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									                S. A. Y. S. NEWS
ST. AUGUSTINE YOUTH SERVICES –Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence- Spring / Summer 2009

Director’s Corner . . .                                      6th Annual Ride Against Child Abuse
Dear Friends of SAYS,                                             The sixth annual RIDE AGAINST CHILD ABUSE
                                                             will take place on Sunday, April 19th. Arnold’s Lounge
    St. Augustine Youth Services has earned another
                                                             in St. Augustine will once again host this Poker Run
three-year CARF accreditation! The three-year
certification is the best that can be awarded, and due to
the hard work and care of our staff, we have received            Registration will begin at Arnold’s, 3912 N. Ponce
this status each time we have been surveyed.                 de Leon Blvd., at 9:30 a.m., and the ride will
                                                             commence at 11 a.m. Riders will travel to three
                                                           locations on a route of approximately 100 miles, and
   The boys had an incredible Christmas due to the           then return to Arnold’s for the barbecue buffet,
efforts of Santa and all his many friends in the             auction, door prizes, and more.
                                                                Registration is $10 per person and includes poker
                                                           hand and buffet. Poker will be played in the Texas
                                                             Hold ‘Em format, so there will be no waiting in dealer
   “Schuyler, when will the new campus be started?” is
                                                             lines. Best 5-card stud hand will win 50/50 jackpot.
a question I hear daily. I am happy to report that
thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Diane Mills, we are getting       For more information, call Lisa McPhillips at 829-
closer to meeting the requirements to achieve the            1770, ext. 231, or email lisam@sayskids.org.
permits we need. Unfortunately, a concrete date is still
not known, but I do know we are closer than we have
ever been. Since the start of our Capital Campaign, we                          April is National
have increased the number of buildings/homes we
need on the campus. It’s still not too late to become a
                                                                                 Child Abuse
part of the program by sponsoring a “Lifetime Room.”                              Prevention
They are called “Lifetime Rooms” because:
    -   Your plaque will remain for a lifetime.

    -   Your support shall help each SAYS child for a
        lifetime.                                                   10th Annual Wildwood Fishing Tourney
                                                                 The Wildwood Inshore Fishing Tournament,
    -   That room will assist countless children over a
                                                             now in its 10th and final year, will be held on Saturday,
        lifetime.                                            April 18th, beginning at 7 a.m. at the St. Augustine
   Please contact us at (904) 829-1770 to find out           Boating Club on Vilano Beach.
more about our “Pledge for a Lifetime” program.                  Sponsors are currently being sought for the event –
                                                             100% of sponsor dollars benefit SAYS. Donations are
                                                           tax-deductible
                                                                 Prizes will be awarded for Redfish, Flounder, and
Finally, April is Child Abuse Prevention Please wear a
blue ribbon throughout the month to help raise
                                                                 Mandatory Captains’ Meetings will be held on
awareness about child abuse and neglect, and to help         April 10th and 17th (must attend one) at 5:30 p.m. at the
remind everyone that preventing child abuse is               home of Tournament Chair John Raven, 885 Wildwood
everyone’s job. -- Schuyler S. Siefker, Exec. Director       Drive. Please call (904) 794-2444 for more information
                                                             and directions.

