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					The Country Woman
Official Publication of the Country Women’s Association of New South Wales

        87th Annual Conference
              Broken Hill
        ~ Committee Reports ~ Competition Results ~
                 ~ Conference Overview ~

          Pride in our Past — Faith in our Future
                                                                     June 2009
                                                               Volume 50 No 03
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Margaret Roberts and Guy Klamer from Sydney                                       Potts Point NSW 2011      Potts Point NSW 2011
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Marjorie Rees, Elizabeth Circuit and Heather Kerr
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Page 2            June 2009            The Country Woman
 From the Editor                                                                 Contents
 While flying to Broken Hill for State                                                  Features
 Conference, passengers had a clear view of the
 effects of the drought in the western regions.                                 Competition Results        9
 This sunburnt country needs weeks of rain to                                          Who won what
 recover from being so thirsty for so long. The
 country there does have beauty of its own with
                                                                            Conference Overview 10
 the russet colours and beautiful sunsets. It               Resolutions Carried and Editor’s Day-
 was very enjoyable to be there.                                                          by-Day
 Competitions have been entered and won and                                     Committee Reports 15
 congratulations to all who were successful.
 The Garry Essay competition was closely                    Find out what each committee is up to
 contested and your thoughts on Australia’s                                                  next
 role as a Republic or a Monarchy were well
 expressed. The Judge had a very hard time                                              Regulars
 deciding the winner. Next year’s topic is “do                                State President’s Letter     4
 manners matter in today’s society?”                                        Executive OfÀcer’s Report      5
 Come on ladies, rise to Mrs Roberts’ challenge                                News from Head OfÀce        6
 of bringing in at least one new member each
                                                                                 Letters to the Editor     7
 in this coming year… astound us with your
 efforts!                                                                 ACWW Pre-Conference Tour        24
 International Days are being held, or are                                    Welcome New Members         26
 coming up, so if you send a photo of your                                        From our Branches       28
 function please take it while the tables look
                                                                             Garden of Remembrance        34
 attractive and with plenty of light on your
 subjects.   This makes the photo reproduce
 better in the Journal. One photo only please.                      Important Dates 2009
 Enjoy your days.                                       July
 Shirley Lenton
                                                        20-23 State Executive Meeting
 Hon. Editor
  Imagination is the highest kite one can Áy - Lauren
                        Bacall                          18-21 Country Women’s Association of Australia
                                                                Triennial Conference
April 2009 Journal Corrections
New staff member Peta’s last name was misspelt. It
should be Beadman, not Beardman.                        30      Education Grant application forms due at
                                                                Head OfÀce
There is an error in the State Handicraft General
Competition Rules in the April Journal. On page 16      30      International Primary School Book competition
under “COMMITTEE PRIZE for QUILTS” there is a                   entries close
sentence out of place.
It should read “COMMITTEE PRIZE for QUILTS. This
                                                        1       Membership fees due
is not a new section; entries will be taken from any
section of the schedule. All quilts MUST have a label   15      Rural Women’s Day
attached stating ALL WORK has been completed by         31      Branch OfÀce Bearer’s forms due at HO
entrant. (This does not apply to section F.)”
                       Motto                            5       Cultural Competition entries close
                 Honour to God,                         15      Group OfÀce Bearers forms due at HO
              Loyalty to the Throne,
                                                        15      Cultural Record Book entries close
              Service to the Country,
             Through Country Women,                     16-19 State Executive Meeting
               For Country Women,                       30      Group Annual Report due at Head OfÀce
               By Country Women                         30      International Book Competition entries close
                                                             The Country Woman        June 2009        Page 3
 State President’s Letter
                     Dear members,                      Together with Mrs Fergusson and Mrs Coull, I took
                                                        part in a Leadership/Information Day at Junee,
                     Broken Hill welcomed us for
                                                        Hume Group and then at Holbrook, Murray Group,
                     our State Conference with
                                                        the latter being held on April Fool’s Day, which must
                     open arms and very pleasant
                                                        have been why Pam and I misread (or maybe, were
                     weather. It was great to return
                                                        ‘mislead’?) the ‘mud map’ and managed to get lost on
                     to this unique inland city for
                                                        the back roads between Eurongilly and Holbrook!
                     our Annual General Meeting
                     after some 36 years and I’m        I spent a week in Sydney from Easter Tuesday
                     sure that all those who were       and managed to Àt in an appearance or two at the
                     able to attend, found it to be a   CWA Tea Rooms where it was pleasing to see the
                     most rewarding and enjoyable       constant stream of customers waiting to be served
experience. A State Conference just doesn’t ‘happen’-   (34,143 scones were made), as well as noting just how
it takes an inordinate amount of organisation to        well our newly updated Coronation Cook Book was
make it a success and for this we have to thank Ms      selling. I was also a guest at the OfÀcial Woolworth’s
Wilkins and the Head OfÀce Staff, together with the     Dinner at the Show, hosted by Mr Michael Luscombe,
Darling River Group Conference Committee and all        CEO Woolworths Ltd. In between all this, there
members of the Group.                                   were three meetings to attend at Head OfÀce as well
                                                        as dealing with the birth of a new grand daughter
The inspirational Ecumenical Church Service held
                                                        (which required an emergency caesarian) – it was
on Sunday afternoon, set the tone for Conference
                                                        quite a week!
and we thank the Ministers Fraternal of Broken
Hill for their participation in the Service. We were    Just prior to State Conference, we were thrilled to
honoured to have Mrs Lesley Young, President            receive the news that our Coronation Cook Book was
Country Women’s Association of Australia, OfÀcially     listed as the “Number I Title in the Food and Drink
Open the Conference followed by the informative         Category in Australia” – it appears to be receiving
and entertaining address by Mr Clyde Thomson,           unprecedented interest and demand, which is great
Executive Director (South Eastern Section), Royal       publicity for our Association and a very rewarding
Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Other Guest         outcome for all those involved in the project.
Speakers were Mrs Donna-Lee Wynen who gave
                                                        Conference Theme this year was “Aspiring and
an inspiring presentation titled “Outback and
                                                        Achieving” and with this in mind, I issued a challenge
Underground”, and Mrs Deirdre Edwards who spoke
                                                        to all those present, which was for each of them to
on the Art World in Broken Hill, particularly in
                                                        make a concerted effort to sign up a new member in
relation to women artists.
                                                        the coming year and I would now extend this challenge
The State Choir again played an important role in the   to each and every one of you. Our Association will
Church Service and the Opening. I congratulate Mrs      only continue to be a viable organization if we have
Marie De La Torre, Conductor; Mrs Llewella Evans,       the addition of new members to become interested
Accompanist; and all members of the Choir for their     and involved in all aspects of our work.
input. Congratulations are extended to newly elected
                                                        With warm regards to all,
State OfÀce Bearers, namely Mrs Denise Turnbull as
Honorary State Treasurer and; Miss Kit Bright and
Mrs Robyn Wright as State Vice Presidents and wish
them well with their new roles. I also extend a very
warm welcome to the ten new Group Representatives
to State Executive, whilst at the same time, thanking
all those standing down from the various positions,       State President’s Itinerary 2009
for their invaluable expertise, input and support of
our Association during their time on State Executive.    June
                                                         9-12     Gwydir Group Tour
The motions on the agenda attracted vigorous and
                                                         22-26    Castlereagh Country Group Tour
well researched debate. The Exhibitions mounted by
the various State Committees were well presented         July
and created a great deal of interest. Our next           6-10     Oxley Group Tour
Conference will be held at Port Macquarie on the Mid     17       Club Management Meeting
North Coast.                                             19-23    Executive Meeting
Page 4      June 2009       The Country Woman

 Executive OfÀcer’s Report
                      This year the CWA “road train”
                      arrived in Broken Hill for its 87th
                                                             Potts Point Property Update
                      Annual General Meeting and             At the Annual Conference members were provided
                      Conference. It was a delight to        with an update on the progress of the Potts Point
                      hold the event in such a unique        redevelopment.
                      city, and again we were delighted
                                                             Peckvonhartel (pvh) briefed members on the steps
                      to see so many members attend as
                                                             undertaken in the past year. The steps (which have
                      either delegates or observers and
                                                             already been advised to members in previous editions
                      support both their Association and
                                                             of the Journal) included:
                      Broken Hill.
                                                             • The engagement of an independent town planner
The Conference Organising Committee is to be                     and view expert
congratulated for all their hard work in organising the      • A meeting with the City of Sydney strategic
event at a local level. The Darling River Group is a very        planners
small Group which deals with “tyranny of distance”           • Meetings with Senior Counsel.
issues, so to undertake such an enormous exercise and
                                                             A recent meeting held with Senior Counsel in late
make it work is very commendable. It was also pleasing
                                                             March 2009 covered all the issues impacting on
to see the participation of the other Groups in Zone
                                                             the CWA’s proposed development application (DA),
2, namely Hume, Murray, Murrumbidgee-Lachlan,
Riverina and Sturt providing assistance in a number of
                                                             • The Urban Design Study
ways. I think members would agree the co-operation of
                                                             • Statement of Environmental Effects
all involved produced a great result.
                                                             • Examples of Objections to other local development
The smooth running of the conference is (in no small         • Overshadowing and views
way) due to the excellent contribution by Erin Robison.      • The CWA background.
Once again Erin project managed the event, and her
                                                             Following this meeting Senior Counsel recommended
attention to detail and dedication is invaluable. Special
                                                             that the lodgment of the DA be deferred to allow pvh
thanks to Erin, and also Luisa Deacon and Leah Gaskell
                                                             to work with the planners involved in the Urban
who managed registration, the CWA Shop and the CWA
                                                             Design Study, and to work with the view consultants
visuals. I thank them for their commitment.
                                                             (and others) to develop a scheme that minimises
Every year we work to improve conference procedures          impacts on local amenities.
and we will continue to do so. Issues always arise which
                                                             In addition, key CWA members will meet with the
highlight that “perhaps it is time for change”, and of
                                                             Lord Mayor and the Minister for Planning to discuss
course with the completely new format for 2010 we will
                                                             the CWA’s issues and situation.
be initiating ways to ensure the new format is successful.
                                                             The Property Sub-Committee will continue to work
On page 8 you can Ànd a donation slip for the Disaster
                                                             with all parties to ensure the DA lodged addresses all
Relief Fund. Individual members can make a tax
                                                             the issues, with a view to achieving the best possible
deductible donation before the end of the Ànancial year
                                                             outcome for the Association.
on 30 June, with any donation over $2.00 valid for a tax
receipt. The Fund continues to be used to help families      New OfÀce Bearers 2009/2010
affected by circumstances beyond their control. This
year included victims of the Victorian bushÀres and          Congratulations to the following members, who were
Queensland Áoods.                                            elected to their new positions at the 2009 Annual
                                                             General Meeting:
Please note that the 2009/10 membership fee has been         State Honorary Treasurer
set as follows:                                              Mrs Denise Turnbull
Annual Subscription     $29.00
Conference fee          $2.20                                Bourke Evening Branch, Far Western Group
TSP fee                 $0.50                                State Vice Presidents
Total fee               $31.70                               Mrs Elaine Armstrong
Donna Wilkins                                                Oura Branch, Riverina Group
                                                             Miss Kit Bright
                                                             Moss Vale Branch, Wollondilly Group
    Medical Research Project 2009/2010                       Mrs Jocelyn Cameron
                                                             Rowena Branch, Barwon Group
 Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell                              Mrs Robyn Wright
            Research                                         Moruya Branch, Far South Coast Group
                                                                The Country Woman           June 2009       Page 5
 News from Head OfÀce
Rules and Regulations Updates 2009                            3. Interest in and knowledge of issues speciÀc to women
                                                              and children in rural Australia
Several updates were made to the CWA of NSW                   4. Current CV with two nursing referees.
Regulations and Rules at the Special General Meetings
held during the 87th Annual General Meeting in Broken         Note: A written report (500 words) is required 6 weeks
Hill. A document outlining these updates is now available     post CPD activity to be published in Rural Nurse.
from Head OfÀce, or from the CWA of NSW website. This
                                                              Contact: Please forward applications to Dr Marg
will also be distributed as part of Procedures Manual
                                                              McLeod, Director Research and Faculties by email
updates at the July Executive Meeting.
                                                     or post to PO Box 219, Deakin
New CWA Representative on Rural                               West ACT 2600. To contact the Royal College of
                                                              Nursing, Australia call 1800 061 660. Application forms
Women’s Network State Advisory
                                                              are available from Applications
Committee                                                     close 30 June 2009
The Rural Women’s Network is a government program
which works in partnership with individuals, groups                         State Cultural Committee
and non-government agencies to share information and                          ABC Tour and Seminar
promote action on rural women’s issues. Representatives                        11th–12th August 2009
from rural, regional and remote communities are invited to     Name ________________________________________________
be on the State Advisory Committee of the Rural Women’s        Address ______________________________________________
Network for a term of 3 years. The CWA of NSW has held         ________________________________Post Code_____________
a position on the Rural Women’s Network State Advisory         Phone ________________ Email _____________________
Committee for many years. Elaine Armstrong (Oura
                                                               Branch _________________ Group __________________
Branch, Riverina Group) recently completed her term
as the CWA of NSW Representative on the Committee.             Tuesday 11th August
Joy Beames (Dunedoo Branch, Castlereagh Country                Tour ABC Ultimo Centre. Cost $6.50 Yes/No (circle)
Group) has now taken on the role and will represent the        Wednesday 12th August
Association for the next 3 years.                              Auditorium Head OfÀce. Cost $15.00 Yes/No
                                                               Poetry, Odes, Report writing, Cultural ideas
Make the most of your fuel tax credits
                                                               Enclosed $______ plus 1 night’s accommodation
                                                               Accommodation Rates:
Do you claim fuel tax credits for your business fuel            $40.00 per night for members, own room, shared
expenses? There are different rates that apply depending       bathroom
on how you use fuel in your business. The fuel tax credit       $65.00 per night for non-members own room, shared
calculator is an easy online tool that calculates your         bathroom
entitlement. You can Ànd this tool on our website under         $80.00 per night for members, twin share, own bathroom
’Rates, calculators and tools’ or at            $105.00 per night for non-members sharing with
                                                               member, own facilities
                                                                I wish to have dinner at the Club. Cost $20.00 Yes/No
Heavy diesel vehicles and environmental criteria               (circle)
If you use a heavy diesel vehicle on a public road and your    I will arrive on ______________ Depart _____________
vehicle is manufactured before 1 January 1996, you must        I prefer single/twin share (with ___________________)
                                                               I am willing to share Yes/No
meet one of the environmental criteria to claim fuel tax
                                                               I require a car space. Yes/No Car rego _____________
credits. To check the current rates or for more information
on calculating fuel tax credits visit or         Tick if you require a travel concession (Rail)
phone 13 28 66 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to             Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope
Friday.                                                        with your coupon
                                                               Return to:
Rural Nurse’s Scholarship
                                                               Committee Secretary
Country Women’s Association of Australia and the Rural         State Cultural Committee
Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, RCNA. Continuing                Mrs Gloria Willey
Professional Development Scholarship Application               72 Barlow St, Cambridge Park NSW 2747
                                                                New Annual Subscription for 2009/2010: $29.00
Criteria                                                                    Conference Fees: $2.20
1. Current full paying member of RCNA                            Triennial Special Purposes Fund (TSP): $0.50
2. An enrolled nurse, registered nurse or midwife who
currently works in a rural health setting                                      Total Payable: $31.70
Page 6        June 2009       The Country Woman

