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					                                                      OREGON LIONS
                                             Sight & Hearing Foundation
                                  1010 NW 22nd Avenue, #144  Portland, OR 97210
                        (503) 413-7399  (800) 635-4667  
                         Twitter @OregonLions

                   Opposites A racted to Pa ent Care                                               Keith Price, Chair
                   Cheryl lives in Springfield, is in her early 60s and enjoys her old The Mamas and the Papas albums.
                   Jeremiah lives in Milwaukie, is a 12-year-old boy and prefers the sounds of Pit Bull on his iPod.
                   These two Oregonians have something in common: They owe their sight and hearing, respec vely,
                   to the Founda on’s Pa ent Care program.

  Last year 139 Oregonians in need received cri cal sight or hearing surgery or treatment through Pa ent Care.
  Pa ent Care is one of the most significant ways that Lions in Oregon keep our promise to Helen Keller to
  address preventable blindness and hearing loss. It is the oldest ongoing program of our Founda on, da ng back to
  1959 and for it to con nue, we need your help.

  On May 3rd, we will host our 3rd Annual Pa ent Care Breakfast at the Oregon Zoo. Mary Lee Turner and Sharon
  Elder are co-chairing this year’s event and Lion Joe Weston has provided a $20,000 matching challenge. The event
  is free but a endees will be asked to support Pa ent Care. As a Table Captain for the event, I have filled my table of
  8 and am asking that you also support the event by becoming a Table Captain, a ending the breakfast, or making
  a dona on today. You’ll hear inspiring stories from recipients we’ve helped, like Cheryl’s double-cataract surgery
  and Jeremiah’s journey from a world of silence to one of sound. We can all help provide surgery and treatment for
  those in need for the next year.

  If you’d like to a end, or can’t a end but would like to make a dona on, or would like to be involved in planning
  a similar event in your part of the state, please contact Doug Thompson at or at
  (503) 413-7527.

   February Was a Great Month at the Founda on                                    Glen Gilbert, Executive Director
                   It was a wonderful February at the Founda on. Linda sent us a note of gra tude that read: “Your
                   Founda on gave my husband a precious gi , the reten on of his sight. If it weren’t for your Foun-
                   da on that wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you doesn’t say enough.”

                   To help relieve the logjam of used eyeglasses coming into the Founda on, Lions volunteered for
                   sor ng par es here at the office and sorted an es mated 37,000 pairs of used eyeglasses last
  month. Thank you Sharon Elder, Tony Sandoval, Tom and Jolene Hammond, Fred and Helen McNaughton, Jan Sco ,
  Ray Atkinson, Irv Smith, Edwina Swart, Dick and Mary Hankins, Fran and Tom Shaw, the Shaw’s neighbors Jim and
  Diane, Terry and Elaine Turck.

  Lions Penny Rich, Debbie Bach and Leanna Caldwell have been volunteering in the office and they are an incredible
  help. Thank you! Thanks to staff and volunteers, OLSHF now has a used eyeglass library on site (no pun intended)
  with over 1,500 pairs of used glasses. On Leap Day 2012, we announced our newest program LEAP, the Lions Eye-
  glass Assistance Program that will distribute used eyeglasses in Oregon.

  Our 2020 Vision Capital Campaign to transform MHSP is over 51% complete and our first new vehicle in years made
  its debut at the District R and O Conven ons. We are on track to set a record this year for the number of peo-
  ple screened through the Mobile Health Screening Program. A big round of applause goes out to catalyst Sharon
  Rollins and everyone who volunteered at the groundbreaking school screenings with the Tigard-Tuala n School
  District. For two weeks, we brought two kits to schools and screened over 5,600 children, averaging 560 children
  screened each day. The District has already asked us back for next year (see tes monials on page 19). With the
  success of the campaign, we will launch the first phase of implementa on earlier than expected. We can’t wait to
  double the number of children we screen to over 50,000 per year.
16 Oregon Lion March 2012
                                                                         Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

