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           $&$&*£             "Put ye in the sickle for the harvest is rip
VOL. 16.                     COLLEGE PLACE, WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 3, 1921.                                          No. 44

                                          were represented by leading men.           fellow-believers in all the churches
  WESTERN WASHINGTON                      And the leading representatives of         in a program of more earnest and
                                          our Publishing Department were also        faithful work for God during the
      CONFERENCE                          in attendance and held a convention.       year to come. Let the one inspiring
Office Address: Court I! Ids., Fonrtli
  Ave. and Marion St., Seattle, Wash.
                                          This Fall Council was, without doubt,      thought be that the end is near arid
P. M. BURG.................. President    the most important meeting of its          our home-going with the fruitage of
T. L. COPELAND. ......... .Sec.-Treas.    kind ever held by our people.              our labors is in sight.
                                              The one grand key-note sounded            Your brother and fellow-worker,
   BACK FROM MINNEAPOLIS                  throughout the fourteen days we                                    F. M. Burg.
                                          were together was, The speedy fin^
   1 left Seattle at 8:30 A. M., Octo-
                                          ishing of the work of God. Much
ber 8, to attend the Fall Council of      time was devoted to spiritual work
the General Conference, which was                                                          TWO GOOD LETTERS
                                          durin.g the meeting, and the dele-
                                                                                        Monday, October 24th, was a day
held in Minneapolis, Minnesota,           gates caught a clearer vision of the
                                                                                     of rejoicing because of good news
October 12-24. Elder H. W. Cot-           mighty task before us and of the
                                                                                     from different parts of the field con-
                                          need of God's power to work in and
trell and N. C. Ernston of Western                                                   cerning Harvest Ingathering. I was
                                          through them. All left the meeting
Oregon boarded the train at Spokane,                                                 out soliciting in a little town and
                                          with a fuller determination to throw
and we had a very pleasant trip to-                                                  stopped at the post office and re-
                                           themselves without reservation into
                                                                                     ceived the' following letter:-
gether. We arrived in Minneapolis          the work to which God has called His
                                                                                     "Dear Sister Sype: —
at 10:30 Tuesday night, and were met       people.
                                               The budgets from the various mis-        "Well, I have good news for you.
at the depot by Brother E. M. Oberg,                                                 Ballard English church reached its
                                           sion fields, though they were conser-
 the Field Missionary Secretary of         vative as the workers in charge of        goal today, and Elder Johnson and
the Northern Union Conference. Eld.        the fields could make them, brought       I have reached our goal of $100.00.
Cottrell and I enjoyed the hos-            conviction to the delegates that we of    I am sure I am just as happy about
pitality of his home that night. After     the homeland must rally with re-          it as you are.
a good bath we had a much-needed           newed earnestness to meet the de-            "Five members of the Ballard
rest following our long journey.           mand. The advances that have been         English raised $200.00; Bro. P. D.
    The readers of the Gleaner will be     made must be held and the great           Jensen almost $100.00, Elder and
 favored soon no doubt, with a full        world-wide work be hastened forward       Mrs. Graham $50.00 and Bro. C. P.
report of the Fall Council in the Re-      to its final completion.                   Nelson and Bro. Favor each over
view and Herald and possibly in this           We are not sure our goal of 60         $25.00.
 paper. I will therefore give only a        cents a week for missions will be           Now our goal in both the Ballard
 few notes concerning the meeting.         reached this year, though we hope         English and Ballard Scandinavian is
    Nearly all the Union and Local          it will be. However, the delegates        the full 60c per week per member
 conferences of North America were          felt that we should not set our stakes    and we are planning to "go over the
 represented in the meeting by their        backward, but that we rather should       top" in the Harvest Ingathering
 presidents. The officers of the Gen-       bend to the task with more deter-         enough to make the 60c.
 eral Conference and the General Con-    I mination and with stronger faith in           "May God bless you in encouraging
 ference Departmental secretaries, and      God, so that we may have a part in        the various churches that Western
 other leading men from Takoma             the rewards to be given those who are      Washington conference may do its
 Park, were there. Besides these, the       to finish the gospel work in this gen-    share towards supporting the needy
 European Division, South American          eration.                                  mission fields.
 Division, Southern Asia Division, the    I have returned to Western Wash-               "Yours in His service
 African, Asiatic and Australian fields ington to join my fellow-workers and.                         "Mrs. L. Johnson."
                                             NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER
                                                                                        Cottage Grove ___   "                21-23
Office Address,   College   Place,   Wash.
                                             UPPER COLUMBIA CONFER- Royal —————————                         "                24-27
                                                      ENCE          Drain ___________                       "                28
A. R. Ogden,                 President
S. J. Lashier, Sec.-Treas. and Auditor           Office Address:                        Ashland _________December             2- 4
~W. Ij. Adams,   Educational Secretary §17 Nora Avc., Spokane, "Washington              Klamath Falls ___   "                 6- 7
W. L. Adams,      Missionary Vol. Sec. J. S. ROUSE.................. President
N. H. Conway,    Field Missionary Sec. LLOYD E. BIGGS. ......... .Sec.-Treas.           Medford ________    "                 8-10
E. C. Boger,     Home Missionary Sec.
Dr. W. B. Holden. Med. Missionary Sec.                                                  Grants Pass ______  "                11-13
H. G. Thurston, Religious Liberty Sec.                                                  Azalea __————___    "                14-15
                                                SABBATH SCHOOL SUPPLIES
  Executive Committee: A. R. Ogden,             Every line of business has its spe-     Roseburg ___. ___   "                16-18
S. J. Lashier, H. W. Cottrell, F. M.         cial magazine. The Sabbath school          Sutherlin ________
Burg, J. S. Rouse, J. T. Jacobs, J. W.
Norwood, J. A. Rippey, W. I. Smith, H.       also has its magazine—the "Sabbath
G. Thurston, W. L. Adams, Dr. W. B.          School Worker." It has proved its                  FACULTY RECITAL
Holden, E. C. Boger, N. H. Conway, G.
C. Hoskin, Carl Leer.                        value beyond a question and surely            The evening of October 22nd, Mrs.
                                             no teacher or officer in the school        J. E. Weaver and Miss Rika Hartog
     The Ballard English church is now       would voluntarily be without it. But       gave a recital in the Academy chapel.
  on the Honor Roll and Sister John-         according to the publisher's state-        Their selections were very much ap-
  son informs me they are determined         ment, we are short 186 subscriptions.      preciated by the large audience as
                                             If you are either teacher or officer       was also the interesting reading
  not to stop. Certainly we are made
                                             and do not have access to the "Work-       given by Mr. Fred Jensen.
  to rejoice to know that three of the
                                             er" will you not order it at once?                    __________,£,__________

  Seattle churches have reached their        The price is only 90 cents a year, or                      NOTICE
  goal.                                      75 cents in clubs of two or more.             We are very anxious to get the
     When I arrived at the office an-           We are also short on our subscrip-      present address of the following list
  other letter awaited me from Arling-       tion list for the "Youth's Instructor."    of persons. If there are any parties
                                             Nearly 100 of our young people are         who can give us this information, we
  ton. It is as follows:—
                                             without this splendid paper. They          shall esteem it a great privilege to
  "Dear Sister Syp'e: —                      will read something, "and since it is
      "I have good news to write you                                                    hear from the same.
                                             quite true-that we can tell what a            Send all information to the South-
   this time.' Arlington has reached         boy is by what he reads, let us be cer-
  its goal in Harvest Ingathering.                                                      ern Oregon Conference, Sutherlin,
                                             tain that the best of literature is        Oregon.