 Letters to the Editor
 Dear Editor,
 I wish to thank the many CWA members attending the UNE Study School on Egypt, who contributed to the
 scarf display. Ninety scarves were on show. Sale of voles plus donations from the Native plant Stall and an
 Armidale member’s jewellery stall resulted in $335 being raised for the International Fund.
 Friday 27th February, I was privileged to attend the Earle Page Formal Dinner and present the four CWA of
 NSW $2,000 equity scholarships. Our association receives very positive recognition from this event.
 Ruth Blanch
I am writing to thank CWA for awarding me and Roman       I would like to thank you very much for the scholarship
Lancaster the Jopling Education scholarship. This         I received through the Weethalle Branch to help with
grant has helped us buy our new school books and shoes    my tertiary education. I am currently in my second
for our Àrst year at High School. This has been a very    year as a Vet Nurse. I travel to Wagga one night a week
big help for our families and has made the beginning of   to attend TAFE plus do one day a week at Narrandera
the year a little less stressful.                         Vet clinic for prac. With the cost of text books and fuel
                                                          costs this money has helped me heaps.
Thank you,
Takhani Gardner                                           Once again thank you very much.
Wingen-Parkville Branch                                   Nicole Jolly
 Dear Editor,
 My family has been very fortunate to be awarded the Jopling Scholarship in 2009. The scholarship will be put
 towards the educational expenses associated with my children’s schooling. It is with the assistance of my family
 and organizations such as yours that I am able to do so.
 Thank you for lifting my spirits with this unexpected Ànancial gift. I know that much effort and dedication by
 CWA members has made it all possible. To all the CWA members who volunteer their time and work tirelessly
 each and every year, please know it does make a difference and it is appreciated.
 Julie Braby (Kathleen, Sophie, and Matthew)
Dear Margaret, Executive Committee, Delegates and Observers
I wish to Àrstly thank my group, Darling River Group for asking me to speak at State conference in Broken Hill,
what an experience it was to be present with such a formidable group of women. After the nerves settled and I
heard your Àrst laugh I was comfortable and ready to take you (the individual) on a journey to my wonderful home
town White Cliffs. I was so pleased to have you all participate in the relaxation technique…after all… my aim was
to allow you, to focus on yourself and feel special for a little while.
When you all wiggled in your chairs, kicked off your shoes and so willingly closed your eyes and participated… I
was blown away... and when I heard your ‘Ah’ as I guided you to open your eyes from the seat of your coach and
your saw the majestic sunset awaiting your travel to White Cliffs…I knew then that I deÀnitely had nothing to be
nervous about. What I had envisioned and wanted to achieve had come to life because of you! So I thank you for
allowing me to be present at the conference and I also thank the seven women Judy, Vivienne, Renae, Bea, Anne ,
Colleen and Beverly who came to White Cliffs and visited me just because of the presentation…what a ‘buzz’ that
was and what wonderful women!
Some of the women asked me about the music and about getting copies of my presentation they expressed interest
at wanting to show it to their branch members. I would be more than happy to send a copy of the presentation to
you. Please send me a disc (CD-R 700MB) or memory stick with return postage and address and I will organize
it for you. The music I played at the conference was Tony O’Conner’s Bush Land Dreaming, it can be purchased
through ABC Shops.
Well ladies, thank you for a wonderful memorable experience, I hope that I will meet more of you one day.
Love Light and remember to hug and spread the love.
Donna-Lee Wynen
White Cliffs Branch
PO Box 10, White Cliffs NSW 2836, Ph: 08 8091 6623, Email:
                                                              The Country Woman           June 2009         Page 7
  Have a great International Day                           Dear Madam,
 with this $ 12.00 CD (includes postage)                   I would like to express how much I enjoyed reading
                                                           the January/February edition of The Country
                                                           Woman. Being a member of Richmond Branch for
                                                           over 60 years, now living in Queensland. How well
                                                           I remember Castle Hill Branch member, Helen
                                                           Chandler, and the time a shy Judy Cadman from
                                                           Galston Branch came to Nepean Group meeting.
                                                           Congratulations, Judy on well deserved awards and
                                                           your continued involvement in the work of CWA.
                                                           I enjoyed the information on Country of Study,
                                                           Egypt, having travelled there in 1995 where we
                                                           were made to feel very welcome, but not enough time
                                                           allowed for our visit to the wonderful Tutankhamen
                                                           Keep up the good work,
                                                           Gloria McEwan

                                                                          CWA of NSW
                                                                       Disaster Relief Fund
  If interested please contact Wendy Evans on
 02 9315 7483 or Jill Rudkins on 02 9759 0390.                            How to make a tax-deductible
      Many thanks, CWA Western Suburbs.                     donation to the CWA of NSW Disaster Relief Fund.
                                                           The CWA of NSW Disaster Relief Fund allows
Dear Editor,                                               tax-deductible donations to be made to support
While mustering cattle and moving them up to               people in need.
the yards to truck away up north, my 8 year old
                                                           If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation
granddaughter, while sitting behind the mob, wrote
this rather sad little poem. It is from a young girl who   to the Disaster Relief Fund please complete the
has known little but drought for most of her life.         details below and you will be provided with a
Patrisha Hurley                                            receipt for taxation purposes.
                       Drought                             Name: ______________________________________
        I see skies full of blue, dead roses too
                                                           Address: ____________________________________
       No rain at all makes me want to spew.
       I see paddocks full of dirt, so very sad.           _____________________________________________
       No crops at all makes me want to bawl,
      And I think to myself, what crapful years.           Post Code: __________________________________
            Tasha Hurley, Condobolin                       Telephone: __________________________________
Dear Editor,                                               I wish to make a gift of: $_____________________
I have just returned from State Conference and found       Please make cheque payable to CWA of NSW
it most enlightening, as usual. I agree that we do need
                                                           Disaster Relief Fund
to encourage not only new members but young ones as
well. I really don’t think they know or understand what    Donations of $2.00 or more are tax-deductible.
we are about. My suggestion is that we maybe have a
press release every now and then just to inform people     Send to:
about what we are up to, not just “tea and scones”.        CWA of NSW
Maybe we would target not only the ABC programs but        PO Box 15
commercial stations as well, even SBS to let newcomers
to the country learn of our Association.                   Potts Point NSW 1335
                                                           Fax: 02 9357 4570
Just a couple of thoughts.
Leonie Pinson                                              For further details please call 02 9358 2923
Cultural OfÀcer, Terrigal Day Branch
Page 8         June 2009      The Country Woman
 87th AGM Competition Winners
Past State Presidents’ Award                           Lister Trophy for Best Group International
Winner        Tambar Springs Branch, Namoi Group             Report
Runner Up     Bigga Branch, Southern Tablelands        1st    Central Western Group
              Group                                    2nd    Blue Mountains Group
Wagga Daily Advertiser Award for Publicity             3rd    Northern Tablelands Group
   OfÀcers                                             H/C    Murray Group
Winner        Jan Humphreys, Pambula-Merimbula                Northumberland Group
              Branch, Far South Coast Group                   Oxley Group
Garry Prize
1st   Kay Cullen, Barellan Branch, Murrumbidgee-                     RafÁe Results
      Lachlan Group
2nd   Anne Dinham, Yamba Branch, North Coast           State Conference RafÁe
                                                       1st    Leanne Avoalon (Binalong)
3rd   Teena Miller,  Quirindi Branch, Namoi Group
                                                       2nd    Fay Hoare (Yarrowitch-Tia)
Australian Event Services Award                        3rd    Elsa Lamont (GrifÀth)
For best increase in membership from 2006 to 2008
                                                       State Cultural Committee RafÁe
1st    Crookwell Evening Branch, Southern Tablelands
                                                       1st    Coral Barber (Parkes)
      Group (200%)
                                                       2nd    Alison Lawrence (Goulburn Evening)
2nd    Tambar Springs Branch, Namoi Group (108%)
                                                       3rd    B Chivers (Canberra)
3      Coonamble Evening Branch, Macquarie Group
      (92%)                                            State Handicraft Committee RafÁe
Moore Agricultural/Environmental Award                 1st   Velma Walker (Wollondilly)
Winner        Milvale Branch, South West Group         2nd Janet Walsh (Berry)
                                                       3rd   I Vandeinsen
Recycled Article Award
                                                       Iris Cross Stitch    Molly Belling (Illawarra)
1st   Janet de Roy, Mudgee Evening Branch,
      Castlereagh Country Group                        The Land Cookery Committee RafÁe
      Helen Sheridan, Eurongilly Branch, Hume Group    1st    M Gundry
3rd   Jan McKenzie, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra   2nd    Nisette Reeling
      Group                                            3rd    Carmel Janis
International Doll Competition                         4th    Y Davis
1st   Northern Tablelands Group                        5th    P Knight
2nd   Nepean Group
3rd   Gwydir Group
                                                        Call for Nominations
H/C   Phillip Group
                                                        Nominations are called for the following Committees:
      Oxley Group
                                                        Agricultural and Environmental, Residential Club,
      Wanthella Group                                   State Cultural, State Handicraft, Hospital Visiting,
Earl Page College Award for Best                        Show Catering, Social Issues and ‘The Land’
      International Book
1st   Bonny Hills Branch, Mid North Coast Group         Nominations close with the Executive OfÀcer on
                                                        Friday 3 July, 2009, and should be accompanied by
2nd   GrifÀth Branch, Murrumbidgee-Lachlan Group
                                                        a citation listing positions held at Branch, Group
3rd   Narooma Branch, Far South Coast Group             and State level. Nomination forms are available in
H/C   Lismore Branch, Far North Coast Group             the Procedures Manual (page G14-1-1106) and a
      Terrigal Evening Branch, Northumberland           copy of the Committee guidelines are available on
      Group                                             request from Head OfÀce.
      Lawson Branch, Blue Mountains Group               Nominations for all Committees will be considered
                                                        at the July Executive Meeting, with Committees
                                                        holding their election of ofÀcers in November 2009.
                                                             The Country Woman       June 2009       Page 9
 87th Annual Conference Resolutions Carried
Association Activities                                    Health/Social Security
1(b). BURREN JUNCTION BRANCH (Barwon Group):              7. WALGETT BRANCH (Barwon Group):
MANILLA BRANCH (Namoi Group):                             “That CWA of NSW lobby the Federal and State
                                                          Governments to allow rural and remote self-funded
“That the speciÀc Health Research Fund Annual Project
                                                          retirees to access the outreach medical services that are
for the year 2009-2010 be Umbilical Cord Blood Stem
                                                          provided for pensioners, such as hearing checks in rural
Cell Research.”
                                                          and remote towns, to alleviate the need for travel for
2. State Executive Committee:                             the self-funded retiree.”
“That the CWA of NSW support the creation of a ‘CWA       8. BOURKE EVENING BRANCH (Far Western Group):
of NSW Day’ to promote awareness of the Association,
                                                          “That CWA of NSW approach the Minister for Health
membership retention and expansion.”
                                                          requesting substantial Ànancial incentives be offered
Agricultural/Environmental                                to:
3. TERRIGAL BRANCH (Northumberland Group):                i) Registered Nurses/Midwives to work in rural remote
                                                          communities, especially those communities with large
“That the CWA of NSW request that both Federal and        indigenous populations, and
State Ministers of Primary Industry and Agriculture
provide further funding to CSIRO to continue              ii) Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Enrolled
investigating the ecological danger of Genetically        Nurses from rural remote communities to undertake
ModiÀed Crops to bees, birds and other wildlife which     Midwifery Training.”
may ingest these crops.”                                  9. BOURKE EVENING BRANCH (Far Western Group):
4. OURA BRANCH (Riverina Group):                          “That CWA of NSW approach the Minister for Health
“That CWA of NSW request the Federal Minister for the     and request the Premier’s successful ‘Pilot Attraction,
Environment and the State Minister for Fair Trading       Recruitment and Retention Program’ in rural remote
to legislate that Áuorescent light bulbs and compact      communities be adopted and expanded beyond 2009.”
Áuorescent lights (CLFs) carry the following warning      10. MURRAMI BRANCH (Murrumbidgee-Lachlan
on the packet:                                            Group):
1. That they are Áuorescent
                                                          “That CWA of NSW request the Federal Minister for
2. That they contain mercury                              Health and Ageing review the Assets Assessments
3. That they need safety measures to be implemented       for Permanent Residential Aged Care accommodation
if broken                                                 bonds to make them more equitable.”
4. That they should not be disposed of in kerbside        11. COOLAMON BRANCH (Riverina Group):
recycling bins.”
                                                          “That CWA of NSW requests the State Minister for
5. LYNDHURST BRANCH (Central Western Group):              Health to improve the management processes and
“That CWA of NSW engages the support of National          increase the reimbursement that patients receive
and International Women’s Organisations to lobby          from the Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation
their Governments to urgently resume World Trade          Assistance Scheme, to a level that reÁects the actual
Organisation (WTO) negotiations for the removal of        costs incurred whilst visiting major centres in order
tariffs and agricultural subsidies which are distorting   to receive essential health care services, that are not
world food markets, damaging the environment and          available in their own area.”
hindering the development of sustainable agriculture
throughout the world.”
                                                          Transport & Telecommunications
                                                          12. ROWENA BRANCH (Barwon Group):
                                                          “That CWA of NSW make application and delegation
6. GOODOOGA BRANCH & ROWENA BRANCH                        to the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,
(Barwon Group):                                           Regional Development and Local Government that
“That CWA of NSW urges the Federal Minister for           funding for ‘Roads to Recovery’ be indexed relative to
Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to          the Australian Bureau of Statistics Road Construction
introduce a tertiary access allowance (exempt from        and Maintenance Index.”
income and assets tests) for students, trainees and       13. ROWENA BRANCH (Barwon Group):
apprentices from regional, rural and remote areas who
must live away from home to access tertiary studies.”     “That the CWA of NSW make application and delegation

