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          Mattel Sustainability
          Position Statement	             31

          Setting Goals –
          The Next Step in Our Journey	   31

          Mattel’s Sustainability Goals
          and Targets	                    32

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          Design It                       33

          Make It                         35

          Live It                         40
                                                                                                   MATTEL 2012 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP REPORT

Mattel’s vision of Creating the
Future of Play is demonstrated
not only through the products we
manufacture, but also through our
ongoing efforts to reduce our
environmental impact on the world.
Our	sustainability	efforts	began	in	our	company’s	        Setting	Goals	–	The	Next	Step	in	Our	Journey
earliest	days	–	even	before	the	terms	“sustainability”	
                                                          In	2011,	Mattel	launched	a	cross-functional	strategic	
and	“lean	manufacturing”	were	common	business	
                                                          effort	to	build	a	stronger	infrastructure	in	support	
terms	–	and	included	a	multitude	of	programs,	
                                                          of	our	sustainability	efforts.	Our	objective	was	to	
projects	and	strategies	that	addressed	our		
                                                          develop	measurable	goals	and	targets	to	help	us	
environmental	impact.	Today,	sustainability	at		
                                                          align	our	resources	in	support	of	our	sustainability	
Mattel	is	driven	by	our	desire	to	make	the	world		
                                                          efforts	both	now	and	in	the	future.	Under	executive	
a	better	place	through	play.	
                                                          sponsorship,	four	key	pillars	were	analyzed:
                                                          •	Benchmarking	–	Gathered	learnings	from	
    Mattel Sustainability Position Statement                other	consumer	product	companies	and	global	
    We	view	sustainability	as	an	investment	in	the	         corporations	about	their	sustainability	approaches	
    current	and	future	generations	on	whom	our	             and	programs.
    business	depends.	In	support	of	Mattel’s	goals,	
    we	will	design,	manufacture	and	market	our	           •	Stakeholders	–	Surveyed	the	opinions	
    playful	products	while	striving	to	continuously	        and	expertise	of	key	stakeholders,	including		
    reduce	their	impact	on	people	and	our	planet.           internal	stakeholders	as	well	as	environmental	
                                                            non-governmental	organizations.
                                                          •	Business	Feasibility	–	Analyzed	business	plans	
In	2008,	Mattel	launched	our	sustainability		
                                                            and	environmental	impacts.	
approach,	“Re-imagine	the	way	we	play,”	and		
a	platform	of	three	key	focus	areas:                      •	Enterprise	Life	Cycle	Assessment	(E-LCA)	–	
                                                            Conducted	an	E-LCA,	a	widely	applied	model	
                                                            utilizing	financial	data	to	ascertain	environmental	
           Design It	with	the	end	in	mind                   impacts	across	the	entire	company.	This		
                                                            data-driven	approach	examined	the	various	
                                                            business	processes	within	our	direct	control,	
	    	     Make It	with	eco-efficiencies
                                                            including	design	and	development,	procurement	
                                                            of	raw	materials,	manufacturing	and	distribution,	
                                                            and	examined	more	than	10	impact	categories,	
	    	     Live It	with	personal	commitment
                                                            such	as	greenhouse	gas	emissions,	water,	energy	
                                                            consumption	and	human	health.	
We	believe	sustainability	is	a	journey	and	we	are	
proud	that,	in	this	report,	we	are	stating	measurable	    Analysis	across	the	four	pillars	allowed	us	to	create	
goals	and	targets	that	align	with	our	focus	areas	        a	clear	picture	of	Mattel’s	greatest	environmental	
and	will	drive	our	global	sustainability	efforts	going	   impacts	and	how	our	company	is	best	poised		
forward.	Whether	we	are	reducing	the	carbon	              to	address	both	the	issues	and	opportunities		
footprint	of	our	manufacturing,	exploring	the	use	of	     in	measurable	ways.	While	we	have	made		
innovative	new	materials	or	engaging	our	workforce	       tremendous	strides	in	our	sustainability	efforts		
in	advocating	for	a	sustainable	future,	Mattel		          to	date,	the	establishment	of	our	sustainability	
continues	to	develop	the	most	playful	products	           goals	and	targets	will	unite	our	efforts	and	guide	
while	considering	our	impact	on	planet	and	people.	       our	resources	moving	forward.	

