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					                                                                                                                     Volume 15, No. 03, Page 1

                                                                                                                                       March 2011

                                                                                JESUS CHRIST IS THE LIGHT
                                                                                              OF THE WORLD
                                                             “Jesus Christ, you are the light of            Our mid-week Lenten worship ser-
                                                    the world; the light no darkness can           vice is full of images of Jesus of being the
                                                                                                   light that scatters the darkness. We gather
                                                    overcome.” So begins our Holden Eve-
                                                                                                   to hear these words of comfort and to en-
                                                    ning Prayer service which will be held         courage others to gather to hear these
                                                    Wednesday evenings in Lent (see news-          words.
                                                    letter cover). This is an appropriate                   Because even if we are going
                                                                                                   through a sunny spell, even though every-
                                                    message as the light and warmth of spring
                                                                                                   thing is going right in our world, can we
                                                    comes upon us. Yet we know that even
                                                                                                   ever be too happy? Why not celebrate the
                                                    when the day is sunny and bright our lives     light in those good times and cling to the

                                                    may not always feel that way.                  light of Christ in the challenging times.
                                                                                                   Why not be reminded about the light of
                                 Good News Letter

                                                             We all have moments of glorious
                                                                                                   Christ each week during Lent as we cele-
                                                    “sunny” days and times when we feel
                                                                                                   brate the coming light of spring.
                                                    enveloped in “darkness”. There are times
                                                    of great joy for us in our personal and
                                                    professional lives when we feel so happy
                                                                                                   Pastor Jim

                                                    we can’t help smiling.

                                                             And each one of us also have had                Inside This Issue
                                                                                                   Pastor’s Letter                              1
                                                    moments when tragedy has struck, when
                                                                                                   Church Council, Committee                   2
                                                    we have felt helpless to change our
                                                                                                   Chairpersons, Birthdays, Book Group
                                                    situation or that of people we love dearly.    Christian Education, Church Camp            3

                                                    It is in these moments that we need to see     Finance, Food Closet. Gift Cards,           4

                                                    the light, to “put on the armor of             Library
                                                                                                   Movie Group, Shut-ins                       5
                                                    light” (Romans 13:12) for ourselves and
                                                    for others who currently reside in a dark      Prayer Requests, Thank you                  6

                                                                                                   Property, Worship & Music                   7-8
                                                                                                   Calendar, Schedule                         9-10
                                                                                                   Prayer Ventures                            11-12
                                                                                                   Youth                                      cover
                                                                                Volume 15, No. 03, Page 2
          CHURCH COUNCIL                                            COMMITTEE
                   January 18, 2011                                CHAIRPERSONS
Treasurer’s Report: Filed for audit.                   Christian Ed. Stephanie Kusmierski (318-5445)

Pastor’s Report: Request to carry over one week of     Endowment Doug Boyer (741-4851)

unused continuing education along with remaining       Evangelism Al Myers (741-2347)
budget balance - approved. Retreat center ownership    Fellowship Jeanne Hineline (747-8905)
will be thirty years in 2011.
                                                       Finance Dean Henry (854-9840)
Committee Reports: Food Closet - proposed draw-
                                                       Property Ed Druck (741-0419)
ing presented. Stewardship - working on Consecration
                                                       Strawberry Festival Gloria Rudacille (741-4148)
Sunday. Joan Caruso will chair the event. Property -
                                                       Mutual Ministry, Stewardship, Worship & Music
some of the copper downspouts have been stolen. Re-
ports filed with police and insurance.                                  BIRTHDAYS
Old Business: Food Closet proposal thoroughly dis-                             March
                                                       Dorothy Bozart                March 3
                                                       Stephanie Kusmierski          March 4
New Business: 2010 budget surplus will be returned     Kelly Miller                  March 4
to the Emory Grove account.                            Chase Gundel                  March 7
                                                       Roger DiBiase                 March 7
Announcements: A second mailing will be sent to
                                                   Alyssa Kusmierski                 March 12
the troops with remaining monies donated. March 20,Rebecca Snider                    March 12
2011 will be Daffodil Sunday. Endowment funds con- Kelly Green                       March 13
                                                   Judith Bergdoll                   March 14
tinue to grow.                                     Yvonne Holtzapple                 March 14
Next meeting: February 15, 2011                    Jamie Fitzkee                     March 14
                                                   Dorothy Kohler                    March 19
           2011 CHURCH COUNCIL                     Joan Caruso                       March 22
President: Danna Drescher (246-9302)               Loretta Ladd                      March 23
                                                   Elsie Seeger                      March 24
Vice President: Bill Stone (417-6580)
                                                   Sarah Boyer                       March 25
Treasurer: Bob Quickel (757-2872)
                                                   Nicole Caruso                     March 26
Secretary: Stephanie Kusmierski (318-5445)         Rebecca Polanzke                  March 26
Members: Charlotte Bergdoll (968-3625), Laura      Lorraine Miller                   March 27

