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									                                                                                                                                          The Mountain Eagle . . Wednesday, September 16, 2009 . . Page 7

Families and friends
Crowd gathers to view Vietnam Memorial
By OMA HATTON                       ing. They are good friends of         I was glad to get the pic-   you for all the nice things
                                    ours.                             ture of SSgt. John Randell       you said about the Howard
    Hello everyone, hope                I was glad to see Jerry       Ison. His grandmother, the       family. You mentioned my
you are all doing well and          “Fuzz” Dixon at Irene Ison’s      late Oma (Back) Hamilton,        dad, Bill Howard, preaching
enjoying life.                      funeral. I love see our old       is a relative of ours. I knew    and teaching Sunday
    I enjoyed a trip to Hazard      Marlowe friends. They are         her children. Bobby, Billy,      School on Cowan. You must
on Friday with my good              all special to me. They feel      Betty, Bessie and Bonnie are     remember me too. I was al-
friend Shirley Breeding. The        like kinfolk.                     the names I remember.            ways with him. I’m still try-
workers at the Veterans                                               There may be more.               ing to figure out if I know
Center were glad to see her.
They always ask about her.
                                        Whitesburg                        I enjoyed a trip to Hazard
                                                                      with Louise Shepherd and
                                                                                                       you. One of the workers at
                                                                                                       the V.A. Center said you
    There was a great big               Clyde is still a very sick    Carol Day and lunch at Pon-      were Irene Fields’s sister’s
crowd there to see the Viet-        man and needs everyone’s          derosa. I’ve enjoyed Joyce       daughter. I do enjoy your
nam Traveling Wall. It was          prayers. Prayers are also         Howard going with me.            news.
very nice. There were               needed for Sonia Fields,              I sure appreciate all the        It’s just two weeks till our
schoolchildren there from           who is having surgery today       people at the Veterans Cen-      Howard reunion Sept. 26.
lots of counties. I never saw       (Wednesday), and Tammy            ter for being so good to         I’m looking forward to see-
any school buses from               Adams, who is still having        Clyde and for being so nice      ing everyone.
Letcher County. I hope our          lots of pain from her broken      and friendly to me. I have           My sister Joann Brown
county was represented.             leg and still can’t stand on      made some good friends           called. It was good talking to
Our County Judge Jim Ward,          it. We sure miss her at           there.                           her.
Letcher County Court Clerk          church.                               Geneva Adams has been            May God bless all of you
Winston Meade and Jimmy                 Sandra Cook wanted me         having some health prob-         and may the sick all get bet-
Bates were there and I don’t        to tell everyone she will         lems. I hope she is doing        ter.
know who else.                      have a Longaberger bus trip       better. She’s a great person.        Try to be in church             TO WED — Eddie Honeycutt and Lynette Vance of Payne Gap
    I was so pleased last           to Ohio on Sept. 19. It will be       Christine Fields, thank      somewhere this week.                will be wed at 4 p.m., Friday, October 2, at Dunham Freewill
week to see Arnold Ray              on Tootie Seals’s tour bus.                                                                            Baptist Church by Pastor Jesse Miller. They are the children
Conn at our church. I told          She still has some empty          String Band Day set at Appalshop                                     of Robert and Lynn Ingram, the late Harold Vance, Margarett
him he hadn’t been letting          seats and the cost is $60.             The Alltech Fortnight       World Equestrian Games              Honeycutt and the late Chester Honeycutt, all of Jenkins. The
me know what he’s been              They will leave from the Red      Festival will present an         2010 while investing in the         custom of an open wedding will be observed.