                                                     Newsletter 1
“I Love, I Love, I Love My Calendar Girl “                   “WHEN I GROW UP” Calendar– Nomination Form
(or Guy)
                                                            Nominee’s Name:_________________________________
    St. Augustine Youth Services is planning a very
special fund-raising project, and we need members of        Profession/Job Title: _______________________________
the community to help us make it happen.
   SAYS will be publishing a 2010 “When I Grow              Place of Employment: ______________________________
Up” calendar, in which each month will feature a
photograph of a local professional at his or her            Education/Degree(s): _______________________________
workplace with a child, dressed up in the appropriate
“grown up” work attire, looking on and learning.            How long in current profession ?______________________
   We are seeking nominations of local professionals
                                                            Mailing Address: __________________________________
to be featured in the calendar. Most any profession is
acceptable, as long as it works in the sentence: “When      ________________________________________________
I grow up, I want to be a . . . _____________.“
White-, blue-, and “green-collar” jobs are all suitable     Phone Numbers:
for this project.                                           Home: _______________ Work: ________________
   We especially encourage nominations of those             Cell: ________________ Email: _____________
professionals who strive to be good role models, and        ---------------------------------------------------------
who try to have a positive impact on the lives of                   CHARITY POKER TOURNAMENT!
children through their professional and/or personal             The First Annual SAYS Charity Poker Tournament
activities.                                                 will take place on Friday, April 17th, at 7:30 p.m. at
   Up to 36 nominees will be accepted. Our final 12         The Player’s Grille, Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville.
“Professionals of the Month” will be selected at a          This is a 50-person Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, run
voting ceremony and banquet to be held in late              by a professional Tournament Director. Each table will
September. Each of the nominees will be asked to            have a professional dealer. Buy-in for participation is
invite their families, friends and co-workers to the        $110, and all proceeds will benefit St. Augustine
event, and after a short presentation, attendees will be    Youth Services. Visa Gift Cards for $500, $250 and
asked to vote, by stuffing ballot boxes with donations      $100 will be awarded for first, second and third places,
on behalf of their favorites. The top 12 vote/donation-     respectively.
getters will be our featured calendar models. The               For more information or to register, call Sheila
calendars will then be printed and made available for       Bartnick at (904) 343-8031, Rose Sarkees at (904)
sale in the community beginning in November 2009.           234-3533, or Pam Young at (904) 829-1770.
    If you or someone you know is interested in
participating in this fun project, please fill out the                 BLUE RIBBON YARD SALE
attached form and return it to SAYS, no later than              As a prelude to the annual Ride Against Child Abuse
June 30, 2009. If you are nominating someone other
                                                            (see Page 1), our first annual BLUE RIBBON YARD SALE
than yourself, please let that person know and make                                           th
                                                            will be held on Saturday, April 18 , from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in
sure he or she will be willing to actively participate in
this project.                                               the parking lot at Arnold’s Lounge, 3912 North Ponce de
    All funds raised by the “When I Grow Up” calendar       Leon Blvd. Donations of items for the yard sale (which are
project will directly benefit St. Augustine Youth           tax-deductible) are currently being accepted at SAYS and at
Services, a private nonprofit therapeutic group home        Arnold’s, and we expect to have a huge variety of items
for abused children. All donations are fully tax-           available for sale on the day of the event, including furniture,
deductible.                                                 baby items, clothing, household goods, kitchen stuff, knick
  If you have any questions, or would like further          knacks, jewelry, and much much more. All proceeds will
 information about this project or about St. Augustine
                                                            benefit SAYS, and any left-over items will be sold at Arnold’s
Youth Services, contact Lisa McPhillips at SAYS at
                                                            in the auction following the Ride Against Child Abuse on
(904) 829-1770, ext. 231, or email at                                        th
lisam@sayskids.org.                                         Sunday, April 19 .
                                                               St. Augustine Youth Services thanks Arnold’s Lounge for
                                                           its continued support and commitment to helping the children
                                                           at SAYS throughout the year. For more information, please
                                                           contact Lisa McPhillips at SAYS at 829-1770, ext. 231.
                                                   Newsletter 2

                What’s In a Name?
    Abilify, Prozac, Paxil, Adderal: these are all trade
names of popular Psychotropic Medications. However,
thanks to recent television and magazine ads, these
medications, which are commonly used to treat Mental
Health disorders, are well known to the general public.
Ads which promote the use of such medications urge
potential customers to “ask your doctor if this
medication is right for you.” What once was a decision
made primarily by Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists
has become a “consumer informed” choice.
     Part of this “choice” needs to be information
regarding who should prescribe such medications.
Ideally, a Board Certified Psychiatrist should be
prescribing medications related to mental health issues.
Board Certified Psychiatrists are specially trained to
address these types of problems and meet certain
standards which are set by a Board to ensure a high
quality of care. Board Certified Psychiatrists are also
required to take Continuing Education Courses in
order to maintain their Certification in their area of
     Dr. Sivanta Paul is the Medical Director at St.
Augustine Youth Services. He is Board Certified as a
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Dr. Paul has been
with SAYS for almost nine years. Not only is Dr. Paul
Board Certified, he takes into consideration many
variables when treating our children’s clinical needs.
Family history, use of past medications, and current
behaviors are a few variables Dr. Paul considers when
prescribing medication. Dr. Paul describes himself as
“skeptical” when prescribing psychotropic medication.
This means that he doesn’t believe in what he calls
“polypharmacological” prescribing. Dr. Paul
introduces one medication at a time and evaluates its
effectiveness. He is also concerned about cost when
prescribing. If a generic medication can be used with
the same desired outcome, he will use that medication.
If a larger dosage can be cut in half without losing its
effectiveness, he will order the larger dose. Overall,
Dr. Paul is conservative and cautious in prescribing
     No matter who prescribes medication for you and
your family, know what their credentials are; be aware
of their prescribing habits and what their approach is
relating to ordering medications. Remember, it’s your
choice! Make it an informed one!
                       --Susan Zitsman, Clinical Director

