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    Volume 12, Issue 4                                                                                                Bringing Sunshine to
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Keller Center                                     Nicole Brown Simpson’s
Reception                                         Sister Visits Keller Center

Supervisor Richard Gordon presents Addie Keller
with a bouquet of roses as George Keller looks

I  n September, the Health Center staff
   welcomed George and Addie Keller of
San Mateo, longtime benefactors of the
San Mateo County Health Center
Foundation. The Kellers were honored by                     From left: Diana Cummings, Denise Brown, Rosa Cedilo and Kathi Palange
Supervisors Nevin, Gibson, Gordon and
Hill for their incredibly generous contribu-      “This place is absolutely amazing! I’ve been to centers all
tions. Representatives of law enforcement,
the courts, probation, and trauma services,       across the country and this is definitely different. This is the
including Sheriff Don Horsley, District
Attorney Jim Fox, Chief Probation Officer         first one I’ve seen where all the services are in one place in
Loren Buddress, Court Commissioner Pat
Bresee, County Superintendent of Schools
                                                  a hospital setting.”
Dr. Floyd Gonella and several police chiefs          These were the impressions of Denise        County, and a major fundraiser in which
were there as were members of the                 Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson          all the participating organizations would
SMCHC Foundation Board.
                                                  who was murdered in 1994. Brown just           share in the proceeds.
                                                  made her first visit to the Keller Center          The Nicole’s House program is
                                                  for Family Abuse Intervention at San           designed to enable each participant and
                                                  Mateo County Health Center on                  her children to become economically self-
                                                  November 14.                                   sufficient. It will promote physical, emo-
                                                     Brown, founder of the Nicole Brown          tional and financial stability in a healthy,
                                                  Charitable Foundation, met with the            violence-free atmosphere. The program
                                                  Keller Center staff and representatives of     content will include educational, emo-
    FREE EAST BAY SHUTTLE                         Sor Juana Ines, the Center for Domestic        tional, physical, professional and life skills
                                                  Violence Prevention, and other San             formats to address such issues as sub-
  Employees, take advantage of the                Mateo County social service organiza-          stance abuse, child guidance, parenting,
  FREE shuttle service from Bay Fair              tions that collaborate with the Keller         entrepreneurial classes, GED preparation
  BART Station to San Mateo County                Center in the field of domestic violence.      programs, college entry classes, job train-
  Health Center. Call the Commute                    They agreed to work together on two         ing, resume preparation, interviewing
  Alternatives Program at (650)                   projects: The construction of a Nicole’s       skills, and job placement tutoring.
  599–7366 or Mark Constantz at                   House, an 18-24-month transitional                Brown has traveled throughout the
  (650) 573–2520 for a schedule.                  housing and life skills program for vic-       country speaking on the epidemic of
                                                  tims of domestic violence, in San Mateo
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                                                              Fall 2001

Honors for                                        Bringing
County’s New                                      Sunshine to the
EMS System                                        Community
By Barbara Pletz, EMS                             By Josie Valera, AIDS Program