  When we counted up yesterday we            placed in his hands. Single subscrip-
  found we had just reached it, or a                                                       Miss Bertha Smith, Mrs. Nellie
                                             tion for one year is $1.75, or in clubs    Rowe, Mrs. Mary Townsend Jenkins,
  trifle over. All were in good spirit       of five or more to one address $1.50.
. and favored keeping right on when-                                                    Mrs. Beulah Haynes, Mrs. Hazel Mar-
                                                Let us do all we can to build up        tin, Mrs. Pearl Miller, Mrs. Ella
  ever we had opportunity to go out          the Sabbath school work by keeping         Oppelt, D. F. Bliss,.Mrs. O. F. Bliss.
  with the papers.                           its members supplied with the neces-
      "I was out a little while last night   sary materials.      Ida. M. Salton.
   and received $3.00 more and $1.00
   that was already promised.                                                           SOUTHERN IDAHO CONFER-
      "I am much encouraged to see this                                                          ENCE
   good spirit in our little company          SOUTHERN OREGON CON-
                                                                                        Office Address: Box 71S, Boise, Idaho.
   here. Hope you have some others                  FERENCE
                                                Offitce .Address: Sutherlln, Oregon      J. -W. NORWOOD. ........ .President
   on your Honor list by this time.          J. A. RIPPEY. .............. .President
                                                                                        .1. S. McMULLEX. ........ .Sec.-Treas.
      "Sincerely your brother,               F. A. LASHIER. . .......... .Sec.-Treas.
                  "T. W. Hallworth."                                                               NEWS NOTES
      Arlington's name is now added to                TO THE GLEANER                  Mrs. James .Wisby of Parma, Ida.,
   the Honor Roll. We certainly                 Attention, Members of the South- was a recent visitor at the office.
   appreciate the faithful work these        ern Oregon Conference. There is to
   churches are doing, and it bespeaks       be a series of Home Missionary,          Mrs. Bertha Compton of Nampa,
   good leadership and an earnest            Young People's, and Sabbath School and Brother Belding spent a few
   spirit on the part of God's people in     conventions held in the Conference hours in the Harvest Ingathering
   these places.                             and the following is a list of the work in Nampa and received dona-
      There is a sounding in the tops        names of the churches that will be tions to the amount of $107.00.
   of the Mulberry trees that tells us       visited, together with the dates when
   more good news is forthcoming. I          the conventions will be held.            Over forty students of the Gem
   am wondering who will be next. We         Bandon __-______November 4- 6 State Academy went out in the Har-
   are hoping that by Thanksgiving Day       Gravel Ford_____          "       7- 8 vest Ingathering work last week.
   all the thermometers in Western           Coquille ________         "       9-10 They went into the rural district and
   Washington will break with a noise        Marshfield ______         "      11-13 secured approximately ninety dollars.
   that will call forth rejoicing and a      Haynes Inlet_______       "      14    The next morning's chapel period was
   shout of victory from all the             Cushman _________         "      15    devoted to an experience meeting.
   churches.                                 Walterville _____         "      16-17
                   Mrs, Minnie Sype,         Eugene      „,„„__        "      18-20   Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Hall reached
                                       NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER
Boise, Sunday night, October 23.                              MONTANA CONFERENCE
Monday evening a company of about            STATEMENT OF GO-CENT-A-WEEK FUND FOR FIRST NINE MONTHS
thirty, including the members of the                         Memb. Jan.l        Goal                                     Per
Boise church choir, found them at                                      1921    @ $23.40     Received         Short     Capita
the home of the bride's parents, and      Antelope .................. 28         655.20       106.35          54S.S5      .10
                                          Billings, English. .......... 39       912.60       393.46          519.14      .26
there serenaded them. Thursday            Billings, German .......... 27         631.80       117.39          514.41       .11
night a large company of friends met      Blue Mountain ....'......... 12        280.80         28.58         252.22       .06
in the reception room of the church       Bozeman .................. 15          351.00       222.78          128.22       :38
where all had opportunity to meet         Butte ..................... 30         702:00       344.67          357.33      .29-
and congratulate them. A splendid         Culbertson ............... 3            70.20        12110           58.10      .10
                                          Corvallis .................. 16        374.40         20.10         354.30       .03
program was given which was thor-         Darby ..................... 23         538.20         25.25         512.95       .03
oughly enjoyed by all.                    Great Falls ................ 59     ' 1380.60       566.09          S14.51       .25
                   J. S. McMulIen.         reve ...................... 13        304.20        ......         304.20 .     .00
                                          Hamilton ...:.............. .34        795.60       252.89          442.71       .27
                                          Havre ..................... 9          210.60       157.95    .       52.65      .45
          BOISE CHURCH                    Helena .................... 26         608.40       394.89          213.51       .39
   I have not written to the Gleaner      Jordan .................... 14         327.60         37.45         290.15       .07
                                          Kalispell .................. 53       1240.20       746.54          493.66       .36
family for some time and thought          "Lewistown ................ 11         118.80         26.71           92.09      .15
perhaps you would be glad to hear         Missoula .................. .121      2831.40        833.07        1998.33        .18
from the Boise church again.              Miles City ................. 26         608.40       214.92          393.48       .21
   I feel that the Boise church, con-     Mt. Bllis .................. 46       1076.40       517.50          558.90       .29
sisting of approximately two' hun-        Marsh ..................... 18          421.20        45.03         376.17        .06
                                          Riohey ..................... 14        327.60         32.77         294.83       .06
dred members, is a live, progressive      *Roanwood ................ 13          140.40         30.87         109.53        .13
church and seems to realize that          Scoby ..................... 26 .       608.40       257.48          350.92'      .25
time is short and the principle need      Stevensville ............... 57       1333.80       202.88         1130.92     ..09
is a personal preparation to meet the     Watkins ................... 13          304.20        57.68          246.52 .     .11
                                          Conference, Isolated .......228       5335.20      1700.78         3634.42        .19
   Four souls were buried with their         Totals .............              22489.20      7446.18        15043.02       .19
Lord in baptism during the present        •Organized in May, 1921.
month and others are planning for
baptism soon.                           your church has done so far and             peal was made for cash and pledges
   While there has been much effi-      what must be done the remainder of          to apply on our missions goal, and
cient work done in Boise in the past    the year if we are to come up to the        also to apply on our indebtedness,
and the work has grown rapidly and      standard.                                   and to better equip Mt. Ellis Acad-
the church is large for so small a         If all had done as well as the           emy. Our people responded nobly to
town, yet every member that seeks       Havre church the total receipts would       this appeal and pledges were made
for souls finds those who are looking   have been more than the shortage            aggregating several thousand dollars.
for truth.                              represented in this statement.              Some of these pledges have been
    I am planning to begin a series of     The giving of the third angel's          paid; but there are still quite a large
 Sunday night meetings in a few         message is the most important work          number unpaid. We are sorely in
 weeks, when the church plans to        on the face of the earth today and all     •need of money with which to meet
launch an aggressive home mission-      may have a part in it. Yours may not        present obligations, and if the out-
 ary program.                           be to go to far off mission fields, but     standing pledges could be realized
    The writer is now in the closing    it is just as important to furnish          on it would greatly help us at this
 meeting of a series of meetings he     means to support someone else. We         ! time. We quite fully appreciate the
 has held in Eagle, a small place about have a large corps of workers in for-     | financial condition existing in our
 ten miles from Boise. A good inter-    eign fields that .must be taken care      ! field, but we are appealing to you to
 est has been awakened and some re-     of. They are depending on you to            do your best, under the circumstan-
 sults are expected. F. D. Wagner.      furnish means to carry on this work         ces, to send us some money soon.