                                                                             Visit	our	online	report	at							31
      Mattel’s Sustainability
      Goals and Targets

                      •		 chieve	$25	million	in	sales	of	products	that	
      Reduce the        incorporate	an	environmental	enhancement	
      Environmental     gained	through	innovation.*
      Impact of Our       O
                      			*	 ver	the	next	six	months	we	will	be	determining	the	environmental	enhancement	criteria	for	

                          packaging	and	product	that	results	in	reduced	environmental	impact.

                      •		mprove	our	packaging	material	efficiency		
                        by	5%	by	2015.*
      Reduce the
                      			*	 ver	the	next	six	months	a	consistent	methodology	for	calculating	material	efficiency	of	
                          packaging	will	be	finalized.

                      •		ncrease	the	amount	of	recycled	material	and	
      impact of our
                        sustainable	sourced	paper	and	wood	fiber	in	
                        our	packaging	to	85%	by	2015.*
                      			*	 5%	derived	from	increasing	recycled	material	and	sustainable	sourced	paper	and	wood	
                          fiber	from	packaging	composed	of	any	grade	of	paper	or	wood,	including	coated	and		
                          uncoated	paperboard,	kraft	paper,	corrugated	cardboard	and	wood.

                      •		 educe	our	normalized	carbon	emissions	by		
      Decrease          40%	by	2015	and	50%	by	2020.*
      Carbon              E
                      			*	 mission	reductions	calculated	from	owned	and	operated	facilities	including	manufacturing,	

      Emissions.          distribution	and	corporate	locations	over	20,000	square	feet	and	normalized	to	sales		
                          over	a	2008	baseline.

      Promote a         C
                      •		 reate	opportunities	to	engage	employees	
      culture of        and	communities	in	which	we	operate	about	
      sustainable       their	role	in	protecting	our	environment.
      growth.             O
                      			*	 ver	the	next	six	months	we	will	be	evaluating	the	appropriate	metrics	to	capture	
                          engagement	and	impact	of	actions.

                                                                                                     MATTEL 2012 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP REPORT

PROGRESS ON MAJOR INITIATIvES                             the	supply	chain	in	terms	of	energy	mix	and		
                                                          transportation.	Key	learnings	have	resulted	in	
Our	new	strategy	and	goals	are	supported	by	the	
                                                          a	variety	of	ongoing	changes	made	throughout	
learnings	that	we	have	gained	through	our	previous	
                                                          the	packaging	supply	chain	that	improve	material	
initiatives.	This	underscores	the	value	of	collab-
                                                          efficiency	by	reducing	the	volume	of	packaging	
orative	engagement	across	our	business	and	the	
                                                          materials	improving	product-to-package	ratios	and	
importance	of	rigorous	measurement	and	analysis.	
                                                          increasing	the	percentage	of	certified	and	recycled	
The	sustainability	initiatives	highlighted	below	are	
                                                          fiber	used.	
just	a	few	of	the	many	happening	across	Mattel.	
We	have	organized	them	to	follow	the	Design	It,	
                                                          Elimination	of	Twist	Ties
Make	It,	Live	It	framework.	
                                                          Twist	ties	are	used	to	keep	our	products	stable	and		
                                                          intact	during	delivery	and	distribution.	However,	
Design It – With The End In Mind                          non-recyclable	wire	twist	ties	are	not	environmentally	
When	we	Design	It	with	the	end	in	mind,	we	look	to	       preferable	and	are	inconvenient	for	our	consumers.	
gain	a	deeper	understanding	of	the	environmental	         Since	2009,	Mattel,	in	collaboration	with	Walmart’s	
impacts	associated	with	product	and	packaging	            twist	tie	initiative,	has	eliminated	more	than	90%	
from	concept	through	disposal.	From	material	             of	wire	twist	ties,	which	is	equivalent	to	363	tons	
efficiencies	to	design	innovation,	Mattel	design	         of	material.	Through	this	effort,	we	have	identified	
and	development	teams	globally	have	used	their	           more	sustainable	fastener	alternatives	that	reduce	
creativity	to	reduce	environmental	impacts	while	         frustration	for	the	consumer.	Since	the	features	of	
maintaining	product	integrity,	and	have	leveraged	        our	products	vary,	we	transitioned	from	twist	ties	to	
internal	networks	to	foster	the	exchange	of	ideas	        a	“blended	fastener”	solution	that	accommodates	
and	innovation	across	brands	and	business	units.          the	complexity	of	our	products.	Examples	of	these	
                                                          different	kinds	of	recyclable	and/or	easy-to-use	
Packaging	Assessment                                      fasteners	include	paper	strings,	thread	and		
                                                          Dennison™	tach-its,	die-cut	paper	board	and	
In	2010,	Mattel	conducted	a	life	cycle	assessment	
                                                          key-lock	fasteners.	We	will	continue	to	explore		
of	key	packaging	types	to	evaluate	their	envi-
                                                          fastener	alternatives,	such	as	recyclable	PET		
ronmental	impacts	and	assess	opportunities	for	
                                                          plastic	bands	and	biodegradable	ties.
improvement.	This	data-driven	approach	analyzed	
packaging	material	impacts,	the	impacts	of	primary	
                    versus	secondary	packaging	
                         and	impacts	across		

