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On The Fringe
March.April 2012
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                                                                                     Letter from the
                                                       Dear Carolinas PGA Professionals,

                                                       As I assume the role as president of the Carolinas PGA, I can’t help but look
                                                       back at my golf professional career and think how truly lucky I am to be a
                                                       member of the PGA of America. From time to time, each of us feel the Associ-
                                                       ation owes us something. In reality, now is the time for each of us to give more
                                                       back to the game.

                                                       At our annual meeting, I’m sure many of you may be confused and possibly
                                                       overwhelmed by the PGA’s GOLF 2.0 initiative. What is GOLF 2.0? Plain and
                                                       simple, GOLF 2.0 is a modern and technical label for growing the game. I’m
                                                       confident many of our members are currently offering opportunities for new
                                                       and former golfers to enjoy the game of golf. We should each ask ourselves …
                                                       can I do more to grow the game? The PGA of America has declared our as-
                                                       sociation is best suited to lead the growth of the game. Other golf associations
                                                       and industry leaders have agreed our PGA professionals will lead the growth.
                                                       When we look at the goal of growing the number of players from the current
                                                       26.1 million to 40 million by 2020, the goal may seem unattainable. If you were
                                                       asked if you could introduce 60 new players of reintroduce 60 players to the
                        game annually, do you think you could do it? I bet many of you are saying yes, I could do fifty per year! For
                        our association to meet the goal of 40 million players by 2020, we need each of our 27,000+ PGA members to
                        bring fifty new into the game or returning lapsed golfers back. If each of us believes we can create 60 new play-
                        ers annually our Association meets the goal of 40 million players by 2020!

                        The time for action is now and the success of GOLF 2.0 relies on each of us to embrace growth of the game.
                        The Board and I challenge each of you to be the growth of the game leader at your club or course and in your
                        community. Meet with your club’s board or your facility’s owner to explain the importance of growing the
                        game at your club and why growth is so important to our industry. I feel if each of us take the initiative, we
                        will each become more valuable to our club or owner.

                        In early March, our Section staff will be moving into our new offices located at Greensboro’s Bryan Park.
                        Needless to say, our Section’s return to Greensboro is very exciting. Personally, I feel the Carolinas PGA has
                        been given the key to the city! There are a number of people we need to thank for rolling out the red carpet for
                        us in Greensboro, NC and making us feel so welcome:

                        Jim Melvin – President, Joseph Bryan Foundation        Bobby Long – Bryan Foundation Board
                        Bruce Cantrell – J. Hyatt Hammond               Mark Isaacson – NC Legal Counsel
                        Kim Worrel, PGA & David Lankford – Pinnacle Golf Group
                        Kyle Kolls PGA & Chris LeClerc – Bryan Park GC

                                                                  Continued on next page

                        We also need to recognize fellow CPGA professionals Rick Murphy, PGA, Billy Anderson, PGA and John Faid-
                        ley, PGA for leading our move to Greensboro.

                        Though the staff will be moving into the new building after March 5th, our grand opening and building dedi-
                        cation is scheduled for April 23, 2012. This is a huge day for our Section and I hope many of you will be able
                        to adjust your schedule to attend the opening ceremony. It would make a great impression to have dozens of
                        CPGA professionals in attendance.

                        Hats off to our Carolinas Section PGA staff for the outstanding job they did to prepare for our 2012 Merchan-
                        dise Show, Winter Seminar and Awards Dinner. With several new staff members on board, on annual “Big
                        Week” was well attended and everything went along seamlessly. I want to thank Ron Schmid, CPGA Executive
                        Director for all his efforts in organizing each facet of “Big Week” and doing an outstanding job as he always
                        does preparing for our Board Meeting and Annual Meeting. Special thanks to Jeanie Schmid for all her efforts
                        associated with the Merchandise Show. For our CPGA Staff, I would like to extend a thank you and congratu-
                        lations for a job well done to Cory, Mike, Sara Beth, Andrew, Kurt, Telma and Dahlia, your efforts and dedica-
                        tion are greatly appreciated.

                        Congratulations to our 2011 CPGA Award winners who were honored at our Awards Dinner and they truly
                        represent the very best of the best. Thank you to Mike Harmon and the Awards and Honors Committee on
                        their work selecting our award winners. A special congratulation to Bill Sampson, PGA for being selected
                        our Golf Professional of the Year. The induction of John Derr into the Carolinas PGA Hall of Fame was most
                        memorable and well deserved.

                        I am looking forward to serving the next two years with your newly elected Vice President, Chad Newton and
                        Secretary, John Marion. John Faidley, PGA will continue his role as our Tournament Chairman. We have an

                        outstanding group of Area and At-large Directors who are dedicated and motivated to lead our Section into
                        the future. Special thanks to outgoing Area I Director, Kurt Vogle, Area VII Director, Gil Feagin, NC At-large
                        Director Del Ratcliffe, and now Past President, Kelly Childs.

                        In closing, many of us are upbeat about our 2012 golf season. Of course, the mild winter weather has been a
                        welcome change compared to the past couple of years. This year will be very memorable for our Section as we
                        return to Greensboro, NC and host the 2012 PGA Championship at the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, SC.
                        Please reach out to your CPGA Board as we look forward to serving the members of the PGA’s greatest section.

                        Mike Casto, PGA

                                                                                       Letter from the
                                                                                   Executive Director
                                                              Dear Carolinas PGA Professionals,

                                                              It is hard to believe another Big Week has come and gone. Every year our Caro-
                                                              linas PGA Big Week brings the Carolinas PGA Section members together to pre-
                                                              pare for the upcoming season. The preparations for this year’s Big Week were very
                                                              different than in the past. Not only does the Carolinas PGA Section office have
                                                              an almost entirely new staff, we also had to plan the event from over four hours
                                                              away. I would like to commend my staff for stepping up and rallying together to
                                                              put on an exceptional Big Week.

                                                              This year we were lucky to welcome Darrell Crall, Senior Director of Golf 2.0 for
                                                              The PGA of America to our Annual Meeting and Winter Education Seminars. He
                                                              along with PGA of America Secretary, Derek Sprague and District 10 Director,
                                                              Mike Ahrnsbrak, brought a wealth of knowledge on Golf 2.0 which they presented
                                                              to our members. I believe that all PGA Professionals in attendance returned to
                                                              their facilities with an understanding of Golf 2.0, and what it is going to take to be
                                                              successful with this new program.

