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                                                             UFCW Local 789
                                                             expose the true
                                                             cost for Minnesota
                                                             taxpayers and
                                                             enlist legislators in
                                                             the battle for
                                                             Fair Share Health

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Mark Your Calendars!
Dues and Budget Meeting
Tues. May 9 6:00 PM

Political Committee Meeting
Tues. May 16 6:00 PM

Women’s Network Daylily Event
Tues. May 16 Noon-7:00 PM

7th Annual Car Show
Sunday May 21 9AM - 3PM

Women’s Network Garden Party
Tues. May 30 Noon-6:00 PM

Kaposia Days Parade
Friday June 23 6PM - 9PM
                             President’s Report
                             Don Seaquist

                             Building Your Political Voice            In addition, Union Stewards will
                                                                   also be having a contest.
                               At the recently concluded           Whichever Union Steward returns
                            Union Steward training, Local          the greatest number or member
                            789 unveiled its Political Action      percentage of signed cards will
                            Program called Active Ballot           also win a prize. I’m sure your
                            Club (ABC). ABC is the                 Union Steward will be contacting
UFCW’s way of funding political contributions to advance           you.
the agenda of pro-worker political candidates. Other                  The money collected for ABC
UFCW Locals across the country already participate in              may not be used for any other pur-
ABC and we are now ready to join our Union brothers                pose other than for political pur-
and sisters in building a more powerful political voice.           poses. As you know, we are active
We are touched daily by politics so this is our way of             politically, and this will provide
achieving additional power in the process.                         financial resources for your Union.
   In order to make this initial ABC rollout a success we          Federal law requires that this
are having a contest! Every member who provides a                  money only be used for this pur-
voluntary donation will be entered into a contest for              pose so Local 789 is forming a
a 26-inch flat screen television. This contest will end            political committee made-up of
on May 15, 2006, so please return your form and vol-               Union members. This committee
untary contribution to your Steward or the Union                   (yet to be named) will have the responsibility of dispers-
office prior to that date. Members in Retail Meat &                ing the funds.
Grocery and at the Stockyards plant can sign an authori-              As an activist and participatory Union, we want to pro-
zation form with 3 options for this voluntary deduction. A         vide you with every opportunity for involvement. Those
$1.00 per week, $.50 per week or $.25 per week (pic-               of you interested in politics and wishing to be part of this
tured below). Employees in other locations can con-                committee should contact our Political Director, Bernie
tribute by purchasing a “Silver Card” with a one-time vol-         Hesse.
untary contribution($5.00 Minimum) to this fund (pictured             In closing, this new ABC Program will enable us to
                                                                             continue to grow our power as a force for posi-
                                                                             tive change for working men and women. I am
                                                                             looking forward to this new tool and the involve-
                                                                             ment of our membership. If you have any ques-
                                                                             tions regarding the ABC Program, you may call
                                                                             Bernie Hesse (Political Director), Jennifer
                                                                             Christensen (Secretary/Treasurer), or me during
                                                                             normal business hours (8:00AM – 5:00PM).

Dos Pasos Adelante Uno Por Atrás                                   donaciones de la jornada de boliche y otros fondos que ten-
                                                                   emos con fondos de iglesias locales. Pero con todo lo que hici-
                                                                   mos la mayoría de los trabajadores tienen que ir en busco de
   Recientemente nuestros miembros perdieron su trabajo
cuando cerraron sus impresas. Pero su unión les apoyó.
                                                                      Borders Books, una librería que organizamos hace un año y
   Lake City Health Care Center se vendió de Mayo a Ebenezer
                                                                   medio, perdió el permiso de rentar su tienda. El dueño se
Society. Negociamos con la nueva gerencia, pero perdimos
                                                                   vendió el espacio para hacer departamentos. Fue uno de las
mucho de los beneficios que teníamos. Por lo menos sigue la
                                                                   campañas más activas que levantamos. Abrimos negocia-
                                                                   ciones para asegurar beneficios para nuestros miembros de
   El nuevo contrato que ganamos de Minnesota Beef duró
                                                                   Borders Books.
nada más 5 meses. El dueño esta buscando inversiones para
                                                                     A lo mejor Usted esta leyendo ese articulo pensando que
abrir su matanza otra vez. Según el dueño es difícil encontrar
                                                                   esta seguro en su trabajo, pero como trabajadores siempre
vacas por condiciones mercantiles, como el cerramiento de la
                                                                   tenemos que estar atentos a defender nuestros derechos. Las
frontera de Canada por miedo de la enfermedad de vaca loca.
                                                                   leyes que protegen nuestro derecho de organizar sindicatos
   La comunidad y la unión se juntaron para alivianar el sufrim-
                                                                   son débiles, tenemos que enfocar nuestra fuerza a cambiar
iento de los trabajadores que perdieron todo. Usamos las
                                                                   estas leyes ara protegernos.
Workers’ Choices
                                                                          Members Choose to Support
                                                                 Politicians Who Support Our Issues.

         Be a Member of ABC - Join the Active Ballot Club!
What is ABC?
  Active Ballot Club is the UFCW’s funding mechanism for advancing our pro-worker political
agenda. It is funded entirely by voluntary member contributions.

When does it start/end?
  This initial program begins today and concludes on May 15th. However, ABC will become and
stay a vital part of our union’s vision.

How do we do this?
  Retail Grocery/Meat and Stockyards members will receive a cover letter along with an authori-
zation form. Members are asked to fill out the form and give it to their Union Steward or payroll
person. The member may keep the pink copy, the Union Steward gives the yellow and the white
copy back to the Union (members can also mail the form directly to the Union if they choose).
This document is the member’s authorization and contest participation.
  All other members will use the “Silver Cards”. “Silver Cards” are in the form of tickets (similar to
a raffle ticket) for the member to fill out, documenting their donation. Donations must be a mini-
mum of $5 to be eligible for the contest. When the form and money are returned to the office we,
will have the necessary documentation for the contest.

