
    picture books, YA novels, devotionals, Sunday School material, etc., as well as anyone who designs
 posters, newsletters, programs, or virtually any communication tool for marketing, church, or ministry.

                                         KEN RANEY & BEN AVERY


 The purpose of this workshop is to recognize the age groupings used by media to identify segments of
 the youth market. We will pinpoint age groups, explore the types of media that they respond best to,
   and the ingredients that will attract their attention and reach them most effectively. Then we will
explore Biblical principles that can be applied to this knowledge. If you feel called to reach young people
  with your creative gifts, this workshop will help you target age groups, and focus your creative gifts.

                                                JIM SHORES

                               JUMPING INTO THE DEEP END OF THE POOL

What is your calling? How do we know our calling? With Montreat professor Jim Shores, Todd Yancey &
  Heather Carr share clips from two documentaries filmed while students at Montreat College. Their
 philosophy? Sometimes you just gotta do it. God doesn't despise small beginnings. And work begets
 work. Come hear the story of how two students jumped into the deep end of the pool, turned on a
                         camera, and successfully filmed two documentaries.

                                              BRIAN STEWART

                               THE BASICS OF PUPPETRY (2 part workshop)

 Puppetry is an art form which can include nearly all other art forms! Learn more about it in this class,
which will start with a brief overview of types of puppets and puppetry: rod puppets, rod-arm puppets,
human-arm puppets, and giant puppets. Next we will cover the basics of puppet performance: height &
 position, lip synch, believable movement, and more. We will then cover voicing puppets, and finish up
with a discussion of real sets vs. green-screen and types of puppetry stages. Part of the series "Puppetry
  Video: Concept to Screen." Each part of this series is stand alone, but they also build on each other
                                      following a project start to finish.

                SHOOT THE PUPPET! - THE BASICS OF PUPPETRY VIDEO (2 part workshop)
An introduction to low-budget DIY filmmaking with puppets. This class will take the puppet characters
and situations created in the BUILDING CHARACTER class, and shoot a short (2 to 3 minute) video using
 low-cost do-it-yourself equipment. Topics covered will be setting up and lighting a DIY green-screen,
micing puppeteers, and organizing the shoot. Additionally we will demonstrate inexpensive DIY camera
and grip gear that can save a bunch of cash and make your video look much more professional. Part of
  the series "Puppetry Video: Concept to Screen." Each part of this series is stand alone, but they also
                         build on each other following a project start to finish.



 How to turn green screen puppet video into a finished product. This class will take the video shot in the
    Shoot the Puppet class, and demonstrate how to edit, remove green-screen, add various kinds of
   backgrounds (3D, 2D, photos, video), and do simple audio editing and cleanup, all using the Adobe
    Creative Suite. The resulting product will be a short video of the puppet characters and situations
created in the BUILDING CHARACTER class and shot in the SHOOT THE PUPPET! class. The final video will
  be uploaded to the web for distribution. Part of the series "Puppetry Video: Concept to Screen." Each
   part of this series is stand alone, but they also build on each other following a project start to finish.

                                    COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS PANEL

Join publisher/writer Art Ayris, writer Ben Avery, editor/write, Roland Mann, and moderator Ken Raney
 as they discuss and answer questions about the comic-book and graphic novel industry, it's impact on
      our culture and our youth, and how Christians can offer alternatives and impact the culture.

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