                                                               I would like to congratulate and welcome our new president, Mike Casto, PGA.
                                                              He steps into his new role at an exciting time for the Section as we prepare to
                        move into our new home site. I have no doubt that he will continue on the excellent path that was laid out by Honorary
                        President Karl Kimball, PGA. I would also like to welcome Chad Newton, PGA as Vice President of the CPGA and John
                        Marino, PGA as Secretary. These three PGA Professionals have given selflessly of their time to the governance of our Sec-
                        tion, and I look forward to working with them as the CPGA begins a new chapter. I also want to welcome our new Area
                        I Director Jay King, PGA; Area IV Director Rocky Brooks,PGA, who will be fulfilling Chad Newton’s term; Area VII

                        Director Paige Cribb, PGA; and Area IX Director Bob Byrnes. I want to encourage PGA Professionals in their areas to
                        look to them for guidance and leadership in the coming years. They are a valuable addition to an already accomplished

                        Carolinas PGA Board of Directors.

                        After Big Week ended, the Carolinas PGA Staff headed back up to Greensboro to prepare for the big move into our new
                        headquarters. Over the next week, myself and the staff will be busy moving into our new home. Hopefully, by day’s end
                        on Friday, March 9th, we will be settled in our new headquarters. Phone lines are being installed, computers are being
                        configured, furniture is being moved, and building inspections are being finalized. At some point next week, likely for
                        one day, we will be without phones, internet or email. We will try to post this information on our website as available,
                        prior to the service interruption. We do hope that once we have made the move, you will come by and visit your new


                        Ron Schmid, PGA
                        Executive Director

                                                                                            Career Notes
                                                                                 By Dick Bradow, PGA
                        I enjoyed attending the recent Carolinas PGA Annual Meeting and visiting with many CPGA Professionals. I
                        hope the meeting and other “Big Week” activities were informative and productive for you.

                        Golf 2.0 Update
                        Golf 2.0 is a targeted, focused, long-range strategic plan for the golf industry to increase the number of golfers,
                        rounds, and revenue generated from golf over the next decade among current and potential consumers. Golf
                        2.0 was the focus of the recent PGA Annual Meeting and Merchandise Show, including the introduction of the
                        Player Development Playbook.

                        The Playbook has been developed to help PGA Professionals activate Golf 2.0 at their facilities and is designed
                        to provide detailed action-steps to make the game more fun and welcoming to new golfers through structured
                        Player Development. It contains input from industry experts and real-life examples of innovative ways that
                        leading PGA Professionals are growing their business and delivering to the bottom line at their facilities. The
                        Playbook is organized into easy-to-use chapters which you can review, download and personalize for your use.
                        Contents of the Playbook include:
                        •	      Communicating	with	your	employer
                        •	      Analyzing	your	player	development	programs	and	the	local	market
                        •	      Creating	a	player	development	business	plan
                        •	      Local	marketing	–	generating	students	and	customers
                        •	      Player	development	execution
                        •	      Tracking	and	reporting	results
                        •	      Golf	2.0	menu	of	programs
                        •	      Sample	business	plan	and	SWOT	analysis	guidelines

                        •	      Budgeting	tool	template
                        •	      Additional	resources	and	tools

                        The Golf 2.0 team will continue to update this Playbook and add new Playbooks as we move forward in grow-
                        ing our great game. To access the Playbook and to obtain updated information on Golf 2.0, visit

                        2012 PGA Compensation Survey
                        If you have already completed the 2012 PGA Compensation Survey, thanks for supporting this important PGA
                        initiative which provides valuable compensation data for Carolinas PGA Professionals. The Carolinas Section
                        needs all active members and apprentices to participate, so if you have not completed the 2012 Survey, please
                        do your part in helping to create the most complete database of CPGA compensation information. You can ac-
                        cess the survey from the PGALinks Employment homepage.

                        Please be assured that the compensation information you provide in the survey is completely anonymous and
                        confidential, and nobody sees or has access to your personal information. Also, if you are the lead PGA Pro-
                        fessional at your facility, please make sure that all PGA members and apprentices on your staff complete the
                        survey as well. PGA members who complete the survey by March 16 will receive 2 MSR credits (maximum 5
                        survey credits per MSR cycle year).
                                                                    Continued on next page

                                                                                      Career Notes
                                                                            By Dick Bradow, PGA
                        New PGA Certified Professional Program 2.0 (CPP 2.0)
                        The PGA Certified Professional Program 2.0 is now available, with a new state-of-the-art curriculum rel-
                        evant to PGA Professionals’ business and the demands of today’s consumer and employer. The new program
                        features an interesting easy-to-use library of more than 3,000 course offerings in a flexible digital platform
                        that aligns with the goals of Golf 2.0. Career path options are available now for Golf Operations and General
                        Management, with Player Development and Instruction coming soon. For information, visit the PGALinks
                        Education homepage.

                        Best wishes for a successful 2012 season, and please don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance with any PGA
                        employment programs or services.

                        Dick Bradow is an Employment Consultant for the PGA of America and a PGA Certified Professional. He
                        can be contacted at (502) 458-2002 or by e-mail at

                         & Seminars

                            March 2, 2012

                            To receive proper membership service requirement Credits, Carolinas PGA members must send
                            copies of their MSR certificates or other documentation of the event to the Carolinas PGA office.
                            Seminars outside The PGA or not on the approved list may be honored upon submission of
                            documentation detailing the course content and length, as well as a certificate of completion or
                            transcripts. If honored, MSR Credits will be awarded as stipulated by MSR Rules and Regulations.

                              Following are the known Meetings, Seminars, and other MSR Opportunities
                                             available to Carolinas PGA Section members

                            Online Continuing Education via – Access online courses through the PGALinks
                            Member’s Home Page by clicking on "Education (current program)" and then clicking on the "Online
                            Education Center" on the left-side navigator bar.

                            ThinkWorkPlay’s Introductory Mental Game Workshop is a 2-Credit program that will
                                                               Continued on next mental
                            introduce you to the importance of developing strongpage and emotional components to your
                            game. When are you in the zone? When do you play your most confident and effortless golf?
                            What would it be like to feel that way with every shot? The workshop will be conducted at the
                            Heritage Golf Club. Learn about the tools that can help you transform your game. For more
                            information or to register, visit or call (919) 623-
                            2258 (workshops are limited to 8 participants). Cost of the workshop is $20 and reservations are
         7                  required. The workshop will be offered on the following dates. Two (2) MSR Education
                        transcripts. If honored, MSR Credits will be awarded as stipulated by MSR Rules and Regulations.

                          Following are the known Meetings, Seminars, and other MSR Opportunities
                                         available to Carolinas PGA Section members
                                                                                             & Seminars
                        Online Continuing Education via – Access online courses through the PGALinks
                        Member’s Home Page by clicking on "Education (current program)" and then clicking on the "Online
                        Education Center" on the left-side navigator bar.