Gi s & Memorials
Lion Pride: $1,000 - $2,499             Lion Tamer: $100 - $499 (cont.)           Lion Donor: Up to $99 (cont.)          Memorial Gi s (cont.)
Central Lions Club                      Springfield Mohawk Lions Club             Bobbie Steninger                        In Memory of Susan O’Brien
Eugene Bethel Lions Club                Traffic Safety Supply Company, Inc.        Elaine & Victor Swanson                    Dallas Lions Club
Eugene Downtown Club                    Waldport Lions Club                      The Standard                            In Memory of Cora Mae O’Connor
Junc on City Lions Club                 Woody & Janet White                      Beverly Vance                              Angela Gaetano
Newport Lions Club                                                               Florine Velker                             Prochilo Health
Silverton Lions Club                    Lion Donor: Up to $99                                                            In Memory of Jane Plumb
Springfield Lions Club                   Anonymous Donor                          Memorial Gi s                              Kenneth & Joyce Perkins
                                        Charles Blanchard                         In Memory of Faye Bowers               In Memory of Harold Walker
Lion Sen nel: $500 - $999               Don & Linda Brown                            Rodney C. Bach                         Albert & Beverly Bianchini
Eugene Bethel Lions Club                Central Linn Lions Club                      Kathryn Downing                        George DeHart
Eugene Downtown Club                    James R. Clu s                               Ed & Elaine Gear                       Robert & Carol Franz
Pacific Sea Lions Club                   Judith M. Cook                               Craig Jackson                          A. C. & Eva Giering
Portland Cascade Lions Club             Jo Hallam                                    Kenneth & Joyce Perkins                Beverly Hawman
Yachats Lions Club                      James & Susan Jaggers                        Ralph Robinson                         Leslie Ann O’Brien
                                        Joe Nolan                                    George Sahlberg                        Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.
Lion Tamer: $100 - $499                 Edgar & Mayola Lundberg                      Roger and Paula Trueax                 David & Margaret Randall
Boeing Employees Community Fund         C.M. McCarl                                  Brenda Wilkinson                       Salem Heights Improvement League
Dennis & Kathryn Dejong                 Martha McReynolds, Jr.                       Stephen Wolfe                          Alix & Michael Truax
Elkton Lions Club                       Tracy Oman                                In Memory of Chester Gibson               Dot Walsh
Mary M. Faulkner                        Orrell investments, Inc.                     Bill Nourse                         In Memory of Kathi West
Thomas & Paula Hilgers                  Pat Heisig                                In Memory of John Hallgrimson             North Lincoln Lions Club
Junc on City Lions Club                 Steve Po er                                  Robert C. Mackey                    In Memory of Don Wiltse
Robert & Virginia Krebs                 Al Sco                                    In Memory of Tony Gubanc                  Russel & Sandra Geiseman
Mohawk Valley Lions Club                Kendrick & Patricia Simila                   Don & Mary Po er
South Benton Lions Club                 Robin & Rodney Smith

2020 Vision Contribu ons                                                Contributions listings include gifts received Jan. 10 - Feb. 10, 2012 only. 2020 Vision
Jim & Sue Jaggers             McMinnville Lions Club                     contributions include gifts rerceived Dec. 9 - February 9, 2012 only. Every effort is
Bill Nourse                   Mohawk Valley Lions Club                 made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our list of donors. We apologize
Mara Steen                    Picture you club’s name here                 for any omissions and would appreciate you bringing any to our attention.

10 Easy Ways To Make A Gi
 1. Donate all or a por on of your 2011 Oregon state tax refund under Charitable Check-off #14
 2. Donate your vehicle, boat or RV to OLSHF
 3. Set-up a recurring monthly gi
 4. Make a one- me gi
 5. Complete a Memorial Direc ve
 6. Give appreciated assets such as stocks or real estate
 7. Plan an estate gi (obtain a free appointment with our experienced
    estate planner)
 8. Recycle your eyeglasses, hearing aids, cell phones and ink jet catridges
    through OLSHF
 9. Organize a club fundraiser to benefit OLSHF like a bowl-a-thon
10. Make me to volunteer at OLSHF - help is always welcome!

                               Year-to-Date Impact Report: 44,189 People Served
                    Mobile Health Screening:                         Pa ent Care: 135 people served
                    People Screened: 30,643                          Low Vision Clinic: 58 children served
                    Problems Iden fied: 6,945*                        Hearing Aid Bank: 164 people served
                    Screening Days: 232                              KEX: 546 children served
                    * One individual may have mul ple health problems detected.
                      Note: This report does not include used eyeglasses distributed.

                                                                                                                               Oregon Lion March 2012 17
          Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

      2020 Vision Campaign Receives Support From Lion Joe Weston and                               Commitments to
                          McMinnville Lions Club                                                   Date: $317,805

Thanks to recent commitments from the Joseph E. Weston Public Founda on and the
McMinnville Lions Club, the 2020 Vision Campaign has exceeded 58% of our $615,000 fund-
             raising goal in just over seven months!

