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									                          MINGINISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL


Present: Dawn MacLeod             Chair
         David Oliver             Treasurer
         Jessica Donaldson        Associate Member
        Willie Sutherland         Member
        Jim Towers                Secretary

ITEM I – Welcome and Apologies
1. Dawn MacLeod welcomed everyone to the meeting. Dawn noted that it had not been possible to get the necessary
   people together to make this a special meeting focussing on roads and signage issues. The CC agreed that the
   special meeting should be held instead on Mon 25 Feb 2013. Jim Towers will issue invitations to Mark Crowe, Billy
   Nicolson, Gordon Ireland or Colin Simpson, a Councillor and Mark Lochhead.

2. There were apologies from Calina MacDonald, Mike Shield and Janice Page.

ITEM II – Minutes of Last Meeting
3. The draft minutes for meeting 24 September 2012 had been circulated. They were agreed and signed.

ITEM III – Actions arising not on Agenda
4. Speed of cars and motorbikes traveling through Carbost village: Jim Towers reported that PC Canning has
   informed him that patrols of the area have been carried out, and that traffic appeared to slow on seeing police
   vehicle as expected. Further speed checks will be done on an ongoing basis. Also PC Stewart MacKenzie will
   be going into the school to do some road safety work with the pupils.

5. A863 opposite the Sligachan Hotel car park: Further to local concerns regarding tourists stopping on the road at
   this location, PC Canning has informed the CC that incident no NP11440/12 has been logged re reports of coaches
   and other vehicles blocking A863 road. Patrols have been carried out and vehicles will be asked to move where
   appropriate. Coach companies Highland Experience and Kontiki have been told not to park in that area. Patrols will
   continue. Highland Experience advises their coach had broken down and was awaiting a mechanic.

6. Speed of traffic through Fernilea: PC Canning has informed the CC that speed checks/safety checks were carried
   out w/b 22/10/12. He has been in touch with TECs re road signs and will advise on the outcome when they get back
   to him.

7. Start of single-track road at Drynoch: TECS has promised to replace the small road narrows warning sign with a
   larger size. PC Canning has bike safety leaflets and young driver leaflets, and is waiting for foreign driver leaflets,
   and will send them to the CC. Also he has been in touch with TECS re extra signs and is awaiting their response.

8. Community Policing: The CC noted the very helpful contributions from PC David Canning to various community
   policing matters.

9. Village Officers Funding: Further to the £250 allocated to Minginish for environmental projects, David Oliver
   reported that £110 has been paid to Tina for work carried out around the bench adjacent to the pitch in Carbost –
   pruning, tidying and mowing the grass. It was agreed that the £50 for spraying the core path behind the school
   should be taken from this allocation as well.

10. Local Community Tidy-up Team: The CC decided it would be best to discuss this at the special CC meeting
    focussing on roads and signage issues next February.

11. Ward Forums: The first new-style Forum will took place on the 29 October in Portree. Jesse Donaldson went to the
    meeting as the Minginish CC representative. The main topics were National Single Police Service and the National
    Single Fire & Rescue Service. Jesse said the presentations and discussions were about maintaining front line
    services while facing budget cuts.
12. Proposed new car park at the road end in Glenbrittle: A new car park is meant to be a condition of the
    campsite development. Jim Towers reported that Mark Harvey had emailed him to say that he has been actively
    pursuing Dunvegan (Castle) about resolving this breach of planning control and was hoping to have a meeting
    on site with the Executive Director of the Estate (date of meeting still to be confirmed but hopefully within the
    next couple of weeks).

13. Newsletter: Articles about the Pier, Community Policing, the war memorial, the WRI, the fuel ring, broadband
    surveys, tree planting and proposals for the Carbost playpark were allocated to CC members.

14. Broadband issues: David Oliver reported that some satellite broadband work had been carried out but the survey
    equipment then packed up. More survey work will be done on the 8 November. David said the satellite broadband
    speed was very good. Costs it seems would be about £25/month and a one-off fee of some £200 for admin /set up.

ITEM IV – Carbost Village Tidy Up
15. Village entry signs will be discussed at the special CC meeting focussing on roads and signage issues next
    February. It was agreed that an overall sign strategy is required for the area.

16. There is a demand for more barrels for planting flowers in. David Oliver will write to Diageo to request some barrels.
17. 2014 will be the 100 anniversary of the start of the First World War. David Oliver said that he has been trying to
    find out from Highland Council what works they intend to carry out on war memorials across the Highland area.
    It seems that there are insufficient funds for what it would like to do. Liz Cowie is trying to get information on the
    Minginish memorial for David. The CC agreed that there are 2 things it has to consider. 1. In the short term, the
    war memorial needs some maintenance work, and 2. In the longer term it would be best to fence off an area of
    land around the memorial to prevent possible damage by grazing animals.

    Further to maintenance work to the memorial, David Oliver will get someone to do an assessment of what work
    is required.

