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					                                     CLINIC NEWS
                                     The newsletter of the Texas Tech University School of Law Clinical Programs

                                                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
                                              HONORED AS “JOHN CREWS
                                          PRO BONO ATTORNEY OF THE YEAR”
        SPRING 2007

INSIDE THIS                                                           The Equal Justice     Justice Volunteer Program of Legal Aid of
EDITION:                                                              Volunteer             NorthWest Texas and/or number of hours
                                                                      Program of Legal      contributed at the legal clinics. Associate Professor
From the Desk of Larry
Spain…………………….....2                                                   Aid of NorthWest      Wendy Tolson Ross and Professor Larry Spain were
                                                                      Texas held it’s Pro   both presented with this award during the Pro Bono
From the Desk of Larry
Spain and                                                             Bono Awards           Awards luncheon.
Gene Valentini …………... 2                                              Luncheon in
From the Desk of Marilyn E.                                           conjunction with      Charmaine Tupue (3L) who
Phelan…………………...…3                the Lubbock County Bar Association’s Monthly              is graduating in May 2007 was
From the Desk of Wendy            Meeting on Friday, February 16, 2007 at the               presented with the 2006 Legal
Tolson Ross…………..…...4            Lubbock Club. This event was held to recognize            Clinic Volunteer Law
Clinical Program                  Private Attorneys, Professors of Law at Texas Tech        Student Award. Although
Recognizes Students …….4          University School of Law, Law Students, Lay               Charmaine volunteered at
From the Desk of Glenn            Advocates and Community Volunteers for their              various pro bono clinics, she
Roque-Jackson …………...5            dedication of meritorious services to help indigent       also volunteered her time at
Thanks to Faculty &               individuals in their community and surrounding            the offices of Legal Aid of
Students …………………...5              counties with their legal problems.                       NorthWest Texas.
From the Desk of Jeff
Blackburn and Heather             Associate Professor and Civil Practice Clinic co- The TTU School of Law was also presented with a
McDonald ………….……...6
                                  director Wendy Tolson Ross was presented with the certificate for sponsoring pro bono clinics
From the Desk of Susan            2006 John Crews Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year                                      throughout 2006. Pro
Fortney and Gene
Valentini …………………...7             Award.                                                                           bono clinics were held
                                                                                                                   in the clinical program
CCAV Continues to Assist
Taxpayers …………………7
                                  Certificates were also awarded in recognition of                                 offices. Various
                                  meeting the 50 Hour Annual Aspirational Goal for                                 community volunteers
Lessons Learned …………8
                                  Pro Bono Services to indigent persons as                                         were presented with
Law and Justice Magnet            recommended by the State Bar of Texas. These                                     the certificates. Elma
Program …………………...8
                                  certificates are based on the number of hours                                    Moreno accepted the
A Word from our                   reported to the EJVP coordinator during the past  certificate on behalf of the law school.
Students ………………….. 9
                                  year on cases being handled through the Equal
Recent Cases of
Interest ……….................10

IRS Awards Grant ………11
                                     Professors Ross and Spain were honored for exceeding the State Bar’s aspirational
Weddings and
Engagements…………... 12
                                     goal of 50 hours of pro bono work in a year and Professor Ross was honored with
                                              the most prestigious Pro Bono Award when she was named the
Snapshot Corner …...….. 13
                                                         John Crews Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year!
Faculty & Staff …………..14
                                                                                                                          CLINIC NEWS | 2

                  From the Desk of Larry Night Court Divorce Project                                                         CIVIL
                  Spain - Director of                                                                                      PRACTICE
                                                 Practice Clinics, in
                  Clinical Programs and The CivilCounty Courts and cooperation with the
                                         Lubbock                      Legal Aid of
                  Civil Practice Clinic  NorthWest Texas, have initiated a Night Divorce                              • Focuses on
                                                          Project under the supervision of Professors Wendy           development of
                                                          Tolson Ross and Larry Spain. The courts had                 professional skills and
                                                                                                                      values in a closely
During the spring semester, the following students        approached the clinical program with concerns
                                                                                                                      supervised clinical setting
were enrolled in Professor Spain’s section of the         about the lack of access to the courts for low-
Civil Practice Clinic: Laura Brock, Daniel                income individuals seeking a divorce as well as the         • Students will assume
Caudillo, Amanda Galbraith, Tonya Graser,                 problem of some individuals seeking to file their           individual responsibility
Desiree Larue, Robert Massey, Lori Ruiz, and Tia          divorces pro se. Through this project, students in          for representing actual
Wilson.                                                   the clinical program participate in a monthly               clients in all phases of
                                                          evening clinic where they interview individuals             client representation in
Over the course of the semester, a total of 26 new        screened by Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, prepare           social security disability
                                                          and file their Petitions for Divorce. When the cases        claims, family law, wills
client cases were undertaken, 23 cases were closed
                                                          are ready for a final hearing, the cases are heard in       and advance planning,
and 28 cases remain open and will be carried over                                                                     housing issues, consumer
to the fall semester. Students, in addition to being      the Courtroom at Texas Tech University School of
                                                                                                                      and civil rights claims and
exposed to a variety of legal problems through the        Law in the evening which is more convenient for             other civil cases of
evening Pro Bono Clinics, also participated in a new      individuals that may not be able to take time off           interest to students
Night Court Divorce program representing clients          from work.
in divorces. Other types of cases handled during the                                                                  • Classroom component
semester included disability claims, other public    The first set of final hearings was held on April 19             will provide instruction in
benefits, name changes, preparing estate planning    when a total of 8 divorces were completed before                 substantive and
documents, and §1983 civil rights claims.            the Honorable Judy Parker, Associate Judge.                      procedural law applicable
                                                     Barbara Sucsy, Lubbock County District Clerk,                    to cases handled by the
                                                     also volunteered her time to accept documents for                Clinic as well as ethical
                                                                                                                      issues and professional
                                                     filing and to provide certified copies of the Final
                                                                                                                      values; professional skill
                                                     Decrees.                                                         development; and case
                                                          Since the project began in January, a total of 26
                                                          individuals have been assisted. Initially, the cases        • Students have
                                                          are limited to financially eligible clients with no         individual supervisory
                                                          children and limited property.                              sessions with faculty and
                                                                                                                      maintain a reflective
                                                                                                                      clinic journal.

