Rajon Rondo’s Bizarre Pre-Game Ritual

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                        Rajon Rondo’s Bizarre Pre-Game Ritual
Lots of people have compulsive rituals that they believe ensures that their lives-- or whatever-- runs
smoothly. For example, many people check the locks in their house three times before going to bed or
before going out. Many people touch objects of their family one by one, at the same time thinking
good thoughts about each person; if a bad thought intruded, they start the touching ritual all over
again. There are lots of people with lots of different compulsive rituals such as these.

Rajon Rondo, the Boston Celtic’s point guard, has a pre-game ritual that is lengthy and rather bizarre.
He never ever plays a game without doing this lengthy ritual. His ritual begins in the back hallway and
lasts all the way through tip-off.

                                      Rojan Rondo’s pre-game ritual begins when Rondo runs down the
hallway and throws a ball to the team chaplain. The chaplain throws it back. Then Rondo runs onto a
circle, gives a high five to the team; and for exactly five minutes he does layup lines. After that Rondo
stands under the goal and Paul Pierce shoots balls on the rack from half court. Rondo catches four balls
at one time, passes one ball off the backboard to KG, does once bounce pass to Paul Pierce, then
bounces a ball off the scoreboard where Jeff Green completes it with an alley-oop. Phew!

Rajon Rondo does this entire ritual before every single game. It’s interesting that his team mates
participate in his ritual. Who would have known?

I guess we should be glad that, like others with compulsive rituals, Rondo’s doesn’t build on itself and
get longer with each game. If that were the case, Rondo’s pre-game ritual could end up starting right
after the finish of the previous game!

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