                        ThinkWorkPlay’s Introductory Mental Game Workshop is a 2-Credit program that will
                        introduce you to the importance of developing strong mental and emotional components to your
                        game. When are you in the zone? When do you play your most confident and effortless golf?
                        What would it be like to feel that way with every shot? The workshop will be conducted at the
                        Heritage Golf Club. Learn about the tools that can help you transform your game. For more
                        information or to register, visit or call (919) 623-
                        2258 (workshops are limited to 8 participants). Cost of the workshop is $20 and reservations are
                        required. The workshop will be offered on the following dates. Two (2) MSR Education
                                                         Wednesday, March 14th, 3pm
                                                         Wednesday, April 18th, 5pm
                                                         Wednesday, May 16th, 5pm

                        March 8, 2012 - A SCPGA Teaching Summit will be held on Thursday, March 8th at the
                        Woodlands Golf & Country Club, 100 Norse Way in Columbia, SC. The seminar is open to all
                        Carolinas PGA Members and Apprentices. Presenters will be George Bryan & Chris Foley, PGA
                        Professionals; Mike Casto, President, Carolinas PGA; Chris Miller, South Carolina Junior Golf
                        Association; Dr. Robert Vanderburg, Developmental Psychologist; Ken Taylor, Strength
                        Conditioning & Nutrition Professional. The topic of discussion will be “Study the Art, Science
                        and Business of Teaching through interactive presentations with PGA Golf Professionals and
                        educational experts”. Cost of the Summit is: SCPGA Chapter Members - $35.00; Other CPGA

                        Members & Apprentices - $45.00. The fee includes Lunch & Golf after the Summit.
                        Space will be limited to the first 40 CPGA Professionals and Apprentices to sign up. The

                        deadline register will be Wednesday, February 29th. For more information or to register contact
                        Tom Mason, Host Professional at 803-788-6658. Five (5) MSR Education Credit

                        March 13, 2012 - The Carolinas Golf Association and the Carolinas Chapter of Club
                        Managers Association of America announce the 2012 Carolinas Club Education Seminar
                        “Surviving in Down Times” on Tuesday, March 13th, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at Pine
                        Island CC in Charlotte, NC. This educational seminar is designed to help educate club officials
                        on how to generate revenues that help the bottom line. Each CGA member club is invited to
                        bring two representatives to the seminar. Presenting information will be Mr. Jeff Fleishman,

                                                                                       Carolinas PGA
                                                                                         Home site
                                 The Carolinas PGA Sec-
                        tion Office is gearing up for the
                                                                internet service. We will do our
                                                                best to inform you of possible dis-
                                                                                                         Carolinas PGA
                        move into our new Headquarters.         ruptions by posting on our website     Permanent Address
                        As most of you know, the CPGA           and on Facebook.
                        office staff has been working out of             The Carolinas PGA Section
                                                                                                      6271 Bryan Park Road
                        a temporary location in Whitsett,       would like to thank the Greens-        Browns Summit, NC
                        NC waiting for the construction to      boro area for welcoming us with
                        be completed on the new building        open arms and making us feel at
                        located in Bryan Park.                  home in our new community. The          PH: 336-398-2742
                                 The final inspection is        new CPGA Headquarters would
                        slated for Friday, March 2, 2012.       have not been possible without the
                                                                                                       FAX: 336-398-2743
                        If all goes well with the inspection    Joseph Bryan Foundation and the       invitation will follow later this
                        we should receive a “CO” Certifi-       City of Greensboro. There were        month.
                        cated of Occupancy shortly after        also many members of the Caroli-               If you find yourself in the
                        that inspection. If the time line       nas PGA Section who were influ-       Greensboro area before that date
                        holds true, we should be able to        ential in helping us secure our new   we encourage you stop by and
                        begin moving furnishing and sup-        home site.                            check-out our new home. The
                        plies in the following week. We                  We would like to invite      staff will be happy to give you a
                        hope to be begin functioning from       all CPGA members to our Grand         tour of our new building and you
                        the new headquarters building, no       Opening Ceremony on Monday,           can take a few practice putts on
                        later than Friday, March 9.             April 23, 2012. There will be a       our artificial putting green pro-
                                 During the transition,         Dedication Ceremony starting at       vided by The Turf Mall, Puzzle-
                        there will likely be a period of time   11 AM followed by lunch and golf, and Synthetic Turf

                        [possibly as much as 24 hours]          at held Byran Park Golf Course        International.
                        when we will not have phone or          and Convention Center. A formal


                             Carolinas PGA
   SUITE 802         FL 33330
                        CPGA Big Week 2012
                        The Carolinas PGA Section held its          portunity to hear stories about golfing     2012 was an election year for the Caroli-
                        Annual Big Week in Myrtle Beach, SC         greats like Ben Hogan and Sam Snead         nas PGA Section and after the candidates
                        February 19-22, 2012. We would like to      from a man who was friends with them.       addressed the membership it was time
                        thank all that attended the events dur-     The Carolinas PGA Section would like to     to vote for who would be the officers for
                        ing the week and helped us again make       thank Club Car of their continuing sup-     the next two years on the CPGA Board of
                        this week a success that all look forward   port of the Awards and Honors dinner.       Directors. Page 14 of ‘On the Fringe’ lists
                        to year after year. This year’s Big Week                                                the newly elected officers and also the
                        events had a positive note as Carolinas     On Monday, February 20th the Caroli-        area directors who were sworn in at the
                        PGA Section members were given a for-       nas PGA Section held its 90th Annual        meeting.
                        mal introduction to Golf 2.0 by the lead-   Meeting at the Myrtle Beach Convention
                        ers of the strategic plan from the PGA of   Center. Over 800 CPGA Profession-           Rick Murphy, PGA was elected the
                        America.                                    als attended the meeting packing the        District 10 Director and will serve on The
                                                                    ballroom to standing room only. Some of     PGA of America’s Board of Directors,
                        The week started off on Sunday night        the topics covered at this year’s meeting   representing the Carolinas PGA Section,
                        with a memorable awards dinner held         by CPGA President Karl Kimball and          the Kentucky Section, and the Middle At-
                        to recognize the Carolinas PGA Section’s    the other CPGA Officers included the        lantic Section. The CPGA Annual Meet-
                        2011 Awards and Honors Winners and          Section Office’s move to Greensboro,        ing would have not been possible without
                        the 42nd Carolinas PGA Hall of Fame         the financial state of the CPGA, and the    the support from Global Golf Sales.
                        inductee, Mr. John Derr. We would again     employment outlook of our Section.
                        like to congratulate all the Awards and                                                 After the Annual Meeting wrapped up it
                        Honors winner for their hard work and       Ryan Muson spoke to the membership on       was time to head over to the 19th Caroli-
                        dedication to our Section.                  behalf of the Folds of Honor Foundation     nas PGA Merchandise Show. With over
                                                                    and thanked the Carolinas PGA Section       200 booths at this year’s show CPGA Pro-
                        The highlight of the evening for all in     for their continued support of Patriot      fessionals, guests, and buyers in the golf

                        attendance was listening to Mr. Derr tell   Golf Day. The CPGA leads the PGA of         industry had the chance to meet with top
                        stories about his outstanding career in     America in donations to the foundation      golf merchandise companies and make

                        golf. It is not everyday you get the op-    since its creation over five years ago.     their purchases for the upcoming year.