                                         and unless you do your part the            We appreciate your past faithfulness
                                        work will suffer.                           and liberality. Conference Office.
                                           Some may be able to give large
   MONTANA CONFERENCE                   amounts; some not so much, but let                  Call-Porters!
Office Adrcss: 417 Blnck Ave., South, us all give all we can and then do                    CAIiL-Porteurs!!
           Bozeman, Montana
J. T. JACOBS. .............. .President
                                        our utmost in the Harvest Ingather-                 COLPORTEURS!!!
R. L. WALIN. ..............Sec'.-Treas. ing campaign.     If we do our very            Back in 1909 the following words
                                        best the remainder of this year I'm         which have become so familiar to all
     OUR MISSION OFFERINGS              sure the next statement will be             of us, were penned by the Spirit of
To the believers in Montana:            greatly improved.                         | Prophecy. "Great changes are soon
   The following is a statement of the            R. L. Walin, Sec.-Treas.        I to take place in our world and the
offerings which apply on the 60-cent-                                               final movements will be rapid ones."
a-week goal by churches. I am sure            WE NEED THE MONEY.                    Today we have seen and are seeing
you will be interested in this state-      At the time of our conference ses-       these statements signally and strik-
ment as it will tell you just what sion, May 19-26, a most stirring ap-             ingly fulfilled. The last few years
                                           NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER
great changes have been taking place       viour of the world, the Prince of         Because the Book Work will go for-
in our world and these final move­         Peace, the King, is coming very soon.     ward with "increasing success."
ments in our day are surely rapid             We are in a large hotel. It is mid-    Therefore "Educate, educate, EDU-
ones. And the "troublous, perilous,        night and we are sound asleep. Sud-       CATE young men and women to sell
perplexing times" which were fore-         denly we are awakened by a pound-        the books" and thus be "sounding the
told nearly two thousand years ago         ing at our door and a cry of warning.    note of warning in highways and by-
are causing men's hearts to fail for       The building is afire and already in      ways to prepare a people for the
fear. As we look out upon a money-         a mass of flames. The door bursts        great day of the Lord, which is so
mad, a pleasure-mad world, a world         open and in rushes the Porter.           soon to break upon the world. We
of sin, of sorrow, of strikes, of crime,   "Awake! Escape, or certain death         have no tirne to lose. We must en­
of perplexity, of war, of preparation      awaits you!" This is his call. He        courage this work. Who will go
for war, and yet a cry of "Peace,          rushes from door to door giving the      forth now with our publications? The
Peace"—surely all these signs of the       warning, his call. He is a Call-por-     Lord imparts a fitness for the work
times demand from every Seventh-           ter. He has a message to give and        to every man and woman who will
day Adventist a deeper consecration        gives it. He may not wait to see if      cooperate with divine power. All the
to the message of the hour.                we accept his message for he has         requisite talent, courage, persever-
    But the people in the world do not     others to see; but he gives to all his   ance, faith, and tact will come as they
see these signs of the times as a token    warning cry, his call. I say that he     put the armor on." (Gleanings from
of a happier day to come. They are         has been a faithful CALL-porter.         Colporteur Evangelist, pages 8.0, 5,
wondering! Their minds are open.              Brethren, we are in a large world.    26, 27, 35, 13.)
Their hearts are "failing them for         It is midnight for darkness covers          This is a CALL for Colporteurs.
fear and for looking after the things      the earth and gross darkness the peo-    It is not a call alone from our Gen-
which are coming on the earth."            ple. But they are asleep. We, you        eral Conference or from Elder Dan-
    I know whereof I speak, for I have     and I, know that the world is rush-      iels who says, "The circulation of lit-
just returned fresh from the front,—       ing on to certain ruin. There is a       erature is the most, effective way of
from the firing line. I have just come     terrible fire ahead. Already the fore-   announcing the Message of God for
in from 52 hours in the canvassing         boding dark clouds of smoke and          today," and further "This publishing
field of battle, with $227.95 worth        flame and trouble are rolling o'er us    work is the biggest thing this denom-
of orders with about half down.            and men are running to and fro in        ination has on its hands at the pres-
When men's minds are open their            search of shelter. Beloved, we know      ent time. It is the most effective,
pocketbooks will be. And I repeat          the danger. "Ye are my witnesses,"       economical, and far-reaching way of
that I find men wondering. "What           says God. We are the Porters. We         getting the .truth to the people." It
is the matter with the world?"             have a message; a warning cry; a         is not a call alone from our Union
 "What do these things mean?'^             Call. We must rush from door to          Conference or its leaders or from us,
 "What is coming next?" These are          door, from home to home, and give        your servants as local Conference
some of the many serious questions         the Call. We must be faithful CALL-      Field Secretaries. Beloved, it is a
which are troubling the minds of           porters. We spell.this word "COL­        call from the Courts of Heaven, from
nearly everyone these days.                PORTEURS."                               the Throne of God. It is-He who is
    Brethren, we have the answer              Reader, are you a CALL-PORTER?        asking, "Whom shall I send and who
to these questions, an answer that         It is a high and holy calling that the   will go for us?" Reader, tell Him
will comfort sorrowing hearts; that        canvasser has. Remember that "If         on bended knee and write us at once
will cheer weary pilgrims; that will       there is one work more im-               in a clear, strong, straight-from-the-
relieve troubled minds and cause           portant than another it is that of       heart manner "Here am I, send me!"
them to see the beauty and the har-        getting our publications before the         The world must hear the warning.
mony of the truth of God. Are we           public," and that "the canvassing        God calls for volunteers, for Call1-
fulfilling our God-given responsibili-     work, properly conducted, is mission-    porters, for CALL-porteurs, for COL-
ty if we do not go out to the homes        ary work of the highest order;" that     PORTEURS. Who will respond to
of the people and tell them what           it is "ordained of God" and that         the CALL?            Adlai A. Esteb.
 these things do mean, give them           further "All who consecrate them-
this last warning message; tell them       selves to God to work as canvassers
the all important, all-inclusive answer    are assisting to give the last message     WESTERN OREGON CON­
to these questions? "And that, know­       of warning to the world. We cannot               FERENCE
ing the time, now it is high time to       too highly estimate this work." And      Office Address: SOS E. Everett Street,
                                                                                              Portland, Oregon
 awake out of sleep: for now is our        "When men realize the times in           H. W." COTTREIJL,........... .President
salvation nearer than when we be-          which we are living, they will work      J. P. BEATTY. ............ .Sec.-Treas.
lieved. The night is far spent, the        as in the sight of heaven." But
 day is at hand: let us therefore cast     "Every canvasser has positive and        FOREIGN MISSIONS IMPERn/LED
 off the works of darkness, and let        constant need of the angelic minis-         This is the third comparative state-
us put on the armour of light." In         tration; for he has an important work    ment which we have placed before
other words, Brethren, "A r i s e,         to do, a work that he cannot do in       you during 1921. It speaks for
 shine!" "Go, and tell this people"        his own strength." And so "Then          itself, as to the progress being made
what is coming next: that the Judge        pray and work, and work and pray,        financially. The Foreign Missions
 of all the earth, the Christ, the Sa-     and the Lord will work with you."        Calendar, provided for each church.