doing. He had lost a lot of         Roof Bingo place. It’s a real     Appalshop at 40 event,           development of the arts in
weight, but his smile was big       fun trip. I’ve been on some
as ever. Those three Conn           of them and really enjoyed
                                                                      String Band Day, on Octo-
                                                                      ber 10 at the Appalshop in
                                                                                                       local communities. The
                                                                                                       2009 Alltech Fortnight Fes-         Gospel singing set for Sept. 19
brothers, John, Billy and           it. Call Sandra for more in-      Whitesburg. The event will       tival runs Sept. 25-Oct. 10,           The fourth annual Sing-        Harding Family, Eddie
Arnold Ray, are always smil-        formation, (606) 633-4969.        be free and open to the pub-     mirroring its ultimate cul-         ing by the River will begin at    Street, The Gospel Grass
                                                                      lic.                             mination next year with a           3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 19, at    Trio, and Faith Harmony
                                                                           Workshops will be of-       “fortnight” of live music           River Park in Whitesburg.         Boys.
                                                                      fered from noon until 4 p.m.     held alongside the Alltech          The event is hosted by The           Those attending should
                                                                      and concerts from 6 until 9      FEI World Equestrian                Bakers. Groups scheduled          bring lawn chairs and blan-
                                                                      p.m., followed by a square       Games 2010.                         to perform are The Howard         kets. For more information,
                                                                      dance with caller Julie                                              Family, The Bakers,               call Josh Baker at 632-3405
                                                                      Shepherd-Powell. The old-                                            Master’s Harmony, The             or 634-2691.
                                                                      time string bands partici-
                                                                      pating in the workshops,
                                                                      concerts, and dance will be                                                                       L.M. WRIGHT
                                                                      Kentucky Wild Horse, Rich
                                                                      & the Po’ Folks, and Clack
                                                                      Mountain String Band.                                                                                     Located at
                                                                           String Band Day will be                                                                          Dry Fork, Kentucky
                                                                      part of the Letcher County                                                 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 15 - Isom, KY 41824
                                                                      Convention and Tourism
                                                                      Commission’s quarterly Art                                                       Office ............ 606-633-9393
                                                                      Walk.                                                                            Cell - Larry .... 606-634-1285
                                                                           “String Band Day, under
                                                                      a variety of names, has been                                                     ...................... 606-63302479
                                                                      a fall Appalshop tradition                                                 We also sell - Sand - Gravel!
HOME FROM IRAQ — SSgt. John Randell Ison recently re-                 for some time,” said             FOOTBALL PLAYER —
turned from a tour of duty in Balad, Iraq. He is the son of           Appalshop Director Art           Brandon Charles Hicks, 13,
Doyle and Betty Ison of Aurora, Ind. He and his wife Sherri           Menius. “Due to the excep-       plays for the Buffalo football
have two sons. He is the grandson of the late Bill and Oma
Hamilton of Whitesburg, and the late Dewey and Mina Lee
                                                                      tional quality of the work-
                                                                      shops and performances by
                                                                                                       team at Georgetown Middle             BATES CONTRACTING
                                                                                                       School, where he is an
                                                                      nationally noted musicians,
Ison of Kingdom Come Creek. He has served 28 years in the
U.S. Army Reserves.                                                   we have previously had to
                                                                                                       eighth-grade student. He
                                                                                                       also is a member of the base-
                                                                                                                                              & CONSTRUCTION
                                                                      charge appropriate fees for      ball team and is on the honor
                                                                      participation. Thanks to the
                                                                      Commonwealth-wide sup-
                                                                                                       roll. He is the son of Charles                      Ermine, KY
                                                                                                       Hicks and Brandy Fryman,                           Sand ¥ Gravel ¥ Mulch
                                                                      port of the performing arts      both of Georgetown, and has
                                                                      by the Alltech Fortnight Fes-    two sisters, Lauren Graves, 1,                         Septic Systems
                                                                      tival, this October 10 we can    and Gracie Fryman, 6. His                  And Water Line Hookups ¥ Home Delivery
                                                                      offer String Band Day free to    grandparents are Cathy and
                                                                      the public in celebration of
                                                                      Appalshop’s 40th birthday.