T    he new countywide system of emer-
     gency response to 911 and fire calls is
getting international recognition as an
                                                  T    he Sunshine Van, the AIDS Program’s
                                                       new mobile testing van, has arrived.
                                                  This van replaces the “Rainbow” testing
innovative public/private partnership.            van that has provided free and anonymous
                                                  HIV testing since October 1991. In the                    Josie Valera and the Sunshine Van
    This fully integrated, seamless delivery
of services is made possible under a con-         early days, the testing van’s only stops were
tract between the County and American             limited to East Palo Alto, alcohol and drug        Hepatitis C testing. We now have space to
Medical Response (AMR), a private ambu-           programs, and needle exchange sites.               store incentives such as blankets, socks, and
                                                  Today, two vans travel throughout the              sleeping bags for our clients.
lance contractor. AMR has entered into a
                                                  county at all hours of the day and night,
public/private partnership with a Joint                                                                  The Rainbow Van has gone to UCSF
                                                  averaging between 40 and 50 sites a
Powers Authority comprised of 17 fire serv-       month. These mobile testing units serve            for use in their Hepatitis C in Prison
ice agencies throughout the County.               clients at high risk for contracting HIV           Project. They plan to travel to State prisons
   The new system integrates EMS dis-             who wouldn’t come to a standing clinic.            across California, using the van for HCV
patch, fire service first-responder and               The AIDS Program prevention staff is           testing and counseling.
ambulance transport into a single system.         proud of the new Sunshine Van, a 30 foot               The Sunshine Van has been well
There is now a paramedic on every fire            mobile unit with electronic security doors,        received by the community. We look for-
engine that responds to a medical emer-           a wheelchair lift, an awning to keep clients       ward to continuing our mission of prevent-
gency as well as a paramedic on every 9-1-1       dry in rain and shaded in the heat, two            ing the spread of HIV in San Mateo
ambulance.                                        counseling rooms, a bathroom, lots of              County. When not on the road, the
    In addition, fire service agencies have       counter and cabinet space, air conditioning        Sunshine Van is parked in the west parking
been able to “drop their boundaries,” and         and heat throughout the unit, and a wel-           lot on the Health Services campus. For a
the closest fire vehicle is dispatched to med-    coming testing staff to boot! In addition to       tour or information about testing services,
ical and fire calls without regard to jurisdic-   HIV testing, the Sunshine Van offers               call (650) 573–2588.
   This new system has won several major
awards including:
    • Award for Excellence from the
                                                  Bring Them Home Safe
       International Association of Fire          By Shea Muller, Aging & Adult Services
       Chiefs and the U.S. Safety &
       Engineering Corp. August 2001;
    • Award for Excellence in the category
                                                  T    hrough the Safe Return program, San
                                                       Mateo Police Department and San
                                                  Mateo County Aging and Adult Services
                                                                                                     number of the residential care facility in
                                                                                                     which they live, and the emergency 9-1-1
                                                                                                     phone number. Should individuals enrolled
       of Public-Private Partnerships from        are working together to protect the well-
       the National and International                                                                in the program become lost, the bracelet
                                                  being of individuals with Alzheimer’s dis-         will expedite their quick return.
       City/County Management                     ease or other dementias who are living in
       Associations. September 2001; and          residential care facilities in the City of San        Approximately $3,000 in federal funds
    • Helen Putnam Award from the                 Mateo.                                             were used by San Mateo County to cover
       League of Cities. September 2000.              Individuals enrolled in the Safe Return        the cost of purchasing and engraving the
   When asked about the International Fire        program are given an engraved bracelet             bracelets, which are free to program partici-
Chiefs Association award, Chief Miles             that identifies them as having memory              pants. Representatives from San Mateo
Julihn of Menlo Park Fire District said,          impairment. Memory-impaired individuals            Police Department will update the program
“We value this recognition as an acknowl-         are at-risk because they often leave their         during monthly visits to participating resi-
edgement of the many positive benefits that       homes, are unable to find their way back,          dential care facilities. For additional infor-
have resulted from the collaborative part-        and many times can’t communicate where             mation about the program, contact the San
nerships, including the 17 public fire agen-      they live to others. The Safe Return               Mateo Police Department at (650)
cies along with our private sector partner.”      bracelet contains the name and phone               522–7600.
    AMR’s Chief Administrative Officer,
John Odle, added, “We are extremely
                                                     In Search of Peer Counselors for Older Adults
pleased with how well our system has func-
tioned during the past three years. It has           Men and women who are 55 and older, live        meets Monday and Wednesday mornings
exceeded everyone’s expectations. Our suc-           in San Mateo county, have a broad view of       from 9:00 am to noon. The next session
                                                     the world, the ability to devote six to eight   starts January 23, 2002.
cess in San Mateo County clearly demon-
                                                     hours a week for a year, and a “warm and
strates that a viable EMS system can be cre-         caring attitude” are needed as volunteer peer   Those interested in the program should call
ated through the cooperative efforts of the          counselors for older adults. Volunteers must    the Peer Counseling Office at (650)
County, a private ambulance provider, and            complete a 12-week training course which        573–2716.
multiple public agencies.”

2                                                                   Fall 2001

 The AAPC intergenerational acting troupe sneak preview performance for Health Services.   From left: Heather Ledesma, unidentified volunteer, Arthur
                                                                                             Morris, Dean Peterson, and John Conley receive safety

Recognize, Report, Prevent                                                                                        instruction.

By Shea Muller, Aging & Adult Services
                                                                                           Sweat Equity
T    he Adult Abuse Prevention Collaborative (AAPC) has planned a series of
     activities designed to educate the community about how to recognize,
report, and prevent elder and dependent adult abuse.                                       I n August, about 25 members of the Health
                                                                                             Services management team retreated from the
   AAPC, composed of representatives from community organizations and pri-                 office for a day of sweat and community service at
vate businesses, began its activities with a presentation to the San Mateo County          Peninsula Habitat for Humanity’s Rolison Road
Board of Supervisors on October 30. The Board issued a proclamation declaring              Townhouse, a 36 unit affordable ownership housing
November as Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month. Led by a                      community, in Redwood City.
drama therapist, an intergenerational troupe of actors has been recruited to pro-              “This seemed like a lot better use of our retreat
vide a series of interactive presentations on elder and dependent adult abuse at a         time—more action instead of discussion,” said Dean
variety of venues throughout San Mateo County. Health Services employees were              Peterson, Environmental Health Director.
treated to a sneak preview after the Board of Supervisors presentation. In early              Peninsula Habitat for Humanity (PHfH) provides
November, the collaborative also staffed an information booth at Hillsdale Mall.           the development, construction, and financing of the
   In addition to the collaborative’s activities, member agencies are also sponsor-        project. Redwood City aided the project by provid-
ing educational events. At Mills-Peninsula Medical Center and Kaiser Hospital in           ing the land. The remainder of the project is being
Redwood City, a geriatrician addressed the nurses and physicians about elder and           constructed by volunteers and funded through dona-
dependent adult abuse.                                                                     tions. PHfH will provide zero interest mortgages to
                                                                                           qualified families with very low incomes.
   For more information about the AAPC, contact Shea Muller at (650)
573–3527 or Hue Nguyen at (650) 573–2388. Individuals with hearing and
speech impairments using a TTD should call (650) 573-2220 TDD.

