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Journey 2008-09   52

from New Wineries pg.43                    Westfield, NY starting in 1897. Win-               Vetter Vineyards Winery
futures has only been used by a few        eries participating in the Chautauqua   ;
wineries in the NY/PA region. Michael      Wine Trail include several in Pennsyl-            716-326-3100; 8005 Prospect Station
Von Heckler decided to concentrate         vania, just a few miles from the NYS              Road, Westfield, NY 14787
exclusively on Pinot Noir, perhaps the     border.                                               Vetter Vineyards Winery opened
most difficult grape to grow. Pinot                                                            in 1987 and was purchased in 2003 by
Noir is highly susceptible to fungus at-   Merritt Estate Winery                             Mark & Barbara Lancaster. They grow
tack and also is known as a challenging;                      twenty different grape varieties and
grape to coax into fine wine.               888-965-4800; 2264 King Rd, Forest-               produce 25 different wines, includ-
    For many years it was perplexing       ville, NY 14062; Mon.-Sat. 10-5pm,                ing local favorites such as Niagara,
                                           Sunday 12-5pm                                     Concord and Catawba. The winery
why the Canadian side of the Niagara
River had dozens of fine wineries,                                                            specializes in reds with varieties such
some within a few hundred yards of                                                           as Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvi-
the river, while the U.S. side of the                                                        gnon, Zweigelt and many others.
river had no wineries at all on the
same escarpment that extends beyond                                                          Johnson Estate Winery
Rochester. This anomaly is beginning                                               ;
to be corrected with several new proj-                                                       800-374-6569; 8419 West Main Road,
ects in the Lockport area, following in                                                      Westfield, NY 14787; Daily 10-6pm
the footsteps of Warm Lake Estate and                                                             With so many new wineries in
Niagara Landing Wine Cellars.                                                                past ten years, Johnson Estate seems
    Eveningside Vineyards www.eve-                                                           even older than their 43 years. The
                                                    Drink in the atmosphere - and the wine   owners are very proud to be an ex-, 4794 Lower Mountain                    on the deck at Merritt Estate Winery
Road, Cambria, NY 14094. Opening                                                             clusively “Estate Grown and Bottled”
July 3, 2004 - Saturdays & Sundays                                                           winery. This term indicates that the
                                           Merritt Estate Winery, established                entire wine making process from
through Labor Day.                         in 1976, was the first in Chautauqua
    Within two miles of Warm Lake                                                            grape growing to pressing to bottling
                                           County to begin operations under                  happens on the property. Only winer-
Estate, the Biehl family planted Char-     the New York State Farm Wine Act,
donnay, Riesling and Cabernet Franc                                                          ies that satisfy these conditions can
                                           which reinvigorated the New York                  use the term on their bottle. While it
in 2001 and will release their first wine   State wine industry. The wines are
in the summer of 2004. Recogniz-                                                             is not a guarantee of quality, the level
                                           produced under the direction of Jason             of control that Estate Grown and Bot-
ing the similarity of the climate and      Merritt, now the third generation to
geography of Lockport and Ontario,                                                           tled demands, often leads to excellent
                                           be involved in the winery. Tour the               wines. Johnson Estate produces many
Canada, the Biehl’s called Angelo          modern winemaking facility and enjoy
Pavan (winemaker) and Kevin Latter                                                           unique wines including their white and
                                           a sample of their award winning wine              red Ipocras, which are spiced wines
(vineyard manager) of Cave Spring          in the tasting room and gift shop.
Cellars in Jordan, Ontario. (www.                                                            produced from a very old recipe. Their
                                           They are open year round offering free             semi-sweet Liebestropfchen, Little Founded near-       winery tours and wine tasting.
ly 20 years ago, Cave Spring Cellars                                                         Love Drops, is very popular, as well as
has been a leader in the Ontario wine                                                        the wide range of red and white wines.
industry and is only minutes west of
                                           Woodbury Vineyards
the Niagara River                          716-679-9463; 3230 S. Roberts Road,               Mazza Chautauqua Cellars
    South of Buffalo and along the          Fredonia, NY 14063; Mon.-Sat. 9-5pm,    ; 716-269-3000;
south edge of Lake Erie is one of          Sun. 10-5pm                                       4717 Chautauqua Stedman Road, Rt. 33,
the largest grape growing regions in           Woodbury Vineyards has been a                 Mayville, NY
the entire country. Prior to Prohibi-      leader in innovation, selling shares                   Situated along Lake Chautauqua
tion, there were many wineries in the      in the winery to customers. The                   less than a half of a mile from the
region producing over two million          Fredonia Free Tasting Room is only                entrance to the Chautauqua Institu-
gallons from grapes such as Catawba,       five minutes from the NYS Thruway.                 tion, Mazza Chautauqua Cellars was
which is a native Labrusca grape. The      Bus tours are welcome with picnic                 established in 2005 and is focused on
grapes grown in Chautauqua County          tables & a pavilion available for visi-           creating fine wines and distilled bever-
have more recently been Concord and        tors. Ask about the “adopt a barrel”              ages. The stunning building, with its
Niagara for the grape juice industry,      program or have your wine label                   ‘green’ designation is reminiscent of
headed by Welch’s which was based in       personalized for special occasions.               the Mazza family’s Italian heritage.