Page 10       June 2009         The Country Woman
                                                                                                   EDUCATION GRANTS
to the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,       country hospitals with a Áow-on effect of loss of medical
Regional Development and Local Government to allocate        practitioners and expertise in our country towns.”
a signiÀcant proportion of the Building Australia Fund
                                                             Tottenham Branch & Myamley Branch (OXLEY
to the ‘Àrst mile’ of the rural local road network.”
14. GOLLAN BRANCH (Macquarie Group):
                                                             “That the CWA of NSW strongly opposes the importation
“That CWA of NSW strongly urges the State Minister           of the foot and mouth disease live virus into Australia
for Transport to ensure free transport available to          under any circumstances.”
school age children is only to the students’ nearest
public, primary or secondary school.”                        Rules and Regulations
                                                             1. WALLENDBEEN BRANCH (Hume Group):
                                                             ADDITIONS TO REGULATION 25
15. ROWENA BRANCH (Barwon Group):
                                                             “The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually
“That the CWA of NSW make application and delegation
                                                             and such Meeting shall:-
to the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,
Regional Development and Local Government                            a. Present an Annual Report and Balance Sheet
that funding for federal assistance grants to Local                  duly audited
Government be increased to 2% of Commonwealth
                                                                     b. Elect a President and other ofÀcers
Taxation Revenue (excluding GST).”
                                                                     c. Confer for purposes of information and
16. UNGARIE BRANCH (Hume Group):
                                                                      discussion as to the best way to carry out the
“That Federal and State Government take action to                     Aims of the Association
reduce the advertising of alcohol in the media.”
                                                                     d. Determine the Association’s policy on issues
17. PORT MACQUARIE EVENING BRANCH (Mid                               of concern to members so giving the Executive
North Coast Group):                                                  Committee power to take action on such
“That the Country Women’s Association of New South
Wales urgently request the Federal Attorney General,         2. WALLENDBEEN BRANCH (Hume Group):
and the NSW State Attorney General and Minister for
                                                             ADDITIONAL WORDING TO REGISTERED RULE
Justice, to give fair access to legal aid for Grandparents
requiring legal assistance in Family Law matters in
circumstances where they are seeking orders that             “Insert the following words after ‘Association &
the grandchildren live with them, or spend time and          Auditors’ (line 4):
communicate with them.”                                      ‘to determine the policies of the Association,’ (then
18. OURA BRANCH (Riverina Group):                            continue) and to receive reports on the affairs of the
                                                             Association and to transact any other business.”
“That CWA of NSW request the Minister for Gaming
and Racing to legislate that the LOCKOUT TIME for            3. BERRY BRANCH (Wollondilly Group):
hotels be 12.00 midnight and the CLOSING TIME be             “ELECTION OF STATE OFFICE BEARERS
2.00 am.”
                                                             Rule XXIV
Motions of Urgency
                                                                     a) To insert after the State President in the Àrst
Eden Branch (FAR SOUTH COAST GROUP):                         and second sentence the four Vice Presidents and to
“That CWA of NSW request the NSW Minister for Health         alter the word Àve in the last sentence to six.
and the Area Health Services to reinstate maternity                 c) Vice Presidents shall be elected annually
services to Pambula District Hospital immediately and        by the Executive Committee at the Annual General
stop the closure of maternity units in NSW hospitals.”       Meeting. To be deleted
Myall Creek Branch (GWYDIR GROUP):                                   d) To be moved to Rule XXIV (c)”
“That the CWA of New South Wales strongly object to
the New South Wales State Government’s proposed
sale of land of agricultural high schools and agricultural     88th Annual General
colleges in New South Wales.”
Jindera Branch (MURRAY GROUP):                                       Meeting
“That the CWA of NSW contacts the Federal and                            Port Macquarie
State Ministers for Health, stating our objection to
the planned privatization of State-managed aged care                     14-17 May 2010
beds which will inevitably lead to the downgrading of
                                                                The Country Woman           June 2009         Page 11
 The 87th Annual Conference: Day by Day
An Ecumenical Service was held on Sunday evening           Thursday these resolutions
which was conducted by the Ministers Fraternal of          were carried.
Broken Hill, led by Rev. Captain Crystal Spindler and
                                                           Mr. Chris Taylor, Area
with Rev. Captain Ron Spindler-Anglican Church, Rev.
                                                           General Manager, Western
John Blair - Uniting Church, Rev. Sandra Bryson-
                                                           Region, Telstra Country
Anglican Church, Captain Jennifer Wheatley-Salvation
                                                           Wide spoke about Telstra’s
Army and Rev. Neville Naden- Far West Indigenous
                                                           activities   and  answered
Church. The theme of the service was “The Good
                                                           questions from members.
Shepherd”. The State Choir sang “Majesty”, “I Asked
the Lord”, “Somebody Bigger than You and I”, “Soar         The      State        Cultural
like Eagles”, “Standing in the Need of Prayer” and         Committee meeting was held,
“Gimme Dat Ol-time Religion”. This inspiring service       at which Mr. Ian Burgess,
was concluded with a closing prayer by Rev. Neville        Managing Director of Scott
Naden. The offertory was $2292.65.                         & Broad Pty. Ltd. presented
                                                           awards and prizes. The Land
Monday                                                     Awards were presented by Margaret Kemp, winner of Best
The OfÀcial Opening commenced with National                Katana Smith from The Land              Cultural Report
Anthem, CWA Anthem and Motto and a welcome                 newspaper. A list of prize
by State President, Mrs. Roberts. Aboriginal Elder,        winners is listed in this edition of the Journal.
Mrs. Edna Kelly, welcomed Delegates and visitors to
the area, and Mr. Frank Zaknich, General Manager
of Broken Hill City Council also extended a welcome.       The nominations of Group Representatives to State
The OfÀcial Opening was performed by Mrs. Lesley           Executive were conÀrmed.
Young, President, CWA of Australia. The State Choir,
                                                           The State Honorary Secretary’s Report was presented
accompanied by Mrs. Llewella Evans and conducted
by Mrs. Marie De La Torre sang “Let it Shine” and          The State Honorary Treasurer’s Report was presented,
“Oh Happy Day”-a medley including “Oh, Happy Day,          as well as the audited Ànancial statements. Mr. Rodney
Dancing in the Street and Ode to Joy”. The keynote         Grosvenor, Grosvenor Business Advisers, was appointed
speaker was Mr. Clyde Thomson GM, Executive                auditor. Retiring State Treasurer, Mrs. Pam Coull, was
                                                           presented with a gold watch from the Association with
                                                           thanks for her service.
                                                           A slide indicating the distribution of funds from
                                                           fundraising activities was displayed showing the
                                                           breakdown as follows:
                                                           Education grants totaled $151,773 (17%), Association
                                                           funds $119,073 (13%), donations to outside organizations
                                                           $443,595 (49%), International $82,557 (9%), Emergency
                                                           Fund $47,473 (5%), Medical Research $35,945 (4%) and
                                                           Association projects $31,234 (3%).
                                                           Mr. Brendan Ryan, Private Wealth Manager, Macquarie
                                                           Equities Limited, spoke about the impact of the global
                                                           Ànancial crisis, stating that this resulted in a loss of
                                                           29% (up until 31 March 2009) to the CWA’s managed

                   Broken Hill surrounds
                                                           Guest speaker Donna-Lee Wynen, proprietor “Top
                                                           Level Opals” presented a colourful and interesting
Director (South Eastern Section) of the Royal Flying       visual display on the town of White Cliffs, showing
Doctor Service of Australia. His amusing and interesting   the outback country and the comfortable underground
address was warmly applauded by members.                   living conditions in dug-outs, and information on the
                                                           opal mines.
In the afternoon, the First Special General Meeting was
held with two changes to current rules and regulations     The State Agricultural & Environmental OfÀcer’s
proposed by Wallendbeen Branch and from Berry              report was presented, with announcement of awards
Branch regarding the election of State Vice-Presidents     and prizes with prize winners published in this Journal.
put forward. At a Further Special General Meeting on       The State Hon. Editor’s report and presentation of Garry
Page 12       June 2009           The Country Woman
Essay Prize winners followed. There were 12 entries       Circuitt, Day Wear Section; Heather Kerr, Evening
with winners being - Àrst Kay Cullen, Barellan Branch,    Wear Section and Helen Sheridan, People’s Choice
second Anne Dinham, Yamba Branch and third Teena          Award.
Miller, Quirindi Branch. The Àrst prize winner’s essay
will be published in the August Journal. The Judge was
impressed with the standard of entries, stating that
the top three entries provided well reasoned points to
support their view.

                                                            Winners of the Going Natural, Wearing Natural Competition, L to R:
                                                          Marjorie Rees, Elizabeth Circuit and Heather Kerr (Photo courtesy of ‘The
                                                                                      Land’ newspaper)

                                                          The Ballot results were announced as follows:
                                                          State President- Mrs Margaret Roberts
                Bajo el Sol Jaguar, Broken Hill           State Hon. Secretary -Mrs Denise Fergusson
In the evening The Land Cookery Awards were               State Hon. Treasurer -Mrs Denise Turnbull
presented by Katana Smith from The Land. The State        Vice-Presidents- Mrs Elaine Armstrong, Miss Kit
International Meeting was held, with Guest speakers,      Bright, Mrs. Jocelyn Cameron and Mrs. Robyn Wright
Mr. Tarek Abousenna, Consul General and Mr.
Bassel Taman, Vice Consul, Arab Republic of Egypt.        State International OfÀcer -Mrs. Margaret Brown
Mr. Abousenna gave a talk on the economic reforms         State Agricultural and Environmental OfÀcer -Mrs.
in Egypt, and Mr. Taman spoke on life in Egypt and        Gloria Hyatt
played an Egyptian drum. Marie de la Torre sang the
anthem in Egyptian. Mrs. Ruth Shanks AM, South            The Medical Research
PaciÀc Area President, ACWW, gave a wonderful power       Fund      for    2010    is
point display about market gardening in the Mt. Hagen     Umbilical Cord Blood
district of PNG and how this is helping the women to      Stem Cell Research. Mr.
feed their families and to generate some extra income.    Guy Klamer, Centre for
As Mr. David Ward, Earl Page College was unable to        Children’s Cancers and
attend; the Book Trophy was presented by Mrs. Roberts.    Blood Disorders, Sydney
                                                          Children’s         Hospital
Wednesday                                                 Randwick, spoke about
An update on the Potts Point redevelopment was            the amazing results that
presented by Ms Yvonne von Hartel and Mr. Martin          have been achieved, and
Peck from peckvonhartel. Mr. Peck advised that the        showed slides of a little
DA has been deferred to allow work with the planners      boy who had previously
involved in the Urban Design Study and to work with       been restricted to living
the consultants to develop a scheme which minimizes       “in a bubble” but who is
impacts on local amenities.                               now living life as a normal
                                                                                                State President with Guy Klamer
                                                          little three year old. A               (Photo courtesy of ‘The Land’
The afternoon was free for members to go on tours or      cheque for $31,000 was                          newspaper)
relax in Broken Hill.                                     presented to Mr. Klamer.
In the evening the Gala Event was held at the             Teena Miller of Quirindi Branch, Namoi Group was
Whitehouse Convention Centre. The musical numbers         awarded a “Highly Commended” prize in the Climate
played by the Broken Hill City orchestra were very good   Solutions Award.
and well received. The garments showed how clever our
members are, with beautiful items being modelled. The     The prize for the greatest increase in membership
winners were - Marjorie Rees, Casual Section; Beth        was Crookwell Branch, second Tambar Springs third
                                                          Carimbla Branch
                                                            The Country Woman         June 2009    Page 13
The Wagga Daily Advertiser award for Publicity had                  attention. Mrs. Roberts suspended Standing Orders to
14 entries with the winner being Jan Humphries,                     allow a full debate and after speakers for and against
Pambula-Merimbula Branch                                            had delivered their input, it was decided that the motion
                                                                    would not be put to the vote.
Mrs Judy Richardson presented the Past State
                                                                    At the State Conference in 1973, Broken Hill City
                                                                    Council presented the Association with a crystal
                                                                    water set which has been placed on the ofÀcial table at
                                                                    every State Conference since then. No breakages have
                                                                    occurred during this time.

   Past State Presidents (Photo courtesy of ‘The Land’ newspaper)

President’s award to Tambar Springs Branch with
Bigga Branch receiving Highly Commended.
Guest speaker Deidre Edwards, artist, talked on
“The Backbone of Art in Broken Hill” detailing the
development of art skills and artists in the area. Art
includes a variety of mediums, not just painting. Garra               Annual General Meeting 2010
Arts was established and a “Get off your Arts” group
to stimulate the artist community and would include                                   14 – 17 May
things such as quilts, etc.
The Show Catering Report was presented by Mrs. Joy                                 Port Macquarie Panthers
Press who reported that at this year’s Show 564 new
cookbooks had been sold, 1400 jars of jams and pickles                               Accommodation
sold and 34,000 scones made, plus other refreshments.                           Port Macquarie Visitors Centre
A cheque for $60,344 was presented to the Association                           (special rate for CWA members)
as net proÀt from the 2008 Show.                                                      Phone: 1300 303 155

Lyn Braico who represented CWA of NSW at the Indiana                                   Draft Timeline
Extension Homemakers Association Conference, spoke
about her month in the U.S. and her gratitude at being
                                                                                           13 May
given this opportunity to tell American women about                  Late afternoon/early evening: Registration
the work of the CWA of NSW. NSW will host a reciprocal
visit for an American woman.                                                               14 May
                                                                     Morning: Ecumenical Service & Opening
A collection was taken during Conference for the Royal               Afternoon: Workshop/tours
Flying Doctor Service resulting in $800 being donated.               Evening:   Cultural & Handicraft Meetings
The 2010 Conference will be held in Port Macquarie                              The Land Cookery Awards
from Friday 14th May to Monday 17th. Details to be
                                                                                           15 May
published later.
                                                                     All day:    Business Agenda
CertiÀcates of Appreciation were awarded to the                      Evening:    Group dinners
Organising Committee of the National Field Days.
                                                                                           16 May
The Broken Hill Organising Committee was thanked                     All day:    Business Agenda
for their efforts in ensuring Conference was successful.             Evening:    State International Meeting
Resolutions                                                                                17 May
The Resolutions passed are listed in the Journal.                    All day:    Business Agenda
The motion from Rowena Branch dealing with the                       Evening:    Executive Changeover Event
legalisation of euthanasia generated a lot of media                              Conference Dinner
Page 14          June 2009            The Country Woman
                                                                                               COMMITTEE NEWS

 ‘The Land’ Cookery Committee
Congratulations to all the winners at Conference, the        for the coming year. May I remind you, the CornÁour
cooking standard, as usual, was wonderful and you            Sponge recipe must be used. We have introduced this
should be very pleased with the results.                     to make sponge making easier for those who say I can’t
                                                             make a sponge. Please use our recipe, or it may be
To ALL the cooks who had an entry, thank you for your
interest and determination, keep up the good work, as
your entry was just as important to the Judges. To be able   Reminder:. Namoi Group intend conducting a judge’s
to enter at this level is indeed a great accomplishment.     assessment at Gunnedah on Wed 30th September. Mark
                                                             the date in your diaries, there will be a coupon in the
Sincere appreciation to the Judges, stewards and
                                                             August journal to be completed if you wish to enrol for
volunteers, we couldn’t do without you! So many had
                                                             this. Also, our committee will be offering an Education
long distances to travel, however, in true CWA style,
                                                             Grant on this occasion, details later. Namoi Group
your dedication shone through!
                                                             are offering some home hosting for two nights for this
And as a FIRST, we had a male Judge participate as           assessment, for those travelling long distances, Please
well! We were delighted to welcome Paul, and remind          phone Michelle Eggins on 02 6785 2508 if you require
you all, The Land Cookery Badge is available for             accommodation.
ANYONE to attempt, male or female, member or non
                                                             I hope you enjoy the new Schedule and commence
                                                             your competitions with enthusiasm. Your Branch
Thank you all for your compliments on our display, it        competition IS important, and a chance to try those new
is so encouraging and gives us a ‘lift’ after all the hard   recipes. Have pleasure trying! You might be surprised!
                                                             Happy cooking.
The decorated section was again well supported, and          Morna Wilson
thank you to the two local Judges, their expertise was
To ‘The Land’ for their continuing sponsorship, our                                  Hints
grateful thanks and we were delighted to welcome
Katana Smith is presenting the Awards on Tuesday              Place 2 sugar cubes in biscuit jar to keep biscuits
night. To the wonderful staff at the centre, the Darling      fresh longer
River organising committee and all who tended to our          To turn plain Áour into Self Raising Áour, add 2
needs, with a smile, many thanks. The room used for           level teaspoons of Baking powder to each cup of
our display was excellent. Lots of space and light to
                                                              Áour. Sift mixture several times to distribute it
enhance viewing. The host Group is to be congratulated,
having such a small amount of members, it must have           well.
been a mammoth job, but one you excelled in doing!            Pour melted honey over ice cream for an unusual
                                                              and delicious sweet
                                                              When making a pie with raw fruit, roll each
                                                              piece in cornÁour. This will thicken the juice and
                                                              prevent it boiling over.