DiBiase (747-0435), Joyce Fengfish (741-1560),                       BOOK GROUP
Curtis Ferree (741-0444), Kelly Miller (747-0165),     Book Group meets the second Tuesday of each month
Raymond Rudacille (741-4148), Robin Stump              in the church library at 9:30 am. The next meeting is
                                                       scheduled for March 8 to discuss “Though Waters
(244-4620), Adam Titter (812-0640), Pastor Jim
                                                       Roar” by Lynn Austin. Call Mae Myers
741-4639 (Office) or 757-1917 (Home)                   (741-2347) with any questions.
                                                                                      Volume 15, No. 03, Page 3

If we need to cancel or delay events, the informa-
tion will be available on Unfortu-
nately, they will not guarantee that it will appear
on the TV station.
The church’s answering (741-4639) will also have             Remember to turn your clocks ahead
the information available.                                       Sunday, March 13, 2011!
Also, all available council members will know the
status.                                                                CHURCH CAMP
                                                                           Directors Needed
    CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                                 The church is in need of two or three people to be the
      The Wired Word Sunday School Class                coordinators for church camp. Coordinators choose the
The Wired Word is an adult and high school Sun-         dates and format for church camp. Many materials and
day school curriculum with weekly lessons that          resources have been collected over the past twenty years
confront the news with Scripture and hope. The          and are stored at the church. Help and advice are avail-
topic is e-mailed to class members on Thursdays so      able for planning from former church camp coordinators

those who wish to can prepare for discussion.           and helpers. Registration forms and other information
                                                        sheets are available on disc or via e-mail. All you have
Some recent topics that were studied are: Church
                                                        to do is change the dates. Also church members have
Boosts Attendance by Giving Millions in Prizes,
                                                        always been very supportive in volunteering to be daily
Florida Pastor Threatens to Burn Quran, Elderly
                                                        helpers. Please consider volunteering so that the
Sisters Split Over Lottery Jackpot, Haitian Tent
                                                        children of our church and their friends can experience
Cities Becoming Like Real Cities. Each lesson           the joys of God’s world in a loving and supportive envi-
uses Biblical references to help the group focus on     ronment. Contact the church office or see Jean Quickel
the issue through a Christian perspective. The class    (757-2872).
uses a discussion format with one of the members
functioning as a facilitator, using the guide that is                     DIRECTORY
                                                        Be sure to notify the church office if your address and/or
provided. It meets downstairs.
                                                        phone number changes.
                  Bible Study Class

This class focuses on studying different books of
                                                               FACILITIES CALENDAR
the Bible. Al Myers is the teacher and uses various
                                                        There is a calendar in the church office to be used by
formats to bring meaning to and understanding of
                                                        each committee as it sponsors an event. The event(s)
the Bible. This class is currently studying 1 Corin-
                                                        should be listed on the calendar under the room(s) that
thians. The class meets in the library located in the
                                                        will be used for the event.
upstairs social hall.
                                                                                Volume 15, No. 03, Page 4
      FINANCE COMMITTEE                                     GIFT CARD FUNDRAISER
January: January 2 - 68 January 9 - 84 January 16 - The youth will be selling gift cards for Giant and
91 January 23 - 91 January 30 - 80
                                                       Shurfine as a way to raise funds for the next youth
    Automated Giving Program: Simply Giving
                                                       gathering in 2012 and other events to further the youth
Simply Giving offers a simple way for you to act on a
                                                       ministry. Cards can be purchased by cash or check
profound choice. By participating in this program, you
                                                       each week during coffee hour. The youth will be tak-
can use electronic funds transfer (EFT) to give your
                                                       ing turns selling cards. Your support is appreciated.
weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly financial gifts to
                                                       A portion of the gift cards you use for groceries will
Christ Lutheran Church of Spry.
                                                       be compiled into a fund to help pay for their trips and
Sign up by completing the Member Authorization         functions. Contact Roger DiBiase (747-0435) with
Form available at each entrance and in the church       any questions.
office. Then, return the completed form to the church                Gift Card Seller Schedule:
office or to Bob Quickel, Treasurer.                    03/06 Tony DiBiase           03/13 Ian Paules
Let Simply Giving help you build better stewardship     03/20 Jared Pepper           03/27 Jason Pepper
by turning a simple choice into a generous response.    04/03 Ryan Snider            04/10 Emily Thomas

If you have any questions, please call Bob Quickel

(757-2872) Treasurer or the church office (741-4639).

