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Glossary - Plan Cincinnati

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The following terms are those that have been used in this document, or that may have been commonly used by City Staff, speakers, Working
Group members, or other participants at Plan Cincinnati meetings. Terms are listed alphabetically, and wherever possible, sources for ad-
ditional information are listed.

Accessible: Accessible to             income: defined as 50-100% of        process of being redeveloped                 Commercial Use: A
people with mobility and sensory      area median income, adjusted by      throughout Hamilton County.                  commercial use is a land use
disabilities; accessible to public    household size.                                                                   category in which properties
transportation; accessible to                                              Sources for Additional Information:          are used to sell final goods. Final
jobs, schools, stores, social         Source for Additional Information:      goods are products that are
service agencies and recreation                                                                                         consumed rather than used as
opportunities; accessible/available                                                                                     materials to produce another
to all races, disabilities, family    Brownfield: The Environmental                                                     good.
                                      Protection Agency (EPA) defines      Building Code: A building
makeup, gender and sexual
                                      brownfields as, “real property,      code is a set of regulations and
orientation; accessible for people                                                                                      Community Land Trust:
                                      the expansion, redevelopment,        guidelines that sets minimum
with significant barriers/housing                                                                                       Community Land Trust is a
                                      or reuse of which may be             safety standards for certain
problems.                                                                                                               mechanism used to provide
                                      complicated by the presence          structures. The intent of building
                                                                                                                        affordable housing opportunities
Source for Additional Information:    or potential presence of a           codes is to preserve public
                                                                                                                        and to retain their affordability              hazardous substance, pollutant or    safety as well as private assets
                                                                                                                        for a long term. In this model,
                                      contaminant. There are several       by ensuring the integrity of built
                                                                                                                        a non-profit entity retains the
Affordable: Generally costing         environmental, legal and financial   structures and components of
                                                                                                                        ownership of the land and
less than 30% of a household’s        challenges associated with the       structures such as electrical
                                                                                                                        sells the physical structure
income, but with attention to         redevelopment of brownfield          wiring, plumbing, elevators, etc.
                                                                                                                        (house) along with a long-term
meeting individuals at their point    sites. Port of Greater Cincinnati
                                                                           Source for Additional Information:           lease of the land to the home
of need and to relationship           Development Authority, has    owner. Therefore, the property
with household budget as some         a brownfield redevelopment           entId=19996&stateId=35&stateName=            (physical structure and lease
people cannot pay 30% of              program, through which 9 sites       Ohio                                         on the land) can only be resold
income.Very low to moderate           were redeveloped or are in the
                                                                                                                                              Glossary | 229

at affordable rate to another            Density: Density is a            amendments may substantially      
eligible buyer. Since this model         measurement used to describe     affect permitted uses in the area;
allows the home owner to only            units per area. There are        and, 3) controls are necessary to           pages/-40282-/
pay the full price of the structure      two applications for density:    protect the public interest.
and removes the price of the             population density (people                                                   Future GO Cincinnati Areas:
property from the transaction,           per acre) and housing density    City Council must designate                 The GO Cincinnati Report,
this model allows for long term          (dwelling units per acre).       which applications are subject to           developed to determine the
affordability.                                                            review, adopt review guidelines             best strategy to attract jobs and
                                         Interim Development              for each application, and                   increase earnings tax revenues
Source for Additional Information:       Control District (IDC): The      designate which City department             to Cincinnati, recommended   Interim Development Control      or official will review the                 that the City focus its
html#community%20land%20trust            (IDC) Overlay District is a      applications.                               resources on “place-based”
                                         zoning designation intended                                                  development activities where
Complete Streets: Complete               to temporarily regulate          Source for Additional Information:          the greatest opportunities exist
Streets serve the needs of               the establishment of uses,       Chapter 1431 Interim Development            in conjunction with strategic
multiple modes of transportation                                          Control Overly District of the Cincinnati   workforce development and
                                         construction of new buildings
and ensure safety, convenience                                            Zoning Code                                 transportation investments.
                                         and demolition or alteration
and accessibility for all travelers      of existing structures in                                                    The report identifies Existing
irrespective of the mode of                                               Form-Based Code: Form-                      Growth Opportunity Areas as
                                         areas where the adoption of
transportation. Cities throughout                                         Based Codes are an innovative               the primary sources of City tax
                                         amendments to the Cincinnati
the country have been using                                               alternative to conventional                 revenue: the CBD, OTR, and the
                                         Zoning Code have been
the model of Complete Streets                                             zoning that focus on the form               Uptown neighborhoods. The
                                         proposed in a Plan Cincinnati,
to update roadways so that                                                of buildings (i.e., the physical            report also identifies three New
                                         community plan, urban design
they contribute to the vitality                                           character of buildings, and the             Growth Opportunity Areas in
                                         plan or urban renewal plan
of neighborhoods. The City’s                                              relationship of buildings to                the Madison Road Corridor,
                                         have been approved by the City
Department of Transportation                                              each other and to the street),              Seymour/Reading Roads
                                         Planning Commission.
and Engineering is currently                                              rather than the use. Form-                  Corridor, and Queensgate/South
developing Complete Street                                                Based Codes allow communities               Mill Creek Corridor.
                                         The City Planning Commission
guidelines to allow pedestrians,                                          to code for character – to
                                         and City Council may establish
bicyclists, motorists, and transit                                        protect the existing character              Source for Additional Information:
                                         an IDC Overlay District
riders of all ages and abilities to                                       of the area, and ensure that new  
                                         on finding that: 1) map or
share the road safely.                                                    development is compatible with              pages/-18168-/
                                         text amendments to the
                                         Cincinnati Zoning Code are                                                   Good Housing: Clean, safe,
Source for Additional Information:
                                         being considered by the City     Sources for Additional Information:         decent, in good repair, correct
                                         Planning Commission; 2) those              size and number of rooms; with
Glossary | 230