Thank you all for taking the opportunity to attend the
information session on Tuesday. It is a chance to ask
questions or gather information on the Schedule or just
cooking information.
To the wonderful committee, once again, many thanks
for your friendship and attitude in making another
State competition come to fruition. I do appreciate your
Your Group cookery ofÀcers now have the new recipes
                                                               The Country Woman           June 2009       Page 15
‘The Land’ Cookery Competition Results
Section One                                               Class (c) ‘Fairy Magic’ Theme
Class (a) Fruit Cake                                      1st Phyllis Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra
1st Ray Keft, Bega Branch, Far South Coast Group               Group
2nd Amy Peck, Woy Woy Branch, Northumberland Group        2nd Ruth Geoghegan, Woolgoolga Branch, North Coast
3rd Phyllis Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra         Group
     Group                                                Class (d) Miniature Decorated Cake. ‘Ebony and Ivory’’
Class (b) Sultana Cake                                    1st Phyllis Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra
1st Marie Dolbel, Bathurst Branch, Central Western             Group
     Group                                                2nd Dawn Ible, Bedgerabong Branch, Oxley Group
2nd Myrtle Wright, Morongla Branch, South West            Class (e) Open. Sugar Art Plaque. ‘Autumn Glory’
     Group                                                1st Phyllis Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra
3rd Phyllis Parker, Moss Vale Branch, Wollondilly Group        Group
Section Two                                               2nd Dawn Ible, Bedgerabong Branch, Oxley Group
Class (a) Neapolitan Cake                                 3rd Sylvia Perrera, Cowra Branch, Southern
1st Ailsa Sinclair, Dirnaseer Branch, Hume Group               Tablelands Group
2nd Jean LangÀeld, Morongla Branch, South West            Class (f) Novice Section. ‘The Toy Box’
     Group                                                1st Shareyne Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch,
     Pauline Dinnell, Wagga Wagga Evening Branch,              Illawarra Group
     Riverina Group                                       Section Seven
Class (b) Honey Coconut Cake                              Boiled Fruit Pudding
1st Carol Banks, Somerton Branch, Wantella Group          1st Margaret Whitney, Merriwa Branch, Hunter River
2nd Heather Gilmore, Yallaroi Branch, Gwydir Group             Group
3rd Margaret Smith, Bellarwi Branch, Hume Group           2nd Joan Bagnell, Nambucca Heads Branch, Mid North
Section Three                                                  Coast Group
Boiled Raisin Chocolate Cake                              3rd Denise Hawdon, Niangala Branch, Wantella Group
1st Dorothy Phipps, Richmond Branch, Nepean Group         Section Eight
2nd Isabella Brennan, Warren Branch, Far Western          Class (a) Fig & Apple Jam
     Group                                                1st Christine Parkes, Adaminaby Branch, Monaro
3rd Val Symons, Bedgerabong Branch, Oxley Group                Group
Section Four                                              2    Betty Harriman, Alstonville Branch, Far North
                                                               Coast Group
Gluten Free Fruit Cake
                                                          3rd Rita Beattie, Crookwell Branch, Southern
1st June Foley, Tamworth Branch, Wanthella Group
                                                               Tablelands Group
2nd Marie Dobel, Bathurst Branch, Central Western
                                                          Class (b) Mustard Pickles
 rd                                                       1st Betty Bird, Wallamba Branch, Mid North Coast
3     Ruth Wheaton, Wagga Wagga Evening, Riverina
      Group                                                    Group
Section Five                                              2    Nancy Davidson, Ben Lomond Branch, Northern
                                                               Tablelands Group
Boiled Carrot Loaf
                                                          3rd Margaret Barron, Jerangle-Peak View Branch,
1st Gwen Terlich, Yerong Creek Branch, Riverina
                                                               Monaro Group
 nd                                                       Class (c) Pear & Prune Chutney
2    Pam Hollman, Penrith Branch, Blue Mountains
     Group.                                               1st Robert Trupp, Hornsby Branch, Northumberland
3rd Crystal Husley, Young Branch, South West Group
                                                          2nd Clare Oliver, Gerogery Branch, Murray Group
Section Six
                                                          3rd D. Hamilton, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra
Class (a) Lavender and Lace
1st Phyllis Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra
                                                          Section Nine
                                                          Date Pinwheels
Class (b) ‘Nature’s Nuptials’ WildÁower Theme
                                                          1st Beverly Hamilton, Queanbeyan Branch, Southern
1st Phyllis Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra
                                                               Tablelands Group
                                                          2nd Joan Yeo, Gollan Branch, Macquarie Group
2nd Sylvia Perrera, Cowra Branch, South West Group
                                                          3rd Judy Hopkins, Gloucester Branch, Mid North
3rd Genny       Penman,      Coonabarabran    Evening,
                                                               Coast Group
     Castlereagh Country Group
Page 16        June 2009      The Country Woman
Section Ten
Ginger Sponge Sandwich                                       State Handicraft Committee
1st   Reta Spencer, Barellan Branch, Murrumbigee-
                                                            Congratulations to all the winners in the State
      Lachlan Group
                                                            Handicraft Competition. The display of Handicraft
2nd   Jessica Dougherty, Branxton-Greta Branch, Hunter
                                                            was admired by CWA members and a large number of
      River Group
                                                            Broken Hill locals and tourists. The committee received
3rd   Marie Dolbel, Bathurst Branch, Central Western
                                                            many positive comments on the display.
Section Eleven                                              The Bus Trip and Tamari Ball School in June are both
Banana Cake                                                 proving very popular.
1st Stuart Mason, Eungai-Stuarts Point Branch, Mid          On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of September
    North Coast Group                                       Mrs Jeanette Sell will be conducting classes in Spiral
2   Aimee Tozer, Jerangle-Peak View Branch, Monaro          Crochet and Beaded tassels. Mrs Pam Simcoe will
    Group                                                   conduct a two day Roddi embroidery class the coupon
3rd Melly Peters, Forbes Branch, Oxley Group                for these schools will appear in the August edition of
Jam Drops                                                   “The Country Women”.
1st Alex James, Kikoira Branch, Hume Group                  The Schedule for the 2010 Handicraft competition
2nd M. McGarrigle, Marshal Mount, Illawarra Group           appeared in the April edition of “The Country Women”.
3rd Tasha Hurley, Myamley, Oxley group                      Please read carefully before commencing your entry.
The Land Cookery Committee State Awards for                 Elizabeth Furner
the Group with the Highest Point Score Gained               Chairman
for the Most Winning Entries at State
Hume Group
Special ‘Land’ Awards for Branches Judged on
                                                             Competition Results
Ratio of Members to Entries                                 Open Sections
Branch with 15 members or under with most entries in        Section A: A garment or article of any craft made by a
Cookery Competition                                         member 80 years of age or over.
1st Deervale Branch, Northern Tablelands Group              1st Lee Fitchett, Bermagui Branch, Far South Coast
2nd Gollan Branch, Macquarie Group                              Group
3rd Branxton-Greta Branch, Hunter River Group               2   Daisy Arnell Crookwell Branch, Southern Tablelands
Branch with 16 to 25 members with most entries in            rd
Cookery Competition                                         3   Audrey Peck, Belmont Branch, Hunter River Group
1st Ben Lomond Branch, Northern Tablelands Group            HC Edith Tuckett, Alstonville Branch, Far North Coast
2nd Bonshaw Branch, Gwydir Group                            HC June Southwell, Lane Cove Branch, Phillip Group
                                                            HC Joyce Boas, Jervis Bay Branch, Wollondilly Group
3rd Bodalla Branch, Far South Coast Group
Branch with 26 to 50 members with most entries in           SECTION B1: Any article of craft made by a junior 8
Cookery Competition                                         years & under.
1st Oura Branch, Riverina Group                             1st Georgia DitchÀeld Baradine Branch Castlereagh
                                                                  Country Group
2nd Merriwa Branch, Hunter River Group                       nd
                                                            2     Katie Thomas Dubbo Evening Branch Macquarie
3rd Bedgerabong Branch, Oxley Group                               Group
Branch with over 51 members with most entries in            3rd   Isabel Mitchell Jindera Branch Murray Group
Cookery Competition
                                                            SECTION B2: Any article of craft made by a junior 9 to
1st Wagga Wagga Branch, Riverina Group                      13 years.
2nd Tamworth Branch, Wanthella Group                        1st Michelle Border, Coonabarabran Branch,Castlereagh
3rd East Maitland Branch, Hunter River Group                      Country Group
The Land Cookery Committee State Awards                     2nd Lucy Regan Weethalle Branch Murrumbidgee-
for the Highest Point Score Gained for the Most                   Lachlan Group
Winning Entries in Section 6                                3rd Oscar Little Jindera Branch Murray Group
Phyllis Blissett, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra Group    SECTION B3: Any article of craft made by a junior 14
Donna Latter Memorial Prize                                 to 18 years.
1st   Kim Canham, Yallaroi Branch, Gwydir Group             1st Liberty Nelson Kangaroo Valley Branch Wollondilly
2nd   Kay Quinn, Bellarwi Branch, Hume Group                      Group
      Barbara Leech, Pambula-Merimbula Branch, Far          2nd Katrina Rivera Crookwell Day Southern Tablelands
      South Coast Group                                           Group
HC    Merle Parrish, Cudal Branch, Certral Western Group.   3rd   Tannille Brown Hunter River Group

                                                                The Country Woman         June 2009       Page 17
HC Karsten Weethalle Branch Murrumbidgee-Lachlan           5. Hand Knitted or Crochet child’s garment from
   Group                                                   Commercial Natural Fibres
SECTION C: Branch Project                                  1st J. King Goulburn Branch Southern Tablelands Group
1st Kootingal Branch Wanthella Group                       2nd Marg Lynch Table Top Branch Murray Group
2nd Borenore Branch Central Western Group                  3rd Rochelle Allan St George Branch Phillip Group
3rd Gloucester Evening Br. Mid North Coast Group           6. Hand Knitted garment or Article (not socks) from
HC Lane Cove Branch Phillip Group                          Commercial Natural Fibres
SECTION D: A piece of needlecraft that identiÀes           1st Betty Hallam Lawson Branch Blue Mountains Group
Country of Study                                           2nd Mary Newman Canowindra Branch Central Western
1st Lyn     Douglas Mannering    Park    Branch                  Group
      Northumberland Group                                 3rd   Chris Perrott Narooma Branch Far South Coast
2nd   Nola Hill Ben Lomond Branch Northern Tablelands            Group
      Group                                                7. Hand Knitted garment or Article from Commercial
Section E: Article of craft made by a male relative of a   Natural Fibres — 6ply or thicker
CWA Member                                                 1st Pat Casey GrifÀth Branch Murrumbidgee-Lachlan
1st Bill Noble Emerald Hill Branch Namoi Group                 Group
2nd Dirk Heyink, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid North      2   Merle Parrish Cudal Branch Central Western Group
      Coast Group                                          3rd Nola Hill Ben Loman Branch Northern Tablelands
3rd   Bob Mitchell, TenterÀeld      Branch,   Northern         Group
      Tablelands Group                                     HC Mary Donnelly Gunnedah Branch Namoi Group
SECTION F: Commercially quilted quilt.                     8. Creative Knitting I Crochet garment or article from
1st Gwen Hudson Harrington Branch Mid North Coast          Commercial & or Natural Fibres
2nd Judy Harvey Jerilderie Branch Sturt Group              1st Maryke Greutink Moree Branch Gwydir Group
3rd Dawn Patterson, Medowie Branch, Hunter River           2nd Tone Kelly Narooma Branch Far South Coast Group
   Group                                                   3rd Christine Parkes Adaminaby Branch Monaro Group
HC Bev Norris, Bellarwie Branch, Hume Group                9. Hand Knitted garment or article from Hand Spun
‘The Land’ Sections                                        Natural Fibres
1. Knee or Cot Rug using Commercial Natural Fibres         1st Marie Wharton Glen Innes Branch Northern
— Crochet                                                        Tablelands Group
1st Margot Ryan Narooma Branch Far South Coast             2     Jenny Smith Berry Branch Wollondilly Group
    Group                                                  3rd   M. Rees Gloucester Branch Mid North Coast Group
2   Bea Beresford Marulan Branch Southern Tablelands       10. Machine Knitted garment or article from Hand
    Group                                                  Spun Natural Fibres
3rd Pat Casey GrifÀth Branch Murrumbidgee/Lachian          1st J. Bird Port Macquarie Mid North Coast Group
    Group                                                  2nd Mary Godde Holbrook Branch Group
HC Gloria Coombe Keiraville Branch Illawarra Group
                                                           3rd Bev Anderson Trundle Branch Oxley Group
HC Cathy Heffernan Dunedoo Branch Castlereagh
                                                           11. Hand Crochet garment or article from Commercial
    Country Group
                                                           Natural Fibres
2. Knee or Bed Rug using Commercial Natural Fibres
                                                           1st Val Farrington Keiravale Branch Illawarra Group
— any other technique. Not weaving.
                                                           2nd Margot Ryan Narooma Branch Far South Coast
1st Helen Cudmore Blackville Branch Namoi Group                  Group
2nd Trudi Tritschler Bungendore Branch Southern            3rd
                                                                 Marg Lynch Table Top Branch Murray Group
      Tablelands Group
                                                           12. Hand Crochet article made from Mercerised Cotton
3rd   Shirley Thompson Bonshaw Branch Gwydir Group
                                                           1st Marg Lynch Table Top Branch Murray Group
3. Hand woven garment or article from Natural Fibres
                                                           2nd Lorna Mckay Talbragar Branch Macquarie Group
1st Helen Cudmore Blackville Branch Namoi Group
                                                           3rd Joan Bagneli Nambucca Heads Far North Coast
2nd Bern Hughes Jervis Bay Branch Wollondilly Group              Group
3rd Marion McCrossin Walierawang /Lisdale Branch           13. Hand Crochet garment or article from Hand Spun
   Blue Mountains Group
HC Mavis Dye Jerilderie Branch Sturt Group
                                                           1st Helen Cook Cootamundra Branch Hume Group
4. Hand Knitted Socks from Natural Fibres
                                                           2nd Christine Parkes Adaminaby Branch Monaro Group
1st Keith Constable Emerald Hill Branch Namoi Group
                                                           14. Hand Knitted Baby OutÀt —2 pieces — Pure Wool
2nd Roslyn Mitchell Wallamba Branch Mid North Coast
                                                           1st Nola Hill, Ben Lomond Branch ,Northern Tablelands
3rdKit Bright Mossvale Branch Wollondilly Group
                                                           2nd G. Cowan, Port Macquarie Evening Branch, Mid
HC Barb Roberts Glenreagh Branch North Coast Group               North Coast Group

Page 18        June 2009        The Country Woman
3rd   L Giliespie, Goulburn Branch, Southern Tablelands   2nd Central Western Group
      Group                                               3rd Murray Group
15. Hand Crochet Baby OutÀt —2 pieces - Pure Wool         Champion Piece of Work
1st Marg Lynch Table Top Branch Murray Group              Marie Laurie Gloucester Evening. Branch Mid North
2nd Jean Wills, Trundle Branch, Oxley Group               Coast Group
3rd Ann Pratt, Eurongilly Branch, Hume Group              Special Prizes
16. Dressmaking — Garment made from Mixed Fibres          10 special prizes awarded to the 10 most outstanding
1st Lois Flint, Peak Hill Branch, Oxley Group             different crafts from Section 1 as per Schedule
2nd Suzanne Evans, Bodalla Branch, Far South Coast        Grace Moad, Milthorpe Branch, Central Western Group-
      Group                                               Wool Embroidery
3rd   Ruth Stubbs-Rice, Berridale Branch, Monaro Group    Nola Hill ,Ben Lomond Branch, Northern Tablelands
17. Dressmaking — Garment made from Natural Fibres        Group - Smocking
1st Jean Wills, Trundle Branch, Oxley Group               Pauline Kinder, Penrith Branch, Blue Mountains Group -
2nd Heather Kerr, Oaklands Branch, Murray Group           Pure Wool Knitting
3rd Annette Forsyth, Humula Branch, Riverina Group        Esma Baker, Grenfell Branch, South West Group - Dressed
18. Dressmaking — Garment made from Stretch Fibres
                                                          Lynne Hart, Moruya Branch ,Far South Coast Group
1st Gwen Riorden Emerald Hill Branch Namoi Group
2nd Ann Plumeridge Gloucester Branch Mid North Coast
                                                          Chris Perrott, Narooma Branch, Far South Coast Group-
                                                          Fairy Knitting
3rd. Gegg Goulburn Branch Southern Tablelands Group
                                                          Joy Knight Craft, Jerilderie Branch, Sturt Group- Gold
19. Dressmaking — Childs Garment made from Natural        Work
Fibres                                                    M. Graham, Port Kembla Branch, Illawarra Group- Cross
1st Deanne Merrett Medowie Branch Hunter River            Stitch
      Group                                               Marion Dotchin, Narooma Branch, Far South Coast Group
2nd B. Thompson Canberra Day Branch Monaro Group          - Ribbon Embroidery
3rd Gayle Braybon Dubbo Evening Branch Macquarie          Robyn Taylor, Trundle Branch, Oxley Group - Appliqued
   Group                                                  Quilt
HC Lola Flint Peak Hill Branch Oxley Group                Scholarship Winner
20. Any Craft not speciÀed in the above Land schedule     Carolyn Richards, Tarcutta Branch, Riverina Group
using Natural Fibres
1st Lorraine Morgan, Jindera Branch, Murray Group
2nd Judy Simonson, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid
   North Coast Group
3rdFreda Cook, Oura Branch, Riverina Group
HC Marg Ingram, Cassilis Branch, Castlereagh Country
HC Jane Terry, Bourke Evening Branch, Far Western
HC Trudi Tritschler, Bungandore Branch, Southern
   Tablelands Group
Champion Piece of Work in ‘The Land’ Section
Val Farrington, Keiraville Branch, Illawarra Group
Wool Award
1st   Wallerawang-Lidsdale Branch, Blue Mountains
2nd   Coonabarabran Branch, Castlereagh Country Group
3rd   Adaminaby Branch, Monaro Group
Handicraft Committee Quilt Prize
1st Bev Norris, Bellarwi Branch, Hume Group
2nd Dawn Patterson, Medowie Branch, Hunter Group
3rd Janice   McLansborough,       Woolomin  Branch,
      Wanthella Group
Best Group Report: Monaro Group
Group Competition: Groups attaining highest point
1st Far South Coast Group