                        Golf 2.0 - “It’s Personal”
                         The Carolinas PGA Section was very       golf has seen a dramatic
                         fortunate to welcome Darrell Crall,      decline in rounds played
                         Senior Director of Golf 2.0 for The      that shows no signs of
                         PGA of America to our Annual Big         turning around without
                         Week Events. It was impossible to        an intervention.
                         escape the topic of Golf 2.0, from the
                         Annual Meeting to the Education          Golf 2.0 is The PGA of
                         Seminars everyone was talking about      America’s “game plan” to
                         the strategic plan and the potential     get players back out on
                         impacts it could have on golf.           the course. This strategic
                                                                  plan was built around
                         A “Player Development Playbook”          research conducted by
                         was distributed to attendees of the      The Boston Consulting                   •	 Drive new players
                         Winter Education Seminar that            Group. They found that there is a
                         Crall hosted along with a panel of       large segment of the population, 60     Now is the time in the season to
                         experts from around the country on       million people to be exact, that when   set up your own game plan on how
                         Golf 2.0, including Carolina’s own       asked responded that they would         you will implement Golf 2.0 at your
                         Del Ratcliffe. This playbook details     like to play more golf. The complete    facility. Some examples given by
                         strategies to help PGA Professionals     results of this study can be found at   the “Playbook” include Get Golf
                         not only implement some of the idea                             Ready Programs, Tee it Forward, and
                         behind Golf 2.0, but to do so suc-                                               Welcome to Golf Month.

                         cessfully.                               After analyzing the research the        goes into detail on these programs
                                                                  decision was made that it was going     and includes marketing materials

                         Golf 2.0 was implemented to in-          to take more than marketing by The      to help get the word out about these
                         crease player development in golf        PGA of America to revitalize the        different programs at your facilities.
                         across the country. From the eco-        game. The success of this program
                         nomic downturn to younger gen-           was going to happen at the commu-       The Section Office wants to hear
                         erations not interested in the sport,    nity level at each facility.            what you have planned at your facil-
                                                                                                          ity to implement Golf 2.0 . Email
                        For more information on Golf 2.0                      The Golf 2.0 strategic      Sara Beth Gardocki [sgardocki@
                        Visit:                                     plan is built around] with what you are doing
                                                                               three core strategies      to promote growth of the game.
                                                                               to strengthen player
                                                                               •	 Retain and
                                                                               strengthen the ex-      “The time is now for Golf 2.0.
                                                                               isting core golfers.    The time is now to embrace
                                                                               •	 Engage the 61        our skills in bringing more
                                                                               million “lapsed”
                                                                               golfers who still
                                                                                                       customers to our facilities”
                                                                               have an interest in     -Allen Wronowski, President,
                                                                               playing.                The PGA of America

          Congratulations to the new CPGA Officers and Board Members!

                              President                  Vice President                  Secretary
                          Mike Casto, PGA              Chad Newton, PGA              John Marino, PGA
                        Fort Jackson GC, A-4           Pinewood CC, A-1             Old Chatham GC, A-1

                        Director-at-Large NC           Honorary President             Area I Director
                        Billy Anderson, PGA            Karl Kimball, PGA              Jay King, PGA
                        Eagle Point GC, A-4            Hillandale CC, A-4          Hendersonville CC, A-1

                         Area IV Director              Area VII Director             Area IX Director
                        Rocky Brooks, PGA              Paige Cribb, PGA              Bob Byrnes, PGA
                        Sedgefield CC, A-4     Coastal Carolina University, A-11    Hope Valley CC, A-1

                                      Volunteers Needed!
                           Volunteer opportunities:
                             - Golf instruction (air conditioned)
                             - Practice facilities (putting/chipping/range)
                             - Practice round starting tee pairings boards
                        •	A	PGA	/	championship-branded	golf	shirt	and	hat	will	be	provided	
                          to be worn on duty
                        •	All	volunteers	receive	a	commemorative	2012	PGA	Championship	money	clip
                        •	PGA	Professionals’	reception	Tuesday,	August	7
                        •	Lunch	will	be	provided	on	assigned	days
                        •	A	parking	pass	and	shuttle	to	transport	you	to	the	course

                        For more information on either of these volunteer opportunities visit
               or call the Section Staff at 336-398-2742.

                        You can register to volunteer online or print out and complete the form on
                        the following page and fax it to the Section Staff at 336-398-2743.

                                                                      Volunteers needed for the
                                                                        Pro-Am Tournaments

                                                                               Spend an
                                      August 13
                                                                             walking and
                                                                       interacting with teams of
                                                                       amateurs and a PGA Tour
                                      August 15
                                                                        member on the course.


                       
       
                                                
                                            
                                               
                                                           
                        
                                                            
                           
                                                           
                     
                                                            
                          
                                                           
                       
                                                            
                      
                                                       
                            
                                                     

                  
                                                                                                              2012 PGA
                                                                                 Scholarship Program
                         The Carolinas PGA Section is pleased to announce that the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program again
                         is available online on the homepage of Information about the scholarship program and a link to the
                         application is avaiable. The application must be completed online. Available immediately at are Scholar-
                         ship Search Tips and links to additional websites that can help with your scholarship search.

                         Please read the application instructions carefully. You will be asked to provide your Social Security number and the
                         PGA member number of the PGA-affiliated parent or grandparent before you will be authorized to complete the ap-

                         We ask that you wait until you receive your first semester transcript from your school before applying, so you are work-
                         ing off the most recent academic information in completing the application.

                         After submitting the application, you must send an “official” transcript from your school. High school graduating
                         seniors must ensure that the transcript shows their cumulative GPA and their SAT/ACT test scores. Current college stu-
                         dents must ensure that their transcript shows their cumulative GPA and their most recently completed semester GPA.
                         The transcript is to be sent to:

                                 Linda Bennington
                                 Grant and Scholarship Specialist
                                 PGA Foundation
                                 100 Avenue of the Champions
                                 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

                         The online application deadline date and receipt of the transcript is 5:00 p.m. (ET), March 15, 2012. Recipients
                         will be announced in May. If you have any questions concerning the application, please contact Linda Bennington
                         at (561) 624-7612 or via e-mail at

                         The scholarship program is an academic based scholarship program that takes into account the following depending on
                         the class level of the student:

                                     High School Graduating Senior                                     Current College Student
                                                                                             (has not reached their senior year in college)
                        -High School Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be
                        at least 3.0 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale). This   -College Cumulative Grade Point Average – must be at
                        number is to be an unweighted GPA based on a 4.0 scale.       least 3.0 (60% of the scholarship weighting scale)
                        -ACT and/or SAT test scores (30% of the scholarship           -Most recently completed college semester or quarter GPA
                        weighting scale)                                              (30% of the scholarship weighting scale)
                        -Extracurricular activities in high school such as sports,    -Extracurricular activities in college such as sports, clubs,
                        clubs, student government, community service, part time       student government, community service, part time em-
                        employment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale).    ployment, etc. (10% of the scholarship weighting scale)

                        CPGA Tournament Rules Updates
                         Female tees for Carolinas, North Carolina, & South Carolina Opens:
                         A separate set of tees will be made available for female competitors measuring approximately 82-90% of the
                         men's yardage. Female competitors are still eligible for the main professional or amateur purses depending
                         on their status.