the potential to help people                   provide low cost housing at                  transportation systems, green               government entity acquires and
overcome poverty, build stability,             affordable rates to low- and                 infrastructure and neighborhood             assembles underutilized parcels.
and improve their lives; housing               moderate-income households.                  redevelopment within the I-75               These parcels are then resold/
that improves neighborhoods,                   These affordable housing units               corridor from the Brent Spence              reused to pursue a community’s
and revitalizes the entire                     are typically built as part of the           Bridge to Mitchell Avenue exit.             priorities and their local land use
community.                                     market rate housing in order                                                             or economic development plan.
                                               to allow for a mixed-income                  Source for Additional Information:
Source for Additional Information:             neighborhood.                            Sources for Additional Information:                                                                    pages/-36607-/                    
                                               Inclusionary housing in several                                                
Incentive Zoning: Incentive                    communities is aimed at                      Joint Economic
zoning allows the property                     providing workforce housing,                 Development Districts                       LEED-ND: The U.S. Green
owners to build at higher                      defined as housing affordable                (JEDD): JEDDs are contractual               Building Council establishes the
intensity or density in return                 to teachers, firefighters, police            agreements, which enable                    LEED (Leadership in Energy
for providing certain community                officers and other essential                 townships, cities and villages to           and Environmental Design) for
amenities. These amenities can                 workforce who are increasingly               cooperatively address economic              neighborhood development
be in the form of urban design                 being priced out of market rate              development issues. Each JEDD               ratings system. This system is
(plazas, courtyards, green space               housing.                                     is unique and different based               used to rate a community based
etc), affordable housing, or                                                                on the needs and demands of                 on smart growth, urbanism and
transit (access to transit/ transit            Source for Additional Information:           the communities involved. The               green building principles: LEED-
amenities). Incentive zoning is a            JEDD program is designed to                 ND serves as a neutral third
flexible tool that is increasingly             strategy/policies/inclusionary_zoning.html   encourage cooperation among                 party verification or validation
being used by communities.                                                                  local communities by providing              of environmentally responsible
Source for Additional Information:             Industrial Land Use: An                      mutual economic benefits to all             neighborhood design. In addition   industrial use is a land use                 communities involved.                       to the energy efficient features
asp?art=1721&res=1280                          category in which properties                                                             within the buildings, LEED-
                                               are used to extract raw                      Source for Additional Information:          ND takes into consideration
Inclusionary Housing:                          materials, conduct research           factors such as site selection,
Inclusionary housing is a tool                                                              pdf
                                               and development of goods, or                                                             neighborhood pattern and
used by several communities                    manufacture goods that are used                                                          design, infrastructure etc.
across the country to increase                                                              Land Banking: Land banking
                                               in the production of final goods.
affordable housing opportunities                                                            is a tool used by communities               Source for Additional Information:
for low- and moderate-income                                                                to allow for the redevelopment    
                                               Interstate-75 Focus Areas:
households. In this model,                                                                  of blighted, vacant, or                     aspx?CMSPageID=148
                                               Four focus areas within a study
housing developers are either                                                               underutilized properties.
                                               that developed strategies
mandated or encouraged to                                                                   Typically a government or a quasi
                                               for economic development,
                                                                                                                                            Glossary | 231