                                                            The Country Woman           June 2009       Page 19
 State Cultural Committee
Hello everyone                                                   to 1.5 hours and because the tour will involve walking in a
                                                                 studio environment you must wear comfortable soft soled
Conference has been and gone; and I do hope you all had a
                                                                 shoes with enclosed heels and toes. Elevators are used to
safe trip home. Conference certainly is a busy time we love to
                                                                 access different levels. Please note there is a considerable
catch up with you all and especially to meet new members.
                                                                 amount of walking and not many places to sit down during
A very big thank you to you all for your continuing support.
                                                                 the tour. All bags must be left in the lockable cupboard
Congratulations to all members who had winning entries
                                                                 provided, so please bring only the essentials. The ABC takes
and thank you to everyone for participating and entering
                                                                 no responsibility for belongings left in the bag cupboard.
the State Cultural Committee’s Competitions. If you were
unsuccessful this year, please enter again, who knows it may     The time for the tour is 12.20 pm and we will meet there at
just be your lucky year.                                         10:30am which will give us time to have a late morning tea
                                                                 or early lunch in the A-One café and a look in the ABC Book
The Committee appreciates all your efforts. The Committee
                                                                 Shop. All tour participants receive 10% discount in the ABC
would like to thank the members of the Darling River Group
                                                                 shop on the day of their tour.
for their help and assistance. It is always a pleasure to have
                                                                 Date: Tuesday 11th August.
Mr Ian Burgess from Scott & Broad with us to present the
                                                                 Where: ABC Ultimo Centre 700 Harris Street a 10min
Art & China Painting Awards and we sincerely thank them
                                                                 walk from Central Station buses also stop in Harris Street.
for their continued support and sponsorship. We were also
                                                                 Time: 10.30 am for the tour at 12.20pm.
pleased to have our State President Mrs Margaret Roberts
                                                                 Cost: $6.50 plus lunch.
present the Cultural Committee Competition Awards. Mrs
Denise Fergusson Hon State Secretary accompanied by              The following day will be held in the Auditorium at Head
Husband Bob who presented the “Fergusson Trophy” for the         OfÀce and we will have poetry and learn more about our
“Best Group Report” and Mrs Gloria Willey presented the          newest competition, odes, followed by report writing and
“Bib n Bub Trophy” for the “Best Cultural Book”                  Ànally discussion on what is Cultural and what it means e.g.
                                                                 cultural books, skits, plays, guest speakers, what we do and
The Committee wishes to thank all members and friends
                                                                 how etc. So if your not sure about what to do as a cultural
who bought tickets in our rafÁe.
                                                                 ofÀcer please come and join us.
Congratulations to                                               Date: Wednesday 12th August
1st. Coral Barber (Parkes)                                       Where: Auditorium Head OfÀce.
2nd Alison Lawrence (Goulburn Evening)                           Time: 9.00am.
3rd B Chivers (Canberra)                                         Cost: $15.00 includes morning tea and lunch.
Should any Group OfÀcer discover any item which appears          Accommodation at the club and other meals are at your
to belong to another Group please return it immediately to       own expense. Please come and join us for one day or both
the Committee Secretary Mrs Gloria Willey.                       days, meet other like minded ladies and have fun and learn
                                                                 something new. We look forward to seeing you.
Titles for 2010: Competition titles are to be found in the
December 2008 issue of The Country Woman on page 16.             Reminder: Group Cultural OfÀcers remember to apply to
All entries are to be judged for 2010 State Conference. Good     the Committee before 20th August for the $20.00 and award
luck.                                                            cards for your Cultural/Festival/Fun Day. The $20.00 is
                                                                 used as prizes for items performed and is not to be used for
Scrapbooking: Title is “Pet/Pets”. Please note: all
entries must be received by the Committee Secretary Mrs
Willey no later than 15th November 2009. This will bring         Secretary’s address: All correspondence and competition
the scrapbooking in to line with the Committee’s other           entries to Mrs G Willey, 72 Barlow Street, Cambridge Park.
competitions. We apologise for the short notice regarding the    2747. Phone 4721 3168.
closing date. There are two sections; one for an individual
                                                                 Thank you again for all your support it is greatly appreciated.
entry and one for a Branch entry. The branch entry must be
                                                                 Remember all that we do, how and why we do it is “Culture”.
done by more than one member. Judging at Branch is for one
                                                                 Till next time stay safe and well.
individual book and for one Branch book to go on to Group
for further judging. Group must then choose Best Branch          Bev Byrnes
book and the best individual book to go on to State.             Chairman
Cultural Seminar: Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th
August 2009. Closing date 28th July 2009. The coupon             Pianist - State Choir
entry (page 6) together with money is to be returned to our      If you are interested in this position then please send
Secretary. A block booking has been made at the Club for 10      your application stating name and experience to the
single rooms and 10 twin share rooms, so be an early bird        State Cultural Committee Secretary, Mrs Gloria
and; return your coupon and money ASAP.                          Willey, 72 Barlow St, Cambridge Park NSW 2747,
A tour of the ABC Ultimo Centre has been organised cost          before the 30th July 2009. Choir practice will be Monday
$6.50 senior card holders and pensioners. The tour takes up      2nd November 2009. Choir convener is Mrs Beryl Wells.
 Page 20         June 2009        The Country Woman
State Cultural Committee Results
Group Cultural Report Awards                              HC Alison McLachlan-Crowe (Weethalle              Branch,
         Illawarra Group                                     Murrumbidgee-Lachlan Group)
2   nd
         Central Western Group                            Senior Photography Awards
3rd      Northumberland Group                             Section A: Film “Feet”
Cultural Book Awards                                      1st      Ruth Shanks, Dubbo Evening Branch, Macquarie
1st      Bellawri Branch, Hume Group
                                                          2nd      P Price, Deer Vale branch, Northern Tablelands
2        GrifÀth Branch, Murrumbidgee-Lachlan Group                Group.
3rd      Dapto Branch, Illawarra Group                    3rd      Leonie Barrett, Pambula-Merimbula branch, Far
HC Castle Hill Branch, Nepean Group                                South Coast Group.
HC Morisset Branch, Northumberland Group                  HC Peggy Holands, GrifÀth Branch, Murrumbidgee-
HC Tamworth Branch, Wanthella Group                          Lachlan Group.
Senior Short Story Awards                                 HC Valerie Smith, Gresford Branch, Hunter River
1        Ms Veeto. Deer Vale Branch, Northumberland
         Group                                            Section B: Digital “Leaf/Leaves”
2nd      Bethia Mills. Pambula-Merimbula Branch, Far      1st      Leonie Barrett, Pambula-Merimbula Branch, Far
         South Coast Group                                         South Coast Group.
3rd      Patricia Stenner. Wauchope Branch, Mid North     2nd      Kerrie Barrett, Bowral Branch, Wollondilly Group.
         Coast Group                                      3rd      Doreen Angove, Narrandera Branch, Sturt Group.
HC Anne Lee. Jamberoo Branch, Wollondilly Group           HC Helen Trainer, Newcastle Branch, Hunter River
HC Eva Perrott. Kempsey Branch, Mid North Coast              Group.
   Group                                                  HC Kathy McDonald, Branxton Branch, Hunter River
Junior Short Story (8-12 years)                              Group.
1st      Bridget Bennett, Tottenham Branch, Oxley Group   Junior Photography - Àlm or digital “My favourite thing”
2nd      Imogen Walsh, Berry branch, Wollondilly Group    8 years and under
3rd      Hugh MacKinnon, Tottenham Branch, Oxley          1st      Chloe Baker, Tottenham Branch, Oxley Group.
         Group.                                           2   nd
                                                                   Imogen Garry, East Maitland Branch, Hunter
HC Megan McCauley, Tottenham Branch, Oxley                         River Group.
   Group.                                                 3rd      Piper Cropper, Wallamba Branch, Mid North Coast
HC Scott O’Hara, Tottenham Branch, Oxley Group.                    Group.
Senior Poetry Awards                                      HC Shelley Turner. GrifÀth Branch, Murrumbidgee-
                                                             Lachlan Group.
1st      Delwyn Mitevski, Coonabarabran Evening Branch,
         Castlereagh County Group.                        9-12 years
2nd      Shirley Everingham, Wauchope Branch, Mid North   1st      Keelin Garry, East Maitland Branch, Hunter River
         Coast Group.                                              Group.
3rd      Patricia Stenner, Wauchope Branch, Mid North     2nd      Mason King, Dapto Branch, Illawarra Group.
         Coast Group.                                     3        Harrison Judd, Jamberoo Branch, Wollondilly
HC Ruth Fox, Mullumbimby Branch, Far North Coast                   Group.
   Group                                                  HC Carly Bagnell, Macksville Branch, Mid North
HC Joan Mott, Mullumbimby Branch, Far North Coast            Coast Group.
   Group                                                  13-18 years
Ode - ‘Ode to Spring’                                     1st      Emily Green, Camden Branch, Illawarra Group.
1        Ruth Fox (Mullumbimby Branch, Far North Coast    2nd      Harriet Rochester, Camden Branch, Illawarra
         Group)                                                    Group.
2nd      Hazel Hillman (Bonny Hills Branch, Mid North     3rd      Samantha McManus, Wallerwang-Lidsale Branch,
         Coast Group                                               Blue Mountains Group.
3rd      Valerie Worswich (Northern Districts Branch,     HC Nicole Oslington, GrifÀth Branch, Murrumbidgee-
         Phillip Group)                                      Lachlan Group.
HC Joan Mott (Mullumbimby Branch, Far North Coast         Junior Posters - “Endangered species”
                                                               The Country Woman           June 2009        Page 21
8 years and under                                           1st      Jean Pengilly, Blackville Branch, Namoi Group.
 st                                                             nd
1     Liam Pennell, Somersby Branch, Northumberland         2        Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid
      Group.                                                         North Coast Group.
2nd   Ashtyn King, Dapto Branch, Illawarra Group.           3rd      Carole Scanlon, Blackville Branch, Namoi Group.
3rd   David Braun, Blackville Branch, Namoi Group.          Section 2: Novice - Painting in Oil, Watercolour or Acrylic
HC Harold Braun, Blackville Branch, Namoi Group.            1st      Kate Seymour,     Gooloogong   Branch,   Central
HC Liam Prowse, Blackville Branch, Namoi Group.                      Western Group.
9-12 years                                                  Section 3: Any other painting medium
1st   Danielle Oslington, GrifÀth Branch, Murrumbidgee-     1st      Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid
      Lachlan Group.                                                 North Coast Group.
2nd   Charlie Gulliver, Blackville Branch, Namoi Group.     2nd      Robyn Thomson, Gooloogong Branch, Central
                                                                     Western Group.
3rd   Zac Critchly, Blackville Branch, Namoi Group.
                                                            3rd      Fern MacLachlan, Queanbeyan Branch, Southern
HC Cassandra Prowse, Blackville Branch, Namoi                        Tablelands Group.
                                                            Section 4: Miniatures - Any medium
HC Daisy Berryman, Tottenham Branch, Oxley Group.
                                                            1st      Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid
13-18 years                                                          North Coast Group.
1st   Harrison Judd, Jamberoo Branch, Wollondilly           2nd      Margie Chown, Jamberoo Branch, Wollondilly
      Group.                                                         Group.
Scott and Broad China Painting Awards 2009                  3rd      Anne Morley, Dapto Branch, Illawarra Group.
Section 1: Best Piece of China                              Section 5
1st   Pam Humberstone, Keiraville Branch, Illawarra         1st      Liam Pennell, Somersby Branch, Northumberland
      Group.                                                         Group.
2nd   Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid           2nd      Shannon     Pennell,      Somersby       Branch,
      North Coast Group.                                             Northumberland Group.
3rd   Dell Stewart, Pambula-Merimbula Branch, Far           Scrapbooking Competition
      South Coast Group.
                                                            Individual Books
Section 2: Best Decorated Piece
                                                            1st      Gwenda Rowbottom, Armidale Branch, Northern
1st   Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid                    Tablelands Group
      North Coast Group.
                                                            2nd      Anne Dinham, Yamba Branch, North Coast Group
2nd   June Bahr, Henty Branch, Riverina Group.                  rd
                                                            3        Elizabeth Prosser, Pambula-Merimbula Branch,
Section 3: Portrait- Animals or Birds                                Far South Coast Group
1st   Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid           HC Karen Churchill, Tarcutta Branch, Riverina Group
      North Coast Group.
                                                            Branch Books
2nd   Marie Bullock, Yerong Creek Branch, Riverina
      Group.                                                1st      Tarcutta Branch, Riverina Group
Section 4: Penwork                                          2        Kurrajong Branch, Nepean Group and Bellarwi
                                                                     Branch, Hume Group
1st   June Bahr, Henty Branch, Riverina Group.
2nd   Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid
                                                            Nominations for State Cultural Committee
      North Coast Group.
Section 5: Scenes                                           Nominations for a State Cultural Committee position,
                                                            accompanied by a citation covering your interest and
1st   Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid
                                                            experience in the subject, close with the Executive
      North Coast Group.
                                                            OfÀcer on 3rd July 2009. The Committee is elected
Section 6: Miniatures                                       by the State Executive at the July 2008 Executive
1st   Jean Spokes, Gloucester Evening Branch, Mid           meeting. You will be notiÀed of acceptance. Please
      North Coast Group.                                    keep in mind that you are required to attend four
2nd   Marie Bullock, Yerong Creek Branch, Riverina          meetings a year, which are held on the 4th Tuesday
      Group.                                                of March, May, August and November, commencing
                                                            at 9.15 am. To assist members who have to stay
3rd   Cathy Delhaas, Jamberoo Branch, Wollondilly
      Group.                                                overnight at the Club for a meeting, State Executive
                                                            have given approval that accommodation and evening
Scott and Broad Art Awards 2009                             meal be at half price. This concession only applies to
Section 1: Open - Painting in Oil, Watercolour or Acrylic   State Committee members.