There’s a Contest?
  YES! From now until May 15th, every member who makes a contribution to ABC, either
through automatic dues deduction or the “Silver Cards” will be entered into a drawing for a flat
screen television.
  Stewards who collect the highest participation by percentage and those who sign up the great-
est number of their members will also be eligible for prizes. Stewards need to sign up members at
their own workplace. If a Steward signs up members and provides their own authorization/money,
they are eligible for both contests.

What do members get?
  You get to support candidates that support them at their workplace. You get to do this at the
street level and show that big money shouldn’t control the political process.

How does the money get spent?
  Local 789 is forming a political committee. Every member is eligible to be a member of this
committee. If you or any of your members are interested, inform our Political Director, Bernie
Hesse. This committee will make the decisions on how this money will be distributed. This
money may only be used for political purposes and not mixed in with any other Union funds.

  The first meeting of the UFCW 789 Political Committee will be Tuesday May 16th at 6:00 PM.
                                Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
                                Jennifer Christensen

                                                                          Change to Win (CTW) Minnesota support each of their fellow
                               RESTORING                                partners for events each day during the Week of Action.
                               THE AMERICAN                             Monday, April 24 at the Carpenters Union Hall, CTW held a
                               DREAM                                    reception to kick off the Change to Win Week of Action with
                                                    Change to Win.      CtW Federation President Anna Burger, IBT Executive Vice
                                                                        President Tom Keegel, local leaders, newly organized workers,
                               We Have Changed!                         and elected officials.
                                     as a Labor Movement -
                               We are Going to Win!                     Tuesday, April 25 in front of Regions Hospital in St. Paul, the
                                     for All of American Workers        UFCW and Wake Up Wal-Mart, along with our CTW partners
                                                                        and community supporters rallied to “Help Cure the Wal-Mart
    March 20, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV, the seven-union Change             Health Care Crisis” and draw attention to the fact that Wal-Mart
 to Win federation unveiled its new campaign to unite millions of       does not provide adequate health care coverage to its employ-
 workers across the country in an effort to raise living standards      ees.
 and improve the quality of life for American workers. With 2,000
 organizers meeting in Las Vegas for the federation’s first organ-      Wednesday, April 26, we joined together with the Laborers, the
 izing convention, Change to Win leaders announced that the             Carpenters, and the community for “Where’s DOLI” Day at the
 Make Work Pay! campaign will launch on the week of April 24            Hill. It was a morning to lobby Legislators to pressure the
 with actions targeting major industries in more than 35 cities.        Department of Labor and Industry to enforce existing laws and
 I was fortunate enough to be there along with President                protect workers.
 Seaquist as we joined in the planning of Labor’s future.
    The Make Work Pay! campaign is about restoring the                  Thursday, April 27, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, we
 American Dream. “It is about ensuring that millions of taxpay-         supported our Teamster brothers and sisters in a rally to high-
 ers who are working harder and longer with less to show for it         light the negative business practices of BFI waste haulers as
 are able to be part of the American middle class,” said Anna           they bid for a contract with the Minneapolis City Council.
 Burger, Chair of Change to Win.” She added “We are fighting
 so that individuals who work hard can earn paychecks that              Friday, April 28, in front of the Holiday Inn Select, Bloomington
 actually support families; receive affordable health care, have        we gathered with UNITEHERE! for a wake up call to the right of
 the chance to give their children a better life and count on a         workers to unite without intimidation from their employer.
 secure retirement.
    The campaign’s launch week will activate Union members              Saturday, April 29, took us to the front steps of the Capitol, St.
 and community allies across the country to support efforts by          Paul for a rally with parents, school bus workers, SEIU and
 workers to unite. The seven union affiliates that make up              elected officials to drive up standards in the pupil transportation
 Change to Win are forming local cross-union campaign teams             industry and improve service, employment and safety.
 that will work together as single entities to unite workers in their
 cities in an effort to make work pay.                                    In Minnesota CtW represents over 140,000 workers in the fol-
   The Make Work Pay! campaign is a unified effort that encom-          lowing unions: the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters,
 passes the individual campaigns of the Change to Win affili-           Laborers’ International Union of North America, UNITE HERE,
 ates. But instead of each of these campaigns existing as the           Service Employees International Union, United Food and
 effort of just one union, the campaigns will receive the support       Commercial Workers International Union, and United
 and action of the other Change to Win unions at all levels.            Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

Doug Mork to Lead Organizing Department                      After almost ten years of rela-
                                                             tionship with Local 789 as a
 founding member of the Twin Cities Religion and Labor Network and a West Side pastor,
 I am delighted to join the staff of this strong advocate for working people in Minnesota.
 After the mentorship and encouragement of Paul Wellstone during my college years, I
 headed straight to the Deep South to organize garment and textile workers for ACTWU,
 one of the predecessor unions to UNITE-HERE. After six years as an organizer, organiz-
 ing director and business rep I returned to Minnesota to attend seminary. For the past 9
 years I have been working as a pastor in St. Paul and Burnsville while continuing to
 work on a variety of labor struggles around the metro. I come to Local 789 with a great
 passion for organizing. As Organizing Director my focus will be on organizing the unor-
 ganized, building successful campaigns in our core industries and building the power of
 our members in the metro, Western Wisconsin and in strategic locations throughout
 Minnesota. I look forward to working with you and perhaps even recruiting you to be part
 of one of our campaigns to bring justice and dignity to workers at an employer near you!
Workers’ Issues
                                                                            Speaking Out on Issues that Effect Workers.