                                                                                                                                                 Key	Locks	&	
                                                                                                                                                 Paper	String
                                                                      Blister	Card

    Window	Box

                                                                                                                    Paper	String		

                                 Partially	Open	Package

  Cake	Box
                                                                               Visit	our	online	report	at							33
      Exploring	Alternative	Packaging	Materials                  In	2011,	Mattel	explored	the	use	of	recycled-PET	
                                                                 (R-PET)	as	an	alternative	molded	plastic	material.	
      In	2010,	Mattel’s	Hot	Wheels	factory	in	Malaysia	
                                                                 Considered	a	more	sustainable	material	than	other	
      launched	the	use	of	residual	sugar	cane	fiber	as	
                                                                 plastics,	R-PET	was	piloted	for	use	in	hairbrushes	
      an	alternative	packaging	material	to	the	traditional	
                                                                 in	our	Barbie	doll	line.	More	than	1	million	R-PET	
      plastic	insert	tray.	This	renewable	material	is	locally	
                                                                 hairbrushes	were	produced	at	the	Mattel	Barbie	
      sourced	and	is	100%	compostable.	By	transitioning		
                                                                 manufacturing	plants	for	this	pilot	project.	While	
      to	a	sustainable	alternative,	we	are	able	to	reduce	
                                                                 we	have	encountered	supply	chain	constraints	for	
      the	carbon	impact	of	the	tray	by	80%.	After	ensuring		
                                                                 this	material,	we	view	this	pilot	as	a	valuable	and	
      that	the	sugar	cane	tray	met	all	of	our	internal		
                                                                 continued	learning	opportunity.
      safety,	quality	and	transit	requirements,	and	
      received	external	certification	on	its	compostability,	
      this	new	material	was	used	for	the	Hot	Wheels		
      9-	and	10-pack	car	assortments.	Moving	forward	
      we	will	continue	to	explore	the	use	of	this	material	
      in	other	suitable	packaging	applications.	