                   Budget Update                                           LIBRARY
Our monthly income needed to meet our budget is         The following DVDs have been added to the library
$15,108.00. In January our actual income was
$16,664.80 and our expenses were $12,134.16. Our        You Belong to Me      (Mary Higgins Clark Mystery)
income exceeded our expenses by $4,530.64. Please             95 minutes      PG13
remember to mail your offering if you do not make it
                                                        Jesus   (From the Bible Stories Series starring Debra
to church.                                              Messing & Jacqueline Bisset)        176 minutes

              FOOD CLOSET                               The Solosist (Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr.)
If you can donate any of the items from the list below,              116 minutes        PG13
please mark the bag “Food Closet” and place it in the Last Chance Harvey (Dustin Hoffman & Emma
church. Dale Slenker (741-2871) can be contacted        Thompson)          93 minutes   PG
with any questions.
     FOOD CLOSET GROCERY LIST                           At First Sight        (Val Kilmer & Mira Sorvino)
                                                                129 minutes          PG13
____ Beef Stew       ____ Jelly
_____ Canned Meat (SPAM, TREET, etc)                    Baby for Sale (A Lifetime Movie with Dana Delany)
                                                               89 minutes    Not Rated
                                                                                     Volume 15, No. 03, Page 5

             MOVIE GROUP                                              PRAYER VENTURES
The movie group will meet on March 20 at 4:00 PM           Prayer Ventures can be obtained through the elca
in the home of Jean Quickel (757-2872) to view “The        website:
Other Side of Heaven”. A Walt Disney Home Enter-
                                                           When viewing the newsletter on the website or in
tainment epic adventure starring Anne Hathaway and
                                                           email, Prayer Ventures will not be included.
Christopher Gorham. When 19-year-old John
                                                           However; Prayer Ventures is easily obtained through
Groberg (Gorham) is sent on a three-year mission to
                                                           the above elca website.
Tonga, he has no idea what he's getting into. Just get-
ting to Tonga is fraught with danger and unbelievable                        SHUT-INS
obstacles. Once there, he finds himself in the midst of                           March
                                                           Helen Bair            Birthday: September 25
a culture as remote to him as the island is to his Idaho
                                                           1920 Trolley Road, Room 105
Falls home. Not understanding the language, and
                                                           York, PA 17404
lonely for his fiancee Jean (Hathaway), John faces
suspicion, distrust, typhoons, tidal waves, mosqui-
                                                           Kathryn Garrett       Birthday: November 6
toes, and other perils of man and nature as he reaches
                                                           2321 Freedom Way, Room 136
out to the people of Tonga. Filled with adventure,
                                                           York, PA 17402
breathtaking scenery, and humor, this is a coming-of-
age film your whole family will enjoy.
                                                           Lois Jay              Birthday: May 19
                                                           1801 Folkemer Circle, Room 105
                                                           York, PA 17404
The newsletter is available electronically on our web-     Kathleen Leathery Birthday: October 6

site at or request an emailed copy by       York County Nursing Home

emailing the church at             118 Pleasant Acres Rd., Rm 130

Paper copies will be available for pick up in the          York, PA 17402

narthex. For those who are unable to pick one up at
                                                           Mae Lightner          Birthday: September 2
the church or download one from the internet, contact
                                                           110 Kreidler Avenue
the church office (741-4639) for other options.
                                                           York, PA 17402-4925
Please have information you would like included in
the April newsletter to the church office by March 15.
                                                           Helena Weitkamp       Birthday: April 29
If there is information you would like to have put on      The Haven at Springwood
the website (, email the information to     2321 Freedom Way, Room 235
the church office:                 York, PA 17402
                                                                                 Volume 15, No. 03, Page 6