 Journey 2008-09                                               54
                                              Erie County, Pennsylvania
                                              Mazza Vineyards
                                        ; 814-725-8695;
                                                  11815 East Lake Road Rt. 5 the Seaway
                                                  Trail, North East, PA; Mon.-Sat. 9-8pm
                                                  for July & August, Mon.-Sat. 9-5:30pm
                                                  for Sept.-June, Sundays 12-4:30pm all
                                                       Within three miles of the New
                                                  York border are several wonderful
                                                  wineries in Pennsylvania, one of which
  Mazza Chautauqua Cellars and Mazza Vineyards
                                                  dates back over 30 years. The Mazza
            feature new and unique array of wines family produces a wide range of wines
                                                  from Chardonnay and Riesling to Ni-
The winery features a new and unique              agara and Chambourcin, as well as Ice
array of wines. A functioning copper              Wine, Spiced Apple, Sherry and Port.
pot still for the production of brandy            Although the Mazza family is very
and eau de vie is in full view, which can proud of their Italian heritage and the
be taken in while sampling the wines              winery has a Mediterranean design,
or enjoying a light meal at the café.             the climate dictated that Germanic
                                                  style wines such as Riesling would do
Sparkling Ponds Winery                            much better than Italian grape variet-; 716 736-4525 ies. Joseph Mazza immigrated to the
or 814 547-2848; 10661 West Lake                  United States in 1954, and in 1973
Road US Route 5, Ripley, NY 14775
                                                  his two sons, Bob and Frank, built the
     The twenty hand crafted small
                                                  winery. The next generation – Bob’s
batch wines from Sparkling Ponds win-
                                                  son Mario – has returned from the
ery include European style dry reds,
                                                  wine industry in Australia with a new
spicy Gewurztraminer, citrus accented
                                                  perspective and energy for Mazza
Riesling and American classics such
as Concord and Catawba, rich Niagara
Ice Wine, sparkling varieties and their
signature Woman Pleaser. The winery South Shore Wine Company
is easily accessible along US Route 5             814-725.1585, 1120 Freeport Road,
the Seaway Trail near the NY-PA state             Route 89, North East, PA; Open 7 days a
line.                                             week, call for opening times.
                                                       Originally established in 1864 and
Blueberry Sky Farm Winery                         recently re-established by the Mazza;                         Family, the South Shore Wine Com-
716-252-6535; 10243 NE Sherman                    pany was the first winery established
Road, Ripley, NY 14775                            in Erie County Pennsylvania. The tast-
     The Heinerts family started mak-             ing room and wine shop are situated
ing fruit wines in 1998, using some               in the original stone cavern and cellar
of the berries from 1800 blueberry                built in the early 1860s.
bushes. In addition they make elder-
berry, blackberry, strawberry, plum,
rhubarb, peach and the rarely found
                                                  Penn Shore Vineyards
                                        ; 814-725-8688;
dandelion wine. Dandelion wine is                 10225 East Lake Road, Route 5 North
made from the flowers in the tradition East, PA 16428
of the old country, and is definitely an                Nestled along the shores of Lake
acquired taste. Blueberry Sky is also             Eire, Penn Shore Vineyards & Winery
one of the only places to find cooking             is one of the first two wineries to open
wines such as garlic, jalapeno (Silver            after the Pennsylvania Limited Winery
medal at NY Wine & Food Classic),                 Act was passed in 1968. Beginning
onion and tomato.
                                                          New Wineries continued pg.60
from Camping pg.35                                    path to Bayfront District and Presque Isle State Park.   landmarks, fine dining, and a wide array of outdoor
                                                      Located on Erie’s Waterfront District at the foot of     activities. Newly renovated sites comfortably ac-
roadside villages. And, of course, the
                                                      the Port Access Road. Erie, PA.,        commodate the biggest rigs, and now also have
young and old alike will enjoy attrac-
                                                      814-455-7557 (Nov 1-Apr 30), 814-454-5830                full hookups. A new handicapped-accessible
tions such as historical sites, amuse-
                                                       (May 1-Oct 31).                                         bathroom has also been added to the campground.
ment parks, water parks, a museum
                                                                                                               Sodus Point, NY.,
devoted to play, river boat tours, huge               Chautauqua County, NY                                    315-483-8649.
castles on islands, and the Seaway                    Camp Chautauqua: Owned and operated by the
Trail’s own Discovery Center in Sackets               Anderson family for 40 years. Situated on the shores     Cherry Grove Campground: Twenty minutes from
Harbor, NY.                                           of Chautauqua Lake, and just down the road from          Lake Ontario, 30 minutes from scenic Sodus Point,
     If you don’t own camping equip-                  Chautauqua Institution, a renowned cultural and          and just a quick turn off the Seaway Trail. Heated
ment or an RV, it is easy to try out                  performing arts center. There are campsites avail-       swimming pool, pull-thru sites, recreation hall,
the camping lifestyle. Stay at a camp-                able to accommodate everyone’s needs whether             shady trees and open areas for play invite camping
ground by renting a cabin, cottage or                 they want grass, shade or a level cement pad.            groups both small and large. The attractions of the