                                                                                                         MATTEL 2012 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP REPORT

Make It – with Eco-Efficiencies                               As	we	evaluate	Mattel’s	global	emissions,	it	is	
Like	all	manufacturing,	the	transformation	of	a	toy	          important	that	we	choose	a	single	normalization	                   I am Mattel.
from	raw	material	to	end	product	has	environmental	           factor	that	can	support	meaningful	aggregation	of	
impacts.	At	Mattel,	we	work	continually	to	reduce	            our	different	activity	types,	production	process	and	
                                                                                                                                 Danny Williams, senior
those	impacts	across	the	manufacturing	process	in	            diverse	product	portfolio,	as	well	as	account	for	
                                                                                                                                 operations manager,
a	collaborative	and	cross-functional	manner.	                 fluctuations	to	our	business.	The	normalized	SPIs	
                                                                                                                                 San Bernardino
                                                              measure	performance	as	a	comparison	of	annual	                     Distribution Center
Mattel’s	Resource	Expedition	Program	                         percent	change	from	the	established	baseline	year	                 “Our	San	Bernardino		
                                                              of	2008.	In	order	to	evaluate	performance,	we	rely	                Distribution	Center	
Through	Mattel’s	resource	management	program,	
                                                              primarily	on	comparisons	of	the	current	year	to	the	               (SBDC)	in	California	
we	seek	ways	to	minimize	waste	and	conserve	
                                                              baseline	years	and	the	normalized	trend	over	time.	
energy	and	water	across	the	organization.	Our	                                                                                   opened	in	2004	and	is	
employee-led	resource	expedition	program	has	                                                                                    one	of	the	largest	toy	
                                                              The	scope	of	our	footprint	includes	those	locations	
helped	identify	many	opportunities	to	improve		                                                                                  distribution	centers	in	
                                                              that	we	own	and	operate	and	that	are	more	than	
efficency.	A	resource	expedition	is	a	three-day	                                                                                 the	world.	If	you	laid	out	
                                                              20,000	square	feet	whose	SPIs	are	normalized		
event	with	a	group	of	cross-discipline	employees	
                                                              to	sales.	Changes	to	the	number	of	facilities	included	
                                                                                                                    	            the	cartons	that	move	
and	vendors	collaborating	to	evaluate	resource		
                                                              in	the	scope	of	our	measurement	is	closely		                       through	SBDC	each		
usage,	facility	equipment	and	employee	behavior.		
                                                              monitored,	and	we	continue	to	work	on	developing		                 year	they	would	stretch	
To	date,	Mattel	has	conducted	more	than	42	events	
globally	and	identified	hundreds	of	potential	initiatives.	
                                                              improved	methodologies	for	accounting	for	on-                      from	Los	Angeles	to		
                                                              boarded	or	deactivated	locations.	                                 Chicago	and	back.	
Resource	expedition	initiatives	have	resulted	in:                                                                                SBDC	continues	to	
                                                              Overall,	our	performance	from	2008	to	2011	has	im-                 make	sustainability		
•		nstalling	drives	to	control	the	start	and	stop	            proved.	Our	normalized	performance	trends	have	all	
  time	of	motors	and	the	operating	speed	to		
                                                                                                                                 progress	–	saving	money	
                                                              improved,	which	we	attribute	primarily	to	investment	
  reduce	energy.	                                                                                                                and	conserving	natural	
                                                              in	new	and	more	efficient	manufacturing	equipment,	
                                                              advancements	in	material	management	practices,	
                                                                                                                                 resources	in	several	ways:	     	
•		 ecycling	cooling	tower	water.
                                                              mechanical	system	upgrades	and	improved	mainte-                      A
                                                                                                                                 •		 ll	electric	clamp	lifts	are	
•		 eplacing	light	fixtures	and	removing	                     nance.	Many	of	these	improvements	were	identified	                   utilized	and	our	trac-
  unnecessary	lights.                                         through	the	resource	expedition	initiatives.	                        tor	fuel	is	now	propane	
•		 ecycling	heat	from	machinery.
  R                                                                                                                                instead	of	diesel.
•		mplementing	automatic	guided	carts	to	
                                                                                                                                 •		 BDC	is	equipped	with	
                                                                Climate	Position                                                   almost	1,000	skylights	
  reduce	dependency	on	heavy	equipment		
  and	battery	charging.                                         Mattel	recognizes	that	climate	change	is	a	serious	                and	natural	light	sensors	
                                                                concern	to	the	global	community.	Making	toys	                      that	turn	off	lights	when	
As	a	result	of	a	resource	expedition,	the	lighting	             responsibly	includes	actively	working	to	explore	                  they	are	not	needed.
in	our	parking	structure	at	our	headquarters	was	               and	reduce	our	impacts	on	the	world	in	which	                      S
                                                                                                                                 •		 BDC	recycles	more	
upgraded	by	replacing	130-watt	high	pressure	                   children	live	and	play.	We	have	been	measur-                       than	1.3	million	pounds	
sodium	lamps	with	64-watt	fluorescent	lights	and	               ing	energy	consumption	and	the	resulting	                          of	corrugated	shipping	
equipping	each	fixture	with	a	photoelectric	sensors,	           carbon	dioxide	(CO2)	emissions	since	2003.	                        cartons	per	year,	close	
which	improved	illumination	and	reduced	energy	                 Ongoing	efforts	to	deliver	measurable	reductions		
                                                                                                                                   to	a	100%	diversion	rate.
consumption	by	47%.                                             are	reflected	in	our	progress	toward	our	goal	of	
                                                                                                                                 •		 8%	of	SBDC’s	in-bound	
                                                                reducing	normalized	carbon	emissions	by	40%	
Measuring	Our	Operational	Sustainability	                       by	2015	and	50%	by	2020.	We	will	continue	to	
                                                                                                                                   shipping	containers	are	
                                                                communicate	our	efforts	annually	through	the	                      hauled	at	night	during	
In	order	to	deliver	measurable	reductions,	monitor	
                                                                Carbon	Disclosure	Project	and	future	Global	                       off-peak	traffic	hours		
our	usage	and	activities	and	improve	data	integrity,	
                                                                Citizenship	Reports.	                                              resulting	in	reduced	
Mattel	established	a	set	of	metrics	we	refer	to	as	
                                                                                                                                   truck	emissions.”
our	Sustainable	Performance	Indicators,	or	SPIs.	
These	indicators	allow	us	to	measure	and	manage	
our	environmental	impact.	Global	drivers	such	as	
enhanced	regulatory	compliance,	retail	customer	
requirements,	stakeholder	inquiries,	multiple		
external	reporting	frameworks	and	a	growing		
interest	from	the	investment	community	have	made	
managing	our	“SPI”	data	more	important	than	ever.	