    Further to fencing off some land around the memorial, it seems that the Department of Agriculture in Portree do
    not want to get involved in land issues with the Grazing Committee. The CC agreed that any approaches about
    land around the memorial should be through the Carbost Mor Grazing Committee. Jesse Donaldson will have a
    word with Donnie Ross to find out who the Grazing’s Clerk is.

ITEM V - Senior Citizens Party Wed 12 December
18. Cathie MacLeod and Jesse Donaldson have kindly offered to organize the party. There will be a soup and
    pudding lunch. Jesse said that the Old Inn and Taigh Allean will be asked to donate a pot of soup. The Hall is
    booked. The School will confirm that the pupils will put on a concert after a staff meeting Tues 30 Oct.

ITEM VI - Remembrance Sunday
19. Remembrance will be at 10.45 am, Sunday 11 Nov, at the war memorial. David Oliver will get a notice into
    Criomagan in the WHFP. David is still trying to confirm musicians for the day. Crosses are available in the Stop

ITEM VII - Community Works
20. General: Jim Towers said that he had had an email from Billy Nicolson on the 26 Oct with brief updates.

21. Fiscavaig Road road safety improvements: TECS still say it will do the “Slow” paint marking on the road by
    number 25 Fiscavaig in spring 2013.

22. Road sign at the Talisker/Eynort junction: TECS says it is on the to-do list.

23. Road Layout by HA houses in Carbost: Start date for this will be beginning of 2013.

24. Footpath/Footway, Distillery Brae, West side of Carbost Village: The Primary School is working on a School
    Travel Plan, and this will include concerns about parents walking children to school up and down the Brae.

25. Trees at Harport Cottages: TECS is trying to get a tree specialist to determine what is best. Billy Nicolson says
    photos of the trees have been sent to Nick Richards @ HQ.
26. Play Park, Carbost: TECS has emailed a price of £27,400 for supply and installation of play equipment. Jim Towers
    to liaise with Douglas Miles and parents.

27. White Lining A863 by Drynoch: The CC has particular road safety concerns about the absence of white lines at
    the Drynoch junction. TECS says this is being organised.

ITEM VIII – Treasurer’s Report / Bids for Funding
28. David Oliver presented a financial statement showing a balance of £1,403.13 in CC funds. £600 has now been
    set aside for the War Memorial and £200 for the next Senior Citizen’s party, and so the useable balance is
    £603.13. The report was accepted by the CC.

29. There were no bids for funding from the community.

ITEM IX - Representations from the Community
30. There has been a representation regarding the dangerous condition of the parapets on the bridge on the Eynort
    road 400m south of the Talisker road junction. TECS says the bridge has been inspected, and post and rail barriers
    will be constructed.

31. There has been a representation regarding the number of containers in McQueen's yard at Crossal, and whether
    MacQueen’s has planning approval for them. This was not considered to be the business of the CC.

ITEM X – Local Planning Applications
32. There were no comments to note on local planning applications.

33. Portnalong Graveyard: Jim Towers will invite Don Smith of TECS to attend a future meeting of the CC to talk
    about the maintenance of the graveyards and grass cutting. TECS says some work will be done to the paths to
    the cemeteries during the winter months.

34. Highland Council Quality Awards 2012: The CC nominated the local Care at Home team for these awards.
    The nomination was not successful.

35. Highland Council Community Council Insurance: David Oliver filled in an application form for insurance to
    comply with new legislation whereby the insurers, Zurich Municipal, must hold a record of customers details.

36. Late bus pass for High School pupils: Concerns were again expressed that High School pupils in Minginish
    were no longer getting free passes for the late bus home. It was agreed that the CC should write a letter to the
    Councillors rather than the High School, with copies to the school, Norma Young and David Summers.

37. MCTA trees available for planting: The MCTA has silver birch, wild cherry, rowan trees and one royal oak
    sapling available for planting. Some will be planted by the Community Hall, and the MCTA is looking for
    suggestions as to where others can be planted. The black house area at Carbostmore was suggested but
    rejected because of sheep on the common grazing. The CC suggested that the car parking areas by the
    cemeteries at Carbost and Portnalong would be a good place to plant them.

38. Beach Clean, Talisker: Jim Towers said that he had had an email from the Highland Council Ranger Service
    asking whether the CC would take part in a beach clean at Talisker 21 Sept 2013 together with Surfers against
    Sewage. The CC agreed that it would be happy to do this. The CC also hopes to again do other beach cleans
    next summer with The Ranger Service and Portree High School.

39. SLCVO AGM: SLCVO has invited the CC to its AGM Tues 6 Nov in Portree. Jim Towers will represent the CC.

40. Correspondence:
     Consultation from S&S Energy “Innovating for a greener and more efficient future”. No comments made,
     Letter from Highland Senior Citizens Network, looking to engage with older people in the community through
       the CC. Jim Towers will examine further.

ITEM XII - Next meeting
41. Monday 26 November 2012 at 7.30pm in the Church of Scotland Hall, Fernilea.

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