Lick Run Project Area: MSD           •   Coordinate and leverage              NEP Neighborhoods: The
green infrastructure project             federal policies and                 Neighborhood Enhancement              NSP Neighborhoods: The
to strategically separate the            investment; and                      Program (NEP) is a 90-day             Neighborhood Stabilization
sewer system and daylight the        •   Value communities and                collaborative effort between          Program (NSP) was established
stormwater portion near MSD’s            neighborhoods.                       City departments, neighborhood        by the federal government to
largest combined sewer overflow                                               residents and community               stabilize communities that have
(CSO). This project will turn a      Source for Additional Information:       organizations. The NEP focuses        suffered from foreclosures
problem into an amenity to spur                                               on developing neighborhood            and abandonment. Within the
economic development within                                                   assets. Integrated service delivery   City of Cincinnati, NSP funds
a highly visible, but blighted                                                includes:                             are being used to redevelop
                                     Neighborhood Business
transportation corridor.                                                      • Concentrating building code         foreclosed, abandoned and
                                     District (NBD): A NBD is
                                                                                  enforcement                       vacant residential properties and
Source for Additional Information:   the contiguous placement of
                                                                              • Identifying and “cooling            demolish condemned buildings                businesses on primary streets
                                                                                  down” crime hot spots             after standard code enforcement
                                     in the neighborhood that are
                                                                              • Cleaning up streets,                activities have been exhausted.
Livability: The Federal              reliant upon neighborhood
                                                                                  sidewalks, and vacant lots        There have been three rounds of
Government, including the U.S.       residents, while also serving
                                                                              • Beautifying landscapes,             NSP neighborhoods.
Departments of Housing and           customers from other
                                                                                  streetscapes and public right
Urban Development (HUD),             communities. Typically, NBDs                                                   Source for Additional Information:
                                                                                  of way
Transportation (DOT), and            are composed of retail stores,                                       
                                                                              • Engaging property owners
Environmental Protection Agency      restaurants, personal services,                                                pages/-39734-/
                                                                                  and residents to create
(EPA) have described livability      and other similar “walk-in”
                                                                                  and sustain a more livable
as building the communities that     customer-oriented businesses.                                                  place matters
help Americans live the lives they   These businesses and services                                                  Neighborhoods: place matters
want to live. In order to achieve    are in a confined geographic area                                              is a place-based investment
                                                                              The targeted areas are identified
this, six principles of livability   that makes the NBD unique, has                                                 pilot project seeking to achieve
                                                                              through an analysis of building
were developed including:            visual impact, and their existence                                             breakthrough change in several
                                                                              code violations, vacant buildings,
• Provide more transportation        is important to the vitality of                                                neighborhoods in Greater
                                                                              disorder and drug calls, drug
    choices;                         the neighborhood. There are 39                                                 Cincinnati: Avondale and Price
                                                                              arrests, as well as incidence of
• Promote equitable, affordable      recognized NBDs in Cincinnati.                                                 Hill within the City’s boundaries.
                                                                              graffiti, junk autos, litter and
    housing;                                                                  weeds.
                                     Source for Additional Information:                                             Source for Additional Information:
• Enhance economic                                          
    competitiveness;                 Neighborhood_Business_District_          Source for Additional Information:
• Support existing                   Improvement_Program
    communities;                                                              pages/-34625-/
Glossary | 232