Medication Management                                                                      Begins with You
Educational Series for Seniors                                                             By Pat Lloyd, Aging & Adult Services

By Lori Sweeney, Aging & Adult Services                                                    T   he fourth in a series of educational forums on
                                                                                               older women’s health needs, “Caregiving—It
                                                                                           Begins with You,” is available on video for distribu-
T    he San Mateo Public Health Division, Health Education Program, has devel-
     oped a Medication Management Educational Series with a grant made avail-
able through the Older Americans Act, Title IIID funds, administered by Aging
                                                                                           tion. This most recent conference, “Caregiving -It
                                                                                           Begins with You,” co-sponsored by the San Mateo
                                                                                           County Board of Supervisors, the Commission on
and Adult Services.
                                                                                           Aging and the Commission on the Status of Women,
    Jaslin Yu was hired by Public Health to facilitate this project. She has been          focused on the physical, mental and emotional health
contacting various senior centers, churches and other appropriate sites to host a          issues faced by a caregiver, whether in the role of a
series of four classes. The class series, aimed specifically at seniors, addresses the     spouse, a member of the “sandwich generation” or a
importance of understanding potential effects of cross medication, using prescrip-         grandparent raising grandchildren. With Board of
tions beyond their expiration dates, and the potential issues with using herbal            Supervisors’ President Mike Nevin as facilitator, the
remedies in conjunction with prescription medication. The series ends with a               keynote speaker, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson,
Brown Bag event where participants are invited to “bag” their medications and              along with two panels, presented strategies, tech-
consult with a pharmacist about them.                                                      niques and recommendations for avoiding caregiver
                                                                                           “burnout” and dealing with the stress of everyday
    The class series got off to a popular start on the Coastside in Half Moon Bay          caregiving. Arrangements for loan of the videos may
and will be held at three other venues in the coming months. In addition to this           be made by phoning the San Mateo County
series, Yu is available for guest presentations on medication management as well as        Commission on Aging at (650) 573–2707 voice or
to host informational tables at health fairs across the county. Yu can be reached at       (650) 573–2220 TDD and the Commission on the
(650) 573–2977.                                                                            Status of Women, (650) 363–4872.

                                                                     Fall 2001                                                                     3

                                                     “Planet” Certified as Outpatient
                                                     Drug and Alcohol Program
                                                     By David Musikant, Prenatal to Three Program

                                                     F    or many years the Perinatal Addiction Outreach Team (“Planet”), a compact team of
                                                          six, has addressed the long-term recovery and parenting needs of more than 300 fami-
                                                     lies in San Mateo County. Until recently Planet performed outreach only, stopping short of
                                                     treatment. This changed with the passage of the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention
                                                     Act, also known as Proposition 36. The initiative allows first and second time non-violent,
                                                     drug possession offenders the opportunity to receive substance abuse treatment instead of
              Dr. Anand Chabra
Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Director
                                                           “Although courts have begun imposing treatment
        Gun Locks Distributed at
       Middlefield Cultural Festival                       rather than punishment, the number of treatment
    On August 5, 2001, at the 2nd Middlefield
    Cultural Festival in the Fair Oaks neighbor-
    hood of Redwood City, the Santa Clara/San
                                                                     slots in the county is limited.”
    Mateo SAFE KIDS Coalition (of which the
    Health Services Agency is a key member), in
                                                        Although courts have begun imposing treatment rather than punishment, the number
    conjunction with the San Mateo County
    Sheriff’s Office, distributed 152 gun locks to   of treatment slots in the county is limited. At times the supply may not meet demand, a sit-
    95 people. Firearm safety educational mate-      uation that encourages relapse and recidivism. In an effort to expand services and provide
    rials were also distributed to all interested    more treatment slots in the county, Planet has obtained certification as an outpatient drug
    attendees. Participants in the Sheriff’s         and alcohol program.
    Explorer program assisted with distribution
                                                        As of October, 102 Prop 36 clients have been funded and referred to treatment.
    and provided firearm safety education in
    Spanish. For more information on gun lock
                                                     Referrals come through Probation to the Alcohol and Drug Program. Planet functions as a
    events in your area, contact Dr. Anand           ‘pre-treatment’ team by engaging court mandated clients in group and individual counsel-
    Chabra at (650) 573–3989.                        ing, while acting as a broker of further court ordered treatment.
                                                        The Perinatal Addiction Outreach Team welcomes inquiries. Please call (650) 655–6208
                                                     for further information.
      Food Inspections on the Web


