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									                                                                 2013 Open Show Entry Form


CITY:                                                                                                                           STATE:                              ZIP:

PHONE:                                                                                                E-MAIL:

SOC. SEC. / TAX I.D.                                                                    EXHIBITOR'S BIRTHDATE:

Recorded Owner:                                                                             Recorded Owner:

#hd:          City:                                           St:                            #hd:                  City:                                            St.

INSTRUCTIONS: Check the box of each division that is being entered or purchased. Fill in the number being entered for each division. Complete the animal information for all Beef and
Dairy entries. If entering more than 2 Beef or Dairy Cattle, complete the Open Animal Information Form and attach to the Open Show Entry Form. Total all Open Show Fees. CUSTOM
FITTERS: Complete the Owner Information for each owner. Goats, Sheep, and Swine: Complete the above section for each owner.
Additional Entry Forms may be needed. Beef and Dairy complete the recorded                        *ANIMAL INFORMATION (Must be completed for all Beef & Dairy)
owner for each animal entered.                                                                    Beefmaster         Sex:                      Female                      Male
                                                                                              Brahman- Grey
Check Each                              Number                   Payment                       Brahman- Red        Birthdate:
 Division              Division         Entered       Fee           Total               International Brangus
 Entering                                                                                            Braunvieh     Class:
                      OPEN BREEDING SHEEP                                                             Hereford
              DORPER                               $25/hd                                             Limousin     Name of Animal:
              WHITE DORPER                         $25/hd                                  Miniature Hereford
              HAMPSHIRE                            $25/hd                                 Pre-Jr Mini Hereford
              RAMBOUILLET                          $25/hd                           American Red Brangus           Reg. Number:
              SOUTHDOWN                            $25/hd                        International Red Brangus
              SUFFOLK                              $25/hd                                     Santa Gertrudis      Sire Name:
                      OPEN BREEDING GOATS                                                             Simbrah
              ANGORA                               $25/hd                               Percentage Simbrah
              BOER                                 $25/hd                                           Simmental      Dam Name:
                      OPEN BREEDING SWINE                                                    Texas Longhorn
              BERKSHIRE                            $25/hd                      Brown Swiss                         Recorded Owner:
              CHESTER WHITE                        $25/hd                      Holstein
              DUROC                                $25/hd                      Jersey                              City:                                              State:
              HAMPSHIRE                            $25/hd                                           *ANIMAL INFORMATION (Must be completed for all Beef & Dairy)
              LANDRACE                             $25/hd                                           Beefmaster     Sex:                        Female                      Male
              POLAND CHINA                         $25/hd                                     Brahman- Grey
              SPOT                                 $25/hd                                      Brahman- Red        Birthdate:
              YORKSHIRE                            $25/hd                               International Brangus
                 OPEN BEEF & DAIRY CATTLE                                                            Braunvieh     Class:
              *BEEF                                $30/hd                                             Hereford
              *DAIRY                               $30/hd                                             Limousin     Name of Animal:
                                  PASSES                                                   Miniature Hereford
              GATE PASS                            $20/Pass                               Pre-Jr Mini Hereford
              WK1 CAR (Feb. 6-16)                  $24                              American Red Brangus           Reg. Number:
                                                                                 International Red Brangus
  Total Open Show Fees                              $                                         Santa Gertrudis      Sire Name:
         Entry Form & Entry Certification                                               Percentage Simbrah
                   Required                                                                         Simmental      Dam Name:
                                                                                             Texas Longhorn
        December 15, 2012 Entry Deadline                                       Brown Swiss                         Recorded Owner:
                                                                               Jersey                              City:                                              State:
                                                       San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc.
                                                  2013 OPEN SHOW ENTRY CERTIFICATION RULES
By signing the entry form:
The undersigned Exhibitor and his/her Parent or Legal Guardian, County Extension Agent (CEA) or Ag. Science Teacher (AST) or Fitter, hereby certify that each has
read, understands and will abide by the current San Antonio Livestock Premium List and all rules and regulations of the San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. (S.A.L.E.).
We further certify that we have not administered and, to the best of our knowledge, any entry from this exhibitor has not received any substance not approved by the FDA
and/or USDA. In instances where an animal has been administered a drug that is FDA approved for its species, the exhibitor must be aware that the time it takes for no
drug residue to be found in the system is generally longer than the labeled withdrawal time for most drugs. SALE maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for
unethically fitted livestock. Adequate time must have passed so that the animal does not test positive for drugs upon arrival. Once the animals arrive on the SALE
grounds, they must remain free and clear of all drug and chemical residues.
Veterinarians / Medication: Animals under the care of a licensed veterinarian and/or taking any type of performance enhancing medication to include, but not limited to
steroids, diuretics, anti-inflammatories, tranquilizers and painkillers, are ineligible for competition. Exhibitors with questions regarding medications and/or eligibility should
consult with the Official S.A.L.E. Veterinarian prior to competition.
The Official Show Veterinarian Office is located at the North end of Cattle Barn #2. For the convenience of exhibitors, S.A.L.E. arranges to have veterinarians available;
however, they do NOT donate their services or medications. Fees should be discussed before treatment.
All medication administered during the livestock show must be administered by the Official S.A.L.E. Veterinarian and a written medication record must be filed. Animals
receiving performance enhancing drugs (e.g., steroids, diuretics, anti-inflammatories, tranquilizers and painkillers, etc.) in this manner are ineligible for competition.