                                               NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER
shows your local standing month by            amount, we might have spared a lit-            sounded throughout our ranks, for
month, but we feel sure that it will          tle mor£ for the cause of foreign"             all to arise for action. Let us all
be of much interest to you to see how         missions, don't you think so?                  rally to the call of the Captain of our
others are getting along.                        In talking with a number of church          salvation, and help save the cause we-,,
   You will notice that no church is          officials lately, 'some have expressed         all love, from defeat and retreat.
quite up to the goal, oj 60c, although        the utmost confidence that their                                       J. F. Beatty.
one comes within 2c of it. 29 church-         churches would win out, while others
es stand at less than half the desired        have not been so sanguine. What-                       COLUMBIA ACADEMY
amount, and 15 above 30c. The gen-            ever may be our feelings regarding                             Auction Sale Big Success
eral'average is only 29c.                     the outcome, we trust that no one                         The annual auction sale of Col-,
   Please notice the amount of tithe          will stop short of doing his very ut-                umbia Academy was held Thursday
 received,—$61,105.64, which indi-            most, both in giving and inspiring                   evening, October 20, in the Academy
cates that our people in Western Ore-         .others to give.                                     chapel. Owing to the sickness'of
gon have handled $6.11,05.6.40 dur-              The cause of foreign missions is                  Prof. Johnson, Mr. Lemuel Esteb
ing the first nine months of the year.        in peril. A crisis in our mission work               gave the address of welcome which
It would seem that, from this large           is upon us, and an alarm needs to be                 was followed by an interesting pro-
STATEMENT OF TITHE AND MISSION OFFERINGS, WESTERN ORB. CONF.                                             Mr. Elmer Fleck, and Mr. Lemuel
                     FOR NFVE MONTHS ENDINCi SEPT. 30, 1021.                                       Esteb acted as auctioneers. Pump-
                                                                                     Per Memb. ,kins, potatoes, apples, carrots, canned
Church            '         'Memb.         Tithe       Per Capita      Missions       Per week
Albany.                              48       825.14       17.93           540.14         .30      fruit, dresser scarfs, • sofa cushions
Albiiia                              99    2,058.52         20.79       1,482.83          .38      and tops, silk and cotton quilts, and
A.mes.'                              10                                        4.10       .10      many other things too numerous to
Astoria !                            54       668.21       12.37           325.51         .15      mention were sold; some brought all
Kend .!                              35       943.94        26.97          500.73         .36y2 they were worth while others sold
Brownsville,                         13       229.41        17.64          135.96         .26y2 '
Cam as                               27       459.25        17.01          500.43         .47% •very cheaply. As side issues the In-
Ga-.n by .      , •             . 16 ,         221.29        13.83         192.00          .30% ttermediates, Hustlers, and Beavers
Cedar Creek                          20        253.36        12.66   .     123.34          .15% «  sold ice cream, candy, grapes, cake,
"Chitwood                            14       150.39        10.74             37.29        .06% popcorn, doughnuts and cocoa. In
Cornelius                            40        693.51       17.38          278.85          .18      '
Co-rva.llis                      . 21          344.41        16.40         266.09          • 32% spite of the present financial depres-
Dallas                  ' -          24        485.09        20.21          365.42         .39      sion the sale was a greater success
Falls City                           61        507.22          8.31         457.37         .19      than was anticipated, as over $140
Forest1 Grove                        75     2,123.32       .28.31 .         795.70          .27     was raised which will go to the gen-
Gillisi,'                            12        767.60        63.96          272,97          .58
Hillshoro :                         -45        536.13        11.91          511.24         .29      eral school fund.
Hood Rive.r                          44        689.58        15.67          681.82          .39%              Hustlers Lead Beavers
Hopewell .                           78     1,840.24         23.S9          837.00          .27%          The Hustlers and Beavers have
LaurelWood                        255       2,698.04         10.58       1,757.91           .17% opened the third week of their cam-
Lebanon                                        288.85        10.69          308.73          .29
                                     '277                                                            paign with the same enthusiasm as
*      "... Scandinavian                         22.58         3.22           12.05         .04%
Lents .                        .. 71        1,291.20         18.18          616.90          .22 • they evidenced in the opening weeks,
McMinnville                           41       459 23        11.20          305.00          .19      with the Hustlers having a very small
Meadow Glade                      170       2,443.56         14.37          814.96          .12       lead. In the two weeks that the
Monitor             ' '               63       408.24          6.48         370.31          .15
                                                                                                      contest has been going a total of ap-
 Montavilla ••        •               87    2,281.16          26.22          915.05          .26%
 Nehalem                     '• '19            220.98        11.63          145.21          .19% proximately $270 has been raised.
JNTewberg                      - . . 81     1,336.51    \- 16.50             661.75          .21          The Hustlers have been to Walnut
•Oregon' City                         38    1,185.98          31.21          624.71-         .42      Grove, Sara, Vancouver, and Pleas-
 Portland Central                   388    11,864.38          30.57       6. 036. 89         .40
                                                                                                      ant Valley churches in the interest of
     "     Scandinavian               26        750.31        28.85          216.90          .21
  : " ' Tabernacle                  291     9,146.60          31.43       4,783.07           .42      the campaign, taking both their
 Kidgefield                           40       996.25        24.90           295.46          .19      speaker and special music. The
 Salem                              187      3,405.18         18.20       1,901.02           .26      Beavers, too, are busy and, are exe-
 Sara                                  21       160.56          7.64         303.98           .12% cuting their plans with great care.
 Silverton                            50        572.64        11.45          321.34          .16%
                                                218.26          6.41         252.86'
                                                                                                      They have made several outside trips
 St. Helens                            34                                                     .19
 St. Johns, -                          59    1,606.22         27.22       1,003.15            .43% with splendid results.
 The Dallas                            19       610.70        32.14          340 79           .46         Thursday evening both competing
 Tillamook                             29       642.68      . 22.16         •407.83'          .36      factions met in a face to face battle
 Troutdale                             24       182.95          7.62         143.48           .15
                                                                                                       of wits, and a loyal winning spirit
 "Vancouver                            55       798.06        14.51          619.31           .28%
 •Walnut Grove                         39       741.32        19.00          249.57           .16     was manifested by every member of
 Conference Church                   181 •   2,919.51     . 1«.13         2,742.13            .39      both sides as evidenced by self sac-
                                                                                                       rifice of time, strength and money.
       'Total                     3036      61,048.56          20.11    34,259.15              .29
 <$>Estacada                           12     ' 57.08           4.75           59.44           .29
                                                                                                       Booths were set up in the lower hall
                                                                                                       and dining room of the Academy
        Grand Total               3048     61,105.64 .         20.04     34,318.59             .29     where candy, ice cream, cake, cocoa,
   "September remittance hot in above statement.
   ^17 weeks froni date of organization.
                                                                                                       doughnuts, popcorn balls and grapes
                                                                 J. F. Beattr, Treasurer.              were sold. The girls donated fancy
                                            ;NORTH PACIFIC UNION GliEAN'ER
•work and'even the'boys helped make           'Miss Wilna <Gesler, "our •'precep- At a : business meetiflg last Monday
 rugs which were sold at the-sale.          tress," spent .the .week-end 'at her night'steps were tak'en'to provide the
   ;The ^faculty members, too, 'are,        home in Salem.                        heating system 'as 'planned.