                                                                              WIC Breastfeeding Care


                                                                 Ce nt
                                                                              Center Enhances Services
                                                     T     he San Mateo County Special
                                                           Supplemental Nutrition Program for
                                                     Women, Infants and Children (WIC) has
                                                                                                      The Breastfeeding Care
                                                     received a three-year grant totaling             Center provides:
                                                     $738,000 from the Children & Families
     Look for the Environmental Health seal of                                                        • Free prenatal breastfeeding classes
     approval at your local food establishment.      First Commission. The grant will be used
                                                     to enhance WIC Program efforts to pro-           • A free breastfeeding helpline
                                                     mote and support breastfeeding within San
    With over 3,000 food facilities in San Mateo                                                        1-800-205-0333
                                                     Mateo County.
    County, choosing the restaurant or grocery
    store from which to buy your family’s next           Breastfeeding provides a range of bene-      • One-to-one support for WIC
    meal raises many questions. By logging on        fits for the infant’s growth, immunity, and        mothers experiencing breastfeed-
    to Environmental Health’s website                development. In addition, breastfeeding            ing problems
    <>, you can              improves maternal health and contributes
    review the inspection report for every food      economic benefits to the family, health care     • Breastfeeding promotion in the
    facility permitted by Environmental Health.      system, and workplace. The American                community
    By searching for a particular establishment
                                                     Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends
    or just browsing by city you can find a                                                           • Breastfeeding inservices and
    chronological history of each inspection
                                                     babies be exclusively breastfed for the first
    and the resultant violations that were           four to six months, and that breastfeeding         trainings for healthcare providers
    found. The environmental conditions of           continues at least to the first birthday.
    food purveyors will also be rated from poor
    to excellent, depending on the latest
    inspection.                                        To schedule an inservice or training, or to request materials, call Anne Garrett,
                                                            RN, the Breastfeeding Care Center Coordinator, at (650) 573–2955

4                                                                             Fall 2001

Third Annual Fatherhood
Conference a Great Success
T    he third annual fatherhood conference, presented by the Fatherhood
     Collaborative of San Mateo County, brought 110 men and women to
Foster City on October 3, 2001, to learn why “Fathering is Prevention.”
Fatherhood Coordinator Herb Pierrie described the Fatherhood
Collaborative’s new direction as providing direct service to fathers and men
in the following areas: legal assistance, particularly around issues of establish-
ing paternity or providing child support; personal development, including lit-
eracy training and mentoring; parenting skills, including anger management;              From left: Meriam Nguyen, June Amrhein, and Ted Sloniker
family health, including men’s health and child health and development; and
employment and job readiness, with a focus on job training and establishing
self-sufficiency. These services will be provided in the context of case manage-
ment, support groups, training of providers, and support for diverse father-
                                                                                         SMCHC Offers
hood efforts in San Mateo County.
    A panel of young fathers, facilitated by Newt MacDonald of the Bay Area
                                                                                         Nursing Programs
Male Involvement Network, described the joys and difficulties of raising chil-
dren as young parents.                                                                   T    hrough the efforts of Kathi Palange, Deputy
                                                                                              Director of Patient Care Services, and Lyn
                                                                                         Marshall, Director for Psychiatric Nursing Services,
   Guest speaker Bill Otterbeck, Regional Administrator for the State of                 the University of Phoenix has made available an
California’s Department of Child Support Services, described the new agency              ADN to BSN program at San Mateo County Health
and its effort to link with public and community-based agencies to address               Center.
the many concerns of custodial and non-custodial parents.                                    The classes are held Wednesday evenings from
   The keynote speaker, well-known comedian, motivational speaker, and for-              6:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the SMCHC education
mer probation officer Michael Pritchard, kept the whole audience laughing                classroom. Learning teams comprised of three to five
while presenting the importance of father and parent involvement in raising              persons meet during the week to complete assign-
healthy, responsible and successful children.                                            ments and have discussions.
   We were honored to have Trustee Ted Lempert, San Mateo County                            Each class lasts for five weeks and is open to non-
Board of Education, open the conference, and Supervisor Jerry Hill of the                county employees. Currently three students from
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors provide closing remarks. The con-                  San Mateo County Health Center are attending—
tinued enthusiastic support of our elected officials has clearly enabled the             June Amrhein, RN, Nurse Educator from the
Fatherhood Collaborative to move forward in supporting fathers and men in                Education Department; Ted Sloniker, RN, Nurse
their roles as parents and providers.                                                    Manager of the Emergency Department and Special
   Many thanks are due the conference organizers and speakers, including                 Care Units; and Meriam Nguyen, RN, Nurse
Vince Leeburn, County Office of Education, for leading the conference plan-              Manager of 2A/B Medical Surgical Units. Three
ning committee; Aaron Crutison, Human Services Agenc; for speaking on                    more SMCHC nurses will join the class in January
the connection between fathering and prevention, and all the members of the              2002. All expect to graduate in August 2003. Some
Fatherhood Collaborative and Steering Committee who worked to make this                  students want to pursue a Master’s Degree upon
conference a success. For further information about the Fatherhood                       completion of their BSNs.
Collaborative of San Mateo County, please contact Herb Pierrie at                          To learn more about the program, call June
(650) 573-2454.                                                                          Amrhein at (650) 573–2271.