Quality of Life: This often            Residential Use: A residential        conservation of open lands, local
vague concept typically refers         use is a land use category in         character, housing diversity, and    development/smart-grid
to the evaluation of the general       which housing dominates. The          vibrant downtowns.
well-being of individuals,             zoning for residential uses is                                             Strategic Program for Urban
communities, or societies as a         typically the most restrictive,       Source for Additional Information:   Revitalization (SPUR):
whole. Indicators of quality of life   often regulating lighting, sound     The City has designated 16
may include, but are not limited       levels, traffic patterns, and high-                                        underutilized sites with present
to, wealth and employment,             intensity uses for the safety and  Smart Grid: A smart grid                or potential environmental
physical and mental health,            comfort of residents.              generally refers to a class of          contamination and has targeted
education, recreation, freedom,                                           technology people are using             them for redevelopment through
human rights, happiness, and even      Smart Code: The Smart Code         to bring utility electricity            the Strategic Program for Urban
social belonging.                      is a transect-based code, with     delivery systems into the 21st          Revitalization (SPUR).
                                       the entire city or region divided  century, using computer-based
Right-of-Way: The right-of-            into transects from urban to       remote control and automation.          Source for Additional Information:
                                                                          Smart grid technology means   
way is a portion of the public         rural. Each of these transects                                             pages/-9408-/
space that is generally used           have design guidelines that        “computerizing” the electric
for transportation. Public             encourage the quality of life      utility grid. It includes adding
                                                                                                                  Subdivision Regulations:
streets, highways, strips of           within that transect. For example, two-way digital communication           In general, Subdivision is the
property owned by the public           properties within the dense        technology to devices associated
                                                                                                                  process for creating more than
for providing utilities are all        urban transect are encouraged      with the grid. Each device
                                                                                                                  one smaller lot from one larger
considered the right-of-way.           to be developed at higher          on the network can be given
                                                                                                                  lot. The Rules and Regulations
There are policies related to the      densities, public transportation   sensors to gather data (power
                                                                                                                  outline the process for
use of rights-of-way, as opposed       is encouraged, minimal parking     meters, voltage sensors, fault
                                                                                                                  subdivision including the required
to policies related to the use         requirements or underground        detectors, etc.), plus two-way
                                                                                                                  documentation and approval of
of private property. Right-of-         parking is encouraged. On          digital communication between
                                                                                                                  appropriate government bodies.
way policies are intended to           the other hand, guidelines for     the device in the field and the
                                                                                                                  These processes are intended
allow individuals to utilize public    properties in the rural area are   utility’s network operations
                                                                                                                  to ensure a unified pattern of
spaces while preserving the            designed to preserve the rural     center. A key feature of the smart
                                                                                                                  development for an attractive,
public interest. Right-of-way          quality of life, and may include   grid is automation technology
                                                                                                                  economical, and durable
polices may regulate signage,          low density single-family housing, that lets the utility adjust and        neighborhood. Subdivision is
traffic of pedestrians, bicycles,      large lots, large setbacks etc.    control each individual device or
                                                                                                                  also limited by the Zoning Code,
or automobiles, materials used                                            millions of devices from a central
                                                                                                                  which identifies a minimum lot
in construction, street furniture,     Smart Codes allow for walkable     location.
                                                                                                                  size for each zoning district.
and public art.                        and mixed-use neighborhoods,
                                       transportation options,            Source for Additional Information:
                                                                                                                  The following is the definition
                                                                                                                                      Glossary | 233