                                                       In addition to classroom instruction that qualified for the    Congratulations to the
From the Desk of Larry Spain and                       40 hour basic mediation training in Texas, the students        following students
Gene Valentini                                         had an opportunity to observe, co-mediate and solo             selected for the 2007-
                                                       mediate actual disputes through the Lubbock County             2008 academic year:
                                During the Spring      Dispute Resolution Center. The students mediated a
                                Semester, the          wide range of cases including family law and child             Julie Bohrer, Sherri
                                following students     protection cases; partnership dissolutions; construction       Colson, Emily Cook,
                                participated in the    disputes; neighbor disputes; cases filed in Justice of Peace   Elizabeth Lieb, Preston
                                Advanced ADR Clinic Courts, County Court at Law and District Court; and               Mundt, Deena Reynolds,
                                under the direction of cases referred by the Lubbock County Criminal District         Jonathan Stovall, Sarah
                                Gene Valentini and     Attorney’s Office.                                             Uurtamo, Roberto
Larry Spain: Mary Wahne Baker, Erik Burris, Melissa                                                                   Ambrosino Jr., Kyle
Carranza, Andrew Cates, Christie Hobbs, Kimberly                                                                      Burgamy, Kacee D’Laine
Laseter, Weldon Nixon, Curtis Riddle, Micah Riddle,                                                                   Harvey, Sammy Lucario,
Josh Smith, Clinton Snow, Kurt Summers, Charmaine                                                                     Oscar Mendez, Allison
Tupue, Morgan Vaughan, Elizabeth von Kreisler, Lori                                                                   Stephens, Laura
Yarbrough, Nathan Yates, and Amy Zentmeyer.                                                                           Tones, and
                                                                                                                      Jacquelyn Wilson.
                                                                                                                   CLINIC NEWS | 3

                  From the Desk of                   settle the client’s tax liability of approximately        LOW INCOME
                                                     $16,000 for $800. As further examples, the                 TAX CLINIC
                  Marilyn E. Phelan -                students obtained substantial refunds for
                  Tax Clinic Director                individuals who had the earned income credit           The Low-Income Tax Clinic
                                                     denied them both for claiming a child or claiming      was formed in April 2000 to
                     Nine students, Kara Blanco,     grandchildren or other relatives. One taxpayer         provide professional skills
                     Logan Burdine, Elizabeth Carter obtained refunds in excess of $11,000.
                                                                                                            training to law students and
                                                                                                            to provide law students the
Storm, Amy Cochran, Nicholas Davis, Geanna                                                                  opportunity to gain practical
Day, Jason Laseter, Jeff Mealer, and James Suter     The students’ work in the clinic on actual tax cases
                                                     and the class sessions on rights of taxpayers and      experience in administrative
enrolled in the Tax Clinic in the fall and spring                                                           proceedings before the
semesters to help taxpayers in their controversies   the procedures in place to contest tax deficiencies,
                                                                                                            Internal Revenue Service
with the IRS. These students obtained nonprofit which the students must attend, have proved very            and in judicial proceedings
and tax exempt status for two associations. They     helpful both to the students and to their taxpayer     before the United States Tax
were successful in eliminating a failure to file     clients. The nine students should be well              Court. The clinic serves
penalty tax for another nonprofit organization. In prepared to represent clients with tax problems          residents in the West Texas
addition, the students have been pursuing means when they begin the practice of law. In addition,
                                                                                                            Panhandle area of Texas and
                                                     the School of Law is providing a benefit to the        Eastern New Mexico by
to solve tax controversies for several taxpayers.                                                           offering representation to
Most of the issues confronting the students          community in representing, without charge,
                                                     taxpayers who cannot afford the services of a tax      taxpayers who are unable to
involved their clients’ entitlement to the earned                                                           obtain professional tax
income credit, to dependency deductions, to head attorney.                                                  counsel.
of household status, and to innocent spouse
treatment. The students have been successful in                                                             Students develop important
obtaining noncollectible status for clients and have                                                        lawyering skills by
been successful in resolving issues relating to tax                                                         interviewing and counseling
                                                                                                            clients, conducting factual
liability for others. They have represented
                                                                                                            investigations, legal research
taxpayers in appellate hearings and have filed                                                              an analysis, negotiating
petitions on their behalf with the Tax Court. The                                                           compromises, drafting
students have filed offers in compromise for                                                                documents and litigating.
several taxpayers and have obtained substantial                                                             Students are responsible for
reductions in tax liability for these clients. As an                                                        their own caseloads but are
example, one student was successful in filing an                                                            closely supervised by the
offer in compromise wherein the IRS agreed to                                                               clinic director, Professor
                                                                                                            Marilyn Phelan. The
                                                                                                            director of the clinic assists
                                                                                                            the students in all phases of
                           CONGRATULATIONS PROFESSOR PHELAN                                                 their clinical education.

                                                                                                            Congratulations to the
                                 40 YEARS OF SERVICE AT                                                     following students selected
                                TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY !                                                     for either the summer
                                                                                                            sessions or 2007-2008
                                                                                                            academic year clinic:

                                                                                                            Summer: James Beam and
                                                                                                            Cory Beth Davis

                                                                                                            2007-2008: James Beam,
                              FOR MORE INFORMATION                                                          Kyle Kovel, Kerri Lawton,
                          ON CLINICAL PROGRAMS YOU CAN                                                      Jibin Luke, Savannah
                                                                                                            Meyer, and Travis Rodak

                                                                                                                 CLINIC NEWS | 4

                 From the Desk of                     other family law matters. One of these cases           PRO BONO
                                                      involved a Protective Order which was concluded      DIVORCE NIGHT
                 Wendy Tolson Ross -                  right before Christmas.
                                                                                                            COURT CLINIC
                 Civil Practice Clinic
                                                      Finally, we had a couple of probate cases. These
                 Director                             cases involved wills, a Determination of Heirship
                                                                                                           Project is co-sponsored by
                                                                                                           Texas Tech University
                                                      case, and a Muniment of Title Case.                  School of Law Clinical
This semester I had 8 students enroll in my section
                                                                                                           Program, Legal Aid of
of Civil Practice Clinic. These students were:        We also settled an insurance case. This case         NorthWest Texas, and
Christian Buensuceso, Lila Garza, Kassi Horner,       involved an insurance company that refused to pay    Lubbock County Courts.
Chelsi Keever, Carrie Mills, Gabriel Meyerat,         on a life insurance policy. We were able to
David Reuthinger, Jennifer Yi.                        successfully persuade the insurance company to       Law students meet with
                                                      pay the insurance policy and were able to obtain a   the qualified applicants
The majority of cases worked on by the students       check for our client in the amount of $10,000.00.    and help them file for a
were family law cases. We accepted many divorces,                                                          divorce under the
both with and without children and some custody                                                            supervision of the Civil
suits.                                                                                                     Practice Clinic professors.
                                                                                                           Law students prepare the
We have expanded our clinic to provide legal                                                               paperwork, file it with the
representation for abused women at the Women’s                                                             courts, and finalize the
Protective Services Shelter. Students interviewed                                                          divorces before the
women at the Women’s Protective Service’s                                                                  Honorable Judy C. Parker
Shelter, provided representation at the protective                                                         in the law school
order hearings, and provided representation with                                                           courtroom.