I Work For Free!!                                  The bigger question is when the           year. If you normally work 2080 hours
                                                Occupation Safety and Health                 per year (which is full time) and divide
                         -- Shirley Muelken
                                                Administration (OSHA) comes in and           the $2600.00 by the 2080 hours you do
                                                does an investigation, asking who? what      work, guess what? You have just given
   What? No one works for free you say?
                                                circumstances? where? when? did this         yourself a $1.25 per hour pay cut by
Well, first of all, I define working for free
                                                incident happen. Based on OSHA find-         working FREE (off the clock).
as-volunteering- but the working for free
                                                ings, your employer my incur huge fines
I’m writing about is the four dreaded
                                                depending on what the investigation            The numbers are real. If you make
words: “working off the clock”.
                                                reveals.                                     more than $10.00 per hour the pay cut is
  The last several months I have been
                                                   When your employer is fined (or even if   even greater.
involved with negotiating several nursing
                                                they don’t get fined) you could be disci-      Your employer does NOT want you to
home contracts. One of the very com-
                                                plined for “working off the clock”. The      work off the clock!! Not only because of
mon problems in all of our nursing
                                                discipline could be anything from a write    the reasons mentioned above, but work-
homes in our Union is—too much work
                                                up, up to and including termination,         ing off the clock is a Wage and Hour vio-
and not enough time to get all the work
                                                depending on the circumstances. This         lation of the law, with big Department of
done. Even if there isn’t enough time to
                                                alone, should be reason enough NOT to        Labor fines attached. The potential con-
“get it all done”, working off the clock is
                                                work off the clock.                          sequences are too high for any employer
NOT an option!!
                                                                                             to let that happen. The pay cut for any
                                                2. My second reason NOT to work off          person foolish enough to work for free is
  There are many reasons not to work
                                                the clock is an economic one. All hours      also too much for anyone to even consid-
off the clock, I will sight two of them here:
                                                you work “off the clock” are hours not       er working off the clock.
                                                paid, which means you are working for          It’s real simple. Your employer doesn’t
1. If you are not punched in (to work),
                                                free during that time. Here is the simple    want it, and you can’t afford the pay cut.
and you slip and hurt your back, or you
                                                mathematics of that decision: Let’s          Give your employer your best perform-
cut your finger off, how does workers
                                                assume a person makes $10.00 per             ance for the time you are there, punch
compensation work? Workers compen-
                                                hour. If a person works off the clock 1      out and go home. That is all any good
sation MUST cover all medical expenses
                                                hour per day (5 hours per week, that is      employer really wants.
and lost wages (after the first three days)
                                                260 hours off the clock in one year) at
in any work related incident.
                                                $10.00 per hour equals $2600.00 per

“I Get So Angry”                                from our recent Steward Training             If all else fails, try these steps to
                       -- Jeanine Owusu         Class on communication:                      manage your anger:
                                                                                             • Count to 10. When something
   This is what I have heard from               1. Expression: “Of all the things            angers you, take three or four deep
employers and Union members. “I                 you wear, expression is the most             breaths. Ask your self, will this really
get so angry when that person does              important.” What is your expression          matter a year from now?
not listen to me.” I get so angry               when you meet with your employer,            • Walk it off. Find a quiet place
when “I think someone is disrespect-            employee?                                    where you can think out loud and
ing me.” “I get so angry when some-                                                          take a second look at how you’re
one looks at me sideways.”                      2. Leave rudeness at the door                reacting to a situation.
   This goes on and on. At some                 even if presented with it. Treat the         • Distract yourself. At work, dive
point both parties need to take a step          person with respect. If you feel the         into a task, listen to relaxing music.
back and find a different approach,             person doesn’t deserve that, treat           • Keep a log. You will help sort out
“anger” is like two bulls in a china            them with tolerance.                         the real causes of your anger.
shop with no way out.                                                                        • Ask for help. If managing
   When you are angry no one is                 3. Listen twice as much as you               outbursts seem impossible, don’t be
going to get what they need or want             talk (that’s the purpose of having two       afraid to try counseling, meditation,
because no one is listening to what             ears and one mouth).                         lifestyle changes.
is being said or what is not being
                                                4. Keep your anger in check.                        “It is not the years in your life
said.                                                                                           but the life in your years that counts”
   Some of this information comes                                                                           – Adlai Stevenson
   H1-B Visas Are A Good Deal?                     people from other countries on how to do      already available and trainable who live
                                                   their jobs and then they are laid off from    right here?
                            -- Caroline Larsen
                                                   their job. We have colleges and universi-        Our children want to go to college and
                                                   ties that have the ability to provide us      be able to find work in these fields when
     I am just flabbergasted at the article I
                                                   with engineers, researchers, computer         they graduate. If the thought process is
   read in the St. Paul paper dated
                                                   programmers etc. Just this week I read        that we will not have to pay for the edu-
   February 28, 2006 titled “Pawlenty seeks
                                                   about a computer programmer that was          cation of these immigrants and thus save
   more H1-B visas” (H1-B visas are given
                                                   driving a bus part-time because he is         all the money and cost of their education,
   out to skilled workers). Sen. John
                                                   unable to find work in this field. He was     how smart is that? We expect our work-
   Cornyn, a Texas Republican who chairs
                                                   fifty years old, I believe. Workers are       ers to provide for their families without
   the Judiciary Committee’s immigration,
                                                   getting frustrated. If there are so many      government assistance. Yet we want to
   border security and citizenship subcom-
                                                   shortages in many of these areas as the       give the opportunities to work highly
   mittee, appeared at a news conference
                                                   article wants us to believe, why do we        paid, skilled jobs to someone from anoth-
   with Pawlenty. He said and I quote, “he
                                                   have so many workers still unable to find     er country. Is everyone here too stupid
   shared the Governor’s concern about
                                                   jobs in these areas?                          to do these jobs or what? I thought this
   businesses out-sourcing in response to a
                                                       Currently, there is a national limit of   country had some of the best talents,
   lack of skilled workers.” Am I missing
                                                   65,000 H1-B visas given. The real short-      especially in the computer fields.
   something here?
                                                   age the U.S. is facing is a shortage of          The Governor wants to remove the
     Businesses are out-sourcing because
                                                        unskilled labor. The jobs no one         visa cap completely and allow an unlimit-
   they are saving money. They can get
                                                          wants. Why would anyone desire         ed number of skilled immigrants to move
   cheaper labor in other countries to pro-
                                                      rs that the high paying jobs be pro-       here. They could potentially displace
   vide their services. The workers in            ke vided to immigrants from other coun-
   this country have to train these            or                                                current employees. Sounds good to me.
                                           t W tries rather than for the workers who are         Ya, right!
                              h ts
                                             “WE ARE WORKERS
                      the                      NOT CRIMINALS!”
            p   for      Among a sea of people, passionate about the rights of working
                       men and women, UFCW Local 789 Representatives, Organizers,
    d                   Officers and Members stood side by side with more than 30,000
St                     others supporters as we marched to the State Capitol, demanding
                       dignity and justice for immigrant workers. We are all workers. We
                       are all human beings. We have a right to demand laws that treat
                        all workers with dignity and respect. The companies that exploit
                              immigrant workers are the criminals, not the workers.
Workers’ Rights
                                                       Fighting for the Right to have affordable Health Care Coverage.