                                                                                   Visit	our	online	report	at							35
                                                                                3% Gasoline                        Energy	and	CO2
On a normalized basis,
our energy usage reflects                                                                                          The	majority	of	Mattel’s	global	energy	consumption	
a decrease of 33%, which                                                      LPG                                  is	associated	with	our	manufacturing	operations	at	
is equivalent to taking                                                  8%
                                                                                                                   82%,	followed	by	corporate	offices	at	13%,	and	our	
nearly 11,000 U.S. homes                                                                                           Mattel	operated	distribution	centers	at	5%.	When	we	
off of the power grid.
                                                                                                                   analyze	our	direct	energy	consumption,	more	than	

                                                    27 % Diesel
                                                                                                                   half	is	derived	from	cleaner	burning	natural	gas.

                                                                                                 62% Natural G
                                                                              2011 Absolute
                                                                              Fuel Break Out
                                                                                                                   Since	2008,	we	have	reduced	our	absolute	energy	
                                                                                                                   usage	by	3%.	On	a	normalized	basis	that	reflects		
                                                                                                                   a	decrease	of	33%,	which	is	equivalent	to	taking	

                                                                                                                   nearly	11,000	U.S.	homes	off	of	the	power	grid.	
                                                                                                                   This	decrease	was	realized	through	several	projects	
                                                                                                                   including	those	identified	through	the	resource	
                                                                                                                   expedition	program.

                                      Total Energy Consumption (GJ)                                                Total Absolute Energy Consumption (GJ)
                                      Scope 1 & 2                                                                  Scope 1 & 2

                                        1,500,000                                                                  1,500,000

                                        1,200,000                                                                  1,200,000

                                         900,000                                                                     900,000

                                         600,000                                                                     600,000

                                         300,000                                                                     300,000

                                                                  2008          2009      2010       2011                         2008            2009   2010   2011
                                               0                                                                          0

                                                           Absolute                                                            Absolute Scope 1
                                                           Normalized                                                          Absolute Scope 2

  Lighting	retrofits	at	our	Montoi	
  Facility	in	Monterrey	Mexico		
  resulted	in	a	savings	of	
  3,722,000	kw	per	year.

                                                                                                                   MATTEL 2012 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP REPORT

                                                                                                                                  To	reduce	plastic	waste		
    PTMI Plastic Waste Reduction                                                                                                  generated	by	various	toy	
                                                                                                                                  manufacturing	processes,	our	
                                                                                                                                  Indonesia	Plant	(PTMI)	recycles	
                                                                                                                                  this	waste	by	regrinding	the	
                                                                                                                                  plastics	to	make	other	molded	
                                                                                                                                  parts	such	as	doll	bases		
                                                                                                            Doll base             and	connectors.


Carbon                                                     Materials
                                                                                                                                     Our normalized carbon
Since	2008,	we	have	reduced	our	absolute	and	              Absolute	materials	usage	has	remained	relatively	                         reduction is equivalent to
normalized	CO2	emissions	by	11%	and	38%,	                  flat	over	the	last	four	years	with	a	small	dip	in		                       taking more than 14,000
respectively.	This	normalized	reduction	is	equiva-         2009,	primarily	related	to	a	slower	economy	and		                         passenger cars off of
lent	to	taking	more	than	14,000	passenger	cars	            a	decrease	in	production	volumes.	A	detailed	look	                        the road.
off	of	the	road.	Initiatives	identified	in	our	resource	   at	our	2011	material	consumption	reveals	that		
expeditions,	such	as	utilizing	evaporated	air	cooling	     plastics,	resin,	packaging	and	zinc	comprise	nearly	
systems	as	opposed	to	traditional	air	conditioners,	       90%	of	our	material	usage.
recycling	heat	on	our	molding	machines,	reusing	
hydraulic	oil,	improved	maintenance	of	diesel		            Material Consumption (metric tons)
generators	and	compressed	air	systems	and		                Manufacturing Only
transitioning	to	less	carbon	intensive	fuels,		
contribute	to	this	decrease.