    Nina Kulgein, Mental Health QI Manager, Retires
    N     ina Kulgein, Mental Health Quality Improvement
          Manager, retired on October 27 after 26 years of continu-
    ous service with the County. Kulgein’s first experience with the
                                                                           Bataille, Mental Health Services Director, says, “Nina will be a
                                                                           tough act to follow, given her incredible leadership.”
                                                                              Kulgein made critical contributions to program development
    County was in a graduate nursing placement on the original             of the San Mateo County Mental Health Services managed care
    psychiatric unit, 2N, in the early 60’s. After taking time off for     demonstration program. On several occasions, including now,
    kids and family, Kulgein returned to Mental Health Services in         when the Assistant Director position has been vacant, she has
    1975. She worked with the South County Team and eventually             assumed those responsiblities. Kulgein has an unparalleled scope
    as co-creator and head nurse for the Day Treatment Program             and depth of knowledge about mental health program opera-
    for seriously mentally ill clients. In 1987 Kulgein assumed
                                                                           tions in San Mateo County and perhaps most importantly is
    responsibility for the Quality Improvement Program. Nina is
    known and respected throughout the state for her knowledge,            viewed as an individual with wisdom and integrity.
    skill and for the model QI program she created. She has served            P.S.—Nina will be with us on a part-time basis for at least
    on numerous statewide committees and as the Chair of the               the next few months, so there will be opportunities for more
    Northern California Quality Improvement Coordinators. Gale             than one “last question”…

                                                                   Fall 2001                                                                   5

                                                     Foundation Presents Check

   Christine Jones,        ted $502 at the
Mental Health Advocacy     Halloween booksale.
Services Chief, was a      The money will be used
speaker at the Ninth       to buy new medical
Annual Patients’ Rights    books.
                                                     From left: San Mateo County Health Center Foundation Chair, and Supervisors Nevin, Hill,
Conference in                  Dennis Israelski,     Gibson, Church and Gordon.
Sacramento. Jones was      MD, SMCHC Chief of
recently elected to the
Board of Directors of
the California
                           Staff, and Mary Jane
                           Wood, PhD, of the         I n December, the San Mateo County Health Center Foundation presented a
                                                       check for $1.5 million to the Board of Supervisors. Dr. Ann Watters, Chair of
                                                     the Foundation Board, presented Supervisor Jerry Hill, President of the Hospital
                           AIDS Program,
Association of Mental                                Board of Directors, with a huge check to pay for equipment. We are grateful for
                           co-authored an article,
Health Patients’ Rights                              the dedication of our Foundation that has worked so hard to raise money for the
                           “Sociodemogrphic          Health Center and our patients.
Advocates.                 Characteristics
    Among those hon-       Associated with Medical
ored at the NAMI San       Appointment Adherence                                       20 years                            10 years
Mateo County’s Mental
Illness Awareness 2001
                           among HIV-Seropos-
                           itive Patients Seeking
                                                         Service                    Julie Griffiths                  Davida Talcove
event was Loretta
Keenan, RN, LMFT
                           Treatment in a County
                           Outpatient Facility,”         Awards                     Paula Manchia                    Joann Ames
Keenan is a primary        that was published in                                                                     Bernestine Benton
therapist on the           Preventive Medicine 33,                                  Mary Schumacher
Psychiatric Inpatient      470-475 (2001).                                          Fereshteh                        Roberta Brenes
Service Unit at County        Pat Nero, SMCHC                                                                        Deborah Jernigan
General Hospital. Her                                                                 Valamanesh
                           Pharmacy Manager,
recognition award cited    garnered praise from                                     Barbara Abitsch                  Blaise Menez
her compassion and sup-    Ron Robinson, COO,                                                                        Brij Narayan
port in facilitating a     and Margaret Taylor,                                     Jodi Bygdnes
family support group                                                                                                 Marlina Bairan
                           Interim CEO, for                                         Nancy Littlefield
(along with Lynne          bringing in drugs and                                                                     Rosa Kashiwahara
Stoye, MSW, social         pharmaceuticals in                                       Mary Vozikes
worker at Cordilleras).                                                                                              Connie Sullivan
                           under budget.
    Hilarie Ellington of
the AIDS Program won
first place in the pump-
kin pie bake-off at the
annual San Mateo
                           Long Term Care Residents Keep Busy
County Employees
Charitable Contribution
Campaign Kickoff on
Halloween. Christina
Gipe, also of the AIDS
Program, carved a
pumpkin for the event.
Ellington recently
earned a Bachelor’s
Degree in Human
Services with an empha-
sis on counseling from                                              Left: Halloween brought out the Long Term Care celebs—Dylan Lewman as
the College of Notre                                                Elvis, Ellis Ferguson as Uncle Sam, Gerry Rayward as Lucy Ricardo, and Earl
Dame after six years of                                             Davie as an incarnation of the King of Rock and Roll or the Godfather of
night school.                                                       Soul, take your pick. Above, from left: Artists Earl Davie, Rhina Aviles and
  Mark Constantz,                                                   Richard Valenzuela exhibited at the county fair in August. The artwork of
Medical Librarian, net-                                             Irma Foster, Helen Arana and Tom Miller was shown at the California
                                                                    Association of Health Facilities Annual Convention in November.

