Plants by linxiaoqin


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Life Science                                                        Period: ________________


Answer the following questions while watching the video “Life: Plants”.

1. How are plants similar to animals? How are they different?

2. How are some plants, like ivy and passion-flower tendril, able to obtain sunlight when they
   grow from the dark forest floor?

3. Sundews live in an environment where nitrogen is lacking. How are they adapted to getting
   this essential nutrient, if soil does not provide it?

4. What adaptation enables a venus fly trap to “know” when to close its leaf and begin digesting
   its dinner?

5. Why do plants have flowers?

6. How does the Richea honey bush benefit from the black currawong (bird) ripping its flower
   open to obtain nectar?

7. What unique mechanism do Brunsvigia employ in attempt to spread their seed far from where
   the parent plants grew?

8. What forms at the base of the saguaro cactus’ flowers? What do they contain?

9. Why don’t coniferous trees lose their green needles in the winter, like deciduous trees do their

10. How long ago did plants evolve on Earth?


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