                                                    Newsletter 3
  SARAGOSSA CAMPUS NEWS                                                  NEWS FROM TRAILS
    SAYS welcomes new houseparents Shawn and                     During the past several months at Trails, one of our
April to the Little Boys’ House, and four new boys           residents turned 18 and graduated from the program.
into the program. Four boys turned 18 recently and           He is currently living in Clay County and is attending
left our program to live on their own, and three more        school on a daily basis with a goal of completing his
will be leaving this summer. They sure grow up               GED. Our current residents are looking forward to
quickly.                                                     Spring Break and the last part of the school year.
    Four boys earned A/B Honor Roll in the last                  For those that are not currently employed, job
grading period. Two of our boys are doing volunteer          seeking skills and activities continue to be addressed,
work in the community: one who is quite an avid              as all the boys at TRAILS are encouraged to work
reader volunteers on Saturdays at the library. The           part-time in addition to maintaining their academic
other volunteers for the State Park Service as a             responsibilities.
volunteer ranger. The job is so perfect for him. He               The residents are working on completing the
loves animals, especially snakes, and now he gets to         school year on a strong note. Whether progressing
spend all day Saturday and Sunday tromping through           towards their GED, a high school diploma, or passing
the woods looking for snakes and any other kinds of          all of their classes to ensure they are promoted to the
animals he can find. He was very proud of himself for        next grade level next year, education continues to be
saving a sea turtle that was unable to swim because it       an important part of the program at TRAILS as a
had so many barnacles on its shell.                          means of offering greater opportunities to our youth in
    All the boys, as well as the staff, are looking          the future.
forward to Spring Break . . . a whole week of no school                              --Dave Ramey, Program Director
and having fun.
   The boys and the staff would also like to thank
everyone who made Christmas so very special. The
boys were completely delighted.
                         --Pam Young, House Manager

                                                    Newsletter 4
                                                                CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS:
                                                      1st ANNUAL CHARITY POKER TOURNAMENT
                                                      Friday, April 17 , 7:30 p.m.
                                                      PLAYER’S GRILLE, HENDRICKS AVE., JACKSONVILLE
                                                      Info: Pam Young, (904) 829-1770, ext. 232

                                                      WILDWOOD INSHORE FISHING TOURNAMENT
                                                      Saturday, April 18 , 7:00 a.m.
                                                      ST. AUGUSTINE BOATING CLUB, VILANO BEACH
                                                      Info: John Raven, (904) 794-2444

                                                      1 ANNUAL BLUE RIBBON YARD SALE
                                                      Saturday, April 18 , 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
                                                      ARNOLD’S LOUNGE, ST. AUGUSTINE
                                                      Info: Lisa McPhillips, (904) 829-1770, ext. 231

                                                      6 ANNUAL RIDE AGAINST CHILD ABUSE
                                                      Sunday, April 19
                                                      Registration 9:30 a.m.; Kickstands up--Skylard, age
                                                                                             11:00 a.m.     15
                                                      ARNOLD’S LOUNGE, ST. AUGUSTINE
                                                      Info: Lisa McPhillips, (904) 829-1770, ext. 231

                         --Brendan, age 12

My Biggest Dream and Hope . . .                             My Future Holds . . .
   My future holds                                          My future holds a caring father.
  Someone very bold.                                        My future holds entertaining people when I am bored.
  To help hold onto life                                    My future holds being a gentle giant
  And see through the strife.                               My future holds being a caring brother.
  It will be my biggest dream                               My future is in my hands. --Darius, age 14
  To be a country veterinarian.
  There is nothing to compare in life
  To someone who saves life.
                           --Michael, age 14

                                               Newsletter 5
   Michael Hart, age 27, left SAYS 10 years ago.
He has been very busy since that time.
   Mike left SAYS’ Pre-Independent Living
Program and joined Job Corps in Miami, Florida.
There he became a certified carpenter, and earned
his high school diploma.
   Upon completion of Job Corps, he joined the
United States Navy. Over the next five years, he
went to Japan, Guam, Puerto Rico, Iraq, Spain,
and Mississippi.
   Mike gave civilian life a try for a bit, but due
to his love for his country, Mike then joined the
U.S. Army, where he served in Afghanistan for
18 months.
   After the Army, Mike moved to Tampa to
attend Hillsborough County’s Police Academy,
and became a state-certified corrections officer.
   However, realizing that the medical field had
not been adversely affected by the current
economic crisis, Mike went back to school to
become a patient care technician and is currently
working at a Mental Health Crisis Center.
   Soon, however, Mike will be boarding a
Norwegian Cruise ship in Hawaii, where he will
remain for the next five months working as a
security guard. He says that following the cruise,
he would like to return to school to further pursue
the medical field, although law enforcement is also
still in his mind. Mike states, ”You can never stop
moving forward.”
   A dream for Michael has always been to be a
stand-up comedian, on stage making people laugh.
He continues to hold on to this dream and would like
to give it a try, rather than having “I wish I could have “
regrets later in his life.
   So, if you happen to be on a Norwegian Cruise from
Hawaii and see a security guard doing stand-up comedy,
tell Mike hello and that you’re proud of him, because
we sure are. 
                                                      Newsletter 6
Newsletter 7
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