Page 22        June 2009          The Country Woman
 State Agricultural/Environmental Report
What a contrast, travelling from the coast of NSW to          also to the Judges - Margaret SchoÀeld, Kate Maxwell,
the edge of the desert to Broken Hill. Leaving home           Semitj Hopcraft and Marcia Fillery.
from lush green growth and water aplenty, to a much
                                                              The winners of the Recycled Items were:
dryer area.
                                                              1st Janet De Roy, Mudgee Evening Branch, Castlereagh
My daughter told me the trip between Wilcannia and            County
Broken Hill would consist of very little as far as the eye    2nd Helen Sheridan, Eurongilly Branch, Hume Group
could see, but I found it a very interesting trip as it was   3rd Jan McKenzie, Marshall Mount Branch, Illawarra
so different to the area where I live.                        Group.
A special thank you to the Darling River Group for their      The winner of the Climate Solutions Award, established
hospitality and assistance with preparing the Going           in 2007 with generous donations from Ralph & Margaret
Natural, Wearing Natural Fashion Parade.                      Leutton and The Climate Institute, to promote CWA to
                                                              a younger demographic, was Teena Miller of Quirindi
The Going Natural, Wearing Gala Event was very
                                                              Branch, Namoi Group.
successful with 42 entrants. The variety, quality and
design style and of the garments paraded by the ladies        Gloria Hyatt
are indicative of the talent within the CWA. The              State A/E OfÀcer
winners were:
Casual Section: Marjorie Rees, Gloucester Branch,
Mid North Coast Group                                          A Message from the Retiring State
Day Wear Section: Beth Circuitt, Hay Branch, Sturt             Honorary Treasurer
Group                                                          I wish to thank the members for their support and
Evening Wear Section: Heather Kerr, Oaklands                   friendship during my term as State Hon. Treasurer
Branch, Murray Group                                           and please welcome Mrs. Denise Turnbull the new
People’s Choice Award: Helen Sheridan, Eurongilly              State Hon. Treasurer.
Branch, Hume Group.
                                                               With my best wishes,
A thank you to Lyn Braico, Hornsby Branch,
Northumberland Group for compeering the Event and
                                                               Pamela Coull

                                                               Every bequest
                                                               brings us closer
                                                               to a cure for cancer.
                                                               Thanks to medical research cancer survival rates
                                                               have increased by 25% in the last 25 years.
                                                               Your bequest to the Cancer Council NSW
                                                               will help fund more research which could help
                                                               us defeat cancer within this child’s lifetime.
                                                               The power to save more lives is in your hands.

                                                                           For more information
                                                                        contact Mella Moore today.
                                                                T: 1300 780 113 • W:
                                                                The Country Woman          June 2009        Page 23
 ACWW Pre-Conference Tour
The Association is considering organising a pre-             also time to enjoy some shopping in the downtown area.
conference tour prior to the 2010 ACWW Conference            This evening meet with local Farm Bureau women’s
in Arkansas, USA. We have worked with Quadrant               group for dinner and socializing.
Australia (the travel agents who have worked with us
                                                             Overnight Natchez (B,D)
previously on tours) to come up with a draft itinerary for
consideration. Members are asked to lodge an Expression      Day 5 NATCHEZ to BIRMINGHAM
of Interest (EOI) to the International OfÀcer, Margaret      Friday 16th April 2010
Brown by 1 August 2009 in order to determine if there is
                                                             Today we travel to Birmingham and en route, visit a
enough interest to conduct the tour.
                                                             rural county health ofÀce to learn about community,
Tour outline:                                                organization, church and government supported
                                                             programs for underserved communities in rural
Sydney/New Orleans/Natchez/Birmingham/Memphis/               Northwest Mississippi. Lunch included. After lunch visit
Little Rock/Hot Springs. 10 days touring in Louisiana,       the well known Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Here
Tennessee and Arkansas ending in Hot Springs for the         the group will attend a special session on horticulture
ACWW Conference 2010                                         therapy and see the program in action. Later in the
Itinerary (a more detailed itinerary can be found on the     afternoon, visit the Grow Alabama distribution centre.
website or by contacting Head OfÀce)                         Overnight Birmingham (B,L)
Day 1 DEPART AUSTRALIA and ARRIVE NEW                        Day 6 BIRMINGHAM to MEMPHIS
ORLEANS                                                      Saturday 17th April 2010
Monday 12th April 2010
                                                             This morning depart for Tupelo, Mississippi. Stud
Arrival at New Orleans International (MSY) Airport and       farm visit en route. Visit Elvis Presley’s birthplace and
meet your tour manager who will accompany the tour           museum in Tupelo, Mississippi. Picnic Lunch and then
until arrival in Hot Springs.                                visit the national Àsh hatchery to learn about national
Afternoon tour of New Orleans. Welcome dinner jazz           conservation efforts and restoration of depleted Àsh
cruise.                                                      populations.

Overnight New Orleans (D)                                    Overnight Memphis (B,L)

Day 2 NEW ORLEANS/BAYOU                                      Day 7 MEMPHIS
Tuesday 13th April 2010                                      Sunday 18th April 2010

Early departure to Houma, heart of America’s wetlands        Earth Day celebrations to be announced.
and Cajun culture and take a boat tour through               Tour Graceland the 14 acre estate of Elvis Presley.
Louisiana swamps. Visit to the rural sponsored Head          Afterwards take a tram across the Mississippi River to
Start program. Head Start is a government supported          Mud Island. Here you can visit the Mississippi River
program for pre-school aged children in underserved and      museum to learn about this vital waterway and see a
rural communities.                                           walkable replica of the entire Mississippi ecosystem. The
Visit with a farming family that lost crops and land to      day will end with a tour of the Gibson guitar factory.
Hurricanes Katrina, Ike or Gustav.                           Time at Beale Street for shopping, restaurants and live
Overnight New Orleans (B,L)                                  blues music.

Day 3 NEW ORLEANS                                            Overnight Memphis (B)
Wednesday 14th April, 2010                                   Day 8 MEMPHIS
Morning visit to a local food bank and assist in the         Monday 19th April 2010
distribution / packing of goods. Here you will meet some     Free day in Memphis OR Travel north to Randolph
of the key women involved in the food bank efforts. This     County, Arkansas, where British native, Pam Rankin,
afternoon visit some of the Habitat for Humanity projects    will lead the group on a tour of agricultural enterprises
in progress in New Orleans.                                  including rice farming and cotton farming.
Overnight New Orleans (B)                                    Overnight Memphis (B,L)
Day 4 NEW ORLEANS to NATCHEZ                                 Day 9 MEMPHIS to LITTLE ROCK
Thursday 15th April 2010                                     Tuesday 20th April 2010
Depart after breakfast and travel to Natchez, Mississippi    Today we tour Heifer International. Heifer International
for a historical narrated tour of Natchez and the            is a non-proÀt, humanitarian organization dedicated
opportunity to tour two famous Natchez mansion. There’s      to ending world hunger and caring for the earth. Visit
Page 24         June 2009       The Country Woman
Clinton Library. The Clinton Presidential Centre
and Park includes the Clinton Presidential Library
and Museum, the University of Arkansas, Clinton
School of Public Service, and the Clinton Presidential
Foundation, Little Rock ofÀce.
Overnight Little Rock (B,D)
Wednesday 21st April 2010
Travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas. A remarkable
array of thermal springs in a valley of the Ouachita
Mountains prompted Congress in 1832 to set aside
the site as a federal reservation. Though it ofÀcially
became America’s 18th national park in 1921, the
site is believed to be the oldest in the national park
system protected by law.
End of services. Hotel not included in Hot Springs.
Check into conference hotel for seven nights for
Associated Country Women of the World 26th
Triennial Conference 2010.
Wednesday 28th April 2010
Day 18 In Transit
Friday 30th April 2010
Price: Due to the fact that 2010 airfares are not
available only an estimated cost can be provided
at this stage - $AUD6,400.00 to $AUD6,700.00,
including air fares, tour, conference registration and
accommodation in Hot Springs on a twin share basis.
Price Includes:
• Motorcoach transportation as described
• English speaking female tour manager with
  agricultural background
• Accommodations in Àrst class hotels, such as
  Drury, FairÀeld Marriott, Hampton, Comfort
  Suites. Note: Some overnights will be 2 ½ star
  hotels due to location of cities.
• Breakfast each day, 4 lunches, 3 dinners including
  Jazz dinner cruise in New Orleans.
• Local guide for tour of New Orleans and Memphis
• Entrances: Swamp boat tour, 2 plantation /
  mansion visits, Elvis birthplace, Graceland, Mud
  Island, Gibson Guitar.
• All taxes and charges
• Arrangement of farm visits and technical visits in
  line with interests of group.
Price Does NOT Include:
• Tips for driver and guide
• Entrances and meals not listed
• Personal expenses
• Visa fees if required
• Airline & airport taxes

                                                         The Country Woman   June 2009    Page 25
 Welcome New Members
Albion Park Evening                    Bulli                                 Dubbo
Chris Lee.                             Robyn Harriott.                       Janet Holloway, Marlene Spittles.
Albury                                 Bulloak                               Dungog-Clarence Town
Nita Prendeville.                      Jan Gawne.                            Margaret Glenn, Lois Sanders.
Bangalow                               Bungendore                            Euberta
Moira Carruthers, Donna Jenner,        Sally Osborne.                        Judith Burgun.
Margaret Parrington.                   Bungonia                              Eugowra
Barellan                               Wendy Hensford, Marjorie Nicholson.   Jenny Anderson, Kay Jones.
Beverley Moody.                        Burren Junction                       Exeter
Bathurst                               Emily Howard, Belinda Smith.          Patricia deCorsie, Elspeth Parker.
Grace Bell, Jennifer Salisbury.        Burthong                              Forbes
Bathurst Evening                       Jean Cowles.                          Pat Martin.
Elizabeth Burke, Penny Flanagan,       Canberra                              Forster
Lesley Tinker, Elaine Wilson.
                                       Joy Brown.                            Donna Halstead, Val Price.
                                       Canberra Evening                      Garah
Janine Nelson.
                                       Jane Spill.                           Norma Jenson.
                                       Canowindra                            Gloucester
Jennifer Auckett.
                                       Moyna Balcomb.                        Mhaire Higgins.
                                       Carcoar-Mandurama                     Goulburn Evening
Diani Butchart.
                                       Carmen Haran, Marion Thompson.        Paula Geary, Jill McDonald.
                                       Castle Hill                           Grattai
Julie Chatterton,     Jean   Smith,
Narelle Willems.                       Joanne Lea Rosser, Marjorie Rosser.   Rhonda Cox, Janette Manca, Joyce
                                       Cessnock Evening                      Thomas.
                                       Valda Barton.                         Gresford
Valerie Clements, Vera Guthrie.
                                       Chatsworth Island                     Lyn Richards.
Ursula Phelps.                         Faith Daley Gleeson, Barbara          Greystanes
                                       Emanuel, Heather Hughes, Margaret
Blackheath                                                                   Sarah Jane Morgan.
                                       Van Egmond.
Christine Piper.                                                             Gulgong
                                       Coffs Harbour
Bodalla                                                                      Julie Gillan, Helen Wood.
                                       Robyn Bent, Virginia Bodimead,
Moya Goile, Elizabeth Tough.           Denise     BonÀglioli, Peta-Vida      Hay
Bonville                               Jefferies, Kay Richardson, Lois       Louise Fraser, Stacey Lugsdin,
                                       Watkins.                              Kerrie Milliken, Sue Smith
Frances Robertson.
                                       Coleambally-Argoon                    Ilford-Running Stream
Bourke Evening
                                       Julie Wiltshire.                      Anne Smith.
Anne Wise.
                                       Condobolin                            Ivanhoe
                                       Fiona O’Halloran.                     Margaret Barter, Kerrie Harris,
Patricia Harrison, Jane Swavley.
                                       Coonabarabran                         Maire Kelly, Roshiem Mercer, Trish
Braidwood                                                                    Palmer, Marie Scott, Fleur Turner,
                                       Riley Emerson.
Deborah Duncan, Asspa Makas.                                                 Barbara Waugh.
                                       Cootamundra Evening
Brewarrina                                                                   Jervis Bay Evening
                                       Margaret Elmes, Jayne Packham,
Glenda Tasker.                                                               Rosemary     Blackmore,       Robyn
                                       Helen Russell.
                                                                             Stanton, Narrell Tabone.
Brunswick Heads                        Dirnaseer
Erica Bader, Linn Vanderstukken.       Gladys Russell.
                                                                             Tracy Clifton, Jenny Kennedy.
Page 26          June 2009        The Country Woman
                                                                                                  NEW MEMBERS
Jindera                              Narrandera Evening                       Tarcutta
Lorraine Morgan.                     Irene Whillans.                          Isabel Thompson.
Keiraville                           Narromine                                Terrigal
Judie Giddey.                        Beryl Coulter.                           Valda Sims.
Kingscliff                           Nelson Bay                               The Rock
Elizabeth Kalpus.                    Elaine Bright, Nola Cullen, Marilyn      Shirley Martin.
Kurrajong                            Stewart.                                 Tottenham
Debra Clarke.                        Nowra                                    Valarie Kidston.
Lawson                               Maria Emery, Patricia Peters.            Toukley
Dallas Price.                        Nymagee                                  Jenny Greer, Kay Hunt, Angelika
Lismore                              Robyn King.                              Stone.
Jan Faulks, Kay Johnson.             Orange                                   Trangie
Long Jetty-The Entrance              Helen Cole.                              Jo O’Donnell.
Barbara McMahon.                     Oura                                     Umina Beach
Lyndhurst                            Jenna Currell, Shelley Hanns,            Diana Moon.
                                     Noeline Lawson, Fay O’Malley.            Ungarie
Gwen Toshack.
                                     Parkes Evening                           Pam Brewer, Claire DeVaney,
                                     Stephanie Brown.                         Elizabeth Lemon, Sue Plummer,
Sylvia Fitch.                                                                 Lurensa Rowling, Denise Smith.
Manilla                                                                       Uralla
                                     Sharon Bourne, Christine Crebert,
Trish Aust, Kath Davidson, Susanne   Lyn Marchant.                            Kay Higgs.
Hall, Ella Wicks.
                                     Peak Hill                                Walcha
Mannering Park
                                     Elizabeth Luke.                          Kath Little.
Eileen Cross, Alice Joplin, Lilian
Mackenzie, Leone Peters.             Penrith                                  Wallendbeen
                                     Gabrielle Moran, Dawn Wale.              Alexandria       Murray,      Elizabeth
                                     Port Kembla                              Murray.
Susan Sanders.
                                     Robyn Johnston.                          Wee Waa
Milton District
                                     Queanbeyan                               Gail Dickson.
Sandra Barca, Desiree Sheldrake.
                                     Frances Hale.                            Weethalle
                                     Quirindi                                 Brenda McKinnon.
Jennifer Beale, Heather Whyburn.
                                     Kismet    Abbot-Blundell,       Gloria   Western Suburbs
                                     Barton, Rhonda Hatch.                    Anne Elligett.
Zolenka Bramwell-Davis.
                                     Rowena                                   White Cliffs
                                     Laurine Van Zyl, Ina Von Rooyen.         Tiffany Brown,      Shirley    Meyers,
Jennifer Barlow.                                                              Joanne Pedler.
Murray Hut                                                                    Willawarrin
                                     Sue Carter, Barbara Clark.
Margaret Anderson.                                                            Ruth Allsopp.
Murrurundi                                                                    Wooli-Minnie Water
                                     Erika Herbert.
Merilyn Cole, Valerie King, Lynne                                             Ruth Armstrong.
                                     St George
Mahoney, Femy Martin, Cheryl
                                     Wendy Cornish.                           Woolomin
Pinkerton, Jenny Ware.
                                     Sydney City                              Elaine Sloan.
Nambucca Heads
                                     Jacqueline Shiel.                        Yathella-Coursing Park
Lyn Adams, Judith Rakicic.
                                     Tanilba Bay-Lemon Tree Passage           Wendy Dolden, Monica Hastie.
                                     Gladys Payne.                            Young
Christine Chatillon.
                                     Tarago                                   June Drijver,      Bhagyshree     Soni,
                                                                              Susan Watson.
Neurelle McTaggart.                  Michelle Robinson.
 Welcome to the CWA of NSW. Your gold membership card will be sent to your Branch Secretary.
                                                           The Country Woman                June 2009       Page 27
 From our Branches
Albion Park Evening                                        Berry Branch
                                                           Berry    Branch
                                                           is lucky to have
                                                           lots of talented
                                                           knitters     who
                                                           never hesitate to
                                                           pitch in and get
                                                           these    needles
                                                           clicking for a
                                                           worthy cause.
                                                           Our         local
                                                           W o m e n ’ s
                                                           recently made
Members of Albion Park Evening Branch and friends          a request for
undertook catering for lunches at The Albion Park Show     warm articles to
in January (pictured above), in order to raise funds for   give protection
the purchase of a large fridge which will be invaluable    against the cold,
                                                                               Margaret Mathers and Craft O cer, Joyce
for similar events in the future. Local groups have also   particularly the    Pettit, are pictured modelling some of the
beneÀted from the day. We all enjoyed the camaraderie      homeless. They                     contributions.
very much and a good time was had by all!                  distribute these
                                                           via their Park Patrol in Sydney and our ladies knitted
Christina Shields                                          and crocheted 54 beanies and 24 scarves as well as
Secretary                                                  numerous bedsocks and mittens which will all Ànd
Ballina Branch                                             good homes once winter sets in.
                                                           Sandra Berner
                                                           Cultural OfÀcer
                                                           Castle Hill Branch

