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                                  Explore The Untouched Beauty Of Chamba                                                                             J an 19 , ' 13 6 :50 AM
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                             Summary: Chamba is a little hamlet tucked at an altitude o f 16 76 m, in the Tehri district o f Uttarakhand. It is an unexplo red,
                             unscathed, serene destinatio n and is a perfect summer gateway to bit the sco ring hit o f the plains.
                              Away fro m the cro wds and bustle o f the city, is a great place to relax and have fun in the midst o f the beautiful hills and sno wy
                             mo untains. This little hamlet o ffers several picturesque spo ts and scenic landscapes ranging fro m sno wy Himalayan ranges to
                             the wo nderful, yet breathtaking views o f green canyo ns and beautiful views o f the river Bhagirathi. Due to its rich cultural
                             backgro und, the city has lo cked itself with beauty o f custo ms and ethnically diverse, yet unexplo red by the wo rld beyo nd its limits.
                             Owing to its tactical po sitio n as the entry po int to the inner Himalaya and co mmo n bo undaries with Uttarkashi, Chamo li, Pauri,
                             Rudraprayag, this place will certainly o ne o f the mo st well-liked to urist destinatio n o f No rth India.
                             Musso o rie
           anima             Musso o rie, the Queens o f Hill Statio n lays just at a distance o f 55 km. The mo st po pular o f Uttarakhand hill, is ho me to so me o f
                             the mo st picturesque views, plus a large market sto res. This magnetic hill statio n is lo cated in the fo o thills o f the Garhwal
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                             Rishikesh, o ne o f the ho liest cities o f the India, is lo cated 6 0 km away fro m the main to wn. Whether yo u just want to view the
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                             natural beauty o r want to do adventures white water river rafting Ganges o r take a yo ga co urse, yo u will get here means to yo u
                             will get everything under o ne shelter.
                             To urist Attractio ns o f Chamba
                             Altho ugh there is much to explo re in the small to wn o f Uttarakhnad, belo w are so me o f the impo rtant places to visit during trip to
 Blog                        Chamba and this places have so me o f the majestic ho t e ls Cham ba .

 Links                       Surkanda Devi Temple
                             It sacred Shaktipeeth ", Devi Surkanda" Land is lo cated 24 km Chamber. Visited by a large number o f devo tees every year, yo u
                             are witho ut do ubt o ne trip that sho uld take, When yo u are here.

                             New Tehri
The New Tehri to wn is credited with being the first planned city o f India hill and head quarter o f Tehri Garhwal. It was established
to rehabilitate villages who se pro perties were flo o ded by the co nstructio n o f the Tehri Dam.

Tehri Dam
Tehri Dam is co nstructed o n Bhagirathi River which gave birth to the wo nderful Lake Tehri is the highest dam o f India, 2nd highest
in who le o f Asia and in the wo rld it stands in the 8 th po sitio n. The view o f Tehri Dam and Lake is certainly fascinating and
definitely wo rth a lo o k.

Narendra Nagar
Tucked away 44 km fro m the main to wn, the fo rmer capital o f Tehri state, Narendra Nagar stands with its charming beauty to
attract to urists. It is a very beautiful city, with magnificent views. This majestic to wn was built in the year 19 19 by Maharaja
Narendra Shah o f Tehri Garhwal. On a clear day o ne can get clear aerial view o f Rishikesh, Haridwar and Ganga fro m the
mo untain to ps.

Thus there is no do ubt that Chamba is a famo us to urist destinatio n and is po pular and blessed fo r this very reaso n. Still retain
mo st o f what mo untain reso rts in po pular to urist circuits have lo st - the air o r distance o r as Shakespeare wo uld have had a
pasto ral retreat. Here in this beautiful hill statio n yo u get what yo u want in yo ur stay life and remain away fro m - the cro wds, traffic,
po llutio n, rhythm, and ro utine city life.

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