The Exhibitor agrees to submit any animal, breeding and/or market, entered by him/her to inspection by any veterinarian or testing agency appointed by the Executive
Director & CEO of S.A.L.E. and agrees to have such animal submitted to such tests as may be requested at any time. S.A.L.E. also reserves the right to have ultrasound,
D.N.A., blood, tissue and /or urine laboratory analysis made on any animal entered for competition. The Exhibitor, including his/her Parent or Legal Guardian, CEA or
AST for junior exhibitors, must be present during the collection for testing and must witness, seal and sign the sample; thus verifying the sample to be properly collected
and prepared for analysis. The conclusions reached by the veterinarian and/or testing agency and analyses shall be final and conclusive without recourse against
S.A.L.E. or any officer, director, employee, independent contractor or agent thereof, including, without limitation, any veterinarian or testing agency appointed by the
Executive Director & CEO (collectively referred to as the Released Parties). The Exhibitor waives any right of action which he might have for any action taken under this
rule, and releases the Released Parties from any and all claims or demands whatsoever in connection with the inspection or testing of any such animal or any ruling or
action taken by reason of the conclusions of such veterinarian or testing agency.

As breeding animals are not entering the food chain, the USDA Wholesome Meat Act does not apply; however, breeding animals will be closely screened for any
performance enhancing compounds. This includes, but is not limited to, steroids, diuretics, anti-inflammatories, tranquilizers and painkillers.

In the event any animal is declared by the veterinarian or testing agency to be unethically fitted, the Executive Director & CEO is authorized to permanently bar the
Exhibitor and his/her family from any further participation in any S.A.L.E. events Reinstatement of anyone barred may be made only by the Executive Director & CEO.
The Exhibitor will forfeit all titles, awards, prizes, auction proceeds, premiums, scholarships and market/floor money if the animal is disqualified.

The Exhibitor and his/her Parent or Legal Guardian, CEA or AST understand and agree to the Civil Authority Evacuation Statement as well as the Liability and Release
and Indemnity Rules (pages 29-30, Sections 6a & 6b) as stated in the General Rules of the Livestock Premium List.


Certification: Under penalties of perjury, I certify that:
      1) The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number, and
      2) I am not subject to backup withholding because: (a) I am exempt from backup withholding, or (b) I have not been notified by the Internal Revenue Service
            (IRS) that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure to report all interests or dividends, or (c) the IRS has notified me that I am no longer
            subject to backup withholding.
      You must cross out item 2 above if you have been notified by the IRS that you are currently subject to backup withholding because you have failed to report all
      interest and dividends on your tax return.

The Internal Revenue Service does not require your consent to any provision of this document other than the certifications required to avoid backup withholding

        Please print: ________________________________________________________________________________
                                                   Exhibitor’s Name

        By signing this entry form, I certify that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the current San Antonio Livestock Premium List, this Entry
        Certification and all applicable rules and regulations of the San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc.

        Exhibitor's Signature:                                                                                                         Date:

                      MAIL ENTRY FORMS WITH AND PAYMENT TO: Livestock Office, P.O. Box 200230, San Antonio, TX 78220-0230

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