; Dumaguete Travelogue: Hotels and Restaurants
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Dumaguete Travelogue: Hotels and Restaurants


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									Dumaguete Travelogue: Hotels and Restaurants

        Dumaguete is well known for its numerous educational institutions that is why it’s
dubbed the university town, most notably Silliman University, the oldest American-built
structure in the country. Its numerous tourist attractions are hard to miss but you can enjoy these
entirely better if you have the convenience of a safe home alongside ease of travel and
gastronomic fulfillment. In here, you’d be guided through Dumaguete travel essentials and
insider tips on how you can make your visit worth remembering.

Where to Stay?

        This section will highlight different Dumaguete City Hotels near known landmarks in the
city. For those taking a plane ride, Dumaguete Royal Suites Inn is just 5 minutes away while
other notable hotels near the airport include Bolmon, Florentina Homes Apartment and Lu King.
The other famous option that travelers have is through bus or the water routes, nearby hotels in
the form of Coastal Inn and Apartelle Sofia are ideally located near the port and three terminals.
Bethel Guest House and Honeycomb Inn are two accommodations that are strategically located
not just near most outdoor destinations but also the main amenities of downtown area.

        Experiencing the feel of University town can be twice as fun in two locations, Coco
Grande and Nyla’s Pension Inn since these are very near prime educational hubs in the city
namely Silliman and Negros Oriental State University. If you’re the type that won’t go far
because you just like to experience how different is the city life in Dumaguete these places are
recommended for your stay: Vintage Inn, Hotel Palwa and Tip Top Tower. The lowest rate
available is currently offered by Grand Pension Plaza starting at 680 Pesos while Florentina
Homes near the airport has the highest rate of 3,800 for one of its deluxe suite rooms. Fixed
budgets can be stretched when you stay at local lodges or at Gazebo Pension House. For the
outdoorsy type of backpacker, resort hotels are just as proliferate in the area especially those near
Apo Island famed for its diving sites; Atmosphere and Atlantis are two prime names to stay at.
All in all, whatever you see in wonderful Dumaguete, make sure you’ve read everything right in
this section for you to never be lost in picking.

Gastronomic Delight

        The rest of the scattered island and islets of the Philippines is a food haven, Dumaguete
City is no exception. One such spot is the Rizal Boulevard wherein you can stroll along the
shorelines of Dumaguete city bay, perfect for couples wanting a cheap recourse to eating or bar
hopping. Local parlance has it that Rizal Boulevard is the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” after a
famed international song but it’s far from that; check out local bars and restaurants to find out
why. If you want to deviate from the usual Filipino heavy rice meals during breakfast, puto with
tsokolate is a popular alternative. Dumaguete is known for its fresh catch of sea foods, buy cheap
ones at Malapatay Livestock and Fish Market and enjoy a healthy lunch serving. Pasalubong is a
local term that is highly defined by vacationers as a souvenir or any other local item bought in
the province that they give relatives back at home; Handuman Gifts, Sidlakan Village and
Silvannas all have these.

Rental or Public Transport?

         If you're still worrying about getting lost within the city, this section might just give you a
little hand. The airport and bus terminals are just 15 to 30 minutes away from the heart of
downtown or basically to anywhere you’re scheduled to stay, riding jeepneys or tricyclyes will
not hurt your pockets. But for the rather more opulent guests, car rentals are just within your
reach and there is even one near the airport.

       In the end, reading up on directories about business establishments in Dumaguete will
enhance your chances of not being lost, ending up at the right hotel and eating only the best of
what this city can offer.

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