^working hard Hustling like Beavers,'
 trying to be neutral and still help;           fMerlyn Flahaut visited the Ridge-;       Travelers 'b'e'tween Gasion and
 both sides. Some splendid pledges^          field church last Sabbath to assist Laurelwodd the past few weeks have
 have been made to both sides in ad-         them in (their .'services.               been noticing so'ine changes in the
 dition to ;the sum mentioned, and we                                                 road. The county 'is obtaining rock
 certainly thank the friends and pa-             Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wood and from a quarry above th'e school,
trons of the school -for the loyal sup-      family from Vancouver were visiting where a crusher was installed early
'port 'they are giving us.              '    at P.rof. Johnson's home Sunday.         iii the summer. Three sizes of rock
        ,Pi-ayer .-Bands Organized                                                    a're produced and with aid "of a 'Buf-
    The prayer bands were started                Mr. and Mrs. P. Hansen from Sal- falo steam roller a smooth-surface
'Monday, October 24, under the lead-         mon Creek visited the -Misses Mary road is made.
ership 'Of Jack Gildersleve. There is.       Holem and Sarah Overton last Sun-
•to -be a fifteen minute period during       day.                                         A chorus of seventy-five voices has
 the school session each day devoted                                                  been organized and is working on the
,*o prayer bands. The few who do not             The church council held their cantata "Esther" for an hour each
•join 'the bands will remain in the          monthly business meeting Saturday Tuesday evening. Prof. S. C. Han-
 chapel and devote the time to reading       evening, October 22, at the home of son is directing and the presentation
,the Bible.                                  L. F. Burdoin.                            is planned for spring. The 'band
    After the stirring talk given by                                                  which began work in the summer,
 Mr. Esteb the number of those who               Mr. Tucker, a former graduate of has received reinforcements and now
 remain in the chapel while the bands        Columbia Academy who is now in the numbers thirty pieces and has a prac-
ineet, will be very small. Mr. Esteb         ministry, spoke at Meadow Glade tice period on Sunday evening.
 emphasized the great need of prayer,        church last Sabbath.
 quoting from "Steps to Christ,"                                                          We have a change in the school
 "Prayer is the key in the hands                 Professor G. E. Johnson gave a program this year. There are seven
 of faith that unlocks heavens store-        very interesting and inspiring talk daily class periods, five before din-
 house, wherein are treasured the            Friday evening to the young people ner beginning at 7:30 A. M., -and two
boundless resources of omnipotence."        on the subject, "Looking unto Jesus." after dinner, closing at S:20. In this
 Continuing he said, "We must come                                                    way time is provided for a drill per-
 up to God's standard and not try to            Mrs. Dodge has returned for the iod immediately after chapel, when
 bring God down to ours; . . . God           winter. She is very happy to have Mrs. Meeker conducts a sight sing-
made our work when he made us;               her son and daughter in the Academy ing class and three other teachers'
 and we are all dead motors out on           and is still an enthusiastic booster have divisions of the spelling class.
life's track unless by prayer we con-       for the progress of the school.
nect these motors (our lives) up to                                                 I A combination of community sing-
God's great power house, and receive          . Mr. Lloyd Budd spoke at the Van- ( ing and a meeting of the Student
fresh from Christ the vision of the         couver church Sabbath. He was ac- Association was held last ,Saturday-
 special work He would have us each         companied by the Misses Doris Em- evening. Could you have heard the
perform."             Merlyn Plahaut.       merson, Avenelle Renshaw and Mr. singing you would never again doubt
                                            Victor Boardman who assisted him that the Laurelwood students have
            NEWS' ITEMS                     with the music.                           the vim and energy to do almost aay-
   Mr'8. Mary Sharp is 'visiting her                                                ' thing. A simple constitution for the
sister, Miss S'ophroria Dodge.                  The last seat in the Academy is Association was adopted and the first
                                            taken with the enrollment of Mrs. enterprise is the publishing of the
   Mrs. Nixssen is visiting her daugh-      Wheeler, Mrs. Hoffman and Miss school paper. The staff was elected1
ter Beatrice, who is here attending         Dodge, but we are ever ready and as follows: Editor, Leslie Griffta;
school.                                     glad to deepen the spirit of our splen- 'Associate editors, Forest Steward and
  Mrs. Bui't Smith spent tn'6 week-         did comradship, by making room for Dorothy Rice; News editor, How.ard
end with her parent's', Mr. and Mrs.        the possible one more. We are in- ; Young; Business manager, Claud.
Preston-.                                   deed receiving some of God's richest Hardin.
                                            blessings this year and we ever stand
   Ruth Cummings and Mary Plum,             ready to share it with that one who          The Western Oregon Conference^
sjaent the week-end with friends in         is seeking the inspiration, training can justly be proud of.the new dop-
Albany, Oregon.                             and blessings of a Christian educa- mit'ory for boys, Adelphiari Hal'1, aid
                                            tion.                                    "also of its enthusiastic occupants.
   Mr. Estjeb occupied the eleven                                                     The boys have formed The Adelr-
o-clock hour, at Walnut Grove last                      JjAFKEI/WOOD                  phian League. They have many
Sabbath. The Misses Juanita, S.wearin-          The interior of the Laurelwood plans. Just now (^hey. ,are working,
gen-and Esther Cummings furnished           church has been redecorated arid pre- out some forms .of self-government;
the- specials musjc.                        sents, a very attractive > ;appearance. including dormitory conduct of the
                                            NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER
boys, care of the building, regulation  of the needs of the world today. Il-       The college chorus 'Will, have its, et cetera. - Thus far the plan
                                        lustrations were cited from sacred 'first rehearsal- Sunday afternoon.
has. worked well •and we expect that    history and the attention of the stu-
it will be a complete success. The       lents was called to the importance        Examination week—you can feel it
League has subscribed for a daily        )f developing in their lives those n the air. If all times were like"
paper, the "Review and Herald," and       haracteristics which .made the lead- this week our brains would certainly,
"The Youth' Instructor;" and has        ers in God's work strong in days of jecome supersaturated with knowl-
taken a leading part in the work on      .Id.
the lawn.                                   -Owing to our new plan for regis-
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs., C...S., DeFord, who
                                          ration, it was not possible during the
   The lawn bee announced in our last ifst days to compare our enrollment are returning from an extended ,trip,
rep'ort for the Gleaner was a success with that of 1920-21. However, at in the east, enro.ute to.their home'in
and gave such an impetus to the he close of the third week, the en- Fairfield, are visiting! their daugh-.
work that parts of several days dur- rollment was exactly the same as that ters, Josephine and,'Nellie. r "
ing the following week were given to of last year—315. Probably sixty               The dormitory boyg'-'look 'forward
continuing the work, under the lead- per cent of this number are college to their evening "worship period with'-
ership of Lloyd Tupper and Leslie students. At the close of the fourth anticipation, not knowing what' sur-i-
Griffin. Five teams worked at grad- week, the enrollment was 337. I prise Mr. Kiine may have in store
ing, and dozens of hoes, spades, and believe sincerely that the beginning for them. On Monday evening"-Mrs;
rakes were in use. The grass sowed of no school year in my experience Cramlet, pianist, "pla'yed for'them:; J-
in the triangle about the time school has been attended with more favor- and on Tuesday evening;'Profess'or
 opened is now up and doing well. able omens than has this one. Our Hamilton easily 'held tfieir 'attention •
 The business manager has had the Student Body is much above the aver-
                                                                                 by his art of worth "while' 1 • story-'*
 rest of the campus walks laid out age and the students individually are telling.               -•--       •      •:-"'•..' -:^".'
 and covered with gravel. When the quiet, attentive to duty and respon-
 Normal Association added its forces sive to suggestion. The outlook for            On the evening of October 22, a;
 last Friday, such an eventful scene the school year is very encouraging. varied and entertaining program was:-
 was presented that Professor Rath-          The response to the call for Har- given in the .college chapel. The .
 bun was contrained to take a picture vest Ingathering workers in our cam- audience was delighted with „ .ttoej
 of it.                                   paign, Monday, October 17 gave evi- reading given by Miss Hiatt; and-;tnei
         The College Rhetoric Class.      dence of the spirit which actuates hearty applause given :-the severaH
                                          the membership of our school. The musicians who -appeared, proved that;
                                          students volunteered practically in a their parts too .were thoroughly ems
                                          body to go wherever they were as- jpyed.                   •! ", ••.''•'- , •'•.'. ••>: s e;:
                                          signed, and had there been sufficient                                   .1        • ;.      v
                                                                                     The students had a special, treat
                                          territory, within reasonable distance in the Friday evening meeting' of
                                          from the college, several times the Oct. 21. Elder Mershon told some of
                                          amount that was raised (over $850) his experiences in the .mission field..
