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					                        US and PRC Contact Information
                                                     The US-China Business Council
OFFICERS                                            The Honorable Barbara Hackman Franklin,           Michael D. White, Chairman and CEO,
Chair: Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman and CEO,           President and CEO, Barbara Franklin              PepsiCo International; Vice Chairman,
 The Dow Chemical Co.                                 Enterprises                                      PepsiCo, PepsiCo, Inc.
Vice Chairs: Muhtar Kent, President and             John J. Haley, President, CEO, and
 CEO, The Coca-Cola Co.; Edward L.                    Chairman, Watson Wyatt Worldwide                WASHINGTON OFFICE
 Monser, COO, Emerson                               Richard E. Hanson, Executive Vice President       President: John Frisbie
Secretary-Treasurer: Keith E. Williams,               and COO, Weyerhaeuser Co.                       Vice President: Erin Ennis
 President and CEO, Underwriters                    Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs, Chairman of the            Director, Membership Services:
 Laboratories Inc.                                    Board, QUALCOMM Inc.                              E. Palmer Golson
Counsel: Andrew W. Shoyer, Partner,                 Richard P. Lavin, Group President and             Director, Programs: Gloria González-Micklin
 Sidley Austin LLP                                    Executive Office Member, Caterpillar Inc.       Director, Management and Budget:
President: John Frisbie                             Roberta Lipson, President and CEO,                  Richard L. Peterman
                                                      Chindex International, Inc.                     Director, Business Advisory Services:
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                  Tom Lynch, CEO, Tyco Electronics                    Julie M. Walton
Stephen Angel, Chairman, President,                 Robert A. McDonald, COO,                          1818 N Street, NW, Suite 200
 and CEO, Praxair, Inc.                               The Procter & Gamble Co.                        Washington, DC 20036-2470
Gregory Q. Brown, President and CEO,                W. James McNerney, Jr., Chairman,                 Tel: 202-429-0340 Fax: 202-775-2476
 Motorola, Inc.                                       President, and CEO, The Boeing Co.              E-mail:
Dan Brutto, President, UPS International            John Parker, Executive Vice President,  
George W. Buckley, Chairman, President,               Asia Pacific and Africa, Ford Motor Co.
 and CEO, 3M Co.                                    Christine A. Poon, Vice Chairman,                 BEIJING OFFICE
Michael R. Cannon, President,                         Board of Directors; Worldwide Chairman,         Vice President, China Operations:
 Global Operations, Dell Inc.                         Pharmaceuticals Group; Member,                    Robert W. Poole
William S. Cohen, Chairman and CEO,                   Executive Committee, Johnson & Johnson          CITIC Building, Suite 10-01
 The Cohen Group                                    David W. Raisbeck, Vice Chairman, Cargill, Inc.   19 Jianguomenwai Dajie
David Constable, Group President,                   William R. Rhodes, Senior Vice Chairman,          Beijing 100004
 Fluor Corp.                                          Citigroup Inc.; Chairman, President,            Tel: 86-10-6592-0727 Fax: 86-10-6512-5854
Michael J. Dolan, Senior Vice President,              and CEO, Citibank N.A., Citi                    E-mail:
 Exxon Mobil Corp.                                  John G. Rice, Vice Chairman,
William N. Dudley, President and COO,                 General Electric Co.                            SHANGHAI OFFICE
 Bechtel Group, Inc.                                Deven Sharma, President,                          Chief Representative, Shanghai:
Michael T. Duke, Vice Chairman,                       Standard and Poor’s                               Godfrey Firth
 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.                              Patrick T. Stokes, Chairman of the Board,         1701 Beijing West Road, Room 1301
John D. Finnegan, Chairman, President,                Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.                  Shanghai 200040
 and CEO, The Chubb Corp.                           Steve Van Andel, Chairman, Amway                  Tel: 86-21-6288-3840 Fax: 86-21-6288-3841