BOB ADAMS, UNION MEMBER: We are                                                                          would want to live in with the mold and stuff
here to talk today about Wal-Mart and how                                                                growing there – I have one son on (medica-
they treat their employees – whether or not                                                              tion) and one taking weekly allergy shots
they pay a livable wage (which they don’t)                                                               because of the mold in the place. If it wasn’t
whether or not they provide healthcare (which                                                            for Minnesota care, God bless them, my one
they don’t).                                                                                             son could not get his weekly shots, my other
                                                                                                         son could not get his medication…If it wasn’t
                                                                                                         for social security, we would be homeless. I
                                                                                                         make $11.29 and hour. Based on a thirty-two
                                                                                                         hour week, you add it all up and see if I could
                                                                                                         raise my children. The CEO, how much
                                                                                                         money do you need to live on – 23 Million a

                                                     REPRESENTATIVE TIM MAHONEY: “You
                                                     see on this sign 300 Million dollars of our tax
                                                     dollars going to pay large corporations that
                                                     should be paying their fair share. This is
                                                     unconscionable – this race to the bottom. This
                                                     race to the bottom has got to stop. Our work-
                                                     ing men and women and their families
                                                     deserve to have healthcare if they’re working
                                                     all day long. I don’t care if you are a sales
SENATOR BECKY LOUREY: “Minnesotans                   clerk, or a corporate exec., if you work hard, if
are losing their health care coverage, an            you work your eight hours, you should be able
increase of uninsured Minnesotans of 24% -           to take your family to the doctor. When the
this is unconscionable. We are gathered here         senator gets the bill passed in the senate, we
today because we want everyone to pay their          in the DFL are going to work tirelessly to get
fair share. I am the author in the senate of the     these bills hearings because they have not
fair share bill and the disclosure bill. I am also   been given hearings. They have not been             BOB ADAMS: “It is important to point out that
chair of the heath care committee. I say over        even given a hearing in the House, because I        Dana’s story isn’t Unique. Wal-Mart is the
and over and over again, we are all in this          am sure there are at least a couple of reason-      largest private employer in this country and
together. It is in the best interest of all of us,   able republicans that would vote for these bills.   this story is repeated all over the place, thou-
for all Minnesotans, that those employers who        We should know. We should know who we               sands of times in the state of Minnesota alone.
can afford to pay, pay. What we need in              are paying all this money to.”                      This is about more than a little press confer-
Minnesota is affordable, accessable, quality                                                             ence. This is an issue for every consumer
health care for every single Minnesotan. This        DANA, WAL-MART WORKER (pictured                     and every Minnesota to look at. You can go to
is urgent. It is urgent for the welfare and the      cover): “I am a widow with three children; my       the website: and you
health of every single Minnesotan.”                  husband has died three years ago. Life is diffi-    can get more information – you can sign on
                                                     cult. We live in a place – I don’t think anyone     and get all kinds of facts about Wal-Mart,
                                                                                                         because it is a much bigger issue than this.”

H1-B Visas: ¿Buena Idea?                             ¿Hay algo que no veo?                                 Hay un limite nacional de 65.000 H1-B visas
                               --Caroline Larsen        Compañías están exportando trabajos técni-       por año. Lo que faltamos son obreros, para
                                                     cos para ahorrar dinero porque pueden pagar         hacer los trabajos que nadie quiere. Nadie
No puedo creer el articulo del 28 de febrero         técnicos de otros países menos. Los profe-          quiere regalar profesiones bien pagadas a
2006, “Pawlenty en Busca de mas H1-B                 sionales de esta país tienen que entrenarles        inmigrantes. Nuestros hijos quieren estudiar y
Visas,” (los H1-B visas aplican solo a profe-        como hacer el trabajo el luego regalarlo a          ganar posiciones buenas. Tiene que ser loco
sionales, académicos y ingenieros). Senador          ellos. Tenemos predatorios y universidades          para regalar estas posiciones a extranjeros
republicano tejano, John Cornyn, el capaz de         reconocidos donde estudian miles de inge-           cuando tenemos las mejores universidades
la Mesa Nacional de Inmigración vino a una           nieros, científicos, maestros, computistas,         del mundo que entrenan los meros expertos,
conferencia de prensa con el gobernador              expertos en sus profesiones. La semana              especialmente de computación.
Pawlenty. El dijo <<comparto la opinión del          pasado leí un artículo sobre un computista de         Entonces sería una loquera para regalar
gobernador acerca de compañías exportando            cincuenta años que esta cambiando de taxista.       visas de H1-B a todo el mundo y dejar nue-
trabajo técnicos a países con más sabios.            ¿Si nuestra país falta sabios porque hay tantos     stros hijos sin trabajo.
                                                     buscando jale?
BEAUTIFICATION DAYS AT UFCW Local 789                                   DAYLILY BEAUTIFICATION DAY
                                                                 Please come out and help. Join us as we plant day lilies
                                                                    around the UFCW Local 789 Kokaisel Union Hall.