Total Scope 1 CO2 Emissions                                150,000
(metric tonnes CO2eq)                                      100,000

                                                                        2008           2009          2010           2011
18,000                                                          0

                                                                     Total Absolute Weight of Materials Consumed
12,000                                                               Total Normalized Weight


                 2008             2009   2010   2011

             Total Direct
             Total Normalized

Total Scope 2 CO2 Emissions
(metric tonnes CO2eq)





                  2008            2009   2010   2011

               Total Direct
               Total Normalized

                                                                                    Visit	our	online	report	at							37
                              Water                                                                Volatile	Organic	Compounds	
Since 2008, we have
reduced our absolute          Since	2008,	we	have	reduced	our	absolute	and	                        Since	2008,	we	have	decreased	our	absolute		
and normalized water          normalized	water	consumption	by	31%	and	54%,	                        volatile	organic	compound	(VOC)	emissions	by	
consumption by 31% and        respectively.	That	is	equivalent	to	the	amount	of	                   nearly	56%	and	70%	on	a	normalized	basis.	This	
54%, respectively. That is    water	in	733	Olympic-size	swimming	pools.	Reduc-                     improvement	has	been	accomplished	through		
equivalent to the amount
                              tions	have	been	achieved	through	reuse	of	cooling	                   the	increased	use	of	tampo-style	contact		
of water in 733 Olympic-
size swimming pools.          water	for	onsite	non-potable	purposes,	reduced	                      printing,	more	efficient	hand	spray	painting		
                              drainage	of	evaporated	coolers,	transitioning	to	                    techniques	and	spray	booths,	as	well	as	increasing	
                              less	water	intensive	manufacturing	processes	and	                    the	use	of	water-based	coatings.
                              recycling	water	in	our	wet	tumbling	operations.	
                              We	also	achieved	a	continued	increase	in	water	                      Air (vOC) Emissions (metric tons)
                              recycling	year-over-year	and	are	seeking	additional	

                                  Water Consumption (m3)                                                  2,500

                                                                                            Metric Tons

                                  4,000,000                                                                500       2008      2009   2010   2011

                                  2,000,000                                                                       Normalized

                                                   2008            2009     2010     2011


                                  Total Water Recycled (%)





                                                2008             2009     2010     2011

                                              Total % Recycled

                                                                                                                          MATTEL 2012 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP REPORT

us Percentage

                    Waste                                                    Non-Hazardous Waste Percentage
                                                                             Disposition Breakdown
                    Absolute	non-hazardous	waste	generation	has	
                    increased	by	9%	since	2008,	while	normalized	            100%
                    values	have	decreased	by	30%.	The	decrease	in	            90%

                    2009	may	be	due	to	lower	production	volumes.	             80%

                    A	breakdown	of	our	2011	non-hazardous	waste	              70%
                    reveals	that	general	waste,	paper	or	cardboard	
                    and	plastic	are	our	primary	non-hazardous	waste	
                    streams	with	41%	of	our	waste	stream	derived	from	        30%
                    manufacturing	operations.                                 20%
      2008                                                                    10%
                                                                                          2008          2009      2010        2011
      2009          Waste Generation (metric tons)
                                                                                    Energy Recovery
      2010          Non-Hazardous Waste                                             Incineration
      2011                                                                          Landfill
                                                                                    Other Waste Disposition
                                  35,000                                            Recycled
 ??% Recycled
                    Metric Tons

ther Waste Disposition
  ??% Landfill       15,000

??% Incineration      5,000                   2008      2009   2010   2011
% Energy Recovery         0

                                                                             Hazardous Waste Percentage
                                                                             Disposition Breakdown
rcentage                                                                      70%
 eakdown            Absolute	hazardous	waste	generation	has	also		
                    increased	by	8%	since	2008,while	normalized		
                    values	have	decreased	by	16%.	The	increase		              40%
                    may	be	related	to	the	inclusion	of	facilities	whose	      30%
                    hazardous	waste	generation	metrics	were	not		             20%

                    included	in	our	previous	reporting	period	2004-2008.      10%
                                                                                          2008          2009      2010        2011