6                                                             Fall 2001

Employees Extraordinaire—
Julie Hoffman, Heather Ledesma, Craig McCulloh, and Mary Jane Wood

Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman was County
Employee of the Month for
August. An employee for nearly
25 years, Hoffman is best
known as the Executive
Secretary to the Health
Services Director, Margaret
Taylor. Hoffman is one of the
best phone ambassadors in all
County government. She han-
dles hundreds of calls a week,
in a kind, caring, and calm way.
She is a master of referring
people to the appropriate serv-     Top left, from left; John Conley, Arthur Morris, Maya   Bottom left: Board of Supervisors’ President Michael D.
ice. Her skills as a “call manag-   Altman, Employee of the Month Julie Hoffman, Margaret   Nevin presents Craig McCulloh with the Employee of the
er” for people needing help         Taylor, Heather Ledesma, and Dean Peterson.             Month award.
and follow-up are excellent         Top right: San Mateo Rotary—Mills-Peninsula CEO Bob     Bottom right: Women In County Government (WICG)—
because she knows the pro-          Merwin and Health Services Director Margaret Taylor     WICG Public Service award recipient Mary Jane Wood
grams Health Services provides.     honor Heather Ledesma for excellent service.            (middle row, white jacket) surrounded by her supporters.
    Hoffman has assumed a
number of important responsi-       her professonal development          Disabilities (CoD) for most of         to maintain a more independ-
bilities. She supervises several    and community service.               his seven-year tenure with             ent way of life.
high school and college stu-        Examples of Ledesma’s                Aging & Adult Services. He is
dents working in Health             “other” duties are organizing        described as a “tenacious advo-
Services, teaching them good        Health Services staff for the        cate who is dedicated to public
                                                                                                                Mary Jane Wood
work skills and how to adapt to     annual Heartwalk and manage-         service.” McCulloh has been                In December, Mary Jane
the workplace.                      ment of the Rotary student           most visible as the coordinator        Wood, PhD, AIDS Program,
   Hoffman volunteers to work       intern program. On hand for          of the annual People Who Care          received the Women in County
on all Health Services special      the celebration were Ledesma’s       Awards Dinner, which cele-             Government Public Service
events and routinely works 10-      parents, John and Marcia             brates those who have                  Award for her extraordinary
hour days. Her relationships        Mehl, and baby Riley.                enhanced the lives of people           work with people who have
with staff throughout the                                                with disabilities in San Mateo         HIV/AIDS. Wood has worked
county are excellent; she can                                            County. He is not only a per-          in the HIV field for the past
get any thing fixed or handle       Craig McCulloh                       son who cares, but also a per-         sixteen years, the last eleven
any kind of emergency.                                                   son who does. Consumers                with San Mateo County Public
                                       In October, the Board of          describe him as a wonderful            Health. Three years ago, she
                                    Supervisors acknowledged Craig       human being who really takes           was to promoted to Associate
                                    McCulloh, Community                  the time to listen. His passion        Director of the AIDS Program.
Heather Ledesma                     Program Specialist in Aging and      for his work, problem-solving          She is a tireless worker, great
   This fall, the San Mateo         Adult Services, as Employee of       skills, great sense of humor, and      manager, and dedicated health
Rotary Club honored Heather         the Month.                           personal example have brought          professional who has con-
Ledesma, Management Analyst             McCulloh has served as lead      about many positive changes            tributed so much to public
in Business Administration, for     staff to the Commission on           and enabled many consumers             health improvement.

                                                                 Fall 2001                                                                       7