                                                     US Government Offices in China
EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES                        CHENGDU CONSULATE GENERAL                         Commercial Section
Ambassador: Clark T. Randt Jr.                      Consul General: James A. Boughner                 Foreign Commercial Service Chief:
Deputy Chief of Mission: Dan Piccuta                Economic/Political Officer: David Cowhig            Ireas Cook
Agricultural Counselor: William Westman             4 Lingshiguan Lu                                  China Hotel Office Tower, 14/F
3 Xiu Shui Bei Jie                                  Chengdu, Sichuan 610041                           Liuhua Lu
Beijing 100600                                      Tel: 86-28-8558-3992 Fax: 86-28-8558-3520         Guangzhou, Guangdong 510015
Tel: 86-10-6532-3831 Fax: 86-10-6532-6929           E-mail:                 Tel: 86-20-8667-4011 Fax: 86-20-8666-6409      
Economic Section                                    Commercial Section                                Agricultural Section
Counselor for Economic Affairs: Robert Luke         Commercial Officer: Eric Wolff                    Foreign Agricultural Service Chief:
Fax: 86-10-6532-6422                                Tel: 86-28-8558-3992 Fax: 86-28-8558-9221           Joani Dong
Visa Section                                        E-mail:           China Hotel Office Tower 14/F
Visa Counselor: Linda L. Donahue                        Liuhua Lu
Tel: 86-21-6532-3431 Fax: 86-10-6532-3178                                                             Guangzhou, Guangdong 510015
Commercial Section                                  GUANGZHOU CONSULATE GENERAL                       Tel: 86-20-8667-7553 Fax: 86-20-8666-0703
Commercial Counselor: Brekke William                Consul General: Robert Goldberg                   E-mail:
31st Floor, North Tower                             Economic/Political Section Chief:       
Beijing Kerry Center                                  Stephan Lang                                      =110703
1 Guanghua Lu                                       1 Shamian Nanjie
Beijing 100020                                      Guangzhou, Guangdong 510133                       HONG KONG AND
Tel: 86-10-8529-6655                                Tel: 86-20-8121-8000 Fax: 86-20-8121-9001         MACAO CONSULATE GENERAL
Fax: 86-10-8529-6558/6559                           Consul General: Joseph R. Donovan, Jr.
E-mail:                                                               Deputy Consul General: Christopher Marut

40 September–October 2008
                       US and PRC Contact Information
Economic/Political Section Chief:            SHANGHAI CONSULATE GENERAL                    Tel: 86-21-6279-7630 Fax: 86-21-6279-7639
  Laurent Charbonnet                         Consul General: Bea Camp                      E-mail:
26 Garden Road                               Political/Economic Officer: Chris Beede
Central, Hong Kong                           1469 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Tel: 852-2523-9011 Fax: 852-2845-1598        Shanghai 200031                               SHENYANG CONSULATE GENERAL             Tel: 86-21-6433-6880 Fax: 86-21-6433-4122     Consul General: Stephan Wickman
Commercial Section                         Political/Economic Officer: Brian Gibel
Chief Commercial Consul: Stewart Ballard     Agricultural Section                          52, 14th Wei Lu
Tel: 852-2521-1467 Fax: 852-2845-9800        Director: Wayne Batwin                        Shenyang, Liaoning 110003
E-mail:    Shanghai Center, Suite 331 E                  Tel: 86-24-2322-1198 Fax: 86-24-2322-2374                  1376 Nanjing Xilu                   
Agricultural Section                         Shanghai 200040                               Agricultural Trade Office:
Foreign Agricultural Affairs Chief:          Tel: 86-21-6279-8622 Fax: 86-21-6279-8336       James Butterworth
  Philip A. Shull                            E-mail:              Fax: 86-24-2322-1942
18 St. John’s Building                       Commercial Section                            Foreign Commercial Service: Pai Yasue
33 Garden Road                               Principal Commercial Officer:                 Tel: 86-24-2322-1303 Fax: 86-24-2322-2206
Central, Hong Kong                             David Gossack                               E-mail:
Tel: 852-2841-2350 Fax: 852-2845-0943        Shanghai Center, Suite 631 E        
E-mail:                 1376 Nanjing Xilu                     Shanghai 200040