                                                                                    Energy Recovery
                    Waste Generation (metric tons)                                  Incineration

                    Hazardous Waste                                                 Landfill
                                                                                    Other Waste Disposition


                     Metric Tons

      2008                         4,000

      2009                         2,000
      2010                            0
                                              2008      2009   2010   2011

      2011                                 Absolute

 ??% Recycled
ther Waste Disposition
  ??% Landfill
??% Incineration
% Energy Recovery

                                                                                                    Visit	our	online	report	at							39
                               Live It – With Personal Commitment                       Teaching	children	about	composting	and	the		
                               Sustainability	at	Mattel	is	more	than	about	how	we	      environment	more	broadly	is	also	a	component		
                               design	and	manufacture	our	products.	Our	ability		       of	the	curriculum	of	our	El	Segundo	headquarters	
                               to	be	effective	in	the	world	of	sustainability	takes	    on-site	child	care	facility.	The	Mattel	Child		
                               passion	and	personal	commitment.	We	work	to	             Development	Center	installed	a	composting	bin	in	
                               inspire,	engage	and	educate	employees	around		           2010,	and	each	day	the	children	separate	out	their	
                               the	globe	about	sustainability	and	their	role	in	        food	scraps	and	feed	them	to	the	worms.		
                               protecting	the	environment,	be	it	at	work,	in	their	     The	leachate	from	the	worm	composter	is	then	
                               homes	or	communities.	                                   used	in	the	Center’s	organic	vegetable	garden.
Fun Facts
                               Transporting	our	Employees	                              Sustainability	Engagement	and	Programs		
This CNG shuttle produces                                                               around	the	Globe
almost 30% less carbon         In	2012,	Mattel	upgraded	our	employee	shuttle	fleet	
emissions and 92% less         used	to	transport	employees	across	our	Southern	         Over	the	past	few	years,	we	continued	to	promote	
hydrocarbon emissions          California	headquarters	campus	with	a	new	Ford	          a	culture	of	sustainable	growth	by	engaging		
than our older, gasoline-
                               E450	compressed	natural	gas	(CNG)	shuttle	bus.	          employees	on	a	wide	variety	of	sustainability		
powered fleet.
                               Our	shuttles	make	more	than	100	roundtrips	per	          topics.	In	2011,	Mattel	launched	an	employee	
In 2009, our manufacturing     day	over	a	1.5-mile	route,	and	our	CNG	shuttle	now	      resource	group	(ERG)	dedicated	to	sustainability	
facility in Monterey, Mexico   makes	more	than	95%	of	these	trips.	This	CNG	            –	Sustainability	for	Employee	Engagement	and	
designed and constructed a     shuttle	produces	almost	30%	less	carbon	emissions	       Development,	or	SEEDs.	This	group	has	one	of	the	
compost facility located on
its site and since 2010 has    and	92%	less	hydrocarbon	emissions	than	our	             largest	memberships	of	our	ERGs,	and	is	focused	
diverted more than 15 tons     older,	gasoline-powered	fleet.	The	use	of	the	CNG	       on	growing	a	community	of	practice	with	like-minded	
of organic waste annually.     shuttle	is	expected	to	save	9.5	tons	of	carbon	per	      individuals	to	foster	a	sustainable	culture	at	Mattel,	
                               year	from	being	released	into	the	atmosphere,	           in	their	homes	and	across	the	globe.
Since 2011, we have
                               which	is	equivalent	to	removing	two	average		
diverted an average of
10 tons of food waste each     passenger	vehicles	from	the	road	each	year.              At	our	headquarters,	we	have	conducted	three	
month from the landfill                                                                 e-waste	events	that	have	collected	more	than	five	
and have dramatically          Responsible	Disposal	of	Our	Food	Waste	                  tons	of	electronic	waste	from	our	employees	and	
improved the overall                                                                    the	surrounding	community.	At	our	Fisher-Price	
waste diversion rate for       Since	we	employ	more	than	30,000	people	around	
the headquarters campus.                                                                campus,	employees	take	part	in	donation	drives	
                               the	world,	the	cafeterias	at	our	corporate	headquar-
                                                                                        and	community	cleanup	events.	We	hold	health	
                               ters,	regional	offices	and	manufacturing	locations	
At our headquarters, we                                                                 and	sustainability	fairs,	develop	awareness		
have conducted three           are	often	serving	two	to	three	meals	a	day.	The	
                                                                                        campaigns,	source	local	and	organic	ingredients	in	
e-waste events that            food	waste	associated	with	these	meals	creates	
                                                                                        our	cafes	and	work	with	vendors	to	offer	discounts	
have collected more than       a	significant	disposal	burden	both	in	terms	of	cost	
five tons of electronic                                                                 to	employees,	such	as	$100-per-kilowatt	DC	rebate	
                               and	environmental	impact.	Implementing	robust	
waste from our employees                                                                on	home	solar	installations	in	the	U.S.	
                               composting	programs	as	an	alternative	to	disposing	
and the surrounding
community.                     of	food	waste	in	landfills	has	been	championed		
                                                                                        Mattel	offices	worldwide	continue	to	provide		
                               at	our	Monterrey,	Mexico	manufacturing	facility	
                                                                                        opportunities	for	employees	to	share	their	passion	
                               (Montoi)	and	at	our	corporate	headquarters.
                                                                                        for	sustainability	and	learn	new	ways	to	minimize	
                                                                                        environmental	impacts.	Many	of	our	manufacturing	
                               In	2009,	Montoi	designed	and	constructed	a	
                                                                                        locations	are	actively	committed	to	sustainability	
                               compost	facility	located	on	its	site,	and	since	2010	
                                                                                        and	engage	our	workforce	via	clean-up	events,		
                               has	diverted	more	than	15	tons	of	organic	waste	
                                                                                        tree	plantings	and	sustainability	fashion	shows,		
                               annually.	In	addition,	Montoi	recycles	water	utilized	
                                                                                        as	well	as	recycling	and	energy	conservation.		
                               in	the	composting	process	and	creates	fertilizer	to	
                                                                                        Our	Mattel	Foshan	China	plant	promoted	the		
                               be	used	on	site	to	further	promote	environmental	
                                                                                        theme	“everyone	has	a	green	home.”	In	following	
                               awareness	and	educate	employees.	
                                                                                        this	theme,	employees	shared	videos	about		
                                                                                        environmental	protection	and	also	conducted	their	
                               Our	headquarters	has	also	implemented	a		
                                                                                        own	earth	hour	to	promote	energy	efficiency.
                               composting	program	for	organic	materials	and		
                               food	prep	waste	generated	from	the	two	cafes.	
                                                                                        In	keeping	with	Mattel’s	ongoing	commitment	to	
                               A	waste	audit	revealed	that	36%	of	the	waste	
                                                                                        promote	a	culture	of	sustainable	growth,	employ-
                               generated	on-site	was	from	food.	Since	2011,	we	
                                                                                        ees	around	the	world	are	continually	innovating	and	
                               have	diverted	an	average	of	10	tons	of	food	waste	
                                                                                        developing	news	ways	to	promote	sustainability,	
                               each	month	from	the	landfill,	and	have	dramatically	
                                                                                        both	in	their	personal	and	professional	lives.
                               improved	the	overall	waste	diversion	rate	for	the	
                               headquarters	campus.