                                             Community Access Program Hosts
       GRANT                                 Pacific Islander Health Fair
       W TCH                                 I  n November, Health Services’
                                                Community Access Program (CAP)
                                             staged a health fair designed to address
                                                                                                 intake forms are processed. CAP will use
                                                                                                 the information gathered at the fair to
                                                                                                 identify community needs and develop pro-
    $85,000 • Hepatitis C Control            health issues and increase access to health         gram strategies.
                                             care among the uninsured Pacific Islander              Thanks to the San Mateo County
    and Prevention                           populations. The health fair, held at the
    The Public Health Division received                                                          Family Support Division, Public Health
                                             Onetta Harris Community Center in Menlo
    an $85,000 grant from the California                                                         Education, Smoke Free Start, WIC, AIDS
                                             Park, provided free high blood pressure,
    Department of Health Services for        high blood sugar, cholesterol screening,            Program, Belle Haven Clinic, and Human
    the control and prevention of            vision and hearing screenings, and free             Services Agency, and the community-based
    Hepatitis C. This was one of only        immunizations. Approximately 700 people             organizations—Legal Aid, Pacific Islander
    nine proposals funded statewide in a     visited the health fair—most of whom were           Outreach, El Concilio, Health Plan of San
    highly competitive process and was       Tongans. Many were uninsured and hadn’t             Mateo, Mommy Van, Lucile Packard
    granted based on the County's            seen a doctor in years—if at all.                   Children’s Hospital Pediatric Health Van,
    groundbreaking efforts to confront           Individuals with abnormal test results          and the Caregiver Training Initiative.
    this disease. The money will be used     were referred to a County clinic where they         Special thanks to Melieni Talakai who
    to augment a similar grant from the      will receive help in managing their condi-          organized the fair, the City of Menlo Park,
    Board of Supervisors, in order to        tions, reducing the number of emergency             the Arbor Free Clinic, and the Taulama for
    mount an awareness, screening and        room visits. To date, the fair has led to the       Tongans Taskforce.
    prevention campaign for people at        enrollments of about 120 County residents              For information on CAP and future
    risk for Hepatitis C. The non-profit     into free and low-cost health insurance pro-        health fairs, call Melieni Talakai at (650)
    agency ACRC will partner with the        grams and the number continues to rise as           573-2104.
    County in this effort.
    $50,000 • HIV Needs
    Assessment and Strategic Plan                                           Unwanted Companion
    The Hospital and Clinics Division                              By Rae, AIDS Program Women’s Outreach Coordinator
    was awarded a $50,000 Ryan White                                     Way back in the corner and off to the side
    Title III planning grant by HRSA                                    Lies a deadly dark secret that I want to hide
    (Health Resources and Services                                        A hard-hitting fighter for no one to see
    Administration). The funds will be                                        A constant companion; my HIV
    used to conduct a needs assessment
    and develop a strategic plan for the                                 No he doesn’t love me, he kisses me not
    expansion of HIV care services                                      He doesn’t hold doors or wash out the pots
    throughout the countywide primary                                    He doesn’t change tires or mow the grass
    care system. The planning process                                  In fact for the most part he’s a pain in the ass
    during the next year will focus on
                                                                      He keeps me secluded, cut off from the light
    people with HIV in the Latino com-
                                                                     His heavy hand pressed on my mouth really tight
    munity and other underserved com-
                                                                      He spreads dirty lies about me and my friends
    munities in our county. If successful,
                                                                       He says if you love us then your life will end
    this process may result in a Title III
    implementation grant in the coming                                   He’s not without cause he has an intent
    years.                                                                   On taking a life is his mind bent
                                                                       Without thought of family children or friends
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder                                     He clings to your soul right down to the end
    in Persons with HIV
    The Health Center's Clinical Trials                                Just leave me I ask him get out of my way
    and Research Unit has received a                                He laughs at me smugly, says “that’ll be the day”
    generous 2-year grant from the                                    It’s my turn to flourish, “this infamous foe”
    California University-wide AIDS                                 But there’ll come a time when he’ll have to let go
    Research Program to conduct a study
    of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress                                       Today there is comfort in drugs for this ill
    Disorder) among people with HIV                                         But fighting the fight is a battle still
    who are patients of the county. The                                   I pray that one day all lights will be on
    research study is a joint project with                                  AIDS and HIV will finally be gone
    Stanford University, designed to
    assist people with HIV and PTSD in        This poem was read at the World AIDS Day HIV vigil on Friday, November 30, at the County
                                              Government Center. Also on the program were Supervisor Jerry Hill, John Conley, Deputy Director,
    accessing appropriate care.
                                              Public Health; Michael Edell, Executive Director, AIDS Community Research Consortium; Reverend Mary
                                              Frasier, Bread of Life Ministry; Gerardo Barragan, and Pacific Islander Community members. The event
                                              was sponsored by the San Mateo County Health Services Agency AIDS Program (650) 574-2588.

8                                                             Fall 2001

   Visit the New Gift Shop
   By Angie Gonzales, SMCHC

   T   he doors to the new lovely new gift
       shop opened off the main hub of
   the Health Center in September 2001.
      Volunteers Gayleen Henning and
   Shirley Eng are responsible for the
   planning and decorating of the space.
   They have done an outstanding job of
   creating a cheerful and inviting atmos-
      For anyone who has not yet visited
   our new shop, we encourage you to do
   so. You’ll be very pleased. We are locat-
   ed by the main entrance, near the
   rotunda. The shop is open Monday            Gift Shop Volunteers, from left: Eva
   through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00         Chirolo and Claire Humphrey.
                                               Collectively, they have volunteered at
   pm, except on Thursdays when it is
                                               the hospital for over 30 years.
   open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.                                                         Choices greeting cards and other gift items are on sale
                                                                                                   now. Call (650) 363–7849 to order.

                                                                                                Choices Appreciation Luncheon
Heartwalk 2001: County                                                                  On October 17, the Choices Program served a buffet lunch
                                                                                        at the Maguire Correctional Facility in Redwood City. The
Employees Still Number One!                                                             annual luncheon is an opportunity for people to learn about
                                                                                        this successful substance abuse treatment program for
                                                                                        county inmates.
                                                                                        Guest Speakers, included Supervisors Mike Nevin and Rose
                                                                                        Jacobs Gibson, Sheriff Don Horsley, Judge Carl Holm,
                                                                                        Margaret Taylor, Director of Health Services, and two
                                                                                        Choices graduates.