                                                                                                           Clinics are held the third
                                                                                                           Thursday of every month.
                                                                                                           Clinic offices are used for
                                                                                                           the interviews and all
                                                                                                           prove-ups are held in the
CLINICAL PROGRAM                                                                                           courtroom.
                                                                                                           For an individual to
DURING STUDENT                                                                                             qualify for these services
RECOGNITION                                                                                                they must meet the
                                                                                                           following requirements:
                                                                                                           •    Meet the income
A total of 80 students were                           Since the inception of the clinical programs              guidelines which are
recognized during the recognition                     approximately 745 clients have been served                based on family size;
reception held on April 17th with                     through the clinical program which include the       •    Must not have
a Certificate of Appreciation for their               160 clients served by the Wills Project which             children of the
dedication and participating in                       began during the Fall 2002 semester. The total            marriage;
the clinical programs. A slide                        does not include the total number of cases           •    Minimal to no
show presentation was made in appreciation to the     handled through the Innocence Project since its           property;
students. Associate Dean Brian Shannon                inception.                                           •    No physical abuse
addressed the students with a few words of                                                                      during the marriage;
encouragement and gratitude.                     Students who were                                              and
                                                 honored participated in the                               •    Be a Lubbock County
                                                 Health Care and Bioethics                                      resident.
                                                 Mediation Clinic, Tax
                          Honored guests         Clinic, Civil Practice                                    Legal Aid of NorthWest
                          included the students                                                            Texas screens all
                                                 Clinic, Criminal Justice
                          from the Estacado High Clinic, Innocence Project                                 individuals and schedules
                          School Law and Justice Clinic, and ADR Clinic.                                   the appointments.
                          Magnet Program.
                                                                                                                    CLINIC NEWS | 5

                     From the Desk of                   It has been a pleasure practicing law with these         CRIMINAL
                                                        eight students. They have ethically and effectively    JUSTICE CLINIC
                     Glenn Roque-                       represented a wide range of clients. Patrick
                     Jackson - Criminal                 Garcia, Ty Hamm, William Ivins, Stacy Marlin,         This is a full-year 8 credit
                                                        Marcy Melton, Victor Rivera, Kristin Simms,           hours (4 per semester)
                     Justice Clinic                     Monica Tolden - I am proud of each one of them.       course limited to 16
                     Director                                                                                 students. Students who are
                                                                                                              accepted into the clinic must
                                                                                                              be registered for both Fall
                                                                                                              and Spring semesters. The
Spring was a busy time for the eight students
                                                                                                              Criminal Justice Clinic will
enrolled in the 2006-2007 Criminal Justice Clinic.                                                            consist of two sections
Ty Hamm and Marcy Melton spent a significant                                                                  during the 2007-2008
amount of time preparing for an assault trial only                                                            academic year: Defense and
to have their client accept a last minute plea offer.                                                         Prosecution.
It was a great result for the client. Patrick Garcia,
Victor Rivera, and Monica Tolden litigated                                                                    Prerequisites include:
contested suppression motions in court. The                                                                   Students must be 3L status,
judge and the prosecutors complimented them on                                                                not on academic probation,
                                                                                                              Evidence, Criminal
their ability. William Ivins, Stacy Marlin, and
                                                                                                              Procedure, and Professional
Kristin Simms were the lucky three who went to                                                                Responsibility.
trial. Each of them won a case!                                                                               Recommended courses
                                                                                                              include: Texas Criminal
                                                                                                              Procedure ,Trial Advocacy,
                                                                                                              and/or moot court or mock
                                                                                                              trial experience.
THANKS TO FACULTY AND                                   Public Interest Initiative and Volunteer Law
                                                        Student Association assisted at the Pro Bono          Students may not be
STUDENTS SUPPORTING PRO                                 Clinics during the fall semester:                     concurrently enrolled in this
BONO                                                                                                          class and another clinic or
                                                   Kent Anderson, Julie Boyer, Leslie Chaggaris,              externship; students may
Thanks to the following faculty members who        Jacob Edwards, Vanessa Kelley, Josephine Lue,              not have outside
                                                   Kathleen Nacozy, Carrie Nguyen, Shanon                     employment if enrolled in
have assisted Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas at
                                                   Stanfield, Ann Thomas, Phillip Urrutia, April              this court, however,
various Pro Bono Clinics during the 2006-2007                                                                 exceptions will be made; and
academic year: Deans Walter Huffman (1 clinic) Wiuff, Stephanie Wooley, Gabe Brake, Alex                      students may not sit for the
and Brian Shannon (2 clinics); Professors Gerry Eaker, Rebekah Herrmann, Jelena Kovacevic,                    February bar exam.
Beyer (3 clinics); Christopher Bruner (4 clinics); Nancy Rotundo, Maxey Scherr, Shirlyn Solas-
Wes Cochran (8 clinics); Susan Fortney (1 clinic); Edwards, Caitlin Thomas, Amber Thompson,                   Clinic directors for the
Vaughn James (1 clinic) Jarod Gonzalez (2 clinics) and Monica Tolden.                                         2007-2008 academic year are
Michael Hatfield (1 clinic); Jennifer Horn (2                                                                 Patrick S. Metze (defense)
                                                   The following students from the Student Public             and Glenn Roque-Jackson
clinics); Vaughn James; Kimberly Phillips (4
                                                   Interest Initiative and Volunteer Law Student              (prosecution).
clinics); and Larry Spain (8 clinics).
                                                   Association also assisted at the Pro Bono Clinics
                                                                                                              Congratulations to the
The Law School faculty co-sponsored with Legal     during the spring semester:                                following students selected
Aid of NorthWest Texas the Pro Bono Clinics held                                                              for the 2007-2008 academic
at St. John’s United Methodist Church during the Curt Brancheau, Monica Escamilla, Lani                       year:
months of September, October, and February. In Hoffmann, Katie Kennon, Sean Nottingham,                       Tamara Baggett, Aimee
addition, faculty assisted with four Pro Bono      Leslie Obinegbo, Corinne Perez, Karyna                     Bateman, Alex Benavides,
Clinics during the school year organized by the    Soldatova, Shannon Stanfield, Benicio Diaz,                Lindsay Kinzie, Michael
                                                   Shannon Long, Joe Rueda, Leslie Obinegbo, Sean             Kirkland, Sheena Molsbee,
Student Public Interest Initiative and Volunteer
                                                   Notthingham, Gina Barrier, Jennifer Yi                     Earl Oaks, Cheryl Pitre,
Law Student Association.                                                                                      Joseph Baker, Latoya Colley,
                                                                                                              Steven Forsberg, Abigail
All students in both sections of the Civil Practice     If you are interested in participating in a future    Glison, Aaron Holt,
Clinic participate in the Pro Bono Clinics. In          Pro Bono Clinic, contact Elma Moreno,                 Kathleen Nacozy,
addition, the following students from the Student       elma.moreno@ttu.edu.                                  Christina Schwartz,
                                                                                                              and LaShonda
                                                                                                                     CLINIC NEWS | 6

