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									   Project - nurs +
    Software system that allows the client to recruit individuals for usability
    studies, from the general public.
    Collects basic demographic details from online questionnaire.
    Sorts, filters and displays this information via a desktop java software

Target Group
    National eLearning Laboratory (NELL), but can be extended to any
    usability recruitment company.
Most important features
1. JavaScript Popup           Front End
                        (PHP, HTML, JavaScript)
2. Questionnaire Form

3. Control Panel
4. Manage Projects
                             Back End
5. Manage Testers         (NetBeans, Java)
6. Manage Tests
7. Manage Invites
8. Data Analysis
       JavaScript Popup

Description: This pop up will be displayed on a website as part of the
             advertising website. The User will have the option to participate in
             Usability Testing or decline the offer.
      Questionnaire Form

 If the user accepts the offer to
    participate, he/she will be
redirected to this questionnaire.

  There are 12 short questions
covering the basic demographics.
 Login and Control Panel
The data from the
 questionnaire is
then stored in an
  SQL database.

The NELL user can
  then open our
software on their
 own computer.

    It’s role is to
coordinate all other
 functionality, and
  inform of recent
Manage Testers

 The Manage Testers section is used to manage all the data on the usability
             testers as taken from the online questionnaire.
        From here, ‘Testers’ can also be added, edited or deleted.
Manage Projects

The Manage Projects section is used to manage Usability Projects; that is, the
 Clients of NELL; who have registered and who wish for usability tests to be
                  conducted on their software and systems.
Manage Invites

The Manage Invites section is used to edit the JavaScript pop up advert that is
              originally displayed on the advertisers website.
 Schedule Tests
  The Managing and
   Scheduling Tests
   section is used to
  manage all usability
tests that are to be run
     in the future .
  Comments can be
 added to individual
   tests, and each
scheduled test can be
marked as complete.
Data Analysis

Data can be filtered by the required topics and subsequently displayed in a table on the
 This section is used to identify the ideal candidates for particular tests or projects, by
                        analysing their demographic information.
Data Analysis
 The Data Analysis
 section is used to
perform analysis on
 the data collected
    through the
 questionnaire into
  graphical charts.
         Database Structure

SQL Schema
SQL Main Transaction Tables
SQL Foreign Keys

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