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									Little Ticket To Wealth Secret Lead Factory Your Step By
Step Guide To $200 A Day ticket- to- wealth- secret- lead- factory- your- step- by- step- guide- to- 200- a-
                                                                                                                             January 20, 2013

Little Ticket To Wealth

Secret Lead Factory

Step By Step Guide To Make $200 Daily
Brought to you by:
Brother John Hostick
Contact me if you have questions…

Welcome – I’m excited to introduce you to my Home Business and would like to share with
you what I found that has helped me make a full-time income from home. The short video (below)
really opened my eyes and was such a breath of fresh air. Use my link below to watch the
presentation, which will be the same video you will be sending your new team members online to
watch… 24/7 while you’re off doing other things with your time.

Click the picture below to watch the video…
After watching the short video, STEP 1 sends you to join Lit t le Ticket To Wealt h (which pays
you the $200 commissions)… and STEP 2 sends you to the Secret Lead Factory (which is the 24/7
marketing system you will be using to do the “presenting” and “selling” for you).

From the video on the previous page, there are (2) parts to this business:
1. Little Ticket To Wealth (LTTW)
2. and Secret Lead Factory (SLF)

A few reasons why this works so well…

➔ Every month the program provides you with over 200,000 leads to market to
(name, address, email, phone). Market an existing business, or market
this program like I am and make $200 instant commissions.

➔ Every business needs leads to contact. Every day there are thousands of
people joining Home Businesses and they are all going to need leads.

➔ Use the powerful video presentation (above) that does the
selling, explaining, and enrolling for you. In fact, you’ll most likely only talk
or email with about 2 people out of every 10 (to answer basic questions),
the rest just sign up on their own.

➔ Little Ticket To Wealth has been providing leads and operating successfully since 2009.
Success is an easy 4 step process…

1. Use the leads that come with the program (over 200,000 every month)
2. Send those leads to the online video presentation (above)
that works around the clock, 24 hrs a day making sales for you
3. Watch the sales come in
4. Rinse and repeat to reach your income goal
Pretty simple…

My $2OO A Day Step By Step Guide
Pertaining to HOW the income is earned… the message from the video presentation
above, was as follows:

➔ When you participate in this business as a PRO member (for $200 one-time payment,
and $20 monthly to remain a member) each month you will receive over 200,000 leads
(name, address, email, phone) you may contact and send to the secret lead factory video
presentation here.

➔ The quickest and easiest way to contact your 200,000 leads each month is by email. This is
accomplished by using an automated system that can email 2,000, or more, of your
leads for you each day, on auto-pilot while you’re off doing other things with your time.

➔ Using the email system, when you invite 2,000 of your leads to watch the video each
day, at a realistic response rate of 1%, 20 people would watch the video.

➔ Of the 20 people that watch, on average the video is converting 1 person per 20 into a
member of little ticket to wealth… which would put $200 in YOUR pocket for every individual
joining you as a PRO member.

➔ Members pay each other “Member-to-Member” using a credit card, PayPal, Google checkout,
etc., and we keep each $200 payment we receive (nothing to split or share with anyone else).

Here’s a break down of how the system work…
NOTE: No amount of income is guaranteed. Results will vary depending on your own efforts.

If you would like to go ahead and get signed up today follow my quick
start guide below…
St ep 1:
When you’re ready to join Little Ticket To Wealth, click the banner below to go to my LTTW
website and read the main web page which reviews the program.

St ep 2:
From the main LTTW web page click the “Sign Me Up Now” or “Add To Cart” button, which will take
you to a short “Registration Form” to complete.

St ep 3:
The “Registration Form” needs to be
completed (no payment is required at this

From the LTTW website, complete the
“Registration Form” and verify that your
information is correct.

Submit your information by clicking the
“Submit Only When Finished” button.

You will immediately be swept into the
Members Area where you’ll be able to
complete your Little Ticket To Wealth
enrollment, safely and securely.

St ep 4:
After completing the form, login to your LTTW
account and once inside the Members Area, you
can look around, but you won’t have access to
very much until you’ve made your $200 one-time
payment to me (your sponsor)… and the $20
payment to LTTW administration (which renews
monthly) to remain an active member receiving your new leads each month.
Please Follow The Rules:

Rule # 1 – There are NO REFUNDS. DO NOT make your purchase if you have any questions at all,
get them answered first.

Rule # 2 – You agree you will NOT dispute / charge-back the above purchase for ANY reason. We
are all adults here. If you have a questions or any concerns get them answered first.

St ep 5:
That’s it. Once you’re a PAID member, you’ll have access to the entire Little Ticket To Wealth
Members Area. Keep in mind it takes approximately 3 business days to receive your first batch of
200,000 leads. You will receive an email when your leads are ready to be downloaded.

Access My Personal Little Ticket To Wealth Team Training Site
Once you’ve joined little Ticket To Wealth , you’re ready to setup your marketing system.
the secret lead f act ory and get access to my personal team training site.

Your next step is to send me an email with the Subject Line: “LTTW Team Training and Secret
Lead Factory setup”.

Brother John Hostick

In your email, list your Name & Email Address you used to join “Little Ticket To Wealth”, I’ll confirm
you are a PAID member, and then I’ll email you the LINK to my Team Training
Website which will show you how we are using automated email to market this program
and earn our commissions.

Thanks… if you have any questions please let me know.

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About The Author: Brother John Hostick

Hi, my name is Brother John Hostick, I’m originally from West Palm Beach, Fl, but now I
live in Savannah, Ga. I have been working from home for over 10 years now. I have
seen a lot of programs come and go on the internet over the years. I have made
myself and many others thousands of dollars online. I love helping people be successful, and I
absolutely love this industry. It gives me financial freedom, and all the time I desire. If you are truly
looking for a way to make money from home, partner up with me, and I’ll help you be successful.

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