                         Player of the Year Points:
                         Points are now available for the British Open, Senior British Open, and Masters Tournament.

                         Section Tournament Registration:
                         The registration process for all Section tournaments except senior events will now be entirely online through
                         BlueGolf tournament software. The system is highly customer friendly, and will provide much quicker regis-
                         tration approval by the CPGA staff. Every CPGA Professional has an existing user ID and password. Any-
                         one who doesn't know their login information or has a question can always contact the CPGA staff.

                                                                                                 Tournament Schedule

                                                                                                02/27/12 Columbia CPGA Senior Two-
                                                                                                04/02/12 Club Car Old North State
                                                                                                         CPGA Senior Open
                                                                                                05/02/12 Kenmure CPGA Senior Open
                                                                                                05/23/12 Echo Farms CPGA Senior
                                                                                                06/26/12 Callawassie Island CPGA
                                                                                                          Senior Open
                                                                                                07/31/12 CPGA Senior Championships
                                                                                                         in Conjunction with Senior
                                                                                                         PGA PNC Qualifying
                                                                                                08/20/12 To Be Determined
                                                                                                09/10/12 Wild Dunes CPGA Senior
                                                                                                10/30/12 Pine Needles/Mid Pines
                                                                                                         CPGA Senior Open
                                                                                                11/13/12 Rock Barn CPGA Senior


                        CPGA Winter Pro-Am
                        (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) - After sitting   and Bart Romano, PGA of
                        thru meetings and seminars for         True Blue Golf Plantation
                        two days at the Myrtle Beach Con-      and their respective teams.
                        vention Center, Carolinas PGA
                        Section members got the chance         The CPGA Winter Pro-Am
                        to get out and enjoy the warm          is played in a 18-Hole 2 Net
                        February weather at the Mem-           Balls of Four format. Ama-
                        bers Club at Grande Dunes. The         teurs receive 75% of current
                        CPGA Winter Pro-Am is a favorite       USGA Handicap Index.
                        among our members and the 32
                        team spots available filled up well    The Carolinas PGA Section
                        before the entry deadline.             would like to thank support-
                                                               ing sponsor PGA National Resort
                        Don Franklin, PGA of Echo Farms        and Spa in Palm Beach, FL for
                        Golf and Country Club along with       their assistance with this event.
                        his team of three amateurs, John       We would also like to thank the
                        Cox, Dave Poe, and Ray Lazenby         Members Club at Grande Dunes,
                        captured this years CPGA Winter        not only for their hospitality dur-
                        Pro-Am with a final total of -22.      ing the tournament, but also for
                        Franklin and his team finished six     hosting the player reception on
                        strokes ahead of Tommy Pegram,         Sunday evening before the tourna-
                        PGA of Country Club Golf Center        ment.

                                                                          CPGA Columbia Senior Two-Man
                         (Blythewood, SC) - The team of        ville, NC) and David Thore, PGA
                        Robert Linville, PGA (Greens-          (Wilmington, NC) were close             for more club information.
                        boro, NC) and Todd Smith, PGA          behind with a 64.

                        (Charlotte, NC) was victorious at                                              The CPGA would also like to
                        the 2012 Columbia CPGA Senior          Linville (2011 CPGA Senior Player       thank Tom Price of Protective

                        Two-Man held at Columbia Coun-         of the Year) and Smith followed up      Packaging, Inc. for sponsoring the
                        try Club in Blythewood, South          their first round 65 with a second-     event. Protective Packaging spe-
                        Carolina.                              round low 66 to win the tourna-         cializes in folding cartons, product
                                                               ment by one stroke.                     displays, and custom packaging.
                        The tournament had two different                                               Visit for
                        formats; “captain’s choice” for the    Amateurs Nick Avery (Goose              more information.
                        first round on Monday, and “four-      Creek, SC) and Randy Glover
                        ball stroke play” for the second       (Mount Pleasant, SC) came away
                        round on Tuesday.                      with the Super Senior division title,
                                                               shooting rounds of 66 and 71 to
                        After a rainy and overcast first       also win by one stroke.
                        round, Richard Albright, PGA           The Carolinas PGA would like to
                        (Charlotte, NC) and Rick Lewal-        thank the members and staff of
                        len, PGA (Kannapolis, NC) found        Columbia Country Club for host-
                        themselves in the lead after firing    ing a CPGA senior tournament
                        a stealthy 63. The teams of Clem       for the 2nd year in a row. One of
                        King, PGA (Columbia, SC) and           South Carolina’s best, the course
                        Steve Behr, PGA (Florence, SC),        was in great shape and the staff was
                        and Rick Morton, PGA (Jackson-         prepared for a fantastic event. Visit


                        CPGA Head Professional Championship
                        In conjunction with the RBC Heritage CPGA Member Qualifier
                        March 19- March 20, 2012                     Deadline: March 5, 2012
                        Berkeley Hall Club - North Course                    at 5 PM!
                        As the first signs of spring start to ap-   Eligibility is different for each contest.    Championship, and $140 for only the
                        pear around North and South Caro-           The Head Professional Championship            Heritage Member Qualifier.
                        lina, it can only mean one thing. It’s      is open to CPGA Members, excluding
                        tournament time in the Carolinas            A-3’s and A-8’s, and the RBC Qualifier        The Carolinas PGA Section would
                        PGA Section. The 2012 CPGA major            is open to CPGA Members, excluding            like to thank the staff and members of
                        tournament schedule will be kicked          A-3’s. Apprentices are not eligible for       Berkeley Hall Club in Bluffton, S.C. for
                        off by the CPGA Head Professional           either of the tournaments.                    allowing our Carolinas PGA Profes-
                        Championship March 19th-20th at                                                           sionals to play such an exceptional
                        Berkeley Hall Club - North Course in        RBC Heritage Member Qualifying will           Lowcountry course. We’d also like to
                        Bluffton, SC.                               be a 18-hole qualifier contested during       thank our sponsors Sun Mountain,
                                                                    the first round on Monday, March 19.          and Global Golf Sales for their con-
                        Like last year the CPGA Head Profes-        There is one (1) qualifying spot and          tinued support and contributions to
                        sional Championship will be played          two (2) alternate position up for grabs       our Carolinas PGA Head Professional
                        in conjunction with the RBC Heritage        for the 2012 RBC Heritage.                    Championship.
                        CPGA Member Qualifier. Profession-
                        als will be given the opportunity to        There is a discounted entry fee for           If you have any questions about these
                        participate in either the CPGA Head         signing up for both the Head Profes-          tournaments please visit our website
                        Professional Championship, the RBC          sional Championship and the RBC               for more information or call the CPGA
                        Heritage CPGA Member Qualifier or           Qualifier. It is $220 to register for both,   Staff.

