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					Salisbury University
 NURSING NOTES                                                                                                                   SUMMER 2004

   GREETINGS                  FROM THE                 CHAIR                    SIM MAN Simulated Patient Now
                  by Dr. Susan Battistoni                                      Available in Nursing Resources Lab
A     s I am sure you may
remember, there is always
                                      nursing students enrolled in
                                      junior/senior level courses. Fifty-
                                                                            T   his summer the Nursing
                                                                            Department increased its
                                                                                                                  the Korotkoff sounds
                                                                                                                  synchronized with pulse, and an
something happening in and            nine students graduated in May        number of males available in the      ECG library of over 2,500 cardiac
around the Department of              2004 and 100 percent of SU            department when it purchased          rhythms that allow cardiac
Nursing—and some things never         nursing graduates were employed       “Sim Man,” a universal patient        monitoring, defibrillation and
change. However, the past year        in the area of their choice upon      simulator provided by Laerdal         external pacing.
brought some very positive            graduation. Enrollment in the         Medical Corporation. This                  In order to use this manikin,
changes. Finally after 15 years,      master’s program has been low         manikin provides many learning        its potential two faculty
the Department of Nursing is          for several years; however, we are    opportunities that previously         members, Dr. Dorothea
located on the main campus.           seeing an upsurge in interest in      were not available on manikins        McDowell and Professor Peggy
During summer 2003, we moved          the graduate program with             that the department owned. Sim        Mitchell, traveled to Texas in July
into the remodeled second floor       increased enrollments for             Man has physiologically correct       for a two-day, intensive
of Devilbiss Science Hall (Now        fall 2004.                            carotid, femoral, brachial and        workshop. Use of the manikin
simply called Devilbiss Hall). All          As you will see in the          radial pulses, a pre-programmed       will be integrated into several
of the departmental offices and       “Faculty News” section, many of       medical library of heart, lung,       junior-level courses, including
labs (practice, health assessment     our faculty are very busy with        bowel and vocal sounds, ability       Adult Health I and II and Health
and multimedia viewing rooms)         research and publications while       to take blood pressures by            Assessment.
are located on this floor. Most of    others are maintaining clinical       palpation or auscultation with
the nursing classes are also          practices in a variety of settings.
offered in this building. With the    The faculty membership has had
move, we were able to expand the      few changes in the past few years.

