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									                    GP Secrearaties + GS +
                    Grassroot level Govt.

          2) Training of volunteers / community people.

  Time        Division of        Formation of       Process              Responsible
for volunteer District in        various                                 Govt. Department
              different zones    teams/task
 January to    Basically there   Ten types of       A high powered       FireBrigade
 June of       will be 14 nos.   teams/ Task        committee            HomeGuard
 every year    of zones for      forces             consists of ADC      Health
               Rural areas with i) Early            (Rev.), CEO          Police/VDP
               14 nos. of Zonal Warning &           (ZP), PD, DRDA       SocialWelfare
               Officer(the       Dissemination      etc. under the       Public Health
               BDOs) and 8       ii) Rescue &       Chairmanship of      Engineering
               nos. of           Evacuation         DC, Dhubri----       Animal
               Supervising       iii) Shelter       Circle Officers---   Husbandry &
               Officer (the      Management         /Sr.BDOs/BDOs        Veterinary
               Circle Officers). iv) Health &       —Elected             Revenue/Circle/
               Moreover, there First Aid            representatives/     Block/ULB
               will be five      v) Water &         NGOs/CBOs/           offices
               zones for urban sanitation           Grassroot level      Army/ Para
               areas with five   vi) Relief         Govt.                military forces
               Zonal Officer     Coordination/      functionaries/
               from 5 ULBs.      Management         community
                                 vii) Patrolling    people etc.
                                 viii) Trauma
                                 ix) Carcass
                                 x) Damage

               3) Integration of disaster management with development plans. Review of disaster
management activity in every monthly District Development Committee meeting with prior importance to find
out the possible ways to integrant the both.

              4) Schedule for updating the Sub- Divisional / Circle / Block / ULB plans.

 Plans                                             Updating time
 Sub Divisional/Circle/Block/ULB Disaster          ½ yearly (MAY & NOV)
 Management Plans
            5) Schedule for updating District Plan .

Plans                                             Updating time
District Disaster Management Plan                 ½ yearly (MAY & NOV)
Line Departments Disaster Management Plan         ½ yearly (MAY & NOV)

     21) Important Names, Telephone numbers and Web addresses.

A)   i) National Disaster Management (NDM)Division,
     (Ministry of Home Affairs) Govt. of India- 91-11-23094019,               91-11-23093750(FAX).
     ii) Addl. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Assam-(0361) 2261667
     iii) State Relief Commissioner, Govt. of Assam-(0361) 2261402
     iv) Commissioner & Secretary, Revenue(General) Department,Govt. of Assam – (0361)2262898,
     v) Deputy Secretary, Revenue Department, Govt. of Assam-(0361)2230982
     vi) State Project Officer (Disaster Management), Govt. of Assam-        098640-55550(M)
B)   i) Deputy Commissioner, Dhubri – 230050/230419/230030/230303
     ii) Addl. Deputy Commissoner, (Relief), Dhubri – 230021
     iii) Addl. Deputy Commissoner, (Dev.), Dhubri – 230022
     iv) Addl. Deputy Commissoner, (Magistracy), Dhubri – 230006
     v) District Emergency Operation Centre, Dhubri- 1077
     vi) SDO (Civil), Bilasipara- (03667)-250275
     vii) SDO (Civil), Hatsingimari- (03662)-286624
     viii) Project Director, DRDA, Dhubri- 230008/230058
     ix) Superintendent of Police, Dhubri- 230014/230004
     x) CEO, Zilla Parishad, Dhubri- 230847
     xi) EE, E&D, Dhubri - 230041
     xii) EE, Irrigation, Dhubri – NA
     xiii) EE, ASEB, Gauripur-
     xiv) EE, PWD (Roads), Dhubri –230036
     xv) EE, PWD (Bldg.), Dhubri-230037
     xvi) EE, PHE (Rural), Dhubri- 230047
     xvii) EE, PHE (Urban), Dhubri – 230052/230053
     xviii) S.O.Fire Station, Dhubri- 230033/101
     xix) S.O.Fire Station, Mankachar- 285254
     xx) Joint Director of Health Services, Dhubri- 230011
     xxi) District Commandant, Home Guard, Dhubri- 230907
     xxii) DI& PRO, Dhubri- 232849
     xxiii) Superintendent, Civil Hospital, Dhubri-
     xiv) Casuality, Civil Hospital, Dhubri- 102
     xxv) Police Control Room, Dhubri- 100
     xxvi) Circle Officer, Dhubri- 230016/230266-37
     xxvii) District Youth Coordinator, NYKS, Dhubri – 230855
     xxviii) Indian Red Cross Society, Dhubri – 233555
     xxix) District Project Officer(Disaster Management), Dhubri- 9435129806(M)
C)         Important Web address
      3.    http:// asc-
      4.    www.
      5.    www.
      6.    www.
      7.    www
      8.    http://
      9.    www.

                             Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) s
                  for the concerned Govt. line Departments at the District level.
1) Superintendent of Police

(A)         Normal time activities:

1)                 In the District level, the Addl. Supdt. Police or a DSP will coordinate all the
                  works of disaster management as nodal officer. He will prepare a separate
                  and comprehensive plan of the whole district regarding the department
                  of police and also prepare details of resources as a part DDMP. He will
                  consider the following in it :-

           (a)    Details of contacts of all the staff members under the SP, Dhubri.
           (b)    Details of buildings, vehicles, contractors and the vehicles used by them
                  in their jurisdictional area.
           (c)    Maps and statistical data of all the Police stations.
           (d)    Resources and Human Resources useful at the time of Disasters.
           (e)    Details of police staff and retired officers / staff of the police and control
           (f)    Details of function and of staff of District Police control room.
           (g)    Appointment of nodal officer in the control room.
           (h)    Traffic arrangements towards the disaster affected areas.
           (i)    Details of anti-social elements.
           (j)    Security arrangements at relief camps and food storage.
           (k)    To assist the DC to control the black marketers of the district.
           (l)    Security of the transportation of relief materials.
           (m)    Immediate police procedures for human death.
           (o)    To assist the authorities for the evacuation of people form disaster
                  affected areas.
           (p)    Adequate equipments for communication.
           (q)    List of swimmers.
           (r )   Wire less stations in the whole district and communication network.
2)                To update the related details of disaster management plan.

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