                                                                                                MATTEL 2012 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP REPORT

Sustainability	Related	Engagements                      and	environmental	policies	and	practices.	As	the	
                                                        first	toy	manufacturer	to	join	The	Sustainability	
Establishing	and	growing	engagements	and	
                                                        Consortium,	Mattel	engages	in	dialogue	across		
partnerships	with	trusted	and	respected	external	
                                                        the	toy	supply	chain	to	raise	awareness	and	build	
entities	plays	a	crucial	role	in	the	continued	devel-
                                                        collaboration	on	sustainability	issues.	“We	strive		
opment	and	implementation	of	our	sustainability	
                                                        to	play	responsibly	and	believe	that	working		
programs.	Organizations	such	as	the	National		
                                                        collaboratively	through	The	Consortium	will	ensure	
Wildlife	Federation,	Rainforest	Alliance,	The		
                                                        that	we	can	impact	the	variety	of	sustainability		
Sustainability	Consortium	and	Heal	the	Bay,	as		
                                                        issues	facing	both	our	company	and	our	consumers,”		
well	as	participation	in	our	trade	association’s		
                                                        said	Lisa	Marie	Bongiovanni,	vice	president	of	
environmental	committee	provide	expertise	and		
                                                        corporate	affairs	at	Mattel.	
opportunities	to	collaborate	and	benchmark	on		
the	strength	and	merit	of	our	own	sustainability		

                                                                          Visit	our	online	report	at							41

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