                                                                            FACULTY NEWS
lab space to accommodate the          We were fortunate last August to
increasing class sizes. Being next    hire Mary T. (Molly) Parsons,
door to the Henson Science Hall,      CRNP—a graduate of our
where the other departments in        second degree and master’s
the Henson School are housed,         program. Molly is teaching            P R E S E N TAT I O N S
has helped us to be much more a       primarily in the pediatric
part of the School and the            undergraduate course and              • Professor William Campbell
University as a whole.                pediatric sections of the family         presented, “Pediatric Tobacco Prevention: A Teaching Learning
      We were also excited in         nurse practitioner course. We            Partnership Project” at the 37th Annual Convention of the Honor
October when the Commission           have started discussions with            Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International in Toronto,
on Collegiate Nursing Education       Dr. Shane Neely-Smith, at the            Canada (November, 2003)
(CCNE) and the Maryland Board         College of the Bahamas, to
of Nursing notified us that we        develop a transcultural nursing       • Dr. Lisa Seldomridge
had received full accreditation for   course experience/exchange.              presented a poster titled, “Attracting Students to the Professorate:
five years. Our next visit will be    Dr. Neely-Smith came to SU to            A Faculty Shadowing Experience” at Drexel University Institute
in spring 2008. Adding to this        discuss this idea, which was
                                                                               for Nursing Education, Philadelphia, PA (June, 2004)
accomplishment was the fact that      conceived by Dr. Mary
two faculty members, Drs. Lisa        DeLashmutt.                           • Dr. Mary DeLashmutt
Seldomridge and Karen Badros,               And lastly, we are launching       presented, “Spiritual Needs of Mothers Raising Children While
were selected to be accreditation     the first installment of what we
                                                                               Homeless” at the 14th International STTI Nursing Research
visitors by the CCNE. Both of         hope will be a regular newsletter
them have been part of an             publication for our nursing              Congress: Global Diversity in Research, Education, and Practice in
accreditation team conducting an      alumni. Check out this first issue       the Bahamas (June, 2003). Dr. DeLashmutt also presented “What’s
accreditation visit this year at      and feel free to send in any news        Poverty Got To Do With It?” at the 100th Maryland Nurses
other institutions.                   or updates, either personally or         Association annual convention in Annapolis, MD.
      We are doing our part to        professionally, so that we can
lessen the nursing shortage by        include it in the next edition .      • Dr. Lisa Seldomridge and Dr Cathy Walsh
continuing to have high               Also, stop by and visit some time        will be presenting a poster titled, “Addressing the Challenges of
enrollments in both our               if you are ever in the Salisbury         Clinical Grade Inflation using Grading Rubrics” at the 2004
traditional and our second-degree     area please visit and tour our new       National State of the Science Conference, Washington, D.C.
programs. In fall 2003, 160           facilities!                              (October, 2004)
                                                                                                                                   (continued on back)
FACULTY NEWS                                               continued    CLASS NOTES
P U B L I C AT I O N S                                                  1991
• Tull, K. & Carroll, R. (in press).                                    Penny (Justice) Makuckal was chosen as Maryland’s 2003 School
  “Advanced Practice Nursing in Home Health.” Home Health Care          Nurse of the Year. She currently works at the Worcester County
  Management and Practice.                                              Technology & Career Center and is a school nurse consultant for all
                                                                        14 Worcester County public schools. Penny completed her master’s
• Walsh, C.M. & Seldomridge, L.A. (in press)                            degree at Salisbury University in 1997 with a Home Health Clinical
  “Clinical Grades: Upward Bound.” Journal of Nursing Education.        Specialist Concentration. She lives in Stockton, MD, with her husband
                                                                        Denny, and a daughter, Maranda.
• Seldomridge, L.A., & DiBartolo, M.C. (in press)
  “Profile of Accelerated Second Bachelor’s Nursing Students.” Nurse    1997
                                                                        Robyn (Yanke) Gilden married Brad Gilden in 1997 and is proud to
• Seldomridge, L.A. & DiBartolo, M.C. (in press).                       announce the birth of their first child, Zachary Jacob, born on May
  “Can success or failure be predicted for baccalaureate graduates on   26. Robyn completed her master’s degree with a focus on
  the computerized NCLEX-RN?” Journal of Professional Nursing.          environmental health nursing at the University of Maryland and now
                                                                        works for UM in the Environmental Health Education Center.
• DiBartolo, M.C. & Soeken, K.L. (2003).
  Appraisal, coping, hardiness, and self-perceived health in            1999
  community-dwelling spouse caregivers of persons with dementia.        Jill Erickson married Geoffrey Hill in April 2004 and currently works
  Research in Nursing & Health, 26, 445-458.                            at Johns Hopkins Hospital on the Children/infants and toddlers floor.
                                                                        Malea (Rey) Billmeyer married Albert Billmeyer in July 2004 and
                                                                        currently works at North Arundel Hospital’s Emergency Department.
        KEEP IN TOUCH!                                                  Tania (Bellia) Weiss married Christopher Weiss in August 2000 and
                                                                        has a baby girl, Sara Ashley born in March 2003. She works at
                                                                        Peninsula Regional Medical Center in the Emergency Department.
           S U D E PA R T M E N T O F N U R S I N G
                                                                        She is currently enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at
               Chair, Dr. Susan Battistoni
                                                                        Salisbury University.
               Send any news or updates to:
                    Dr. Thea McDowell
                                                                        Meredith (McCue) Loosararian married Derrick Loosararian in
                                                                        October 2003 and currently works on the Post-partum Unit at Johns
                                 OR                                     Hopkins Hospital.
                    Dr. Mary DiBartolo                                  Lori (Morsberger) O’Connor married Ryan O’Connor in April
                                     2002 and currently works in the Emergency Department at Johns
                                                                        Hopkins Hospital. She is planning to complete her master’s degree in
                                                                        December 2004 at Johns Hopkins to become certified as an Adult
                                                                        Primary Care Nurse Practitioner.

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