From the Desk of                                        arson investigation has led to questions about the         INNOCENCE
                                                        validity of many arson convictions. These students           PROJECT
Jeff Blackburn and                                      researched and created special arson
Heather McDonald                                    -   questionnaires to help identify those actually        This Project is a vital part of
                                                        innocent of arson. Students also developed many
Innocence Project                                       arson resources and investigation tools for use in
                                                                                                              the Innocence Project of
                                                                                                              Texas. The mission of
                                                        the future.                                           Innocence Project of Texas
                  We are getting ready to say           All of these                                          • to identify, investigate and
                  goodbye to our first full-year        students                                              document claims of actual
                  group at the Innocence Project!       have done                                             innocence
                  It has been great having the          an amazing                                            • to work to exonerate those
                                                                                                              persons who have been
                  students here for both the Fall       amount of
                                                                                                              wrongfully convicted
                  and Spring semesters, first           work and
                                                                                                              •  to educate students, citizens
                  because they are a great group        showed a                                              and public officials about
                  who have worked extremely             commitment to the project that makes us proud.        wrongful convictions, how they
hard, and second because having them all year has       Thanks to all of them for their hard work and         occur and how they can be
provided continuity so that they were able              dedication! We wish them good luck on finals,         prevented
                                                        graduation, and the bar exam!                         •  to advocate for criminal
accomplish a lot. Although 2 of our students                                                                  justice system reforms to
graduated early, we had 9 students remain with us                                                             prevent wrongful convictions
for the Spring semester. This semester’s students       Jeff, Heather, and                                    and achieve justice
include: Nicholas Ball, Julie Bohrer, Leila Kallel,     Innocence Project                                     • to assist the wrongfully
                                                        student, Robyn Nance,                                 convicted with their adjustment
Stephanie Luce, Robyn Nance, Amber Reed
                                                        attended the 2007                                     back into society
Burdine, Erin Shinn, and Russ Shinn.
                                                        Innocence Conference in
                                                        Cambridge, MA this past                               Each student is in charge of
Since the students were                                                                                       doing an investigation and
veterans and needed no                                  March. The conference
                                                                                                              determines if an inmate is
orientation, they were                                  included students, and         Billy Smith, recent    innocent. From there it is
able to work on 56 cases                                practitioners, as well as 57 Exoneree from Dallas     determined how we can
this semester. Their                                    recent exonerees. This         County, and Robyn      prove his/her innocence
                                                        provided a unique              Nance, Innocence       and how to get them out of
efforts have led to 26
                                  Russ Shinn and        opportunity for those            Project student      jail. Finally, the student
cases being closed either
                                    Julie Bohrer        doing the work and those                              drafts an application for a
due to lack of an
                                                        benefiting from it to share their stories and learn   writ of habeas corpus or a
innocence claim or lack of new evidence. This                                                                 clemency petition.
enabled them to move on to cases with a valid           more about working for the actually innocent.
actual innocence claim. The other 30 cases              Meeting the exonerees reminded us all of why we
                                                                                                              Congratulations to the
remain open and under investigation. Several of         do this!
                                                                                                              following students selected:
these cases are at the litigation stage.
                                                                                                              Summer: Ruth Bradbury,
Throughout the semester students have gained a                                                                Curtis Brancheau, Pamela
                                                                                   Heather McDonald and       Dallefield, Kurt Glass, Sara
wide range of experience. From dealing with the
                                                                                     Brandon Moon (an         Hudman, C. Barrett
media, to locating disbarred attorneys, to drafting                                   exoneree) at the        Thomas, Caitlin Thomas
                    writs and motions, the                                        Innocence Conference in
                    students have become skilled                                          Boston.             2007-2008: Becky Behl-Hill,
                    at investigating actual                                                                   Frances Bickford, Hannah
                    innocence claims. We hope                                                                 Brown, Renee Castillo,
                    that they will use the skills in                                                          Cynthia Clements, Brandi
                    whatever practice they enter.                                                             Dosser, Angela Dunlap,
                                                                                                              Anju George, Alma
                      Billy Smith with Jeff Blackburn                                                         Gonzales, Rebekah
                                                                                                              Herrmann, Dustin Howell,
                                                            Robyn Nance and
                                                                                                              Natalie Kersey, Charity
                                                             Stephanie Luce
                                                                                                              Mireles, Aaron Shnider,
In addition, students have been collaborating with
                                                                                                              Karyna Soldatova,
other Innocence Projects on an Arson Taskforce.                                                               and Rebecca
A recent re-evaluation of the “science” behind                                                                Stewart.
                                                                                                                   CLINIC NEWS | 7