an onsite RV. Borrow some tenting                     Stowe, NY.,                       upper Finger Lakes regions are tantalizingly close.
equipment from a friend, or purchase                   800-587-4849.                                           Wolcott, NY.,
tenting equipment at your local sport-                                                                         315-594-8320.
ing goods store – Coleman provides                    Erie County, NY
a tent camping checklist on their                                                                              Lake Bluff Campground: The closest campground
                                                      Point Breeze RV Resort: This gated RV resort caters
website at, just                                                                               to Chimney Bluff on Lake Ontario. Easy access to
                                                      to seasonal campers, and features two heated
click on “Coleman Services.” Thinking                                                                          lake and bay fishing, and close to the Sterling
                                                      in-ground swimming pools. More water recreation
of jumping into the RV lifestyle?                                                                              Renaissance Festival, Hill Cumorah Pageant, Finger
                                                      can be found with the resort’s 2000 feet of Lake
Your local RV dealer may have rentals                                                                          Lakes Race Track, wineries and more. A family-
                                                      Erie shoreline with two private beaches. Fish from
available, or find more “how to” infor-                                                                         oriented campground with the on-site amenities
                                                      early spring to late fall and compete in the famous
mation and rental resources at www.                                                                            campers are looking for, as well as daily, weekly,
                                                      Battle of the Points Fishing Tournament. Waterfront or www.cruiseamerica.                                                                              monthly and seasonal rates. Wolcott, NY.
                                                      campsites and cottages. Angola, NY.
com.                                                                                                 , 888-588-4517.
                                            , 716-549-8917.
     Over 30 campgrounds operated
                                                      Orleans County, NY                                       Cayuga County, NY
by the Pennsylvania Department of
                                                      Green Harbor Campground & Marina: Located on             Sutter Creek Campground: Sutter Creek
Conservation and Natural Resources
                                                      the shores of Lake Ontario, within an hours drive of     Campground is located on Sterling Creek, and
and New York State Office of Parks,
                                                      Rochester and Buffalo and many nearby attractions.        provides opportunities for fishing, nature trails for
Recreation and Historic Preservation
                                                      95 spacious sites with pull-thrus. Boat docks avail-     hiking, spectacular views for watching salmon run
are situated along the Seaway Trail
                                                      able. Have fun with the on-site boat launch, lake        upstream in the fall, and a place to relax. Bring your
corridor. For more information and
                                                      swimming, fishing (license required), paddle boats,       canoe or kayak and enjoy a scenic trip down Sterling
booking, go to
                                                      playground, recreation hall, game room, basketball       Creek; the truly adventurous will paddle 7 1/2 miles
(Pennsylvania) or
                                                      court and volleyball net. Lyndonville, NY.               down Sterling Creek to the Fair Haven State Park
(New York).
                                            , 585-682-9780.                   and Lake Ontario. Sterling, NY.
     Many privately-operated camp-
                                                                                                     , 315-947-6007.
grounds can be found listed in mem-
                                                      Wayne County, NY
bership association websites, including
                                                      Holiday Harbor RV Resort & Campground:                   Oswego County, NY
the Pennsylvania Campground Owners
                                                      Grassy, bayside sites available with over 900            Salmon Country Marina & Campground: This
Association (
                                                      feet of Lake Ontario frontage and 425 feet of            family-owned campground is situated on the banks
and Campground Owners of New York
                                                      Bayside frontage. Boat ramp and boat dockage             of the Little Salmon River, a starting point for fish-
( Those
                                                      is available for over 50 boats. The village of Fair      ing Brown Trout, King and Coho Salmon,
campgrounds that are members of the
                                                      Haven is nearby, and a golf course and variety           Steelhead, Bass and Pike. The Salmon River
Seaway Trail are in the following list.
                                                      of restaurants are within three miles. Weekends          Fish Hatchery is a short drive away, and so too
                                                      in July and August brings the Sterling Renaissance       are the beaches of several New York State Parks.
Erie County, PA
                                                      Festival, just a short drive away. Red Creek, NY.        Large wooded campsites for tenters and RV’ers,
Lampe Marina and Campground: Owned and
                                            ,                       all in a relaxed setting. Mexico, NY.
operated by the Erie Western Pennsylvania Port
                                                      315-947-5244.                                  , 315-963-8049.
Authority, and opened in May 2006. Manager Doug
Miley says the best part of camping here are the      South Shore RV Park: With spectacular Lake               Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park: An award-winning