                        both!                                       $150 for only the Head Professional

                                                   Mark Your Calendars

                                BMW CPGA Member Qualifying                                       March 12
                                Patriot GC - Ninety Six, SC

                                CPGA Head Professional Championship                          March 19-20
                                Berkeley Hall Club - North - Bluffton, SC

                                Old North State Senior Open                                      April 2-3
                                Old North St. Club - New London, NC

                                Rex Hospital Open CPGA Member Qualifying                          April 10
                                North Ridge CC - Lakes - Raleigh, NC

                                Kenmure Senior Open                                               May 2-3
                                Kenmure CC - Flat Rock, NC

                                Echo Farms Senior Open                                         May 23-24
                                Echo Farms Golf & CC - Wilmington NC


                        Our Condolences
                        Marc Sunshine, PGA
                        The South Carolina Chapter recently lost a GREAT FRIEND. South Carolina Chapter Member and Carolinas PGA
                        Member, Marc Sunshine passed away on Thursday , February 9, 2012. Marc was a PGA Member since 2001. He
                        worked as an Assistant Golf Professional at The Country Club of Charleston from 1998 to 2002, was the Director of
                        Golf at Rivertowne Country Club from 2002-2009, and was most recently employed as The Vice-President of Mar-
                        keting and Sales for RBI Blackwater Divers. Marc is survived by his Mother, Aileen Sunshine, Sister, Amy Sunshine
                        Younginer, and his fianceé, Emily Long.

                        Funeral Services were held Sunday, February 12th at 12:00 PM at The Beth Shalom Synagogue in Columbia SC.

                        In lieu of flowers, the family requests that contributions be made to the South Carolina Junior Golf Foundation’s
                        Memorial Program. Please send to SCJGF / Memorials / PO Box 286 / Irmo, SC 29063 OR or to The
                        First Tee of Greater Charleston - 109 Wappoo Creek Dr, Ste 3C - Charleston, SC 29412 or online at: www.Charles-
                        If anyone needs any further information, please feel free to contact Tom Mason at 803-600-8671.

                        Ernest Franklin “Frank” Jones Jr., PGA

                        Ernest Franklin Jones Jr., “Frank” passed away January 9th 2012 at 1:23pm at the age of 77. He is survived by his

                        loving wife Nancye Merricks Jones of Hilton Head Island, S.C. Also by his four children; Frankie III, Ronnie,
                        Candy Younger, and Kelly Adams,and mother in law Sue Carter Merricks along with ten grandchildren and one

                        great grandchild. Frank was born and raised in Danville, VA. By his parents Ernest F. Jones Sr. And Lenora Jones.
                        He served in the United States Air Force as Airman 1st Class in Ramstein, Germany for three years. While in Vir-
                        ginia and South Carolina the Jones’ were members of Presbyterian Church (PCA). Frank worked at Goodyear Tire
                        and Rubber Co. for 25 years and after retirement pursued a career as a professional golfer. He became a member of
                        the PGA of America in 1997 and had a distinguished career both as a head professional and teaching professional.
                        He was a member of the Carolinas PGA Board of Directors from 2002-2005. He most recently worked at Palmetto
                        Dunes Golf and at the Professional Golfers Career College and just recently was voted number two teacher in the
                        state of South Carolina. Frank died peacefully on the golf course and did not suffer. The family has requested that
                        in lieu of flowers to please make a donations to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Services
                        were held on January 12th.

                                                                    & Congratulations
                                                                     March / April Tournaments
                                FOR SALE                            03/03/12 Old South / E-Z-GO Pro-Am
                                                                    03/05/12 SCPGA One Day Pro-Pro Championship
                                                                    03/12/12 Nationwide Tour BMW Charity Pro-Am CPGA
                               156 Club Collection for Sale                   Member Qualifying
                               Including:                           03/12/12 PAT at Shannon Greens
                                                                    03/19/12 CPGA Head Professional Championship
                                      21 - 2 Wood                            (In conjunction with PGA Tour RBC Heritage
                                      293 1947 Models                        CPGA Member Qualifying)
                                                                    03/19/12 PGA Tour RBC Heritage CPGA Member Qualifying
                               Pictures Available by request                  (In conjunction with CPGA Head Professional
                                                                    03/24/12 PAT at Methodist University Golf Club
                               If interest please contact:          03/25/12 PAT at Hackler Course
                                           Ron Erath                          at Coastal Carolina University
                                        (336) 870-8629              03/26/12 18th Tar Heel Cup Matches
                                                                    03/26/12 Holly Tree Country Club Pro-Am Benefiting The
                                                                              Folds of Honor Foundation
                                                                    03/29/12 Ponderosa CC Pro-Lady
                                                                    04/02/12 Club Car Old North State CPGA Senior Open
                                                                    04/02/12 PAT at Cobb's Glen C.C.
                                                                    04/02/12 Area VIII Pro-Pro at Masonboro C.C.
                                                                    04/09/12 PAT at GC Chapel Ridge
                                                                    04/09/12 Carolinas Club Championship
                                                                    04/10/12 Nationwide Tour Rex Hospital Open
                                                                              CPGA Member Qualifing
                                                                    04/17/12 PAT at Keith Hills Country Club (Creek Course)

                        If you would like to place a for sale ad    04/18/12 Cutter & Buck/River Landing Pro-Am
                                                                    04/21/12 PAT at Methodist University Golf Club
                        regarding golf-related equipment, contact   04/23/12 PAT at Keith Hills Country Club (Creek Course)

                        Sara Beth Gardocki by email at              04/23/12 SCPGA Trescott Team Championship
                                      04/24/12 The Magnolia Greens Pro-Am
                                                                    04/26/12 PGA Tour Wells Fargo Championship
                                                                    04/29/12 PAT at Hackler Course
                          2012 Playing Ability                                at Coastal Carolina University
                                                                    04/30/12 PAT at Prestonwood CC (Meadows Course)
                             Test Passers                           04/30/12 Lizard Thicket Pro-Am
                                                                    04/30/12 MCPGA Match Play Qualifier
                                                                    04/30/12 MCPGA Coca Cola WNC Open
                               Palmetto Dunes – RTJ Course –        04/30/12 PGA Tour Wells Fargo Championship
                                       02/04-05/2012                          Event Qualifying