               From the Desk of Susan                The Program is continuing to assign mediators to         HEALTH CARE
                                                     handle health care-related disputes. These              AND BIOETHICS
               Fortney and Gene                      mediation services are provided free of
               Valentini - Health                    charge. Any community member or providers
                                                     who are interested in referring a matter should call        CLINIC
               Care & Bioethics                      the Dispute Resolution Center, 806-775-1720.
               Mediation Clinic                                                                             This course and clinic gives
                                                                                                            students an opportunity to
                                                  Persons who have questions on the program
                                                                                                            develop their
The Health Care and Bioethics Mediation Clinic should contact Gene Valentini at 806-775-1720 or             communication, facilitation,
and Program are off to a great start. In the fall Susan Saab Fortney at 806-742-3990 ext. 233.              and mediation skills.
2006 semester, nine law students completed their                                                            Through reading, simulated
mediation training, along with seven providers                                                              exercises, field work, and
from Covenant Health System, University Medical                                                             live co-mediations, students
Center, the Garrison Geriatric Center and the                                                               will learn the law, ethics,
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. Participants                                                             and procedures involved in
                                                                                                            mediating disputes. The
obtained their certificates confirming that they
                                                                                                            study and work will focus on
completed the training required for Texas
                                                                                                            problems and disputes that
mediators. Some of the participants have                                                                    arise in health care settings,
continued to mediate cases for the Dispute                                                                  including those that arise
Resolution Center or in their work settings.                                                                pre-admission, during
                                                                                                            hospitalization/ residency,
                                                                                                            immediately before
                                   CONGRATULATIONS                                                          discharge, and post-
                                PROFESSOR SUSAN FORTNEY                                                     discharge. The issues may
                                                                                                            relate to conflicts between
                      FOR BEING RECOGNIZED WITH THE CHANCELLOR’S                                            patients, their families, and
                       COUNCIL’S DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AWARD!                                              providers. The actual
                                                                                                            matters handled will depend
                                                                                                            on referrals and approvals
                                                                                                            from participating hospitals
                                                                                                            and nursing homes.

                                                                                                            Students who have received
CCAV CONTINUES TO ASSIST                                                                                    credit for the other ADR
                                                            Board Members                                   Clinic will not be able to
LOW INCOME TAXPAYERS                                     Carmen Vige (greeter)                              enroll in this clinic. The
                                                         and Elma Moreno (site                              students’ training will satisfy
                        The Coalition of                  coordinator) on last                              the 40 hour requirement for
                        Community Assistance                 day of VITA!                                   Texas mediators.
                        Volunteers (a partnership of
                        the LITC) and staff from the                                                        This clinic is a 3 credit hour
                        Internal Revenue Service                                                            course held during the Fall
                        trained an estimated 80                                                             semester and is limited to 10
                                                                           Thank you to the following law   students. 2L and 3L status
   VITA Volunteer:      volunteers in early January to                     students who volunteered:        students are welcomed.
  Ken Suitt (greeter) assist with volunteer income
                        tax preparation. The                               Corinne Perez, Cory Beth         Congratulations to the
Lubbock Housing Authority located on 18th and                              Davis, Geanna Day, Jeff          following students selected
Cricket Avenue donated the south side of their                             Mealer, Kara Blanco, Kassi       for the 2007 Fall semester:
building during the tax filing season. As a result
                                                        Doug Aldridge & Horner, Kerri Lawton, Lila          Ruth Bradbury, Lynne
of the efforts of these volunteers a total of 3,287
                                                         Cory Beth Davis Garza, Marcus Blais, Michael       Brooks, Bradley Crider,
people whose average gross income was $14,309                              Watson, Monica Lira, and
                                                          (tax preparers)                                   Monica Escamilla, Kenneth
had their tax returns prepared for free and                                Travis Rodak.                    Hashimoto, Mark
approximately $3,767,907 were returned to
                                                                                                            Killingsworth, Alyssa
families within the community. An appreciation                                                              Parrish, Maxey Scherr,
luncheon is scheduled for April 30th at the            Out of the 2,644 volunteer hours, law students       Mahsa Tajipour,
Lubbock Club.                                          contributed a total of 511.0 hours.                  and Colleen
                                                                                                                     CLINIC NEWS | 8

                          LESSONS                      Have a plan but be prepared to adjust accordingly.          ADR CLINIC
                          LEARNED                      Your plan will almost always have to be adjusted
                                                                                                              • Students receive intensive
                                                       because you cannot anticipate all defense’s tactics.   mediation and conflict
                              By: William Ivins III
                                                                                                              resolution skills training and
                             Criminal Justice Clinic I had planned on putting four witnesses on the
                                                                                                              course qualifies as the 40
                                                       stand. At the last minute I decided against one        hour basic mediation
                                                       witness and only put three on the stand. I know        training
                                                       that decision helped me win the case, fourth
Preparing for a trial is hard work . There’s no                                                               • Students will have the
                                                       witness would have been a horrible witness for the
getting around it. Put the time in and be                                                                     opportunity to observe
prepared.                                                                                                     mediations, co-mediate and
                                                                                                              solo mediate actual disputes
                                                       Know the facts better than anyone. Know the law
During Voir Dire get to know the potential jury                                                               through the Lubbock
                                                       and explain the law to the jury in a manner they       County Dispute Resolution
members by interacting with them one-on-one,
                                                       can understand.                                        Center
your goal is to find out their beliefs and views on
issues relevant to your case. A good way to
                                                       Hammer undisputed facts throughout the trial           • Class format will consist
discover their beliefs and views is by allowing them
                                                       because it will enable a jury to decide disputed       of a combination of lecture,
to talk and listening to what they have to say.
                                                       fact. Juries want to hang their hats on something      class discussion and
                                                       that supports their decision; undisputed facts         interactive participation,
Witness testimony is the key to winning a jury                                                                skills exercises, mediation
                                                       support jury decisions.
trial.                                                                                                        role plays, videotape review
                                                       Be yourself, be sincere, and be honest. If there is
    Good Witnesses: likely to win.                                                                            • Course will provide
                                                       something bad about your case the jury should
    Bad Witnesses: likely to lose.                                                                            students with opportunity to
                                                       hear this information from you. Don’t be               develop skills essential to
    Don’t hesitate to not put a witness on the
                                                       someone you’re not. The jury will know it and          effective problem- solving
    stand if witness will hurt your case.
                                                       hold it against you.                                   that can be integrated in the
    Less is better!!!!!
                                                                                                              practice of law as well as well
                                                                                                              as advise, counsel and
                                                                                                              prepare clients for
Clinical Program Provides                           guide students toward
                                                    their goals of attending                                  Congratulations to the
Preceptorship to Estacado High                      law school.                                               following students selected
School Law and Justice Magnet                       Elma Moreno, Legal                                        for the 2008 Spring
                                                    Assistant and Office                                      semester:
Program                                             Manager for the Clinical
                                                    Program, has been                                         Jason Anderson, Shatoree
The clinical program suites continued to become a working closely with the                                    Bates, Adriana Bhatt-Kriz,
familiar environment to students with the                                                                     Curtis Brancheau, Jared
                                                    students and the program instructor, Lucio R.
Estacado High School Law and Justice Magnet                                                                   Bylund, Amanda Cleghorn,
                                                    Trevino, to make the preceptorship rotation visits        Pamela Dallefield, Cory
Program during the Spring semester. Students        a learning experience.                                    Beth Davis, Sarah Dowdy,
                            were able to assist
                                                                                                              Joseph Dyson, Sarah
                            clinic staff and        All students and instructor were presented with a         Gardner-Cox, Eric Ryan
                            administrative staff    certificate during the student recognition                Johnson, Chibuike
                            with various tasks, as  reception on April 17th.                                  Nwaokelemeh, Amit Patel,
                            well as sit and observe                                                           Jose Ramirez, Stacey Reeh,
                            a few law courses.                                                                Matthew Sherwood, and
                                                                                                              Katherine Sparks