                                                                       Date:     Tuesday, May 16, 2006
                                                                       Time:     12:00 noon to 7:00pm (stop in anytime
                                                                                         we will be gardening all afternoon)
                                                                       Place:    UFCW Local 789 Hall

                                                                      Pizza and refreshments will be provided.

                                                              (For all of you that don’t want to plant, you can help President
                                                              Don remove the rocks from the side of the building. Members
                                                              will be able to take the rocks home for their own gardens).

                                                                  “Name the Garden” Party Contest
                                                                 The UFCW Women’s Network plants the UFCW Local 789
                                                              logo in the rock garden located in front of the UFCW Hall every
                                                              year. We do not have a name for the garden, if you can name
                                                              the garden, you could be the winner of a great UFCW Local
                                                              789 polo shirt.
                                                                 Please email your entry to: or mail to
                                                              Jeanine at UFCW Local 789, 266 Hardman Ave N, S St Paul
                                                              MN 55075. The winner will be announced on May 30, 2006 at
                                                              the Gardening Party.
                                                              If you would like to help plant this garden you are cordially invit-
     Local Women Plan Events                                  ed to come-on out and get your hands dirty.
 to “Plant the Seeds” of Solidarity                           We will be planting on:
Among Union Sisters and Make Plans
                                                                       Date:     Tuesday, May 30, 2006
        to “Grow” the Union                                            Time:     12:00 noon to 6:00 pm
                                                                       Place:    UFCW Local 789 Hall.
 There are all sorts of opportunities to get involved with
    your Union. Try one of these fun filled events.           Please bring your expertise and your gardening tools. If you
 They are easy, fun and will allow you to leave a lasting     would like to contribute your own flowers or bulbs, bring them
          mark of beauty on your Union Hall.                  down too! It is a Party, so Refreshments will be provided.

                                                                       Sponsored by the UFCW Local 789 Women’s Network.

THEY SAID, “IT COULDN’T BE DONE”          need to fight any battle and win:          They refused to be deterred. When
                                                                                     the City Council finally met regarding
                     -- Howard Kern       - They have high-powered attorneys         Wal-Mart’s application for expansion,
                                            and lobbyists who know all the           Local 789 had done their homework.
   How many of us have had occa-            angles and they are ready to use         The Union hired professional traffic
sions where we had a goal we really         them.                                    analysts who were able to refute
wanted to accomplish only to be told      - They have money to burn.                 Wal-Mart’s flawed traffic reports. In
it was impossible to even try to do it?   - They have a reputation of getting        addition, the Union hired an attorney
Many times, we were given reasons           their way.                               to present the community’s objec-
why it wouldn’t work – it’s stupid, you   - And, if all else fails, they are not     tions to Wal-Mart.
don’t have a chance or, why don’t           above making “shady deals”.                 These actions resulted in a favor-
you quit while you’re ahead? This is                                                 able outcome in both the Planning
exactly what happened when Local              Our members at Festival wouldn’t       Commission and the City Council.
789 and our members at the Festival       let these overwhelming odds deter          Wal-Mart was STOPPED! Granted,
stores joined forces with community       them. They decided to fight anyway.        the war isn’t over, but the combined
and neighborhood groups in Vadnais        They went into the neighborhoods           efforts of UFCW Local 789 and
Heights. This community was facing        and talked to the citizens; they went      members of Festival Foods as well
a special use request by Wal-Mart to      to City Hall in droves to attend           as community and neighborhood
build a super store in their area.        Planning Commission meetings; they         groups won this battle. Even though
   Everyone told them that when Wal-      filled the chambers when the City          the odds are overwhelming, when we
Mart wants something, you can’t stop      Council met. When Wal-Mart tried           join together and unite, we have
them. They’re too big and powerful.       their tactic of postponement, they         power, and, in this case, victory was
They have all the resources they          would just attend the next meeting.        ours!
Workers’ Report
                                                                       Minutes from the Local 789 Executive Board.
                                                                              Reports from Member Organizations.