Recently CWA Ballina branch hosted a Bush Poet’s
morning tea. A large audience came to hear “The
Mullumbimby Bloke” Ray Essery, one of Australia’s
best known bush poets who delighted everyone with his
                                                           For several years, I have been longing to give the CWA
wonderful humour on Australian bush life.
                                                           Kiosk at Castle Hill Showground a make over. However,
The photo taken after the show includes:rear, Ray          funds raised during each year did not seem to justify
Essery,front:left to right Francis Buckley, Ruth Weller,   the expense required until along came the Good Food
John Buckley all of Ballina.                               Affare when this event brought in thousands of people,
Maggie Johnston                                            most of whom just had to have our tea, scones and cup
Publicity OfÀcer                                           cakes!
                                                           As a result of a most handsome proÀt from this three
Page 28       June 2009        The Country Woman
                                                                                                        BRANCH NEWS
day marathon, my husband and I measured up the              thanking the hostess once again for her generous
Kiosk, working out bench heights, cupboards, shelving,      hospitality.
kitchen sinks, hand basin, and all inexpensively! So        Doreen Thomson
only hours after the members approved a budget for          Cultural OfÀcer
the renovations we raced off to IKEA and purchased
most of the items required and had them installed by        Dubbo Branch
                                                            High Honour for Member’s Daughter
Just after New Year we were back again, hard at
                                                            Branch member, Mrs. Betty Shuttle
it painting and Àtting everything. Over some 20
                                                            and her husband Noel, are bursting
working days in January and February my workaholic
                                                            with pride following the appointment
husband slaved away in temperatures up to 40 degrees,
                                                            of their daughter, Linda Mary, to the
determined to get the job done, while I demolished all
                                                            position of incoming Mother Superior
the old furniture and shelves and dragged what seemed
                                                            of the Community of the Sisters
tonnes of rubbish to the skip for disposal. Finally, with
                                                            of the Church (CSC), a holy order
everything squeaky clean and shining, we purchased a
                                                            with houses in England, Canada,
trolley and bar stools to Ànish off the perfect kiosk.
                                                            the Solomon Islands and Australia.
All in all this was an unimagined challenge, awash with     Usually the position is based in
unforeseen difÀculties, which my husband overcame.          England but, in a Àrst, Sr. Linda
He had, only seven months before, fallen from a ladder,     Mary has insisted that she be based
and spent almost six weeks in hospital! I am immensely      in Australia.
proud of him for overcoming his injuries and for doing
                                                            Rev. Sr. Linda Mary (pictured above) was educated at
all he did for our Branch and the Kiosk.
                                                            Dubbo South Primary and Dubbo High Schools before
Frances Czwalinna                                           entering the teaching profession. Joining the Order
Branch Secretary                                            at 22, entered a noviciate in Melbourne, then after
                                                            further study she became a Reverend in 1993. She has
Cartwright Hill Branch                                      been with the Order for 37 years. Mrs. Shuttle stated
Once a year our treasurer, Leola Hull, opens her home       that the Anglican community in Dubbo had been very
to an afternoon’s entertainment for friends and CWA         supportive and shared the good news of her daughter’s
members. Various themes have been adapted over the          appointment Emily Aychbowm founded the Order in
years, including a hat parade which had up reminiscing      1870 pioneering the work of Christian education, child
over fashions from the past – some comments were “did       care, social welfare and mission work.
we really wear those?”                                      Una Elliott
Also presented was a beautiful display of Royal Doulton     Branch Treasurer
china and a talk by the owner on how he became
interested in this delightful hobby.                        Eastwood-Epping Branch
Our hostess’ husband, Lawrence, gave us an interesting      After         a
insight into life on board the cruise ships “Queen Mary”,   B r a n c h
“Queen Victoria” and “Queen Elizabeth”. Lucky people!       meeting
                                                            earlier      in
We also had a “bring your old book” Show and Tell           the       year
segment, and we were treated to a talk on books and         members
their origin. The huge library in Cairo was described,      enjoyed       a
giving us a wonderful view of this collection of history    sausage
plus many precious artifacts.                               sizzle picnic
This year the day’s theme was “A Crafty Afternoon”,         at the local
                                                            park. Armed
and those attending were invited to bring their craft,
                                                            with slices, sausages, bread, knifes, forks, plates and chairs, in
old and new. This proved to be an interesting challenge,
                                                            fact everything but the kitchen sink, everyone headed for the
with many items found in the bottom of cupboards etc.
                                                            park. Money raised from the sale of the sausage sandwiches
Our mother’s embroidery, crochet items, knee rugs,
                                                            went to charity.
still popular and knitted today, lots of hours spent
contemplating colour and design. One member shared          Seated on front left of the photo is Branch President, Jan
her quilt collection, declaring that this craft had given   Doherty and on the right, Hilda King. The Branch recently
her much pleasure and saved her from loneliness after       donated food and Easter eggs for Meals on Wheels and
her boys and their families left the farm. Guest were       continues to serve Devonshire Teas at the Rest Centre at
fascinated by a unique chess set assembled from salt        Eastwood.
and pepper shakers.                                         Sue Cranston
A delicious afternoon tea was enjoyed, with members         Publicity OfÀcer
                                                              The Country Woman                 June 2009           Page 29
Exeter Branch

                                                                Workers at the local Guyra Show. L-R: Marge Glasser, Netta Starr,
                                                                         Leigh Ramage, Owen Kendall and Meryl Clark.
           Exeter Branch members wearing Crazy Cozies
                                                             We held the Group Land Cookery and Handicraft Day
Exeter CWA has launched a Crazy Cozies Competition           with over 60 members attending from Armidale to
to raise funds for country women with breast cancer.         TenterÀeld and over to Dorrigo.
It will culminate with an exhibition and sale of cozies      Some of our members were successful in the handicraft
on 10th October, 2009 at Exeter Village Hall, in the         section and are heading to State Conference in Broken
Southern Highlands of NSW.                                   Hill during May.
Many country women with breast cancer feel isolated          We are now beginning to plan for street stalls and our
and unsupported far from treatment in the city.              Biggest Morning Tea in May.
Government funding is limited. So Exeter CWA decided         Bev Moore
a Crazy Cozies competition could help raise funds for
                                                             Branch Secretary
breast care for country women with breast cancer.
With just 22 members, this would test their limited          Hawkesbury Evening and Richmond
‘womanpower’. ‘Could a little CWA branch in a village        Branches
make a difference’, they asked themselves? Barack
Obama had just been elected President and his rallying
cry of ‘Yes, we can!’ inspired them to take up the
Kaye Healey, one of Exeter branch’s Vice Presidents,
is convening the project. ‘This is such a worthwhile
project’, Kaye said. ‘As women, we all know someone
close to us who has had breast cancer, if not ourselves.’
Prize money of almost $1000 has been donated. The
entry fee is $5 and the cozies will be sold in October to
raise funds. Cozies knitted, crocheted, sewn, felted or
embroidered can be sent to CWA Exeter, c/- P.O. Exeter
NSW 2579 with the entry fee.                                 On a sunny Saturday morning in late February (21st),
Cozies or knitting wool can also be donated to the project   the ladies of the Hawkesbury Evening and Richmond
and sent to the same address.                                Branches merged cooking talents to hold a combined
                                                             Land Cookery Competition Day! What a wonderful
The Crazy Cozies blog is at: http://crazycozies.blogspot.
                                                             event for two branches of the more ‘petite’ kind, with
                                                             two junior members also competing with success.
Entry forms can be downloaded there. Contact Kaye on
                                                             The entries were judged by the very talented Mrs Jean
4883 4878 for any enquiries.
                                                             Alcorn from the Windsor Branch who graciously passed
Kaye Healey                                                  on a few handy hints to some of the new comers to the
                                                             world of cake baking!
Guyra Branch
                                                             Thank you to all members who contributed to ‘baking’
Our Branch has had their usual busy start to the year.
                                                             a very enjoyable day for all. We hope to hold the same
We have worked in the canteen at the Land and Potato
                                                             day again next year.
Festival, and had a very busy and successful Guyra
Show. WE were able to donate a substantial amount to         Jo Holding
the Àre and Áood victims from the show takings.              President
Page 30        June 2009            The Country Woman
Iluka Branch                                                      Phyllis Mohr baked more than 100 Christmas puddings
                                                                  in the lead up to Christmas, which were sold with the
                                                                  money going to CWA. At 82 years she is always looking
                                                                  for ways to help and this year her puddings raised more
                                                                  than $400 for CWA
                                                                  Marjorie Ashley
                                                                  Publicity OfÀcer
                                                                  Milton District Branch
                                                                  Dual Australia Day Award Winner
                                                                                                             Branch     member,
                                                                                                             Ruth       Richards,
                                                                                                             was      announced
                                                                                                             as      Shoalhaven
                                                                                                             City       Australia
                                                                                                             Day Citizen for
      Members ready to enjoy the luncheon and the Birthday Cake                                              2009 as well as
                                                                                                             the       Ulladulla-
Friday 13th March was our business meeting day                                                               Milton Lions Club
attended by 16 members, where a wide range of subjects                                                       2009 Citizen of the
were discussed. Our Handicrafts OfÀcer spoke of the                                                          Year. Ruth is well
                                                                  Phyllis Mohr with Lynette Stenhouse. Photo
recent competition held at Glenreagh, and a computer                 courtesy of Nambucca Guardian News      known throughout
slide show of the many exhibits was shown (thanks to                                                         the district and is
Elle Hoskins), so that the members who weren’t able                Branch Vice President and International OfÀcer.
to attend this day were able to view the beautiful                 She has held many positions in CWA and was a past
handicrafts and cookery items and know the kind of                 winner of the Country Woman of the Year contest.
competition we face in the future. Our Handicrafts                 A resident of the area since 1960 she is involved in
OfÀcer has agreed to show members how to make                      many activities including President of the Ulladulla &
the boxes from Christmas cards, as demonstrated at                 Districts Community Forum, Civic Centre Committee,
Glenreagh, so that will be another skill to add to our             Meals on Wheels, Blessing of the Fleet Committee,
repertoire.                                                        and St. Martin’s Anglicare community services. She
Following the meeting, we all, plus three of our spouses,          is well known for her love of performing with the local
adjourned to the Iluka Golf Club for our 55th Birthday             “Entertainers” group and “The Follies”.
celebration, which was enjoyed by all. Desrae Auer                Margaret Rudd
surpassed her cooking skills in the making of the                 Publicity OfÀcer
birthday cake, which, if one believes one’s spouse (who
had two helpings), was just magniÀcent! Actually, we              Mudgee Day Branch
all thought it tasted yummy!
Jean West
Publicity OfÀcer
Macksville Branch

                                                                  Photo shows Branch International Day with long time
                                                                  members Daphane Sampson, Edna Strike, Phyl Tory
                                                                  and Group Patron Shirley McQuiggin
                 Photo courtesy of Nambucca Daily
                                                                     The Country Woman               June 2009          Page 31
Narrandera Branch                                              200 shooters in the smaller Sporting RiÁe event.
                        Branch President, Mrs Hilma            She is the West Wyalong Swimming Club Senior
                        Stockdale, holding Australia           Womens Campion, as well as caring for her mother. Our
                        Day Award presented to the             branch is proud to be associated with these two women.
                        branch for the Best Group/             Lesley Sayers
                        Organisation of the Year for           Branch Secretary
                        refurbishing the Narrandera
                        Nursing Home. The award                Tanilba Bay-Lemon Tree Passage Branch
                        certificates are hung in the
                        hospital and nurses’ home.

Nowra Branch
Our Branch welcomed Deborah De Williams of Running
Pink to Nowra with a High Tea. We were joined by
Berry, Jervis Bay and Jervis Bay Evening Branches and
other interested parties. Deborah, an ultra marathon
runner is running around Australia to raise awareness
of breast cancer and to raise money for breast cancer
research. Starting from Tasmania, Deborah is expecting
to run around Australia within one year. Accompanying
Deborah are her parents, husband and dog Maggie. Our
branch presented Deborah with a cheque for $1,000. To
Ànd out more about Deborah, she has a web site - www.                                             Recently, Tanilba Bay - Lemon Tree Passage Branch
Marian Smith                                                   celebrated its 30 th birthday with a a delightful
Publicity OfÀcer                                               luncheon for members and visitors in the uniting
                                                               Church Hall at Tanilba Bay. Many congratulatory
Tallimba Branch                                                cards and greetings came from Branches within the
                                                               Hunter River Group. One of the foundation members,
                                                               Norma Hampstead who has also been a member of
                                                               our branch for the 30 years, cut the beautiful blue
                                                               birthday cake.
                                                               A highlight of the day was the presentation of the
                                                               Long Service Bar to Jean Simmons by our President,
                                                               Marie Towler (pictured). Over the years, Jean
                                                               has worked tirelessly for the Branch and has just
                                                               competed knitting knee rug number 91. These rugs
                                                               are presented, at Jean’s request, to the John Hunter
                                                               Hospital (Newcastle) Children’s Oncology Unit in
                                                               the name of the CWA. We all congratulate her for a
                                                               job well done.
          Elsie Leslie with State President Margaret Roberts
                                                               Margaret Glover
In February 2008 our co-Patron, Mrs. Elsie Leslie              Publicity Officer
turned 100 years. In July her daughter Margaret, also a
member, brought her out to our Meeting Room to meet            Tooraweenah Branch
the State President, Mrs Margaret Roberts, who was
                                                               The October long weekend saw the Tooraweenah
visiting Hume Group. Elise is now in her one hundred
                                                               community come alive when they hosted the Arthur
and second year and still and interested member.
                                                               Butler Memorial Fly-in. Our branch of CWA was
Margaret, in 2007, attained her Tae Kwon Do 3rd Degree         very much involved, as we were one of several
Black belt, the only woman in NSW or Victoria to do so.        organisations catering for the hundreds of visitors
In 2008 she came home from The North West Victorian            to the village over two main days of festivities.
Shooting Championships a Àrst in Target RiÁe bench             Members, junior members and other helpers were
rest 50 meters, second in Sharp Shooters and 8th out of        kept busy serving tea and scones plus a variety of
Page 32          June 2009             The Country Woman
other foods and refreshments.                                            Willawarrin Branch
The highlight for the branch over the weekend was
the planting of a jacaranda tree in memory of Mr
Arthur Butler who originally donated an avenue of
blue and gold trees (silky oaks and jacarandas) for
the Tooraweenah CWA silver jubilee in 1950.
The tree was planted by one of the branch’s oldest
members, Margaret Cruickshank who was assisted
by her daughter Doreen. A plaque to honour the
event was unveiled alongside the new tree.
Mr Arthur Butler was a pioneer in the aviation
industry and instrumental in starting the first
passenger flights from the central west to Sydney.
He also broke and still holds the record for piloting
the smallest aircraft to fly from England to
Fay Winter
Publicity Officer                                                                   Freda McManon presented a 50 year pin to
                                                                                               Rita McCudden.
Tumut Branch                                                             Willawarrin Branch celebrated Mrs Rita McCudden’s
Our branch would like to express our gratitude                           50th year service badge, which was presented to her by
to the Hastings Woodworkers Guild and Quilters                           Mrs Freda McMahon on 19th March.
Guild for the exquisite handmade toys and pamper                         Jan Simpson
pack which were donated to CWA, also to other                            Publicity OfÀcer
organizations and Singleton Branch for all the
shoes, clothes, games, educational equipment and                         Wingham Branch
other items.
On behalf of the communities who benefited, we
all appreciate the effort of two ladies in particular,
Pauline Hunt and Bronwyn Dunston, who made
it possible for needy families in our district and
beyond to have a happier Christmas. Job Well Done!
Wendy Arentz
Secretary/Publicity OfÀcer
Ungarie Branch                                                           The 80th birthday of Wingham Branch was held on 13th
                                                                         March with a morning tea for the community and a short
                                                                         thanksgiving service conducted by Marjorie Bonsor.
                                                                         54 attended the occasion, including 3 Life Members
                                                                         of Wingham. It was a happy and successful day, with
                                                                         luncheon afterwards at the Wingham Services Club.
                                                                         Cynthia Davies
                                                                         Publicity OfÀcer