The preceptorship in the clinical program is the
beginning of a five-year partnership between the
School of Law and the Estacado High School Law
and Justice Magnet Program which intends to
provide additional educational resources and help
                                                                                                                               CLINIC NEWS | 9

A WORD FROM OUR                                                                                                          H.E.L.P. Program
                                                           “This is by far the best experience
STUDENTS:                                                  a student can receive. Sure, Board                            A new legal outreach
                                                           of Barristers has competitions                                program, H.E.L.P.
                      “Simply stated, the clinic has been where a student can learn how to                               (Homeless Experience Legal
                      the best experience of my law school negotiate, conduct a mock trial,                              Protection) has been started
                                                           deal with judges, and it allows the                           in Lubbock, modeled after
                      career. I have been fortunate to
                                                           competitors to practice their oral                            similar programs in several
                      learn from the best trial lawyer in                                                                other cities across the
                      Texas, Professor Roque-Jackson,      and client advocacy skills, but
                                                                                                                         country. The program
                      who taught us not just what it       hands down, there is nothing like the real thing! If a        provides legal consultation,
                      means to be an effective advocate, student really wants to see what it will be like once they      advice, brief service and
                      but what it means to be a good       graduate, they need to participate in one of the clinic       referrals for homeless
human being. He is a mentor, a leader, and he has          programs. Real clients, real judges, real attorneys…there     individuals in the
become a friend. Albeit, I don’t hold it against him that is nothing else like it until after the bar exam so my         community who have legal
he is a Harvard Law grad. I also appreciate that I was suggestion is to capitalize on such a great opportunity.          needs that are not met
                                                                                                                         through existing resources.
able to learn from my fellow Criminal Justice Clinic
                                                           Having partaken in the Criminal Justice Clinic, I must        Professor Larry Spain is
students, who in my opinion are some of the best                                                                         coordinating this program
students in the school. Finally, I would like to echo a    attest that Professor Roque-Jackson is a great instructor.
comment by my fellow trial counsel, Victor. Elma           He makes the clinic very interesting by continually
Moreno and Samirah Abdalah are, without a doubt, the bringing in professionals from both sides of the criminal           Volunteers are sought to
people that make the clinical experience so outstanding! law arena. This allows students to get various                  help staff this program to
Deans, professors, and administration officials will       approaches on how to become a good trial attorney.            provide pro bono legal
change, but Elma and Samirah have been here and will Furthermore, his experience as an Assistant United                  services to homeless
be here for years to come. They are the unsung hero’s of States Attorney really helps when the student is deciding       individuals at a Clinic held
                                                                                                                         at the Salvation Army
the clinic. Their enthusiasm and selfish devotion to the what steps to take for the clients. Finally, thanks to
                                                           Professor Roque-Jackson, the clinic will now have a           Homeless Shelter on the 1st
law students and the Lubbock community are what                                                                          and 3rd Wednesdays of the
really make our clinical programs the premier program in prosecution and defense clinic, allowing more students to       month from 7:45 – 8:45
Texas. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to    benefit from this wonderful clinical program. In reality,     a.m. Local attorneys are
participate in the Criminal Justice Clinical program.”     with the law school offering two criminal clinics, the big    being recruited to help with
                                                           winner is the community. The students in the defense          this program.
                                                           clinic can defend those accused of a crime for free while
                                           Patrick Garcia
                                                           the victims of the community will see faster justice with     The following faculty
                                 Criminal Justice Clinic                                                                 members have already
                                                           students working directly with the city prosecutor,
                                                           helping out with the hundreds of cases on file. It is a       volunteered to assist with
                                                           win-win situation.                                            this program: Professors
                                                                                                                         Gerry Beyer, Christopher
                      “As far as my clinic experience: I                                                                 Bruner, Rosemary Dillon,
                                                             Finally, my hats off to Elma Moreno and Samirah             Susan Saab Fortney, Angela
                      think this has been one of the most    Abdalah! Without these two wonderful ladies, the clinic     Laughlin, and Larry Spain.
                      valuable classes I've had in law       would not function. They are very friendly and their        The following law students
                      school! I know that many students      experience helps the clinic run smoothly.                   have volunteered to assist:
                      agree, classrooms and text books can                                                               Leslie Chaggaris, Sarah
                      only offer so much. Meeting and        All in all, my recommendation to all students at Tech       Gardner-Cox, Jibbin Luke,
                      interacting with clients, actually     Law is to strive to make it onto one of the clinic teams,   and Michael Watson.
                      seeing the people whose lives are      you will not regret it.”
                      shaped by the law we learn, has had                                                                If you are interested in
a profound impact on me. They need straight answers,                                                                     participating in this new
                                                                                                   Victor Rivera         program, please contact
not classroom hypotheticals. Professor Phelan and the                      Future Criminal Defense Attorney for
clinic staff have helped teach me how to efficiently and                                                                 Professor Spain,
                                                                 Miller, Johnston, Cross, Blakely & Harris, P.C.         larry.spain@ttu.edu.
accurately address those needs.”                                                                  (Amarillo, TX)
                                       Elizabeth Storm
                                             Tax Clinic

                                                                                             (continued on page 10)
                                                                                                                            CLINIC NEWS | 10

A WORD FROM OUR                                               RECENT CASES OF INTEREST
                              (continued from page 9) Tax Clinic:

“Regarding my clinic experience, It was a wonderful           Kara Blanco favorably resolved
learning experience with real clients. I also wanted to       a case with the IRS. We were
tell you about one of my really good cases. The IRS had       able to get affidavits proving
denied clients their EIC and we helped them to get it         that taxpayer’s grandchildren
for 2003, and once that was resolved they were able to        lived with her, and the IRS
get their withheld refunds from 2004, and shortly 2005.       reinstated her Earned Income
This is a total of $14,621 refunded plus they will be         Credit for 2004 which means
able to get their 2006 refund this year instead of having     she no longer owes the IRS $5200.                        ELMA MORENO
it frozen.”                                                                                                             SELECTED TO
                                            Geanna Day                           Jeff Mealer was successful in
                                             Tax Clinic                                                                   QUALITY
                                                                                 filing an offer in compromise
                                                                                                                      SERVICE AWARD
                                                                                 wherein the IRS agreed to settle
"My clinic experience during the last year and especially                        the client’s tax liability of
the last semester has been really amazing. Because of                            approximately $16,000 for            Elma Moreno, Office
my clinic work, my professors have begun to regard me in                         $800.                                Manager/Legal Assistant
a different light. The professors appear to now view me                                                               in the Clinical Programs,
and the other 3Ls as peers instead of just students. My                                                               has been selected as one
work in clinic has prepared me for entering the                                                                       of 20 individuals across
                               profession. I still have                                                               the TTU System to
                               much to learn, but clinic                                                              receive a 2007 Quality
                                                              Geanna Day was successful
                               has allowed me to                                                                      Service Award. These
                                                              in obtaining refunds in excess
                               challenge myself and work                                                              awards recognize Texas
                                                              of $11,000 for her clients.
                               through problems with a                                                                Tech staff members who
                               guiding hand to assist and                                                             have gone above and
                               catch my                                                                               beyond the call of duty in
                                                              Innocence Project
                               mistakes. Working in the                                                               their quest to provide
legal profession with clients to meet their needs is the                                                              excellent service in
most amazing, challenging, yet rewarding job I have ever                                                              support of the
                                                              Leila Kallel has continued her research for the
had. The legal profession contains such wonderful work                                                                University’s mission and
                                                              retrial of Death Row inmate Anthony Graves.
and challenges. I am so glad I choose it, and it choose                                                               vision.
                                                              Last year, the 5th Circuit reversed his conviction
me. I distinctly remember a former boss of mine
                                                              and ordered the state to release or retry him. The
stating this profession was the best profession that ever                                                             Elma will receive her
                                                              State has opted to retry him sometime this
existed, and he could not imagine doing anything else.                                                                award in an Awards
Through my clinic work, my pride for the legal profession                                                             Ceremony to be held on
and my legal work is growing and I am very excited                                                                    May 3, 2007.
about it!!!"                                                  Stephanie Luce continued her work on a case in
                                            Tonya Graser      which DNA evidence presented at the original
                                                                                                                      Congratulations to Elma,
                                               Civil Clinic   trial should available for re-testing. After visiting
                                                                                                                      who is a valuable member
                                                              with the inmate, she has determined that he has a
                                                                                                                      of the Clinical Program
                                                              good actual innocence claim. She prepared a Ch.
                                                                                                                      team, for this well-
                                                              64 motion to have this evidence re-tested using
                         CONGRATULATIONS                                                                              deserved honor.
                                                              new, more accurate testing. She has also
                                                              uncovered another case in which DNA could be
                              for being named                 re-tested to prove actual innocence and has begun
                           Outstanding Clinical               work on that case.
                          Student by the Clinical
                        Legal Education Association
                                  (CLEA) !
                                                                                           (continued on page 11)
                                                                                                                    CLINIC NEWS | 11

RECENT CASES OF INTEREST                                                  Tia Wilson (Professor Spain’s          WHERE ARE THEY
                              (continued from page 10)                    section) represented a 46 year old         NOW?
                                                                          individual with a diagnoses of
                                                                          generalized anxiety disorder;        Sarah Roland (May ‘06 -
                                                                          depression; and borderline           former CJC student) is in
Innocence Project:                                                        personality disorder. After a        Denton, Denton County,
                                                                                                               Texas practicing criminal
                                                                          hearing before an administrative
Amber Reed Burdine has been working on a writ law judge, the client was found disabled from the                defense law with attorney
                                                                                                               H.F. Rick Hagen of Jackson
of habeas corpus for a man convicted of a felony       date of her application, September 9, 2004. The         & Hagen.
DWI. Brady evidence uncovered after the trial          client was determined eligible for a retroactive
revealed that the officers who testified blatantly     payment of $6,759.34 as well as $385.34 per             Jennifer Kajs (May ‘06 -
contradicted their own police reports. Amber’s         month in continuing benefits.                           former Civil Practice Clinic
work on the writ will be invaluable to the next                                                                student) is working for the
student assigned to the case.                                                                                  Lubbock County District
                                                       Amanda Galbraith (Professor Spain’s section)            Attorney’s office working as
                                                       received a fully favorable decision after a hearing     a prosecutor for County
Erin Shinn has been working diligently on a            before an administrative law judge on a childhood       Court at Law #2. She has
complicated case in which a trial judge                disability claim for a 3 year old child with a          been at the DA’s office since
recommended that a writ of habeas corpus be            diagnosis of hemophiliac cerebral palsy affecting       August 2006.
granted, but the Court of Criminal Appeals             his right side and blindness in the right eye. The
denied relief.                                         child had suffered from shaken baby syndrome as         Nathan Daley (May ‘06 -
                                                       an infant. The child was found disabled                 former Tax Clinic student)
Robyn Nance has been working on a complicated retroactive to January, 2005. $9,004 in retroactive              is practicing with the law
murder case. Her dedication to the case has                                                                    firm of Thompson and
                                                       benefits were awarded as well as continuing             Knight in Dallas. He
enabled her to uncover many leads in what looked
                                                       monthly benefits of $623.                               represents clients before
initially like a hopeless case.
                                                                                                               both state and federal
                                                  David Reuthinger (Professor                                  courts. Focuses his general
Civil Practice Clinic:                                                                                         business litigation practice
                                                  Ross’ section) successfully
                                                                                                               on contract disputes,
                                                  completed an insurance case
Tonya Graser (Professor Spain’s section)                                                                       products liability defense,
                                                  which we were about ready to                                 and intellectual property
represented a 51 year old individual back, neck,
                                                  seriously litigate. David had                                litigation.
leg and feet pain; degenerative disc disease;
                                                  sent the DTPA sixty-day letter
depression; and hypertension. After a hearing
                                                  advising the insurance company                               Lindsay Rose (May ‘06 -
before an administrative law judge, a favorable
                                                  we were intending to sue. The insurance company              former Civil Practice Clinic
decision was made determining the client disabled                                                              student) is an associate with
                                                  cut the client a big check for $9,831.41. (This
retroactive to March 29, 2005. The client was                                                                  Bingham & Lea, P.C. in San
                                                  represents the $10,000.00 insurance policy minus
awarded $18,888.28 in retroactive benefits and                                                                 Antonio. Primary practice
                                                  the rescission check for $620.34 already given.)
$1,217 per month in continuing benefits.                                                                       areas are business,
                                                                                                               employment and securities

