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									 11.      1998                   High flood (29.98 Mtrs.)
 12.      2002                   High flood (30.11 Mtrs.)
 13.      2003                   Cyclone & Thunder storms
 14.      2004                   High flood (30.07 Mtrs. On 13/07/2004)

2) Seasonality of Hazard / Hazard Calendar.

Type of    Jan-March               April-June        July-Sep               Oct-Dec
Hazards    H C A             I     H C A         I   H C A          I       H C A          I
Flood                                  Y             Y Y Y          Y           Y          Y
Cyclone                      Y     Y Y Y         Y   Y Y Y          Y
Drought        Y
Fire       Y                 Y     Y             Y

H-Human, C-Crop, A-Animal, I-Infrastructure
                                         (Y represents “Yes” means affects)

A) Multi Hazard Risk Assessment Table.

 Type    of Time      of Potential Impact                 Vulnerable areas
 Hazards    Occurrence
 Cyclone    March      to 1. Damage of house.             Entire District mainly the
            August        2. Loss of property.            South          Bank      of
                          3. Loss of lives.               Bramhaputra(Char/riverie
                                                          areas) and the Golakganj,
                                                          Agomoni areas.
 Flood           June      to 1. Damage of house.          Entire District but mainly
                 September    2. Loss of property.        the Hatsingimari and Dhubri
                              3. Loss of lives            Subdivns.are high flood
 Earthquake   January    to 1. Damage of house.           Entire District
              December      2. Loss of property.
                            3. Loss of lives
 Fire         January    to 1. Damage of house.           Entire District
              December      2. Loss of property.
                            3. Loss of lives
 Boat         March      to 1. Loss of lives              Riverine areas.
 capsize      September
 Accident     January    to 1. Loss of lives              Entire District
 Bomb         Whole year    1. Loss of lives              Entire district but mainly the
 Blast/insurg               2.Lossof infrastructure       Dhubri      and     Bilasipara
 ency                                                     Subdivns.
 Riverbanke     Whole year Loss of infrastructure          Entire Hatsingimari and
 rosion         but mainly                                 some parts of Dhubri and
                June      to                               Bilasipara Sub Divn.

B) List of weak and vulnerable embankments

A) Protection of Dhubri Town by constructing 5 Nos.of stone spurs and 13 Nos. of timber spurs constructed in
   the year 1970-75.
B) Dhubri-Patamari Road cum bund for a length of 10.50 km. in the year 1965.
C) Molakhowaghat to Kathalbari for a length of 3.00 km.in the year 1999.
D) Ringbund at Kumarganj
E) Three nos. of land spurs at Agomoni .
F) Golakganj to Bishnodoi

16. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for District Control Room (DCR) / District emergency
Operation Centre(DEOC).

1) Operational timing of DCR

                      Operational Timing
              15 MAY                  15th OCTOBER
                     ROUND THE CLOCK

2) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of OIC of DCR
    • Assessing of duty.
    • Maintain inventory of resources.
    • Provide information who need it.
    • Service division and assign duties.
    • Receive information on a routine basis and record.
    • Receive preparedness report from various relevant departments.
    • Basing on the reports feedback to the district authority and others.
    • Vulnerable area map displayed.
    • Regular contact with State Disaster Management Control Room.

3) Personal / staff deployment in District Control Room
As per Assam Relief Manual-1976

4) Records and equipments of District Control Room
i) UN Life Jacket- 1 No.
ii) Computer – 1 No.
ii) UPS-1 No.
iii) CPU- 1 No.
iv) Modem- 1 No.
v) Multi utlity machine- 1 No.
(Fax, Print, Copy)
vi) Mobile Phone-1 No.
vii) Mega phone- 1 No.
viii) Fax cum Xerox machine- 1 No.
(Model No. Fc-335)

5) Identification and functioning of Sub- Division / Circle / Block/ ULB level control room.

 Level        Operational site             Incident               Control    Timing of
                                           Commander             Room Ph.    operation
                                                                 No., if
 District     Office of the Deputy         Deputy                (03662)-    15th May-
 Control      Commissioner, (District      Commissioner,         230016/     15th
 Room         Emergency Operation          Dhubri/ Addl.         1077/       October
              Centre), Dhubri.             Deputy                230070      (Round
                                           Commissioner                      the clock)
 Sub-         Office of the Sub-           Sub-Divisional        (03667)-       -do-
 divisioanl   Divisional Officer(Civil),   Officer(Civil),       250275
 Control      Bilasipara/Hatsingimari.     Bilasipara/Hatsingi   (BLP)
 Room                                      mari                  (03662)-

17. Communication and media

A) The following tabular form ensures media involvement at different hierarchy of administration:

District level: Deputy Commissioner --- Addl. Deputy Commissioner (Revenue)--- OIC (DCR)/Branch Officer
(Relief)--- DIPRO--- Media.

Sub-Divisional level: Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil) --- OIC (DCR)/Branch Officer (Relief)/EAC --- SDIPRO--
- Media.

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