  Executive Board Meeting                   Finkenhoefer made a motion to pur-           the back dues he owed from crossing
       April 4, 2006                        chase a 1/8 page ad for $50.00; Bob          the picket line back in 1990. Bob
                                            Klingner seconded; motion passed.            Klingner made a motion to send the
                                                                                         $948.00 plus additional monies to send
President Seaquist called the meeting       ACTIONS NEEDED                               a total of $2,000.00 to our members at
to order at 6:15PM and a quorum was            The minutes of the March 7, 2006          Buffalo Lake’s Minnesota Beef; Ruth
declared. Roll call showed all members      Executive Board Meeting were distrib-        Andre seconded; motion passed.
present except the following: Absent        uted; Ruth Andre made a motion to              We hired Doug Mork on staff as a
was: Ruth Zeman. Excused were:              approve as printed and concur with the       lead organizer. Doug and the Executive
Howard Kern and Rafael Espinosa.            recommendations of the Executive             Board introduced themselves.
                                            Board; Loren Murphy seconded; motion
CORRESPONDENCE & APPEALS                    passed.                                      MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION
   We received a request for endorse-          Jeff Swant made a motion to approve        The Oversight Committee will be
ment of the actions of the people gath-     the expenditures of the most recent          meeting immediately after the Executive
ering at a town meeting on May 13,          report of income/expenditures and            Board Meeting today.
2006 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm in concern       check register as printed; Bill Young
of global warming; Ruth Andre made a        seconded; motion passed.                       Local 789 staff followed up with the
motion to approve the endorsement;             We received a bill from Jensen, Bell,     members at Dakota Premium regarding
Bob Adams seconded; motion passed.          Converse and Erickson for $3,927.80          the members’ concerns that were raised
   We received a request of payment of      for services rendered; Jeff Swant made       at the March General Membership
the 2006 Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition     a motion to pay; Duane Geske second-         Meeting.
dues of $300.00; Paul Finkenhoefer          ed; motion passed.                             Secretary/Treasurer, Jennifer
made a motion to approve payment;              Paul Finkenhoefer made a motion to        Christensen discussed the Jennie-O
Jeff Swant seconded; motion passed.         approve payment of a retainer of             Class Action suit.
   We received a request for $100.00 for    $2,000.00 to Tom Casey regarding the           The Long Prairie Packing members
food for an AFL-CIO Fundraiser event        Midway Target; Bob Klingner seconded;        will be voting on their contract tomor-
on April 29, 2006; Bob Adams made a         motion passed.                               row.
motion to donate $100.00 in gift certifi-      Paul Finkenhoefer made a motion to
cates; Loren Murphy seconded; motion        file a request for monies for a bill to be   There being no further business, the
passed.                                     submitted by Bill Smith for the traffic      meeting was adjourned at 6:56PM.
   We received a request for a donation     study for the Midway Target; Ruth
from the Institute for Local Self           Andre seconded; motion passed.
Reliance; Bernie Hesse made a motion           Bob Klingner made a request to pay        Respectfully submitted,
to donate $500.00; Bill Bauer second-       up to 10 memberships to the Women’s
ed; motion passed.                          Network at $25.00 each member; Paul
   We received a request to advertise in    Finkenhoefer seconded; motion passed.        Caroline Larsen
a booklet given at the Annual Social           Local 789 received a check for            Recording Secretary
Justice Dinner on April 15, 2006; Paul      $948.00 from a previous member for

                    Sauer Memorial Nursing Home—the Rest of the Story
                                                      Shirley Muelken

  In the last issue of Insight, I wrote an extensive article about the concessionary contract we
were forced to negotiate at Sauer Memorial Nursing home in Winona.
  Because our Union members at Sauer are so committed to “their” residents and keeping the
nursing home open, the concessionary contract was ratified in early February. Hopefully, due to
some drastic changes in their Union Contract, (read: benefit reductions), next year at this time I
will be able to report that Sauer Memorial nursing home has made a miraculous recovery and
their doors are still open. Stay tuned.
To my fellow YOUNG members:                        have unique ideas.
                                                     Once you’re apart of the Union, you are
   I use the word young to refer to the new        entitled to the simplest basic rights of being
members to our local. I’m writing to you as        a worker. Many young members are not
Local 789’s newest intern. I have worked at        aware to what extent those rights extend. I
Rainbow Foods for five years and I even            recommend that young members find your
consider myself to be a young member.              contract and read through it right away.
First of all, I would like to say welcome and      Take a look and see what rights are given
it’s an honor to be your fellow member.            to you. An important thing to remember is
Starting off in a new place can be frustrating     that in a Union, management doesn’t
with learning new skills, adapting to different    always have the final word. The Union
schedules, meeting new people, and overall         requires “due process” for all employees.
having the stress of a different environment.      When facing any kind of punishment, stop
Many people don’t realize that they are a          and ask for your right to “Union
part of a Union even if they start on the bot-     Representation” and let them speak on your
tom of the totem pole. Throughout the              behalf.
years, I have heard many newcomers say               Next time you see your Union Steward at
                                                   your work place, talk to them. Ask them            Remember, you have rights, guaranteed
that the Union is only there for the employ-                                                        under the contract, that the union has
ees who have been there a long time. The           questions about their experiences, Union
                                                   history, or the rights that you – as an          fought hard for. Again, read through your
clarification is that everyone is a part of this                                                    contract and try to become familiar with it. If
group. This Union has fought hard over the         employee – have in your work place. I
                                                   encourage veteran members to take new            you have any questions, just ask other
years for both full-time and part-time                                                              members, Stewards, or call the Union and
employees.                                         employees aside, start up a conversation
                                                   with them, take them under your wing, and        ask for your Representative at 651-451-
   We, as your Local, see the young mem-                                                            6240. Keep in mind that this Local Union is
bers as an untapped and insightful resource        assure them that there is a Union that they
                                                   are a part of and that it will fight for their   driven by its membership and we believe it
that, with your input, will lead us into the                                                        to be a very strong local. Only with the
future and strengthen our backbone. I, and         working rights.
                                                     I would also encourage young members           combined contributions from all our mem-
the people that represent you, want and                                                             bers, can we bring solidarity to the highest
need your suggestions. Feel free to call the       to get involved. The Union throws great
                                                   get-togethers with other members. There          level it has ever been.
Union office at any time and talk to your
Representatives or Organizers. They want           are ice fishing contests, car shows, bowling
                                                   and softball tournaments, monthly meet-          See you around,
you to share your perspectives with them
because sometimes the young members                ings, internships and more.
                                                                                                    Ryan Mortensen

