Hot-air Rework Station Pro by jeriffcheng


									Hot-air Rework Station Pro.
Hot-air Rework Station Pro is one professional quick hot-air-type rework station. Hot-
air Rework Station Pro adopts antistatic design which is ideal for soldering and
desoldering the components, such as chips from hard drive PCB, motherboard, etc.

High-quality heating element and nozzle enables a quick temperature increase, stable and
precise temperature control and display in a microprocessor controlled screen. Users can
control the air volume and temperature easily.

With this soldering and desoldering rework station, users can make best use of its soft-
soldering advantage without touching the soldering points and therefore, users can avoid
the thermoshock and component position change. Besides, after power off the rework
station, the heating element and handle are protected due to its air-continued design.

Model: Quick 990AD
Weight: 4.6kg
Power-Input Voltage: 220V AC adapter;
Power Consumption:
Start-up: 540w Max
At Work: 320w Max
Capacity: 24L/min Max
Temperature Range: 100℃-480℃
Air Pump: diaphragm type
Hot-air Rework Station Pro. Will undoubtedly enhance users’ efficiency and success
rate in common soldering and desoldering work including ROM chips, flash chips, etc
and finally it makes our complete repair work more successful.

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