                          1.       Zach Ducey                                                      Tom Cornforth, PGA
                          2.       Jared Miller                                                     John LaMonica, PGA
                          3.       Brad Ramsbotham                                                      Rick Lucas, PGA
                          4.       RJ Schebel                                                     Greg MacDonell, PGA
                                                                    MEMBERS                        Thomas Malone, PGA
                                                                                                  John Richardson, PGA

                        3/01   Mike Childress, PGA       3/10   Douglas Baker, PGA         3/20   Richard Tremblay, PGA
                        3/01   Todd George, PGA          3/10   Sam Brewer, PGA            3/20   Jonathan York, PGA
                        3/01   Michael Henderson, PGA    3/10   Michael Carroll, PGA       3/21   Daniel Corrigan, PGA
                        3/02   Joshua Allen, PGA         3/10   Kim Cauthen, PGA           3/21   Roderick Guest, PGA
                        3/02   Thomas Dale, PGA          3/10   Nathan Olivo, PGA          3/21   Andrew Nelson, PGA
                        3/02   Greg MacDonell, PGA       3/10   Ronnie Reitz, PGA          3/21   William Wells, PGA
                        3/02   William McDonald, PGA     3/10   Clinton Udell, PGA         3/22   Jeff Austin, PGA
                        3/02   Timothy Straub, PGA       3/11   Guy Carroll, PGA           3/22   Philip Kushner, PGA
                        3/02   Guy Thompson, PGA         3/11   Benjamin Hoover, PGA       3/22   James Merriman, PGA
                        3/03   Nick Cannon, PGA          3/12   Nicholas Wood, PGA         3/22   Robert Morris, PGA
                        3/03   Eric Ferguson, PGA        3/13   Todd Gilley, PGA           3/22   Johnson Wagner, PGA
                        3/03   Robert Gamble, PGA        3/13   William Hanlon, PGA        3/23   Johnny George, PGA
                        3/03   Dave Martin, PGA          3/13   James McLuen, PGA          3/23   Rick Green, PGA
                        3/03   Clark Sinclair, PGA       3/13   John McNeely, PGA          3/23   Adam Robinson, PGA
                        3/03   John Wyatt, PGA           3/13   Jeff Minton, PGA           3/24   David Dawson, PGA
                        3/03   Stephen Younger, PGA      3/13   Andrew Ward, PGA           3/24   Quinton Florence, PGA
                        3/04   Michael Buccerone, PGA    3/13   Brock White, PGA           3/24   Justin Lawson, PGA
                        3/04   Paul Consolo, PGA         3/13   Timothy Wilke, PGA         3/24   Michael Sanders, PGA
                        3/04   Mike Floyd, PGA           3/14   Patrick Crean, PGA         3/25   Ryan Bell, PGA
                        3/04   Bill Hulett, PGA          3/14   Lucas Diserio, PGA         3/25   Tim Crooks, PGA
                        3/04   Wendell Johnson, PGA      3/14   Carey Scott Smith, PGA     3/25   Matthew Smith, PGA
                        3/04   Steven Soltysiak, PGA     3/14   John Stott, PGA            3/26   Brian Ondrako, PGA
                        3/04   Thomas Waltz, PGA         3/14   Joseph Sullivan, PGA       3/26   Timothy Pitman, PGA
                        3/05   Kevin Grossfuss, PGA      3/14   Jonathan Vespa, PGA        3/26   Aaron Racicot, PGA
                        3/05   Joseph Sabatino, PGA      3/15   Donna Helms, PGA           3/26   Timothy Smith, PGA

                        3/05   Rod Thompson, PGA         3/15   Matthew Veltman, PGA       3/27   Robert Chamberlin, PGA
                        3/05   Gerald Weathers, PGA      3/15   Steve White, PGA           3/27   Steve Harris, PGA

                        3/06   Mike Abate, PGA           3/16   Julian Bland, PGA          3/27   Gregory Ipock, PGA
                        3/06   Dwight Gane, PGA          3/17   Andrew Betz, PGA           3/27   Jim Kelechi, PGA
                        3/06   Matthew Rubano, PGA       3/17   George Carlin, PGA         3/27   Bill Krickhan, PGA
                        3/06   David Thore, PGA          3/17   Rich Faison, PGA           3/27   Danny Miller, PGA
                        3/06   Jeffrey Waller, PGA       3/17   Joseph Jackson, PGA        3/28   Richard Anderson, PGA
                        3/07   Todd Ellison, PGA         3/18   Victor Lipscomb, PGA       3/28   Paul Carlson, PGA
                        3/07   Jared Garbett, PGA        3/18   George Monk, PGA           3/28   Edward Dennis, PGA
                        3/07   Malcolm Main, PGA         3/18   Nelson Norwood, PGA        3/28   James Ferree, PGA
                        3/07   Patrick Mastandrea, PGA   3/18   Dean Spainhour, PGA        3/28   Louis Powell, PGA
                        3/08   Frank D’Errico, PGA       3/18   Christopher Sparrow, PGA   3/28   Bradford Redding, PGA
                        3/08   Timothy Ellenson, PGA     3/18   Jonathan Thomas, PGA       3/28   Robert Zydonik, PGA
                        3/08   Mark Perreault, PGA       3/19   Edgar Barrett, PGA         3/29   Thomas Adams, PGA
                        3/08   Heather Weil, PGA         3/19   Steven Beecroft, PGA       3/29   John Carroll, PGA
                        3/08   Matthew Zvanut, PGA       3/19   Bradley Crumling, PGA      3/29   Joseph Humston, PGA
                        3/09   Robert Anglin, PGA        3/19   Greg Fister, PGA           3/30   Christopher Bathje, PGA
                        3/09   Scott Davenport, PGA      3/19   Ralph Lang, PGA            3/30   Steven Bogdanoff, PGA
                        3/09   Dan Herring, PGA          3/19   Scott Perry, PGA           3/30   Todd Miller, PGA
                        3/09   Kory Kulju, PGA           3/19   Ross Prachar, PGA          3/30   Brandon Mygrant, PGA
                        3/09   Matthew McCarley, PGA     3/19   Robert Swezey, PGA         3/31   Dennis Garman, PGA
                        3/09   Rick Miller, PGA          3/19   James Wilson, PGA          3/31   Greg Wood, PGA