of “subdivision” provided in         of any street or streets, except     agricultural or other low                City Council may establish a
the Rules and Regulations of         private streets serving industrial   intensity zoning have the option         UDOD for an area that within a
the Cincinnati City Planning         structures; the division or          of selling their development             Neighborhood Business District
Commission for the Subdivision       allocation of land as open spaces    rights. Property owners in other         that has an Urban Design Plan.
of Land (the “Rules and              for common use by owners,            zoning districts/selected zoning
Regulations”):                       occupants or lease holders or        districts can then buy these             When a UDOD is in place, the
                                     as easements for the extension       development rights to develop            following permits are reviewed
As defined in Section 711.01         and maintenance of public sewer,     their property at a higher               for compliance: signs, awnings,
of the Ohio Revised Code,            water, storm drainage or other       intensity.                               mechanical equipment and
Subdivision is: (a) the division     public utilities.                                                             utilities, replacement windows,
of any parcel of land shown as                                            TDR allows communities to                exterior renovation or
a unit or as contiguous units        Transit Oriented                     preserve the character of the            alterations, eating and drinking
on the last preceding tax roll,      Development (TOD):                   neighborhood while allowing the          establishments, as well as all new
into two or more parcels, sites,     TOD’s are compact, mixed-            property owners to recapture             construction and demolition.
or lots, any one of which is less    use areas located in close           some of the lost economic value.
than five acres for the purpose,     proximity (walkable/bikable                                                   As of 2012, there are 14 UDODs
whether immediate or future, of      distance) to a transit station.      Source for Additional Information:       in the City of Cincinnati. They
transfer of ownership, provided,     TOD’s are designed to reduce   are:
however, that the division or        the auto dependency within           rights%20programs.htm#Definition         UD #1 - College Hill Business
partition of land into parcels       the community by providing                                                    District
of more than five acres not          amenities like housing, jobs,        Urban Design Overlay                     UD #2 - Clifton Business District
involving any new streets or         entertainment etc in close           District (UDOD): A UDOD                  UD #3 - Hartwell Business
easements of access, and the         proximity to each other.             is special designation on the            District
sale or exchange of parcels          Source for Additional Information:                                            UD #4 - Hyde Park Square
                                Zoning Map designed to protect
between adjoining lot owners,                                             and enhance the physical                 Business District
where such sale or exchange          publications_11007.html                                                       UD #5 - Oakley Square Business
                                                                          character of selected business
does not create additional                                                districts that have adopted              District
building sites, shall be exempted;   Transfer of Development                                                       UD #6 - University Village
                                     Rights (TDR): Transfer               Urban Design Plans. The purpose
or (b) the improvement of                                                 is to prevent the deterioration          Business District
one or more parcels of land          of Development Rights is a                                                    UD #7 - North Avondale along
                                     program commonly used by             of property and blighting
for residential, commercial or                                            conditions; encourage private            Reading Road
industrial structures or groups of   local governments to mitigate                                                 UD #8 - Mt. Washington
                                     the economic impact of land          investment, and ensure that infill
structures involving the divisions                                        development does not adversely           Business District
or allocation of land for the        use regulation. In this program,                                              UD #9 - Mt. Airy Business
                                     property owners who have             affect the physical character of
opening, widening or extension                                            the area.                                District
Glossary | 234

UD #10 - Columbia-Tusculum               with mobility impairments to           Inc. describes walkability as
Business District                        visit family, friends, and neighbors   communities that are thriving,        Source for Additional Information:
UD #11 - Hyde Park East                  in their homes without undue           livable, and sustainable, offering
Business District                        obstacles such as steps or             safe transportation choices and
UD #12 - Mt. Lookout Square              narrow doors. The hallmarks of         an improved quality of life.
UD #13 - Pleasant Ridge                  visitability include one zero-step
Business District                        entrance to the house, main            Sources for Additional Information:
UD #14 – Kennedy Heights                 floor doors with a minimum   
Business District                        of 32 inches clear passage,
                                         and access to at least one half
Source for Additional Information:       bathroom on the main floor.
Chapter 1437 Urban Design Overly                                                Zoning Code: A Zoning Code
District of the Cincinnati Zoning Code   Sources for Additional Information:    is a tool used by government
                                          administrations to regulate the
Urban Growth Boundary:                            form of the built environment
Urban Growth Boundary (UGO)         and use of land. There are various
is a line that separates urban           Webtop/ws/council/public/child/        types of zoning regulations.
areas from the rural areas. The          no%3D%27201201129%27                   Euclidean Zoning provides
UGB is designed on a long term                                                  limited flexibility regarding use,
basis, usually 20 years or more.         Walkability: While all of our          but it mainly segregates land uses
UGB allows the community to              residential neighborhoods have         into specific geographic districts.
preserve the valuable farm and           sidewalks and residents may            Cincinnati currently employs
rural area from the development          be able to easily walk from            traditional zoning. Form-Based
pressures. Land use policies             house to house or around the           Codes provide more flexibility
(zoning, density), infrastructure        neighborhood, a neighborhood           in terms of permitted land use
(roads, sewer, water), are all           is not considered truly walkable       and offers more guidance with
designed to retain the rural             unless the neighborhood For            respect to the built environment.
character of the properties              a neighborhood center to be            For example, Form-Based
beyond the UGB.                          walkable, it is mostly based           Codes may require a certain
                                         on character, but also takes           set-back, a range of allowable
Source for Additional Information:                                              building heights, or even required
                                         into consideration availability                                                       architectural style. Cincinnati
                                         of services and amenities, and
                                         building occupancy.                    is currently exploring the
Visitability: This refers to the                                                possibility of implementing Form-
construction and renovation of                                                  Base Codes.
                                         Walkable Communities,
residences to enable persons

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