         PRAYER REQUESTS                                      PRAYER REQUESTS continued
                      Additions:                          Call the Church Office at 717 741-4639 when:
Morgan Bond, friend of Robin and Ray Stump,               •  A member of your family or a church friend is
diagnosed with a seizure disorder.                        admitted to the hospital (so that visits can be made
                      Members                             and the proper people notified)
The family of Robert K. Boyer. Bob died January           •  There is a change to either your name, home or
13, 2011.
                                                          work phone number, e-mail or address (so that the
                Friends and Family
                                                          church records and directory can be changed)
Patty Carpenter, friend of Robin Stump, is battling
                                                          •   A new baby arrives in your family
numerous health issues.
                                                          • A member of your household leaves for college
Warren Foster, brother of Jeanne Hineline,
                                                          or establishes a new residence
continues to battle cancer.
                                                          •  You desire to join Christ Lutheran or are planning
Gene Herchelrath, friend of Lori Abel, has terminal       a wedding or baptism
                                                          •   There is a death
Dayne Prall - a marine deployed to Afghanistan.
                                                          •   Upcoming surgery
William Swartz, Jr., friend of Charlotte Bergdoll, is
                                                          •   You would like Pastor Jim to visit
battling cancer.
                                                          If not during regular business hours, call
To have prayer requests included in the newsletter,       Pastor Jim at 717 757-1917 when:
please provide the information on the Welcome Sheet       •   A member is hospitalized in an emergency
inserted into the weekly bulletin or
                                                          •   A death occurs
call the church office (741-4639).
Prior to including names on our prayer lists, it is re-                   THANK YOU
quired that you receive the person’s permission.          Thank you to everyone who participated in Souper
                                                          Bowl Sunday. More than 290 cans and $481 were
Those added to the prayer list will be removed after
                                                          collected! In addition to our collection, we received
three months, unless asked to be placed on the list
                                                          over 100 cans from the Souper Bowl Sunday held by
again or updates are added. They will however
                                                          Luther Memorial Church.
remain in our hearts & personal prayers.

     WELLSPAN eGREETING                                   I would like to thank everyone for the prayers, cards,
If you know of a church member, family member or          visits and phone calls during my recent surgery.
friend who is a patient at the York or Gettysburg         Thanks, also, to Pastor Jim for his prayers and the sup-
Hospitals WellSpan offers a free service to deliver a
personal message on select stationary. These greet-       port he gave our family. Jo Ann also would like to
ings may be sent on “Thinking Of You” “Get Well           thank everyone for their prayers and support.   Dean
Soon”, or “New Baby” stationary. It is a nice way to
let others know that you care. Simply go to               and Jo Ann Henry for details.
                                                                                     Volume 15, No. 03, Page 7

                                                                     SOLDIER MAILING
                                                                        Afghanistan Troop Update
                                                           With additional money received from Thrivent at the
                                                           end of 2010, another shipment of supplies was sent to
                                                           Sean and his soldiers.
                                                           On January 25, 2011 Donna Fulton and Danna
                                                           Drescher packed and sent seven additional packages
                                                           including personal items and snacks, which were pur-
                                                           chased with those funds.
                                                           Your individual help in this effort is truly appreciated
                                                           as noted in e-mails from Sean. The address remains
                                                           the same should you care to send cards and/or pack-
                                                           ages on an individual basis.

                                                           SFC Sean Thaler
                                                           D Co 3rd Battalion, 4th CAB
                                                           TF Comanche
     PROPERTY COMMITTEE                                    FOB Shindand, APO AE 09382
Reserve the church’s Camp Myers Retreat Center for
your family reunion, picnic, group meetings, etc.
                                                           In late April another group effort is being planned;
Call the church office (741-4639) to check availability,   hopefully with your cooperation, proceeds from a
reserve the facilities or with any questions.              sandwich sale, and other Thrivent matching funds.
An application for reserving Camp Myers is on the          Stay tuned as we continue this service project.
following page for your convenience.
                                                                  WORSHIP AND MUSIC
        From Christ, Spry, North 83 to                                        Lenten Breakfasts
        U.S. 30 West, right on North 74
        through Dover, to Mockingbird                      Please join us Saturdays, March12th at 8:00 am in the
        Road (which is 5 miles from Do-                    social hall for a Lenten breakfast prepared by the men
        ver square), right on to Mock-
        ingbird Road. Retreat Center is                    and Saturday, April 16th at 8:00 am for a breakfast
        at end of dead-end road on left.
                   -or-                                    prepared by the youth and their families.
                                                                        Mid-week worship Services
        North on 83 to Newberrytown
        Exit.                                              Please join us during this solemn season of Lent for
        Turn left on to Route 382, go to
        blinking signal light, turn left                   mid-week worship with Holden Evening Prayer. This
        on to Route 177, go to signal                      wonderful worship experience is both brief and beauti-
        light in
        Roville. Turn left, go 1/4 mile                    ful. It reminds us, especially in the darkness of winter,
        to Mockingbird Road, turn left.                    that Jesus is the light of the world.
        Retreat Center is at end of
        dead-end road on left.
                                                           We will gather at 7:00 PM on the following Wednes-
        Watch for signs.
                                                           days: March 16, 23, 30 and April 6, 13. Come and lift
                                                           your voices in praise for all that God has done through
                                                           our Savior Jesus Christ.
                                                                       Volume 15, No. 03, Page 8