                                          would easily have been secured.         where he worked among, the Chinese
                                              The Missionary Volunteer Society, people. The many curios he showed
                                          Ministerial Association, Foreign Mis- made the discourse even mo're inter-
                                           sion Band and other student organi- esting. Elder and Mrs..Mershon,ha,ve
                                          zations have been organized and are generously donated many ott these
                                           now doing active work.                 curios to our .Foreign .Mission muse-"
                                                          we feel that the work
    WALLA WALLA COLLEGE of Altogether, is going forward quiet-
                                              the college
  MAE MACKLIN          ROBERT WIRTH        ly and prosperously. A spirit of har-     Have you heard of our 'school pa-
                                           mony and cooperation characterizes per, "The Walla Walla Collegian?" '
        WALLA WALLA COLLEGE                the work of both faculty and students If you have not you surely -will very
     Four weeks have passed since the and we anticipate a' year of very spe- soon for an enthusiastic su-bscrfption
  opening of the college and I know cial blessing.                                campaign in behalf of '''Our"-publica-
  that the readers of the Gleaner will                  President AV. I. Smith.   tion has been launched:" The' Wedrfes-' 1
  be very desirous of receiving a re-                                             day morning chapel period ;wa's o'e--'
  port of its progress during this per-                NEWS NOTES                 cupied by the 1 staff members" in'-a'i
  ipd.                                        Mr. Melvin Venden took a week- mock staff meeting where' the plans >
     The Convocation Address was de- end trip to Granger.                         and purposes of the campaign were-
  livered by Elder E. C. Boger, the                                               discussed. Our school goal is 1200
  Home Missionary Secretary of our            Oscar Starr recently enjoyed a subscriptions! Each'of four grPiips,
  Union Conference. He directed our visit from his father, Elder Starr.           the dormitory girls, dormitory boys,
  attention to the great need of the                                              village girls and village : b'oys, is toow 1
  present hour for consecrated workers         Professor Thiel's chapel talk Fri- hoping to get the-largest'num-ber-of-'
   who have a vision of the times in day morning was interrupted by a subscriptions, the competition'-being'
  which we are living, and a realization fire drill.                               based on the nutn'be'r
                                              NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER
 :..••. •••• .' BECOME: AN' M. A.             Wood Comstock, M. D.                    That you who're busy from morn till
     There are days when every ambi-             "As a Man Eateth So Is He," Dan-         night
tious young person sets before him-           iel H. Kress, M. D.                     Will read these books for help and
self'a goal of efficiency in some                "What are the Essential Foods?"           delight.
chosen line. He must reach certain            A symposium.
standards if he would succeed. This              "Deficiency Disorders," Alfred M.       "The religious experience is to a
is! true'of .the minister, the teacher,       Hess, M1. D.                            great degree determined by the char-
the carpenter, and every other work-             "Diet and Skin Diseases."            acter of the books you read in your
er who becomes really successful.                "The Tropics Greatest Contribution   leisure moments."
     it is'true of the Missionary Vol-        to the American Stomach."
u'h'teer. Arid one of the standards              "Travelling with Small Children."
he' should 'rekcti as early as possible          The    departments—the     "Home     SOUTH AMERICA "SIGNS" DID IT
is'the'Mem'b'ershipof All.. The Bible         Nurse" and "Questions and Answers"         A family in Montevideo, Uruguay,
is our guide book to Heaven and Mis-          —-are very valuable.                    are subscribers to the "Signs." One
sionary Volunteers are, here to lead             Why not begin now to sell this im-   of their papers was delivered at our
sinners ,hpme hy the way of the cross.        portant magazine? The price for 10      Montevideo Mission office.         The
But they never can do this work ef-           or more copies is 10 cents each.        wrapper was in good condition and
ficiently:' unless they know the di-          Send orders through the conference      the address was clear. Our Mission
rections • given in the -Guide book           tract society.                          office is in the opposite side of the
about'each-turn, in the road.                                                         city from the address given on the
 -, .And let- none ,f prget that .the know-                                           wrapper, yet the paper was delivered
                                                      RIFLE, COLORADO.                at our office. The Superintendent ; ,denominational history will
                                                 Dear Editor:—You will find en-       of the Mission decided to go in person
make hinv-a more ;efficient worker.
                                              closed twenty-five cents in stamps      and deliver the paper and thus get
That knowledge, somehow, gives                for which please send' the Gleaner
firmness to the worker's tread, it                                                    in touch with the family. He found
                                              another six months. Through its         a man and his wife and daughter.
gives 'assurance to his voice, it gives
                                              pages we hear of our friends on the     They read and write seven different-
eagerness to his hand, because he
                                              coast, especially in Bandon, Oregon,    languages and are very nice people.
knows that ;this movement of which
                                              where we spent a pleasant winter a      The woman is a teacher of language
he is a;part is;heaven born. A know-
                                              few years ago.                          and the man is employed in a rail-
ledge'of o'ur dilatory breeds dignity,
                                                 Mrs. Knapp and our daughter,         way office. Last Sunday they came
humility, :ahd cheerful' hopefulness
                                              Katnerine, have recently .returned      to the Mission to visit us and we had
incvthe' worker; i;for 'he 'senses the
                                              from the Boulder, Colorado Sani-        a very pleasant visit with them. The
greatness of'the work, 'and he realiz-
                                              tarium, where they underwent suc-       woman is very much interested in the
es too -that, being utterly dependent
                                              cessful surgical operations.            truth and I think will soon accept.
on God, for its progress, we have no
                                                 Yours in the work,                   The "Signs" did it. But, isn't it
room in.' our hearts for boastful feel-
                                                                   Rufus Knapp.
ings nor yet for fears. This atmos-                                                   strange how God sets various in-
phere of certainty and dignity, made                                                  fluences in motion to bring together
fragrant with true humility and mod-                   WHEN HE CALXS                  those who know the truth, and those
                                              Give what you can for the Master        who want to know it? God times
esty, helps, greatly to pave a way to             Now, while He calls at your door.
needy Hearts that'are waiting for the         Calls for assistance come faster,       things just right.
seeds of truth:                                   Harvest time soon will be o'er.                           A. A. Cone,
    And1 now with these few words of                                                    Sec., Home Miss, and Pub. Depts.,
explanation,' you are most earnestly          Treasures laid up will soon vanish,—                   So. American Division.
                                                  Perish forever and aye;
invited "to join hundreds of other            Lay them up higher and safer,
young people in the Standard of At-               Free from all rust and decay.
tainment ,tes,t in November and be-                            Mrs. M. C. Sollnrs.
come 'an • M. A.- •,- - .      M. E.- A.
                                              But Alas-
                        WE EAT-?                Many good books
 .. RT}jiSi/is ••§,;; great -question in many       That we need                         Morris.—Died at his home in Orting,
ho,mes;v| In; jprpviding. something to              We never read                     Wash., Sept. 18, 1921, Nathan Morris, tcare ,.must be -taken to make            Many good books                       aged 76 years, 11 months and 2 days.