                        4/01   Samuel Randazzo, PGA        4/11    Michael Castelluzzi, PGA   4/21   Andrew Bare, PGA
                        4/01   Christopher Wimberly, PGA   4/11    Cary Corbitt, PGA          4/21   Earl Hooper, PGA
                        4/02   Bob Flynt, PGA              4/11    Bradley Fowler, PGA        4/21   Mike Marvel, PGA
                        4/02   Barry Pepper, PGA           4/11    Perry Green, PGA           4/22   Shannon Archer, PGA
                        4/02   Marc Skowronek, PGA         4/11    Alexander Holroyde, PGA    4/22   Cassandra Bennett, PGA
                        4/03   William Branham, PGA        4/11    William Lewis, PGA         4/22   Jeffrey Evatt, PGA
                        4/03   Robert Hunter, PGA          4/11    Robert Pasquith, PGA       4/22   Brian Fahey, PGA
                        4/03   Walter Keating, PGA         4/11    David Philo, PGA           4/22   Jessica Mullane, PGA
                        4/03   William Lytton, PGA         4/11    Christopher Terry, PGA     4/22   John Winterhalter, PGA
                        4/03   Eric Pedersen, PGA          4/12    Donna Andrews, PGA         4/23   Alexander Biggs, PGA
                        4/04   Brent Bowen, PGA            4/12    Matthew Bettencourt, PGA   4/23   Eddie Cox, PGA
                        4/04   Jody Dean, PGA              4/12    James Nemeti, PGA          4/23   Paige Cribb, PGA
                        4/04   Kelly Mitchum, PGA          4/12    Donald Padgett, PGA        4/23   Boyd Everling, PGA
                        4/04   Brett Thomaswick, PGA       4/13    Richard Hauk, PGA          4/23   Howard Reid, PGA
                        4/04   Taggart Wylie, PGA          4/13    Randall James, PGA         4/23   Jonathan Watkins, PGA
                        4/05   Allen Chandler, PGA         4/13    Shawn Owens, PGA           4/24   Champ Detamore, PGA
                        4/05   Peter Dunham, PGA           4/14    Kevin Foley, PGA           4/24   Larry McDaniel, PGA
                        4/05   Fred Evans, PGA             4/14    Deva Reece, PGA            4/24   Marvin Waters, PGA
                        4/05   Tim Mervosh, PGA            4/14    Scott Tuttle, PGA          4/25   Robert Linville, PGA
                        4/05   Kelly Minasi, PGA           4/14    Jeffrey Viola, PGA         4/25   Kyle Thompson, PGA
                        4/05   Brandon Ray, PGA            4/15    Benny Carver, PGA          4/26   Gregory Greksa, PGA
                        4/05   Sarah Ruch, PGA             4/15    Mike Chura, PGA            4/26   Claybourne Jones, PGA

                        4/06   James Biggs, PGA            4/15    Ted Frick, PGA             4/26   Jared Woerner, PGA
                        4/06   Scott Dampier, PGA          4/15    Jon Johnson, PGA           4/27   Scott Brazaski, PGA

                        4/06   Philip Krick, PGA           4/15    Matthew Rink, PGA          4/27   Delmon Eaves, PGA
                        4/06   Dick Roberge, PGA           4/15    Steven Rudd, PGA           4/27   James Hackett, PGA
                        4/07   Richard Greene, PGA         4/16    Chandler Gibbs, PGA        4/27   Matthew O’Grady, PGA
                        4/07   Matthew Liss, PGA           4/16    Rick Lewallen, PGA         4/27   Kevin Williamson, PGA
                        4/08   Samuel Layton, PGA          4/17    Greg Austin, PGA           4/28   Kyle Fera, PGA
                        4/09   Matthew Gordon, PGA         4/17    Scott Duerscherl, PGA      4/28   William Moore, PGA
                        4/09   Tom Lenz, PGA               4/17    Dale Heflin, PGA           4/29   Bernard Coulter, PGA
                        4/09   Duke Mc:Lauchlin, PGA       4/17    Christopher Verdery, PGA   4/29   William Deck, PGA
                        4/09   Brian Ouse, PGA             4/18    Joseph Froelich, PGA       4/29   Brett Kist, PGA
                        4/09   Grady Shumate, PGA          4/18    Benjamin Grandy, PGA       4/29   Jon Lackey, PGA
                        4/09   Ken Worthington, PGA        4/18    Adam Pritchard, PGA        4/29   David Ross, PGA
                        4/10   Christopher DeSanty, PGA    4//18   Matthew Rauth, PGA         4/29   Dennis Womble, PGA
                        4/10   William Glenn, PGA          4/18    Curtis Smith, PGA          4/30   Patrick Dunston, PGA
                        4/10   Kenneth Hamilton, PGA       4/19    Gordon Cox, PGA            4/30   Kevin Lawrence, PGA
                        4/10   Adam Hibbs, PGA             4/19    William Farley, PGA        4/30   Lance Reid, PGA
                        4/10   William Mercer, PGA         4/20    Boby Brooks, PGA           4/30   Andrew Shuck, PGA
                        4/10   Brian Miller, PGA           4/20    Ed Sehl, PGA               4/30   Christopher Wood, PGA
                        4/10   Jason Sutton, PGA           4/20    Matthew Swierz, PGA


                                        Sponsors &
                                         Executive Director - Ron Schmid, PGA []
                                       Tournament Director - Cory Armstrong []
                                       Tournament Official - Mike Whitenack []
                                         Tournament Official- Andrew Ward, PGA {}
                                   Media & Promotions Director- Sara Beth Gardocki []
                        Assistant Bookkeeper / Assistant Office Manager- Kurt Battenberg, PGA []
                                           Membership Coordinator - Talma Kee []
                                    Tournament Coordinator - Dahlia Gutterman []

                                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                              President - Mike Casto, PGA []
                                        Vice President - Chad Newton, PGA []
                                         Secretary - John Marino, PGA []
                                        Honorary President - Karl Kimball, PGA []
                                    Tournament Chairman - John Faidley, PGA []
                                            Area I Director - Jay King, PGA []
                                           Area II Director - Clem King, PGA []
                              Area III Director - Stephen Youngner, PGA []
                                       Area IV Director - Rocky Brooks, PGA []
                                           Area V Director - Mike Krick, PGA []
                                      Area VI Director - Woody Allen, PGA []

                                          Area VII Director - Paige Cribb, PGA []
                                      Area VIII Director - Craig Sandstrum, PGA []

                                           Area IX Director - Bob Byrnes, PGA []
                                     Area X Director - Bryan Sullivan, PGA []
                                     NC At Large Director - Billy Anderson, PGA []
                                 SC At Large Director - Brian Gerard, PGA []

                                                         CONTACT US
                                                        Address Until March 7, 2012
                                                        954C Golf House Road West
                                                            Whitsett, NC 27377

                                                         March 7, 2012 and Beyond
                                                           6271 Bryan Park Road
                                                         Browns Summit, NC 27214

                                                           PHONE: 336-398-2742
                                                            FAX: 336-398-2743
                                                  EMAIL: CAROLINAS@PGAHQ.COM
                                                  WEB: WWW.CAROLINAS.PGA.COM


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