                                                                            would $20,000
                                                                          month change your
                                                                                       It changed mine!
 Nola Bryant (right) with her daughter Cathy Apps fundraising for CWA.
                                                                           “Personal development an $11B Interna-
        Nola has been Branch Treasurer for more than 30 years.                          tional Industry
                                                                                 Visit -
                                                                                    Louise 0414 551 066
                                                                           The Country Woman               June 2009           Page 33
                                          Garden of Remembrance
 The following branches   n     lo    f      d
 The fo owing branche mourn the loss of valued                  7.
                                                          aged 97.
                                                          Gres d M Ivy Keleh
                                                          Gresford: Mrs Ivy Kelehear – Ex Va y (Foundation
                                                                                          x Vacy F
 Ber dale: Mrs se ordon
 Berridale: Mrs Rose Gordon – form r member for 6
                                  rmer membe for                             asure , ice President, Delegate
                                                          member), past Treasurer, Vic Pr sid t, Deleg
            d open gardens to support branch and w s
 years, held op g                       anch
                                pport bran and was                              ember,           o
                                                          and Councillor, Life Member, member for 60 years.
 active in craft.
                                                          Inverell: Mrs Noreen Martin – awarde Life
                                                                                         wa ded
 Bowral Mrs Ella Barkl (Barkel) – serving Handicr ft
 Bowral: Mrs E                           n
                     arkl (Barkel) ervin Handicra         Membership in 1994, member for 46 years – aged 87.
                                                                     p     994,              years    ed
             n       any aft
                       n           s al d         r
 OfÀcer, winner of many craft prizes, valued member
                                                             v Bay Ev veni g
                                                          Jervis Bay Even ng: Mrs Jan King – ex Nowra and
                                                                                     a    ng    Nowra d
 for              d 1
 for 7 years – aged 81.
                                                              is           er for 26 year
                                                          Jervis Bay, member for 26 years.
 Br eza: Mrs Lois Norman – past President,
 Breez       sL      rm                     ,
                                                          Kemp ey: Mrs Barbar Heathwood – member for 21
                                                                      s Barbara Heathwoo  memb     r
 Se      y             Inte n          Àcer, Cou
 Secretary, Treasurer, International OfÀ      ouncillor
                                                          year aged 3
                                                          yea s – ag 83.
 and      gate S h l        Co-ordinator and State
 and Delegate, Scholarship Co        t        t
 Inte national OfÀcer, rem mbered for her dedica
   te                   emem
             a OfÀcer, rem b           her e cation               phine Hudson aw rded ong S i e Bar,
                                                          Mrs Joseph e Hudson – awarde Lon Service Bar,
 to ACW keen member for 44 years – aged 83.
  o ACW
     CWW, e        e b for 44                             member for 40 years – aged 98
 Brungle: Mrs Ma garet Mitchell – ex Denman,
      gle: r Margaret itchell e
                            chel             n,                  oo:
                                                          Kiacatoo: Mrs Cecily Jones – past Vice Pres den ,
 ser ing Branch Secretary past President, Publicity
 serv g B n h Secretary, st r                b                     iona                r    WW ga ized
                                                          Internation l OfÀcer, member of ACWW, organized
 OfÀcer, Agricultural & En ironm
                 ural Envi onmental OfÀcer,                                              m             ears
                                                          birthday Áowers, very active member for 37 years –
 Councillor, Delegate to Group Conference, Group
                         G u                              aged 81.
 Vi President and Publicity OfÀcer, attended State
 Vice                          fÀ                         Lake Cargelligo: Mrs Doreen Fair (nee Brooks) –
                                                          Lake argelligo:        r                   s
     f                        ears
 Conferences, member for 28 years.                        Youn          mber                   d p o
                                                          Y unger Set memb in 1926, valued and supportive
 Bulahdelah: Mrs Sarah Bun – former member –
    ahdelah:         h Bunt o                              ormer         o
                                                          former member for many years – aged 96.
  g 92.
 aged 92.                                                 Lismo :
                                                          Lismore: Mrs Jess Smith – past Secretary, Vice
                                                                          s                              c
 Mrs Janet Single – past President, International
         net                  P     d          a    l                       a                       Gro p),
                                                          President, Handicraft OfÀcer (Branch & Group)ou
 OfÀcer, Cultural OfÀcer, Agric
          ut                 icultura & Environmental
                                   ral         m                a
                                                          Delegate and Council           g      g
                                                                              illor, long serving member of
 OfÀ , andi                r       ga
 OfÀcer, Hand craft OfÀcer, Delegate and Councillor,
                                               n          Branch and State Cho champion handicrafte and
                                                          Branch             hoir,                  crafter
 important Bra ch member for 20 years – aged 80.
   p a Bran                                     0             s e
                                                             esse o nterna            olls tive
                                                                                 al ol acti member for 3
                                                          dresser of Int n tional Doll , active m mbe for 38
                                                          years – age 90.
    s a     T        erving Patron,      for
 Mrs Hazel Towers – serving Pa ro member fo 36
 years – ag d 92.                                         Manilla: Mrs Joy Hig lands – pa President Group
                                                          Manilla Mrs Joy High ands past res nt Gro pnt,
                                                               cillor d Gro
                                                                          roup ice President,
                                                                                          i           rful
                                                          Councillor and Group Vic President, wonderful
 Cou abyra: M Ollie roker Foundation Memb
 Courabyra: Mrs Ollie Croke – F und     n mber,
                                                              orte f gQui u      e t wo e mem         for 6
                                                          support r of AgQuip, great worker, member fo 16
 former membe for many years – aged 91.
 fo        ber o       y        ged
                                                             r pasass a      af r      r ac id n o
                                                                                            i         roup
                                                          years, passed away after a car accident on Group
 Cowra: Mrs Hatt Laver – Bra
 Cowra Mrs attie aver Bra         P
                            ranch Patron, ex              Handicraft/Cookery D , aged only 61
                                                                   a C
                                                          H n icraft/C okery Day, g d n 61.
 Frogmo       ed and respect member r 2 ars,
 Fr m re, valued and respected m mbe for 72 years,
                                                          Nymagee: r Coll
                                                          Nymagee: Mrs Coll en Green – fo
                                                                         llee Gree               b
                                                                                       former member.
 aw ded 50 Year Medallion – aged 101.
 awarde            d ion
               r Medallio      d 1
                                                                therine Hay f mer
                                                                  e                       r
                                                          Mrs Catherine Hay – former member for 5 years.
 Euberta: Mrs Beatrice “Pat” Ridley – inaugural
 Euberta r B atri “Parice Pat” dley n       ural
 Bran      reside also ecretary I er tiona
 Branch Preside also Secretary International
                             retary,         nal          Miss Ada a      arde
                                                                        award Lon Se
                                                                                  ng          a membere
                                                          Mi Ada Read – awarded Long Service Bar, member
 O       a Dele te S ate Conferenc
 OfÀcer and Delegate to State Confer nce, won tw 1st
                l                  nfer     o two 1st              ars.
                                                          for 34 years
 prizes in cookery at State lev awar d Long Service
             oker t tate ev
               e             evel, warded L n e c                   Selfe forme   mber.
                                                          Mrs Alice Se – former membe
  ar, valued member for 34 years.
 Bar, v       mem r r 34 y a
                                                          Qu nanbeyan: Mrs Mary Stephenson – valued
                                                          Quenanbeyan M            r                v   d
  vans Head
 Evans Hea : Mrs Daphne Brown – ex Kyogle, former
                     a h Brown         K                  m
                                                          member since branch re-forme gave generously of
                                                                    i              o med,              ly
          mber           rs, past resident.
 active member for 19 years pa Pre                         e im alent handicra ompetitor m mber or
                                                                        nted andi r             or,
                                                          her time, talented handicraft competitor member for
 Mrs Evelyn Lynch – form r active member for 11
   r                    orme  i    e b
                                     ber      1               ears age 1
                                                          14 years – ag d 91.
 years, past Presid                                       Willawarrin: Mr Rhonda Dyk – serving President
                                                          Willaw       Mrs Rhond     ykes
 Forbes: Mrs Augustine Scrivener – former dedicated
 Forb    Mrs Au stine Scrivener former di
              Augu t                                d     and Catering OfÀcer, past Vice President, Land
 member for over 60 years, Patron, past President,        Cookery OfÀcer, Observer at Group Meetings,
 Secretary and Treasurer, associated with the building    outstanding member, awarded Long Service Bar,
 of the Baby Health Centre, proliÀc jam maker and         member for 37 years – aged 67.
 marvellous Áower arranger – aged 99.                       Branch Secretaries: please send notiÀcation
 Granville: Mrs Iris Hogg – former active member for           direct to Head OfÀce at membership@
 15 years, past International and Cultural OfÀcer –             

Page 34       June 2009        The Country Woman
                            Join us for a wonderful getaway with Quilters
                                      on beautiful Norfolk Island
                                                                     24 - 31 October 2009
                                 Norfolk Island’s natural beauty, spine- ngling history
                                 & relaxed lifestyle will cap vate, charm & delight you!

                    Come and enjoy the delights of Norfolk Island


                                            Quilters just love Norfolk Island
   Travel Package includes :
• Return airfare • Airline taxes (excluding Norfolk Island departure tax) • 7 nights twin share
  accommoda on • 7 days car hire (petrol car insurance addi onal & payable direct) • Airport
  transfers on Norfolk Island • ½ day orienta on tour • Complimentary ‘A Walk in the Wild’ a
  unique rainforest walk • Complimentary Miniature Golf ‘ golf your way through Norfolk’s history’
• Discount Shopping Card with free gi
                                                   From                                                                                      From

                                             $1214                                                                                     $1254
                                              per person                                                                                 per person
                                              ex Brisbane                                                                                ex Sydney

                                    Condi ons apply. Prices are current today and subject to change without no ce

Additional Registration Cost $395 includes:
• Special “Quilters” Welcome Bag • Welcome Dinner • Farewell Dinner with Island Style Entertainment
• Choice of tutored lessons • Art & Craft Tour • Plus lots more…
             If you are not travelling from Brisbane or Sydney, please contact us for a specially discounted holiday package

 Please send me a free information pack including DVD for the Norfolk Island Quilters Getaway,
 24 - 31 October 2009. Enter me into the draw for a free airfare & accommodation to the Norfolk Island
 Quilters Getaway
 Travelling from.................................................. ..................................................................................................................
 Surname.......................................................................First Name ....................................................................................
 Phone................................................Fax................................................Email .....................................................................
         Book in the comfort of your own home. We live on Norfolk and know Norfolk best!
 For more information The Travel Centre, PO Box 172, Norfolk Island 2899
             Ph: int+ 6723 22502 or Fax: int + 6723 23205 Toll Free from Australia 1800 1400 66
                   Where to Stay When Away & Mini Ads
               CWA OF NSW RESIDENTIAL CLUB                                                      NSW ACCOMMODATION
11 Greenknowe Avenue                                                                                                     Mimosa Cottage
                                                                                                                 Enjoy our sunny Holiday House
POTTS POINT                                                                                                       at Scotts Head, near Macks-
Phone 02 9358 2923                                                                                                              ville
Fax 02 9368 1029                                                                                                  Ocean and mountain views
                                                                                                                  One double bedroom & one
E                                                                                           twin, reverse cycle a/c, shops,
To obtain members’ rates, members MUST present CURRENT membership card at the
Reception Desk upon arrival (otherwise non-member rates will be charged).
                                                                                 Ecclesbourne                    club in village, great beaches,
                                                                                       17 Ocean Ave               Àshing.CWA discount out of
        OTHER CWA OF NSW ACCOMMODATION                                                  Double Bay                       school holidays
                                                                                                                   Ring owners for information
           Bermagui Seaside Cottage                                             Accommodation for friends          02 6247 0598, manager for
The CWA Bermagui Seaside Cottage comprises of a family room off the                 and family of people             bookings 02 6569 8399
kitchen and 2 bedrooms containing: double bed and single bed, and
twin beds. Cutlery supplied. Bring own linen. Enquires and applications to:       undergoing treatment for
                               The Secretary,                                    cancer. Accommodation                 Beautiful
                     PO Box 123, Bermagui NSW 2546                               is offered at an affordable
                                                                                           charge.                     Bermagui
                                                                                                                   2 bedroom unit - modern,
          Jessie Sawyer Mountain Cottage                                          For details contact us on        clean with ocean views &
The CWA cottage at Batlow is self-contained with spacious rooms: three
bedrooms, large verandah and accommodates six adults.                                   02 9363 2430              wetland views. Short walk to
NON-MEMBERS $325pw                                                                                                      shops, beach.
                      SPECIAL RATES FOR MEMBERS                                 Can Assist is a not for proÀt
Bookings:                                                                                                             CWA discount
PRD Nationwide Realty
                                                                                 organisation supporting
87 Wynyard Street, Tumut 2720                                                      country people with            Phone 02 6493 4606 or
Phone 02 6947 1722                                                                       cancer.                   Phone 0427 934 606
Fax 02 6947 3671
                                                                                 For information about us
Wagga Wagga Branch                                                              please call 02 9362 3429 or                 OTHER
ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE                                                              view our website
74 Johnston Street, Wagga Wagga                                          
Two twin rooms, two toilets, kitchen, lounge, TV, microwave, linen, doonas,                                       Janet Burkhardt
heating and cooling. Close to shops and park. Reasonable Rates.
Phone 02 6925 2814                                                                                                 Old and Fine
           INTERSTATE CWA ACCOMMODATION                                          CWA Cook Book
For information on accommodation in other states, please                          Now Available                   Specialising in Australiana,
go to or phone:                                The Coronation Cookery          Local and Rural History and
QLD      07 3026 1201  NT     08 8941 3305                                       Book has been updated and           Australian Biography.
VIC      03 9824 0239  WA     08 9321 6041                                       is now available for purchase
SA       08 8332 4166  TAS    03 6231 3706                                                                        Contact us for Mail Order
                                                                                 from Head Office under its
                                                                                 new title The CWA Cook                   Catalogue.
                          CWA SUPPORTERS                                         Book.                                11 Larakia Street,
                                                                                 RRP: $29.95.                      Waramanga ACT 2611
 CWA of NSW gratefully acknowledges
                                                                                 Members’ Price: $20.                Phone 02 6288 1939
          your generosity
                                                                                 Box of 12 for branches or
                                                                                 groups: $216.
                 Corporate Partnership                                           Postage: 1 book: $8, 2-5
                                                                                 books: $9.50, 6-18 books:
                                                                                 $12.50, box: 12.50.

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                                                                                Lenton the Honorary Editor
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                                                                                   The Country Woman               June 2009           Page 35

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