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									Iris Application Framework
Darone Jones - Program Lead
Aaron Sutula – Technical Lead
                            Field Motivation

• Field needs an advanced set of integrated Decision Support Service
  (DSS) tools
    – Situational awareness beyond current capabilities of AWIPS
        • Event logging/storm reporting
        • Cataloging of impacts/concerns
        • Contact management (spotters, EM, etc.)
        • Sharing of local office DSS data to assist in service backup
        • Mapping data interface – common application to display all data

• Field needs a single framework for future field innovation efforts

                                                                         Iris Application Framework
                           Iris Motivation

• Build Data Compatibility / Build DSS Solutions
    – Central collection and distribution point for many types of data
    – Replace multitude of programs, databases, and data formats with a
      single structure and location where this information is stored and
    – Facilitate sharing of information between offices, programs, regional
      and national headquarters
    – Provide common interface from which forecasters can easily determine
      if forecast weather will have an impact on particular NWS stakeholders

                                                             Iris Application Framework
                         What is Iris?

• A database and application framework engineered to manage many
  types of NWS data:
   – customer contact information, criteria and thresholds, spotter
     information, communication logs, equipment status,
     office/community events, weather events and storm reports, NWS
     products, and verification
   – Hazard products broken down and stored in their atomic parts

 Development being done with industry standards AND consistent
               with AWIPS Extended technologies

                                                        Iris Application Framework

• Grew from field efforts to address DSS needs; each application
  using similar data
   –   StormLog (spotter management / report logging)
   –   PANDA (verification)
   –   SevereClear (situational awareness)
   –   Various spreadsheets / contact management
• Each application required its own database and decoders
   – Info entered multiple times; hard to manage or share, duplication of
• Group of field/regional staff banded together and engineered
  concept of single database structure for all applications
• Often without easy ways to support backup modes

                                                           Iris Application Framework

                                                     Web Client

Database                                   RPC
Postgres                   Spring        Jabsorb
    +                                      API
 PostGIS                                                Other Clients

                                                   Iris Application Framework

• Iris team developed current goals/structure/framework
• Sought out and conducted own training on technologies
• Field/Regional staff developing in spare time
    – ITOs, SOOs, WCMs, Forecasters, Program Mgrs
    – Using patch work equipment

• Progress has been good...given part-time aspect
• IAB/RITT/OS&T funded 2 developer workshops (January 2010,
  August 2010)

                                                    Iris Application Framework

• PostgreSQL
• PostGIS extensions
• Contains pre-populated quality controlled NWS and General GIS
  data (states, counties, NWS zones, etc.)

                                                     Iris Application Framework
            Major Data and Design Elements

•   All data modeled in POJO (Plain Old Java Objects)
•   Javascript mapping is to standard (JSON and GeoJSON)
•   Using industry standards and conventions
    – Spring, Hibernate, PostGIS, Maven, Agile development
•   Store existing NWS products in Spatial database
•   Correlation of Spatially related data

                                                             Iris Application Framework
                Distributed Development

• NWSChat
• GoToMeeting
• Bi-weekly conf calls
• Planning and code sprint meetings

                                          Iris Application Framework
                            Iris Web
                        Client Applications

• Initial phase: implement 4 DSS applications – Iris Web:
    –   Next Generation Local Storm Report (LSR) Program
    –   Contact Management
    –   Impacts Catalog
    –   Situational awareness display

• All using a single database and client application framework
• Allows for ease of local data sharing, especially for service backup

                                                           Iris Application Framework
        Long-Term Goals – NWS Use of Iris
      Be the standard database framework for all NWS weather operations (consolidate systems/databases)

“Achieving the NextGen weather vision will require increased compatibility among NOAA systems (e.g., through common data standards and
  formats), the enterprise infrastructure to link the systems to one another, and intensified cooperation among the NOAA system owners.”

                                                    Build compatibility
            Potential NOAA Collaborations

• Recent environmental issues have shown the value of cross-agency
  collaboration (Katrina and Ike, Deepwater, Kalamazoo)
• Provide documentation on available data
• Planned NWS API
   – Sharing of data in standard formats
       • GIS
           – WMS, WFS, KML, etc.
       • CAP, RSS, etc.
• We’d love to learn about what data is available from you
• NWSChat
• Wiki/Sites – Team(s)
• Potential future collaboration on application development
                                                       Iris Application Framework

                                     Iris Application Framework

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