               Lloyd Lion Joe Weston’s commitment of $30,000 will be used to purchase one                  $450k
               fuel efficient vehicle and also used toward the purchase of equipment for one
               sight and hearing screening kit. Thank you, Joe!                                            $400k

               The McMinnville Lions Club’s 2020 Vision gi of $3,235 was made in Memory                    $350k
               of Chet Gibson and con nues the early support of the 2020 Vision Campaign                     51%
               from Oregon Lions Clubs. Thank you McMinnville Lions! We hope your club will                $300k
               consider a special campaign contribu on.
             Support of the 2020 Vision Campaign will double the number of students
             screened annually and will help Oregon children see a brighter future! If you’d               $200k
like to know more about this once in a genera on campaign, please contact Doug Thompson
at or at (503) 413-7527.
                              A Cancer-Free Year                 Kerith Vance, Programs Manager
                                January 18th used to be just another day, but last year it was the
                                day I had “Oscar” removed - my three pound ovarian tumor. Now
                                it has been over a year and I am cancer free and feeling great. I
                                want to thank all the Lions who showed me so much love and            As of 2/12/12
                                encouragement through cards, emails and phone calls during my
                                recovery me and many who s ll follow up with me to see how I am doing. Not only were
                                you suppor ng me personally, but you were also pa ent and understanding of the
                                delay in processing applica ons while I was out for three weeks. Staff and I so appre-
                                ciated your support during this difficult me. I love Lions – you truly are a wonderful,
  Staff celebrated Kerith’s 1st
 cancer-free anniversary with a
                                caring group of people!
        decadent cake!

It’s a LEAP Year at OLSHF!
Thanks to our success with HB-2312 last year, the Lions Eyeglass
Assistance Program (LEAP) was launched last month on February
29th - Leap Day. With a growing library and database of over 1,300
used eyeglasses, OLSHF and Lions can provide an inventory of used
glasses to optometrists to try to find a match for individuals with a
prescrip on. If a match is found, the eyeglasses will be shipped to
the doctor who will then fit them. If there is not a match, the Foun-
da on will work with Lions Clubs to try to provide a new pair when Members of the Milwaukie Lions Club.
funds are available. We are also working on se ng up clinic days
where people can get a refrac ve exam and prescrip on. Check out www.zenniop for incredibly inexpen-
sive NEW glasses. Staff is ordering several pairs to test this month. Stay tuned. This photo shows Lions helping sort
over 37,000 pairs of used glasses during two sor ng par es in February.
18 Oregon Lion March 2012
        Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

Tigard-Tuala n School District Praise the Mobile Health Screening Program
“When the organiza on that had provided our hearing screening for the past several years was unable to con nue
to provide this service, our district needed to find another source. The Oregon
Lions Club was recommended and this year our district contracted with them
[Tigard 2000 Lions Club] for both our hearing and vision screening. We were
more than pleased with their strong collabora on with district staff in pre-
paring for the screenings and the professional manner in which screenings
were conducted. We were also impressed with the level of detail in vision
screening, allowing a mul -faceted screening we had not been able to provide
before. I would recommend the Lion’s Club to any district looking for a high
quality screening experience for their students.” - Tricia Clair, Tigard-Tuala n School District Administrator

  A total of 5,600 students were screened at 11 schools over the course of 11 days. A special thanks to
  Sharon Rollins and the Tigard 2000 Lions Club for their leadership of the screenings and their collabo-
  ra on with OLSHF staff. The Tigard-Tuala n School District has already scheduled Fall 2012 screenings.

“I found the staff at OLSHF to be extremely accommoda ng. Their willingness to provide training and to clarify
the procedural details in advance was key to crea ng the most comprehensive hearing and vision screenings our
district has ever provided. Vision and hearing screenings for 5,600 students, organizing 200 parent volunteers and
partnering with the OLSHF… priceless! Thank you for your support and exper se, we couldn’t have done it without
                             you. Please accept a hear elt ‘Thank You’ from our families and school staff for your
                             taking such good care of our kids! We look forward to working with OLSHF again.”
                            - Donna Kerkering, Tigard-Tuala n School District

                            “Thanks for improving the screening process from previous years. It is way more
                            efficient and faster [using the kits]. It is saving classroom me!”
                            - 1st Grade Teacher, Tuala n Elementary School

                            “The Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Founda on conducted our district’s annual
                            vision and hearing screenings for the first me this year. I was so impressed with the
                            quality of tes ng that was done for our students. The OLSHF staff was knowledgeable,
                            effiecient, organized and great to work with. They went out of their way to train and
                            support our district staff, and delivered a superior screening for our students.”
                            - Nancy Haning, RN, Tigard-Tuala n School District

                                                                                           Oregon Lion March 2012 19

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