                                                                                      He was born in Madison Co., Indiana
gpod;/seleptions, -because the diet                 That we read                      and moved to Missouri where he en-
p4ays-a,most,important.part in devel-               We never heed.                    listed in Co. D. 51 Reg. Mo. Infantry,
oping strong bodies and- keen minds                                                   and served till the close of the Civil
with; which, to meet the problems                The Reading Course books are         war. He was a devoted Christian
                                                                                      throughout his life and well beloved
wjtiich- confront us. day by day.              waiting for you!    They're friends    by all who knew him, always ready to
 ..-The Novemher issue of- "Life and worth having—tried and true;                     help in sickness or disaster. He leaves
Health" -deals? particularly with the They're books to read; they're books            a widow and other relatives to mourn.
                         Some.-of: the leading     to heed—                           All will miss him. He rests in the Sol-
                                                                                      diers Home Cemetery to await the call
                                               So we send them forth and earnestly    of the Lifegiver. Funeral services
     "Correct fliet in,.: the ; Home," .Belle-      plead                             were conducted by the writer from the
                                           NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER                                                              9
new S. D. Adventist church in Orting. ers which have no hope for they have OUT OF -WORK?—Then, sell. ,-Wh'lte
Text Job 14:14.      T. Z. Andrews.   the blessed assurance of meeting him  Flame Burner's. Ii:madei$.200,0:OYfljr'st
                                      on the resurrection morn.     He was  month. My sales plans ,,m.ake sales
                                      laid to rest in the beautiful Tahoma  easy. Sample mailed with plans, etc.,
  Sehroeder.—Mrs. Anna-Schroeder was
                                      cemetery with a prayer that angels    for $1.00; money b'ack if you want
born near Berlin, Germany on the 6th
                                      would mark the hallowed spot till the it. Exclusive territory: given. ; .{Write
of May 1853. She came to America at
                                                                            B. Hickman, Dist;- Ma/nager, Prosser,
the age of 22. Was married in 1885 to day dawns "when'he shall be escorted
Mr. Schroeder who died in Sept. 1911. to that blest home above.             Washington.          ,_ t ,.•..-.,...,
Twenty-three years ago she heard and                                R. A. Libby,       AVANTED—A good, cheerful- woman to
accepted the message, which she dearly                   Assisted by Elder Kimc.
                                                                                        be a companion to a delicate sister.
loved till the last.  She died in the                                                   Only two in., family. yVery little
blessed hope. She suffered much in           Barney—Fell asleep in Jesus at the         work. Splendid home. -^ ^Reasonable
the last six months, but bore it all       Washington Soldiers' Home, Oct. 16, |         wage. A.ddress Adam Ray, Carrolls,
with Christian fortitude and courage.      1921, Martin H. Barney, aged- 66 years,       Washington.   Send references from
She leaves one son and two daughters       11 months, and 8 days. He was a firm          Seventh-day' Adventist. worker; ' "bid.
to mourn their loss. Words of comfort      believer in the Seventh-day Adventist        F. H. Conway..   .    .',•?:•. " ' ", -.i-.'ri
were spoken from Jas. 4:14 by the          faith.   His death was caused by a
writer, assisted by Elder Leer, who        severe burn which caused much suf- FOR SALE—160 acres', fencedX l1 ^2
spoke a few comforting thoughts in         fering-, yet he endured it all without  farmed and irrigated * timdthy"*Seed
                                           murmuring. He leaves three sons and     and alfalfa -hay withy'grain crops.
German to the mourners.
                           C. J. Cole.     two daughters to mourn the loss of a    Seven room,. two-story house, , barn,
                                           dear father. He was laid to rest at     granary, cellar; nine head, of . stock;
                                           Mt. Vernon, Wash, beside his compan-    100 tons of feed; tools and machinery.
. Carey.—Gaius Ithran Carey was born       ion "who died several years ago. Funer- Price, $6400.00. M. E. Meador,' Nor-
near Cleveland, Ohio, March 12, 1896       al services were held at the Assembly   wood, Valley Co.. Idaho. •- - >'/..''.'" '
and died in Portland, Oregon, Septem-      Hall of the Soldiers' Home. Words of NATURAL WHOLE RICE, UNPOL­
ber 29, 1921, aged 25 years, 6 months,
and 17 days. He was joined .in mar-
                                           comfort were spoken by the writer       ISHED—The only .rice.^.fit to.,-, eat.
                                           from Rev. 14:13.                        This is what Dr. Heald, editor _ of
riage to Katherine Egland on July 19,
                                                                 T. Z. Andrews.    "Life and Health," says 'after trying
1918 to which union were born one son
                                                                                   our rice: "Brown rice, you sent ; us is
and one daughter.      Though     young,
Brother Carey had a large experience                                               the best we have had. from any
                                             APPRECIATES THE GI/EANEB              source." And he orders, one hundred
in connection with the missionary la-
bors of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Albert
                                              In renewing her subscription to      pounds. Order one hundred pounds
Carey, in Hawaii, the Southland and        the Gleaner, a sister writes as fol-    and get freight'p'repaid for seven dol-
Oregon. He died in the full hope of        lows:                                   lars. J. A.-Holton, 3402 Davis St..
meeting his Saviour in the first res-                                              Oa.kland, California. '    "• '
                                       "As it is almost time for my Glea-
urrection. There are left to mourn,
                                    ner subscription to run out, I am en- FOR SALE.—Fine lying 18%-" acres;
but not without hope, an affectionate                                       water right paid-up.; 14 acres seeded
                                    closing one dollar for two years . to alfalfa; near academy .and church
wife, a loving mother and father, two
                                    more, as I do not want to miss one
brothers, and two little ones quite un-                                     school; some fruit; 5-room house;
conscious of the affliction that has be-
                                    number. I enjoy every word of it,       barn; chicken 'house; separator
fallen them. Words of comfort and   and pray that God will help you and     house; corncrib, etc.'*' 2 good cows,
cheer were spoken by the writer.                                            fresh soon; S to 10 tons of. hay; s.ome
                     L. K. Dlckson. bless you in all your work. I           farm machinery.     All for '$650000.
                                    thank God for such a blessed paper,     $3100.00 will handle; balance ' easy
  fCnuffmnn.—John L. Kauffman "was and do not want to wait until my         terms. Address C. A. Cemer, Granger,
                                                                            Wash.                     '      ' ":
born in Iowa Sept. 15, 1866. When a time is up before I renew."
boy he came to the northwest with                                                      SPECIAL SLIDE OFFER.—Send us ''a
his parents and settled in the Palouse                                                   print, negative, chart or" drawing
country. In 1892 he was married to                  BUSINESS NOTICES                     with 40c (or three subjects for $1.00)
Ella Unzicker. To this union were born         Approved notices will be inserted un-     and receive a -beautiful -colored I.X.L.
two sons, Clarance and Harvey. He           der this heading at the rate of two          light weight slide folded in a tag the definite surrender to Christ      .cents a word each insertion. Minimum        board frame.    A" r real improvement
and was baptized at Coeur d'Alene           charge 25 cents. Cash should accompany       in slide making.       Weighs, less by
camp in June, 1920. Bro. Kauffman's          each application for space.     Display     over cne half of old style; and niore
spiritual development seemed to be un-       rates will be furnished upon appli-         compact. Our late supplement 'will
usually rapid and we valued his help        cation.                                      be sent on request postpaid. •' I.X:L.
in our church work in Lewiston. He                                                       Slide Works, 299 W. Main-St./Battle
                                            FOR. SALE-—Saw mill and planning mill
died at his home in Clarkston, Wash.,                                                    Creek, Michigan.       .      -. ,
Sept. 15, 1!)21. He leaves to mourn, his      at a bargain. L. H. Stover, Walla
                                              Walla, Wash., R. 2, Box 46.
