Postcode Lottery - Decieving the Public with Fake Winners

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					The Postcode Lottery as you will know by know after looking at the enhanced images of their promotional videos, are
misleading the public and adding credibility to their business by presenting "winners" on their Youtube video channel,
news sites and so on.

The trouble is that they are all digitally manipulated and this leads us to a question.

If no one is winning any money on their doorstep, WHERE is all the Postcode Lottery's proceeds going? Sure, we
know that they are associated with their own self-run and external charities where apparently money is put, but here
we have to question that if the winners on the street aren't winning any money, are the charities recieving any money

I am sure they are, though not for the charitable reasons we might expect.

All we can ascertain is that the videos are fakes, and that the Postcode Lottery has a great deal to answer for, to the
pulic as much as the authorities about how they are conducting their business.

I think a external non-associated auditor would be just the ticket, don't you!

The pictures below are explained within the image for clarification, and the original Postcode Lottery video can be
found at: and is titled "Street Prize - B73 5DH - Sutton Coldfield -
22 December".

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Description: Postcode Lottery - Decieving the Public with Fake Winners. In this video the Postcode Lottery is once again using digital makeover techniques to make them appear as if people are winning prizes in the street. This isn't the case as you will discover. Please share these pdfs with your friends and network and watch the deck of cards fall down around their ankles.