views of Lake Erie, and the amazing sunrises and      Ontario views, this campground is located in the         park located on the Little Salmon River, a shallow
sunsets. Enjoy fishing at the public access dock,      historic village of Sodus Point, a resort community      stream that runs through the park providing fun for
and free public boat launching. Take off on the bike   that offers beautiful scenery, historic and geologic      all ages whether wading, catching crayfish, loung-
 Journey 2008-09                                                               56
ing in the sun, joining in the duck races, or watch-    Association Island RV Resort & Marina: Resort
ing the salmon run upstream in the fall. Large,         Manager Louise Shim says, “Local legend has it
shaded, grassy sites provide a relaxing atmosphere      that National Geographic once rated our area as
to unwind or join in the planned activities. Mexico,    one of the top 10 areas in the world for viewing
NY., 800-248-7096.                gorgeous sunsets.” Sailors may enjoy the waters
                                                        around Association Island and Henderson Harbor,
Bear’s Sleepy Hollow RV Park: This family-owned         at one time the training center for the 1976 US
campground’s motto? “A bad day of camping beats         Olympic sailing team. 305 RV sites are situated on
a good day of working!” Located on Grindstone           this actual island (accessible via causeway), with
Creek – enjoy Salmon and Steelhead fishing. 50           full hookups and cable TV. Henderson Harbor, NY.
spacious sites as well as cabins. Pulaski, NY., 800-393-4189., 315-298-5560.
                                                        Bedford Creek Marina & Campground:
Brennan Beach RV Park: Located on the shores            Purchased in 2005 after 37 years operating
of eastern Lake Ontario, combining the benefits of       under another name, the new owners have                boating, fishing, tubing, and water skiing, or
inexpensive RV vacationing with the advantages          made improvements to the facility including            utilize the large pool, volleyball area, horse-
of an ocean holiday. 1,400 sites - put your RV right    free WIFI, cabin and RV rentals, refurbished           shoes, and large pavilion. Ogdensburg, NY. www.
on the beach, or enjoy wooded sites closer to the       beach front and marina, and a new playground., 315-394-0134.
playground and recreation hall. Local charter boats     Located between historic Sackets Harbor and scenic
nearby for “deep sea” style freshwater lake fishing.     Henderson Harbor on the eastern basin of Lake          Loon Landing Camps & Cottages:
Pulaski, NY.,              Ontario, with plenty of full hook-up sites. For fun,   The owners invite you to come for the peaceful,
888-891-6979.                                           try the golf course across the road, or rent kayaks,   relaxing and shaded setting, great fishing,
                                                        canoes or boats onsite. Sackets Harbor, NY.            beautiful sunsets, stargazing evenings, and
Rainbow Shores Campsite & Motel: This camp-                                                                    stories told ‘round the campfire. Located directly
ground, celebrating its 40th anniversary, invites, 315-646-2486.
                                                                                                               on the St. Lawrence River, and close to the Seaway
you to “register as our guest, depart as our friend.”                                                          Locks and Power Project, with fully-furnished
                                                        St. Lawrence County, NY
Planned activities, themed weekends, modern                                                                    housekeeping cottages. Ogdensburg, NY.
                                                        McLear’s Cottage Colony & Campground:
facilities, and a sparkling pool are just some of the                                                , 315-393-0804.
                                                        A vacation spot on Black Lake for the serious
enjoyable features. New 40’ x 80’ sites. Pulaski, NY.
                                                        angler or the whole family. The McLear family, 315-298-4407.                                                                   Descriptions and other information derived in part
                                                        has been in the fishing and recreation business
                                                                                                               directly from campground operators and from their
Jefferson County, NY                                     for 75 years, and they pride themselves on estab-
                                                                                                               published promotional materials. ♦
                                                        lishing personal, first-name relationships with
Adam’s Chaumont Bay Marina: Eight RV hookups
                                                        their guests. Here, it is about relaxation and
by the water in Chaumont Bay, also known as the
                                                        leisure-time, with campsites that are located away
“Golden Crescent” of Lake Ontario and the largest
                                                        from the highway and near the crystal clear water      Suzanne Bixby, a lifelong resident of New
freshwater bay in the world. Come sail away on the
                                                        in a natural and picturesque setting. Hammond, NY.     York State, is the Advertising Coordinator for
Bay, or take a hike in nearby Chaumont Barrens,
                                              , 315-375-6508.                         Campground Owners of New York, President
featuring unique alvar landscape and geography.                                                                of the New York State Travel & Vacation As-
Travel the Seaway Trail to Tibbetts Point Lighthouse    Boo’s 1000 Islands Campground: Watch the               sociation, member of Public Relations Society
and watch the sun set over nearby Canada, where         ships go by on the St. Lawrence River from this        of America, and does a little freelance writing
Lake Ontario approaches the St. Lawrence River.         100-site campground accommodating both                 as the proprietor of Go To Copywriter (www.
Chaumont, NY. 315-649-5050.                             tenters and RV’ers. Enjoy the river frontage for
Welcome to Clayton