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE AWARDS TAX GRANT                                                                      David Iglesias (May ‘06 -
                                                                                                               former Civil Practice Clinic
The TTU Low Income Tax Clinic began its 7th year of operation in 2007 with a $51,907 tax grant                 student) is working as a
award. The Internal Revenue Service has awarded $8 million in matching grants to Low Income                    judicial clerk for the
                                                                                                               Honorable Sam R.
Taxpayer Clinics (LITCs) for the 2007 grant cycle (January 1 thru December 31, 2007). A total of 150
                                                                                                               Cummings, Federal District
clinics were funded in 2006 representing 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. It is        Judge for the Northern
expected that the same number of clinics will be funded in 2007. The TTU School of Law Tax Clinic              District of Texas, Lubbock
is one of the grant recipients.                                                                                Division. He has a two-year
                                                                                                               clerkship which will end in
The clinic provides representation to low income taxpayers who may not be able to afford a tax                 late August 2008.
professional when they have tax disputes with the IRS or are trying to comply with tax laws. The clinic
also informs taxpayers for whom English is a second language or who have limited English proficiency           John Strong (May ‘06 -
of their tax rights and responsibilities. The grant continues to fund a part-time Community Outreach           former Tax Clinic student)
                                                                                                               is working for
Coordinator position which has helped promote the Tax Clinic in various outreach efforts.
                                                                                                               Cotton Schmidt,
                                                                                                               LLP, in Ft. Worth.
                                                                                                     CLINIC NEWS | 12

                                       Lots of bells were ringing as several students were married or
                                                  engaged during this past academic year!

                                       Congratulations to the following clinical program students!!

                                                                                     Patrick Garcia (Criminal Justice
                                        Jason Laseter (Tax Clinic) and Kimberly      Clinic) and Geeta Yadav (Health
Elizabeth Storm (Tax Clinic) married    Reeves (ADR) got married on January 6,        Care and Bioethics Mediation
Brandon Storm November 20, 2006!                         2007.                           Clinic) were engaged on
 Her last name went from Carter to                                                   November 10, 2006, in Ruidoso,
Storm. Their "big" ceremony will be                                                           New Mexico .
          August 11, 2007.

                                                                            Geanna Day (Tax Clinic) got engaged in
                                                                            February to Ryan Tubbs. The wedding is
                                                                                   set for October 20, 2007.

                                         Victor Rivera (Criminal
                                           Justice Clinic) and
                                        Clarissa Chandler (Health
                                           Care and Bioethics
                                          Mediation Clinic) got
                                          married on August 4,
                                             2006 in Hawaii.

  Lori Yarbrough (ADR) and
Nicholas Davis (Tax Clinic) got
married during Spring Break on
       March 10, 2007.
                       CLINIC NEWS | 13

                    WHERE ARE THEY
Snapshot Corner         NOW?

                  Christina Lee (May ‘06—
                  former Tax Clinic student) -
                  currently enrolled at the
                  University of Florida LL.M.
                  in Taxation program. Will
                  finish up in July 2007.

                  Guillermo del Barrio (May
                  ‘06 –former CJC student) -
                  formed a partnership with
                  two other Laredo attorneys.
                  He is a trial attorney in
                  commercial, corporate,
                  family, criminal and
                  personal injury litigation in
                  the law firm of Nguyen, del
                  Barrio and Morales.

                  Jenna Zebrowski (December
                  ‘06—former Civil Practice
                  Clinic student) - is a lawyer
                  with Capín, Calderón,
                  Ramírez y Gutiérrez-Azpe,
                  S.C in Mexico City, Mexico
                  working in the international
                  business section.

                  Deborah Dictson (May ‘06—
                  former Civil Practice Clinic
                  student). Licensed to
                  practice in Texas and New
                  Mexico. Working as an
                  Assistant District Attorney
                  for the Third Judicial
                  District Attorney's Office in
                  Las Cruces, NM. The Third
                  Judicial District handles
                  more cases than any other
                  judicial district in New
                  Mexico with more than
                  8,000 open at this time.
                  She is working on an article
                  for publication.

                  Steven Leary (May ‘06 -
                  former Civil Practice Clinic
                  student) is a staff attorney at
                  the Amarillo office of Legal
                  Aid of NorthWest Texas.

                  Matthew Williams (May
                  ‘06—former Tax Clinc
                  Student) is an associate
                  with the Corporate Finance
                  & Securities with
                  Vinson & Elkins in
                                                                                                             CLINIC NEWS | 14

Clinic Directors:

Larry R. Spain
                                 CLINIC FACULTY AND STAFF
Civil Practice Clinic
ADR Clinic

Marilyn E. Phelan
Tax Clinic

Wendy Tolson Ross
Civil Practice Clinic

Glenn Roque-Jackson
Criminal Justice Clinic

Susan Fortney
Health Care &
Bioethics Mediation

Jeff Blackburn
Innocence Project


Gene Valentini            Standing (Left to Right): Samirah Abdalah, Professor Glenn Roque-Jackson, Adjunct Gene
Health Care &             Valentini, Professor Larry Spain, and Elma Moreno
Bioethics Mediation
                          Sitting (Left to Right): Professor Wendy Ross, Professor Marilyn Phelan, Professor Susan Fortney,
Clinic and ADR Clinic
                          and Janie Gonzales
Heather McDonald          Not pictured: Adjunct Jeff Blackburn and Associate Heather McDonald
Innocence Project


Elma Moreno                                                CLINIC NEWS
Office Manager/Legal
                                                                Spring 2007 Edition
Samirah Abdalah
Legal Secretary                                                1802 Hartford Avenue
                                                                Lubbock, TX 79409
Janie Gonzales
                                                                  (806) 742-4312
LITC Community
Outreach Coordinator

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