                              PROPERTY COMMITTEE
                                  Retreat Center Application
                            CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH OF SPRY
                                  2385 S. QUEEN STREET
                                      YORK, PA 17402
           PHONE: 741-4639           FAX: 741-4630
RETREAT CENTER                  MOCKINGBIRD ROAD                 ROSSVILLE, PA (PHONE: 292-9364)


CHURCH/ORGANIZATION/PERSON IN CAHRGE      ____________________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER OF PERSON IN CHARGE      ________________________________


       2. No open fires, use fireplaces only (no fires on windy days.)
       3. Report any damage immediately after use.
       4. Overnight participants are limited to twenty persons or less. If over 20,
          please call the church office (741-4639) for permission.
       5. No cutting or damaging of trees.
       6. Please vacuum/sweep floors before leaving, including bathrooms.
       7. Please clean toilet bowls and sinks before leaving.
       8. Please take all garbage with you.
       9. Upon leaving: lock all doors, close all windows, put chain across driveway.
       10. Special permission needed to use facility if not a church organization or
           scouting group.
       11. Please respect neighbors in house across street and planted pine trees to the
           rear of the property.
       12. Non-members – please supply your own paper products, except toilet paper.

(I), (We) hereby agree to all regulations.

                                             Signature: Person in charge

                                           Print: Church or Organization

                   Suggested donations for non-member use of facility:
      Day use only………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..$ 65.00
      Overnight ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..$125.00
          NOTE: (Donations by members appreciated to help defray utility costs.)
                                                                               Volume 15, No. 03, Page 10

                      WORSHIP ASSISTANTS FOR MARCH
   If you are unable to serve on the Sunday assigned to you, please trade days with someone else or find a
                substitute and notify the church office (741-4639) with the corrected schedule.

  Date      Acolyte       Altar       Children’s    Communion         Nursery        Reader        Ushers
                          Guild        Church        Assistants      Assistants

03-06        Emily        Elaine        Heidi          Danna           Kelly          Roger
            Thomas       Trimmer        Snider        Drescher,       Green,         DiBiase
                                                    JoAnn Henry,
                                                     Bob Quickel

03-09                     Cindy                                                                    Church
Ash                       Druck                                                                    Council

03-13        Emily       Darlene         Erin         Marlyn           Doris           Al
            DiBiase      Winters         Titter       Geesey,         Geesey,         Myers
                                                    David Miller,     Jeanne
                                                    Adam Titter       Hineline
03-20         Ian         Vickie         Kelly      Doris Geesey,       Judy           Bill
             Paules        Dill         Pepper       Raymond            Hess          Paules
                                                     Bill Stone
03-27         Liz        Laura/         Carolyn     Kathy Henry,      Andrea          David
            DiBiase       Roger         Beeler      Heidi Snider,     Anstine,        Miller
                         DiBiase                    Ryan Snider        Helen
04-03         Jared       Cindy         Heidi          Danna           Kelly
             Pepper       Druck         Snider        Drescher,       Green,
                                                    JoAnn Henry,
                                                     Bob Quickel
Communion Assistants: If you have any questions regarding           Chancel Choir Wednesdays at 7:00 PM
the communion assistant schedule, or if you need to make any
changes to the schedule, please contact Mae Myers (741-2347).       Chancel Chimes Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Substitute Children’s Church Leaders: Andrea Anstine                Children’s Choir Mondays at 5:00 PM
741-3911, Jean Quickel 757-2872                                      Contact Darlene Winters (741-2979)
Substitute Nursery Helpers: Judith Hess 428-2740,                            with any questions.
Barb Mount 741-9164, Jeanne Hineline 747-8905
                                                     NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION
2385 South Queen Street                              US POSTAGE PAID, PERMIT #13
York, PA 17402                                       DALLASTOWN, PA 17313

717 741-4639                                             Return Service Requested

March 9th                 Noon & 7:00 PM Ash Wednesday Worship
March 12th                8:00 am Lenten Breakfast
March 16th, 23rd, 30th    7:00 PM Lenten Worship
                          Holden Evening Prayer
March 20th                10:00 am Daffodil Sunday

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