Journey 2008-09      58

from New Wineries pg. 55

with seven different wines, Penn Shore
                                                Welcome to
has expanded its offerings to 23, from
an award winning sweet Concord to
a barrel aged Cabernet Sauvignon.
Tours are available during the summer
months and the back patio is open to
the public. Bring a picnic basket and
dine on one of the picnic tables.
    There is no reason to end your
ride into the sunset in North East, PA.
Keep in mind that most of the wines
along the Seaway Trail may never
make it into your local wine & liquor
store, so bring a few cases home with
    Other Seaway Wine Trail wineries
Arrowhead Wine Cellars
814.774.3535; www.arrowheadwine.
com, 12073 East Main Road, North East,
PA 16428

Heritage Wine Cellars
800 747-0083
12160 East Main Road, North East, PA

Presque Isle Wine Cellars
814-725-1314;, 9440
West Main Road, North East, PA 16428

Schulze Vineyards & Winery
716 778-8090
2090 Coomer Road, Burt, NY 14028

Winery at Marjim Manor
716 778-7001
7171 East Lake Road, Appleton, NY

Chautauqua Wine Trail
Wine Trail events for 2008 include:
May 3-4 Wine & Cheese Weekend
August 9-10 America’s Grape Country
   Wine Festival

Michael Warren Thomas hosts radio shows
about restaurants, wine, gardening and travel
on WYSL 1040 AM. His shows are also live
on the web at
 Journey 2008-09                                   60

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