Long Prairie Packing Ratifies Contract                                         Los Trabajadores del Long Prairie
                                                     --Tom Oswald
                                                                               Renovaron Su Contrato
   After a long and very difficult contract negotiations, Long                                                                     --Tom Oswald
Prairie Packing Union members ratified a new 5-year
Agreement. First of all, I want to thank the Negotiation
                                                                                 Después de negociaciones duros los trabajadores de
Committee for standing up for what they believe in. They
worked many hours on top of working a full day before we                       Long Pariré ratificaron un acuerdo de 5 años. Por
even started negotiations. Never giving up on what they                        empezar quiero agradecerme al Comité de Negociación
thought was important for their co-workers in the plant. It is                 para pelear sus posiciones. Ellos quedaron muchas
never easy being involved in contract negotiations but they                    horas negociando después de su día del trabajo. Los
all did a GREAT JOB!                                                           negociantes no dejaron de pelear para mejorar sus
    UFCW Local 789 Members working in the plant received
the first proposed offer and it was voted down by a large per-
                                                                               condiciones del trabajo. No es fácil negociar un contra-
centage of the Membership. This sent the Negotiating                           to pero ellos lo hicieron. ¡Bien Hecho!
Committee and the Company back to the table to fight for                         Los miembros del UFCW 789 negaron la primera
another offer.                                                                 oferta de la compañía, mandando el Comité de
  It took some time to get another offer and on April 5th                      Negociación y la compañía a la mesa otra vez.
2006, the members voted to except the new offer. This                            Tardaron más de una mes para ganar otra oferta. El
Agreement did not give all we wanted, but it does keep Long
Prairie Packing Union Members at the top of the pay scale                      día cinco de Abril del 2006 los trabajadores votaron
across the country for another 5 years! Along with keeping                     para aceptar la nueva oferta de la compañía. No
the tool allowance on the weekly paycheck. Not to forget the                   lograron a todo lo que quiso la gente pero mantenemos
$1000 bonus for the first year.                                                los sueldos, unos de los más altos del país. También
   I am proud of all the members because they stood togeth-                    quedamos con pago semanal por la herramienta y un
er and voiced their opinion. That is what being UNION is all                   bono de $1000 dólares por la ratificación del contrato.
about! Having a voice in your workplace. Not just having a
company tell you what you will get for wages and working                         Soy orgulloso de los miembros que defendieron sus
conditions.                                                                    derechos. Por eso existe la unión, para defender al tra-
   I thank all the members of UFCW Local 789 for their                         bajador, no para dejarle en las manos de la compañía.
patience, hard work and most of all for their involvement.                       Agradezco todos los miembros del UFCW 789 por su
Without the members of this Union, there would be no                           apoyo y paciencia. Sin ustedes no hay unión.
Workers’ Time-Off
                                                                                                  Fun Things for Local 789 Members Do.

                                                                                                     7th annual
               KAPOSIA DAYS                                                                       UFCW Local 789
                 PARADE                                                                             Car show

                                                                                                     Sunday, May 21, 2006
             FRIDAY                                                                                    9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
                                                                                                    UFCW 789’s Union Hall
          JUNE 23, 2006                                                                  D a s h
                                                                                                           6       n e           h t
                                                                                                         266 Hardman Ave N - South St Paul
                                                                                                           P l a q u e s            &
                                                                                                                                          T r o p h i e s

        6:00PM – 9:00PM                                                                                      PRE-REGISTRATION $3.50
                                                                                                                                             , y ,        6
                                                                                                     Must Be Submitted No Later Than Thursday, May 18, 2006
                                                                                                        SAME DAY REGISTRATION $5.00
                                                                                                    A T T E N T I O N       A L L     C R A F T E R S
            All Union members, friends and family of UFCW Local
               789 are welcome to participate in this FUN SUMMER                                             3rd ANNUAL
                                                                                                            CRAFT SHOW
                Everyone is welcome to join us in walking and/or                                               L E     D      E E       N    L
                                                                                                            WILL BE HELD INSIDE THE UNION HALL
            riding in this years’ parade.                                                                  d d n          e        g
                                                                                                        Food and Fun Inside Building
  This is a fantastic way to become involved in YOUR UNION!                                       R A I N       O R       S H I N E           E V E N T
                                                                                                       A BIG THANKS TO OUR SPONSERS
                 For More Information Contact
                Tom Oswald at the Union Office
                         651-451-6240                                                                ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS EVENT DONATED TO:
       TO/hd/Opeiu #12
                                                                                       ST. CROIX VALLEYCHRISTIANS IN ACTION CAR CARE MINISTRY
                                                                               For More Information or a Pre-Registration Form Please Contact Marietta at: 651-452-8988)

Support Minnesota Beef Workers                                                 Defensa Comunitaria por los Trabajadores de
                                                       -- Shane Bastien
                                                                                           Minnesota Beef
Minnesota Beef closed their doors on February 21st only three months                                                                                   -- Shane Bastien
after winning their hard fought union contract. According to the compa-
ny, they closed their doors due to financial trouble aggravated by the      Minnesota Beef cerró el 21 de Febrero, tres mese después de ganar
international market. In plain English that means 125 people out of         su primer contrato. Según la compañía cerró por razones económicas
work.                                                                       agraviados por el comercio internacional. En términos reales dejaron
                                                                            125 personas sin trabajo.
For many workers, County programs are either insufficient or unavail-
able. We at 789 are coordinating the community effort to help the work-     La unión 789 encabezó el movimiento comunitario para aliviar a los tra-
ers though this difficult time. In the past couple of months thousands of   bajadores. La comunidad y la unión distribuyeron miles de dólares de
dollars in food and rent assistance have been donated. The Mayor of         apoyo a los trabajadores por comida y renta. La alcalde, las iglesias y
Buffalo Lake, the County, and local Churches have stepped up to assist      el condado defendieron los trabajadores y Usted se puede también.
the workers in their time of need and you can too. Help our Union
Brothers and Sisters in their time of need.                                 Manda un cheque a:
                                                                                             The Minnesota Beef Dislocated Worker Fund
Make a check out to:                                                                         266 Hardman Ave, South St. Paul, MN 55075
                      The Minnesota Beef Dislocated Worker Fund
and mail it to the Union office:
                      266 Hardman Ave, South St. Paul, MN 55075
                                                                                                        <<Hasta la Victoria Siempre. >>
                           “Solidarity Forever”
                                                                                                                                   Jennifer Christensen
                                                        Final Word                                   Important
                                                                                                   Phone Numbers
Two Steps Forward and One Step Back
                                                                                                   Union Office: 651.451.6240
   Our members have recently suffered setbacks as their employers have sold, lost their            Toll-free: 1.877.UFCW789
lease, or ceased operations. In spite of these disappointments, members have taken                 Fax: 651.451.8227
action to support each other in difficult times.