                                                                                                       Charles Ronald Hicks of Bot-            Daniel Bates 606-634-3426
                                                                                                       tom Fork, and Barbara
                                                                      Without the Alltech Fort-
                                                                      night Festival, we would not
                                                                                                       Hampton of Ice and the late            Randall Sexton 606-634-3427
                                                                                                       Larry Hampton.
                                                                      have been able to host
                                                                      String Band Day in 2009.”
                                                                           The event received addi-
                                                                      tional support from the Na-
                                                                      tional Endowment for the
MARLOWE MEN — Pictured are (back row) Frank Neces-                         The three bands for
sary, P.W. Adams, Bill Howard, John Niece, John Brown,                String Band Day rank
Harrison Stidham, (front row) John Stidham, A.P. Williams,            among the best known pur-
and Larkin Brown. All of these men are now deceased.                  veyors of traditional Ken-
                                                                      tucky music in the 21st cen-
                                                                      tury and are no strangers to
                                                                      Whitesburg audiences. In-
                                                                      spired by the people and
                                                                      place that surrounds them,
                                                                      Clack Mountain String
                                                                      Band exhibits the remark-
                                                                      able energy and passion of
                                                                      one of the world’s richest
                                                                      veins of roots music. Heard
                                                                      on the recent Appalachia:
                                                                      Music From Home, the
                                                                      companion disc to the PBS
                                                                      series, Clack Mountain
                                                                      String Band provides the
                                                                      perfect blend of youthful
                   Lynn Day and Ellie Webb                            drive and ancient traditions.
    have over 40 years combined experience in the florist business.        Rich and the Po’ Folks
                                                                      dates to the spring of 2006
                  We Are Your Fully Stocked                           when a group of friends got
                    Full Service Florist                              together with the common
       ¥ Fresh Floral Arrangements ¥ Silk ¥ Balloons ¥ House          goal to build a band on their
                       Arrangements ¥ Plants                          shared love for the tradi-
                                                                      tional music of east Ken-
    Located In Downtown Whitesburg. Stop In And Just Say Hi!          tucky and southwest Vir-
                                                                      ginia. They take their inspi-
     Whitesburg Florist                                               ration from some of the jew-
                                                                      els of Appalachian music —
     345 Main Street                      Whitesburg                  fiddlers, banjo players, sing-
                                                                      ers, and songwriters.
               633-2626                                                    Kentucky Wild Horse
                                                                      takes its name from an old
        Toll Free 866-633-2627                                        eastern Kentucky fiddle
                                                                      tune played by Wolfe
                                                                      County fiddler Darley Fulks
                                                                      (1895-1990) who possessed
                                                                      a vast repertoire of pre-Civil
                                                                      War tunes. Kentucky music
                                                                      from the 19th century down
                                                                      to the present, especially its
                                                                      fiddle and banjo traditions,
                                                                      has been their love and in-
                                                                      spiration. Kentucky Wild
                                                                      Horse, which features leg-
                                                                      endary Pike County fiddler
                                                                      Paul David Smith, released
                                                                      “Sprit o’ the Lonesome
                                                                      Hills” in 2008.
                                                                           Members of the three
                                                                      bands will play for the
                                                                      square dance and will pro-
                                                                      vide the instructional staff
                                                                      for the afternoon work-
                                                                      shops. Workshops, also free
      Letcher                                                         to the public, will include
                                                                      Beginning Banjo, East Ken-
                                                                      tucky Banjo, Beginning

   Funeral Home                                                       Fiddle, Eastern Kentucky
                                                                      Fiddle, Rhythm Guitar, Tra-
                                                                      ditional Song, String Band,
                                                                      Singing with a Band, and
   129 West Main                           Whitesburg                 Playing and Calling for
                       633-2284                                            The Alltech Fortnight
                                                                      Festival, which began in
     Locally Owned And Operated                                       2008, presents entertain-
       Handicapped Accessible                                         ment throughout Kentucky.
                                                                      It was created by Dr. Lyons
    www.letcherfuneralhomeinc.com                                     as a means of building ex-
                                                                      citement for the Alltech FEI

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