Verbal irony by linxiaoqin



The contrast or discrepancy
between appearances and
reality, between what is
expected and the outcome.
Verbal Irony

    Verbal irony is a disparity of
    expression and intention: when
    a speaker says one thing but
    means another, or when a
    literal meaning is contrary to its
    intended effect. An example of
    this is sarcasm.
 Verbal Irony
We hear verbal irony in conversations
all the time. The simple comment, "Oh
Great" after something rotten happens
is verbal irony. Verbal irony is by far the
most accessible, far-reaching, and
heavily utilized form of irony (and also
of sarcastic humor) because it is its
simplest form - it just involves the
equation of two people talking to one
                         Verbal Irony
   A person says one thing and means another (sarcasm)

Scar explains that a
secret surprise for
Simba is "To DIE
The irony being
that the surprise is
a stampede of
wildebeast meant
to kill Simba.
  An outcome that turns
  out to be if not the
  opposite, at least
  completely different                  Irony
  than the expected.
After Gus Grissom's first flight into space, the hatch
on his spacecraft accidentally blew off while Grissom
was waiting for a rescue helicopter, causing the
capsule to fill with ocean water and sink and Grissom
to nearly drown. The hatch system was re-designed to
prevent similar accidents. while training for his third
spaceflight, a fire broke out inside Grissom's
spacecraft, The hatch redesign triggered by the
accident with Grissom's first spacecraft, meant to help
save astronaut's lives, prevented Grissom from being
rescued in the subsequent fire accident.
            Situational Irony

After breaking a date with your girlfriend so
you can go to the ball game with the guys.
Who do you run into at the concession
stand? Your girlfriend with another guy
from math class.
After burning the midnight oil, staying up
all night studying for a test. Lo and behold
the test is actually scheduled for next
Situational Irony
               Dramatic Irony
Occurs when the audience knows something
         that the characters do not.

- In slasher movies, when the audience know what’s
around the corner, but the poor babysitter doesn’t.
- In Romeo & Juliet, when Romeo drinks the poison
because he thinks Juliet is dead, but the audience knows
that she is only asleep.
                  Cosmic Irony
Cosmic Irony: the idea that fate, destiny, or a god
controls and toys with human hopes and
expectations; also, the belief that the universe is so
large and man is so small that the universe is
indifferent to the plight of man; sometimes called
irony of fate.

Importing Cane Toads to Australia to protect the
environment only to create worse environmental problems
for Australia.

Several inventors were killed by their own creations,
including William Nelson, Alexander Bogdanov, William
Bullock, Otto Lilienthal, and Thomas Midgley.
               The expression “irony of fate”
Cosmic Irony   stems from the notion that the
               gods are amusing themselves by
               toying with the minds of mortals.
               Closely connected with situational
               irony, it arises from sharp
               contrasts between reality and
               human ideals.
                In O. Henry's story The Gift of the Magi, a young couple are
                 too poor to buy each other Christmas gifts. The wife cuts off
                     her treasured hair and sells it to a wig-maker buy her
                husband a chain for his heirloom pocket watch. She's shocked
                when she learns he had pawned his watch to buy her a set of
                           combs for her long, beautiful, prized hair.
Romantic Irony

A mode of dramatic or
narrative writing in
which the author
builds up artistic
illusions, only to
break it down by
revealing that the
author, as artist is the
arbitrary creator and
manipulator of the
characters and their
                 In “Don
Romantic Irony   Juan”, the
                 author Byron
                 claims to be
                 writing a
                 story but at
                 one point
                 admits that
                 he got the
                 idea from a
                 puppet show.

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