                                                                                        Nicole Brown Simpson
                                                                                        continued from page 1

                                                                                        domestic violence. She has addressed university stu-
                                                                                        dent bodies, men in prison and in batterers’ treat-
                                                                                        ment programs, women at risk, church groups and
                                                                                        various educational and legislative forums. Brown has
                                                                                        helped raise funds for local shelters all across the
                                                                                        country with her appearances and has assisted in the
                                                                                        success of a major project called the Vine System.
                                                                                        This program is an automated victim notification
Above: Health Services                                                                  service of the release of batterers from jail or prison.
Heartwalk participants.                                                                     As part of her commitment, Brown has worked to
At right, from left: Debbie
                                                                                        help pass a variety of legislative solutions for domes-
Bazan, Lee Lazaro, Margaret
Taylor, and Arthur Morris                                                               tic violence. One of her most important projects was
                                                                                        to lobby on behalf of the Violence Against Women
After tallying the results from
the American Heart
                                                                                        Act. With a potential slashing of its federal allocation
Association’s Heartwalk in                                                              to domestic violence services, Denise Brown testified
September, San Mateo                                                                    to the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee for
County Employees are once                                                               increased funding for the Violence Against Women
again #1. County employees                                                              Act. After her testimony, that portion of the bill’s
$53,000—no other                                                                        funding was increased from $18 million to $32 mil-
organization came close to                                                              lion.
that amount. Team captain
Ron Robinson won an award                                                                 For further information, visit the Nicole Brown
for the amount of money his                                                             Charitable Foundation
team raised—$7,948!

                                                                    Fall 2001                                                                       9

CoD Celebrates 10th Anniversary                                                                       PEOPLE WHO CARE
By Craig McCulloh, Aging & Adult Services                                                             Winners of the 2001 People Who Care
                                                                                                      Awards were honored on September

I  n 1991, the San Mateo County Board of
   Supervisors established the Commission
on Disabilities (CoD). Since that time, the
                                                                                                      28, at the Hotel Sofitel. The event
                                                                                                      featured keynote speaker Amy Long, a
                                                                                                      renowned mental health
CoD, which is one of the few such commis-                                                             consumer/practitioner, and recognized
sions statewide, has been at the forefront in                                                         the contributions of the following
addressing issues related to people with dis-                                                         individuals and organizations that
abilities in San Mateo County. To mark this                                                           have improved the life of people with
milestone, the Board of Supervisors and the
CoD hosted a reception at the Hotel Sofitel
on the evening of September 28th, immedi-                                                             • Media Award- Martha McPartlin, “San
ately prior to the People Who Care Awards                                                               Mateo County Times”
Dinner (see sidebar).                               Supervisors Gibson, Nevin and Hill honor former   • Business Award—Safeway (Menlo
    Over 100 people joined in the celebra-               CoD commissioner Connie Anderson.              Park)
tion that included congratulatory com-                                                                • Individual Volunteer Award—Chuck
ments from Supervisors Church, Gibson,              ebrate those who will lead us into the next         and Larue Wilton
Gordon, Hill and Nevin and Tom Nolan,               decade.                                           • Individual Professional Award—
former Supervisor and current Executive                                                                 Stephanie Hart
Director of Project Open Hand. CoD past-
                                                    CoD Website                                       • Agency/Program Award—Legal Aid
presidents Eldon Luce and Sandy Cohen                  The Commission on Disabilities website           Society
described the history and accomplishments  has a new advocacy and           • Individual Educator Award—Jerry
of the CoD and former commissioners,                support page, featuring the Commission on           Krauss
Connie Anderson, Carmen Lee and Andy                Aging’s “Help at Home Directory.”                 • Outstanding Leadership Award—
Frisch received proclamations from the              Visitors will also find the “Universal Design       Officer Ray Herman, San Mateo
Board of Supervisors for their years of serv-       Recommendations for Accessibility” and a            Police Department
ice and dedication. The anniversary celebra-        brochure on “Visitability.”                       • Lore Radisch Lifetime Advocacy
tion was a wonderful opportunity to high-              Call Craig McCulloh at (650) 573-2580            Award—Congresswoman Anna G.
light those who have contributed to the             voice or (650) 573-2220 TDD for more                Eshoo, founder of the CoD
CoD’s success over the past decade and cel-         information on the CoD.

225 37th Avenue • San Mateo, CA 94403 • (650) 573-3935
Healthtracks is a publication of the San Mateo County Health Services Agency.
Beverly Thames
Maya Altman                       June Amrhein
Paul Becconsall                   Gale Bataille
John Conley                       Michelle Carter
Rosy Costas                       Anand Chabra, MD
Nina Kulgein                      Anne Garrett
Shea Muller                       Angie Gonzalez
Ellen Navé                        Pat Lloyd
Dean Peterson                     Craig McCulloh
Margaret Taylor                   David Musikant
John Volanti                      Barbara Pletz
                                  Lori Sweeney
                                  Melieni Talakai
                                  Josie Valera

10                                                                    Fall 2001

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