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					 The Role of Media in
Caribbean Development
What is Development?
 Aggrey Brown, defines Development as,
 constituting reciprocal action between
 people and their environment that leads
 to the actualisation of human potential
 in all its dimensions, and the
 preservation and continuity of the
 environment as they create society and
 According to the classical definition
  given by the United Nations World
  Commission on Environment and
  Development in 1987, development is
  sustainable if it “meets the needs of the
  present without compromising the ability
  of future generations to meet their own
Definitions of mass media
 Mass media are channels of communication
 through which messages flow, produced by a
 few for consumption by many people. As the
 messages go through the channels, they are
 distorted. When people receive mass-media
 messages, they have no opportunity for
 immediate feedback with the producers of the
 Mass media refers to those media that are
  designed to be consumed by large audiences
  through the agencies of technology
Role of the mass media
 The media informs, educates and
 entertains its audiences.

 The media also has the responsibility to
 provide accurate and reliable
 information to the public. Time is also a
 factor in this.
Communication Channels
 Radio
 Television
 Newspapers and magazines
 The Internet and
 other
Media as a developmental tool
 Move from focus on GDP as measurement
  for development.

 The human element of development

 Mass media as disseminator of information

 Encourages accountability by governments
  and other bodies
Media, a vehicle of change
 The Impact of International
media on Caribbean media and
          vice versa
Cultural Imperialism
 Impact on youth

 Culture and Traditions

 Media content

 Technology
Vice Versa
 Caribbean Music

 Caribbean Programmes

 ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

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