                                                                                                                                   Shirley Muelken Caroline Larsen
   Lake City Health Care Center’s management contract was sold from the Mayo system                E-Mail:
to Ebenezer Society. This employer had other facilities that were unionized and therefore
were not hesitant to begin negotiations with local 789. However, when there is a change
in employer the new one usually looks toward reducing their labor costs as a factor in pay-        Web :
ing for the purchase. We reached a settlement with Lake City but not without huge anxi-  
ety and some concessions from our members.
                                                                                                   Grocery Pension Office
   In Buffalo Lake our new union contract lasted all of 5 months as Minnesota Beef has
closed the doors. The owner is actively seeking investors but the supply market for the
type of animal used at the facility is extremely tight. This is due to poor trade policy of the    Meat Pension Office
US, foreign pressure and the fear of mad cow disease.                                              1.800.531.2385
   Our members working at the plant have been supported by us along with many others
in their community. Our union members have collected hundreds of dollars in donations at           Groc/Meat HealthCare
our last union meeting and the bowling tournament. These donations are being placed in             Administrator : 952.854.0795
an account specifically for emergency financial assistance. Churches, the mayor, the

                                                                                                                                   Howard Kern
states dislocated worker program, and other service organizations recognize the value of           TEAM: 651.642-0182

                                                                                                                                                                     Your Union Representatives
these workers and are doing what they can to offer financial support. But with little other
industry out in central Minnesota, these workers will have to move to where the work is            To leave messages for your
available.                                                                                         Union Rep. on the weekend:
   The most recent news is that Borders Books in the uptown area of Minneapolis has lost           Dial 651.451.6240 then enter
their lease. The landowner is making conversions to condos and other retail in the loca-           “2” and their extension:
tion that the bookstore held. Our members at the store have been so supportive of our

                                                                                                                                   Tom Oswald
efforts to unionize other retail stores. The organizing campaign that resulted in them             Don Seaquist-235
becoming members was the most creative and positive we have ever done. We are just                 Jennifer Christensen-228
now beginning negotiations over the impact on our members. We will negotiate many                  Caroline Larsen-233
issues, from severance pay to transfer rights.                                                     Shirley Muelken-230
   You may be reading this and thinking this can’t happen to me. As working men and                Howard Kern-229
women we can’t be complacent. We must continue to fight for the rights we have built               Tom Oswald-224
upon over these many years. Workers demand for representation is still there, but is               Jeanine Owusu-231

                                                                                                                                   Jeanine Owusu
negated by federal laws that give them very little protection in any unionizing effort. Our        Rafael Espinosa-232
political actions are directly related to the fact that our hard fought victories can be changed
with the swipe of a pen.                                                                           ORGANIZING DEPT.
                                                                                                   Bernie Hesse, Spec.Proj. -239
In Solidarity,                                                                                     Doug Mork, Lead Org. - 241
                                                                                                   Shane Bastien - 226
                                                                                                   Jenny Shegos - 240
Don Seaquist, President

                                                                                                                                   Rafael Espinosa
                                                                                                   OFFICE STAFF
                                                                                                   Hilarie Magnuson-222
                                                                                                   Gail Freeman 220
                 UNION MEETINGS                                                                    Twill Grove-227
                                                                                                   Hall Rentals-651.437.2195
  Kokaisel Hall, 266 Hardman Ave. N, So. St. Paul
           Union Meetings are held on the                                                          President: Don Seaquist
                                                                                                                                   Bernie Hesse

 1st Tuesday in January, March, May and September.                                                 Sec/Treasurer:
                                                                                                         Jennifer Christensen
   1st Monday in November (due to the Elections).

                                                                                                                                                                     Your Union Organizers
                                                                                                   Recorder: Caroline Larsen
                                                                                                   Vice Presidents:
                                                                                                   1st Paul Finkenhoefer
INSiGHT                        May/June 2006 Volume 18, No. 3
                                                                                                   2nd Duane Geske
                                                                                                   3rd Marjorie Schwartz
                                                                                                                                   Shane Bastien

                                                                                                   4th Ruth Andre
                                                                                                   5th Garry Busse
                                                                                                   6th Bernie Hesse
 UFCW LOCAL 789                                                NONPROFIT ORG.                      7th Lauri Anderson
                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
 266 Hardman Avenue N                                                PAID
                                                                                                   8th Ruth Zeman
                                                                                                   9th Jeffery Swant
 South St. Paul, MN 55075                                        ST. PAUL, MN                      10th Diane Winter
                                                                PERMIT NO. 816                     11th Robert Klingner
                                                                                                   12th Bill Bauer
                                                                                                                                   Jenny Shegos

                                                                                                   14th Loren Murphy
                                                                                                   15th Bob Adams
                                                                                                   16th Bill Young

                                                                                                   Published by:
                                                                                                   UNITED FOOD AND
                                                                                                   WORKERS UNION
                                                                                                   LOCAL 789
                                                                                                                                   Doug Mork

                                                                                                   266 Hardman Ave.
                                                                                                   S. St. Paul, MN
                                                                                                   Editor, Layout and Design:
                                                                                                   Jennifer Christensen

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