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					             PROCUREMENT FORM FOR AUCTION - DEADLINE: April 1st, 2008
                           There will be drop off boxes in the office at MLM.
               Please contact the fundraising committee if you need your item picked up.

Title of Item/Service                                                     Market/Estimated Value

Detailed Description (size, color, amount, dates, useful adjectives, special meaning to your family)

Restrictions (limitations, special conditions, expiration dates, additional costs involved)

Name for Event Sheet/Handout (Magic Lantern Montessori family who procured this item)
Name                                                           Phone


City                                State                Zip
Donating Business (if item/service was donated by a business or person, please also list for catalog)
Name                                                           Phone


City                                   State                  Zip

       Magic Lantern Montessori is registered as a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, Tax ID# 91-2127724
         Magic Lantern Montessori, 4620 S. Findley St., Seattle, WA 98118 206- 722-2803 (phone)

                                        Thank you for your support!
*Please note: the fundraising committee will be reaching out to the local Columbia City businesses and
   past donors. If you have a special contact at any particular location and would like to place a call
                       yourself please let us know so we don’t duplicate efforts.

                 Each family is responsible for procuring one item for the auction and
                           donating either one bottle of wine or a dessert.
A procured item can be a service provided, business donation, something created, something purchased – anything you and
your family find interesting. Let your imagination run wild! And remember, your family and friends are great resources – not
only for donations but for attending the event. Someone you know might be able to get a special or hard-to-find service,
certificate or experience donated.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Pet sitting, pet bathing, lawn mowing, house cleaning, baking or cooking services, carpooling, garage cleaning, babysitting
for date night, desserts for a month/year, deliver holiday cookies or a birthday cake, provide school lunches for a month or a
year, design and/or make a custom invitation, host a pool party, a mother/daughter tea or a progressive dinner.classes, car
detailing, and/or something unique to your profession.

Donate frequent flyer miles, vacation property for a weekend or longer. Ask your timeshare company to donate a weekend

Donate Mariners, Seahawks or Sonics tickets, golf outings, hotel certificates, family activities, outings with classmates, ballet
or theatre tickets. You or your family or friends may have sports/theatre tickets or contact the organization directly. Many
organizations have departments specifically designed to work on donation requests.

Ask your favorite restaurant to donate a gift certificate. Donate a theme or heritage/cultural dinner. Deliver a holiday meal.

Home crafted tablecloths, placements, baby blankets, sweaters, quilts, jewelry, calendars, cards.


Baskets are always a great idea. Prices usually vary in range ($40 to $300). Baskets are great because they can be given
as gifts to grandkids, secretaries, business associates, you name it. Feel free to pair up with someone else to create an
even more fun-filled basket. Some ideas:
   Kid-themed basket. e.g. arts & crafts, dress-up, tea                 Ikea Cookware Department Basket. Fill with all of
    party, gardening for kids, a day at the beach,                        the strange and wonderful things you can find in the
    Halloween, painting, Dr. Seuss, etc.                                  Ikea Cookware department.
   Movie Basket. These have been very popular in the                    Scrap-booking Basket. Paper, scissors, pens,
    past.                                                                 stickers, punch-outs, albums, you name it!
   Bon Voyage Basket. Everything someone might                          Dog/ Cat-themed basket. Fill with Fido’s or Fluffy’s
    need or want on trip out of the country (e.g. electric                favorite things.
    converter, film, batteries, etc.)
                                                                         Italian Basket (or Greek or Chinese or French or
   Candle Basket. Go nuts with the illuminations                         Russian or Moroccan -- you get the picture). Fill with
    catalog!                                                              gourmet foods, cookbooks, candles, or other items
                                                                          from the country in question.
   Christmas Ornament Basket. Fill a basket with a
    collection of fun and fantastical ornaments.                         Cheese Basket. Fill with cheese based on country,
                                                                          type, or personal favorites.
   Book Basket. Fill a basket with your favorite books.
    Consider focusing on a type of book, such as                         Toolbox. Fill with everything you need in a toolbox.
    cookbooks or mysteries. Or fill it with books based
    on a theme, such as “books I wish I had read earlier                 New Baby Basket. Fill with must-have items for a
    in life” or “books that have stayed with me.”                         new baby.

If you have any questions contact:    Fundraising Committee

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