•wife, two sons, an adopted daughter,
his father and three brothers. Words        FOR SALE--Pure extracted honey, $7.50 ! HAVE YOUR                    SUITS        AND
of comfort were spoken by Elder F. D.         per 5 gallon can. 2 cans $14.50.
Starr and the writer.    J. A. Chnney.        Everett Sauter, Touchet, Wash.
                                        WANTED—Man and wife on ranch-
                                                                                       OVERCOATS                   MADE BY
   Boyson.—John Bcyson was born in       Use of horses, machinery, and 60
 Preslee, Denmark, June 29, 1853 and     acres free. No rental. Dr. G: W.
                                         Pendleton, Idaho Falls, Idaho.                 E. G. HOEFER, Tailor ' ~> "'
 died at College Place, Wash. Oct. 4,
 1921. About four years ago Bro. Boy- DISAPPOINTED?—Because you cannot
 son embraced the third angel's mes-     go to school? Cheer up! There is a STOCK OF DOMESTIC AND IM-
 sage of which he -was a faithful ad-    way to study which is the next best
 herent till the time of his death. He   thing to going to school. Write for            PORTED WOOLENS ,„. , :
 leaves to mourn their loss his beloved  our catalog, and let us tell you all
 wife and one daughter, Sr. Hannah       about it. C. C. Lewis, Principal Fire-
 Sargeant. While his presence will be    side Correspondence School, Takoma Phone Broadway 3317,       109—12th St.,
 missed, yet they dp not mourn as oth-   Park, Washington, D. C.      •   • '   Refer to "ad", .- - . IPortlamVOre.
                                                 NORTH PACIFIC UNION GLEANER
                                released        your vow?' If
    North Pacific Union Gleaner venture tofrom this, they become they
                                            do                   par-
                                                                                             ripe and many people are now anx-
                                                                                             iously waiting for just such an issue
                            .WEEKLY              takers of the sin of which the with-        that will convey to them in a simple,
                    , by . J.he                  holder is guilty. . . . There is an in-     delinite, and direct way the funda-
:     'Worth.Pacific.Union Conference of         creasing carelessness on the part of        mentals of our faith and message."
         I Seventh-day'Adventlsts                many in regard to meeting their                                  "A. R. Ogden.
..Subscription Price,, Fifty Cents a. Year       pledges. . . Many look upon the act             "Pres. North Pacific Union Conf."
            Foreign, One Dollar •
                                                 of pledging as though it imposed no             "I was certainly glad to hear that
                                                 obligation to pay. 'Vol. IV, pp. 474,       you are planning on putting out the
             S. j. LASHIER; Editor               475.                                        special number of the 'Signs Weekly'
    MISS PEARL COOK, Associate Editor
                                                  - "When these pledges are cancel-          devoted to the fundamental princi-
    „ -.Entered as secpnd class matter March     led, (paid) Heaven accepts the offer-       ples and teachings of the Seventh-
    "20! WO at the post-office at .College       ing, and these liberal workers are          day Adventists. It could be used ex-
     Place, Wash., under the act of Congress
    rAfnrrh-3. 1879. --.                         credited for so much treasure invest-       tensively by our people in follow-up
                                                 ed in the bank of heaven. Such are          missionary efforts to close the Har-
                 NEWS 'NOTES                     laying up a good foundation against         vest Ingathering campaign."
      •Bro. N. H. Conway returned last           the time to come, that they may lay                               "J. S. Rouse,
    Thursday .from the fall council at           hold on eternal life." Vol. IV, p. 473.          "Pres. Upper Columbia Conf."
    Minneapolis, and Eld. Ogden returned            Let all who have made pledges to             "I believe this is a most excellent
    Friday afternoon                             our institutions and foreign missions,      plan and I am sure if such an issue is
                                                 carefully consider the above state-         published, we will be able to use a
                                                 ments.                  S. J. Lashier.      goodly number of them. It seems
     Eld. E. C. Boger returned to the                                                        this is a real opportune time to get
 .office Wednesday,of last week from                                                         such matter before the general pub-
 •.Western Oregon where he had been                       WEDDING BELLS                      lic. I find that many people are real-
'in the interest' of the Ingathering                Mr. Marion A. Evans of.Cle Elum,         ly wanting just such information."
1 work. A field day for Laurelwood               Wash., and Miss Ethel May Chadwick                               "J. T. Jacobs,
  Academy students in Portland on.               of Yakima, Wash., were united in                          "Pres. Montana Conf."
  Tuesday brought good results. Eld.             marriage at the home of the bride's             "Judging the future by the past, I
  Boger left Wednesday night for                 brother on Superior Ave., Sept. 28,         am sure that this paper would be
  Seattle.                                       1921.                                       ideal and I know you could depend
                                                    A. little flower girl led the process-   on our field doing its best."
          Bro. W... C. Thompson, home mis-       ion through the room filled with                             "J. W. Norwood,
      sionary secretary of the Upper Col-        relatives and friends to the beautiful             "Pres. Southern Idaho Conf."
    . Timbia Conference, spent a few hours       arch where the ceremony was per-                This special issue of the "Weekly
       one day last -*eek with Eld. Steward      formed, and while the bells were            Signs," called the "Full Message"
       in Milton in the Harvest Ingathering      ringing.' Many congratulations were         number—covering the fundamental
      .work, and as a result obtained nearly     given the young couple.                     teachings of the Bible and setting be-
       $300.00. Bro. Thompson left Friday           They will make their home at Cle         fore the reader in a simple, straight-
     -morning for Yakima to continue the         Klum, Wash.               R. A. Libby.      forward, kindly manner, a general
      good work.                                                                             statement of what Seventh-day Ad-
                                                 ENTHUSIASTICALLY ENDORSED                   ventists believe and teach—will be
                                                    Conference presidents and mission-       ready early in November. It will be
                   PLEDGES                       ary secretaries everywhere are be-          printed in two colors, sixteen pages.
        "When thou vowest a vow unto             hind the plan to give extensive cir-         (There will' be no more eight page
     God,,defer not fo pay, it. . . that   culation to the forthcoming special         issues of the "Weekly Signs".) In
     which thou hast vowed."                     "Full Message" number of the                quantities of ten or more copies to
         "Better is it that thou shouldest       "Weekly Signs", to be used in fol-          one name and address, the price of
     not vow than that thou shouldest            lowing up the Ingathering and for           the Special Number will be 2 % cents
     vow and not pay." Eccl. 5:4,5.              general distribution during the fall        a copy. This rate is given with the
         "When a pledge is made to the           and winter, The following quota-            expectation that all orders given in a
     cause, it is a vow made to God, and         tions from recent kind letters are          church will be combined so as to
    'should.- be' sacredly kept. In the          samples of the many hearty approvals        come in one package or lot, these at
    -sight -of God it is no better than          of the plan:                                $2.50 a hundred; $25.00 a thousand.
     sacrilege to appropriate to our own            "I think the suggestion of getting       If the paper is sold by some of our
      use that which has-been once pledged       out a special number of the 'Signs'         people, the retail selling price will
     to advance His sacred work. No              devoted to the fundamental beliefs          be ten cents. (Profit on 100 copies,
     legal cord is more, binding upon the        of our faith, as a fall missionary ef-      $7.50; on 20 copies, $1.50.) Sent
     Christian for the payment of money          fort for following the Harvest Ingath-      to separate names and addresses di-
      than a pledge made to God."                ering campaign will be a good idea.         rect from the "Signs" office, five or
      "Testimonies" Vol. IV. p. 470.             You can count on this Union to do           more, each 4 cents a copy. Kindly
        ."Have ministers the power to ac-        its best in the circulation of such an      order from your tract society, and
    ?cept.-their excuses, and say, 'You a-re     issue, for I believe that the time is       order early.

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