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									Crime Scene Cleanup – Understanding The
   Need For This Much Needed Service

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Crime scene cleanup is a term applied to any situation involving cleaning up of crime
related scenes, involving biological cleaning. Crime scene cleanup can involve the
following cases:
    • Suicide
    • Homicide
    • Violent death
    • Mass casualty
    • Biological terrorism
    • And much more …

This is a very important job. The police department, crime investigators and even fire
safety personel would not involve themselves of cleaning up the mess created after a
violent or tragic death.

The responsibility usually falls on the shoulders of family members to clean up the space
after a tragic death has occurred.

Can you imagine how difficult this task would be for a family member who has just
lost his/her loved one?
Someone who has lost a family member would not be in the right frame of mind.
Secondly, the crime scene may involve blood, clothes of the deceased person, his/her
hair or other belongings etc.

This is enough to give nightmares for many weeks or months to the person doing the

Moreover, the people doing the cleaning up would not be trained in it. They would not
know how to dispose of many biohazardous materials which could pose risk of infection
to people staying in the house.

But sadly, there wasn't any other option till now. However, in recent years a few crime
scene cleanup companies have started in order to provide this much-needed service.
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One of the top crime scene cleanup companies is the ATSC Company. The initials stand
for: Accident/Trauma Scene Cleaners.

Their company website address is:

Below is the phone number of the company:
Federal rules specify all body fluids as biologically hazardous. So, the crime scene
cleanup technicians have to be knowledgeable about proper cleaning and disposal of all
hazardous substances. The staff of ATSC are thoroughly trained, highly professional
people who can help in getting the scene of crime to its previous clean state.
ATSC company has a 24 hour emergency responder service. They understand that
crimes can happen at anytime of day and night and urgent action may be needed in many
cases. So, they are available 24X7.

They are just a call away from coming to your aid!

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