                                        PRC Government Offices in the United States
PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA                   Consul General: Qiao Hong                     Consul General: Gao Zhansheng
Ambassador: Zhou Wenzhong                    3417 Montrose Boulevard                       1450 Laguna Street
Deputy Chief of Mission: Xie Feng            Houston, TX 77006                             San Francisco, CA 94115
2300 Connecticut Avenue, NW                  Tel: 713-520-1462 Fax: 713-521-3064           Tel: 415-674-2905 Fax: 415-292-6523
Washington, DC 20008                               
Tel: 202-328-2500 Fax: 202-328-2582          Economic/Commercial Consul:                   Commercial Section                     Yao Wenliang                                Economic/Commercial Consul: Tian Deyou
Commercial Section                           Fax: 713-520-9581                             Tel: 415-674-2949 Fax: 415-563-0131
Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs:   Visa Section                        
  Dai Yunlou                                 Tel: 713-524-0780 Fax: 713-524-7656           Visa Section
2133 Wisconsin Avenue, NW                    E-mail:                 Tel: 415-674-2940 Fax: 415-563-4861
Washington, DC 20007                                                                       E-mail:
Tel: 202-625-3380 Fax: 202-337-5845          LOS ANGELES CONSULATE GENERAL
Visa Section                                 Consul General: Zhang Yun                     HONG KONG
2201 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Room 110          443 Shatto Place                              ECONOMIC AND TRADE OFFICES
Washington, DC 20007                         Los Angeles, CA 90020
Tel: 202-338-6688 Fax: 202-588-9760          Tel: 213-807-8088 Fax: 213-807-8091           WASHINGTON, DC
                                       Commissioner: Margaret Fong
CHICAGO CONSULATE GENERAL                    Commercial Section                            Director General: Eddie Mak
Consul General: Huang Ping                   Economic/Commercial Consul: Song Liyan        1520 18th Street, NW
100 West Erie Street                         Tel: 213-807-8026 Fax: 213-807-8091           Washington, DC 20036
Chicago, IL 60610                            E-mail:                    Tel: 202-331-8947 Fax: 202-331-8958
Tel: 312-803-0035 Fax: 312-803-0110          Visa Section                                  E-mail:
E-mail:        500 Shatto Place 3/F                           Los Angeles, CA 90020
Commercial Section                           Tel: 213-807-8006 Fax: 213-380-0372           NEW YORK
Economic/Commercial Consul:                                                                Director: Monica Chen
  Chen Guowen                                NEW YORK CONSULATE GENERAL                    115 East 54th Street
Tel: 312-803-0123 Fax: 312-803-0114          Consul General: Peng Keyu                     New York, NY 10022
E-mail:                520 12th Avenue                               Tel: 212-752-3320 Fax: 212-752-3395
Visa Section                                 New York, NY 10036                            E-mail:
1 East Erie Street, Suite 500                Tel: 212-244-9456 Fax: 212-564-9389 
Chicago, IL 60611                  
Tel: 312-573-3070 Fax: 312-803-0122          Commercial Section                            SAN FRANCISCO
                                             Economic/Commercial Consul: Wang Xiang        Director: Doris Cheung
                                             Tel: 212-244-9456 x1703 Fax: 212-564-9401     130 Montgomery Street
                                             Visa Section                                  San Francisco, CA 94104
                                             Tel: 212-868-2078 Fax: 212-465-1708           Tel: 415-835-9300 Fax: 415-421-0646
                                             E-mail:              E-mail:

                                                                                 September–October 2008 41

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